I loaded the canned and dry goods into the hitch rack behind the jeep as I kept looking at the two girls. Old Jacob had been red faced when he told me their parents had just abandoned them with him, the two were his granddaughters. You would never know it since they acted like horny nymphomaniacs.

When I first saw them Riley was behind Molly and licking her pussy. They saw me but didn’t stop what they were doing. Jacob said they were constantly fingering each other. I turned and whistled for Petal and Ginger and they trotted to me and leaped up and scrambled into the backseat. I started to walk around and climb in and Jacob came out and cleared his throat.

The two girls were with him and I glanced at them and him, “yeah?”

His face was red, “take the girls with you.”

It was my turn to blush, “all I have is the one bed in my trailer.”

He looked at the girls, “take them anyway and if you want, fuck them.”

He turned and walked towards one of the barns quickly. The two girls were grinning as they scrambled into the passenger seat together. I got in and glanced at them squeezed together on the one seat, “one of you sit in back with the other bitches.”

They grinned and Molly turned to climb into the back with the dogs. I started the jeep and headed out the gate. My wagon was in a distant field with the flock of sheep. Everyday I moved them so they wouldn’t destroy the fields. My wagon was handmade by me when I first came to work for Jacob, I only used it during the spring, summer and fall.

It was twenty feet long and eight feet wide, the sides were four feet tall from the bed. The roof rose up another four feet and had solar panels on top. It had two old style wagon wheels in front and two sets in back. It had everything I needed, a small electric stove and cupboards and a table. I had a wide bed up front for when it rained.

It had both an outer tarp between the roof and the wagon side and an inside liner for when it got cooler. It wasn’t until I started unloading that I realized the girls hadn’t brought anything but what they were wearing. I finished putting everything away as they explored and went to check the flock.

I had moved them early this morning so they were spread out now. I stopped when I saw Molly licking Riley’s pussy. I shook my head, “you two bitches take your clothes off.”

Molly looked at me and grinned as she stripped, “okay.”

I turned, “put them in the wagon beside the bed.”

I went into the wagon and started making dinner and glanced at the two naked girls when they came in to put their clothes on a side cabinet. Molly sat on the bed as her sister moved to her pussy and started licking. I covered the pot of stew to let it simmer and looked at Molly laying back with her legs spread while Riley licked her.

I opened my pants and took them off as Riley grinned. I moved towards the bed and moved her and Molly lifted her head, “hey!”

I lifted and spread her legs before bending and shoving my cock into her slimy pussy. She grunted as her cunt was stretched and my cock sank all the way into her. I held her legs as I began to fuck her with long deep thrusts. She shuddered as her tight cunt squeezed, “mmmm!”

Riley laid back with a sigh as I continued to fuck her sister with deep thrusts and kept pushing her cervix open. A few minutes later she spasmed and started bucking and howling. Her pussy contracted and she wet me as she yelled, “FUCK ME!”

I smiled as I bent over her and fucked her firmly with long deep thrusts and planted my cock each time and rubbed. It wasn’t long before she thrashed around while her pussy clenched around my cock. I kept fucking her as she bucked and struggled and finally buried my cock. She jerked and spasmed as I gushed warm cum deep inside her.

Her pussy clenched around my cock as I kept pumping and spurting while I held her. She sighed and began to relax as I finished and pulled out. I stood and turned to go back to the stove. Riley was jerking and humping as she rubbed her pussy. When the stew was ready I set out bread and we ate dinner.

I went out to check the sheep and several minutes later the girls followed me again. I looked at them as I sat and reached for Riley. I put her on her knees and moved behind her before I pushed into her tight pussy. She pushed back as her pussy clenched around my cock. I held her waist as I began to fuck her with deep thrusts.

I didn’t worry about pleasing her but she began to wiggle and shudder while moaning. It wasn’t long before she started to wail and I buried my cock, “no screaming or yelling.”

She shuddered but nodded as I pulled back and began to fuck her again. Her tight pussy kept squeezing as my cock slid in and out and she spasmed while she became wetter. She covered her mouth when she yelled or howled and I reached around to finger her clit. She jerked and spasmed hard while shoving back and forth on my cock.

I had to hold her up as I finally fucked her firmly with deep thrusts. It was awhile before I shoved into her and began pumping spurts of cum. Her pussy clenched as she shuddered and jerked while moaning. I pulled out when I was finished and stood to look at the sheep. I went to get the tarp and thick blanket before returning and laying out.

