Synopsis: Dr. Lenore brings test tube of liquid home. Her daughter Vicki thirsty drinks it out of curiosity. Vicki fucks brother (Seth) in front of Joe. Zoe joes sister watches from the doorway aroused by the action unfolding. Joe and Zoe get curious with the idea of incest. (Did no one read the Bonobo information!) Seth opens door at end of last story.

Vicki who has mind control is learning her powers throughout while also slowly feeling disconnected. She desires her family especially her older brother Seth. The transformation while in the lab is like a butterfly without the cocoon (does no one read the animal and plant info I give! Each one is in the DNA of the drug, and it is themed with each story.)

Mindy struggles to pick up the pieces as she fights to get her daughter back. Boss treats her as a slave. Time will tell what she does to fight back against MRDA.

Seth since Vicki left in an explosive fashion has been feeling depressed. His feelings change about her after seeing the love between his friend Joe and his sister.

Frank and Delia parents that work in the porn industry. They are Joe and Zoe's parents. Will play a more active roll in coming stories.

Rest of characters are extra. Possibly could come into the sexual side if this story gets deep enough.

MRDA finds out a few ways that it is Vicki. First is video camera of Mindy stealing test tube. Mindy tells them all confirmed it. Thirdly MRDA is protrayed throughout as big brother they know everything.

In the end it is two families ultimately accepting importance of family and close they are. Learning to take babysteps on the way to accepting their fate in different directions. A sci-fi incest story you can say.


Side note: Writer's block when coming up with the animal to use as well as how to write the second sex scene. That is the reason for the delay.


Golden orb web spider (Nephila komaci)
Largest web-spinning spider known.
Locations: South Africa and Madagascar.
Female are five times larger then male 12 cm long. Web going a meter in diameter.
Displaying sexual size dimorphism commonly observed in various species of spiders.
Reproduction: Males wait for a female to molt, and immediately afterwards inseminate her, breaking off their genitalia within the female, which thereby acts as a plug to prevent other males from mating with her.
Males live roughly one year after acting as a guard.
Females are polygamous and males are not.


Seth sitting in the living room watching television as the doorbell rings. He arises figuring it was either the media or a police officer outside wanting something out of him. Opening the door his jaw dropped surprised to see who it was.

Arriving at the Taylor's household the media and government had to be distracted for a few moments. Ringing the doorbell sensing someone walk over to answer heart beats faster for the door to open. As it opens her heart stops seeing her brother stand there. Naked standing there Vicki jumps forward hugging him tightly.

"Sister!" Seth speechless of the reunion with his sister.

She kisses him on the lips gently as she uses her mind to close the door. Speaking to him "brother we need to talk." He nods moving to the living room.

Sitting next to each other on the sofa Vicki starts first "the drug that I took mistakenly has given me powers brother."

"Powers?" Seth asks curious.

Lifting herself from the sofa as if she is levitating "you see I have mind control ability."

"How!?" Seth astonished.

Vicki moves down onto the sofa "meditating at the lab I was able to find order within my mind."

"I see, but what I don't get is why did you take the drug in the first place?"

She replies to his question "it read human safe I figured if it caused any issues there would be an antidote."

"But you know our mother has repeatedly told us not to drink any tube from her work" he answers.

"I know she has, I guess it would be no big deal if I tried it once" she responds "we are teenagers since when do we obey our parents."

Seth takes a deep breath before speaking again "you raped me."

"And I sense from you would want to make love to me once more" she replies moving closer to him.

"Times have changed my answer."

Moving in to kiss him on the lips she reads his mind understanding why his mind has changed. Joe and Zoe have helped him in his moment of distress. He understands the importance of sibling love. Does she though? She moves her lips from his and asks him "when I raped you I had no control over my actions brother."

"I know, since then I have realized it is better to accept such action as a... " Seth's words are stopped by his sister.

"Emotion I deeply desired that I was unaware of until that night" Vicki finishes his sentence with her own words.

Seth kisses her this time on the lips he aparts from her to say "yes sister and I share the same emotions." He sheds his clothes ready to make love with his sister.

Both naked on the sofa with Seth on top of her kissing her lips as his hands move across her body. One hand cupping her breasts as the other slips to her pussy. His mind focused on her as hers on his. Her hands wrapped around his body desiring his touch and love.

He inserts his hard cock into her tight warm womb. His ass cheeks squeeze in as he does so. Feeling her nails grow deeper into his back he pushes further in, until he could go no further sliding out. Head of his cock remained in her for only a moment. Then once more thrusting it in again and again to get in rhythm with his sister.

