My name is Kelso and I’m half elven. My father was a Ranger and my mother an elven doctor. When I was eight an elven swordmaster came through the Dark Woods and stopped in our village. I tried to practice with the long and short sword and was outside the smithy shop the day he arrived.

Master Antre was tall and slim with his hair braided down his back. He stood with the smith and talked and finally reached out to grab one of my arms, “why do you play with weapons?”

I looked at him carefully, “to protect people from the dark creatures.”

He looked at me for a minute before looking at the smith. He shook his head, “his father was a Ranger.”

He looked at me, “was?”

I looked at his hand on my arm, “he was killed by a dusk drake.”

He nodded and let my arm go, “come back at dawn.”

He gestured and I turned to walk away after setting the heavy sword back in the rack. For six weeks Master Antre taught me while making swords. The last set was special because he used star silver. Unlike other swords his were slightly curved and slim. The last set was a long sword and two half swords or short swords as people called them.

He also made two fighting knives and a dozen throwing spikes. For the next two months he taught me how to use what he had made and then he was gone and the set was left beside my bed. By the time I was thirteen I could use them well but that was when Tinker arrived, he was a former Ranger.

He nodded after I showed him what I knew, “that is a beginning but what about the bow?”

That began six months of woodcraft training, only a small amount was using the bow. The years passed rapidly and were filled with teachers that came into my life. I was twenty five before traveling to Gregor’s Keep to apply to the Rangers. There were a lot of men applying for just a few positions.

I set my pack on the thick planks of the table and nodded to a man I had met several times, “sir.”

He sat back and gestured the other man away, “Kelso. You almost look grown.”

I smiled, “I am a half breed.”

He grinned, “I remember. So you want to be a Ranger.”

I nodded and he kept looking before glancing at the other man, “add him to the list. Kelso ser Golden.”

The following day I walking onto the large training field. I waited for my turn and used the eleven made iron wood bow. It took five arrows at three distances and two moving before I walked away knowing I had beaten the others. The swordmaster that tested me tried for over an hour to slip through my guard before stepping back.

I wore light and dark green clothing, the long sword over my right shoulder. The twin half swords crossed and reversed to hang by each hip. On each thigh was a fighting knife and on the back of my forearms and upper arms were the throwing spikes. I had a quiver on my left hip and my bow in my left hand as I walked into the small square.

I needed to select at least one person for support, that meant a woman. I looked around and saw two young women that were stunning. What drew me were the four horses at first, they were beautiful. I was the first new Ranger to arrive and walked towards them.

I glanced at the older of the two, “are you together?”

She nodded, “I’m Ash and this is my sister Lea.”

I looked at the packed kits, “training?”

She smiled, “elven trained herbalist and my sister has trained the horses and we both know cooking and how to sew.”

I nodded and gestured to myself, “do you mind that I am a half breed?”

They grinned, Lea made hand gestures and Ash nodded, “Lea said so are we.”

I looked at Lea before using my right hand to gesture, “you don’t speak?”

She shook her head as Ash shifted. I smiled as I slipped my pack off, “saddle up, I have to meet my team in two days.”

They turned to start loading the horses as I looked around. I waited until they swung up to start walking and headed out. Once out of Gregor’s Keep I began to trot as the girls followed. I slowed and walked before stopping at noon. I gestured to the stream when the girls rode up and stood looking around.

The Dark Woods were a dangerous place with both magical creatures and rogues. Lea and Ash watered the horses and then pulled them away. They drank and Lea carried a water bottle to me. I drank and was handing it back when I saw the men sneaking up. I gave it to her and signaled before turning and lifting the bow.

Lea moved to Ash who knelt beside the horses. When the first lifted a bow I killed him with an arrow in the chest. As the other four men yelled and rushed me I put another arrow in one’s throat and a third through one’s belly before tossing the bow aside. I pulled both half swords and swept a descending sword away as the other sword stabbed the other man.

I ripped the blade out as I brought the left sword down and through the rogue’s wrist. The right sword stabbed into his eye as he screamed and I spun to bring the other sword up. I looked at the two men on the ground, one screaming with his guts spilling out and the other twitching as he died.

I went to check the others and followed their tracks back to the five horses. I brought them back to Lea and she smiled as she tied them to the pack horses. I went to each man to collect weapons and purses and gave them to Ash to be packed away. I cleaned the arrows I used and put them away before glancing at Ash and nodding.

