The next morning I was awoken by the sound of the tv in the living room; Laura was already up and I started to worry about what she might say when I went in to join her.

When I did, she mentioned nothing and neither did I. We carried on our day as normal and Laura seemed none the wiser as to what she did the previous night. Maybe she did think it just a very weird dream, or maybe she was mostly asleep through it all and couldn’t remember a thing.

Either way, I was relieved. A thing like that could cause distress in a young girl and that’s the last thing I would want for my daughter.

We saw each other again several times over the next few weeks; I took her bowling again, which we both love and went to the movies a couple of times.

Fathers day was coming up and Laura was keen to stay over for the weekend with me. Her mother wasn’t so keen though as she wanted to take her to her own fathers. I said that I would be happy as long as I got to speak to her on the day, but Laura wasn’t having a bit of it.

She didn’t like seeing her grandparents. She said their house smelled! So she pulled out all the stops to make sure she didn’t go. Her mother wasn’t happy with her tantrums, but in the end gave in to her and let her stay with me for the weekend.

She came over on the Saturday morning and was all smiles. More so than normal. I think she was extra happy at not having to visit her ‘smelly grandparents’!

I took her to the zoo and had an absolutely wonderful day. We wandered around all day saying hello to all the monkeys, which were her particular favourite. I suggested that we go back again in august for her 10th birthday and she could bring all her friends, but I could tell she didn’t like that idea, as she wants her friends to think she’s more grown up than that, even though I know she loved it!

In the evening we got a McDonalds from the drive-thru and took it back to my apartment and stuffed our faces! I was tired from all the walking around and I would have thought that Laura would be as well, but she was still full of beans; asking can we watch this, then can we watch that, but never making a final decision.

In the end, it came back to the same film we watched last time she stayed over; Harry Potter. She must have seen it a million times already, but it always keeps her entertained. Half an hour in, I inevitably fell asleep!

Rather boringly, I was dreaming about work, when Laura woke me up to say she was going to bed. This was a turn up for the books, as it’s normally me having to tell her to go to bed!

I said I’d sleep on the couch and she could have my bed to her self. After all, I didn’t want a repeat performance of last time. But she wanted her cuddles again. I said I was comfortable where I had been asleep on the couch already and she should just jump into bed on her own. Reluctantly, she did.

I stayed awake a little longer and watched the late news, then as I was just about ready to fall asleep on the couch Laura walked back in, wearing the same t-shirt of mine she wore last she stayed. She said she couldn’t sleep as it was too hot and needed me to cuddle her to sleep.

I didn’t want to get into bed with her again after last time, so got her cuddle up to me on the couch, with the intention of carrying her to my bed when she fell asleep and for me to go back to the couch.

She cuddled up to me and, as usual, started fidgeting. On the couch this was even more uncomfortable, so I took her to my room and tucked her into my bed.

Laura asked why I wasn’t getting into bed too, I said that I was comfortable on the couch, but her usual persistence made me give in and I cuddled up with her, still in my clothes, over the covers.

She asked why I wasn’t getting into bed with her, to which I said I didn’t want to disturb her sleeping. But she insisted on her cuddles to get her to sleep. I was too tired to argue and gave in. I got undressed, leaving my boxers on and climbed into bed, just hoping that what happened last time was a freak occurrence.

She was right; it was hot in bed, especially with the two of us in under the covers. It had been cold for the time of year for the last couple of months, but the day had been very warm in comparison and with my winter duvet still on the bed, it was very hot indeed.

As always, it was very nice having my daughter cuddling up to me, but this time I had that nagging thought about what happened last time. It seemed clear to me that Laura didn’t have a clue about it, but I didn’t want her making the same accident twice, so I held onto her closer than normal, not allowing her to writhe around the bed as normal.

But this wasn’t helping her get to sleep. Together with me holding onto her tighter than normal and the heat of the two of us under the covers, neither of us were getting to sleep.

