My parents went missing when I was a baby and I went to my grandfather to live. Years later my parents were declared dead and I inherited their trust. Mostly my grandfather was okay but he was a little strange. He had a love for birds, mainly brightly colored birds. I had an aunt I met a few times and she was strange and followed me with her eyes as if hungry.

She was blonde with a stunning body. I had just turned sixteen when grandfather became sick and was taken to the hospital. He could barely speak when he told me to take care of Nikki and her daughter Kyra. That was the first I knew about my cousin Kyra. My grandfather continued to talk and told me about my aunt.

She was conceived by a woman after grandmother died. She had been sexually precocious and seduced the son of one of the servants at a young age. That had been Kyra’s father who had run off. Nikki and Kyra lived almost in isolation in what grandfather called the Aviary. My grandfather died an hour later and I was left with his attorney.

The ride in the large sedan wasn’t that long but I had a lot of time to think. The large farm we pulled into was mostly automated and had a long ridge that was at least a thousand meters long and maybe two hundred wide. I could see huge domed windows along the top as the car drove closer.

I grabbed my suitcase as I got out and watched as the car drove off. It would return tomorrow and take me or us to the funeral home. I stopped at the door and rang the bell and waited. A minute later the intercom clicked, “yes?”

I took a breath, “Its Alex. I need to speak with you aunt Nikki.”

There was silence before she answered, “is dad there?”

I bit my lip, “no.”

“come in.”

I checked and then opened the door before walking in. I was in what looked look a lobby and crossed to another set of open doors. I was looking into what looked like a huge park and just stood there staring.

“No clothes allowed in the aviary!”

I looked and stared at the naked girl that stepped out. She put her hands on her hips, “the clothes? Off.”

I set the suitcase down and started undressing while continuing to stare at the girl. She walked to me and stared at my hard cock, “you are staring.”

I reached out to feel a breast, “you’re real.”

She grinned, “touch me and I’ll touch you.”

I shook myself, “I need to speak to aunt Nikki.”

She turned and started walking, “follow me.”

I watched her hips and butt as she walked in front of me and looked up when she stopped a few minutes later. It looked like a small cobbled area with a kitchen. Aunt Nikki was cooking and glanced back before moving the pot and walking towards me as if she were stalking me. She had firm breasts and a bald pussy and pressed against me, “hi.”

I held her hips and wanted to fuck her so bad, “grandfather died.”

She looked at me, “daddy died?”

I nodded and she sniffed and clung to me. I looked at Kyra as she came close, “mom?”

Nikki turned and pulled her close as she started crying. For three days I slept mostly in the lobby and dealt with the funeral arrangements. After grandfather was buried and the estate lawyer had his say I took aunt Nikki back to her home with Kyra. I let them deal with each other as I stripped and began exploring the huge aviary.

At the back I found the large pool with the waterfall. I followed a narrow path up and around to about ten meters off the ground. It level off at a cave with a wide glass wall and a door. The path continued but I looked into the cave before going in. It was like being in a studio apartment with a couch and two cushioned chairs.

In the back corner was a large king sized bed with the sheets turned back. There was another door and I peeked in to see a bathroom with an open shower. I turned to leave and followed the path around to beside the falls where a hidden hot tub was. I grinned and stepped down and into the hot water before sitting and relaxing.

I looked up when Nikki walked up and hesitated before entering the tub. I don’t know why but I reached out and pulled her onto my lap and just held her. She leaned against me sadly and I tried to ignore her naked body. She shifted a couple of minutes later before looking at me. She smiled and stood before straddling me and slowly sitting on my cock.

She groaned and leaned against me, “you are the second boy to have his cock in me.”

I hugged her as my cock throbbed and her pussy kept grasping, “I love you Nikki.”

She kissed my cheek and then turned her head and look up as Kyra stopped beside the spa, “I found him.”

Kyra grinned as she walked into the water and sat beside us, “he going to give you another baby?”

Nikki wiggled and rubbed her pussy on me, “that would be nice.”

