Kevin meets the parents
Chapter 3 of the Adventures of Tina Marie who has a surprise for her neighbor.

Tina Marie: Chapter 3
Lemons or Lemonade?

Help me out here, please. Did I just get a Lemon or a fine glass of sweet Lemonade? Today is my wedding day and I am leaning more and more toward very fine Lemonade.

A former cheerleader, Tina Marie, who lived a few doors down in my apartment complex invited herself in and made me the proposition of a life time. She wanted me to let her move into my new house. We sat at my kitchen table when she told me. “I’ll do anything you want,” she whispered so quietly I almost did not hear it.

Like a fool I blurted out I wanted to fuck her mouth with its delicious hot red lips. Tina Marie smiled and headed for the couch and got a mouth full of juicy Jizz.

And that is the way I married Tina Marie on a Friday night in my apartment.

On the first night when we moved into my new house Tina received a special treatment. It was her introduction into anal and she got her ass filled with cum for the first time. She seemed to be Ok with it. I’m sure we will do it again and again.

My buddy came up with a plan to have a fake marriage ceremony just to make Tina’s parents happy. Tina and her sister Gina apparently told each other everything and they thought getting married was wonderful. I am so glad I kept the ‘fake’ part a big secret. Sister Gina came and spent the weekend and I learned a few things about her. Mainly she believes in sharing Tina’s new fiancée for her own enjoyment. So we enjoyed an afternoon fucking in my basement apartment.

The wedding will be held in our backyard this afternoon. Her sister Gina and niece Claire arrived two days ago and are staying in our basement apartment. The parents arrived yesterday and are in a nice hotel. My brother Frank also arrived yesterday and is in the same hotel.

Last night we had a nice family dinner and it seemed everyone got along very well. Gina had already bragged to her parents that I was a nice guy and my brother’s jaws hit the floor when he met Tina. I had not told him she was a stunning twenty year old hard-body. Claire hung with grandma and chattered at full speed. Grandma thought it was sweet.

The backyard had been decorated by a wedding planner in a simple design. An archway with white flowers was a nice backdrop and white chairs for the guests. A portable bar was set up and the kitchen had tons of food. One of my buddies played bartender and he had already handed out drinks before the ceremony even started. Well, you could say it was non-traditional.

One bit of tradition was that Tina’s dad walked her up the aisle and gave her away. Of course, my brother was my best man and Gina was the maid of honor. Mom started crying the minute she saw Tina in her soft flowing pale green dress with a lot of cleavage. I had to smile to myself as I saw my brother’s and the magistrate’s eyeballs glued to her boobs. The magistrate was really cool about it making it look like he was reading from his bible.

Surprisingly the whole thing lasted ten minutes and we were officially married. We signed the papers in my office and Tina gave the magistrate a big hug which he seemed to enjoy. I gave him an envelope and he handed me the only copy of our license. Meanwhile our guest made the best of the available food and drink. Tina and I joined them in the backyard and I saw my brother having a good time talking to Gina. Claire grabbed Tina and they huddled under the arch and had a girl talk.

Before the guest started to leave we posed for pictures and then said our farewells to my brother and her parents. Tina blew out a sigh of relief and said, “Oh, I’m glad that’s over. This tight dress is killing me.” I had kept my mouth shut because it may have been my imagination, but the last few days it seemed like I could see a bulge in her tummy. Gina was working hard in the kitchen cleaning up the leftover food and wine. Claire was stacking dishes into the dishwasher and I could see the wedding planner cleaning up the yard.

By nightfall everything was back to normal and we crashed in the living room. Claire probably had the best idea when she said, “Can we send for pizza delivery?” By ten p.m. I was ready to take my new bride to bed even though we had been living together for a few months. Gina told me I had to wait in my office for fifteen minutes and then Tina would be ready. When I came out of my office the house was dark and the hallway’s night light illuminated Tina standing outside of our bedroom. She was in a sexy, nearly see-through, floor length pink nightgown and her breasts pushed the material tight. Dark nipples made shadows which needed exploring. Long hair flowed over her shoulders and she had a big smile on her face as she asked, “Want to carry me across the threshold?”

