I moved into the quiet neighborhood several months before. I spent three years overseas with a private company. I worked from home now because I set my own hours. I had met my neighbor, a single mother with twin teenage daughters. There were probably ten teenage boys on the street and I noticed them going into the neighbor’s house everyday.

I bought a new lap pool and set it up in the backyard. I filled it and was out checking it when I heard the boys and walked to look over the fence. Jade was one of the twins and always wore her hair in a long braid. She was on her hands and knees on bench with a boy fucking her. I stared and then looked at her mother Grace sitting at the table.

Nicole was sitting beside her and fidgeting and I cleared my throat. Grace looked at me and smiled, “Michael.”

I gestured and she looked at her daughter as she shuddered. She stood and walked towards me and stopped on the other side of the fence, “My little bitches like cock and love cum in their pussy.”

I looked at her, “and you?”

She smiled, “sometimes the boys fuck me. I am my mother’s bitch after all.”

I looked at Jade and Grace reached up to touch my face, “maybe I’ll send them over after Jade finishes.”

I blushed and didn’t know what to say but finally nodded, “sure.”

She smiled, “keep them over night and send one home in the morning.”

She turned and walked towards the table and I shook myself before going to check the water which was still to cold. I went in and hesitated before going to unlock and opening the front door. My work desk was in one corner of the living room so I could look out the large bay window. I tried to work but kept seeing Jade getting fucked.

It was over an hour before the two girls walked in the open door. I finished what I was doing as the girls smiled and looked around. I stood and went to close the door and grinned at the two girls before pulling them back to my bedroom and then into the bathroom. If I was going to fuck them I was going to do things my way.

I stripped and after they undressed I pulled them into the shower. I washed their shaven pussies first and they spread their legs and thrust them out. When I finished I shut the water off and pulled them out to dry them. I pulled them into the bedroom again and Nicole climbed onto the bed on her hands and knees.

I let Jade sit and reached out to roll her sister over. I opened her legs as she frowned at me and leaned down to lick through her pussy. She shuddered and her hips lifted, “oh.”

I captured her clit and sucked while flicking my tongue back and forth on it. Nicole humped and jerked as she began to pant and started to shudder constantly. I kept licking and teasing her clit and it wasn’t long before she was shuddering hard and yelling. I finally stopped and moved up and over her as she continued to shudder.

I gave her a kiss before lifting and pushing into her. She groaned as my cock spread her pussy open and sank into her. She put her arms around me as I began to fuck her slowly with long thrusts. Jade whispered, “we don’t fuck like this.”

I smiled at her as I continued to fuck her sister with deep strokes, “I do.”

She grinned, “no one ever licks us either.”

Nicole was clutching me and spasming as her tight hole constantly grasped and squeezed, “ooohhhh!”

I buried my cock and humped and jabbed and rubbed against her while she wailed, “I think she likes it this way.”

Jade giggled, “yeah she never gets off this hard.”

I pulled back and began to fuck her with firmly, “I like it this way or when you straddle me and rock back and forth.”

Nicole began bucking and thrashing as she howled and I continued to fuck her. Her tight pussy was very slippery and my cock slipped in and out easily. A few more minutes and I pushed into her all they way before pressing as I began to gush spurts of cum. She jerked and clutched me while her pussy contracted and she yelled, “YES!”

I spewed and pumped cum through her cervix before stopping and pulling out. She was panting as her sister felt and fingered her leaking pussy. I grinned, “ready for your turn?”

Jade nodded and grinned as Nicole looked at her and giggled. I moved around as she laid back and spread her legs and bent to start licking through her pussy. I pushed my tongue into her and then captured her clit. I sucked and wiggled my tongue as she shuddered and humped while moaning.

I kept teasing her clit as she jerked and thrust and squirmed and finally I moved up and laid beside her. I caressed her pelvis as she panted and then pulled her onto me and spread her legs. I positioned her pussy before pushing up as I pulled her down. My cock pushed into her tight pussy and she wiggled before I pushed her up until she was sitting.

I rubbed her nipples and gave them a tug, “now you need to fuck me. Rub your pussy on me and roll your hips or rock.”

She shivered and grinned at her sister, “okay.”

She started to thrust back and forth while wiggling and bouncing. I shivered as her pussy tightened and squeezed and she shuddered, “mmmm!”

Nicole giggled, “feel nice?”

Jade grinned, “yeah.”

