I finished my school project and sat back to look at my mom when she stopped in the doorway, “still doing homework Scott?”

I smiled, mom was a stunning red head with a killer body, “just finished.”

She turned and glanced at me, “come watch a show with me.”

I stood and followed her to the living room and sat beside her. She leaned against me and put her head on my shoulder. It was a little while before I glanced over and then down to see her blouse open and most of one breast showing. It was perfect and I didn’t want to look away and when she shifted I saw her nipple.

Mom giggled and I looked into her face and she caressed mine, “going to dirty another hand towel?”

I grinned, “I wish I had a girlfriend to be my fuck buddy but we are out in the middle of nowhere now.”

She laughed and bumped my shoulder, for the rest of the show she kept looking at me. I stood and stretched after it ended and started shutting everything off. Mom had slipped away as I shut the lights off and went to brush teeth. I slipped under the sheet and thought about my mother’s perfect breast.

I knew my father and mother barely or never had sex anymore and it was a shame. They even had separate bedrooms. I looked at the door as mom came in and closed the door before locking it. She walked to the bed and let her robe drop before slipping in. She snuggled against me and rubbed my chest as I felt her breasts on my arm, “want to be my fuck buddy baby?”

I grinned and turned her onto her back and moved half over her, “if you will be mine.”

She grinned and kissed me and pulled me all the way onto her, “as long as you want.”

I settled between her legs and hesitantly humped and pushed into her tight pussy. Mom lifted her legs and wrapped them around my hips, “nice and deep honey.”

I groaned as I pushed all the way into her before I pulled back and started to fuck her. I used deep thrusts and planted my cock each time to feel her pussy tightening and squeezing. She smiled and shuddered before kissing me and pulling on me with her feet. I went back to fucking her but it was only a few minutes before I groaned and tried to hold back.

Mom laughed and hugged me as her pussy squeezed, “cum in me honey.”

I shivered and humped before starting to pee cum and then gush huge spurts against and through her cervix. She jerked and clung to me as warm sperm just seemed to kept pumping into her, “mmmm!”

When I was done I took a breath and pulled out to lay beside her, “can I do it from behind?”

She laughed and kissed me before turning onto her side and pushing her butt back. I positioned my cock and pushed back into her now slimy pussy. I thrust all the way into her and then reached around to cup her breast and kiss her bare shoulder, “I love you mom.”

She pushed back as her pussy clenched, “I love you to honey.”

I fucked her slowly and loved every second. It was very late when we went to sleep and I held her almost afraid she would leave. I woke when mom pulled away and held her. She grinned and kissed me, “bathroom baby.”

I let her go and stretched before getting up to shower and get dressed. I kissed mom in the kitchen before leaving to catch the bus to school. Somehow the world just seem to be better. When I got home my father was just leaving. Mom was working in her herb garden and stopped when she saw me.

I was horny and hoped she would want to fool around. I changed and waited but she didn’t come to my room so I went looking for her. She was sipping tea on the porch and smiled, “hey honey.”

I sat in the other chair, “dad’s gone and I was hoping...”

She grinned, “I was thinking about what you said.”

I frowned, “what did I say?”

She took my hand, “about wishing you had a girlfriend to be your fuck buddy.”

I squeezed her hand, “I thought you...”

Mom grinned, “I hope so baby but I was thinking of someone closer to your age.”

I looked at her, “but...”

She looked at the road as a car stopped and a girl got out with a small suitcase. She grinned and stood, “I want you to meet Ria. Her mother is from Spain and she has a few brothers and sisters. Her mom is willing to let her have sex. She is fourteen and her mother is an old friend.”

I stood with her as the girl walked up and mom smiled, “hello Ria. I was thinking we could have tea and talk.”

Mom kissed my cheek, “see you in a little while.”

I watched her lead the girl inside and sighed as I decided to do my chores. I was doing the laundry when I heard them giggling. I peeked out and blinked when I saw them naked with mom licking Ria’s pussy on the couch. My cock was hard as I pulled back to start the washer. I turned a minute later and mom was pulling me out and after her to my room.

Ria was laying on my bed and mom turned me and kissed me hard, “fuck us baby.”

She began to undress me while I cupped her beautiful breasts. She grinned and turned to push me towards the bed, “Ria really needs it.”

I looked at her and then at Ria who was panting and shivering while she rubbed her pussy. I grinned and kissed mom and whispered, “thanks.”

