Sacking a city
I glanced ahead as I rode to one side of the lead wagon. Jason had scouts out and flankers but we had been surprised twice by groups of bandits. We had left the castle two days after breaking the siege and a day later stumbled into a contract to guard a large merchant caravan heading south.

The merchants had started off arrogant and protective but after the first time we killed bandits protecting them they had opened up. We came to a large area beside a fast moving stream. From all the fire pits it had been used many times. The wagons moved into a protective circle as the company set up tents around the outside.

Ash and Sara put my tent up beside the river but on the upstream side. This was the last day of our contract and in the morning we were heading into a city a day away. I made the grass grow taller as I unsaddled my horses. Jason appeared as I was rubbing them down, “we have word an army is bypassing Galren and heading east.”

I glanced at him, “thinking of sending someone to see if they want to contract us?”

He snorted, “no. They are fanatics.”

He looked at the fast moving stream, “I’m not sure guarding this caravan was a good idea.”

I smiled as I finished and let the horses begin to browse, “why?”

Jason sighed, “Galren is a strange city and we will probable have to return to Ragorich to get another contract. I sent a couple of scouts ahead to look things over and return. If they don’t like what they see we won’t even bother going in.”

I nodded, “you sent Samuel?”

He nodded before turning and walking towards his tent next to mine. I walked into the tent and smiled at the girls trying on different dresses I had made from the cloth we had been given. I caught Sara after she stripped and turned to look for another. She grinned as she pressed against me, “want me?”

I caressed her hips as I backed to the bed and Ash laughed. Sara grinned and gave me a kiss before turning and bending over the bed and spreading her legs. I undressed and felt her warm slit before pushing into her and sinking my cock all the way in. She shuddered as her pussy tightened and she pushed back.

I pulled back and began to fuck her with long thrusts and she sighed and relaxed on the bed. She tilted her hips while her pussy began to grasp and tighten. I continued to fuck her with long thrusts and she sighed and pushed back while her pussy kept squeezing. She shuddered a couple of minutes later and I held her as I fucked her hard and deep.

She wailed and spasmed as her pussy clenched, “MASTER!”

She squirted and thrashed around as I continued to fuck her. A few minutes later I shoved all the way into her and pressed to get deeper before I began to gush and pump sperm. She screamed and jerked while her pussy worked at milking my cock, “yyyyeeeeessssss!”

I sighed when I was done and slowly pulled out before rubbing her leaking slit, “thank you Sara.”

She was panting but grinned back at me, “my pleasure master.”

Ash laughed as I gestured to my clothes, “come bathe and then get dressed.”

The stream was shallow and cold so we didn’t stay in long or play. After we got out I sent the two girls to dress and waited before walking around and to the cook tent. The cook smiled at the girls like always and had a small sweet desert for them. After dinner we took a walk to visit the men who always had a smile for the girls.

I woke to a disturbance and slipped out of bed. I gestured and clothes flew towards me and wrapped around me as I walked out. I found Samuel collapsed in Jason’s open tent with dozens of cuts and bruises. It looked like he had been beaten and I glanced at the healer trying to work on him.

I sighed and touched the healer’s shoulder and whispered. He glanced at me and then began to chant. A moment and the cuts closed while the bruises vanished. The healer straightened and I removed my hand. Samuel sat up and shuddered, “the city is crazy.”

He looked at Jason, “we left our weapons like you said. We walked in an open gate and headed towards the marketplace. Dillon stopped to buy a sausage roll and the next thing we knew they were attacking us. I managed to escape by going over a wall and dropping. Dillon... he didn’t make it out of the market. When I looked back from the wall they had him hanging from a pole.”

Jason growled as he stood and I looked at the other men as they joined him. I chuckled and Jason glared at me, “what is so funny mage?”

I smiled, “I would very much like to visit this town.”

I nodded and looked around, “yes I think we should pay them a visit and let them know the cost of killing one of our own.”

Jason laughed and then slapped a man, “wake the company.”

The others turned and I gestured to Samuel, “I think you are going to stay with my girls until you are recovered.”

He grinned as he was helped to his feet, “that might take awhile if they become amorous.”

I turned and gestured and he began to float after me, “they are always amorous.”

He laughed, “I know.”

The girls were up when I got to the tent and gestured, “dress. We are going to sack a city and kill a lot of men.”

They looked at me and Sara moved to Samuel, “you are all bloody.”

I cleared my throat and she nodded, “dress and pack and then tend him.”

Ash grinned as she dressed, “can I ride on his lap master?”

I shook my head as Sara giggled, “horny girl.”

Thirty minutes and we were saddled and riding out. The sun was just rising as we rode across fields. I think the watchers in the towers were asleep because no alarm was sounded. I glanced back at Samuel, “ready to play soldier?”