It wasn’t long before the two girls snuggled up against me. I fucked them off and on most of the night and not once did they object. I woke to Molly licking Riley and got up before dressing. I made us breakfast and after they ate I let them use the slit trench to go to the bathroom.

I started the gas for the camp shower and pulled them in to wash them and their slimy cunts. When I was done I got dressed and packed up. I hitched the jeep to the wagon and whistled for the dogs. They got the sheep up and moving and I got in the jeep to follow. The two girls ran behind the flock as the dogs moved them along to another section.

I finally stopped and whistled for the dogs to come back and let the sheep begin to browse. I set up before sitting to watch the sheep and then the girls as they played with a lamb. I turned to level the wagon with four scissor jacks and then took a walk around the large flock before returning to the wagon.

The girls were to one side licking each other again as I watched. I stripped and knelt behind Riley who was on top of Molly. I rubbed her slit and looked down into Molly’s face before sinking my cock into her sister. She groaned and wiggled her butt as I held her hips and began to fuck her with long thrusts.

I felt Molly as she continued to lick her sister and Riley started to moan. A few minutes and she was yelling and thrusting back hard while her slick pussy kept grasping my cock. I continued to fuck her with deep strokes while holding her and she began to howl while spasming. I fucked her hard and deep and started rubbing her asshole.

I fucked my thumb in and out of her ass and she jerked and twisted while her pussy clenched, “ffffuuuucccckkkk!”

After several minutes I shoved all the way into her and buried my thumb to hold her as my cock erupted and I spewed cum. She jerked and pushed back while her tight pussy milked my cock. When I stopped cumming I pulled out of her and removed my thumb before sitting back. She rolled off Molly who grinned at me as she rolled over.

She stalked towards me and pushed me back as she straddled me and positioned my cock and forced it into her. She wiggled and twisted before I reached for her hips to pull her back and forth. She shuddered while her tight pussy squeezed and grasped my cock, “mmmm!”

I reached for her breasts and began kneading them as she started to roll her hips and wiggle. Her pussy was slick and kept clenching as she began to pant. She started to become erratic and rubbed her pussy on me hard. I shook my head and pulled her down and rolled before I began to fuck her with deep thrusts.

She lifted and spread her legs as she hugged me while her tight pussy grasped my cock. I fucked her firmly and planted my cock all the way in her with each long stroke. She bucked and wiggled as I continued to fuck her, “aaaahhhh!”

Her pussy rippled and tightened around my cock as I buried it and began humping and grinding. She wrapped her legs as her pussy clenched and she shuddered almost violently, “YES!”

I fucked her hard and kissed her and held her as my balls churned. I thrust into her at the last moment but Molly seemed to know what was happening. She tilted her hips as I started to pour cum into her. She jerked and spasmed as she screamed into my mouth while her pussy milked the sperm into her.

When I was done I pulled out and moved aside, “horny little bitch.”

She smiled as her sister giggled and I stood. I spent the day walking around the flock and checking them. The girls stayed close and kept coming to hold my hand. I went into the wagon and made soup for lunch and then sat in the jeep to watch. I smiled when the girls pulled me out and Molly bent over the seat.

I rubbed her wet cummy pussy and pushed into her and fucked her with deep thrusts. I paused each time to enjoy her tight pussy as it grasp and tightened around my cock. I fucked her slowly and she sighed and wiggled and moaned. After a few minutes I fucked her hard with long thrusts that made her jerk and wail.

Several minutes later I went back to the slow strokes and she kept spasming. I finally fucked her hard and deep and buried my cock before pumping thick spurts of cum. She screamed as her tight pussy clenched and kept squeezing my cock. When I was done I waited as she shuddered and finally pulled out and helped her into the jeep.

The girls spent the afternoon playing with the dogs and exploring. When it was dinner time I found them behind the wagon licking their pussies. After we had eaten I glanced up as a few clouds closed in and sent the girls in. I pulled out the large cushioned dog bed and set it under the wagon.

It was for the dogs when the weather was bad and I didn’t sleep outside. I left the light off when I went in and found the girls in bed. It wasn’t dark yet so it was easy to see them licking each other. I shook my head as I moved onto the bed and behind Riley who was on top. I pushed into her tight pussy and held her hips as I began to fuck her.

Molly was still licking her and started to suck on her clit. She screamed and shoved back and forth as her pussy grasped my cock. I continued to use her and fuck her cummy pussy. A few minutes and she wiggled and jerked while her tight pussy clenched and she howled. I kept fucking her as she struggled and shook and she shoved on and off my cock.