She grinned and let me go and I moved over as Ria twisted onto her stomach. She spread her legs and I moved between them. I slowly pushed into her and she tilted her hips and groaned, “ooohhh!”

I waited until she tilted her hips and pushed back as her pussy tightened. I pulled back and started to fuck her with long deep strokes. It wasn’t long before she was kicking the bed as her pussy constantly clenched and squeezed my cock. She writhed around and jerked erratically as she wailed, “fffuuuccckkk!”

I fucked her hard for a couple of minutes and she wet me as she howled and thrashed while bucking, “yyyeeeeessssss!”

I began fucking her with deep thrusts and kept pushing all the way into her and pushing. It took a few minutes before I buried my cock and grunted at the geyser of cum that erupted and started pumping into her. She tilted her hips as her pussy squeezed, “mmmm!”

When I stopped I pulled out and rolled onto my back, “thank you Ria.”

She giggled as she turned her head to watch as mom straddled me, “my turn?”

I grinned as I reached up to cup her breasts, “please?”

She grinned and lifted to slowly push back and down. My slimy cock pushed up into her and she sighed and wiggled, “you have a wonderful cock baby.”

I rubbed and then tugged on her nipples, “that’s because it wants to sperm you and get you pregnant.”

Ria laughed as mom giggled, “it can sure try honey.”

She started rocking and twisting and rolling her hips as I humped and thrust up to push into her. I loved her velvety pussy and the way it grasped and squeezed my cock. I smiled as mom shuddered and jerked and her eyes rolled up, “aaaahhhh!”

I pulled her down and shifted until she was under me and began to fuck her. She hugged me as she wrapped her legs around my waist. I continued to fuck her steadily and enjoyed her warm velvety pussy around my cock. It wasn’t long before she began to jerk and spasm as she writhed around, “baby!”

Her pussy became slicker as she started to buck and writhe around while clutching me. I loved her grasping pussy and fucked her hard and deep as I tried to cum. She was constantly thrashing and jerking as her pussy grasped and squeezed while I fucked her. It was a little while before I buried my cock and kissed her while I began to spurt cum.

Mom jerked and shook as I kept pumping spurts into her. When I stopped she sighed and grinned as she pulled my face to her for another kiss. I pulled out and moved to the side and she looked at Ria, “well?”

They grinned and Ria pushed against me, “I’ll be his fuck buddy.”

I grinned as I pulled her onto me and she sat up to rub her pussy on my slimy cock. She tilted her hips when she thrust forward and then pushed down and back and my cock slid into her. I shivered and reached up to cup and feel her breasts as mom turned to press against me and reached between Ria’s legs.

While she fingered and rubbed her pussy, Ria started rocking and rolling her hips to fuck my cock. I fuck them each again before mom pulled us into the bathroom to wash. We helped her with dinner and then cleaned up before sitting together to watch a show Ria talked about. When dad got home he didn’t even look at us as he went to his room and closed the door.

I looked and mom and she sighed and leaned against me. I grinned as I pulled them up and turned to strip them. I undressed before pulling them out the back door and across the yard. At first they pulled back but I kept pulling until we reached the fence and I pushed mom towards the ladder up into my old tree house.

She grinned as she climbed and wiggled her butt and then I was helping Ria. I followed them up and stood with an arm around both their waists. I looked out at the fields behind our house and the small hills covered in trees. In the moonlight it was very pretty and they leaning against me as we looked.

I undid the ties and put the mattress I had gotten for when I slept out here on the floor of the tree house. It had a cover on it and I opened a plastic container to pull out the thick quilt. Mom grinned as she laid down with Ria and I covered us. I held them as they put their heads on my shoulders.

It was a little while before Ria started talking and we listened. When she stopped I talked and then it was mom’s turn. When they fell asleep I continued to hold them and finally slept. I woke to dad slamming the front door as he left and looked at mom. She smiled, “he knows baby. I told him if he wasn’t going to fuck me I would let you.”

I shifted and turned to move over her and she smiled as she spread her legs and let me push into her. I kissed her and began to fuck her slowly with long thrusts. Her pussy was very warm, almost hot as it grasped and squeezed my cock. I continued to fuck her with deep thrusts and started to hump and push as if to get deeper.

She was shuddering and spasming while her pussy rippled and kept contracting. She bucked and writhed around as I pushed into her and buried my cock. I held her tight and kissed her as I gushed and peed cum into her. Mom jerked as her pussy milked the cum out of my cock until I was finished.

