Tina Marie has a surprise for her neighbor (cont'd)
Chapter 2 of the Adventures of Tina Marie who has a surprise for her neighbor.

Tina Marie: Chapter 2
Lemons or Lemonade?

Help me out here, please. Did I just get a Lemon or a fine glass of sweet Lemonade?

A former cheerleader, Tina Marie, who lives a few doors down in my apartment complex invited herself in and made me the proposition of a life time. She wanted me to let her move into my new house. We sat at my kitchen table when she told me.

“I’ll do anything you want,” she whispered so quietly I almost did not hear it. Like a fool I blurted out I wanted to fuck her mouth with its delicious hot red lips. Tina Marie smiled and headed for the couch and got a mouth full of juicy Jizz.

I was not ready for her kiss and cum running into my mouth. She broke our kiss and said in a preacher’s voice, “With this kiss I marry you.” She pulled my face down again and swapped the remaining cum with me.

And that is the way I married Tina Marie on a Friday night. We spent most of Saturday in my bed working on our marriage vows doing it in every possible position. I will admit that a twenty year old hard body will leave you drained and exhausted. The fact that Tina had just discovered she was pregnant did not slow her down in the least. By mid-afternoon I told her stop before she killed me. We needed showers and food.

In the shower Tina admitted, “Kevin this was the best night of my life. That twenty minute ‘quicky’ with the old boyfriend does not count or compare. I can’t believe we did it most of the night and this morning. I wish I would have had a night like this for my birthday.” She laughed and snuggled up to me and held me tight as the warm water ran over us. Holy cow, I think we may actually develop some feelings for each other besides the sex.

After I had shaved and dressed, we headed to her apartment to let her get dressed also. After dinner at a nice restaurant, Tina gathered up some items from her apartment which she would need for Sunday and we hauled them back to my apartment. Snuggling on the couch Tina looked a bit embarrassed and told me, “Baby, I don’t think I can fuck tonight, my poor pussy really hurts.” “Ok,” I told her, “I may have something which will help.” I had to laugh and told her we old guys of age thirty plus sometimes had muscle pains also. So I slowly undressed her and admired her beautiful body and had her spread her long legs wide. Using pain cream I applied it around her pussy and gently massaged the whole area with my fingertips. Tina hummed and sipped her wine in obvious pleasure. “Oh my, I can already feel it working.”

Having her get on her hands and knees, I rubbed more medication around her pussy from behind her and massaged her butt cheeks. When my middle finger danced around her butt hole she looked back with sparkling dark eyes and said, “Oh my, I have never done that.” It made me wonder if her promise to do “anything” would hold. More pain killing medication went on her pucker and I pushed my middle finger into her back door. Tina moaned as I pushed the finger into her ass more forcefully. While I had fucked a girl in the ass before, it really was not something I was too crazy about. I was too concerned about spreading nasty fecal matter to the girl’s pussy and causing an infection.

I played with her ass until I was able to get two fingers into her easily and she gaped open for a half minute before constricting back closed. Tina let out little moans and groans and seemed Ok with her first adventure into the world of anal. I spanked her ass and told her, “Enough until you feel better and we can clean you out before we do it.” She grinned with a little puzzled look and it made me wonder if she had no clue.

Tina stood up and gave me a hard kiss and said, “Well, if you want to do that, I did promise ‘anything’ to you.” I laughed and told her maybe on our first night in the new house.

Tina pushed Kevin back on the couch and crawled into his lap nestling her bare butt against the growing tent in his pants. She smiled a wicked smile as she thought she had made a good choice of which bachelor to go after. Kevin was mature and had a good personality. During the summer she got to know him as easy going and never aggressive like some of the younger studs who wanted to date her. Her ‘no dating’ rule paid off. She knew he was interested in her, but was surprised when he blurted out his fantasy to fuck her mouth. She leaned her head against him and whispered, “Baby, do you want to fuck Tina’s Alabama mouth?” The twitching of his cock was her answer and she giggled.

