Deb was stunning with long blonde hair and blue eyes. She was thirteen and in junior high while I was fourteen and going into my junior year of high school. I was very smart and had a bright future with colleges already looking at me. She lived down the street and flirted with me constantly.

It was afternoon and I stopped on the way home to talk to her and she surprised me. She pressed against me and kissed me on the mouth, “want to fuck me Randy?”

I grinned as I held her, “yeah.”

She looked around and turned to pull me towards her house and then around through a side gate. Before we got to the backyard we came to a large air mattress like you see for a pool. Deb turned and began undressing and I was quick to follow. I moved onto the mattress after her and felt her wonderful body.

I moved down to look at her pussy before I licked it. She shuddered and laughed and pulled me up. She guided my hard cock to her slit and then pulled on me as I pushed and thrust into her. Her pussy was very tight but slippery so my cock sank all the way into her. She shuddered and humped up as she moaned.

I pulled back to start fucking her with deep thrusts. I wasn’t doing it hard or fast but kept planting my cock and pushing as I enjoyed the way her pussy squeezed. It was a couple of minutes before Deb spasmed and clutched me as she squirted, “aaaaahhhhh!”

I fucked her harder and kept kissing her as I felt myself getting close. I finally shuddered as I buried my cock and held her. Deb lifted and spread her legs as I began pumping a stream of cum through her cervix. She kissed me hard and screamed in my mouth as I kept spurting and spewing. When I was done she relaxed while her pussy continued to milk my cock.

She rubbed my back, “my dad will be home soon.”

I looked at her and pulled out before moving off the air mattress, “you want me to leave?”

She nodded as she followed me off the mattress and started dressing. I got dressed and she walked back to the front with me. I kissed her before turning to walk home. I was almost to my house when a large black sedan sped around the corner and swerved. I turned to dive away as it hit the curb and almost seemed to speed up.

I jumped and the front grill caught my legs and I was slammed down on the hood hard. Sharp stabbing pain hit me as my body bounced and was thrown off. I don’t remember anything as it went dark and then there was a soft white light for a long time. It almost felt like I was floating and then I opened my eyes to dim lights.

I was choking and gasping with a tube down my throat and wires on my head and more tubes and wires in and on my arms. There was a buzzing as I tried to move but I was just to weak. A nurse was suddenly beside the bed trying to calm me as I felt other things attached to me. The nurse became two and then a doctor was there.

I was choking as a long tube was pulled out of my throat. The next few hours were filled with people as I was moved. It was four hours before my mother walked into the room. She smiled as she sat beside me and caressed my face, “did they tell you what happened?”

That was what I had kept asking and no one had answered. I tried to shake my head and barely whispered, “no.”

She nodded, “you were coming home and a car ran off the road and hit you. You have been in a coma for over a year.”

I blinked as I tried to understand, to me it had seemed like the day before. She took my hand, “a lot has happened since you were hurt. Your father left us and I sued the bitch... woman that hit you.”

She looked into my eyes, “and the girl you had sex with got pregnant and had a little girl. They gave me custody.”

I reddened as I croaked, “Deb... she... she got pregnant?”

I tried to sit up but she stopped me, “she moved.”

I frowned and mom sighed, “they said you wouldn’t understand how long it has been. I can only stay a little bit tonight.”

She squeezed my hand, “just relax and take it slow.”

I didn’t have a choice but to take it slow. It was two weeks before I could leave the hospital and go home and that was after a couple of minor surgeries. I was in a wheelchair since I couldn’t walk. My legs had been broken when I was hit and put in casts but they were long healed, the problem was I hadn’t been using them.

I struggled into the chair mom held and let her push me into the house. I remember the neighbor that opened the door and smiled, I didn’t speak since my throat was still sore. Mom left me in the kitchen at the table and returned a minute later with a baby. She carefully put her into my weak arms, “this is your daughter Julia.”

I looked at the squirming baby I held and struggled to believe she was mine. I sniffed and whispered, “she pooped.”

Mom laughed and put her hands under mine and lifted her to the table, “hold her there while I go get the diaper bag.”

