I knew my mother and her friend were prostitutes. I had known since I was eight when mom let me stay home from school one day. Mom was Ellen and her friend was Terri and her daughter was Melody and she was fourteen. I was fifteen and had a connecting room with Melody through a bathroom, I had just had a growth spurt and grown six inches.

I was always horny too and tried to hide it but mom and Terri always seemed to know. I was the one to do most of the chores around the house. Empty the trash and take care of the yard, spray for bugs, make shopping lists. Even to helping Melody clean Ellen and Terri’s bedrooms and do the laundry.

We always found a lot of condoms since they made sure to always use them. Summer had started and Melody went to a girlfriends most days or out back in the pool. I saw the men come and go and even peeked a couple of times to see Ellen or Terri getting fucked. It was a week after school got out, Melody was sleeping at a girlfriends.

Ellen and Terri were relaxing in the living room with just robes on. I made them drinks and kept trying to see them because I wanted to masturbate later. Ellen grinned as I walked behind the couch once more to look down her robe and she looked back, “come here baby.”

I blushed and knew she had caught me. I walked around the couch as she set her drink aside and sat up. She put her hands on my hips as she looked into my face, “do you want to see?”

I hesitated before nodding and she smiled as she undid my pants and pulled them down. Terri chuckled, “he has a nice big cock.”

Ellen nodded, “I think we can start being naked at home.”

She opened her robe so I had a clear view of her body. She stroked my cock, “you have been doing all the chores and doing a good job of taking care of us.”

She bent to lick the head of my cock before looking into my face as I moaned, “would you like the standard benefits?”

I wasn’t sure what she was talking about but nodded. She grinned and pulled me close as she laid back, “than you can fuck us.”

I looked at her as she guided my cock and I pushed into her. Her pussy grasped my cock as I humped and drove it deeper. She sighed and I hesitated before pulling back to fuck her with deep thrusts. I did it with one long deep stroke at a time. Terri laughed, “Kevin wants to plant his seed deep. I think he would love getting us pregnant.”

I ignored her as I continued to fuck Ellen and her pussy grasped and kept gripping my cock. She humped and wiggled and hugged me as she moaned. A few minutes and she shuddered before suddenly spasming and bucking, “fffuuuccckkkk!”

She wet me as her pussy tightened and I fucked her hard and deep before shoving into her. I held her tight as she screamed while my cock throbbed and erupted in a thick stream of cum, “yyyeeesss!”

She jerked with each spurt and her pussy squeezed and milked my cock as it spewed and pumped. When I was done I sighed and she rubbed my back before kissing me. I pulled out and Terri grinned as she turned and bent over the arm on the couch, “fuck me this way.”

Ellen grinned and pushed me towards her friend, “I think we should let him breed Melody.”

Terri was on her knees on the couch as I straddled her legs. I felt her pussy before I shoved my cummy cock into her. She grunted as I buried it and held her hips to feel her pussy grasping and squeezing my cock. She shuddered and glanced back with a grin, “Melody is ready to be bred.”

I shivered at the thought before pulling back and starting to fuck Terri with long deep thrusts. I did it slowly and a couple of minutes later she groaned and shuddered, “ooohhh... damn!”

Ellen laughed, “he feels good doesn’t he?”

Terri nodded and kept pushing back as I fucked her. I used hard and deep thrusts for a couple of minutes before burying my cock. She was spasming and howling as I humped and pressed while slipping a finger into her ass. She twisted and shoved back and I started to fuck her again with deep firm strokes.

She shook and yelled as I continued to fuck her until I was ready to cum. I pushed all the way into her and grasped her hips as I pushed. My cock gushed and spewed large spurts of cum. I was shaking as I pumped spurt after spurt until I was done. I pulled out and turned as Ellen pulled on me and laid me down on the couch.

She straddled me and slowly sat on my cock with a sigh. Terri turned and came to kneel beside the couch and tug on her friends nipples, “we could let him breed us.”

Ellen jerked as her slimy cunt squeezed, “yeah.’

She began rubbing her pussy back and forth, “one at a time so we can keep our clients serviced.”

They kept talking about breeding them as I went back and forth while fucking them until they were both very slimy. They were both tired when I stopped and Ellen grinned as we lay in her bed, “my son the stud.”

Terri giggled as she put her head on my shoulder. I was up before them and as much as I wanted to fuck I knew they needed to clean up. I pulled them out of bed and into the bathroom for a douche and enema and then a shower. After I was done I grinned as I gave them each a pat on the butt.

I went to clean the living room and the kitchen before making a shopping list. I did a couple of chores like mowing and cleaning the pool. Ellen and Terri had a couple of customers each before Melody came home. She came out while I was putting clean towels in the pool cabinet.

She sat and sighed, “my friends are going to summer camp.”

I smiled, “so ask Terri if you can go too.”

