I guess I was a prodigy, I started my own printing business when I was eight. I sold it when I was ten and started an online business and sold it two years later. It was one business after another and each one made me money, a lot of money. The last business I sold had set me up for life... a thousand times over. I had girlfriends if you want to call them that.

I had learned a hard lesson with girls and women, they will spread their legs on a whim or thought. I couldn’t even look at sex clubs anymore and forget about my parents setting an example. Dad was fucking at least two women besides my mom and she was doing three men that I knew of.

I think I had just decided to settle for an occasional fuck when I met Mrs Mim. I was at a private party with a couple of hundred people and loud music. It was just off a private beach with a large pool that I doubt saw much use. I had managed to slip a waitress a large tip to bring me tea as I sat outside by the pool.

Mostly everyone was inside or in one of the bedrooms. The party had started on the beach and moved around the pool before finally almost vanishing inside. I was staring out at the ocean when I felt someone and turned to see an older woman beside my table. I smiled and gestured to the other chair, “would you like to join me?”

She smiled as she sat and leaned back, “sitting by yourself? No girlfriend?”

I snorted, “I caught my last girlfriend in a sex club fucking two other men.”

I shifted as I realized I had spoken out loud. I cleared my throat, “it seems that women are free now and that means they don’t have to stay faithful.”

She smiled and leaned over as she held out her hand, “I’m Mrs Mim.”

I took her hand and let it go, “Kia Stephens.”

She sat back, “I’m sure there are still girls willing...”

I laughed, “I doubt it. I have seen it so much that I will never trust a woman in any relationship.”

She smiled, “so cynical? Perhaps you just need the girl or girls trained.”

I smiled as I sipped my tea, “to fuck? Stay faithful or be obedient?”

She chuckled, “perhaps all three.”

I looked at her and she smiled, “what if your... companion was used once a week by men you choose?”

I shook my head, “that is faithful?”

She grinned, “it is if you are the one letting her do it and selecting the men.”

I shrugged, “perhaps.”

I wasn’t thrilled with the idea and she waited before speaking again, “I provide gentlemen and ladies that I train.”

I looked at her and she smiled, “if you wished I could find, select and train a couple of young ladies.”

I shook my head, “it would have to be some training.”

She nodded, “it is.”

I thought about it as I sat and sipped my tea before looking at her, “young women?”

She nodded again and then smiled, “do you have a type?”

I shrugged, “I like Asians or maybe Italian.”

She looked up, “an Asian would be easy...”

She looked at me, “would you mind if I spent a couple of days with you?”

I looked at her, “your husband?”

She smiled, “died years ago and my children are grown and gone.”

I looked out at the dark ocean before sighing as I decided, “I could use company.”

The next three days were a little strange with Mrs Mim as my house guest. She watched and accompanied me everywhere and then there were the questions. When she left it was like I was missing something. I didn’t expect to see her again but six months later I was working on a pond and small waterfall I was making, that was a new business.

I looked up and straightened when I saw Mrs Mim with a teenage Asian girl and a tanned girl with white hair that looked about the same age. I smiled, “I thought you got lost.”

She smiled as she crossed the yard, “finding the right girl was easy but proper training takes time.”

I looked at the girls, “and which do you think would work for me?”

She turned, “both of them.”

She looked at me again, “you may never trust a woman Kia. Rain and Misty will be your companions in and out of bed.”

I looked at the girls, “they look...”

She grinned, “young but they know what to do.”

She sighed, “now I must get to the distastefulness.”

I smiled, “let me guess... money.”

Mrs Mim nodded, “it costs money to find and bring the girls and then train them.”

I waited and she cleared her throat, “I will guarantee they stay and are loyal. Five hundred thousand for both of them.”

I looked at the girls, “and if they don’t work out?”

She gestured to them, “I will replace them.”

I looked at the pond I was building as I shrugged and finally turned, “will you take a check?”

She nodded and a few minutes later she kissed my cheek, “I will check in from time to time.”

I looked at the girls and then at the pond and gestured, “it will be a few minutes.”

I started working as the girls set their bags down. A minute later I looked up as the Asian girl held out the rubber hose I needed. I hesitated before accepting it, before I knew how it happened they were both working with me. The Asian girl was Rain and the Italian girl was Misty which was strange.