After that I was the one to feed her and change her diapers and she slept in a crib beside my bed. It was a couple of weeks before I went to school. It was a change, Julie wasn’t with me so I had a break there. It was later in the year but I didn’t have a problem catching up. It was a major struggle just moving to each of the classes though.

Everyday mom would show up to take me home and everyday she brought my daughter. I guess she thought it was a deterrent to scare the girls away. It didn’t work because before that first week was over I had a dozen cute girls talking to me. It was Saturday when Tammy and Hanna knocked on my door.

I was patiently trying to fed Julia when mom brought them into the kitchen. I smiled as I shifted my daughter so she was sitting up. Tammy grinned when she sat and Hanna bent over to look at Julia, “it’s a good thing she looks like her mother.”

I looked at her and then at Julia, “she does?”

Mom snorted and Tammy laughed, “she means she is pretty.”

I smiled, “yeah.”

Hanna caressed my face, “we are pregnant and need experience with babies.”

Mom shook her head, “Randy needs...”

I cleared my throat, “help.”

I had reached a breaking point. She looked at me and I blushed and looked down at Julie, “you don’t have to slap me with it. I messed up and got Deb pregnant. It isn’t like I went out to do it on purpose or have done it more than that one time.”

I looked at her, “I need help. I can’t even stand or walk. I can’t hold her without being afraid I will drop her because I am weak. Just holding her makes my arm shake and hurt. I can’t even hold her legs up properly to change her diapers. You had a year to get used to this and I had a day.”

I didn’t care about the tears that slipped down my face as mom looked away. I looked at Julia, “everything is my fault. I can only say I’m sorry so many times.”

I dropped the bottle and struggled to pick it up and lift it again. Tammy and Hanna had remained quiet as mom almost whispered, “I thought you were dead. You just laid there and laid there.”

Tammy moved and took the bottle, “I’ll feed her.”

I nodded, “thank you.”

Hanna cleared her throat, “you only had sex once?”

Mom looked at her and so did I. I blushed and nodded and she shook her head, “and I was having sex for a year before I got pregnant.”

Tammy grinned, “I guess Randy just has better quality sperm.”

Mom snorted and then laughed before coming to kneel and hug me, “I’m sorry.”

I sighed and she pulled back before looking at the girls, “so you want to practice with a baby. Want to practice being a wife?”

I looked at her and she caressed my cheek, “they are already pregnant. I’m sure they could teach you how to make love to a women so she enjoys it.”

Tammy and Hanna grinned and Hanna stood, “that would be great.”

Mom stood and turned my chair, “he can show you where his room is.”

Hanna moved around to push my chair, “your first time did you lick her pussy?”

I turned my head to see her, “yes but only once before she pulled me up.”

Hanna laughed, “well I like it when someone licks my pussy.”

I nodded to my door and she turned me in and moved to the bed. I slowly locked the wheels as she began undressing. I tried to stand and fell onto the bed before Hanna was there pulling my pajama pants down and off. I blushed because she was doing everything but she moved me and came to look into my face, “um Randy? Can I straddle your head this time?”

I grinned, “that would make it easier.”

She grinned and kissed me quicky, “I’m so horny thinking about this.”

She moved and carefully straddled my head and I looked up at her bald pussy as I tried to reach up and pull it down. I sucked and licked her pussy and captured her clit and wiggled my tongue on it as she shuddered. I nibbled on her inner lips and pushed my tongue into her before moving back to her clit.

It was awhile before she rolled off and shuddered. She grinned at me and moved onto me and kissed me as she wiggled her naked body against mine. She sat up and lifted to position my cock before slowly pushing down as she shuddered again and moaned. She put her hands on my chest and started rocking as her tight pussy began grasping and squeezing my cock.

It wasn’t long before she was fucking me hard, driving my cock all the way into her. I slowly reached up to cup and knead her breasts and she jerked and spasmed as her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock hard, “oooohhhh!”

She twisted and jerked while wetting me as her pussy rippled and squeezed my cock. She rolled her hips as she tried to rock and rub her pussy at the same time. A couple of minutes later I shuddered and slowly thrust up as my balls churned. Hanna stiffened and looked at me just as I began pumping a geyser against her cervix.

She shuddered hard and jerked as her pussy tightened, “YES!”