Bodies pressed against one another as they fuck. Her pussy allowing once more to secrete his seed in her body. Her breasts pressed below his chest. Lips locked with tongues wrestling each other. Her mind focuses on one thing ignoring all those out there seeking her. She is no fugitive, nor lab rat, but Vicki with supernatural abilities who right now wants to make love with her brother.

She pushes him up with her legs and arms wrapped around his body. Placing into his mind the idea of love for her tying the knot between both of them not as only siblings, but as well as, lovers.

Seth moves down kissing her neck sending a shiver of extasy through her body. Passion ensnares the two of them. He moves down to her breasts as she bends her upper body back. Sucking on her hard nipples makes her moan for more. Head moves forward tipping the scale to her advantage. They kiss lips once more as they fall back down onto the sofa. This time Vicki is on top of her brother.

Her ass bounces on his cock as they make love. Seth watches her move from his lips down to the neck before reaching his own nipples. Flicking her tongue over each drove him to plunge his cock faster into her womb.

She moves up sitting on his cock rolling her neck backwards feeling her own breasts. He pushes his own hands onto hers feeling the softness of her skin below his own. She moves her hands above his, so his hands were on her breasts.

"I love you sweet sister of mine!" Seth yells out.

Vicki senses someone in the room turns her head to see Joe and Zoe though dressed watching the scene unfold in front of them. She replies "brother we have guests."

He turns to see in front of him their friends "hi there."

"Seems we aren't the only siblings who love each other" Joe says to both of them.

"I guess not" Seth answers.

"Mind letting us finish here" Vicki asks.

"Only if we can watch" Zoe replies diging a hand into her pants. Joe does the same as his sister.

Vicki turns to Seth "ready big brother?"

Seth responds by continuing to fuck her. She dives down kissing him again on the lips. Tongues entwined feeling the moment heat up between both of them.

Joe and Zoe masturbate openly in front the two. Aroused by other sibling lovers after the sex they went through earlier. Sexual aroma engulfs the room.

Seth's balls tighten up feeling the time coming. He wraps his hands on top of her ass. He refuses to let go with each push moving closer to his climax.

Vicki knowing from his mind he would be shooting his seed in her once more. This time it would be consensual. Her own body feels an orgasm coming also. She shoots the idea in her mind as it goes down her body. She feels it flowing through her. Rising from his lips she sits up screaming "Oh...fucking God brother I'm coming!!!"

He hears her moan wanting the same pushing his cock to it's limit. He shoots his load into her "I'm coming sister!"

She collapses onto his body turning to the Taylor siblings. Joe and Zoe both have large wet spots on there pants as they too relieve their sexual tension. "Enjoy the show?" Vicki asks with a wicked grin on her face.

"We need to swap partners" Zoe says licking her own pussy juices.

"Agreed" Joe seconds it.

"I have no problem" Vicki says turning to her brother "do you?" Seth nods in agreement.

The four come to an agreement knowing there were a few obstacles in there way to be fully free.

An hour passes with all four dressed and cleaned up of the active taboo sex going on earlier. Frank, Delia, and Mindy arrive for supper surprised by the occurrence of Vicki. Vicki borrowed some clothes from her mother to look descent.

Throughout supper Mindy kept a watchful eye on her daughter and the new tricks she picked up along the way. From levitation, to reading minds, and answering all questions through supper Vicki entertained. No sexual thoughts or ideas ever done through it all.

After supper Vicki heads down to the basement to get her sleeping arrangements settled. Mindy followed soon after desiring a private conversation about MRDA. Downstairs she sees her meditating above the ground with no clothes she makes herself known "Vicki we need to talk."

Vicki opens her eyes awakening from her inner self. She places her legs down on the ground before speaking "I know we do mom."

"Can you get some clothes on dear" Mindy asks feeling uncomfortable at the sight of her nude daughter.

"Sorry mom your gonna have to get used to it" she replies "I feel far more comfortable this way." She sends brainwaves to be perfectly fine with the idea of her being naked.

Mindy ready to act like a mother and yell at her shrugs it off. She sits down on the guest bed. Vicki sits next to her. She begins the conversation about the MRDA "honey we need to talk about those people the..."

"Mom I know already" Vicki replies calmly "I read your thoughts on the matter."

"Then you understand why I can't let you do such a thing" she replies acting as the concerned parent.