Finally, Laura sat up and threw the duvet to the side of the bed. I was thankful she had done it, I was roasting! When she laid back down and wrapped her arms across my chest I realised in the darkness of the room that she had removed the t-shirt she was wearing and was completely naked.

I didn’t want to make a fuss of the situation, even bearing in mind what happened before, as it really was that hot in the room and I was just too tired to tell her that it was inappropriate. Hopefully, I thought, we could just get some sleep now.

Laura started her usual fidget-fest of flailing legs and moving all over the bed, then finally drifted off to sleep laying on her front with her left arm draped across my chest, and her right leg sticking out over the side of the bed.

That night I was having one of those weird dreams, where my mind was shooting from scene to scene like some surreal movie. One moment I was back at home with my mother and I was doing the dishes, I looked into the sink there was a desert that I was suddenly walking around.

There wasn’t much there, only a palm tree with a monkey hanging from it. He was swinging from branch to branch and was oblivious to me being there watching him.

I walked on into this desert and saw an oasis, I found myself running towards it and dived in. Once in, the small oasis turned into a shopping mall. I walked around and looked into the shop windows. Everything seemed normal, apart from a vicar who was waiving a bible at me through the window. He didn’t seem angry, but wanted me to know something so I went in the shop.

When I walked through the door of the shop, he wasn’t there. The shop was empty apart from an attractive assistant behind the counter. She had long blonde hair, large breasts spilling out of a tight white blouse and long slender legs that were on show from a tiny tight black skirt. She called me over and said something to me, but I couldn’t hear her and walked away. On my way out I picked up something from a shelf. I don’t know what it was, but I hid it in my pocket and walked out.

The shop assistant chased me out the door and we were all of a sudden in a courtroom and were both standing before a judge. The judge said he needed more evidence that I stole something and order the shop assistant to strip search me.

I looked around at the full courthouse, pleading with the judge not to have her embarrass me like that. Two female guards then laid me down on the floor and held me there. The shop assistant then peeled my clothing off, one item at a time. She removed my shirt first, then my trousers, then slid my boxers off.

I was then stood naked in front of the judge and I looked down to see I had a large erection which had the assistants hand wrapped around the base of and she was slowly masturbating me. When I looked up we were alone in a bathroom and I felt relieved that I got away with stealing.

The shop assistant was still masturbating my cock and it was growing huge by the second. Pretty soon it was up to my chest and then she placed it into her mouth and started sucking it. I stood naked, with the girl sucking hard and cupping my balls with her hands, rubbing them, making me feel great.

The room was now completely white, nothing in it, just us. I was now laying down, with her completely naked on her knees between my legs, sucking hard. The view was gorgeous and I just had to fuck her hard.

I asked her to get on it and ride. But she ignored me and kept sucking. I asked again, but had no reply.

All of a sudden we were on the deserted beach that I dreamed of weeks before. It was clear that the shop assistant was the mermaid that I dream of as well.

She sucked so nice, taking my large helmet in as deep as she could and sucking hard on it. The feeling was amazing. I looked back at the ocean, then back at the shop assistant-slash-mermaid and we were back in the courtroom. The courtroom was empty this time though and I let her carry on sucking.

I wanted to cum in her mouth. I wanted her to taste my semen. I wanted her to drink it and swallow it. I wanted her to feel every bit of it shooting from my cock onto the back of her throat. I wanted it in deep.

I went to place my hands on her head to push it down on my cock, but I couldn’t lift my hands up. She was moving deeper down on my cock and I could feel the back of her throat on my cock-head.

My cock felt huge in her mouth, as it repeatedly hit the back of her throat. Both her hands were rubbing my balls harder and harder, it felt like the best blowjob ever!

She then took one hand and wrapped her fingers as far round my cock as she could. It was so thick and wide that she couldn’t make her fingers reach all the way round and she rubbed it up and down quickly, all while still sucking deep on my head and rubbing my balls with her other hand.