I turned to start walking and they followed and swung up an hour later when I went to a trot. I killed several grouse with a sling before we stopped beside another stream. While they made camp I scouted around the area and returned to see a large dome tent up and a small fire. I stripped beside the tent and walked into the stream before starting to wash.

When I walked out Ash was waiting and handed me a towel. I dried off and sat and watched the fire before signaling to Lea when she looked at me. Ash glanced at us as her sister grinned and answered. She cleared her throat, “how do you know sign?”

I looked at her, “My mother is a doctor and had a few patients that couldn’t speak so I learned.”

She nodded and brought me a plate of food, “we are linked.”

I looked at her as Lea handed her another plate, “I suspected it. Two sisters sworn to support a Ranger.”

I ate and nodded when Lea signed and then giggled. Ash looked at her and then smiled, “she asked to be first in your bed.”

I nodded, “I have not been with a woman.”

I signed it back and Lea smiled and signed, “me either.”

I lifted an eyebrow as Ash laughed and signed, “except me.”

Lea realized what she had said smiled and nodded. I stood and went to wash the plate before returning to hand it to Ash. I sat and pulled out the arrows and weapons I had used and began checking them and cleaning them throughly in the fading light. Lea checked the horses and slipped into the tent as the small fire began to die.

I put everything away when I saw Ash follow her sister. I carried everything in and looked at a naked Lea on the single wide bedroll. I set everything beside the bed and laid between the girls and caressed Lea’s hip before cupping a breast. I smiled and looked at her in the dark before bending to suck on the nipple as Ash opened an elven lantern.

Lea shivered and held my head as I continued to suck and nibble. I moved over her and looked into her face before lifting a hand, “may I lick your pussy?”

She nodded and I kissed her before kissing down her body. She spread her legs more as I licked through her pussy. She shuddered and lifted up as I teased her clit. I may not have had sex but mom made sure I knew what to do. It wasn’t long before Lea was shuddering hard and moaning.

I glanced at her sister as she moved next to her. I moved up Lea’s body and kissed her before lifting and slowly forcing my cock into her. She pushed up as I sank my cock into her and gave her another kiss. Her pussy was extremely tight and squeezed my cock as I began to fuck her. I used slow strokes and pushed my cock all the way into her.

I humped and pressed and jabbed and several minutes later she was thrashing around, “aaaahhhh!”

I looked at her as she spasmed while her pussy milked my cock. I smiled as I kissed her before fucking her hard and deep. She bucked and struggled but kept pulling at me while continuing to shudder. I finally thrust into her and held her tight as my balls churned before I gushed huge spurts of cum through and into her womb.

She jerked as her pussy clenched and clutched me, “uuuhhhhh!”

I kissed her as I continued to flood her with warm sperm. When I was done I kept holding her until she sighed. I smiled and pulled out before laying beside her and signing, “that felt very good, thank you.”

She smiled and signed back, “again after Ash?”

Her sister laughed and tugged on a nipple before signing, “loud bitch.”

Lea looked at her and tilted her head and signed, “loud?”

Ash moved between her legs and lay on her to sign again, “yes.”

Lea humped and I smiled before rubbing Ash on the butt, “lay back so I can taste you.”

She grinned and kissed her sister before rolling off and spreading her legs. I moved down to smell and then lick through her slit. I pushed my tongue into her before nibbling on her inner lips and covering her clit. I wiggled my tongue back and forth as well as from side to side. I sucked and raked my teeth on it as she humped and shuddered while moaning.

It kept it up as she shuddered and humped and finally spasmed while she cried out. I moved up and looked into her face before pushing into her. Ash jerked and clutched me as I began to fuck her with long strokes. Lea turned to press against me as I fucked her sister slowly with deep strokes until she wailed and spasmed.

I continued to fuck her while she shook and bucked. Her tight pussy kept grasping my cock each time I pushed into her. It wasn’t long before she began to struggle and thrash. She clutched me as her pussy clenched around my cock. I kept fucking her with firm deep strokes and several minutes later I pushed all the way into her and kissed her as I began to pump cum.

Ash jerked and gasped as she tilted her hips, “aaaahhhh!”

It was several moments before I was done and pulled out and moved aside. Lea moved between her legs and looked into her face and signed, “good?”

Her sister laughed and shook her, “yes.”

I moved up behind Lea and she looked back as I lay forward. She lifted her butt and I bent my cock to push into her. She shuddered and looked at her sister as I began to fuck her with long thrusts. I took turns fucking them for a couple of hours before holding Lea as I slept. She was smiling gently as Ash caressed her pelvis.

