Guilty until Proven Innocent
With Lyden’s life slowly being drained by Becky’s sucking vagina, will he be able to get pull out in time? If only there was some way to get the attention of everyone in the main room. Lyden’s time grows short, as he struggles to understand Becky’s betrayal.

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Chapter 16
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Guilty Until Proven Innocent

“What. . .?” I groan, my body still wracked in paroxysms of bliss, as I continue to fire into Becky’s grasping womb. With each shot, I feel myself growing weaker and weaker. Each volley of semen projecting my life-force forcefully from me and into the petite brunette.

“So this is the mighty generator that’s prophesied to take me down?” Becky’s lips move, but it’s not her voice that comes out. The voice is strangely androgynous, either a deep female voice or a feminine male voice.

I try to pull out of the short brunette, but her legs, still locked behind me, keep me in place. I’m already too weak to fight against her usually lesser strength.

“Who?” I ask, trying to be as loud as possible, desperately hoping someone outside this room will hear the fear in my tone, but my voice comes out barely above a whisper.

“I have never had a name. At least not since before your puny ancestors crawled out of the ocean. I am not of this dimension, and not beholden to its rules. But that arrogant dragon calls me Aldol. That name will suffice for you to use, for the rest of your insignificant life.” The grin that splits Becky’s pretty face is filled with malice, as she wiggles her hips some more. Despite the rising fear in me at having myself drained like this, I can’t deny how good this action feels and groan again, depositing even more sperm into her tiny canal. “I must admit that this is the most fun I’ve ever had in killing a foe. I’ll have to try this out on your companions. They’ll never suspect me in this body.”

Hearing her talking about taking out my friends sends a surge of panic filled adrenaline through me, and I use the last of my strength to push against her.

I hear her laugh of derision at my attempt, as I fail to get away. Blackness starts to swallow my vision, and still my pecker continues to unload into the possessed woman. The last sound I hear before passing out, is my overflowing seed squelching around my cock, and staining Becky’s sheets.

* * *

“Lyden!” The voice seems soft and far away. “Wake up!”

Wake up? I don’t want to. I’m so tired. Just a few more hours of sleep, please.

“He’s not responding,” someone else says.

“Oh God, I’m so sorry,” yet another voice states, tears thick in the voice. “I-I couldn’t stop. I don’t know what happened. I-I didn’t mean to.”

Someone else snarls in an angry response, but I’m too tired to care. Turning my mind away from the annoying and disturbing voices, I try to drift into sweet oblivion.

A nagging feeling as if I’ve left something unfinished keeps trying to get my attention. No matter how hard I try to get some rest, it keeps nagging me, and I realize that I’d better pay attention to the feeling, or it’ll never let me go.

“Lyden, thank the Pillars, I’m not too late!” This voice sounds a bit more solid, as if it is in the same room, versus opposite sides of the house.

Turning, I find a blurry form approaching me. All around me is darkness and I vaguely realize that I must be within my own mind-space, which means that hazy form must be Angela.

As soon as the thought crosses my mind, she solidifies into her punk aspect. Is she in that form because this is how I truly see her, or because I have just known her in this form the most? The thought is too much for my weary mind, and I shake my head to dispel it. I’m SO tired!

“Lyden? Wait! Where are you going?” Angela’s voice is pleading and full or fear. I hadn’t even realized I’d turned around.

Why would I do that? That was just plain rude of me. “Sorry,” I mumble, not liking how much effort that word takes to form. My entire body aches, and thoughts feel as if they’re filtered through cotton before reaching my consciousness.

Suddenly the succubus is right in front of me, without doing something so mundane as crossing the intervening space. Her hands have a firm, almost painful, grip on my arms. My head clears slightly, as her hands tighten. “Lyden, stay with me,” she pleads, and I find it a little easier to concentrate.

“What?” I ask, still trying to get a hold of some stray thought. Then, “Crap! Becky. She’s. . . .” The last few minutes come crashing back to me, and I shudder as I comprehend just how close to death I am. I know I’m not out of the woods yet, as a strong part of me still wants to just lie down, sleep, and let oblivion take me.

But sleep means death.

Would that be so bad? Part of me wonders. I’m sick of creatures trying to kill me. It would be so much easier if I just let go. No more worries, no more fear. Just lie down and sleep.

No more friends to rescue and keep safe.