When I picked her up my brain sent a signal she was probably a few pounds heavier already, some of it clearly in her growing boobs. Our bedroom was illuminated by several scented candles which was a bit overpowering. I told her, “Baby, I can’t breathe with all the candles.” I carried her to our bed and received a shock. When I stopped Gina looked up at me and said, “Happy honeymoon night.” She was under the sheet and clearly naked. I laid Tina on the bed next to her sister and went around the room blowing out the candles except one. I turned on a lamp on the other side of the room and turned it down to dim. I wanted to be able to see the two sisters in my bed.

After I stripped and climbed into bed between the two sisters, I leaned over and kissed Tina and nuzzled her exposed neck and pushed the nightgown straps down. Kissing her collarbone and sliding my lips across her shoulder, I asked, “So how long have you two vixens had this plan?” Gina whispered, “We are here to make all your fantasies come true.” As she said it her hand and bright red fingernails slid down my cock and made it jump. I could think of a whole lot of fantasies to keep us awake until morning. Turning to Gina I gave her the same treatment of sliding my lips down her neck and across her naked collarbone. She squirmed with an unexpected tickle and all three of us laughed.

I jumped back out of the bed and helped Tina out of her nightgown. When she stretched out next to Gina I looked at both of their bellies. A bulge in Tina’s was definitely visible. So I asked Gina if it looked like a baby bump to her and she stroked her hand over Tina’s belly and said, “Of course, silly man.” Gina asked me, “So tell us have you thought about a crying baby in the next room and going to classes to help her breathe?” My brain thought my cock just deflated, but I answered with caution, “I think it will hit me when we go buy baby furniture.”

Gina looked at her sister with a silent message and said, “You know she will need help right after the baby is born and I will come and spend two weeks. I can help with everything.” Her emphasis on the word everything surely promised a lot more than baby help. My new wife Tina added, “Of course it all depends on whether or not Gina thinks you deserve it.” Gina grabbed my cock and pulled me back between them.

Gina told me to listen for the baby and I put my ear on Tina’s belly but did not hear anything. Tina curled her fingers through my hair and suggested I listen a bit lower. I laughed and moved my lips lower on her belly kissing slowly down to her mons. “That’s the idea,” Tina said making it clear she wanted me to eat her pussy without a whole lot of foreplay. Something sure made her horny and I hoped it was having her sister naked in the bed with us. As I slid down and moved between her long legs, I suggested, “Gina do you think she would like you to kiss her boobs?” Gina’s face lit up like she was waiting for a starter’s gun to allow her to join in.

Gina thought back when she first wanted to try some sex play with her little sister. Tina was on the high school cheer squad wearing scandalous green cheerleader outfits. Instead of regular sports panties they wore thongs with most of their ass cheeks and pussies exposed when they kicked their legs up or were flipped into the air. It was only later she found out these were not the approved outfits and the girls only wore them for football practices when there were no spectators. Only the players saw their asses and it gave them incentive to win. Some of the cheerleaders provided “special” entertainment after the team won the game. Gina laughed because she never followed through afraid Tina would think she was a lezzy.

Gina leaned over Tina and kissed her cheek and asked, “Baby, are you Ok with it?” Tina pulled her sister’s head to her breast and said, “A good night for me to practice nursing.” Except Gina’s sweet kisses all around her breasts and gentle sucking on her upturned nipples made Tina groan in pleasure and need. Her hands were in Gina’s red hair as she pulled her from breast to breast and back up to her wanton mouth. I was so mesmerized watching the action I nearly stopped kissing and licking Tina, until she whined, “Kevin?”

Tina moaned and held her sister’s head as she realized she had a secret fantasy of trying some girl-girl action. Here she was in her own bed with her sister and her brand new husband. She giggled and said, “This is so nasty,” knowing they would get the entendre of thinking about her getting her ass fucked. Gina answered, “We’ll do the ‘nasty’ some other night.” Tina realized she was getting hot as passion seemed to spread from her pussy up to her face. She moaned and rotated her hips and wanted Kevin’s tongue deep in her pussy.

“Gina, want to help me down here,” I asked as I could feel Tina’s hips rocking harder. She was going to cum in a few minutes and I wanted Gina to taste her sister’s pussy juices. Gina looked up in surprise and I pulled her arm to get her moving. It only took a second and she was on her knees next to me with her face in Tina’s pussy. “Oh Gina, Gina,” Tina whined and crossed her legs over Gina’s back trapping her tight. I could see Gina’s tongue expertly licking the open vulva from the bottom up to her clit. She rubbed the clit over and over and I watched Tina nearly hyperventilate and thrust her butt against Gina’s face. When she came she bit her hand in a silent scream and locked her legs tight.