She kissed me and looked at her daughter, “do you want to fuck him too?”

Kyra grinned and nodded, “from behind.”

I grinned and caressed Nikki’s hips as she kept wiggling and rubbing on me, “I found your room.”

Kyra leaned her mother back and sucked on a nipple before looking at me, “which one?”

I gestured, “back down the path.”

Nikki groaned and twisted as her pussy tightened, “mmmm!”

I stood and she wrapped her legs around me as I climbed out. I hesitated before walking back down the path as Kyra walked behind me and kept rubbing my butt. She moved around me at the last minute to open the door into the room. I walked to the bed and turned and sat before I rolled. I ended up on Nikki and kissed her as I began to fuck her.

She lifted and spread her legs as I used long strokes and kept planting my cock. Her tight pussy kept grasping and she shook and shuddered constantly. She clutched me and moaned as she became wetter, “ooohhh!”

I continued to fuck her as she bucked and writhed around. It was only a couple more minutes before I thrust into her. I grunted as my cock erupted and I gushed my first load of cum in a woman. She shuddered as her pussy milked my cock, “mmmm!”

I pulled out when I was done and laid beside her, “that was so good.”

She grinned, “better then I remember.”

Kyra crawled onto me and pressed her pussy down on my cock, “fuck me?”

I looked at her mother who smiled and reached out to rub her butt. I turned and dumped her onto the bed before moving down as she spread her legs. I licked through her fuzzy pussy and sucked on her clit and she humped and shuddered. I kept it up and started to nibble and push my tongue into her tight hole.

When I covered her clit again and began sucking as I teased it with my tongue she spasmed and screamed, “aaaahhhh!”

Nikki giggled and pulled me up, “fuck her.”

I moved up and positioned my cock before forcing it into Kyra’s extremely tight pussy. I pushed and sank it deeper while she panted and put her arms around me. I kissed her and waited while her pussy grasped at my cock and she shuddered. I finally pulled back before I began to fuck her and push deeper until my cock was buried all the way in her.

She wiggled and squirmed as her pussy grasped and tightened repeatedly. I continued to fuck her and push on her cervix and it wasn’t long before she was howling and bucking. She wet me and her pussy got a lot slipperier. I fucked her firmly and began to bury my cock and grind into and against her.

She thrashed around and clutched me a few minutes later, “MOM!”

I fucked her with long, firm, deep thrusts and kept it up as she struggled under me. It was a few more minutes before I shoved into her and gushed and spewed cum against and through her cervix. She tilted her hips and her pussy tightened as I pumped and spurted until I was done. I kissed her and pulled out.

Nikki rolled me onto my back and crawled onto me, “can you stay?”

I hugged her, “the lawyer said you are my guardian.”

She grinned and looked at Kyra who sighed before turning on her side, “I want to fuck him in our room.”

Nikki grinned, “and in the woods?”

Kyra giggled, “and the pool.”

I laughed and shook Nikki, “I’m staying so we don’t have to try everywhere today.”

She gave me a kiss before moving off the bed, “come wash and then we can eat and show you around.”

We ended up changing the wet sheet on the bed too. After lunch they held my hands as we began to walk through the huge aviary on paths. They pointed out canaries and blue birds and cardinals, even several painted buntings. We swam in the pool under the waterfall before going to sit in the hot water.

When we got out it was getting dark so Nikki pulled us back to the kitchen to make dinner. After dinner we cleaned up and Kyra grinned as she pulled me to the side and around a large flower bush to see another cave blocked by a wall of glass. The room had a lived in feel as she pulled me to the wide bed while Nikki touched a panel beside the door.

The few dim lights in the aviary died and a soft yellow glow came on from a corner. I followed Kyra onto the bed and began feeling her as she laid back and sighed. It was a couple of hours before I stopped fucking the two and fell asleep holding Nikki while she held her daughter. I woke to Nikki pulling away and saw Kyra already walking towards the bathroom.

