My mother has always been obedient, when my father died she seemed lost. I was fourteen when Albert married her without warning. He had a daughter named Nicole, she was thirteen and obedient like mom. There was also another adopted daughter from Japan, her name was Mia and she was the same age as Nicole.

A month later I did my chores before coming into the house. Albert glanced at me when I got a glass of water, “go wash my car.”

I smiled, “wash your own car.”

He blinked before standing and walking to me and reached out to grab me, “listen to me boy. When I tell you to do something you damn well...”

I grabbed his balls and twisted as I yanked. He screamed and fell to the floor and I knelt, “listen close asshole. I know where you sleep, fuck with me again or try to order me around and I will cut your balls off and make you eat them.”

I stood and walked back to take a shower. After I was done I got dressed and walked out to see Albert waiting. He looked at me almost calmly, “perhaps I misjudged you.”

I snorted, “you have no clue about me. Just because my mother will do everything you tell her doesn’t mean I will.”

He smiled, “so... Eric, I am Albert and your mother’s master.”

I smiled, “her master not mine.”

He nodded and took a breath, “two masters in a household can be very... tense.”

I headed towards the kitchen and the glass of water I had left, “so what do you propose?”

He followed me, “a truce. I will even offer you my daughters.”

I set the glass down, “offer your daughters?”

Albert grinned, “a young boy like you is always horny.”

I glanced out the window before looking at him, “no ordering me around and if you want or need something you ask.”

He nodded and held out his hand. I looked into his eyes as I shook his hand. I grinned and walked to the door and looked at Nicole and Mia, “you two come out front.”

They looked at each other and I growled, “now!”

They started moving and I headed towards the front door, “this first car wash is free the next will cost you ten dollars.”

I met the girls by the driveway, they were wearing tiny bikinis. I walked into the garage and brought out the bucket with the soap for washing the car, “you are going to wash your father’s car.”

I used the hose to get the car wet before the girls began. I glanced around several minutes later and moved forward to catch Mia. I rubbed her tummy before taking her top off. She looked around as I patted her butt and moved to Nicole. I took her top and rubbed an erect nipple, “back to work.”

They kept looking around but went back to work washing the car until we were done. I put everything away and undid their bottoms, “inside.”

They went in quickly and I followed and found them covering themselves in front of their father. I gave Nicole’s butt a swat, “don’t cover up. I want him to see you. Your bodies are perfect.”

I pushed them towards the hall, “he gave you to me .”

I pushed them into my room and closed the door. I moved them to the bed and sat them down before stripping. They blushed as I walked to them and knelt between them. I bent to suck on one of Mia’s nipples and she shuddered. I turned to Nicole and cupped one of her breasts before bending to suck on the nipple.

She shuddered like Mia and I stood, “turn and lay back.”

I began feeling them and they started smiling and each time I brushed their pussy or rubbed it they would hump. I finally moved onto the bed and pushed Nicole’s legs open. I leaned down to look at her pussy before opening it and licking her. She shuddered and moaned as I pushed my tongue into her.

She wiggled and then gasped as I covered her clit and sucked. I started to wiggle my tongue up and down and back and forth. She humped and moaned louder as I kept teasing her clit. When I pushed my tongue into her she didn’t have her hymen. I continued to lick her and nibbled as she panted and shook.

Several minutes later I moved up and over her. I gave her a kiss and looked into her eyes, “can I fuck you?”

She nodded as she tried to spread her legs more and tilt her hips. I lifted and slowly pushed into her tight pussy. She was warm and it felt like nothing I could imagine. I slowly sank my cock into her until I was all the way in. I waited as she shivered and a moment later humped. Mia was watching and whispered, “is it good?”

Nicole put her arms around me, “really good.”

I humped and pressed before pulling back to fuck her with long thrusts. She sighed and lifted her hips while her pussy squeezed, “mmm!”

Mia giggled as I kept fucking Nicole and she started to pant and shake. She shuddered and then began spasming as her pussy became slicker and constantly tightened around my cock. She clung to me as she wailed and started thrashing around, “aaahhhh!”

I kept fucking her with deep strokes, pausing to hump and grind each time. She began jerking constantly while yelling and struggling. It was awhile before I pushed into her and buried my cock. I kissed her as my cock throbbed and started gushing strong spurts of cum. Her pussy gripped my cock as I poured sperm into her and flooded her.

She jerked and shook with each spurt until I was done. When I stopped cumming she sighed and began to relax. I pulled out and looked at Mia before moving towards her as she lay back and spread her legs. I moved over her and gave her a kiss and moved down to look at her pussy.

I licked through her slit and she shuddered as her hips lifted, “mmm!”