Grabbing my hand she pulled me to the bedroom and lay on the bed, but unlike the previous night she lay face down and gave me a big smile and laughed as I struggled out of my pants. By the time I was naked my cock was half hard and I moved up to her face. Tina Marie stroked me slowly a few times and pulled my cock to her mouth. In a deep Alabama drawl she moaned, “I think someone is obsessed with my mouth.” She looked up at me with a question. “I think you have the sexiest mouth I have ever seen and just want to kiss it all the time. But fucking it is my fantasy,” I said as I slowly pushed between her lips and felt her tongue running over my cock head. OMG, what a great feeling.

Knowing she could take my whole length without a problem I pushed deep into her mouth and felt my cock head push into her throat. I fucked her slowly for a while and when it felt like I was going to cum, I slowed down even more. I figure I could make the enjoyment last at least twenty minutes; maybe more. My bedroom clock proved me wrong because about fifteen minutes later Tina grabbed my cock head again and worked it hard with her tongue. When she hit the sensitive underside I exploded into her mouth giving her several ropes of hot Jizz.

Tina giggled with my cock in her mouth like a little kid with a new toy. She knew the power she had over me by letting me face fuck her hard. As I saw her swallow my Jizz she smiled, “You like?” I leaned down and kissed her and she pushed her tongue deep into my mouth. Remnants of cum hit my tongue as we wrestled and I had to know, “Do you like swapping cum? Have you done it with a girl?” Tina’s face blushed red and she shook her head ‘No’ as she said, “Never did it before last night. It was just something I had seen on porn and yesterday seemed right to try it.” Holy shit.

I told her, “It’s probably even better with the right girl.” At that moment a picture of her sister popped into my head. I could only fantasize. Tina looked up with a questioning look, but I kept my mouth shut and pulled her to me as I pulled the covers over us to rest. Yes, Tina and her older sister together is a nice fantasy. When Tina looked at me again, I said, “I watch too much porn.” She laughed and murmured, “Well, I may be able to fix that.” Her hand reached down and grabbed my cock as we fell asleep.

We spent Sunday afternoon in Tina’s apartment and she helped me look at her financial situation. I made a spreadsheet on my laptop and she was right; she could not afford the apartment with a baby on the way. Luckily, she was frugal and not in debt. Her car was from her high school days and needed some maintenance. While her job did not pay well it turned out it had excellent health insurance. I recommended she keep working there just for the health care.

“My daddy used to handle all this stuff when I lived at home, but I wanted to get out and be independent like my sister,” Tina mentioned and told me more about her family. So we laid out some plans for her to keep working and how much money she could save once we moved into the house. She would need it for the baby. Tina would keep the apartment until her lease expired in two months. I had already given notice on mine.

About two weeks later I took Tina with me to the lawyer’s office to do the final paperwork on buying my house. She was amazed at the big stack of papers I had to sign. Afterwards we went to tour the new house. She laughed as I carried her across the threshold and kissed her. “Welcome home baby,” I said and Tina had tears running down her face. “Oh Kev, I don’t know how to thank you,” she whispered and I laughed. “I think that’s what we have been doing every night,” I said and Tina reminded me she has had more fun than ever.

The house was a Ranch style with a wing going off in an L with a couple of extra bedrooms. It had been custom built for the original owner. As I told Tina about some of my ideas about furniture and decorating she listened carefully. Then it hit me as I saw her hand on her belly; most of my plans may go up in smoke because one room was going to be a nursery. “We can turn one bedroom into a nursery,” I said and Tina smiled. The huge basement had a large room built out as a recreational room with a private bath and kitchenette. I had ideas about a pool table and a man cave. Tina said, “If we put a bed in here, my sister could stay down here when she visits.” Ok, no more man cave. I nodded my head like it was the best idea I heard today. I’m sure some Chinese philosopher had some wise saying about compromise and getting a wedding noose around my neck.

It would take about two weeks to get the place painted and cleaned and furniture put in. We will stay in the apartments until then. Surprisingly everything came together and the place was move-in ready in two weeks. Moving out of the apartments was easy because we just had to move our personal stuff. All the furniture belonged to the complex.

