this is a true account that happened many many years ago if you wish to leave feed back please be kind I would appreciate this from all whom read this Thank You
The Old drive in
A short nonfiction story
A very real experience that happened long ago

To The Readers Please be kind when leaving feed back if your anonymous please be kind I appreciate it working at a drive-in for thirty years there is a lot of memories bottled deep inside me. thank

It was a summer night it was nice and cool with a slight breeze that evening the parking lot was full of cars it was a great movie .

I have seen it already this night was different there was a lot of pot smoking going on all you have to do is breath in deep in some places.
the second movie had started it was about just beginning I was outside waking the second movie when I smelt smoke.

it seemed to be coming out from the woods coming from behind the screen. I know this area like the back of my hand it’s where I have worked for eleven years now lots of cars still remained .

The movie was now halfway through I still smelled the smoke I decided to do some investigating to find out where about where it was comming from .

I belive it was coming from the side of the screen There was a dirt road on the side to the left this is where a car or truck can go behind .

I walked along the pavement I was getting closer to the dirt road I started to go down there
at the beginning of that road I spotted what was a small camp fire.
they must have worked on setting the fire pit up during the day .
There is no one works anywhere around here at that time.

well I began to get closer to the camp fire area where they were it looked like two guys and a girl in there teens . I tried to looking as best as I could I hear a lot of talking and well it was hard to tell what the girl looked liked. And the guys for that matter I tried peeking from all angles but still had trouble making them out but I could hear the voices clear as day.

I did not want to get caught I knew they were very drunk just by the way they were trying to walk they almost could not stand up I could make out some things but as I crept up closer I hid behind some big oak trees .

It was dark even with the camp fire that did not give up much light I was glad I was not seen I now had a clear view what was going on here.
The two guys I would guess looked to be eighteen or nineteen .

The girl must of been all about sixteen or seventeen she was in a very short skirt it went above the knees the kind the if she bent over you could see her everything.

She was kind of drunk not to much though the guys they were safe and that everyone else in theater was watching the movie.

I saw her bend over no panties or bra she had nice breasts maybe a 34c cup.
I watched as they were making out with her and she went along with it .
they were feeling her up every where they could they were sitting on a log by the fire one guy was fingering her pussy .

she had her legs spread open wide the other guy sucked on her tits she was moaning with pleasure one of the guys said you want to fuck yes I so horny she said . But not here near the fire lets go over there place the blanket on dirt road about half way where it's flat ground.

This way the light from the movie will not shine on us we will still be in the total darkness.

Ok but first let me ge naked right here first before one of you guys puts out the fire what a body she could have not been more than seventeen it was hard to tell her pussy was shaved clean.

Her nipples were hard one of the guys started to eat her out she opened her legs slightly and she started stroking the other guys cock she asked oh i want to but not here one of the guys went up the road about the middle of the road layed the blanket down she layed down . were ready put out that fire ok he had a big pail of water so it will not smolder.

I am so happy I hid behind two big oak trees they must have been at least two feet around . I watched the other guy put out the fire it was now pitch black the started talking hey where are you two were right here .

I my self started walking towards the voices as well hell it was pitch black out I could not see anything at all either in front of me from where I was standing by the big oaks. ( This following part the story I had to Use my ears as my eyes )

The fires out now where are you two where over here follow our voices she said.
To him little did they know i was there listening .
II listened closely to her voice as she talked the guy away from where he was when he put out the fire. I followed his voice I assumed she stretched out her hand here take my hand she said reaching foreward where are you I can not see it is pitch black here.

I can not find you follow my voice don't worry you will find the blanket hell I found it before he did But I was a lot closer also by the oak trees. I listened very closely to her her voice. I went up along the side of the road I did not want them to hear my foot steps.

Great you made it yea finally he said well the fire is out also see what I mean it's dark enough ok who wants to fuck me first.
I will I was naked before you even got here yes but I had to make sure the fire was out . I was here first with her I will be first ok then then it's my turn with her ok. I slowly walked over moving in a little bit closer each time useing baby steps.