Her extremely tight pussy began to grasp and squeeze as she rubbed her pussy on me. She twisted and jerked as she became a lot slipperier, “ooohhh!”

She started to rock and that led to her rolling her hips as her pussy gripped my cock. She shuddered and jerked before smiling as she did it again and then added a twist. It wasn’t long before she spasmed and shook erratically while her pussy rippled and clenched around my cock. She stiffened and jerked, “aaaahhhh!”

I pulled her down and hugged her before rolling and then I pulled back and thrust into her. She arched her back as her legs went up and spread wide, “yyyyeeeeeesssssss!”

I fucked her long and deep and kept it up as she thrashed and started bucking. Her pussy gripped my cock constantly as it became a lot more slippery. She twisted and struggled as I continued to fuck her with long firm thrusts that was pushing my cock against her cervix. Her legs were jerking and kicking in the air as she clutched me and screamed, “YES!”

After a few minutes I finally buried my cock all the way in her and kissed her while pumping thick gushing spurts of cum. She shuddered hard as her pussy milked my cock and I continued to grind into her. When I was done I pulled out and grinned at her sister before stalking onto her. I took my time and fucked them both for another hour before stopping.

I let them cuddle for awhile before taking them into the kitchen and making dinner. I sat with them and talked and then pulled them into the bathroom to douche. After that they came into the living room to watch a movie. After it ended I took them back to bed and let them lick each other before I started fucking them.

Of course that led to them licking my cum out of each other. I woke to my morning alarm and the two girls on me. I felt and caressed their bodies before moving off the bed and going to the bathroom. I went into the kitchen and made coffee before going to work. When the girls came out I stopped and went to make them breakfast.

Nicole rubbed my cock and kissed me when she was done, “can I come back later?”

I smiled as I hugged her, “sure.”

She got dressed and left and Jade sighed. I pulled her up and into the other room before sitting and pulling her onto my lap. I went back to work while I held her and absently caressed her. She wiggled a little before asking questions and making suggestions and the next thing I knew we were working together.

The door opened at one and Nicole walked in, “I’m back!”

She looked at us as we returned her look and grinned before stripping, “lunch?”

I looked at the time and moved Jade off my lap, “lunch and then we can go see if the pool is warm yet.”

They pulled me into the kitchen and I pushed them to the table before turning to make lunch. I pulled Nicole onto my lap while we ate and felt her cummy slit, “have fun with the boys?”

She smiled as she spread her legs, “after the first couple I got off.”

Jade nodded, “it takes awhile.”

I rubbed her clit, “you got off with me.”

She shuddered and humped, “yeah.”

Her sister laughed, “you are different.”

I fed Nicole and then cleaned up before letting them pull me outside and to the pool. The water was warm and the girls loved it so we stripped. They played and splashed and had fun and so did I. It was a couple of hours before I pulled them out and into the house. I glanced at the front door when the door bell rang and went to answer it.

The Grace grinned, “I saw you and the girls having fun and decided to come over.”

I let her in, “we were going to watch a movie.”

She smiled as the girls waved and I went to bring in the soda before starting the movie. The girls loved it but held onto me the whole time. After the movie I headed into the kitchen as the girls went to the bathroom and came back. I turned from the stove and grinned as I caught Jade and moved to the table.

I lifted her and laid her back before sitting between her legs. Nicole giggled as she pulled her mother to the table and undressed her and sat on her lap. I leaned forward and licked through Jade’s pussy and nibbled on her small inner lips before attacking her clit. She shuddered and humped and wiggled as she began to moan.

I continued to tease her clit as she lifted her hips and began breathing hard, “mmmm!”

I squeezed her clit between my lips and she jerked and spasmed, “aaahhh!”

I licked her again and went back to wiggling my tongue on her clit. It was a few minutes before she started convulsing and yelled as she tried to close her legs. I grinned as I stood and bent over her to give her a kiss. I straightened and slowly pushed my cock into her and buried it. I stayed in her and began to finger and rub her clit.

She shuddered while her pussy clenched, “ooohhh!”

I lifted and held her legs spread before I began to fuck her slowly with long strokes. I let one leg go and started to finger and rub her clit. She jerked and shuddered as she humped and her pussy tightened, “yyyeeesss!”

I buried my cock, “like that vixen?”

She wiggled and thrust up, “yeah.”