The thought sends another jolt through me. Brooke, Angela, Lisa, Arethusa, Sheila, Jennifer, Ondine, and Becky.

But Becky had tried to kill me. . . .

No, that had been the creature of light—Aldol?—possessing her. Becky’s in trouble and the others don’t know what happened, or that she was being possessed!

I don’t have time to rest, I realize, as my resolve strengthens, Angela’s presence lending me a small bit of strength.

“Becky . . .,” I start, worried for the short brunette. There’s no telling what the other women might do to her before they understand she’s innocent.

“We know,” Angela replies, her hazel eyes searching mine. “I sensed a change in you from the other room. By the time I realized what it meant. . . . I thought we were too late. You wouldn’t respond to any of us, and Becky just kept crying that she didn’t know what happened.” She shakes her head, making her blue hair fan out in the process. “Brooke and Ondine are watching her now. Do you know what happened?”

“Aldol took over her, somehow. I could see it behind her eyes. I’m not entirely sure how it was doing it, but it somehow was draining me, through her.” More information seems to click in my mind, and I look Angela sharply in the eyes, making sure that there’s no unnatural glow there. Her hazel orbs are clean. “You’re here to restore me.” It’s not a question.

“Yes, and to make sure you weren’t already too far gone.” I can still hear the tone of fear in her voice, and I pull her to me in a tight hug, glad to have her as a friend and ally.

“It almost was too late,” I confess. Then something else clicks, and I pull away from her a bit, unsure how to broach this subject with the succubus. “Um, I, uh, don’t know that . . . I mean, I was pretty drained, and I’m not, er, in the mood, I guess.” Could I have sounded any lamer?

To my surprise and chagrin, she smiles. “We couldn’t even if you were. Your body is too weak to sustain a single orgasm, even in your mind.”

I remember when Angela had told me the same thing, after finding her wounded and burned at the Saturday picnic. She’d told me that one orgasm would be enough to kill her. Am I really that far gone?

“Then how. . .?” I ask, confused, hugging her slight frame back to me, and feeling warmed by her mere presence.

I feel her shake her head against my chest, and I know she doesn’t want to answer. Placing my hands on her shoulders, I gently push her away, and wait for an honest answer.

Surprisingly, the succubus blushes, as her eyes dart up to meet my gray ones, and then look down again. Her feet shuffle for a moment, before she finally speaks. “You’re not going to like this.” She starts, and when I say nothing in return, she finally continues. “We don’t actually have to have sex, while in here, to help you heal.” Her eyes meet mine again as she judges my reaction, but I keep my face stern, and she flinches away from my gaze. The rest comes out in a rush, “Our souls are already combining, helping the other to heal.”

She goes silent, and I let that sink in. Sex isn’t required while in the mind? Then why did she stop me from healing her before?

Because she’d been trying to let me go, I comprehend immediately. She knew that she couldn’t resist being with me and wanting to carry my child, and so she had hoped to die rather than face life without me.

And Brooke. . . . Sex hadn’t been required to help her recover either. That might explain why I never felt any energy transference during our climaxes. The energy—or our souls rather—were already being mixed.

“It does speed things along, though,” the blue-haired succubus quickly pipes up, and suddenly I’m laughing.

The whole thing is just too funny. A succubus had seduced me and used me for sex unnecessarily, even helping me have sex with my childhood crush. It’s a part of her nature. In all honesty, how could I expect any less?

“Lyden?” she asks worriedly. “What’s going on? Stop laughing at me.”

In answer, I hug her back to me, pressing my lips against hers. “I love you,” I state when I come up for air.

She gives me a curious look after I break the kiss, before laying her head on my chest and hugging me back.

“Who’s Aldol?” The question catches me slightly off guard, and I realize that she doesn’t know the name of the other dimensional creature. Why is there a hint of laughter in her tone, though?

“That’s what the creature calls itself. He says TanaVesta named him that,” I tell her softly.

She bursts out laughing in earnest, and I pull back, looking at her curiously. She hugs herself back to me, and I wait almost impatiently for her to tell me what’s so funny.

“’Aldol’ is an insult used in TanaVesta’s domain. It’s used when referring to someone who is small and foolish,” she finally states, and this time I join her in laughing.

* * *

I wake slowly, groaning at the feeling of needles painfully pricking every inch of my skin.

