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Leaving her room I walk down the hall to Joe room to grab some clothes for a shower. As I walk in Joe look at me and says “dude what the fuck was that my dad home if he would have heard any of that he would kill you! How much did he hear I think to myself. “ We’re we that loud I told her to keep it down. what did you hear? Joe lets out a snicker “did you really make her call you “master”. He said the last part with air quotes. I blush a little bit. “Yeah I didn’t know if she was going to go for but I finally broke her. “Well you better hold up your end of this deal if she’s a bitch to me then I might have to put an end to it. I look at Joe funny with a mix of anger. ”Really you would do that. Dude it might take a little bit to change her so don’t go being a dick if she’s a bitch tomorrow. “Yeah yea I know but I am talk about like a week from now. “Well with this master thing I got going maybe I can change her faster than if we were just dating but whatever I stink I am going to take a shower.

As I am walk to the bathroom I hear the shower already going. Dame it man I really want to wash this smell of sex off me. But then it hits me that it has to be court in there I smile an evil smile to myself. I try to open up the door but its lock but it one of those lock were you can turn it with a penny or something. I use my thumb nail and it hurt a little bit. As I am walking in the shower I hear a soft moan from the shower. Just to be a dick I rip the shower curtain open. “WHAT THE FUCK!! She yell’s I laugh at her. “That’s not funny Eric now get out of here! “Now is that anyway to talk to your master court? “You’re not my mas…”do you need a reminder slave. I cut her off. She looks down and say” no master I am sorry. I take off my clothes and hop in the shower with her. I see she look’s sad and I think to myself does she want to be my slave. Yeah I am dick but I’m not cruel. Now I feel like an ass hat. “Court I’m sorry I will leave you alone I get out of the shower I thought you would have been in to this. I rap a towel around me and walk out before she can say anything.

I feel like dog shit. how could I do that to her sure she might have like it in the bedroom but that was just lust. I am just tearing myself a new asshole for doing that to her yeah she’s a bitch but nobody should be force to be a sex slave. I walk in Joes room and grab my stuff and tell Joe” hey man I think it’s off I going to head home sorry. “Ok man talk to you later. I am surprise he didn’t ask me what happen but I let it go and walk down stairs right when I get to the door I hear the shower go off. So I hurry up and open up the door and leave. I put my shit in my back seat and get in I start my car up and back out of the drive way. When I start to pull off I see court in the rear view mirror. But I keep going.
Courts POV
What does he mean he is sorry and he will leave me alone? These last few hours have been the best I had in a long time. He doesn’t think that he is making me do something I don’t want to. Does he? I will tell him when I get out of the shower. I’m putting on my sleep shorts and shirt think of what I’m going to say to him. As I leave the bathroom I walk to Joe room to ask to talk to Eric. “Hey Eric can I talk to yo… umm Joe we’re is Eric. I don’t know he came in here looking like his dog just died and said he was going home. WHAT!! I yell as I turn and run down the stairs I hear his car start up I sprint to the door and swing it open and but I’m too late he is already driving off. Damn it what happen he was all strong and commanding and sexy then in the shower he just flipped a switch and ran off.

Eric POV
Damn it she was probably about to come yell and bitch to me. How could I be some mean and I hate people like that. That the only kind of stuff I think about the whole way home. Only in my drive way do I relies I am in a towel and nothing else. I grab so basketball short and slip them on and a t-shirt. It’s late so I know the doors are lock so I have to climb into my window. So I don’t wake anybody up. When I clime in I jump on my bed hoping to get some sleep. I toss and turn for an hour or two but I finally get some shut eye.” Hey Eric I thought you were at Joe house? I hear my mom say I just grunt and roll over so my back is facing her. “Well hurry up and get up sense you’re here you can help me around the house. “Come on mom can’t I just have some sleep. “ Don’t be such a lazy ass. “You’re a lazy ass. Tell her too tired to come up with a better come back. “haha see you out there in five. She’s says as she walk out my room. I sit up try to rub the sleep from my eyes. Go to the bathroom do all my businesses and head for the living room.

My mom left to the store but not before giving me a list of chores to do around the house. It takes me like 35 minutes to do them all. I go to my room and remember I left my shit along with my xbox in the car. I get up head for the car and get my shit and also see my phone in a cup holder and grab it head in side drop my clothes in the middle of the room and hook up my xbox. I pull out my phone and see I have 28 new text messages from court. I don’t want to deal with that at the moment so I get on ifunny look at some funny pic’s try and make me feel a little better. Works a little so I get on xbox see no one’s on so I go to netflixs and put on Supernatural. Few hours past I forget about court and all that mess and just relax. My phone goes off I see its lil Joe so I pick it up. “Hey man what’s up sorry I had to bail so early.” It cool man don’t worry but what happen court still in her room with the door locked? “Man I went to go take a shower and she was in there so I said fuck it and went in and the way she look at me told me I forced her to have sex with me. I felt like such a dick I left. “Oh well I try and find out for you but I don’t know if I will get my head bit off just for asking about it. “Thanks man later. ‘Later. Hang up the phone and go back to Supernatural.