I grinned as I pulled back and started to fuck her again. Nicole giggled as her mother laughed. I continued to fuck her with deep thrusts and it was a few minutes before she howled and thrashed around on the table, “fffuuuccckkkk!”

I fucked her hard and fast and she began to buck and jerk while her tight pussy clenched, “yyyeeessss!”

I buried my cock and held her while continuing to finger and rub her clit. She shuddered and shook while moaning and humping. A few minutes and I began to fuck her slowly again. She came several times before I sank my cock all the way into her and held her hips as I pumped spurts of cum.

Jade spasmed and jerked while her tight hole milked the cum out of my cock. I sighed as I bent over her while she shuddered and panted and gave her a kiss, “perfect.”

She hugged me and her pussy squeezed me cock before I stood and pulled out and helped her off the table, “where was I?”

Nicole laughed, “dinner?”

I grinned and turned to go to the counter and started making dinner. I glanced at Nicole, “did you douche for me?”

She grinned and nodded, “I did mom too.”

I looked at their mother and smiled, “yummy.”

While we ate dinner Jade told Nicole and her mother about helping me work. After dinner they helped me clean up and Nicole pulled me towards the hall and my bedroom, “lick mom and fuck her like you did us.”

I glanced back as Jade pulled their mother after us. I caught Nicole and tossed her onto the bed as she giggled, “Jade can lick your pussy for me.”

Jade laughed as she let her mother go and chased her sister on the bed. I sat Grace on the edge of the bed and laid her back before I knelt. I pushed her legs open and leaned in to lick through her pussy. I pushed my tongue into her before nibbling on her inner lips. I captured her clit and sucked while using my tongue and then gently nibbling.

She shuddered and humped and twisted as I kept licking her and teasing her clit. She finally yelled and tried to close her legs before rolling onto her stomach and going to her knees. I rolled her onto her back and moved onto the bed and over her. I kissed her and pushed all the way into her in one long slow thrust.

I settled on her but continued to fuck her with long strokes. She humped and tilted her hips while her pussy rippled and grasped at my cock. I fucked her hard and deep for just a minute before going back to slow thrusts. She was spasming and wailing as she thrashed around while her pussy tightened, “yyyyeeeesssss!”

She jerked and clutched me as I buried my cock to hump into her and grind. She shook and kept thrusting up while her pussy squeezed and clenched around my cock. I fucked her long, hard and deep and kept it up as she howled and began bucking and struggling, “fffuuuccccckkkk!”

It was several minutes before I pushed into her and kissed her while pumping spurts of cum. She shuddered hard and hugged me tight as I continued to spew through and into her womb, “YES!”

When I stopped I continued to hold her until she slowly relaxed. She was panting as I pulled out and rolled onto my back. Nicole laughed as she straddled me, “my turn.”

She slowly wiggled and forced my cock up into her before starting to rub her pussy on me and twist. Jade snuggled close, “want me to lick mom?”

I grinned as I reached up to rub Nicole’s nipples, “I think she would like that.”

Nicole shuddered and her tight pussy clenched, “mmmm!”

Jade turned and moved over between her mother’s legs and kissed down to her pussy. It wasn’t long before she was moaning and humping again. Nicole was rubbing her pussy on me and bouncing as she twisted or turned. She began to breath hard and shake while her pussy constantly grasped my cock.

She wailed and jerked back and forth a minute later, “MICHAEL!”

She wet me as I pulled her down and rolled over. I kissed her while she clutched me and pulled back to fuck her slowly. She humped and kept thrusting up as I fucked her nice and deep. Several minutes later she spasmed and thrashed around as I fuck her hard. I buried my cock and kissed her as I pumped spurts of cum.

She jerked while her tight pussy kept squeezing and milking my cock. When I was finished I gave her a soft kiss and pulled out and laid back. Grace moved over her daughter and gave her a kiss before moving down to her leaking pussy. Jade came around and straddled me and slowly pushed down to get my cock into her slimy pussy.

She sighed and started rubbing her pussy on me. It was over an hour before we slept. Before the week was over they were living with me. When Grace got home she would strip and come sit with the girls who had a knack for helping me and ended up doing part time work. A month later I got Grace pregnant and then again with the girls when they turned sixteen.

They have tried a couple of boys but came back. They are working on their second set of babies now and their mother has become our stay at home mom. We live in a larger house with a regular pool. I should mention they all tend to have twins. Now they call each other my lover or my sluts if they want attention.
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