Her pussy was slimy and leaking when I finished. She laid on me and I tried to hold and caress her wonderfully body as my cock continued to throb deep inside her. Hanna giggled before turning her head to kiss me and lift her hips. She slipped to my side, “maybe we should have you do a little of the work to build up the muscles.”

I grinned and then laughed with her as she moved off the bed. I moved slowly and managed to pull my pajamas pants back on. Hanna waited until I struggled into my chair before opening the door and pushing me out. Mom and Tammy were in the living room talking as Tammy played with my daughter.

Hanna left me and went to sit beside Tammy who handed Julia to her. I watched how easy they made it look and shook my head. Tammy stood and let Hanna move over next to mom as she walked to me. She grinned and winked as she turned my chair and pushed me back to the bedroom, “Hanna said to help you exercise.”

I grinned, “and how are you going to do that?”

She stripped beside the bed ignoring the open door. She pulled me to my feet, “you want to fuck my pussy?”

I looked down at her trimmed pussy and nodded and she grinned as she knelt. She pulled my pajamas down and off before standing and looking into my face, “I’ll bend over the bed and you can fuck me.”

I grinned as she turned and laid on the bed, spreading her legs so I could see her slit. I took careful steps until I was in position and then I spread my legs and pushed into her. I groaned at the feel before I pulled back and began to fuck her. I used long thrusts and felt the tightness in my back but didn’t stop.

A few minutes and Tammy shuddered as her pussy tightened and then she was writhing around, “aaaahhhh!”

I was shaking with strain as I continued to fuck her but I didn’t stop and tried to do it even harder. I used deep thrusts and began to hump and jab. It was a few minutes before she started to spasm as her pussy tightened and grasped my cock. I pulled back to fuck her with firm thrusts and she began to wail.

It was just a few minutes before I shoved all the way into her and held her as I spewed and gushed and spurted. I was shaking as I pumped cum into her and finally pulled out and moved to lay on the bed. She sighed, “you just fucked me silly and I think you were in a hurry.”

I sighed and turned my head to look at her, “we can try it between your legs next time.”

She grinned and turned to help put my pajamas on. She moved my chair and helped me into it, “you need a pool to exercise in.”

I grinned and reached out to cup a bare breast before she moved away, “pool sex sounds fun.”

She moved into me and gave me a kiss, “tease.”

I grinned and let her go and watched as she dressed. Hanna and mom were outside with Julia and Tammy grinned as she joined them, “Randy needs a pool to exercise in.”

Mom looked at me and smiled, “we can get one of those lap pools.”

Twice more during the day the girls took me to bed and I fucked them. They even stayed for dinner and then left before bedtime. I helped watch my daughter as mom cleaned up and she came to hold my shoulders, “I’m sorry Randy.”

I smiled at Julia fighting to stay awake, “help me change her.”

In my room we stripped her and I rubbed her bald pussy and mom laughed. I put a new diaper on before holding her and standing. Mom steadied me as I walked to her crib and bent to put her in. When I turned I fell back on my bed with a groan as my back spasmed. Mom turned me and pulled my pajamas off before rolling me onto my stomach.

She was quiet as she started to massage my back. She hesitated before continuing and a minute later she laid her naked body on me. I smiled at the feel and turned so she fell on the bed. I turned back and then crawled over her to look into her face before kissing her. I humped and shuddered as my hard cock pushed into her.

Mom hugged me and put her legs over my thighs, “go slow baby.”

I worked my cock deeper before resting and kissing her several times. I kept my cock in her nice and deep as I humped and pressed. It was a few minutes before she shuddered as her pussy squeezed. She kissed me and moaned as I continued to fuck her with short jabbing thrusts. A few minutes and she spasmed and jerked as her pussy tightened and gripped my cock.

I finally pushed into her and kissed her as I began to spurt cum against and into her cervix. Mom jerked and clutched me as we kissed while I pumped sperm into her. When I was done she straightened her legs and rolled so she was on top. She smiled and put her head on my shoulder, “I’m not to heavy am I?”

I caressed her hips, “no.”

I fell asleep with her still on me. The soft white light was back, I could see mom holding Julie just out of reach and struggled to reach them. I woke to mom shaking me as she lay on me. I was breathing hard and my heart was pounding. I looked to the side at the crib and my daughter before relaxing, “I thought I was...”