“Lyden!” Lisa shouts, hugging me tight and making me groan at the new wave of pain that shoots through my body. “I was so worried!” she cries into my shoulder, and it feels like my arms are tied down with lead weights as I try to lift them and hug her back. Despite Angela’s help in restoring me, my body is just too weak to move very much.

Before I succeed in moving my arms, Brooke is hugging me as well, and I give up the effort as too much work. Arethusa hovers over my body, smirking in a satisfied way, and I wonder what the little pixie thinks of the whole situation. Ondine has her sword out, and pressed against Becky’s bare chest.

The short naked brunette just stares at me wide eyed, and I can see where copious tears have streamed down her cheeks and onto her breasts. She’s crying again, but I know that they’re happy tears now. Good, Aldol released her, probably thinking me already dead. I wish someone would give her some clothes to wear, at least. I can easily see my dried cum between her legs and puddled under her crotch. There is also a massive bruise forming on the side of her face.

Angela clears her throat as she enters the room, before saying, “If you two don’t give him some air, he’s going to suffocate.” The two women back away, looking at each other sheepishly.

Turning my attention to the succubus, I can see that she’s very weary, and I wonder how much of her soul is now in me, to replace what Aldol had stolen.

“Thank you,” I yell as loudly as I can. It comes out barely above a whisper. “All of you, thank you.” I have to suck in another breath, that sentence wearing me out, but I have one more thing to say, before I get some more rest. “Becky is innocent.”

Closing my eyes, I get some real, undisturbed, sleep.

* * *

When I reopen my eyes, I see that the sun has set, and there is a slight glow under the closed doorway. Moving my arms, I’m glad to note there’s no pain, but it still takes a bit of effort to get out of bed. I realize I’m still naked as I stand up on wobbly legs and go to Becky’s closet, where I have some of my own clothes, and slowly get dressed.

Just as I get my pants on, the door opens, and Ondine steps through.

“Oh,” she gasps, as she sees me standing topless in the bedroom. “Should you be up yet?”

“I’ve slept well enough for the dead,” I tell her, knowing she has no idea how close a statement that is. “Where is everybody?”

“Sleeping mostly, except for Brooke and me. She’s watching over the traitor now.” Her words are callous and uncaring, making me flinch when she calls Becky a traitor.

“Help me out there?” I ask the mermaid, not certain my legs will support me that far. Placing a shoulder under my arm, I lean on her as she guides me out. Sure enough, by the time we reach the front room, I’m out of breath, and my legs are already exhausted and cramping.

“What are you doing up?” Brooke demands of me, and I see the still naked form of Becky stir at the curly redhead’s loud words.

I wait until I plop onto the couch before replying. “Come to exonerate her,” I say, weakly waiving a hand at Becky. “She’s innocent. Aldol took over her. She had no more control over herself than Lisa did back in the dungeons.”

“But she almost killed you, Lyden,” Brooke counters, her voice firm.

“How do we know that thing won’t try to control her again?” Ondine asks, and I just shake my head.

“That thing’s name is Aldol,” I explain as patiently as I can. “It told me so.” I have to stifle a laugh, remembering what Angela told me about that name. “It also thinks I’m dead, so will have no reason to come back.” I see Brooke about to argue further, but I cut her off, raising my voice, “I won’t have you or anyone else punishing her, for something that’s not her fault. The least you could do is get her some clothes.” Both women stand statue still, and I turn to glare at Brooke. Out of the corner of my eye, I see the accused woman sit up and stare at me. The bruise is on the left side of her face, and that only makes my ire rise even more. “Brooke, you sat by while Lisa attacked me in the dungeons. Should I call you a traitor for not helping me?”

“No, but—“ hurt fills the redhead’s eyes at my painful words, but I don’t let up.

“You’re not holding Lisa hostage too, are you? We all forgave her. You know what it’s like being under Aldol’s control. She had no choice in the matter.” I turn on Ondine, but realize immediately that she wouldn’t understand. She hadn’t been there for the altercation with the light creature.

“Maybe if she cared more about you, instead of getting into your pants, it could have been avoided,” Brooke shoots back, hurt anger in her tone, and I see Becky flinch at the accusation.