The both seemed to enjoy what we were doing. I filled the pond and started the waterfall and watched it as everything seemed to work like it should. I glanced at the girls and stood, “Okay time to go.”

I grabbed their bags and we started carrying everything to my truck. I opened the door and let them climb in before going home. Home was a house on the side of a ridge with nothing else around for a mile. I parked and put tools away before leading the girls in while they carried their bags. I showed them to a bedroom and went to mine before stripping.

I walked into my bathroom and turned on the water and a moment later the girls were stepping into the shower with me. They smiled and Misty slipped around behind me before Rain pulled and had me kneel. They started washing my hair as I stared at Rain’s tummy and breasts. I reached out to caress her hips and she sighed and shifted to widen her stance.

I looked at her carefully trimmed pussy and smiled as I bent my head to her slit and licked. She shivered and I stood and rinsed off before they started washing my body. They both took turns feeling and stroking my cock before I pulled Rain around and into the middle. After we finished I was more than horny and Rain dried off as Misty did me.

When she was done Rain grabbed my hand and pulled me into the bedroom and to the bed. She climbed onto the edge and put her head and shoulders down while spreading her knees. I rubbed her warm pussy and smiled as I slowly pushed into her. I held her hips as I kept pushing until I was all the way in.

She shuddered and sighed and pushed back. I looked at Misty as she slipped onto the bed beside us and pulled back to start fucking Rain. She sighed again and kept pushing back as her pussy grasped and squeezed. I loved the way her tight pussy clenched around my cock and the way she kept sighing and moaning.

I continued to fuck her and knew I needed to cum soon. I fucked her hard and deep before shoving into her quickly. I held her hips as she pushed back and her pussy clenched. Suddenly I was peeing cum against and through her cervix. Rain jerked and shuddered hard, “YES!”

I kept pumping spurts and thick ropes of cum until I was done and let her go. She pulled forward as she lay down and turned to look at me, “thank you Kia, I like sex that way.”

I grinned, “so do I.”

She grinned and I looked at Misty as she scooted to the edge and lifted and spread her legs. That was an invitation and I accepted it. I moved over to feel her pussy and rub her clit and slowly pushed into her. She groaned and humped and I pushed deeper before pulling back and fucking her slowly but with long deep thrusts.

She sighed and then shivered while her tight pussy squeezed. I used one hand to rub her pussy as she kept her legs spread in the air. I kept fucking her and it wasn’t long before her humps turned to thrusts while she spasmed, “mmmm!”

I grinned at her moan and fucked her hard for a minute before going back to slow thrusts as I enjoyed her warm tight pussy. Soon her moans turned to wails as she writhed around and bucked on and off my cock. I bent over her to suck on a nipple and she howled and thrashed as her pussy clenched and she squirted, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I shuddered as her pussy squeezed and milked my cock and pulled back to fuck her firmly. I planted my cock each time and humped or pressed as I tried to get deeper. She jerked erratically and her pussy squirted and clenched around my cock almost constantly. A few minutes and I thrust all the way into her and held her tight as I unloaded another gushing geyser of cum.

She shuddered harder as I pumped warm sperm into her and when I stopped she sighed and slowly wrapped her legs around me, “mmmm!”

I smiled and bent to kiss her, “yeah.”

I pulled out and then helped the two girls off the bed. I led them out and went to start dinner and they just stepped in to help. They didn’t try to take over or wait for me to tell them what to do. After dinner they again helped me clean up and then I went to sit on the back porch. It overlooked the valley and was a magnificent view.

The girls sat on each side of me and just leaned against me as they looked out. I smiled as they sighed when the sun set and stood, “bedtime.”

They stood to follow me in to get ready for bed before slipping in. I caressed Misty’s pelvis and she smiled and I moved over her and pushed into her. I fucked them both twice more before going to sleep with them on each side of me. I woke to the alarm and Misty rolling out of bed to shut it off.

I climbed out of bed as Rain followed me. In the bathroom I watched the girls douche before pulling them into the shower. After we got out and got dressed we went to buy supplies for another job. The girls actually seemed interested and helpful. I stopped to see the owner for the last one I finished and got paid.