I nibbled on her inner lips before covering her clit and sucking. She jerked and thrust up, “ooohhh!”

Nicole giggled, “feels good right?”

Mia humped up as I continued to suck on her clit and wiggle my tongue, “yeah!”

She started to breath harder and twist before jerking away. I looked up before pushing her onto her back and moving up. She looked at me as she panted and I lifted before slowly forcing my cock into her. She grunted but tilted her hips as I pushed deeper. I buried my cock against her cervix and gave her a kiss and waited.

Nicole looked over my shoulder and into Mia’s face, “full?”

Mia put her arms around me, “mmmm!”

Nicole giggled as I began to hump and press and grind. Mia clutched me as her pussy suddenly tightened, “ooohhh!”

I grinned as Nicole giggled and pulled back to start fucking Mia with deep thrusts. She lifted her hips and kept thrusting up as her pussy became slick. It was constantly squeezing my cock as she shuddered and shook while moaning. I kept fucking her and started grinding each time I planted my cock all the way inside her.

She began to buck and writhe around as she wailed, “aaaahhhh!”

I loved her tight hole as it grasped and squeezed my cock. It wasn’t long before she was howling and thrashing around, “ERIC!”

I fucked her firmly for a few minutes before I thrust into her as my cock throbbed and started gushing cum. Mia jerked and her pussy clamped down as I kept pumping spurts into her. She hugged me tight until I was done and sighed, “I like that.”

Nicole giggled, “good because he owns us now and we can fuck him.”

I pulled out and glanced at the time, “mom should be home soon. Go bring your clothes in here and arrange my closet. You can wear panties or bikini bottoms to keep your pussy cummy but no top.”

They grinned and rolled out of bed as I got up and put my shorts on. I found mom in the kitchen but Albert wasn’t home. I walked in and put my arms around her and kissed her neck, “Albert gave the girls to me.”

She looked back and I smiled as I turned her, “they have nice tight pussies and I have them moving their things into my room.”

She took a breath, “you didn’t hurt them?”

I grinned, “no. They wailed and howled when I fucked them but had a good time.”

She smiled and caressed my face and gave me a kiss. I let her go and went out to check the yard. By the time dinner was ready Albert was back and Mom was walking around like the girls in just her panties. After dinner he pulled her to their bedroom while I helped the girls clean up. I kissed both, “go put your tops on so we can go for a walk.”

They hung on my arms as I walked to the park and then around the block before we came home. I took them to my room and had them strip and get in bed before turning on the TV and laying with them. I took turns fucking them slowly while they watched a couple of movies. I followed them to the bathroom to get ready for bed and let them snuggled against me.

I woke to Albert in the kitchen as he got ready for work and looked at the two sleeping girls. My cock was hard so I moved Nicole and turned Mia onto her back. I opened her legs with my knees before forcing my cock into her. I fucked her slowly and she finally opened her eyes and put her arms around me.

I kissed her as I buried my cock, “morning.”

Her pussy grasped and squeezed as she shuddered and humped, “morning.”

She smiled as I went back to fucking her slowly with long strokes. She lifted her hips and started to hump while her pussy began to grasp my cock. She began to breath harder and shudder before writhing around as she moaned. I continued to fuck her with long strokes and after a few minutes buried my cock.

I kissed her as she tilted her hips and clutched me while I pumped thick spurts of cum into her. She jerked and shook with each one and her pussy kept clenching as it milked the cum out of my cock. When I was done I smiled, “thanks Mia.”

She grinned, “my pleasure.”

I pulled out and moved off the bed, “come on you two. Time to pee and shower.”

Nicole turned her head and grinned before moving off the bed while Mia slid towards me, “how did you know she was awake?”

I grinned at Nicole, “she was fingering her pussy.”

They giggled as I chased them out and into the bathroom. When we showered I washed their pussies and then I did their bodies. They were almost purring when we got out and I dried them. I made them get dressed with me and then we went to the kitchen. I rubbed mom’s panty clad butt and headed to the counter to help make cereal.

I turned and handed a bowl to Nicole and another to Mia before reaching out to tug on one of mom’s nipples, “we are going to take the bus to the mall.”

She smiled, “want a ride and we can look around together?”

I grinned, “go get dressed.”

It was fun watching mom and the girls as they went to each of the stores and drove the clerks crazy. We ate lunch at the mall and continued to look around. We only had a few things when we came home and I give Mia and Nicole and pat on the butt, “panties only.”

They grinned and wiggled as they headed towards my room. Mom went to her room as I went to take out the garbage. When I came in mom was singing with the girls as they started dinner. I rubbed one of Nicole’s nipples, “we are watching a movie down in the rec room after dinner.”