Wow, watching a pussy eating session from inches away was an experience to savor. My cock was rock hard and Gina stood up panting hard and said, “Fuck her hard.” I mounted Tina’s wide spread legs and entered the sopping wet tunnel to my maximum. I wanted to be gently with her, but Gina had got my juices flowing so I fucked Tina deep and steady. I saw Tina relax after her climax and she smiled at me, “Save some for Gina. We need to share.” I told her I had all night for Gina but my wife came first. It made Tina laugh and Gina slapped my ass with the words, “Bastard.” I told Gina to kneel next to me and in the last second before I shot my Jizz into Tina I pulled out and stuck my cock into Gina’s mouth. Rope after rope of Jizz shot into her and a second later Gina grabbed my balls and sucked on my cock like a vacuum.

When Gina climbed up on the bed I learned she wanted to take sharing to the next level. Her face stopped over Tina’s and she pulled her mouth open with a thumb and let my cum dribble into Tina’s mouth. She sealed it with a kiss and they French kissed for several minutes until they had swallowed all my cum and more. My cock was already twitching watching the hot action. Gina rolled off Tina and they cuddled together.

Holy cow, if this was not every guy’s dream, what is? Tina and Gina nuzzled against each other as we relaxed for a while. I lay behind Gina and admired her nice backside. From the hours in the gym, her legs are very muscular, but slender and her ass is tight. My hand massaged her ass and after a while Gina rotated around and her head was near my crotch. Her hand and lips played with my cock and I could feel her push my half hard cock deep into her mouth. I leaned up to watch and Tina said, “Kevin baby, you know Gina has to drive so far to come visit. Wouldn’t it be nice if she lived closer?”

Gina’s mouth expertly sucked my cock and Tina wants to talk about where she lives? “Em, em, em,” I moaned. Tina moved toward me and sucked my nipple and continued, “Do you think you could help her find a job here, so she could live closer?” “Ok,” I moaned some more as Gina scraped her long nails down my cock and made it get hard. I pushed my hips up against Gina’s mouth and she impaled herself on my cock ‘till her nose hit my stomach. Tina wasn’t finished and their devilish plan came to light. “If you build her an office room in the basement she could live here and help with the costs,” she added and said, “And you can have her every night.”

I shot my second load of cum into Gina’s mouth and muttered, “You sweet witches had it all set up, didn’t you?” Tina laughed and Gina nearly choked as she swallowed cum and tried to laugh also. Tina answered, “We were going to tell you this afternoon, but this is so much more fun.

This time I crawled between them and had them push their tits against me while I rested. I knew at this rate it was going to be a long night. “Both of you every night,” I asked and they smiled at me and ran their hands across my chest. “You vixens are going to kill me in three weeks,” I added and they laughed. Tina said, “We have a ten year plan.”

The next morning the girls got an early start and headed to a big mall to buy maternity dresses. “We’ll bring you a surprise,” Gina said as they left. I yelled, “Make it a blonde.” Finally almost alone in my house I headed for the master bathroom to soak in the tub and read a bit of my paperback action story. Claire was in the living room with a brunch tray reading one of her school books. As I slid into the hot water the peace and quiet after the wedding was ever so nice.

After nearly an hour I got out of the tub and stood in front of the large mirror shaving. I thought about a few things I needed to do to get ready for work the next day. Suddenly the bathroom door crashed open and Claire zoomed to the commode, pulled her tiny yellow shorts down and peed. “Sorry Kevin, I couldn’t wait any longer,” she apologized looking up at me. As I looked down at her young face with its big smile I wondered why the other two bathrooms did not work.

Claire wiped herself and closed the commode lid and sat on its soft blue cover, leaving her yellow shorts on the floor. She looked me up and down and I made no attempt to hide my cock because some child psychologist said not to act embarrassed in front of children or it would hurt their little psyche. Claire pulled her knees up and let her long legs fall open exposing her pussy slit to me. I’m sure it was just an innocent act.

