Things had gotten slow between my wife and I before she finally just left. We had been together for ten years, ever since high school when I got her pregnant at sixteen. I made custom furniture in a shop beside the house. Our daughter Sofia has always seemed shy but I learned better. Desi had been gone almost four years and I had to run to the mall for new pants.

It was the beginning of summer so my daughter was home around the pool or at the mall. I stopped at the food court for a shake before going home and saw Sofia sitting at a table with her legs spread. She was wearing her skorts so I wasn’t worried but I was going to speak to her about the way she was sitting.

When I got home I saw the pile of laundry, Sofia was normally really good about that. I needed to do the new pants so I started sorting and frowned when I realized I wasn’t finding any of my daughter’s panties. She always wore her skorts and I picked up the ones she had worn the day before.

I looked at them and frowned when I saw the huge cum stain inside and the cut seam down the crotch. I started looking at the others and found the same thing. Each had the crotch split to show her pussy and ass and each had cum stains. I went to her room and looked at the skorts in her drawer and found all of them cut the same way.

I went back and turned all her skorts inside out and laid them out on the coffee table. I did the laundry but kept an eye out for Sofia. Thinking about her had my cock painfully hard and I finally went and stripped before wrapping a towel around my waist. It was a couple of hours before my daughter got home.

I was waiting when she walked in the front door and she grinned and went to her toes to kiss me, “hi dad.”

I took her hand and pulled her after me and into the living room. As soon as she saw her skorts she knew I had caught her. I turned her and sat while pulling her onto my lap, “want to explain?”

She blushed, “it isn’t what you...”

I reached between her legs and pushed a finger into her slimy pussy, “really?”

She jerked and shuddered as her pussy seemed to squeeze and milk my finger, “ooohhh!”

Her legs went wide as she spasmed and I looked at her before lifting her and yanking the towel away. I positioned my cock as she groaned and pulled her down. My cock stretched her tight pussy and slipped in easily with all the cum she had in her. She started twisting and jerking and shuddering as her pussy fluttered and milked my cock, “aaaahhhh!”

She thrust and bounced and rocked and spasmed and I held her as my cock swelled and then started pumping sperm against her cervix. She stiffened and then spasmed hard, “yyyeeeesssss!”

Four years worth of cum pumped into her as she shuddered and jerked while her tight pussy milked it out. When I was done I pulled her up and stood. I pulled her after me and back to my bedroom where I turned her and laid her back on the edge. I lifted the skirt and looked at her cummy slit through the cut in her shorts.

I pushed back into her and she gasped and bucked, “daddy!”

I buried my cock and bent over her, “you want to be a cock tease and a whore?”

She clutched me and held on as she continued to spasm. I frowned and pulled out before laying on her and she shuddered and started crying, “I can’t help it!”

I held her and sighed, “why honey?”

She squeezed me tight as she hugged me and kept crying, “it just feels so good I can’t get enough.”

I held her and lifted before pushing my cock back into her slimy hole. I began to fuck her as I tried to think. Sofia spread her legs more and quieted as she humped and her pussy grasped at my cock. I reached down to unbutton her blouse and open it. I rubbed her breasts through her bra as she began convulsing and howling.

I laid on her as I kept fucking her, “how many times do you fuck them?”

She clutched me and thrashed as her tight pussy kept grasping my cock. I shook my head, she was really sensitive. I started fucking her firmly and pushing each time I sank into her. It took awhile before I buried my cock and pushed as I began to spurt and pump cum. Sofia jerked and her pussy clenched and tightened.

When I was done I pulled out and sat beside her, “how many times do you fuck them?”

She sighed and turned onto her side, “three or four, five once.”

I smiled and rubbed her hip, “you are grounded. You can wear your skorts in the shop or the long apron. If you get horny tell me and I will stop and fuck you.”

I bent to kiss her cheek, “you are sleeping in my bed now.”

I went out to the shop but stopped to grab the cordless phone. I called my sister, I hadn’t talked to her in awhile and thought she would have an answer. She listened as I told her what I had found out and then what I had done. She giggled and then chuckled, “I’ll be over with my daughter and son for dinner.”

Her daughter Goslyn was the same age as my Sofia and Peter was a year younger. I was working when my daughter came out and started helping me quietly. I watched the time and glanced at the door when Bell opened it. I smiled and stopped what I was doing, “hey sis.”