I woke to the morning sounds and looked at the beautiful girl in my arms. I kissed her and she opened her eyes and smiled. I caressed her hip before turning to find my clothes and weapons. I slipped out and set everything aside and walked into the stream and began to wash. I watched Lea and Ash come out and walk into the water.

I smiled as I started washing them and they splashed me and each other. I helped pack up and saddle the horses before leading them out. I walked and trotted until noon when we stopped to drink and eat. We walked and led the horse for a couple of hours before I signed and they swung up, I went back to trotting as they fell back.

I ran and walked for three hours before slowing and looking back as I gestured. I walked into the small village with the girls riding behind me. I nodded to the few men and women as we went all the way through and turned in at the low walled tavern. A large man looked at me from the step as I led the horses to the correl.

I helped Ash and Lea unsaddle, “see if you can sell the rogues saddles and whatever they had. Keep the horses and spread out the weight to all the horses.”

Lea caressed my cheek and signed, “we will change the saddles.”

I smiled, “see you inside?”

She nodded and Ash grinned as she pushed me towards the door, “we know what to do.”

I turned to head for the door into the tavern. The man that had been on the step was inside and talking to three others and several women. By their clothes I knew they were the ones I had come to meet. I crossed to the table, “Devlin?”

A man on the end snorted, “they really pick them young.”

I glanced at him, “I was first in every challenge.”

Another man slapped the table, “he doesn’t even look old enough to shave.”

I looked at each of them, “my name is Kelso.”

I glanced at the tavern keeper when she walked up with the tray of empty mugs, “I am twenty five and half elven.”

One of the men leaned forward into the light, “your father was a Ranger.”

I looked at him before nodding and he smiled and stood, “if you are even half the man your father was the Dark Woods is in for a fight.”

He slipped an arm around the waist of an older woman, “we leave at first light.”

The others stood and pulled the women after them as they climbed the stairs. I looked at the tavern keeper, “my two companions will be in soon to eat.”

She smiled, “I spoke with them already. You have the last room on this floor and I’ll have your dinner out when your ladies come in.”

I sat and set the bow on the table, “thank you.”

She smiled, “you must be a lot more than what you look like.”

I smiled as she walked away and turned to look at the ancient weapons on the wall. This was one of many Ranger taverns and had been used for decades. Ash and Lea walked in and glanced around before crossing to me. Lea grinned and signed, “the tavern keeper traded us straight across for the saddles.”

I nodded, “we leave at first light.”

She nodded and signed, “I’ll go back and spilt the packs.”

I shook my head, “we will get up early.”

Ash put her arm around her sister, “I got a good deal on the other things.”

I turned as the tavern keeper appeared with a tray. Dinner was very good and then Ash pulled me down to our room. Lea closed the door and started undressing me as Ash set my bow aside and stripped. She backed onto the bed and I followed her, “after we finish I’m taking both of you to the bath.”

She grinned and signed to Lea as I settled between her legs. Lea moved onto the bed and rubbed my back as I kissed Ash and pushed into her. She lifted her hips as I began to fuck her nice and slow, pushing deeper with each thrust. It was a minute before I was burying my cock and pressing while her pussy grasped and squeezed.

She shuddered and hugged me as I humped and jabbed, “mmmm!”

Lea hugged me and I felt her hand between us as she started to rub and finger her sister. Ash jerked and clutched me as her pussy tightened, “ooohhhh!”

I turned to kiss Lea before fucking her sister hard and deep and buried my cock to hump and grind. She wailed and began bucking and thrashing around as her pussy clenched, “aaaaahhhhh!”

I continued to fuck her and it wasn’t long before she was tossing her head and incoherent. A couple of minutes later I pushed into her and shuddered as I gushed a stream of cum. Ash screamed and lifted her hips while warm sperm pumped into her, “yyyeeeessssss!”

I pulled out and she kept panting, I grinned at Lea and stalked onto her as she laid back and spread her legs. I kissed her and pushed into her slowly and began to fuck her. I finally buried my cock and kissed her again before I began to hump, press, grind and jab. It was a couple of minutes before her pussy tightened as she shuddered hard and moaned.

I pulled back and started fucking her with long thrusts and she clutched me while convulsing. Her pussy clenched tighter and she squirted as she humped and thrust up, “aaaahhhh!”

Ash moved and pressed against us as her sister thrashed and bucked while I continued to fuck her and started doing it harder. A couple of minutes and Lea was spasming again as she squirted and tightened her hold on me, “mmmm!”