“And maybe if I’d been more attentive, I would have realized what was happening before it was too late.” I have to take a few breaths before I continue in a more moderate tone. “We can play the maybe game all night, but in the end we have a choice. Either we kill her, or we forgive her. If she is truly still an agent for Aldol, then she’s too dangerous to let live. But by that logic, we’ll have to kill Lisa as well. Since it was me she wronged, I think the choice should be mine.” I look at the little brunette, shivering on the floor, and try to give her a gentle smile, knowing my words have likely terrified her. “There’s no way in either world I’m going to let anyone harm anyone that’s important to me.” I finish my statement, looking hard at the mermaid.

“But—“ Brooke starts, but at my raised eyebrow she cuts herself off. After a second she gives me a rueful look. “When did you grow such a strong backbone?”

Smiling at her to let her know I’m not angry, I say, “Somewhere between getting captured by orcs and dragons, and facing my fear of the water, it must have appeared. Also, it helps to have friends like you to show me how to have one.”

Brooke smiles back at me ruefully, but it slips from her face as she looks back at Becky. “Ondine, go get her some clothing.” She squats down in front of the short brunette, and I see sadness enter her eyes. “I’m sorry for the way we treated you. It shouldn’t have taken Lyden’s words to get me to see reason, but I guess. . . . No, there is no excuse. I hope one day you’ll forgive us.”

Becky looks fearfully at Brooke for a moment, before looking my way, and I see some of the tension leach out of her. “Lyden, I’m so sorry,” she pleads with me. “I-I don’t know what happened. I couldn’t control myself, and then those words I spoke. . . . I don’t understand where they came from.”

Carefully I regain my feet and shuffle over to her. I collapse more than squat, on the floor and pull her into my arms.

“What’s with all the racket?” A bleary-eyed Areth asks, fluttering out of Lisa’s room.

Ondine arrives back in the main room, holding a set of my clothes. I guess she’s not entirely up-to-date on the fashions here on Earth. Brooke sighs heavily, taking the clothes from the other mermaid, and heading back into Becky’s room.

“Ah,” Areth says, looking down at where I’m holding a softly sobbing Becky, “I see you finally came to your senses, and realized she was innocent.”

Smiling at the fairy, I ask, “Did you defend her?”

“Of course not!” She exclaims indignantly. “It’s not my place to meddle in your mortal affairs, unless it makes things more interesting, and I didn’t need to add to the entertainment value. You all make for quite the fun ensemble.”

I’m about to say something so fierce and scathing to her, that generations of pixies will know better than to infuriate a generator, but Brooke reenters with some of Becky’s clothes, saying something that completely distracts me.

“I just realized, Becky heard everything we were planning,” she says cautiously, and despite how careful her tone is, I feel like she’s attacking the brunette again. Something must register on my face. “I’m not blaming her,” she quickly adds, “but we may be in some trouble, if the light beast, Aldol, knows what we’re up to.”

“It thinks I’m dead,” I reply, trying to impart in my tone that I’m not angry with my childhood friend. “Will he really worry about us now?” I don’t know if the thing will go after them or not, and in truth I’m worried it might. If it does, though, I’ll be here to defend them.

“I highly doubt we’re in any rush,” Angela says, rubbing her eyes as she enters the room. We all look at her, as she startles most of us. “What? I could hear you all out in the car. It’s not like you were being quiet.”

“I guess I’d better come out of hiding too, then,” Lisa adds sheepishly, coming out of her room.

“Sorry,” I mumble, apologizing for waking everyone else up.

“Don’t be,” Lisa says quickly. “What you said was true, and we should have realized it, but I’m more worried about what Brooke said. If this Aldol knows our plans, even if he thinks you’re dead, why shouldn’t we hurry?” The question is aimed at the succubus.

“Have you ever dealt with timeless beings? They don’t exactly hurry at anything on our time scale. A hundred years could go by, and they’ll hardly make a move.” I look at her sharply, thinking back to all the rushing we’ve done lately, and don’t think she’s right. “Listen, I’ve been thinking over the last few centuries with TanaVesta, and I think I know where Aldol started influencing her. Just under two centuries ago, she started to grow a bit paranoid, though not on the same scale as Varun. I think he was tipped over the edge a bit more by TanaVesta’s actions. Anyway, I can see where her actions started to change, and I think it was all thanks to Aldol.” She shakes her head, and I can see a small smile play across her soft lips at the creature’s name. “Creatures that live longer than a millennia tend to take life slower. I think we have time to better prepare ourselves before we go rushing in this time.” She looks around the room, meeting each of our gazes before continuing. “I for one am sick of getting captured, and being unprepared.”