"You need to relax mom" she says turning closer to her mother in an intimate way.

"I can't they are not who you think they are, and...and..." Mindy stutters at the end as her daughter kisses her not like a child, but as a lover would. Right on the lips. Moving away Vicki waits for her mother's reaction. Mindy stunned by such taboo action done by her daughter. "I...I... don't know what to say or react to such..." Again she kisses her mother on the lips.

Pulling away Vicki answers this time "you need to relax mom I can see your under a lot of pressure at work."

Mindy processes what has all happened, but she takes the plunge and kisses her daughter on the lips with more passion. Unsure if this is her freewill or her daughter implanting an idea, but she needed to release a ton of built of frustration and tension within her. Pulling away she undresses with some help by her daughter.

Vicki spreads out across the bed with legs wide open. Mindy gets on top kissing her on the lips as their bodies press against each other. A mother daughter relationship grows stronger crossing the forbidden sexual touch.

Sliding a hand down to her offsprings pussy beginning to finger it she kisses harder to give her maximum effort. Mindy's mind no longer has those negative concerns for her daughter, but faith for her to be able to conquer those after her.

Pulling away Vicki couldn't resist moaning "oh, mom I love you!" Her mother kissing her neck hearing those words only added to the fire.

Upstairs Frank opens the basement door carrying a load of laundry. Delia walks by kissing him then walks away saying to him "I'll be waiting in bed sweeting."

"Better be I've been holding out all week!" He yells as he walks on downstairs unaware of the scene down below. As he grows closer he hears moaning thinking something wrong is going on. He drops the load at the laundry machines before going to see why Vicki is making those noises in the guest bedroom. Taking a quick peek in the doorway his jaw drops.

Mindy is eating her daughters pussy on the bed. She has her white ass staring right at Frank as she rubs her pussy lips gently. Vicki spreads her legs out and up in the air moaning looking in a state of pleasure. Back is arched with her head on the pillow.

"Ooohhhhhhh!!! Yes mother!!!" Vicki screams with her eyes rolled back. She senses Frank watching and inserts a message telekinesis to him. She wants to see the size of his cock with her own eyes. Moving her head up she sees him unzip revealing a semi-hard cock pop out of his pants.

Losing his mind at the site of a forbidden taboo between mother and daughter releases his big black cock. He looks into the eyes of Vicki staring at him with headlights on full blast. He was caught with pure lust driving him as he rubs his cock to full staff.

Staring at the size she needed him in her right away, but knew it wouldn't be right. Not with her mother still coping with the information she has recieved in the past few hours of her daughter's appearance. Instead she gives him a better directon. Frank leaves heading upstairs to fuck his wife.

Once he left Vicki pulled her mother up and kissed her on lips savoring the taste of her own pussy and her mother's lips. She pulls away grinning seductively as she says "let's trib mom."

They move into hugging one another. Legs embrace around each other as their pussies connect. They begin their tribbing session. Pussies grind and bump one another speeding up as they get into a rhythm.

Moaning in her daughters ear "yes, yes uh...huh...harder for mommy!"

Speed picks up as they continue locked in a passionate love between family. Vicki feeling herself orgasm gives out moans of pleasure as she convulses in her mother's arms. They release collapsing on opposite sides of the bed. Vicki controlling her breathing looks to her worn out mother asking "sixty-nine mother?" Mindy nods as s she sees her daughter's ass land on her face.

They would be going through the motions throughout the night exploring every inch of each others bodies. Upstairs things were changing quickly in the household for the better.

Frank enjoys an eventful session with his wife sensing activity by the kids during the session behind the door. After the unusual scene downstairs he realized the time was right to talk to the kids about the birds and the bees. Once the sex with his wife Delia is over he pops the question to her.

"Now the funny thing was about that question Frank dear is that I had that same idea midway through supper" Delia replies looking at him.

"And?" Frank asks.

"I'll talk to Joe and you will talk to Zoe" she responds "Zoe is already taking the pill what she doesn't know is what it takes to finding that special someone."

"Tomorrow morning I've got a meeting, but it is a school institution so they'll be home all day" Frank continues "I'll be home afternoon with finance guys in the morning."

"I'll talk to Joe in the morning then."

Frank turns the light off "good night sweeting."

Delia kisses him "good night honey."



Part 6 complete. Questions? Comments? Feedback? or if you have interest in editing and proofreading P.M me always appreciated! Stay tuned for future stories. Any further ideas readers? Positive or negative allowed. Off subject comments are not allowed.

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