A few days pass and I still feel bad about what I did to court. I haven’t heard from Joe In a long time so I text him “hey man wuu2. When I’m done I head out to my car to go get something to eat. When I get to my car I get a text. “Hey man srry its took so long but I found out what happen. “What really is she piss at me cause I don’t want to her being a bigger bitch to u. knowing Joe it takes him 10 minuet’s to text back. As I am a taco bell ordering my food I feel my phone vibrate but I ignore it till I am done. I go sit down and check my phone out. “Hey man it turns out u we’re wrong she think your mad at her and don’t want her anymore. I text back “Well then why was she so scared in the shower like I was going to rape her or something. I am surprise when I get a text so fast then I see it’s from a random number. “Eric why did you leave? Damn it Joe I know his ass gave her my number. “Cause the way u look at me in the shower it looked like you were scared and sad that I was there then I thought I was making u have sex with me and I felt like shit so I left. As I send it I start to eat my crunch wrap but get a text back.” Can we meet somewhere so we don’t do this over the phone? “Yeah I will swing by and pick u up. I close my phone and start eating again. When I am done I start my drive to her house. It takes my 25 minutes to get there I honk the horn and wait for her to come out. When she walk out I feel under dressed she has on a pair of jean with a rip on the leg to show a little skin and a white shirt on that fits her body beautifully her hair is down framing her face. All I am in is a pair a jeans and a shirt that’s says trust me I’m a doctor on it. She come over and get in the passenger seat. “Were to? I manage to croak out. “Some where we can talk. “OK how about the park? “That fine. The whole way there it is silent. We get to t the park and I park under a tree to stay out of the sun. “So why did you want to talk about? I ask knowing but trying to delay it some. “ You know I want all that everything we did maybe the master thing freak me out at first but know I can’t think of a better word for you than that. “ then why did you look so scared and sad in the shower? “Because in the room it was dark and you couldn’t see my body but in there you could see everything I was scared you were going to say I was fat. “Wow I guess me running out of there didn’t help. “No I thought u hate how ugly I was and ran. I could see how hurt she was so I did the one thing I thought would help her. I grab the back of her head and pulled her I n for a hard kiss.

We kiss for what feels like hours. I pull away and look her in her eyes and ask “do you want me to be your master? I see her smile and blush and look away for a second then say’s “Yes as long as you don’t hurt me or do something nasty to me. I kiss her again and say “If I hurt you you’ll love it or had it coming. “Ok then..master. We kiss for another 10 minuet’s till I pull away and start up the car. As we are heading back to her house I get a cheeky idea. I unzip my pants and pull out my cock and say” I’m hard suck it. I see her smile then lean down and lick my head while stroking my shaft then parts her lips and slides my cock in her mouth only get half before it hits the back of her throat. “Deep throat it or you will be punished. I feel her try and cram it down her throat but it’s not working she pulls back and says “master you’re too big for my throat. All I say is “you got 15 seconds to do it… try swallowing it. she goes back down I feel my head hit the back then I feel her swallow and push her head down I slip in but she gags and pulls back “you got five seconds to touch your lips to my groin. I feel her slam down while swallowing she get too we’re she is half an inch away “times up look like you didn’t make it what should your punishment be” she pulls up gasp for air and look up at me” I’m sorry master you may do what you see fit as a punishment. “You really like being my little slave girl don’t you? “Yes master I never knew how much I did till you left me but now I know I am a little masochist slut. “Good we’re going to make a stop now.