I buried my cock and pressed before just holding her while her pussy worked to squeeze and tighten. She shuddered and shook while she pressed back and wiggled and I finally had to move. I held her and fucked her hard and deep and she screamed as she twisted and jerked. A few minutes and I shoved into her and pushed as my cock spewed cum.

She spasmed as her tight slimy cunt milked my cock. When I pulled out she rolled onto her back and sighed, “mmmm!”

Riley laughed as I reached for her and turned her around. It was a couple of hours before we slept and I woke to the dogs barking. I rolled over Riley and out of bed to grab the old rifle in the rack. I ignored the rain and clothes as I caught up the powerful flashlight on the way out and jumped to the ground.

I turned the light on and looked for the dogs before running towards them. They were facing a mountain lion as the sheep moved away and I stopped. I aimed and fired and it dropped before I went closer. It was jerking and convulsing as it died and I watched until it was still. I slung the rifle over my shoulder before moving to grab the animal and pull it away.

I moved around the flock after I was done and finally the sheep settled down. When I returned to the wagon I set the rifle inside and used the camp shower to wash the stink of the blood and lion off me. I climbed into the wagon and dried off before joining the two girls holding each other on the bed.

I gave them a kiss and pushed Riley back as I moved over her and pushed into her slimy pussy. She groaned and wiggled as she tilted her hips. I pulled back and began to fuck her with long deep thrusts as she clung to me. I loved her tight pussy as it constantly grasped and squeezed. It wasn’t long before she was breathing hard and thrusting up.

She clutched me and screamed a minute later, “YES!”

I kissed her as she continued to wiggle and squirm while I fucked her. She was incoherent when I buried my cock against her cervix and began spurting and spewing cum. She jerked and shoved her hips up while her pussy clenched and milked the sperm out of my cock and into her. When I was finished I sighed and pulled out while she panted.

I rubbed her messy cunt and she shuddered as Molly giggled and went down to lick her. I rubbed and tugged on her nipples as I kissed her again, “thanks Riley.”

She shivered and humped, “no problem.”

I pulled Molly up and turned them both before relaxing. I woke to a hint of dawn and moved off the bed and started the coffee. When it was ready I climbed out, the rain had stopped and it looked like it was going to be a good day. I pet the dogs as I fed them and went to walk around the flock before I started to pack up.

I whistled for the dogs after hooking up the jeep to the wagon. I tossed the dog bed into the wagon and grinned at the girl moaning and licking each other on the bed. Once I moved the flock and set up the wagon I left the dogs and returned to where I had dragged the lion. I skinned it and rolled up the hide before walking back.

I grinned when I saw the girls washing the two dogs with shampoo in a tiny creek. I looked over the flock and began scraping and cleaning the hide. I used small branches for a frame and stretched it and left it to dry. I stripped and grabbed the soap and went to wash. The girls were picking summer wild flowers and I went hunting with my pellet rifle.

I plucked the birds and hung them when I returned and Molly slipped up and caught me from behind, “I’m horny.”

I turned and grinned, “you are always horny.”

She started undressing me, “but licking and fingers only go so far.”

I waited before laying her down in the long grass and caressing her body, “just learning that?”

She grinned as I moved over her and pushed into her tight pussy. I gave her a kiss and started to fuck her with long strokes. She humped and lifted her hips as her pussy tightened and she sighed and moaned, “mmm!”

I continued to fuck her and bury my cock and it wasn’t long before she was shuddering and jerking. She spasmed a little later and clutched me as she thrashed and bucked, “yyyyeeeeessssss!”

Her tight pussy was wetter but still squeezing my cock each time I pushed into her. I kept fucking her firmly as I tried to cum and she continued to wail and struggle under me. I finally shoved into her and pressed into her open cervix as my cock began spewing. She jerked and clung to me while her pussy clenched, “MMMM!”

I held her and pumped spurts of cum into her and then sighed when I was done and pulled out. She relaxed in the grass with an angel’s smile, “thanks Conner.”

I rubbed her leaking pussy, “anytime.”

I stood and pulled her up before holding her hand as I went to find Riley and check the flock. That was a magical summer and when school started I moved back to the ranch early. Old Jacob only smiled as I moved the sheep around in the lower fields each day. When Molly and Riley got home they stripped and found me wherever I was.

They moved into my room in the main house and when they turned sixteen I got them pregnant. Old Jacob left the sheep ranch to us when he died several years later. Even after all the years and the babies they are both still horny girls.
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