It started with the beginning of summer and I was sixteen. My father had just vanished a year before. It was just my mother and I on the small farm. If it wasn’t for a my grandparents I don’t know what we would have done at first. Three of mom’s school friends came to live with us. Mostly they laughed and giggled together while drinking homemade apple brandy.

I had an idea to start a hatchery and started building a large building in one corner of the field. I came into the house and found mom, Kate, Ann and Meg in the kitchen in just their tee shirts. They were already drunk and laughing about becoming whores to sell their pussy. I knew a lot of guys and the idea stuck as I helped make dinner.

I used mom’s car after dinner and went to the store. I came home and saw them in the living room and set the large bag down. I pulled Meg up and around as mom and the others turned to see what I was going to do. I bent Meg over the couch and opened my pants as she looked back. I felt her pussy and she wiggled, “like my honey pot?”

I bent my hard cock and pushed into her in a long thrust. She shuddered as her slippery cunt tightened, “ooohhh!”

I held her waist as I began to fuck her with long deep thrusts, “you four whores have at least a dozen men coming over. I bought lube and four boxes of condoms. Make sure you use the condoms or I will beat you.”

I kept fucking Meg as she jerked while her pussy continued to squeeze, “they will pay me before you take them back to your bed.”

I fucked Meg hard and buried my cock as it throbbed and then gushed huge spurts of cum. She yelled when she felt the flood of warm sperm pumping into her, “YES!”

When I was done I pulled out, “any questions?”

Mom cleared her throat, “guys are going to come out and pay you to fuck us?”

I smiled as I stood Meg up and kissed her cheek, “that was what you wanted.”

They looked at each other as I pushed Meg and turned to the bag, “you each need a bottle of lube and box of the condoms.”

Mom opened her mouth but I turned at the sound of a car, “sounds like your clients.”

They looked at each other and I sighed, “you want to fuck and be whores and these guys have money and want to fuck.”

Meg grinned as she wiped her cummy slit, “I’m in.”

They grinned and Ann laughed, “me too.”

Kate was nodding, “me three.”

They looked at mom and she finally smiled, “me four.”

I nodded and held out a bottle of lube and a box of condoms, “take these to your room and come back.”

I was opening the door and nodding to the six guys as they came in. I closed the door and went to turn on a game on the tv. Mom and her girlfriends returned and acted nervous. I kissed my mother passionately and she groaned and pressed against me. I stopped, “who wants her?”

A minute later I had four hundred dollars and they were pulled back to the bedrooms. The other two guys grinned as they sat to wait for their turn and watch the game. Others came in as the men returned and I sent a new man back to mom or one of her friends. Three hours later they were all gone and I pulled the women into my mother’s bed.

I turned Kate on the edge as I rubbed her clit and pushed into her. I began to fuck her as mom, Ann and Meg snuggled together and whispered. I used long deep thrusts while her hot pussy grasped and tightened constantly. She was very slippery as I fucked her and she began to shake and moan louder.

After checking and seeing them fucking the guys I wanted to cum. She bucked and thrashed as I fucked her and kept pressing to get deeper. It was several minutes before I buried my cock and held her. She shuddered and jerked as her pussy gripped my cock and I began spewing cum.

I pumped thick spurts into her and she humped and shuddered, “mmmm!”

When I stopped cumming I pulled out and bent to kiss her, “thanks.”

She grinned as I helped her turn and scoot over by mom. Ann giggled as she crawled towards me, “My turn to get cummy.”

I smiled as I laid her back and moved onto the bed and over her. I kissed her as I pushed into her and began to fuck her slowly with long thrusts. I was going to take my time and wasn’t in a hurry. She put her feet over my thighs as I continued to fuck her slowly with deep strokes. She sighed and shivered and humped up to meet each stroke.

Her pussy was almost hot as it grasped and kept squeezing. It was a few minutes before she bucked and shuddered hard while clutching me, “fuck!”

I continue to fuck her steadily as her pussy spasmed around my cock. She was humping harder and panting as she started to writhe around. She howled and began to jerk while her pussy became slick and clenched. I fucked her firmly with long deep thrusts and she started to convulse and wail, “yyyeeeessssss!”