I fucked her with long firm thrusts, burying my cock each time and grinding. She wrapped her legs around my waist and thrust up harder as her pussy grasped and tightened. I shoved into her and kissed her as I spewed and spurted and pumped jets of cum.

She clung to me as she lifted and tilted her hips, “y... ee... sss...”

I shivered as her tight pussy milked my cock and looked into her angel’s face. When I was done I waited as she shuddered and then pulled out and rubbed a nipple before signing, “you spoke.”

Ash was nodding as Lea looked from me to her sister. Lea signed, “I don’t remember, I just wanted his seed real bad.”

I grinned as Ash giggled and bent to kiss Lea and moved off the bed, “baths.”

I was glad the bath heater was on because the hot water felt great. The girls even laid back to soak after washing. I woke to dawn light in the window and looked at the girls on me. I caressed each and shifted to move out of bed. Ash lifted her head and looked at the window before reaching for her sister.

When we walked outside I looked at the other women getting horses ready with the Rangers helping. We took turns eating bowls of warm cereal and saddling and finished with the others. Devlin gestured and we started walking and once we were out of the yard started trotting. I was watching the right side of the trail as we turned to head into the forest.

It was an hour before we slowed and walked and Trey caught up to walk beside me, “we had a report of drakes so keep your eyes open.”

I nodded and glanced back at the horses with the women walking and leading them. The attack came as we trotted into a dark shadowy area with tall trees and almost no brush. I spun and lifted my bow, “Bandits!”

The dozen men crouching to one side were ragged and dirty and jumped up to charge with a yell. I put an arrow into the chest of one and then another followed by a third. I felt the stirring of magic and turned to look around, ignoring the rest of the fleeing bandits. The drake was stalking towards the horses and I aimed before releasing, “Drake!”

The arrow flew true and struck just behind the head and into the neck. The drake roared and spun before dropping to the ground. Several more roars answered the fallen one’s as I nocked another arrow. The women and horses stopped beside us as three more drakes rushed out of the trees a distance away.

The others were shooting arrows as I hesitated and then lifted my bow. I was calm as I released and reached for another arrow in my quiver. The arrow I had released went straight into a drake’s mouth and it crashed to the ground. The others were putting their arrow in the wide chests. My next arrow struck a drake in the eye and it twisted as it hit the ground and rolled.

I tossed my bow aside as I reached over my shoulder for my sword. I was moving and swept it up and around as the last drake reached me and lunged. It tried to jerk back as the sword blade swept around but it wasn’t fast enough and I cut through more than half the throat. It staggered as blood gushed out of the deep wound and I stalked after it.

It lunged again but I swiftly slid aside and brought my sword down on the top of the neck over the other cut. There was the jar of impact in bone before I yanked and the drake’s head fell to the ground. The body staggered before falling and I stepped back as I looked around. The other Rangers were looking at me strangely.

Devlin grinned, “want help skinning them?”

They laughed and I grinned before kneeling to use grass to clean my sword. The bandits must have been trying to hide from the drakes when we came along. We made camp a league away beside a deep stream. We spent the afternoon cleaning the drake hides and washing in the stream. Adam slipped away and returned an hour later with rabbits for dinner.

Ash had put up our tent while Lea checked the horses and helped the other women. Somehow I wasn’t surprised when they all seemed to know how to sign. What did surprise me was when Stef bent his woman over and took her with everyone watching. She didn’t seem to mind and even wailed and howled as he fucked her for a long time.

Lea knelt behind me as I watched and rubbed my shoulder before signing, “I want it that way tonight.”

I heard a couple of the other women giggle and saw them looking at Lea and I. Ash laughed as she looked up from scraping the other side of the hide, “I want it that way to and then with my legs spread and in the air.”

The women laughed and then they were making suggestions as Del continued to wail while Stef fucked her. I drew the straw for the midnight watch so right after dinner Ash and Lea pulled me into the tent. They stripped me quickly before I helped Ash undress her sister and then we stripped her.

Lea rubbed my chest before turning and wiggling her butt as she spread her knees. Ash giggled as she sat beside her sister and reached under and between her legs. I moved behind her and felt her before slowly pushing into her warm pussy. She shuddered and pushed back as I held her and started fucking her with long strokes.

She started with sighs and then moans and I looked at Ash when she wailed, “yyyeeessss!”

She looked stunned as I kept fucking Lea while she jerked and shook. Her pussy was clenching and tightening as I kept fucking her. It was a few minutes before I buried my cock to hump and try to push deeper. She shoved back as she spread her knees more, “WANT!”