Claire watched me shave and when I finished I wiped my face with a towel. She said, “Kevin can I see …,” and her eyes travel down to my cock. I turned my body toward her and let her look at my cock which was slowly rising. She giggled a bit and asked, “Is it growing?” I shook my head ‘Yes’ and her hand went to my cock and she touched it with one finger. It jumped. Claire giggled and ran an inquisitive finger over my cock head and watched it jump some more. She molded her fingers around it and tentatively pushed my skin back. Her mouth made a big “O” and her bright blue eyes watched her little hand moved up and down slowly. “Wow,” she added and looked intently at the veins and the red cock head. “I will never tell,” were the magic words out of her mouth as her hands moved faster giving me a hand-job.

I spread my legs to steady my body and stood in front of Claire as she deftly stroked my cock into hardness. Looking down at her I saw her pussy slit and imagined what it could feel like to impale her on my hard cock. Claire looked up at me and smiled as if she was having the most fun morning ever. Pre-cum leaked from my cock and Claire’s eyebrows made a question mark. “Its pre-cum,” I told her and explain it lubricates the pussy and cock. “Smear it on your hand and let it lubricate my skin,” I added. Claire followed instructions carefully, squeezing pre-cum from my cock head into her hand and smearing it all over my cock.

“Claire, use your other hand on your pussy and do the same thing,” I told her and Claire gasped as she stoked her pussy apparently for the first time. Claire had one hand on her pussy and the other one back on my cock. Her soft masturbation had me hard as a rock with my cock in her face. “Claire,” I asked, “what happens to cocks when a woman does this?” She stammered a bit and answered with a low voice, “Cum shoots out.” I told her it will happen soon and we can’t make a big mess and get it all over her yellow top. She nodded her head and I thought she had seen enough porn to know where this was going. “Claire, you have to take me in your mouth and suck all the cum out and swallow it,” I said and stroked my hands over her soft hair. She looked at my cock and then my face and I saw her make a decision. Claire’s blue eyes were on me as she pulled my cock to her mouth.

Her baby soft lips went around my cock head and she closed her mouth and I could feel her tongue against the openings on my cock. Her hand had tightened around my cock and she worked me with a steady rhythm. “I’m cuming, Claire,” I warned and told her not to pull back. My hands went into her hair holding her tight as the first stream of Jizz shot into her virgin mouth. Claire jerked against my hands but I held her steady. Her eyes were shut tight. “Claire sweetie, open your eyes,” I pleaded and when she looked up I gave her several more loads of Jizz. I could tell she swallowed and kept her lips tight around my cock head. “Breathe through your nose,” I reminded her and gave her my last shot of Jizz.

Not wanting to stop I did not pull out and Claire kept her lips hard around my cock. “Oh Claire, you are fantastic,” I told her and asked her to relax her lips a bit. Gently I pushed my cock into her mouth, held it for a bit and then pulled back part of the way. Claire looked up at me and I noticed her hand was rubbing her pussy at full speed. “Put the middle finger into your pussy while you rub,” I coached her and she moaned around my cock. I pushed my cock deeper into her mouth and she stayed locked to it while I gently face fucked her. “Just like that Claire,” I moaned as I felt her tongue on my sensitive underside. A few minutes later I was getting hard again. I wondered if Claire’s lips and jaws may be getting tired.

When I asked her if her mouth was hurting she shook her head ‘No’ and I could feel sucking pressure against my cock. Claire was sucking my cock hard as I face fucked her a second time. I was not going to last long and told her. When I said, “I’m going to cum again,” she nodded her head ‘Yes’ and pushed her mouth against me. My cock was nearly in her throat, but I did not want to pierce her throat on her first experience. Claire moaned deep in her throat as the second series of Jizz shot into her mouth. Oh my, what a fantastic cock sucker she will turn into. This time I did pull out with my cock totally spent.

I picked her up and held her against my chest and she wrapped her legs around me with her wet pussy pushing into my belly. I inhaled the sweet smell of her hair and just stood there holding her. When I carried her to my bed she asked with wide eyes, “Are you going to fuck me now?” I kissed her lips and with a smile said, “No, you have worn me out for the day. But, I am going to kiss you everywhere.” Her hands tightened around my head and her lips went to my ears. “Everywhere?” she asked and I ran one hand over her butt cheeks and answered her, “Especially there.” “Have you seen girls screaming when they have their pussy kissed?” I asked as I laid her on my bed and spread her legs wide apart. She nodded and did not say anything.

As I kneelt next to the bed and pulled her pink gapping young pussy towards me, I growled, “Be prepared to scream all morning.” My face went to her pussy and her finger clenched my hairs.

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