I buried my throbbing cock a couple of minutes later and humped and rubbed before suddenly spurting cum through her cervix. She arched her back as her pussy tightened and gripped my cock while I kept filling her. She jerked and shook with each spurt I put into her and when I stopped she sighed and dropped to the bed.

I gave her a kiss and pulled out before moving over the other ladies and onto mom. She laid back and grinned as I settled between her legs. I kissed her and pushed into her before fucking her slowly with long strokes. She sighed as her warm pussy began to grasp my cock each time I buried it.

It was awhile before she shuddered and humped up while her pussy gripped my cock, “ooohhh!”

I buried my cock to kiss her and grind as she kept jerking. Her pussy was constantly grasping my cock and she clutched me and wailed, “JAMES!”

I hugged her before pulling back and fucking her with long deep strokes. She stiffened slowly and then howled as she thrashed around and bucked while clinging to me. Her pussy contracted and kept squeezing my cock. She started spasming and then convulsing as she screamed, “YES!”

She arched her back as I fuck her hard and deep. I finally shoved all the way into her and kissed her while pumping thick spurts of cum. She jerked with each one as it was pumped into her and against her cervix. When I was done I just held her as my hard cock continued to throb. She slowly relaxed and sighed and I grinned before pulling out.

I reached for Meg and she laughed as she lifted and spread her legs. It was another hour before we went to sleep. I was up early and showered before going to do chores. It was awhile before I walked back into the house. Mom and the others were in the kitchen drinking coffee and I stopped to give each of them a kiss.

I put the fresh eggs away and went into the milk room I had made. I poured the fresh milk into a large cold tank so I could separate the cream later. I walked back into the kitchen and washed my hands, “you have another dozen clients starting at six.”

I looked at mom and she grinned, “okay.”

The others grinned and I smiled, “let me know when the box of condoms I got each of you is half gone.”

They nodded and I headed for the door, “go douche and use an enema before you shower.”

I went back out to start working on the hatchery building and didn’t stop until it was afternoon. When I walked into the house they were watching a soap and wearing sheer night gowns. I grinned as I went to check and clean the rooms and then it was time for afternoon chores. I came in just in time for dinner and cleaned up after as they went to take hot baths.

Ann waited for me though and I grinned as she caught my hand and pulled me to her room and bed. She sat and then laid back as she spread her legs. I knelt to look at her pussy before leaning in to lick. I nibbled on her labia and covered her clit. I wiggled my tongue until she was humping and shuddering and then sucked.

She bucked and spasmed as she wailed, “fuck!”

I continued to attack her clit, sucking and teasing it with my tongue until she twisted and closed her legs. I moved onto the bed after her as she laid back and pushed into her before I started to fuck her. I used deep thrusts and humped into her each time. She lifted her hips as I sank my cock into her.

She hugged me while her pussy tightened and squeezed, “aaahhhh!”

I kept fucking her and began to rub against her each time I buried my cock. She grunted as my cock pressed against her cervix and a minute later she lifted and spread her legs as she wailed, “yyyeeesss!”

I continued to fuck her slowly with long deep strokes and she began shaking and then spasming. She clutched me and squirted as she howled and began twisting and struggling, “fffuuuccckkkk!”

I fucked her hard with deep grinding thrusts and she began to buck and thrashed around, “YES!”

Several minutes later I pushed into her and tried to get deeper before my cock erupted and I gushed cum. She convulsed while her pussy tightened and grasped my cock, “mmmm!”

She jerked with each thick spurt of cum as I pumped it into her and when I was done I gave her a kiss and pulled out. She sighed and sagged to the bed, “damn you fuck good.”

I rubbed her pussy mound, “go take a hot bath.”

She smiled as she climbed out of bed and walked out and I went to get dressed. I set the channel on the tv and just before six mom, Kate, Ann and Meg walked out. Cars pulled in and men began to arrive, it was more like two dozen guys and everyone had fun. It was midnight when I closed the door after the last one.