I pull in to a sex shop park the car and get out without saying a word. She get out too and follows me in. I walk the store look for stuff to use on her I see she is embarrassed to be in here. I pick make her pick out what kind of hand cuff she wants. She blushes and picked some pink fuzzy ones. I pick them up and move on. I find a remote controlled vibrator I pick that up to and move on. By the end I bought to nipple clamps hand cuff the remote controlled vibrator and some rope to tie her up with. I made her buy it cause she was so embarrassed just to be in there she almost pass out from embarrassment. As I am taking her home I tell her what she got to do every morning. “You must get up text me good morning master ask if I have a plan for you then get dressed take a pick of your outfit send it to me and wait for my approval do you understand slave. “Yes master I understand. “Good. I take her home and then head home I got planes for her tomorrow. As I walk into the house I see my mom standing looking pissed at me. “Umm hey mom you ok? “Am I ok Eric what did I tell you before you left to go to Joe house? That when I know what I did wrong. I hang my head in shame and say.” Too be back by Tuesday to good work. “And what day is it? Is it like this with every mom and dad it not enough to tell you that you mess up they want you to say it. “It’s Tuesday sorry mom I will do it all tomorrow ok. “Ok but what happen you don’t mess days like this are you ok? “Yeah mom I good just forgot sorry again. ‘it’s ok just do your work. With that she goes to make diner. I go to my room. The rest of the day was boring we ate then all just went to are rooms. I just went to sleep because I had to get up early to make up for the loss of a day. I wake up at 6:00 and get dressed and head out. Around 8:00 I get a text. “Good morning master is there anything you want me to today. I did have planes for her but all this work fuck them up. “No not to today I have to work you be nice to Joe. Ten minutes later I get another text it a picture of her in a short skirt and a pink tank top on. I text back you may NOT wear panties or a bra today. I wait for a second then I get a text back. “But master this is short skirt if a gust of wind hit me it will show everything. I text back “I know have fun. I start to work again. Around 7:00pm I am done with all the yards and start to head home I text court “what are you doing atm? I get a text back five minuet’s later “at the mall with some friend’s master. I want proof you did what I told you. You have 3 minutes to send a pick or you will be punished. 3minuets and 45 seconds later I get a pic of her holding up her skirt to show her pussy but I can’t see how she would be able to take that picture by herself. I text “who took that picture? She text back ‘I’m sorry master I couldn’t find a good angle so my friend took it. I chuckle at think how that conversation went. “That ok court that good think on your feet. “Thank you master! “But not good enough you were late by 45 seconds I coming to you with your punishment what mall are you at? It takes a little longer this time for her to text back but she does. “deerbrook mall master.

When I arrive there I text her too meet me at the food court. I put the remote vibrator in a bag and go inside I walk around a bit till I make my way over to the food court. I see her and her friends at a table talking I walk over and sit down they all look at me except for court. “Hey guys what yall up too? “Oh nothing much just waiting on you court said you would meet us here. “Did she tell you why I am here? I see on girl blush along with court but that’s it. “No just said you wanted to hang out. “Ok well I need to talk to Courtney alone right now so we will be right back. “Ok we will wait here. Me and court get up and walk away “master I’m sorry I failed please don’t tell them. She says as I pull her in to the men room. “What are we doing in her master? I pull her in to a stall. “Put this in your pussy now. I say handing her the vibrator. “Yes master. “Why don’t you want to tell your friend about me/ I say as I pull out a pair of panties. “Because I don’t want them to know you are my master it’s embarrassing. That hurt me a little bit. She is embarrassed by me she will pay for that. “Oh I sooo sorry I’m such and embarrassment for you! I say half yelling at her. She immediately realizes how her last comment sounded. “No master that’s no..”shut whore just for that you don’t get the panties to hold it in there I was going to go gentle on you but now I going to make you beg for me to stop!! “Master please don’t. She says as I leave her there and walk out. I join her friend at the table “Hey we’re Courtney at? “She in the bathroom should be back in a sec. we all talk for a little while then we see court walking kind of funny to us. “Hey Courtney you ok? One of her friends say’s “yeah court are you ok you look like your walking funny. I say as I turn on the vibrator to low. She jumps a little and says “no I’m fine just a cramp. “Are you sure court because you look flush. I say as I rev up the vibrator to medium then low then medium over and over again. “No I’m fine just..a little cramp. “Well let’s hope whatever you did to cause that cramp you don’t do it again. I say it with a big smile. “I won’t ever do it again ma..Eric. I rev it up to high right when she almost slipped. ”Well let’s go then were to first? One of the girls says “let go to hot topic. Another girl says they all agree five minutes later we arrive there. We look around there when court walk up to the clerk to ask a question. I crank up her vibrator to high and leave it there. She already mid conversation so she can’t just leave that would be very rude. “Miss what did you ask? the clerk ask. “Umm we’re are… the… studded belts? She moans at the clerk he look at her funny then points to a wall in the back corner. She stay at the counter for a couple more seconds then wobbles over to the belts lean on the wall. I walk up to her “cum for me slave. I whisper in her ear “no please. “Do it now or it stays on. “Yes master. I feel her bury her head in my shoulder and moan out. Luckily this place’s plays loud music so no one heard her. I turn it off and she slowly let me go and try’s to walk but has to grab a shelf to steady her the end of the day I made her come 8 times ones in front of her friend. And ones talking to an old lady I think was the best one. As we are walking out of the mall I fall behind letting them talk. One of her friends slowed down with me and say’s. “I know what you did to Courtney in there I want in.

To be continue...
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