She smiled and looked at Sofia, “Goslyn and Peter are in the house.”

I caught my daughter’s hand as I started for the door, “I should start dinner.”

Bell took Sofia’s other hand and walked with us, “you are a little sensitive and enjoy sex?”

Sofia blushed as she looked at me and my sister squeezed her hand, “we came to help. You horny now?”

My daughter hesitated before nodding and Bell looked at me, “willing to share her?”

I blinked, “you know a guy that would be safe?”

She grinned, “my Peter.”

I looked at Sofia and nodded, “if she is willing.”

We walked into the house and Goslyn turned from the kitchen counter and her brother stepped back as he blushed. Bell laughed, “want a new pussy Peter?”

I looked at her as he nodded and she pushed Sofia towards him, “take your time and be gentle.”

Sofia grinned back at me and lifted the skirt part of her skort, “or bend me over the couch and fuck me here.”

I grinned as he started towards her and she turned and bent over while spreading her legs. He sucked in a breath when he felt her pussy and then moved her towards the couch as he opened his pants. Bell pulled me past them and into the kitchen where Goslyn smiled at me, “hi uncle Leo.”

Bell rubbed her butt, “Peter has been fucking us for almost a year.”

Goslyn nodded and rubbed my pants, “you can too.”

My daughter was already moaning and wailing as her cousin fucked her slowly. Bell shook her head and Goslyn grinned as she turned back to what she was doing which was make dinner. I kept glancing back to watch my daughter and nephew and he was taking it slow. When he came Sofia screamed and spasmed while he held her.

My sister chuckled as she leaned against me to watch, “she does seem a little sensitive.”

I nodded and turned back to help with dinner. Sofia was hugging me a minute later, “thanks dad.”

I smiled back at her and we started setting the table. Bell said they were staying for the summer and Sofia perked up while whispering to Goslyn. While Peter and I cleaned up after, Bell and the girls disappeared. When they returned they were in pajamas. Sofia came to press against me and took my hand and pulled it between her legs.

I felt the slit in the bottoms and her bare pussy and slipped a finger into her. She shuddered hard and her legs bowed, “ooohhh!”

Bell laughed, “Peter.”

He turned from watching a show and came to pull my daughter away. I looked at them and Goslyn took my hand and pulled it to her crotch where I felt her bare pussy through another hole. I ignored my daughter’s loud wails as I fingered my niece with her mother holding her. She panted and kept humping until Bell laughed, “lay her back and fuck her little brother.”

I turned to pull her after me as I headed for my bedroom. I ignored the suitcases in the room as I turned Goslyn at the bed and laid her back. I opened and pushed my pants down as I moved between her legs and stepped out of my pants. She reached between her legs for my cock and guided it to her slippery pussy, “you are bigger than Peter.”

I pushed into her and bent to kiss her as her tight pussy stretched around my cock. I held her hips and began to fuck her and push deeper. It was a couple of minutes before she wailed and started shaking as her pussy clenched and started milking my cock. I continued to fuck her with long deep thrusts as she writhed and bucked and howled.

Bell hugged me as I planted my cock in her daughter and began to hump and grind, “she never screams like that.”

I smiled as I started rubbing Goslyn’s clit while I pulled back and fucked her long, hard and deep. She twisted and kept jerking her hips up as she yelled and spasmed, “aaaahhhh!”

I bent over her and held her as I fucked her firmly and buried my cock a few minutes later. She lifted her legs and spread them wide before I gushed and began pumping spurts of cum into her, “mmmm!”

I held her tight as I kept spewing and when I stopped she took a deep breath and looked at me before I kissed her. I stood and pulled out before turning to hold my sister and kiss her and she grinned, “I think Peter could learn something.”

We helped Goslyn up and I took Bell’s hand as we went back to the living room. Peter and Sofia were sitting together on the couch watching a show and she was holding his hand. I sat and Bell slipped onto my lap while Goslyn went to sit beside Sofia and whisper. My sister pulled my hand down between her legs where I felt her bare pussy through a slit.

I looked at her and gave her a hug before she spread her legs and leaned back as I began to finger her. It was a few minutes before she shuddered and lifted and straddled me backward. She position my cock and sat down slowly to impale her pussy before leaning back. I reached around to hold her but let one hand drop to finger her stretched pussy around my cock.