I sat up and my aunt smiled back at me, “bathroom and shower.”

My eyes were opened wide that day as I help pull a wagon through the aviary to fill bird feeders. I trimmed bushes and checked a hidden tank of water to make sure any lost was replaced. I got dressed with Nikki and Kyra to accept groceries in the lobby as well as more bags of bird food.

Kyra was the one to explain that once a year we had to catch some of the birds and release them outside. I also had to set up a new desktop computer in the room I had chosen. I had accounts to check and audit as well as my trust. There was also the new trust grandfather had left for Nikki and Kyra that I had to finish setting up for them.

It was afternoon before Kyra came to pull me out and take my hand while we walked. Beside a shaded meadow she grinned and pulled me down in the grass. She laid back as I smiled and began caressing and feeling her. She opened her legs more when I moved a hand down to feel and finger her slit.

Her pussy squeezed my finger when I slipped it into her and she shuddered and moaned. I smiled and kissed her as her breathing changed and kissed down her body. Kyra caught me and grinned as she pulled me up and between her legs, “slow and deep.”

I pushed into her extremely tight pussy and began to fuck her and sink my cock deeper. It was awhile before I was pushing against her cervix and she was grunting. I kissed her and kept doing it as I humped and fucked her with deep thrusts. She shuddered and humped up as her pussy grasped and tightened, “ooohhh!”

I continued to fuck her and kiss her as her pussy became slicker and kept squeezing. She writhed and bucked while clutching me, “yyyeeessss!”

I took my time and enjoyed her pussy and a long time later I buried my cock and pushed as I spurted and pumped cum. Kyra jerked and wrapped her legs around me, “aaaahhhhh!”

I kept squirting sperm against and through her cervix as her pussy milked and squeezed my cock. When I was done I kissed her and pulled out. I laid beside her as she panted and felt her body while she smiled. She turned to kiss me, “fuck mom in the kitchen.”

I grinned, “you just want cream for desert.”

She grinned and stood to pull me up and after her. We walked back and found Nikki in the kitchen humming as she started making dinner and kept fingering her pussy. Kyra grinned at me and pushed me towards her mother. I caught Nikki when she turned and lifted her and sat her on a counter before fingering her pussy.

She shivered and used her legs to bring me close. She wrapped her legs around me and came off the counter slowly as my cock sank into her. I held her against the counter as I began to hump and thrust into her and her pussy started grasping and squeezing. She leaned back as I fucked her with longer thrusts and used one hand to rub and finger her.

It didn’t take long for her to shudder while her pussy tightened, “oooohhhh!”

Kyra giggled as she moved around us to finish making dinner. Nikki dropped all the way onto me so she was completely impaled. Her pussy clenched and she wet me as she howled, “fffuuuuccccckkkkkk!”

I turned and walked to the table and sat her down before laying her back. I went back to fingering her pussy as I pulled back and began to fuck her with deep strokes. She humped and wiggled while her pussy constantly squeezed my cock. She shuddered hard and began to wail and scream as I kept fucking her long, hard and deep.

It was awhile before I was ready to cum. Nikki was jerking and spasming while her warm pussy tightened. I pushed into her and pressed to get deeper as I bent to kiss her and began to spew cum. She clutched me while her pussy clenched, “mmmm!”

I pumped thick spurts into her while she humped slowly and wiggled. When I was done I sighed and gave her another kiss before standing and pulling out. I helped her up and off the table and she pressed against me, “thanks Alex.”

I caressed her hips, “anytime.”

Kyra laughed, “like after dinner and when we go to bed.”

I grinned as Nikki let me go and turned to help her daughter, “and when we wake up horny in the night.”

Kyra looked at me, “and first thing in the morning.”

I laughed and went to hug her, “okay.”

We still live mostly in the Aviary but I have gotten Nikki and Kyra out a few times. Mostly they don’t like being around people. They do enjoy the beaches in the south and the Caribbean. I have gotten Nikki pregnant a few times and Kyra twice starting when she was sixteen.
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