I really can’t argue with that last statement. So far we’ve been lucky. But do we really have time to spare?

“But TanaVesta seemed to be in a hurry when she’d captured me,” I respond, pointing out a flaw in her logic. “She raped me every few hours, trying to grow her power as quickly as possible”

“That was a different situation,” the succubus replies easily. “The appointment with the other two Pillars was likely scheduled years in advance. She saw an opportunity, and tried to seize it.” She pauses to look at Brooke, a sad look on her face. “I don’t know if she planned on killing them at that meeting before we showed up, but I doubt it. More likely she was setting up something that would have come to fruit decades down the line.”

What would it be like to live for so long? I wonder, but can see her point.

“Okay,” I concede, “but I wish there was a way to be sure.”

“I can scout!” Areth nearly shouts in excitement, and we all look to where she’s fluttering. “What?” she asks, suddenly growing embarrassed.

“I thought you didn’t want to meddle in mortal affairs. Why do you want to help?” Brooke asks cautiously. She looks around the room, and I can tell she’s trying to figure out what the pixie’s angle is. Her eyes stop when they get to me, and I see her give a slight nod before turning back to Areth. “Most of us have a personal tie to Lyden, beyond the danger of our world. Only you and Ondine have no real ties to him. And forgive me, but your kind isn’t exactly known for being helpful.” I think about how in games, fairies are known to be helpful, but mythology holds a different opinion of the tiny creatures.

The tiny fluttering figure puffs her chest out indignantly before responding. “I think I’ve been very helpful. Look what I did for his car, so you could all escape. I even saved his life back with the Cyclopes. Lyden saved me from a fate worse than death, twice. And shouldn’t it be enough that I want to save our world?”

I’d only been in danger from the Cyclopes because of her, but I keep my mouth shut.

“Okay, okay,” Brooke states, holding up her hands to ward off the fairy’s anger. Turning to Ondine, she asks, “I suppose you just want to save our world as well?”

“You saw how Varun was,” the other mermaid replies. “Lyden chose to save me from being persecuted for being a woman.” The brunette mermaid meets my eyes for a second, before continuing. “I have watched him since then, and seen that though he is a little rough around the edges, he has the potential to be a great leader. According to the prophecy you mentioned earlier, he may be our only hope of stopping Aldol.” I see the corner of her mouth twitch, and I almost wonder if she was about to smile. If so, it would be the closest I’ve ever seen her come to doing so. “From the sound of things, he is immune to that thing’s power, as long as he can keep his trident in his pants.”

I blush at her blunt statement, but know I’ll need to be more careful from now on. My only worry about it right now is: how did the light creature take over Becky? As far as I know, she was never exposed to it.

I realize everyone is looking at me, waiting for me to say something. I kick my brain back into gear, trying to remember what we’d just been talking about. “My feelings are that we are careful with whom we trust, but until we have reason to think otherwise, we don’t consider everybody to be an enemy.” I realize the mistake in my words too late, as it could sound as if I’m saying Becky, Lisa, and even AnnaBelle could be considered enemies, but if anyone else catches it, they don’t speak up. Sighing heavily, I add, “We’d better get some rest. Tomorrow—Or is it today?—is going to be a long day.”

“So, I can go scout?” Areth asks, coming over to me. She almost seems too happy at the idea.

“If you’re rested enough, yes,” I say, and have to stifle a yawn.

She tries to zip out, but Angela stops her.

“Promise three times not to betray us,” the succubus says evenly.

Areth actually titters at the request, spinning around, and facing me. “I promise not to betray Lyden. I promise not to betray Lyden. I promise not to betray Lyden.” Having made her promise thrice, she zooms around Angela, leaving a golden blur behind, in her rush to be helpful. For once, I don’t regret her coming with us, though I’m not sorry to have her away for a while. I do wonder at her saying that she won’t betray me, personally, rather than the group, but ignore it. Probably just because she sees me as the leader, I conclude.

The leader. . . . Is that what I am? When did that happen? Thinking back, I can’t seem to put my finger on the moment I went from following along with events, to taking charge, but I can see that there has been a change in my actions. Brooke had pointed out that I have a backbone, and I notice that I do indeed have more confidence than I once had.