I relaxed and hugged my sister as she slowly rocked while her pussy kept grasping and massaging my cock. She shuddered and jerked as her pussy kept squeezing and turned her head for me to kiss her. It was a long time before I needed to cum. Bell was panting and shaking as she spasmed constantly and I was humping up to push my cock deeper.

She twisted and jerked back and forth while her slippery pussy clenched my cock and she yelled, “FUCK!”

I held her hips and started thrusting up into her as I tried to cum and a minute later it worked. I yanked her down and grunted as I held her and spewed cum. She turned and wiggled and squirmed while her pussy squeezed and grasped my cock to milk the cum out. When I was done she sighed and relax against me, “damn I really needed that.”

Sofia and Goslyn giggled as Peter laughed and Bell turned to grin. She shifted and stood before holding her hand out, “time for bed. Peter and Goslyn are sleeping with me.”

I looked at my slimy, cum covered cock before standing, “Sofia?”

She grinned as she came to grab my hand and pull me after her, “night aunt Bell.”

I laughed and pulled my daughter back and lifted her into my arms, “brush teeth and use the bathroom and then bed.”

She leaned against me as I carried her back to my bedroom and set her down. Ten minutes later I was shutting the light off before slipping into bed. I could hear Goslyn wailing from the other bedroom and smiled as I moved over between my daughter’s legs and kissed her, “feel better?”

She wiggled as she positioned my cock and I pushed into her slimy pussy, “yeah.”

I sank my cock into her and gave her a kiss before I began to fuck her with deep thrusts. I fucked her twice before just holding her as she fell asleep. I woke to the alarm and turned to shut it off before turning back to my sleeping daughter. I laid her on her back and caressed her hip and pelvis before leaning over to suck on her nipple.

She groaned and shuddered and I moved over her and pushed into her. Her eyes snapped open as she spasmed and began convulsing while clutching me, “daddy!”

I fucked into her slimy pussy deeper and buried my cock to hold her as her pussy gripped and tightened. I kissed her and she twisted and kept jerking for several minutes before panting as she looked at me. Her hips were still humping and her pussy grasping my cock. I shook my head, “I think I will ask Bell to give you a douche and enema.”

She shuddered and thrust up, “please?”

I kissed her before I began to fuck her slowly with long deep thrusts. I ignored her wails and howls as her tight pussy spasmed and gripped my cock constantly. She bucked and writhed around and jerked as she continued to scream. I glanced at Bell when she sat on the bed and turned back to my daughter.

She clutched me and kept thrusting and humping up and a few minutes later I buried my cock and began gushing cum. Her pussy tightened as she kissed me passionately while I pumped warm sperm into her. When I was done I pulled out and Sofia sighed as she looked at the ceiling with a smile.

Bell laughed and reached out to rub a nipple and my daughter shuddered and humped, “oh!”

I shook my head as I moved out of bed, “would you try to give her a douche or three?”

Bell grinned, “sure.”

I rubbed my sister’s hip as I went past her and walked to the kitchen to make pancake batter. Peter and Goslyn came out and I started cooking as Sofia wailed from the bathroom. Peter grinned and Goslyn giggled, “poor Sofia.”

I smiled but really wanted to go to my daughter. Goslyn stood and came to me and kissed my cheek, “go.”

I grinned as I walked out and into the bathroom. Bell was laughing as my daughter shuddered and spasmed while water from the douche leaked out of her with clumps of cum. I stood beside Bell, “she is really sensitive.”

My sister caressed my daughter’s cheek before pulling the douche out, “maybe one more.”

Sofia groaned and leaned back and I moved closer to hold and kiss her. She smiled, “this is almost as good as fucking.”

I laughed with Bell as she filled the douche with warm water. I hugged Sofia, “you should be good until noon. Maybe your cousin will fuck you a couple of times during lunch.”

She grinned, “that’s sounds fun.”

Bell chuckled, “I’ll ask Peter.”

She slipped the nozzle into my daughter and she stiffened and began jerking, “oooohhhh!”

I held her as water squirted into her and washed the cum out. She wailed and howled while shaking and jerking around. Bell kept rubbing her pelvis until the douche was empty and she pulled it out. Sofia was panting with an angel’s smile. I pulled her up and turned to the shower, Bell slipped in and grinned as she rubbed her breasts on me.