I was feeling like I was going to cum very soon and wanted to prolong this amazing feeling longer so I asked her again to get on it and fuck me as hard as she could. But again, she said nothing and continued with her sucking and vigorous stroking of my cock.

It was getting even closer, I could feel myself wanting to cum really bad.

It was then that a feeling came over me. A feeling that I had felt before. A feeling that this imminent orgasm wasn’t just in a dream. I looked down at the mermaid to see she wasn’t the mermaid anymore. Nor was she the shop assistant. She was my daughter, Laura.

She didn’t have the body of a goddess mermaid. She had Laura’s small frame, with Laura’s tiny budding breasts and Laura’s little hands. My cock was no longer huge like a stallion on steroids, it was it’s normal real life size, but still felt huge in my daughters tiny mouth.

A momentary though of dread dashed through my dreaming mind that the very same thing might be happening again; That my daughter may be sucking my dick in her sleep. This though quickly vanished as I felt the expertise at which my cock was being sucked and masturbated. No way could she know how to pleasure a man like this.

I allowed myself to lay back and enjoy the feeling and reassured myself that it was only a dream. I expected the mermaid or the shop assistant to return every time I looked down, but Laura remained.

It felt a bit wrong, but the incredible sensations were far outweighing the feeling of guilt.

My guilt disappeared completely and I was ready to allow the orgasm to arrive. Laura was sucking harder on my dick-head than before, rubbing faster on my shaft and squeezing tighter on my balls. Speeding up with every second, the inevitable was approaching soon.

My body started to twitch, I could feel my balls tightening up in Laura’s hand. Faster and faster she went. Her tongue lashing on my head as she sucked. I was ready. I was almost ready for eruption. I could feel my body jerking and shaking and bucking in time to her hand stokes on my cock.

Then, just as I was about to cum, she stopped. I looked up and she had disappeared from my dream. It felt odd. Nothing like I had experienced before in a dream.

Then, all of a sudden, the sensations returned. I looked around but could see nothing. Nothing at all. Just darkness. Blackness. No one around, but the feeling of her mouth on my cock was there.

It was then that the dark realisation hit me.

My eyes opened a crack to a bright light which forced them shut again. Blinking my eyes open only slightly, I looked up to see the ceiling of my bedroom, white with bright sunlight. I looked down to see a wave long blonde hair draped over my stomach, flowing down either side of my body; a tiny, slim bare back of smooth, pale skin, arched up to a small naked arse, pointing in the air; and an elbow protruding from the flowing blonde locks, moving up and down, rhythmically.

This was not a dream. This was not a mermaid. This was not an accident. This was my daughter. And she was doing this deliberately.

I was close to climax just moments before, but this scene before me had me at a standstill. I was dumbstruck. I couldn’t say a word. I looked down at her head bobbing up and down, feeling every movement of her hands on my cock and balls and her mouth and tongue on my helmet.

I had been moments away from cumming in her mouth before I awoke and now I didn’t know what to do. It was obvious she knew what she was doing. It was broad daylight, the curtains had been opened and my boxers had been removed.

I should have been yelling at her to stop, immediately. But I couldn’t get any sounds out of my mouth, let alone words.

All the while I was in shock of what was happening and not knowing what to do, Laura was still oblivious to the fact that I was awake; She kept her mouth wrapped around my cock, sucking on it hard like it was an ice-lolly. With her hair draped over her face, she could not see me staring at her, stunned.

I became aware that if she were to look up she would see me staring and with me being unable to stop her in that moment of disbelief I feared that she may think that I was a willing participant in this. I shut my eyes and tried to think of what to do.

The shock had stopped me from cumming in her mouth, but that feeling of impending release was still there. I had to think of something to stop this, but my mind was blank. I just laid there, almost orgasmic, fighting with a void of solutions.

Her hand was gripping tightly round my cock, rubbing quickly up and down as she squeezed carefully on my balls and sucked deeply on my helmet with her tongue dancing on the tenderness of it’s stiffness.