She grinned and Mia giggled, “can I sit on your lap?”

I smiled as I headed towards my room, “sure.”

Dad was smart enough to not leave anything for mom. He had put everything into stocks before he died but it was a trust only I could manage. I had until Albert had married mom and then I had just start using the money to buy more stocks. I always checked them at least once a week and used the dividends each quarter.

I shut the computer off before changing to just pajama bottoms. When I came into the kitchen Albert was home. He nodded to me, “I’m taking your mother out to a show after dinner.”

I smiled as I sat, “I’m taking the girls into the rec room to watch a movie after dinner.”

He grinned, “enjoy.”

I nodded, “you too.”

After we finished eating the girls began cleaning up as mom went to get dressed. I started helping them and then we went downstairs. The girls snuggled against me and I started the movie. It was nice to just hold them while we watched the movie but as soon as it ended they jumped up and ran for the stairs.

I shut everything off and followed and grinned when I found Mia peeing as Nicole got ready for bed. I waited for the girls and shut the light off after they climbed into the bed. I slipped in and reached for Nicole and moved down. She spread her legs as I licked through her pussy and I looked up as Mia straddled her head and Nicole pulled her hips down to lick her pussy.

I kissed Mia when she laid down with her head between Nicole’s leg and we took turns licking Nicole’s pussy. I teased her clit and nibbled on it and her labia before pushing my tongue into her as she humped and wiggled. She was moaning and so was Mia before she twisted and rolled off.

I laughed and moved up and gave Nicole a kiss and pushed into her tight pussy. I started fucking her slowly with deep thrusts. She thrust up as her pussy tightened and she clutched me, “YES!”

I continued to fuck her and started to press and grind and she shook while her pussy clenched and wet me. She spasmed a couple of minutes later and I fucked her hard while she wailed and howled. She thrashed around and bucked while her pussy grasped and squeezed my cock constantly.

I kept fucking her firmly as I tried to cum and she jerked and spasmed. It was awhile before I buried my cock and pressed as it gushed thick spurts. Nicole gasped and thrust up as warm sperm was pumped into her, “yyyeeeeesssss!”

I held her while she spasmed and her pussy milked my cock. When I stopped cumming I relaxed and sighed before giving her a kiss, “very nice.”

She was panting and grinned as she nodded. I pulled out and rolled a giggling Mia onto her stomach before pushing into her. It was awhile before we went to sleep and I woke in the middle of the night when mom was brought home. I heard her sobbing and a man talking as I got out of bed and grabbed a robe.

I found her with a policeman in the kitchen, “mom?”

She flung herself into my arms with a wail and I held her and looked at the cop, “what happened?”

He cleared his throat, “there was an argument while your mother was in the bathroom. Your father was shot and killed.”

I looked at mom and sighed, “step father.”

I hugged her and nodded to myself, “I better put her to bed.”

I had to move to the door with her clinging to me and let the officer out. I pulled mom back to my bedroom where Nicole and Mia were sitting up. When I told them about their dad they cried and I ended up with all three of them clinging to me. The next week was hard with mom, Mia and Nicole constantly clutching and clinging to me and crying.

After we buried Albert they calmed a little. Since he had not left a will everything went to my mother, including a very large insurance policy. That night I made dinner and cleaned up after and then pulled them into mom’s bedroom and to the bed. I stripped them and put them in bed, including mom who looked at me with large eyes.

I shut the lights off but there was still sunlight in the window. I moved to the bed and over mom before I settled, “you belong to me now.”

She opened her mouth but I lifted and pushed into her warm pussy and slowly buried my cock as she hugged me. I gave her a kiss, “you, Nicole and Mia are mine.”

I began to fuck her slowly but with long deep strokes. Her pussy tightened and squeezed and she sighed as her hips lifted. I kept kissing her as I fucked her and looked at Nicole and Mia, “I think we need a baby in the house.”

They grinned and pressed against us as my mother looked at me and smiled, “okay.”

I continued to fuck her slowly with deep strokes and her pussy kept grasping and squeezing. A few minutes and she shuddered and began writhing around as she wailed. I started to fuck her firmly as I tried to cum and mom lifted and spread her legs while clutching me, “YES!”

I fucked her hard and kept pushing her cervix open each time I buried my cock. A couple of minutes and I pushed into her and kissed her as I gushed cum into her. Mom jerked and her pussy tightened as she hugged me while her pussy squeezed, “yyyeeeesssss!”

When I finished I gave her another kiss before pulling out and moving towards Nicole. So far mom has had two children. Nicole is starting college with me and is pregnant and Mia is starting a trade school and will get pregnant in six months. The girls are still submissive and had the choice to date but chose to stay with me.
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