I washed my daughter like I had years before and held her when I was finished. She kissed me softly before turning to climb out. Bell hugged me as I watched Sofia, “she will be okay.”

I looked at her and she grinned, “but now I need some help.”

She turned and spread her legs as she leaned forward and put her hands on the wall. I smiled as I rubbed her slit before spreading my legs and pushing my cock into her in one long slow thrust. She groaned as I held her hips and began to fuck her with deep strokes. It wasn’t long before she was shuddering and shoving back, “ooohhh!”

Her pussy felt warm and wonderful as I continued to fuck her. It began to constantly clench and squeeze my cock. I started fucking her hard as I went faster and tried to cum. She wailed and jerked as she wet me and a few minutes later I buried my cock and held her hips while I began pumping thick spurts of cum.

Bell howled and pushed back as her pussy milked my spewing cock. I pulled out and turned and stood her up to hug her. I washed her gently and she smiled before getting out. I went to get dressed and headed into the shop to start work. I glanced at the door when Sofia led her cousins in and then Bell.

Sofia, Goslyn and Bell were only wearing an apron. They started helping as I explained what to do and it wasn’t long before we were all doing something. I glanced up when my daughter went to Peter and whispered something. He grinned and looked at me and I smiled, “bend her over that couch and do her.”

It was only a moment before Sofia was covering her mouth as she wailed and howled while her cousin fucked her. Goslyn watched for a minute before walking towards me, “uncle Leo?”

Bell laughed, “pull your panties down and bend over the chair he is working on.”

Her daughter grinned as I put my tools aside and opened my pants. I waited until she was bent over before feeling her pussy. I moved and pushed into her and she groaned and wiggled as I pushed deeper before I began to fuck her. She sighed and moaned as her pussy tightened and kept grasping and squeezing my cock.

A few minutes and she was wailing like my daughter. I fucked her with long, firm, deep thrusts and her tight pussy was grasping my cock each time I buried it. After awhile she was twisting as her pussy clenched and she howled while wetting me. I held her hips and fucked her hard and deep as I glanced at Sofia and Peter.

They were done and leaning against each other watching us. I looked down at Goslyn as I pushed all the way into her and began pumping thick spurts of cum. She jerked and shoved back as her pussy grasped my cock, “YES!”

She continued to shake as I spewed against and into her cervix. When I was done I humped and wiggled and she gasped and spasmed, “fuck!”

I smiled as everyone laughed and pulled out before bending over her and giving her a kiss, “thanks Goslyn.”

She grinned and stood before turning and hugging me, “you’re welcome.”

I fucked my daughter twice more during the day and then told her to stay with Peter and sleep with him. She grinned at that and gave me a kiss before going to whisper with Goslyn. After we quit for the day Bell and the girls made dinner and Peter and I cleaned up after. We sat together and watched a movie before my sister pulled me up and after her.

I fucked her for over an hour before holding her as we slept. I woke as I was rolled onto my back and Goslyn straddled me. I could hear Sofia wailing as Goslyn sat on my cock and her warm slimy pussy squeezed. She wiggled and began to thrust back and forth and rub her pussy on me, “I was horny too.”

I cupped her breasts and kneaded them, “no problem sweetie.”

Bell chuckled, “always a stud available to service a girl in need.”

She rolled and kissed me before slipping out of bed. I watched her leave before pulling Goslyn down to hug her and feel her body. She grinned and kissed me as her pussy tightened and then she rolled and pulled me with her. I ended up over her and began to fuck her with long deep strokes as she lifted and spread her legs.

She shuddered and humped while hugging me and I continued to fuck her firmly. Several minutes later she spasmed and began thrashing around and bucking. Her pussy contracted and she wailed as I buried my cock and started pumping cum into her cervix, “fffuuucccckkkk!”

She clutched me while her pussy milked my cock and when I was done she sighed and relaxed. I kissed her and pulled out before moving off the bed and helping her. Sofia and Goslyn have tried dating but always come back. Peter has had a couple of relationships but they never last. Bell has had several more children, a couple were mine.

Sofia is twenty now like Goslyn and has decided it is time to settle down as she told me firmly. She is still very sensitive and pregnant and so is Goslyn. We are not sure who is the father for my daughter’s baby but Goslyn spent the entire week with me and in my bed. They are already planning their next together with Bell.
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