After that we went to a large house, they wanted three ponds, two in back and one in the front. While I started digging the two girls went to bring everything from the truck. It was strange, the two girls enjoyed working with me and I was comfortable with them helping. We finished the pond early and cleaned the area.

When we were done we went to get what was needed for the other ponds. I bought sandwiches and we sat in the park to eat. I glanced at the girls when Misty wiggled and squirmed on the edge of the bench. I grinned as I realized she was trying to rub her pussy on the very edge of the bench.

I looked around, “pull your panties down and come sit on my lap.”

She looked at me as she did what I had told her without question. When she moved in front of me I opened my pants and pulled out my cock. I lifted her skirt and helped her back and then she sat on my cock. I kept my hands under her dress and one held her hip while the other reached around to finger her clit.

She shuddered as her tight pussy grasped my cock, “thank you Kia.”

I smiled and kissed her shoulder, “keep watch Rain.”

She looked around as Misty began to thrust back and forth while I rubbed her clit. Her pussy was constantly tightening and squeezing my cock. She would moan softly and shudder each time she came and when she was erratic I helped her move back and forth. My cock was buried almost all the way in her and I was enjoying the massage it was getting.

She started rolling her hips and wiggling a few minutes later as her pussy milked my cock. She was breathing hard and shuddering and I began humping up and thrusting. It was only a few more minutes before I pulled her down to impale her pussy fully. She jerked and settled as my cock erupted in a fountain of cum.

She sighed and her pussy clenched to hold my spurting cock. When I stopped cumming she leaned back and shivered before slowly standing and letting my cock come out while dropping her skirt. She sat beside me and wiggled her panties back up. Rain leaned against me as we finished our lunch.

We went back to the house to start on one of the other ponds, this one had three small waterfalls. I dug and leveled the ground before I put the pond in and the girls started working on the edge. I was enjoying what we were doing and jerked in surprise when the old man that owned the house cleared his throat.

I sat back and he smiled, “the one in front looks good and this one is very nice.”

I glanced at what we had done and he cleared his throat, “I was thinking of a series on ponds in front of my business.”

I stood, “how many?”

He shrugged, “maybe five with Koa and Lilly pads.”

I nodded, “let me finish these and then we can look at some sketches.”

He nodded as he looked at the girls, “for girls they seem to enjoy what they are doing.”

They smiled and he chuckled before leaving. We finished around dinner time and I stopped on the way home. When we got home I sat the food on the table before heading towards the hall. The girls were stripping as they followed and while I washed my hands they peed. I waited for them to finish and wash before stripping.

I added my clothes to theirs in the hamper. After dinner we sat on the back porch again and they leaned against me until the sun set. They pulled me up and after them to the bathroom where they started the shower. I had fun feeling and washing them as they rubbed their breasts on me. When we got out and dried off I was pulled to the bedroom and my bed.

Rain went to her knees on the edge and put her head and shoulders down. I grinned as Misty climbed onto the bed and rubbed Rain’s pussy. I rolled her over and she lifted her head to look at me as I spread and lifted her legs. I knelt and licked through her pussy and she sighed and wiggled, “mmmm!”

I continued to lick her and began to nibble on her inner lips. I caught her clit and sucked before squeezing it between my lips. She gasped and shuddered while pushing her hips up, “ooohhh!”

I stood and rolled her over before lifting her hips and pushing into her tight pussy. I started to fuck her slowly with long thrusts and she began to push back and moan. Her pussy tightened and kept squeezing each time I pushed all the way into her. She pushed back and shook as I kept fucking her and a couple of minutes later she wailed into the bed and spasmed.

Her pussy tightened and clenched around my cock as I buried it and waited. Misty giggled as Rain jerked and continued to push back. I smiled and then grinned as I pushed her into the bed and moved after her as she looked over her shoulder. I laid between her legs and pushed back into her and started to fuck into her firmly.

She shuddered and tilted her hips as I kept fucking into her. She thrashed around and cried out a little later and I buried my cock and gushed spurts of cum. She shuddered and clenched her pussy as I kept spewing warm sperm into her. When I was done I sighed and slowly pulled out and laid beside her.

She turned and moved half on me and gave me a kiss, “thank you.”

Mrs Mim has checked in a few times but it has been a few years now. The girls have become part of my life. We still build ponds and fountains together and watch the sunset each evening.
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