She nodded, “she have anyone right now?”

I thought about it before shaking my head, “Ellen does but not Terri.”

She stood to go inside, “thanks.”

I watched her go and smiled as I realized her hips were a little wider and... I shook myself as I remembered Ellen and Terri talking about me breeding Melody. I finished what I was doing and went to check the mail and separate it. I started making lunch and glanced at Terri and Melody when they walked in.

I finished removing the crust on the sandwiches before setting them on the table. Terri caressed my chest, “I told Melody she can go to camp after you bed her and breed her.”

I looked at Melody, “no clients for her.”

Terri blinked and shook her head, “that is a woman’s...”

I touched her cheek softly, “if she is ready for bedding than she is a woman. I said she is not to have clients.”

Terri pulled me close and hugged me, “no clients.”

I bent to give her a kiss before looking at Melody, “call your friends and get the information for the camp and how much it costs. We can use your room later.”

She nodded and picked up a sandwich as I went to check on Ellen. She was laying back and the guy had left. I bent to give her a kiss, “put a robe on and come have lunch.”

She caressed my face, “sure baby.”

I sat to eat lunch with them and gave them the shopping list. After lunch they went to shower and get dressed before going out. Melody helped me clean up and then grinned as she pulled me to her room and locked her door. She undressed quickly and jumped onto the bed as I stripped. I walked to her bed and moved on and over her and gave her a kiss.

I moved down between her legs and opened her slit before licking through it. I teased her clit and pushed my tongue into her before nibbling on her inner lips. I covered her clit and went back to wiggling my tongue as I began to suck. She shuddered and jerked her hips up, “ooohhh!”

I continued to lick, nibble, suck and tease her clit until she twisted away. I moved up beside her and rubbed a nipple, “you sure you are ready for this?”

She grinned as she looked at me, “our moms have been planning this for two years.”

I gave the nipple a tug, “are you ready for this and is it okay?”

She pulled on me, “yes.”

I moved over her and slowly forced my cock into her. She groaned and grunted as I slid deeper before stopping. I waited and just kissed her as she hugged me and finally she humped as her pussy squeezed, “okay.”

I started to fuck her slowly but with long thrusts, “you belong to me. You are not to have clients until or unless I say so.”

She groaned and humped up as she wiggled and I continued to fuck her extremely tight pussy. She kissed me and whispered, “thank you.”

I kissed her back as I buried my cock and began to hump, press, jab and grind. Her pussy became slippery but was still hot and extremely tight. She hugged me as she began to spasm and shake while thrusting up, “aaahhhh!”

I continued to fuck her slowly with long strokes and she kept jerking while her pussy constantly grasped my cock and became slipperier. She wailed and howled and screamed as she thrashed and bucked until several minutes later. I pushed into her and buried my cock as I kissed her and gushed warm cum.

She clutched me as her pussy tightened, “yyyeeessss!”

I pumped and spurted deep inside her until I was finished. I lay holding her as she sighed and wiggled before slowly relaxing, “maybe I will stay here and we can fuck more.”

I grinned and pulled out before laying beside her, “you are going to camp and when you come back you will start sleeping in my bed with me.”

I kissed her before moving off the bed, “come let me wash your pussy and then you can call your friend.”

It was fun washing her pussy and fingering her as she shuddered and moaned. I dried her when I was done and sent her to get dressed. We could hear both Terri and Ellen as they were fucked by clients. We mostly stayed outside during the afternoon until they were finished for the day. I helped Melody pack after starting dinner and then went back to the kitchen.

I wasn’t surprised when Melody whispered that her pussy was sore. Ellen and Terri were taking a hot bath together while I cooked and came out in just their robes. Melody grinned when she saw, “so who is Kevin knocking up first?”

They grinned and Ellen opened her robe and leaned back in her chair, “me and Terri gets it after the baby is born.”

I looked at her as my cock became hard and Melody came to push me away from the stove, “fuck her over the arm of the couch.”

They laughed but Ellen stood, “okay.”

I grinned as I followed her and began to undress. She just bent and then laid over the arm of the couch. I looked at her slit before kneeling and pushing her legs open and licking her pussy. She shivered as I pushed my tongue into her and then captured her clit to suck and tease it with my tongue. She began to shudder as I continued to lick her pussy and suck on her clit.

It was awhile before she howled and spasmed and I stood and pushed all the way into her. She groaned as her warm pussy clenched and grasped my cock. I held her for a minute with my cock buried and pulled back and started to fuck her with deep thrusts. It wasn’t long before she was shaking and jerking as her pussy constantly tightened and squeezed while she wailed.

A few more minutes and she was struggling and twisting as I fucked her long, hard and deep. Her pussy was a lot slipperier and spasming around my cock. She jerked and shuddered all the time as I kept fucking her until I finally buried my cock. I held her in place as I gushed and spewed thick spurts of cum.

