The prophecy comes to light.
A prophecy is revealed, and Lyden’s path is set. But he has more important things to worry about, like rescuing his childhood friend. Will he be too late? He has already delayed longer than he ever wanted to. The path to Brooke is wrought with peril, but will the path out be any easier?

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Chapter 14
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The Prophecy

“It’s no good,” I call out, looking at the spinning tires of my car. The Orange Bubble’s undercarriage is flush against the sand and no amount of pushing is going to get her free.

Thankfully all the dents and dings the dang Grindylows had put in her yesterday have healed and my car looks almost new again. I’m still finding it hard to believe that only a short while ago, it had been a burned up husk. The connection between the Orange Bubble and Angela still doesn’t make complete sense to me, but at least I have them both here now.

The succubus, in her Amazon form to help push, brushes off her hands, shaking her head. “It’s not far to Varun’s demesne, but it’ll take a while to swim that far, and we’ll be tired by the time we arrive. Not good conditions for rescuing someone.”

We’ve tried digging the car out, but the constant rain just runs the sand back into our holes. We’ve tried to find some wood or something to put under the tires so that they can get some traction, but everything is just too wet.

“We have company,” Lisa says warily, and I turn to follow her gaze. She was also helping push, while AnnaBelle ran the steering wheel and pedals.

A single Grindylow, old, wrinkled, tentacles crooked at odd angles beneath it, and stooped with age is watching us. By the way it’s holding its trident, I can tell that he needs it for support. At least, I think it’s a ‘he’. The large body of water sits behind the short creature, as it examines us with its large, shimmering, bulbous eyes.

“I don’t think he means us any harm,” Angela murmurs beside me.

“Are you truly a generator?” the green creature asks me. His voice is rough, as though speaking while out of the water takes some extra effort.

I nod, not really knowing what to say. This seems to get the little thing agitated, his many tentacles flapping against the sand, and I prepare myself for some sort of attack. I notice Lisa and Angela doing the same. The sound of the locks on my car informs me that AnnaBelle isn’t missing out on the tension out here.

“Then the prophecy is coming true?” I’m not sure how, but I’m able to detect joy in the small monster’s rough voice.

“What prophecy?” I ask, remembering Arethusa mentioning something about a prophecy as well. In stories, prophecies are never a good thing for those they involve. Of course, this is real life, so maybe the prophecy is about bunnies and rainbows. . . .

Yeah, I don’t believe it either.

The Grindylow calms down and examines me again. Without warning, he begins speaking in his harsh voice. Even with the pouring rain, his words carry a sense of import that changes the mood of our group.

“When the air calms down,
And rain slows on Water’s door.
Comes the time for all to wail.
A deadly new enemy to abhor.

A generator comes forth,
To save all or completely fail.
A foe that’s timeless,
Even on our life's long scale.

Colors swirl to hide our nemesis,
Our destruction, he strives to make.
Only the blind can resist his will,
Unless his choice is a mistake.

A blade to kill, and a blade to save,
A talisman to forge the path between.
To kill and save, or save and kill,
One path to both, yet choices lean.

Our hero’s life shall meet its end,
Unless he strikes the deadly beast.
His friends shall fall or rise,
Until all his efforts have ceased.”

I just stare at the green creature. I mean, what does one say, after being told something so dark and dreary. Their hero’s life shall meet its end? Friends rise and fall? What the heck? Even the incessant rain seems to grow quite at the import of those words.

“The winds have lessened and yesterday the rain did to,” the ancient Grindylow states into the silence. “Generators have not been seen in either world for millennia. Witnesses saw you use your power to calm the rains, and we know the time is near, for air has lessened his blustering in his own realm.” He uses his trident to walk closer to us, and I hold my ground despite my rising apprehension. “We will aid you on your quest, Generator.” He bows low to me, and I can feel my cheeks go scarlet as the other two women out here look at me. “We are yours to command.”

I jump as he lifts his weapon and slams the butt down in the wet sand three times.