Tina and I had discussed when to tell her parents we were living together. She had spent time on the phone with her sister and one idea was to visit them during one of the November holiday weekends. Then one of my buddies at work mentioned an even better idea. His friend, a magistrate, could do a simple wedding ceremony and for a couple of hundred bucks extra he would forget to file the paperwork. So I would be married; but I would have the only copy of the license. I could tear it up whenever I wanted. More phone calls to Tina’s sister, Gina. Long story short, we set a November wedding date. Tina’s sister would come spend a weekend before then to help Tina with the planning.

So the day we moved all our stuff out of the apartments became our first night in the new house. I had told Tina I would treat her to a fancy dinner out and she was excited like it was her birthday again. During dinner she was a bit nervous and finally asked quietly, “Do you remember what you said we would do on the first night?” I grinned and told her I was surely looking forward to it. “Gina says it hurts like a bitch,” she answered quietly. I was stunned she talked to her sister about getting her ass fucked. “Oh baby, you have to tell me what you and Gina talked about,” I laughed and Tina turned red, “Everything.”

“It will not hurt, I promise,” I told her and mentioned she had to do a few things to get ready. Then I told her what she had to do. Tina’s face paled and I asked, “Your sister did not tell you?” Tina shook her head ‘No’ and said, “I will do it.”

The lights in our bedroom were soft and a few candles flickered when I took Tina into the bathroom and gave her a first ever enema. She was on her hands and knees with her ass up high while I inserted the plastic spout tip into her and let the medicated fluids run into her ass. I could see her belly bloat a bit and then she sat on the toilet and let it run out. After the third time she drained only clear liquids. I had her get on her hands and knees on the bed and applied more pain medication to her ass and squeezed some lube deep into her tunnel.

Tina moaned more when I masturbated her ass with slow strokes. My other hand worked her pussy and clit. Her ass was a wonderful sight as her tunnel spread open and stayed open for me. The pink inner ring would squeeze my fingers and when she moaned in pleasure I made her tell me how it felt. “Oh, you are doing nasty forbidden things to me. Mamma would not approve.” I laughed and said, “So let’s not tell her. Besides, how do you know some guy did not do it to her?” Tina wiggled her ass and laughed, “Oh God, don’t put that picture in my mind.”

I moved up behind her and saw her grab the sheets and put her head on the pillow. Her white globes ass was high up and her legs spread. I pushed her ass down a bit and lined up and pushed my cock head into her anal opening. Tina gasped loudly but gave no signs of pain. “Oh Lawdy, Kevin. I’m doing a nasty,” her thick Alabama accent told me as I pushed into her a bit deeper. I held still for a bit when I hit maximum penetration and listened to Tina’s breathing. In a moment I could feel her squeezing her muscles around my cock. “I want you to play with your clit,” I said and pulled back out until my cock head was held tight by her anal ring.

Tina moaned with pleasure when I pushed back into her a few seconds later and set up a slow steady fuck. I could see her hands relax and she said, “Oh wow, its nasty but it feels good. Then one of her hands disappeared beneath her body and went to her clit. “I’m playing with my pussy,” she moaned. As her breathing tempo increased I had another question for her, “Did you and Gina play with each other?” “No, we never did,” Tina answered, “but I did just once with a girl at a girls scout camp. We were eleven, so it was just rubbing our pussies.”

She giggled because it made my cock jump. “Do you think of two girls doing it?” she asked as I pumped into her harder and faster. I answered, “Well, it looks hot on the internet porn.” I was close to cuming and she could hear me panting. “I’m going to fill your ass with Jizz, baby,” I moaned seconds before I shot load after load into her. I could feel her hands rubbing her clit hard and Tina came with a long groan, “Oh Lawdy, I’m cuming also.” We crashed to the bed and I rolled us on our sides with my cock in her ass for a few more minutes.

“It felt good and did not hurt,” she murmured a few minutes later as she pulled a blanket over us. Tina thought about what her sister Gina would say when she tells her about her first anal. She could not believe the past couple of weeks. Getting a new house and getting fucked every night and now a new experience; life was good for Tina. She knocked on the bedpost, “Hope it stays that way.”