I looked at mom and she kissed me, “you are safe baby.”

I slowly hugged her, “the white light was around me again like...”

She slid to the side and rubbed my chest, “It was a nightmare.”

I looked at the ceiling, “I haven’t had them before.”

She put her head on my chest, “maybe something triggered a...”

She lifted up to look into my face, “you had sex before your accident.”

I smiled, “I remember.”

She reached down to stroke my hard cock, “yesterday you had sex. Maybe your mind remembers and that triggered the nightmare.”

I looked at her and relaxed as she straddled me and worked my cock into her cummy pussy. I shuddered at the warm wonderful feel and held her as she laid on me, “don’t leave me like that again.”

Mom hugged and kissed me, “nothing is going to happen.”

She started rocking as her warm pussy squeezed. I fucked her for over thirty minutes before spewing a geyser of cum as she jerked and spasmed. I was up early with Julia and fed her before watching her as mom showered and went out shopping. An hour later I answered the door and found Tammy and Hanna.

That led to a bath and getting dressed before taking Julia to the park. I left a note for mom and enjoyed watching my daughter. Tammy or Hanna sat with me the whole time and held my hand. When we came home for lunch a large truck was in front of the house. Several workmen were in the backyard setting up a pool and a solarium off the back of the house.

Mom grinned when we came in and let Hanna wash Julia in her chair as she warmed up lunch. Tammy pulled me back to the bedroom and started undressing, “think you can be on top and fuck me?”

I grinned as I stood and slowly undressed, “we are going to find out.”

She grinned and moved onto the bed as I slowly followed. I laid beside her and felt her and enjoyed caressing her before turning and moving down. Tammy laughed and reached down to stop me and pull, “fuck me.”

I grinned, “I haven’t licked your pussy yet.”

She blushed and I moved up, “what?”

She looked at me, “that’s gay.”

I frowned, “do I look like a woman or gay?”

She smiled and hugged me, “no.”

I lifted up and push into her and settled with my cock almost buried, “a guy likes to look and touch and some like to lick.”

She sighed as I pushed deeper and began to hump and press, “next time.”

I began to hump as I looked at her, “sex is not gay. Even if Hanna or mom were to lick you or you licked them it wouldn’t be gay.”

I concentrated on the wonderful feeling of her pussy as it grasped and squeezed. She humped up and shuddered a minute later and hugged me, “I’ll think about it.”

I kissed her as I paused and then pushed all the way into her to grind and press. Tammy jerked and I grinned as I pulled back to fuck her with long thrusts. I could feel the trembling in my back and tried to keep going but finally pushed into her and waited as my muscles spasmed. She looked at me and rolled until she was on top, “my turn.”

I tried to relax as she sat up and rubbed her pussy back and forth while it kept grasping my cock. I reached up slowly to feel her breasts, “I wish I could...”

She stopped and bent to kiss me before starting to rock again. She rolled her hips and twisted and a couple of minutes later she began to shake and then jerk. Her pussy tightened and gripped my cock as she wet me and I pulled her down. I rolled before jabbing into her and fucking her with short grinding thrusts.

She wailed a minute later when I thrust all the way in and began gushing a huge torrent of cum, “yyyeeessss!”

I spewed and spurted and pumped until I was finished and my cock was only throbbing and I started relaxing. I pulled out and moved off her and laid back and she giggled, “it’s a good thing I’m pregnant already.”

I grinned as she turned and kissed me before moving off the bed, “time to eat.”

I struggled out of bed and got dressed before sitting in my chair and following her back into the kitchen. After lunch I held my daughter on my lap as she slept and watched the workmen out back. Mom, Tammy and Hanna were talking together as I turned and went back to my bedroom.

I held Julia and struggled up out of the wheelchair before gritting my teeth and taking a step and putting her down in her crib. When I looked back Hanna was moving my wheelchair closer. I sat with a sigh and she pushed me out and then down the hall to my mother’s room. Mom and Tammy were naked and on her bed as Hanna stopped beside it.

She walked around and stripped as I watched and then stood me up to help me. When I was naked I sat and turned before slowly shifting and making room. Hanna crawled onto me and gave me a kiss before looking at mom and Tammy, “Tammy told us what you said and we agreed and... your mom is going to show her.”