I am now listening really close with my ears I wanted to be as close as possible to them three but not to close.

spread your legs wide where are you I'm right here im next to you just roll over dam it. he must have found her she said don't fuck my leg asshole fuck my pussy after fumbling for a few munites he must have found her wet vagina. Then
I heard her say oh fuck me it feels so good yes fuck me yes yes fuck my wet pussy ooh yea baby oh yes oh God yes I knew where I was in relation to the voices I moved a bit closer .

I must have I moved a bit too close . Now I could her voice better it became clearer and a bit loud . However not as loud as so the whole drive-in could hear her in heat just us them three o and me also .I could hear the sound of skin slapping together . I could hear His cock pounding her pussy real good because I honestly believe I was that close. I must have been the top side near her head looking down at the blanket .

She was saying oh my God I’m going to cum soon baby give it to me o yes oh yes baby fuck me hard yes yes oh yes oh I’m going to cum I’m almost there oh yes I’m there I’m cuming oh ahh it fees so good.

Between then bolth I could hear the heavy breathing and the moaning .
I did not Dare go any closer I think I would have tripped on her for sure.

She continued her moaning he said to hear oh God Baby I'm going to cum oh fuck oh shit I'm almost there Im going to blow my load.
I think she must have pushed him up off her because next thing I know I heard him say ouch why the fuck did you push me off.
I'm not getting pregnant you bastard hey you told me you were on the pill well I'm not so there. he must have been jerking off after that because she said shit you got it on my tits and face good thing Im naked.

my turn now baby the other guy says where are you I'm right here feel for my hand ok got ya not here let me guide it in ok yea baby it's in I feel it she says oh it so big i feel my pussy streching oh god fuck me.

Your hard cock’s bigger than he is im going to be sore when I get home from this date. Oh yes fuck me ooh it feels so good oh yea baby yes fuck my tight pussy I think the other guy was getting dressed I could hear the rustle of getting clothing ok and it wasn't me.

God baby your so tight your pussy so hot and wet oh fuck oh god I'm going to cum again she said and soon I am almost there I feel it I'm going to oh yes I'm cuming it feels good yes oh god he kept it up baby fuck me.

That’s the right spot oh God there that's it push it deeper baby oh yes harder o god you fill me up with your cock deeper .
I think he must have hit her G-spot because I could hear his balls slapping her ass and her as she lifted up off the blanket and her butt bottomed out on the ground under the blanket.

Baby oh fuck I'm cuming again oh that big dick feels so good ahh yes yes ooh h aah baby I'm cumming again that’s it . by this time my cock was hard But because of where I was standing I was ready to give her my own cum shower.

And I should have right then and then pulled out my hard dick and started yanking it. but just he said oh Baby I'm going to cum don't bush me off I will pull out and I do believe he did she said I’m all covered is could hear say.

You got my boobs my face and hair asshole what will my parents think they better not find out my dad will kick your ass. I better go get washed up in the ladies room before you take me home.

I back up dam quick and off to the side heard them say I will drive you over there it looks like the credits are rolling now movies out.

it will take me a while cause im covered in cum I think she she puts on her dress because she said to the guys help me up my legs and pussy are so sore.

the three of them walked out with blanket on his arm she was holding their hands one either side . you guys were good I’m going to be sore tomorrow hey it's all our fault you got drunk were sorry you were so horny .

want to bet all i know is that I am so sore yea we know you told us a few times already. well after they left and I knew they were long gone I wanted to walk out but did not I began taking out my cock and jacking off right there thinking dam i wish i got in on it .

If you want me to fo to the place where it happened message me I will go and take some pictures so you can see the location the drive-in is long gone but the road may still be visible I have not been there scene the year 2006 that was six years ago and I live ten min away. There is also a website ill give you for pictures when it was in operation if you like pm me ok Thanks for reading my story

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