He grinned as he rode forward, “yes.”

I looked at Sara and Ash, “stay back with the cook.”

They nodded as I rode forward after Samuel. We reached the gate and I dropped off my horse and walked to it. I put my hand on the gate and murmured and softly chanted before pulling my hand back. The gate shifted and began glowing red and suddenly vanished as it turned to ash. I walked to the side as the company charged through with swords drawn.

I swung up into my saddle and fell in with the others and rode into the city. When I rode into the marketplace I saw our man Dillon being cut down from the pole. The men were spreading out as I slipped out of the saddle. I walked towards a rich shop with the sign for a money changer.

I gestured and chanted and the door burst in. There was a standing chest in one corner and a man stood up with a crossbow. He fired straight at me and the bolt stopped in front of me and burst into flame before turning to ash. I gestured and he screamed as his own dagger came out and plunged into his stomach.

I crossed the room to the standing chest. I murmured as I touched the chest and the front groaned before turning to rust. I gestured as I turned and walked out. I headed towards the large buildings in the center of the city and the bags of coins from the chest floated after me. My horse appeared to walk with me as I entered the central square.

A dozen men were trying to break down the door into the largest manor and I crossed the square, “excuse me.”

They grinned and bowed as they stepped back and I gestured. The thick door bulged and then shattered and the men rushed in. I glanced around the square and waited, it was awhile before all the people in the city were herded into it. I saw Ash and Sara with the cook looking grim and moved around to join them.

Ash hissed and I followed her look to a blonde haired girl with a slave collar. A women kept shoving her in front of them and I growled as I gestured. The slave stumbled and pushed through the crowd until she was in front of me and I smiled, “would you like to come with us?”

She looked very frightened and wouldn’t look up. The women that had been pushing her stomped out, “that is my slave!”

I gestured and she stiffened, “and now you are mine.”

She screamed and tried to twist away. I smiled as the people around her murmured, “did you think there would be no one to revenge the murder of our man?”

I looked at the crowd, “when we leave, this city will be nothing but ash and sand.”

They began begging and pleading and women started to weep. Jason finally stomped out of a street and yelled, the crowd quieted as he stood waiting. Once it was quiet he growled, “we will return if we ever hear of another stranger being killed in this city. If we do, only bodies will be left behind.”

He glanced at me, “can you remove the walls?”

I smiled and bowed, “only the walls?”

He sighed, “as much as I would like to rip everything apart not everyone killed our man. Destroy the walls.”

I glanced at the slave as Ash bent to help her up behind her. I nodded and turned to climb into my saddle. I looked at the crowd again before I turned my horse and started it moving, “come along Ash.”

She and Sara followed as I left ahead of the company. I slowed at the empty gateway and moved closer to one side. I began to chant as I reached out to lay a hand on the wall. When I lifted my hand sand began falling from where it had been. I rode out and into a field before turning to watch the city.

The wall shifted as the spell spread and it changed to sand and collapsed. I looked at Ash and Sara who were quiet and then at the horses and frowned, “where did the other horses come from?”

Ash grinned as Sara giggled, “we found them in a stable.”

The four new horses were a solid back with glossy manes and fancy saddles. I turned to watch as the company emerged with their arms full and with extra bundles on their horses. Jason had a large chest on his horse as he led it towards us. I looked at the girl on the horse behind Ash, “what is your name?”

She looked down and almost whispered, “Nancy master.”

I glanced at Ash as she turned to look over her shoulder, “don’t worry we have a lot of fun.”

Jason headed north and I wasn’t surprised when we stopped beside the same stream as before. I swung down and began unsaddling the horses. Ash and Sara started setting up the tent with the new girl Nancy helping. I made another pack and enchanted it before putting all the bags of coins in it.

The company was quiet as they made camp. I grew tall grass for the horses and walked into the tent as the horses began to eat. Ash was on the bed with Sara but Nancy was standing beside it. I walked to her and reached out to touch her collar. It shattered at my touch and I quietly undressed her as her tears started to fall.

I glanced at Ash, “the green bolt of silk?”

She grinned, “in the blue pack.”

I murmured and the pack opened and the bolt of cloth floated out and to me. I gestured to Nancy and the silk split off the bolt and a nice green gown fitting itself onto her. She had stopped crying as she looked with wide eyes. I gestured to Ash and Sara, “lets go see Jason and wait for the cook to make dinner.”

They moved off the bed to get dressed before they each took one of Nancy’s hands. When we walked into his pavilion he was speaking with Samuel. I cleared my throat and he looked at me and grinned, “we did very well in the city. As much as I wanted to raze it, I think this is better.”

I nodded as Samuel grinned, “everyone got something and we didn’t have that much of a fight. Best of all, we avenged Dillon.”