Gina came to visit the first weekend in November. Little Claire jumped into my arms and gave me a big hug, “Can I call you Uncle, now?” she asked and I told her she can if she wants to. “I want to, I want to,” she yelled. Sister Gina gave me a brotherly hug, but being taller than Tina her breast rubbed my front enticingly. I know I blushed realizing she knew all of our intimate details and most likely Tina had told her every detail about getting ass fucked.

Tina had worked hard preparing the basement room. It had the feel of a separate apartment. The corner with the bed had curtains on the wall making one think there were windows behind it. The kitchenette was hidden behind a folding wall with Chinese art on it. A cluster of comfortable chairs and a couch made an entertainment area. Claire squealed, “Oh, we have our own apartment down here.” Gina told her sister she was really impressed as I dropped their bags by the bed. I left the girls to catch up and talk.

That evening we had a cook-out in the backyard and the adults talked while Claire watched movies in the living room. Tina and Gina agreed the marriage ceremony would make their parents happy. Of course, I kept the part about having the only copy of the license a secret. The guest list would also include my brother who lived in another state. I made the girls promise not to come up with any plans or surprises without my approval and we kicked around some ideas about decorating the back yard.

At breakfast the next morning Tina mentioned she would take Claire to the mall for some shopping and a kid’s movie. Gina was going to sleep and try to rest after a hard week at work. I told them it would work for me because I things to do in my office and it would be quiet for Gina. About an half-hour after Tina left my cell phone rang and it was Gina. “Kevin, do you have anything to mix me a drink? I need something to relax me so I can sleep,” she asked. I told her I would bring something down to the basement.

When Gina arrived yesterday she was a flaming redhead and her hair had grown an inch or two, now hanging down below her collar. When I got to the basement, Gina was sitting on the couch in a red bra and panty outfit. Ok, I had seen her at the pool in a bikini, but the sudden appearance of her half naked was a surprise except my cock twitched in my pants. I tried to be cool about it and set her drink on the coffee table. “See if you like it,” I said as I let my eyes roam across her body. She patted the couch next to her and told me to sit, “We have to talk.” I sat next to her and tried looking at her eyes while her boobs pointing at me inches away. It wasn’t working. Gina giggled and said, “You know she tells me everything and I want to know what your plans are?”

I took a deep breath and told her that I had liked Tina from the first time I met her and how she managed to always be friendly and manage the louts lying around the pool. Since I was a decade older then her I never thought about hitting on her. I added, “And when I met you and Claire, I liked you too.” Gina smiled and ran a finger across my cheek and said, “That’s a good boy.” She leaned toward me and kissed my cheek and added huskily, “If you don’t hurt her, I will be a very, very good sister-in-law.” Her hand ran up my thigh and the meaning seemed clear.

I leaned back on the couch and put one arm behind her and she came into my arms and we kissed hard. “You believe in sharing?” I asked with a grin and Gina nodded and said, “I will do anything.” Holy shit; Tina’s exact words. I answered, “You know my fantasy?” Gina laughed, “Which one, do you want to fuck my mouth or do both sisters together? I grinned and told her both of those since she seems to know everything anyway. Gina stood up, downed her drink and walked to the bed. As she stripped off her panties, she said, “First you have to do what Gina wants.”

Gina stacked up a few pillow and leaned against them spreading her knees wide apart. Her clean shaved pussy winked at me and she reached between her legs and pulled her outer lips open. Pink moist inner pussy was visible with ridges and a dark tunnel on the bottom. Her clit was still hidden. “Gina wants you to make her cum before you fuck her face,” she moaned as I knelt down before her and kissed her nicely tanned, tight belly. I said, “Gina must spend a lot of time working out.” She laughed and answered, “Gina does not have a boyfriend to exercise with. So yea, she spends a lot of time at the gym to work off her frustrations.”

While I wondered how long it had been since Gina had a nice fuck, I kissed her belly and mons and her thighs. Gina moaned a bit and spread her legs wider. Her skin was slightly darker around her pussy and almost gave it a tanned look; but the white stripe showed she tanned with a thong. Moistening a finger I traced it around her outer lips and tickled her pussy before doing the same with my tongue. I figured I would try being slow and gently and if Gina wanted it harder she would give me a clue. Gina moaned harder as my tongue stroked into her deeper and deeper. “Yes, do me easy like that,” she murmured, “I don’t like it rough.”