It was starting to get unbearable. My mind was still offering no ideas to halt this madness but my body was going through sensory overload. I could feel that sensation in the depths of my groin that I could I couldn’t hold out much longer. I just had to try hard not to cum. I had to think of something.

I suddenly remembered an old trick to prolonging sex; think of something disgusting to stop yourself cumming too soon. If I could last out for long enough, I thought, maybe she would get bored and stop. Then I could pretend I slept through the whole thing and avoid any embarrassment for the both of us.

I thought of the worst thing that came to my head; rotting fish. That’s the thing I hate most in the world. I imagined myself swimming up a river filled with rotting fish. I tried to imagine what this would look like, even smell like. I tried to imagine that I was eating as much as I could, but my already erotically charged body overtook my thoughts and the rotting fish quickly turned into the mermaid from my dreams.

I had to get that thought out as soon as I could so I tried to think of dead kittens. But that soon turned from kittens to pussy. This was no good. I was still on the verge of ejaculating, very powerfully into my own daughters mouth.

My mind was starting to think of things, but none of them any good. All the horrible things I could think of turned into very sexual things instantly in my mind. Although, it then occurred to me that just the thinking alone was slowing my progress.

If I could just keep my mind busy and focus on anything else other than Laura’s incessant blowjob, maybe I could just stop myself from cumming long enough for her to get bored.

I took the briefest of glances down through the slightest slit of an open eye down to Laura, to see if she looked anything like she maybe getting tired of it, or bored, or anything. She wasn’t. She was still knelt down between my legs, with her arse high up in the air, bobbing her head up and down, sucking hard on my cock like her life depended on it.

I saw she was still stroking fast on my shaft and her hair was still draped over my stomach, covering her face completely. I have no idea how long this was going on for. For all I knew, it could have been a minute, an hour or even all day. I didn’t have a clue. All I knew was, it was torture.

I closed my eyes again and tried to think of work. I imagined turning up at the office and tried to think of going through my daily routine. I pictured myself walking through the front doors to the reception, where I would normally say ‘good morning’ to our receptionist. But sitting in her seat was Laura, so I quickly imagined myself running through to my office. Sitting in my seat was Laura, naked.

I had to get her image out of my head as soon as possible. Clearly, glancing down at her was not the best idea. I then imagined myself running out the building to the shop at the end of the road. I would buy a sandwich and quietly eat it on the bench outside and read a newspaper, but who was standing naked behind the counter in the shop? Laura.

All these delaying tactics were obviously not going to work if all I was seeing was Laura naked everywhere. I had to think of something else, but my mind was empty of ideas.

I decided enough was enough. Either I was going to ‘wake up’ and yell at her to stop and deal with the consequences or just lay back, enjoy it while it was there and fake that I slept through it all.

I span an imaginary coin; heads I stop her, tails I let her make me cum. It landed on tails. I just couldn’t let that happen, so I spun the coin again; tails. ‘Best of five’, I thought. I span the coin in my head one more time and it landed on tails again.

I made the decision and I stuck with it. I knew it was wrong, but I had to get this over with. It was clear Laura was not going to stop until I was finished. The only thing I knew I had to do was make sure she didn’t know that I knew what happened.

I had to continue to fake that I was sleeping. If she was made aware that I was awake, that would open up a whole can of worms that I thought was best left closed. Definitely not the wisest choice I could have made, but it was the best I could come up with.

I carried on laying there, as I had been all along; laying as still as I could while Laura kept up her oral onslaught on my solid dick. I allowed the sensations to fully return to mind. I let the imagery come back that I had been trying my best to stifle.

I re-imagined the shop assistant kneeling down in front of me, taking my over-sized cock, deep into her throat, fucking her neck with it; making her gag. I wanted to get the ordeal over with as quickly as possible, so I imagined the mermaid there as well. Both of them naked, stroking my body all over, one with her mouth wrapped around my cock and one sucking my balls.