We talked for a little while until the cook rang the dinner bell. After dinner we headed back to the tent and I pulled Nancy to me beside the bed. I undressed her and sent her dress towards their closet while pushing her into bed. Sara grinned as she was next and pressed against me for a kiss.

She turned after she was naked and climbed into bed and it was Ash’s turn. She pressed against me and kissed me, “I am very horny master.”

I smiled as I pushed her into bed, “you are always horny.”

Sara laughed as Nancy looked back and forth. I undressed and dimmed the lights as I moved onto the bed. I laid between Ash’s legs and licked through her pussy as she sighed and lifted her hips, “mmm!”

I captured her clit and sucked on it hard as she shuddered and jerked. I continued to lick her and suck on her clit before gently squeezing it with my lips. She spasmed and bucked as she tried to twist away and close her legs. I grinned as I moved up and over her while she continued to pant. I pushed into her as I kissed her and she wrapped her legs around me.

I started to fuck her with long strokes and she clung to me as I kept kissing her. Her pussy kept grasping my cock as she humped and thrust up. She moaned and sighed and then began to wail and howl. I continued to fuck her with long deep strokes as she started thrashing around and bucked, “yyyyeeeeessssss!”

I rode her and planted my cock to grind and jab slowly while her slick pussy constantly tightened. She wiggled and squirmed as she kissed me and shuddered, “aaaahhhh!”

I pulled back to fuck her firmly with deep thrusts and she lifted her legs. She spasmed while her warm slick pussy continue to squeeze and yelled as I finally shoved all the way into her and began to gush cum. She screamed and jerked when she felt the warm sperm pumping and spurting into her, “YES!”

When I finished I kept my cock buried and continued to kiss her. She sighed and sagged to the bed, “I really needed that master.”

I pulled out of her and turned to move over Nancy who was trembling. I gave her a kiss and began kissing down her body. She lifted her head to watch and shivered and shuddered when I stopped to suck on her nipple, “oh!”

I glanced at Samuel in the dim light beside the bed and smiled, “need to use one of the girls?”

He grinned, “I was hoping you wouldn’t mind.”

I turned to look at Sara, “why don’t you help him?”

She giggled as she moved off the bed and around to him. I turned back to Nancy and kissed my way down between her legs. I licked through her pussy and she shivered as her hips lifted, “oohhh!”

I wiggled my tongue on her clit as Ash began to kiss her and she shuddered and started to hump while spreading her legs. She moaned and kept lifting her hip as I continued to lick her pussy and suck on her clit. It was awhile before she cried out and twisted. I had felt her maidenhead and murmured into her pussy to remove it before I moved up.

I settled and kissed her as she panted and slowly forced my cock into her pussy. She groaned and wiggled as her pussy was stretched. I buried my cock and waited as I kept kissing her. She finally humped as her pussy tightened. I smiled and pulled back and began to fuck her slowly with long thrusts.

She shuddered as she put her arms around me and moaned, “ooohhh!”

I continued to fuck her slowly and started to grind and rub against her. A few minutes and she stiffened before jerking and thrashing around, “aaaahhh!”

Her pussy was grasping and squeezing constantly as she thrust up. I kept kissing her as I began to fuck her a little harder. Her pussy was slick and wet so my cock slipped in and out easier. She wailed a few minutes later as she struggled and began bucking, “yyyyeeeessss!”

She hugged me and kept wiggling and thrusting her pussy up. It grasped and squeezed my cock each time I pushed into her. A few minutes and she was totally incoherent as her eyes rolled up. She jerked and spasmed as I continued to fuck her and finally pushed into her and pumped thick spurts of cum.

She shuddered as her pussy clenched and began to milk the warm sperm out of my cock and into her. When I was finished I looked at her as she panted and pulled out, “she fainted.”

Ash laughed as she moved around and over her and laid between her legs. She watched her face as I glanced at Samuel still fucking Sara who was humping up and clinging to him while moaning. It was a few minutes before Nancy shuddered and opened her eyes. Ash smiled and gave her a soft kiss, “did you like it?”

Nancy blushed but nodded and Ash grinned, “me too.”

I shook my head and pulled Ash off and onto her back, “you are a horny girl.”

She grinned, “because I enjoy fucking.”

I smiled as I moved over her and gave her a kiss as I pushed into her. I looked at Nancy smiling at Ash, “want to do it again after Ash?”

She nodded, “please.”

Sara giggled as she rolled against us, “Samuel could fuck her.”

Nancy frowned but I glanced at Samuel, “gently?”

He smiled and nodded before moving off the bed and around to the other side. He sat and reached out to caress Nancy, “can I feel you first?”

She blushed but nodded and he laid beside her. All three girls got fucked several times before we slept.
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