I almost stopped as Ash gasped but pushed her to the floor and fucked her hard and deep for several minutes. I shoved into her and pumped a gushing torrent of warm sperm into her womb. She jerked and twisted, “YES!”

That was loud if a little slurred. I kept pushing as I spurted my seed and finally sighed and pulled out to lay beside her and rub her butt. I looked at Ash as she rubbed her sister’s back, “think she will speak if I keep fucking her?”

Ash grinned as Lea turned her head and then signed, “speak?”

I reached between her spread legs to rub her slit, “speak.”

She shuddered and Ash hugged her, “you said want.”

Lea grinned when she looked at me and signed, “I did and he put it nice and deep too.”

I laughed and rubbed her butt before pulling on Ash, “on your back with your legs spread and in the air.”

She laughed as she crawled onto me and kissed me, “nice and deep.”

I shifted until she was under me, “you two are crazy.”

She reached between us to guide my cock, “we are linked.”

I pushed into her and kissed her before I began to fuck her slowly but with deep thrusts. She humped up as her pussy contracted and grasped my cock and then she shuddered. I grinned and began to fuck her hard and she lifted her legs and spread them, “aaaahhhh!”

Lea was rubbing my back as I continued to fuck her sister and Ash began bucking and writhing around. I started planting my cock with each thrust and grinding and she clutched me and convulsed. She howled and yelled as I kept fucking her and finally pushed into her and spurted thick loads of cum.

She jerked and wrapped her legs around me, “YES!”

When I was done I heard Trey chuckling outside the tent, “have them scream quieter Kelso.”

I grinned and kissed Ash before pulling out and moving over Lea who was waiting. I only fucked them once more before holding them as they slept. I was up and out early for my watch and moved around the quiet camp as I listened. A couple of hours later Devlin came out and stood still.

He waited as I moved into the camp and gestured, “rest.”

I nodded and slipped into our tent. I stripped and laid beside Ash as she held her sister. I woke to the shaking of the tent and woke the girls. I dressed and slipped out to stretch and wait for the girls. They went to the stream naked to wash before returning to dress. I helped them pack before moving to the others and Devlin gestured, “you lead, southeast.”

I nodded before I started walking and a few minutes later went to a slow trot. Four days later I was leading once more as we entered an area with low ridges and tall boulders. I was walking as I got a sense of something wrong. The others kept turning to look around as we walked. I sniffed and stopped walking at the bare hint of sulfur.

I gestured, “keep the horses well back.”

They passed the word back and I saw the girls turning to led the horses away. That was when I saw the movement and spun and lifted my bow, “Wyvern!”

The huge breast roared as I released an arrow. The others spread out and started shooting as I stood and aimed before releasing arrows as the house sized beast charged straight towards me. I could hear the horses screaming in panic as I put a fourth arrow through the wyvern’s eyes. I knew arrows wouldn’t penetrate deep enough to kill but in the eyes it would be blind.

At the last moment I dove aside and rolled before coming to my feet and tossing my bow. I spun and ran towards the back and side of the beast. It was stopping as I leaped and grabbed a haunch before climbing up. It twisted and its head struck like a viper as I rolled. It missed and I was swinging up and onto its back as it roared.

I pulled a long knife and lunged up to stab down and into the beast’s spine. As its rear collapsed it was striking again but I was thrown clear. I rolled when I hit and spun when I came to my feet. Trey pulled me back as the wyvern started to roll and Del put an arrow into the spine above the front shoulders.

It roared and struggled as it spasmed but couldn’t move anything below its shoulders. I shifted and wiped my knife before sheathing it as I walked around the beast. The others were looking for a safe way to kill it as I found my bow. I pulled an arrow and walked back around behind the suffering beast.

I moved Adam and pulled the string back and released an arrow that struck just below the base of the skull and into the spine. Del nodded as he moved forward to place the tip of his long sword against the base of the skull and slowly forced it into the brain. It took a day to skin and we took the claws and teeth before we left.

It was only another couple of days before we reached a ranger way point and a tavern. Each evening everyone worked on the wyvern hide to clean it. The small village beside the wide fast moving stream was watching when we walked through. We heard the talk as they saw the huge rolled up wyvern hide on the litter behind the horses.

I helped Ash and Lea unload and care for the horses before heading into the tavern. Another team was already here and were comparing notes with Del. I pushed the girls towards the hall, “find a room and take a bath.”