Ellen gasped and yelled when she felt the warm sperm pumping into her and her pussy clenched to hold my cock. When I was done I pulled out and moved to roll her over. I moved her so only her legs were over the couch arm. She was panting as I bent and gave her a kiss and she hugged me and whispered, “I love you baby.”

I looked at her and gave her another kiss, she had never told me that. I sat down and held her hand as she smiled up at the ceiling. When Terri came to get us for dinner and helped Ellen up I held her hand as we walked into the other room. After dinner I cleaned up and caught Melody before she left.

She was going to spend the night with her friend before leaving for the camp, “see you when you return.”

She kissed me softly, “fuck mom in her room but do it slowly.”

I nodded and went to dress before walking her over. When I got back Ellen and Terri were laughing together. I stripped and cleaned up before sitting with them. Terri straddled me a minute later and slowly wiggled down my cock. She sighed and started to thrust back and forth, “are you sure about Melody?”

I held her waist, “it is bad and dangerous enough having you two... doing what you do. If Melody wants to have a boyfriend or sex with a boy she needs to be safe.”

Terri shuddered as her pussy became wetter and tightened, “you don’t like sharing us?”

I knew Ellen was listening as I held Terri still, “it isn’t about sharing. How many times have guys not paid? How many times have you had trouble because one didn’t want to use protection? How many were to rough? I still remember when you were hurt and had to go to the hospital.”

She looked at me as her warm pussy kept squeezing and finally smiled at mom, “I think we need to look at our retirement fund.”

I shifted forward and turned to sit her on the edge of the couch as I went to my knees on the floor. I lifted to push back into her and started to fuck her with long deep thrusts. I bent over her and gave her a soft kiss, “I will fuck you as much as you want.”

She hugged me while her pussy tightened and then she shuddered and humped. I grinned and pulled back to fuck her slowly but with long strokes. Several minutes later she wailed and struggled while wetting me and her pussy clenched. I buried my cock in her and started to press and hump and jab while rubbing and grinding against her.

It was awhile before I needed to cum and she was completely incoherent, tossing her head and spasming erratically while moaning. I pushed all the way into her and bent over her again to kiss her as my cock throbbed and I began to spurt and pump cum. She shuddered and clutched me until I was done and slowly relaxed.

I pulled out and Ellen pulled me up and then Terri. It was a long night as I fucked them, each time one came I moved to the other until I finally came and we started over. That was the last day they had clients and when Melody returned from summer camp Ellen and Terri were both pregnant.

She came in the front door and looked around as she started stripping, “they with clients?”

I was in the kitchen and smiled, “shopping for baby things.”

She walked to me with a strut, “I really need a fuck.”

I laughed and let her pull me after her, “no guys at camp?”

She looked back as she pulled me into her room, “it was a frigging all girl camp. Even the councilors were women.”

I turned her beside her bed and kissed her. I pushed her onto the bed and stripped, “things have changed.”

She wiggled back into the middle and I moved onto the bed and up between her legs. I pushed into her warm and very slick pussy. She moaned and shuddered as I sank my cock all the way into her. I held her and gave her another kiss, “Ellen and Terri retired.”

She stopped and looked at me in surprise, “you’re kidding?”

I shook my head and pulled back and started to fuck her with long thrusts, “they are both pregnant and this time We are going to raise the babies.”

She grinned and hugged me while her tight pussy squeezed. She humped and wiggled as I continued to fuck her. It was a minute before she was moaning louder and shaking while her slippery pussy constantly tightened, “aaaahhhh!”

She spasmed and jerked while clutching me as I kissed her. I fucked her firmly and started to rub each time I buried my cock. She thrashed around as she lifted and spread her legs, “yyyeeessss!”

I grinned as she kissed me passionately while her tight pussy kept grasping my cock. It was several minutes before I shoved into her and kissed her while pumping thick spurts into her cervix. Melody jerked as her pussy clenched, “mmmm!”

She shuddered and hugged me as I continued to spew until she was full and I was done. I pulled out and laid on my side next to her as she caught her breath, “we need to move all your things into my room.”

She grinned, “why not use your mom’s room and make my mom’s room our closet. That way we have two rooms for the babies.”

I bent to suck on a nipple before kissing her as she shuddered, “I’ll tell Ellen and Terri when they come home.”

I moved off the bed, “come let me wash your pussy.”

She laughed as she followed me, “you just want to play some more.”

I grinned as I caught her hand and pulled her after me. Ellen and Terri had a boy and girl and two years later two more girls. That was the year Melody got pregnant and had a little boy. I married her and we sold the house and moved to a larger one. Ellen’s and Terri’s retirement was enough to send us to college and still live comfortably.

Of course all three are pregnant once more. I think Ellen and Terri have became much better parents this time around. They are still passionate lovers and have taught Melody and I a lot.
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