“What the—“ I start to say as the water begins to boil behind the old Grindylow. Well, boil more than the rain was already making it churn.

“Get into your transport, Generator. My people will move you to the water, where you may continue your righteous quest.” The Grindylow bows to us, and I spare only a quick glance to Angela. Her eyes are wide as she stares at the sea, and I turn back to see the green heads of numerous Grindylows bobbing in the surf.

“Best do as he says,” Angela states, and turns to open the car door. Knowing what a pain it is for her to get into the cramped Orange Bubble, I quickly send her original image to her, and marvel as her form shrinks to that of a 1600’s black-oriental slave.

Lisa follows her, and AnnaBelle awkwardly moves into the passenger seat, letting me drive. As soon as my car door closes, the sea appears to puke up a bunch of little green creatures.

They swarm my car, making it rock back and forth. Is this the mistake the prophecy had mentioned? Trusting these little creatures?

My fears are quickly proven unfounded however, as they’re able to lift us out of the sand, and carry us to the lapping waves. They continue to carry us, until the hood of the Orange Bubble is submerged. I feel my panic rise once again at entering the water, but I shove it down. It seems easier to do this time. My mental conditioning with the rain yesterday must be helping some.

Even after letting us go, the green little monsters swim next to us for a ways, before the elderly Grindylow, spry and fleet now that he’s in the water, waves his trident to us in a salute, and the Grindylows depart.

“Angela,” I turn and ask as soon as the last Grindylow vanishes, “what do you know about that prophecy?”

The succubus looks troubled, as I let the car have its way. I know we need to get to Brooke, but the old Grindylow’s words are seriously bothering me.

“I don’t know,” she says after a few uncomfortable seconds. “This is the first I’ve heard of it.” She shakes her head as if to get rid of a bad feeling, before adding. “I wouldn’t put too much stock in it, though. Those creatures aren’t known for their intelligence and are considered rather gullible. They likely believe anything they hear.”

I would be inclined to believe her, if for no other reason than that I really don’t like the line about the hero’s life meeting its end, except that Arethusa had mentioned a prophecy as well. Looking into Angela’s eyes, and a quick glance at Lisa, makes me drop it. Brooke needs us right now, and this prophecy business can wait.

As we drive, I remember something about my mystical car, and know that I should have time to get this question answered.

“Angela, you once told me that my car is powered by the same thing that generates energy for me, but never said what exactly that is.” Despite how much I’ve seen the succubus change forms, it still comes as a shock to see her as a short Asian/black girl.

“Ambient energy,” she says in that way of hers, as though those simple words explain everything. Of course, I give her my ‘what do you mean’ stare, and she sighs before clarifying. “All around us is ambient energy. The wind, falling rain, even the ground has ambient energy. This car can tap into a bit of it, and keep running. Generators are a bit different, in that they can tap into a larger amount, turning it to their own use.”

“So, that’s why the rain lessened yesterday?” I ask, understanding why there seemed to be so much more energy from our sex than previously experienced. The cute black woman actually blushes a bit at my statement, but nods.

The rest of the ride is silent, as I think about what she’s revealed, before Angela has me stop about thirty minutes later.

“Head to the surface,” she tells me, and the car begins moving without my direct control. Talk about a backseat driver! “It’s not too late to turn back,” she says to Lisa and AnnaBelle. She knows I’m going forward no matter what. “It will be dangerous down there. Once you drink from the vial, you’ll be able to breathe under the water, but if you fall asleep, or even get knocked out, it’s over.” I can tell she’s speaking more to AnnaBelle than Lisa. Lisa at least has some self-defense skills. AnnaBelle only has her faith.

“A young woman is in need of aid,” the mature woman states. “I will help in every way I’m able. Let us say a prayer, before we drink that.” She doesn’t even wait for acquiescence before bowing her head. “Dear Lord, which art above us, please watch over us as we descend into the inky depths of thine enemy. Allow us to see with your light, and guide our spirits, that we may find the young woman and bring her to safety. Amen.”