I sighed as she rubbed my back and I reluctantly pulled out, “thanks mom.”

She giggled, “that’s what I’m for baby.”

I laid between her and Ria and turned to give Ria a kiss, “morning.”

She grinned, “that was a nice morning fuck.”

I grinned back, “I’ll give you one tomorrow.”

Mom laughed as she got up, “lets put everything away and go in the house.”

They didn’t hurry or try to hide themselves as we walked to the backdoor. I followed them to the bathroom and grinned as I watched them pee and let them watch me. We showered together and then I had to dress to do chores since it was Saturday. I grinned when Ria came to help me and then mom.

After I was done we helped mom in her garden after lunch. When it was time to start dinner we washed up together. Dad came home and changed before sitting at the kitchen table to watch us making dinner. He didn’t say anything at first but it made me nervous. He finally sighed, “I’m impotent Lynn. Scott can fuck you and even get you pregnant if you want.”

I looked at him as mom turned and he shrugged as he looked at the table, “sorry I was an asshole but it was embarrassing.”

She smiled, “we were never really in love Richard.”

He nodded and looked at me, “love her Scott.”

I nodded and looked at mom as Ria shifted beside her. Dad nodded to Ria, “don’t forget your beautiful girlfriend.”

Ria looked at me and grinned, “fuck buddy.”

Dad laughed, “okay.”

As soon as dinner was over Ria was pulling me after her and onto the back porch. She stripped as I grinned and undressed and sat. She straddled me and slowly sat on my cock and impaled her pussy. She sighed as she kissed me and her tight pussy squeezed. She began to rock and twist as we kissed and it wasn’t long before she was panting and breathing hard.

Her pussy was very slippery and constantly grasping my cock as she became erratic. I reached between us to rub her clit as mom stripped and sat beside us, “horny Ria?”

She groaned and shuddered while her pussy spasmed around my cock, “yeah.”

She thrust and rubbed her pussy on me as it kept grasping my cock. The feel of her warm pussy made me want to thrust up and my cock was constantly throbbing. She began to shake and twist as she wet me and shuddered hard, “oooohhhhh!”

She jerked and bounced and rolled her hips while her tight pussy spasmed. She wailed and howled and after several more minutes I held her down as I pumped strong spurts of cum up into her. She jerked while her pussy tightened and kissed me as I kept spewing cum into her. When I was done mom stood and pulled her up and then me, “tonight we use a bed.”

Ria grinned and stroked my still hard cock, “it looks like he needs more.”

Mom almost purred, “I was hoping he would.”

We grabbed our clothes and I followed mom and Ria into the house and back to my bedroom. I closed and locked the door as mom and Ria climbed into bed. I shut the light off and walked to the bed to climb on and laid beside mom as she moaned. She was on her back with her legs spread and Ria was down between her legs licking her pussy.

I grinned as I started kneading one breast and sucking on the nipple of the other. Mom shuddered and humped as she kept moaning. Her breathing became heavy as she started to shudder more and harder and finally spasmed and tried to close her legs. Ria giggled as she moved up on her other side and I moved over her.

I kissed her and lifted before pushing into her. I kept kissing her as I began to fuck her with long deep thrusts. Her slick pussy began to tighten each time I pushed into her. When I buried my cock I started to rub against her. Mom shuddered and hugged me tight as she thrust her hips up, “aaahhh!”

Ria rubbed my back as I continued to fuck mom with long strokes. She spasmed a couple of minutes later and her pussy clenched as she yelled, “fuck!”

I kissed her and fucked her hard and deep suddenly. She lifted and spread her legs, “YES!”

I kept fucking her as she convulsed and her pussy squeezed my cock. She wiggled and squirmed and bucked as she kept wailing while I fucked her. I used deep thrusts and loved the way her pussy constantly grasped and squeezed. She thrashed around and a couple of minutes later and began to convulse.

I continued to fuck her as I tried to cum and she hugged and clutched me. I finally shoved into her and kissed her as I began spewing and pumping cum. She jerked and shuddered while her pussy milked the warm sperm into her and I continued to spurt into her cervix. When I stopped she sighed and shuddered again before grinning.

I kissed her and pulled out and looked at Ria, “again?”

She was fingering her pussy and nodded as she laid back. Mom got pregnant that month and two years later she got pregnant again with Ria. I had just married Ria and we took a trip to Spain with her mother who lived with a guy my age and all her children.
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