Lea smiled and whispered, “you... too.”

Ash grinned because her sister was getting much better. I grinned, “after I hear what I need to.”

I crossed and sat to listen as the other team talked and Del told them what we had seen and done. It was a couple of hours before I stood and went looking for the bathing room. The lass that was attending it grinned, “your mates said to give you the scented soap.”

I laughed as I accepted the bar and went to undress. The tub of hot water felt very good and I was reluctant to get out. Ash slipped in and shook my shoulder and held out a towel. I sighed and stood before stepping out while accepting the towel. She waited and then led me to our room where Lea had clean clothes laid out.

I ignored them and reached for her and she grinned as she pressed against me. I kissed her and caressed her hips through her dress and Ash laughed as she crossed to pull us apart, “dinner and then you may molest us.”

I gave her a kiss before reaching for the clothes Leah had laid out. Dinner was full of little words and I grinned as I realized the other women were whispering and urging the others to finish so they could go use a real bed. As soon as I closed the door Ash was stripping her sister and I began to undress.

I followed Lea onto the bed and kissed her and moved down. I stopped to kiss her nipples and give each a suck before kissing down to her pussy. She spread her legs and sighed as I licked through her pussy and pushed my tongue into her. I nibbled and then licked before covering her clit to tease it with my tongue.

I nibbled and sucked on it as she humped and shook and after a few minutes she bucked, “Kelso!”

Ash laughed as she kissed her and I moved up and over her. I kissed her as Ash moved, “may I fuck you?”

She was breathing hard and nodded, “yes... please.”

I lifted and pushed into her tight pussy. She moaned and wiggled as I buried my cock and began to hump and press and rub. It didn’t take her long to stiffen and then jerk and shake, “yes!”

I continued to fuck her slowly with long strokes while her pussy rippled and kept grasping my cock. She humped and thrust and bucked as I kept fucking her. She clutched me a few minutes later and spasmed while she wet me and wailed, “aaaaahhhhh!”

I smiled and kissed her as I kept using long deep strokes and she lifted and spread her legs. Ash rubbed my back, “hard.”

I kissed Lea before I began to fuck her hard and deep. She wiggled and thrashed and howled as I kept it up for a few minutes. She was shaking her head and jerking erratically when I buried my throbbing cock. She stiffened and looked into my eyes when she felt my cock get large, “cum!”

I humped and jabbed as I gushed and pumped a torrent of cum deep inside her. She jerked and spasmed while her almost hot pussy milked my cock. When I was done she shuddered and sighed as she relaxed, “Like that.”

Ash laughed and hugged me, “I guessed.”

I kissed Lea and pulled out before turning to Ash. Lea caught my hand, “me?”

I looked at her as her sister laid back, “you want to lick her?”

She nodded and I grinned, “okay.”

I moved to lay beside Ash and Lea moved down between her legs. She kissed her sister’s pussy before she opened it and began to lick. She began using her tongue on the clit and Ash humped and shuddered, “mmmm!”

I grinned as I bent to start sucking on her nipples. She jerked and shook as she cried out and held my head, “aaaahhhh!”

Lea continue to lick her pussy and tease her clit and Ash kept shaking and thrusting up. It was a little while before she jerked as she twisted and tried to close her legs, “YES!”

Lea looked up and grinned as she moved and I turned to move over Ash. I pushed into her slick pussy and buried my cock as she clutched me, “oooohhhh!”

Her pussy tightened as she thrust her hips up. I kissed her and pulled back and started to fuck her with long strokes. She shivered and humped as I kept fucking her and began to press and grind. Her humps turned to thrusts while her pussy became slick and kept squeezing. A few minutes and she was shaking and squirming around as she wailed.

I kissed her and began to fuck her firmly with deep grinding thrusts. She clutched me and yelled a minute later, “YES!”

Lea was pressed against us as I continued to fuck Ash. It wasn’t long before she began to buck and thrash around, “yyyeeeessssss!”

I fucked her hard for another minute before I pushed into her and kissed her while spewing cum. She jerked and spasmed as her pussy constantly squeezed and milked the sperm into her. When I was finished I gave her another kiss before pulling out. Lea pulled on me before going to her knees, “me.”

My whole team survived another ten years before we retired together. We live outside Gregor’s Keep and train those that wish to be Rangers. Ash has a herbalist shop and also teaches. Lea breeds horses for the rangers and teaches basic animal handling and training. They have both had children and my mother has come to live with us to be near her grandchildren.
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