Ten minutes later I was still gently licking and teasing Gina’s pussy with every skill I had and her hips and pelvic thrust against my tongue in a satisfied motion. Gina seemed to be both enjoying having her pussy eaten and nearing her climax without going over the top. “Oh God, do it hard now,” she moaned and pulled my face and tongue up to her clit. Sucking her clit between my lips I pulled on the hard nubbin and massaged it with my tongue. Gina clamped her legs around my head and came with a yelp. Pussy juices flowed down my chin and left a wet spot on the bed.

Her hips vibrated for minutes while she held be in a vice grip with her legs until she finally fell back on the pillows with a big sigh and a big grin. I slid up next to her and she put her arms around my head and whispered, “Oh God, you are even better than Tina has told me. I should have grabbed you during the summer when Claire kept treating you like a long, lost Daddy.” I laughed as I remember Claire splashing me in the pool. Gina and I cuddled for a little bit until she said, “Do you want to fuck my face or pussy?” I put my face to her ear and whispered, “How about both?” “Why not,” was her best answer yet.

Rearranging the pillows I had Gina lay face down with her chest on the stack of pillows after I took her bra off and kissed her full breasts. It put her face at the right height as I kneelt on the bed in front of her. I put my fingers into her red hair and pulled her to my pulsing cock. Gina looked up at me with a smile and closed her lips until my cock pushed against them. She stuck her tongue out and let it run down my cock’s sensitive underside. It made me jump and moan. Yea, Gina was probably very experienced in cock sucking. She smiled again and opened her lips just a little bit for my cock head to push against.

I pushed against her a few times and she pulled back and laughed, “Think about tight pussy.” Then she opened her lips a bit more and let my cock head intrude. Her teeth clamped down behind my cock head and she held me hard. Her tongue punished my cock with hard licks and she had me groaning in ecstasy in a few minutes. Finally she relented and released her teeth from around me and let me push deep into her mouth.

She had teased me enough and I fucked her harder than Tina. Gina took it like a starving animal engulfing me and sucking hard. Her hands held on to her upturned ankles. The harder I deep throated her the more she seemed to like it. She had me spewing cum in a just a few minutes. “The bitch got me off like a high school kid,” I laughed to myself as I held her head tight to my groin and let my cock pulse in her throat. When I pulled out of her Gina had the good sense not to laugh. She smiled and said, “Wow, I can’t believe I did that.” I laughed also, “I can’t believe we did that either.” Gina moved the pillows around and made room for me. She pulled a blanket over us and said, “When you are rested, you can fuck my pussy.”

So I did. After resting about twenty minutes, Gina got her wished for fuck; but I did it on my own pace lasting a long time and ending with ropes of Jizz spurting deep into her unused pussy. Gina nearly cried with joy. I thought, “Now tell that to your little sister.” We cuddled for a few minutes and when I looked at Gina’s face she was fast asleep with a smile on her face.

Later that afternoon when Tina and Claire came back from the mall, Claire crawled into my lap and told me all about the funny cartoon monsters who were going to a university. Tina said even she enjoyed the kids movie. Instead of another cook-out I took everyone to a buffet dinner and let them pick and choose whatever they liked. I learned Claire likes seafood when she loaded a ton of shrimp on her plate.

We spent the evening talking in the living room while Claire played games on the TV. Tina and Gina told me about the wedding plans and just having family and maybe a few friends attend. Everything sounded great and Tina called her folks and broke the news. I could hear her mother’s screams of joy from clear across the room. We celebrated making her folks happy with a glass of wine.

Gina told us she had decided to drive back home the next morning so that Claire would have most of a day to prepare for school. She told Claire to go ahead and get ready for bed. Tina had stepped into the kitchen and Gina gave me a hug and whispered, “I can’t wait for the wedding night.” Her tits rubbed against my chest and one of her hands gave the front of my pants a grope. As I stood there dumbfounded she giggled and reminded me, “I can be a very, very good sister.”

She headed for the kitchen with a laugh.

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