Fearfully, I realize that that means their lives are my responsibility, as their leader. Glancing at Brooke’s maimed right hand, I promise myself to do the best I can.

“What now?” Lisa asks, looking around at everyone. “Do we just wait for the fairy to return, before deciding anything else?”

“I, for one, want to get some more sleep. As long as we can all agree that Becky is innocent, then I suggest we get what rest we can.” I remember my voicemails, and that the police wanted to talk to me. “I’d probably better go see the police in the morning, and do what I can to clear my name.”

“Good idea,” Becky pipes up, speaking for the first time since she’s been exonerated. “I’ll go with you.”

“No,” I state quickly, and then smile at her to lessen the sting of pain the word caused her. She must think I don’t trust her, despite what I said before. “I’m going alone.” I can see everyone about to argue, but I continue on, bowling over their protestations. “Becky and Lisa, you were with me when I broke the Orange Bubble out of the impound lot, and I don’t want to put you into any more trouble right now. Ondine, you technically don’t exist in this world yet, at least as far as having an ID and such, and Brooke. . . . Well, I don’t know if they want to talk to you in connection with the fire that burned our apartment yet. Better safe than sorry.”

“That means I get to go with you,” Angela pipes up, smiling smugly.

“No,” I try to tell her calmly. “I don’t want anyone with me. Worst case scenario, I would rather you all free.”

They try to argue with me further, but I ignore them until they finally relent.

After that, there’s a bit of a confrontation about whom I’m going to lie down with, but I settle it quickly by stating that I’ll be staying on the couch.

“You’ll be more comfortable in your car,” Angela tries to convince me. “I’ll take the couch.”

I know exactly what’ll happen as soon as I do, though. Someone, most likely her, will come join me. At least on the couch, I know no one will be able to get away with disturbing my sleep.

I’m wrong.

It feels like I just barely close my eyes, when I find myself back in the shared mind-space.

“Angela,” I sigh, “I’m tired and need to get some real rest.”

“Please don’t be mad with her,” a voice that’s definitely not Angela’s asks me softly. Spinning around, I see Brooke standing there, clad in her blue scaly armor, wavy sword on her left hip. “I asked her to bring me here. I know you want your sleep, but I wanted to be with you as well. At least cuddle with me here?”

Despite myself, I chuckle a little. “Won’t be very comfortable with you in that armor,” I state, waving my hand at her attire.

The beautiful redhead gasps as she looks down, and I watch as her face goes just as red as her hair. Her tough yet supple blue armor turns to a slender sleeping gown, flaring near the bottom. The swell of her small breasts can barely be seen between the edges of her very low neckline. “Will this work?” she asks me coyly, the red still suffusing her cheeks and now visible on her chest.

“Very nice,” I compliment her. “But you do realize that Angela is still around, right?”

Her pretty brows bunch together in consternation. “But she said—“

“Oh, drat!” Angela states, coming out of the shadows. “Did Aldol suck away your funny bone, too?” I glare at her, but she only frowns prettily back at me.

To my surprise, Brooke breaks the tension by laughing. “Why do I have a feeling, that when Lyden helped me recover from my torture, you were there too?” The abashed look on my face gives us away, and she only laughs harder.

Once more I’m surprised at how close these two women have become, since they first threatened to kill each other in the Orc’s cave. A real friendship has grown where once there was bitter enmity.

“Well, you might as well come and join us,” the mermaid says somewhat reluctantly.

“Umm. . . .” I mumble, remembering what Angela had said about Brooke not being into women.

“Not like that!” she quickly clarifies, but then looks to the succubus, and back to me as well. “Buuut seeing as how that’s on your mind, I guess I’d better get used to you being with more than one woman.”

“Really?” the succubus asks excitedly, while I stare speechlessly at Brooke.

“No funny business, though,” the mermaid quickly adds. “You’re cute Angela, but you have the wrong plumbing for my tastes.” Brooke steps up to me, boldly grabbing my groin to emphasize her point.

“How do you know, if you never try?” Angela shoots back, closing the distance between us in the blink of an eye, and grabbing both our behinds.

A horrible thought crosses my mind, and paranoid, I turn Brooke’s face up to gaze into her wonderful sea green eyes. The only light in them is from her love and passion for me. To hide the reason behind me looking so intently at her, I bring my lips to hers, kissing her softly.