I held her hips as I looked at mom and Tammy, “she doesn’t have to...”

Tammy smiled, “I want to try it.”

Hanna straddled me as mom turned to kiss Tammy and move down to suck on a nipple. She shuddered and giggled as mom kissed and licked down her body. When she licked through her pussy Tammy groaned and lifted her hips. Hanna moved up and tilted her hips as she pushed down and back.

My cock pushed into her and she wiggled as she pushed it deeper. It wasn’t long before Tammy was humping and shuddering as she moaned. She was rubbing her own nipples and Hanna kissed me before reaching over to tug on one. Tammy spasmed hard and wailed as she lifted and spread her legs.

I saw mom’s wet face as Tammy squirted again but she didn’t seem to mind as she sucked on her clit. Hanna began to rock and rub her pussy on me as Tammy finally twisted away and covered her pussy. Mom moved up and settled between her legs, “feel good?”

Tammy blushed and looked at me and I grinned, “sex is sex and that is a good way to start off before letting a guy fuck you.”

She smiled and then grinned, “yeah I would let him pound my pussy after that.”

Hanna laughed as she sat up, “me too.”

She wiggled as her pussy grasped and squeezed and mom giggled, “me three.”

I reached up to knead Hanna’s breasts, “and as the only guy here I like touching, feeling and licking pussy.”

They laughed and Hanna twisted and rolled her hips as her pussy clenched. I shuddered and tugged on her nipples and she grinned, “like that?”

I nodded and she shifted before starting to bounce and rock as her pussy constantly grasp and tightened. She twisted and began to moan louder and then wail. I was trying to thrust up as she rubbed her pussy on me erratically. I hugged her when she fell and laid on me and shifted as mom and Tammy helped me roll us over.

I humped and jabbed and began to fuck her with deep thrusts. Hanna howled as she thrashed around and bucked while her pussy spasmed and kept grasping my cock. I continued to fuck her for several more minutes as she clutched me and kept jerking. When I buried my cock and grunted she tilted her hips and screamed, “YES!”

I gushed and spewed and spurted and pumped until my cock was only throbbing and cum was leaking around it. Hanna was panting and smiling as she rubbed my sides and back, “mmmm!”

I pulled out and moved off her carefully before laying back. Tammy moved away from mom and over Hanna, “can I lick his stuff?”

Hanna grinned, “sure. He put a lot in.”

Tammy giggled as she moved down and licked through her leaking pussy. She shuddered and humped as I turned to suck on one of her nipples. Mom smiled and moved closer to suck on another and Hanna gasped and arched her back as she shuddered hard, “aaaahhhh!”

She wiggled and squirmed as we kept sucking and it was a couple of minutes before she spasmed and tried to cover her pussy. Tammy moved up as she grinned, “that was fun.”

They laughed and I carefully struggled over them and to my mother. She helped me lay back and straddled me before working my cock into her. Tammy and Hanna held each other as mom started rocking while her pussy constantly tightened and she shuddered. She shivered and then shuddered before beginning to rub her pussy on me as she rolled her hips.

Her pussy was grasping my cock and squeezing as she began to breath harder and pant. After several minutes she wailed and jerked and her pussy tightened and clenched. She fell on me but kept shuddering as her pussy constantly squeezed. I rolled with Tammy and Hanna helping and started to fuck mom as she lifted her legs into the air.

I used short strokes as I tried to keep my cock in her nice and deep. She bucked and thrashed around as she clung to me. It was awhile before I buried my cock and tried to push deeper as I began spurting and pumping cum. She tilted her hips and spasmed while clutching me, “yyyeeeessss!”

When I stopped I waited until she relaxed and put her legs down. Her messy pussy was still constantly squeezing my cock as I pulled out and laid beside her. With Tammy, Hanna helping it didn’t take long before I was walking and doing things again. By the time they had their babies they were living with us.

Mom had forgotten about her own birth control or ignored it. She had a little girl and a year later she, Tammy and Hanna got pregnant again. Our family is larger and we have a bigger house now. Both the girls and mom sleep with me and even the few nightmares don’t last.
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