I shut the lights off and headed towards mom’s room where the four women were waiting. They were drinking brandy and giggling when I walked in and shut the overhead light off. I turned the dim yellow light on the night stand on before reaching for my mother. I set her glass of brandy down and felt her body before I stripped.

She smiled as she laid back with her legs spread and I finally pushed into her and bent to kiss her, “have fun?”

She grinned as her pussy tightened, “yeah.”

The other women laughed but were nodding as I stood and pulled back before I started to fuck her. I started slow with long strokes so I could feel and enjoy her pussy around my cock. She shivered as her pussy tightened and lifted her hips. I continued to fuck her with long deep strokes and she shuddered as she kept humping up to meet my thrusts.

I used my thumb and began to rub her clit and mom jerked and shook harder as her pussy clenched and gripped my cock hard, “oooohhhh!”

I fucked her hard and deep for a couple of minutes and she screamed and began to thrash around and wiggle, “fffuuucccckkkkk!”

I shoved into her and began to press and rub as I kept fingering her clit. She spasmed and bucked a couple of minutes later, “James!”

I bent to kiss her as I fucked her firmly and kept pressing to get deeper. A few minutes and she was clutching me as her pussy grasped and squeezed. I buried my cock as it throbbed and then erupted in gushing spurts of cum. Mom jerked as her pussy began milking the sperm into her, “YES!”

I continued to kiss her while pumping cum through her cervix. When I was finished I stood and pulled out before turning her on the bed. I moved around and rolled Kate onto her back after taking her brandy. I set it down and moved over and between her legs. She put her arms around me as I pushed into her hot pussy and buried my cock.

She hugged me as she lifted and wrapped her legs around me. I fucked her with short grinding jabs as her pussy clenched and kept squeezing. She shuddered and continued to lift her hips as I fucked her and Meg rubbed my back, “so how much did you make?”

I buried my cock in Kate as she shook and I looked at Meg, “we made twenty five hundred.”

I humped and started fucking Kate again, “we should make enough during the summer to last all year.”

She spasmed and began thrashing around, “fffuuucccckkkkk!”

Mom laughed, “sounds good.”

Meg nodded with Ann as I kissed Kate and pulled almost out of her before fucking her long, hard and deep. She lifted and spread her legs while her pussy became wet and tightened, “yyyeeessss!”

I continued to fuck her as she spasmed and bucked while her pussy tightened and kept grasping my cock. She twisted and thrashed around while wailing and clutching me until I buried my cock and kissed her. She jerked and her pussy clenched around my cock as I began pumping cum into her. She shuddered and moaned as we kept kissing while I spurted cum into her cervix.

When I was done she sighed and relaxed and I pulled out and moved towards Meg as she turned onto her stomach and spread her legs. I moved over her and kissed her bare shoulder before lifting and pushing all the way into her slowly. I buried my cock and pressed before I pulled back and started to fuck her.

I used long deep strokes, “I should be able to build a few hatchery buildings before summer is over.”

Meg was moaning and had tilted her hips as I fucked her slowly. Her pussy kept grasping my cock as she shivered and tried to push back. I fucked her firmly with long thrusts and she kicked the bed and howled, “fffuuucccckkkkkk!”

I kept planting my cock in her and pushing and she started to shake and jerk as her pussy tightened and clenched. She yelled and grabbed the covers as I fucked her hard with deep thrusts that pushed almost straight down into her. She twisted and screamed while squirting and her pussy spasmed around my cock.

It took me another five minutes before I buried my cock. I tried to push deeper as I began to spurt and spew and Meg was only twitching and shaking. When I was done I pulled out and rolled her over before giving her a kiss. She hugged me and grinned as I reached for Ann and they laughed.

I was right they made more than enough for the whole year and I was able to build four large buildings to start the hatchery. They also got pregnant and since I was the only one not using a condom... We still get an occasional customer but mostly I take care of the four of them. They are all pregnant once more and seem very happy being my private whores.

We have several more buildings now and the hatchery is going strong with separate incubating rooms.
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