“Why didn’t you look into my eyes?” Angela whispers into my ear, as Brooke pulls away to catch her breath. Of course, the succubus can read intentions, as well as surface thoughts.

Turning to face the punk dressed woman, I bring my mouth close to her ear, acting as though I’m nibbling on her earlobe as I speak. “Because, my dear succubus, you were acting like yourself.”

“That or you just love me more,” she replies quietly, with a quick nip at my ear.

I refuse to dignify that with a response.

“If you keep ignoring me,” Brooke states, trying to sound indignant, “I might develop a complex, and change my mind.”

Laughing, I turn to kiss her again, but Angela shoves me out of the way, and locks lips with her. The mermaid’s eyes grow large in shock, and I can see the wheels turning in her head as she tries to figure out what she’s going to do. Angela takes the moment’s hesitation as an invitation, and I see her deepen the kiss, while reaching around and grabbing a handful of Brooke’s tight rear through her shear gown.

To my utter astonishment, I see the curly redhead’s knees go limp, forcing the skilled succubus to support her weight, as Brooke has a small orgasm.

She recovers quickly, and gently pushes Angela away, gasping. “No fair, using your abilities on me,” she complains.

“At least now you’ve tried,” Angela replies, smiling broadly.

Brooke looks up at me, and I see a grin curl the sides of her mouth. “Why don’t you kiss me like that?”

My lips move wordlessly as I try to formulate a response, but can’t think of one, and decide to take her words for the challenge that they likely were anyway.

Moving back to her, I get a hold of her pert bum, lift her up, and enjoy the way her legs wrap around my waist, her gown riding up to her thighs. Moving my right hand to the small of her back, I press her close to me, and she has to lower her head slightly to meet my lips. My tongue darts between her lips, but when she opens up to let it in, I pull it back. Thank you, Jennifer, for teaching me that trick! After a few seconds of playing cat and mouse, she grabs my cheeks, growls hungrily, and refuses to open up at my next tease.

Concentrating my full will on her pleasure, she gasps, and this time when my tongue enters her mouth, it stays there. I don’t know how long we stay like that, me concentrating on my childhood friend’s bliss while kissing her passionately, but the feeling of my pants disappearing, and my phallic rod slipping into a warm wet mouth, distracts me enough that I release my mental control on Brooke.

She gasps, throwing her head back, and allowing me to nibble lightly on her neck. I feel a different movement near my left hand, still on her buttocks, and realize that Angela must be playing with Brooke, while giving me head. She really is multi-talented!

“No more!” Brooke wheezes, trying to wriggle free of my arms. “You both have made your point.” She looks at me sharply as I set her down after Angela relinquishes my prick. “If you ever kiss me like that in the real world, I may end up jumping you, consequences be damned.”

I can’t hide my smile as I reply, “I can control when I want to conceive.”

Tears form in Brooke’s beautiful eyes, and she looks between Angela and me. I can practically feel the hope pouring from the mermaid.

“We think. . . .” the succubus clarifies, but it only slightly diminishing the joy in those familiar sea green eyes.

Angela and I are pulled into a powerful hug from the former assassin, and this time there is no doubt about the feelings of love and joy that pour forth from both women.

My cock is still rock hard, and being pressed against these beautiful women only makes me hornier. I move my mouth to Angela’s, dropping my right hand to Brooke’s soaked twat. I easily find the redhead’s clit, and press firmly against it as I bring my left hand around to the succubus’s right pierced nipple. Lightly tugging on the jewelry elicits a moan from the blue haired woman, and I release her mouth to turn back to Brooke’s waiting lips.

Deciding to have some fun with the physics of this place, I tilt the world until both women are lying on top of me. This brings a round of giggles from them, and I see their eyes sparkle for a moment as they look at each other. Brooke breaks the gaze and looks at me for just a moment, then grabs the back of Angela’s head and pulls her into a passionate kiss. This time it’s Angela that’s caught off guard, and I wonder that the succubus hadn’t read the mermaid’s intentions. I guess it’s not a foolproof ability.

Angela’s hand drops to my saliva slickened rod, and starts aiming it for the mermaid’s vagina, as if to say, “What are you waiting for.”