I tried hard to picture semen shooting fast up the shaft of my huge, long, fat, fantasy cock. I visualised showering them gallons of cum; soaking them from head to foot in my sticky hot white jism. I had them kissing and licking it off each others bodies and drinking it as it poured off each of their full tits. Cum dripping off their hard erect nipples.

I imagined them bending over for me, taking it in turns for me to slide my fat cock into their tight cunts, stretching them wide, making them scream with pleasure as I fucked them for all their lives were worth. They screamed my name, they wanted it all, deep inside them. Cum squirting from out of their tight wet pussies.

I pictured the assistant straddling me and riding up and down as fast as my imagination would let me, while the mermaid stood over me with her legs spread for the assistant to eat. She squirted in her mouth and the assistant drank it all, licking her lips in the process.

I saw them kissing each other and spreading each others arses open and eating their arseholes. Dipping their tongues in and tasting it, then finger fucking one an other till they squirted over me.

But one image kept flashing in and out of my head while I was picturing all this; the view of Laura knelt down between my legs, her hand thrashing up and down the length of my cock, her arse in the air, her long blonde hair strewn over my stomach and her head nodding up and down as she sucked so deliciously on my unyielding dick.

All the imagining of the mermaid and the assistant were not making me cum any quicker, but the flashes of Laura were edging me close. I had to cum soon and if thinking of Laura doing that made it happen quicker, then so be it.

I cleared my mind of the two sex goddesses and focused entirely on Laura. I imagined the sight that I had seen of her between my legs. I saw her head bobbing up and down, but the vision was not as clear to me as my imaginary threesome.

I wanted to see with my own eyes what was happening. That would definitely make me cum in seconds. I peeked one eye open a crack, just in case Laura had moved and would see me. She was still in the same position, so I opened my eyes completely and took a long lingering look at what was happening.

Her tiny frame was clear to see as her back arched up to her arse that was pointed into the air. Her little waist only just a bit slimmer than her developing behind. Her hair was laid out flat over my stomach and was spilling over each side of me and I could see the full extent of her skinny neck as it went up and down with her head.

She must have spread my legs out while I was asleep to allow her to kneel between them. Quite how she thought she would get away with this, I did not know. I could feel myself heating up, reaching the point of no return. I did feel guilty, but I had made the decision to let this happen and now there was no turning back.

The tingling sensation was increasing and again I felt my balls tighten in Laura’s hand. She must have felt this too as she increased the speed of her strokes on my cock and started to suck harder on my helmet and lick it in her mouth even more ferociously.

I could feel my body start to jerk and writhe as the orgasm was fast approaching. I did my best to try and move as little as I could, but could not stay entirely still. It was coming. It was coming fast.

I watched her go down so deep that I could feel the thickness of my head go into her throat. She gagged a little as it went in, then sucked one last, long time. This was it, I was cumming.

I felt all the pent up tension release in one go as cum quickly made its way from my tight balls, up my shaft and exploded from the head of my cock into Laura’s mouth. Shot after shot kept coming, it was immense. My body was overwhelmed with ecstasy. My brain turned circles and my heart pounded like a drum. I somehow managed to keep myself from screaming aloud and kept quiet, apart from an audible guttural groan.

I was spent. All my juices were gone. They were all gone into my daughter Laura’s nine year old mouth. I had closed my eyes while I was cumming, and good thing too; I felt her hair slide off my stomach, then heard the distinct sound of her gulping. She swallowed it. She swallowed it all. I could feel no hot cum on my body. And there was a lot of it.

I was breathing heavy and I started to panic that I might not be able to pull off that I was asleep through the experience. I could feel Laura crawling up over my body to my side and up the bed. She whispered in my ear ‘Dad?’. I didn’t respond. She whispered again, but louder ‘Daddy?’. I just let out a little groan, as if I was asleep.

She then got up off the bed and slid my boxers back on, trying to do it as so not to wake me. She then came back up to me and kissed me on the lips and whispered ‘I love you Daddy.’


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