Gripping the redhead’s hips, I move her fully on top of me, and moan as I feel her hips start to move. Her wet slit slides up and down my pole, as she moans in frustration that I’m not inside her already. Angela gets the angle just right, and the next time she slips back, my head penetrates her tight hole, conforming to her inner constriction, and sliding in deeper. Her vagina grips my meat in a confining grip, and I involuntarily hunch my hips, wanting to go even farther into her delightful depths.

Angela pulls away from me, but my attention is immediately pulled back to Brooke as she mashes her lips to mine, her tongue diving into my mouth and demanding attention. Her hips pick up a frantic rhythm, resulting in a constant squelch, squelch, squelch noise.

“Oh, Lyden,” she gasps, throwing her head back and moaning in delight. I use the opportunity to latch onto one of her tiny tits, suckling the small but hard nipple between my lips, and nipping lightly at the rubbery tip with my teeth.

Suddenly she freezes, gasping loudly, an odd sensation rippling through her vaginal walls. Letting go of her areola, I look around Brooke’s slender body, to see Angela behind her, and by her movements, I realize she must have at least a couple fingers in the mermaid’s anus. Brooke cranes her neck to look as well, and I can see her considering the situation. Angela doesn’t stop her stimulation however, and I watch as her constant ministrations win through, and Brooke moans, her eyes rolling back, and her hips returning to their frenetic pace.

It only takes her a few seconds before her cunt grips my pole, and I feel her love fluids slipping out around my penis.

Angela pulls her off me, and I watch as she pulls her fingers out and drives Brooke’s orgasm even higher by diving in and tasting the redhead’s lower lips.

Carefully I slip out from under Brooke, and move around behind the blue-haired punk. Dropping to my knees behind her, I glide right into the ready and willing succubus. Once again our sex organs strive to conform to the other, writhing and undulating with each adaptation, adding a whole other sensation to our love-making.

I grip her hips, pulling out except for the tip before shoving back into her, my pelvis slapping against her ass cheeks. She grunts at the impact, driving her face further into Brooke’s crotch. After a couple of pounding thrusts, Brooke loses her balance, and falls forward. With her usual agility, she rolls over, and to my surprise grips a couple handfuls of the succubus’s short blue hair, and pulls her back between her legs.

This also pulls her off me, and I have to waddle forward to re-aim myself. I decide to go for her other hole, and relish the way her tight anus feels as it stretches around my sensitive tip. She wriggles her hips against me, allowing me to move deeper into her tight colon.

Brooke catches my eyes, and I see her smiling dreamily at me. Her fingers are still tangled in Angela’s hair, holding her in place. She pulls back on the handful of hair, and sits up enough to kiss the other woman.

I’m shocked at the change in Brooke, but I’ve verified that that she is free of possession. She truly is changing, and of her own free will. Or is it because of the constant joining of our souls? As I think about it, I realize that the succubus’s soul has been mixing with the mermaid’s as well. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about that.

Angela’s insistent booty shake makes me realize that I’d stopped moving. I return to slipping in and out of her tight sphincter, making her moan into the women’s shared kiss, until the succubus’s colon grips me powerfully as she cums, her love juices dripping out of her cunny.

Brooke pulls away, but to my shock once more, I watch as she wriggles under the blue-haired punk, and a couple seconds later feel her tongue switch between my balls and Angela’s twat.

The whole surreal experience is too much for me, and I let loose my load, deep into Angela’s rear.

* * *

The police station doors open on their own and I step through. My hands are sweaty, and I can feel my heart pounding as I walk up to the bulletproof glass. I’m not sure exactly why I’m so nervous, I can’t shake the feeling that things are about to go badly.

Why did I have to insist on coming here alone?

I shake my head to rid it of the paranoia gripping me. Nothing is wrong, they just have a few questions, I tell myself. Aldol thinks I’m dead. I’m safe.

“Excuse me,” I say to get the police woman’s attention, “I—“

“Lyden Snow!” she exclaims as she looks at me. “Stay where you are, you’re under arrest!” A buzzer sounds, and within moments, police officers, weapons drawn and pointed at my chest, surround me.

“Umm,” I state nervously, trying to swallow the growing lump in my throat, “I understand you wanted to talk to me?”

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Author’s Notes:

Big thanks to Garbonzo607 for the awesome edits, ideas, and advice. Without his help, this story would have been a LOT more lackluster and confusing. He is also responsible for some of the ideas in this chapter.

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