I hear a whispered “Amen,” from Lisa, and quickly mumble one myself. If I didn’t know better, I’d say the car actually brightens as AnnaBelle lifts her head back up, and I can see the fervent glow of her faith behind her eyes.

I hand over the two vials, one to each of the normal humans, and watch as Lisa pops the cork off hers, taking a sniff.

“Hmm, reminds me of fishing with my dad, when I was a little girl.” I can see Lisa as a little girl, sitting in a metal boat, an older man with a fishing rod in his hands, and hooks dangling on his vest. The girl sits staring adoringly at her father, as he explains the intricacies of fishing.

Blinking, I return to myself, a bit surprised at the peek into the blonde’s past. Especially since this time, there was nothing sexual going on, until I see a sparkle in the blonde’s eyes, as she winks at me.

AnnaBelle only shudders when she smells hers, but plugs her nose and downs it. Lisa drinks hers at the same time, but she smiles dreamily as she does so.

The smile soon vanishes, as both women begin to grasp at their throats, making choking noises.

“He poisoned them!” I exclaim, worried that this is the mistake I might make.

“No,” Angela shouts, “the potion lets them breathe underwater, but it takes away their ability to breathe normal air.”

“You just think to say this now?” I grumble, knowing that the succubus hadn’t meant any harm.

Angela looks abashed as she tries to open the passenger door from the back seat, but with AnnaBelle turning blue against it, she can’t reach the handle.

Leaning across the older woman, I hit the lever, and she begins to fall back. I only have a second to gasp at the amount of water around us, before AnnaBelle’s hands grip my shirt, pulling me after her.

We land with a splash, and already I can feel water filling my lungs. I can’t breathe! Marchosias had been wrong. I needed the potion too. Gasping, I flail about, trying to get back to the surface, but I never learned how to properly swim. It’s been decades since the last time I was actually in water above my knees, not counting when I was a dragon. My actions are counter-productive, as I lift my legs in an attempt to kick, while my arms waive uselessly. My lungs burn, crying out for air, and even though I can see the rain splattering down on the surface above me, I know I won’t reach it before I black out.

Firm hands grip me, and for a second I think it’s the water finally claiming me after all these years, until I see Lisa’s worried eyes in front of me.

Why is she worried? The thought flits through my panicked brain. She’s in the water now, and can breathe.

Somehow these thoughts are like a reset switch, and my mind calms down as I open my mouth, and fill my lungs. Air doesn’t flow in, but the water feels just as good as I take another watery breath. The sensation of something thicker than air filling my lungs is a whole new experience, and I focus on that thought, rather than the water surrounding me, to keep calm and sane.

Lisa has a hold of my shoulders, and she’s looking deep into my eyes. “Angela needs you,” she says, and despite the water, I seem to be able to hear her just fine. I also notice bubbles popping out of gills on her neck. Knowing what I’m feeling, I wonder what that must feel like to her. I truly hope it didn’t hurt truly her.

With her and AnnaBelle’s help, I make it up to the surface, and spit out the water in my lungs, before I can talk to the succubus.

“What’s wrong?” I ask, seeing Angela is sitting in the passenger’s seat, her pretty feet dipping into the water.

“Were you just going to leave me behind?” She asks, arching one dark eyebrow.

“I can’t swim,” I remind her. “Come on, let’s go.”

“I can’t yet,” she tells me, and I realize what the holdup is. With the help of the other two women, I make it over to the car, and pull myself up to her level. Bringing my lips to hers, I kiss her deeply, sending the image of her as a mermaid, then wrap my arms around her, and fall back into the water.

She tries to yelp as the water surrounds us, but I don’t release our kiss. The succubus is still able to push me away, and I smile as I watch her look at her tail, and then at her naked chest.

Angela easily swims back up to me, and puts on the most demure look I’ve ever seen. “Is this how my mastah likes his slave?” she asks in an accent that sounds authentic. For some reason it rubs me the wrong way. I have no problem playing master and slave, heck I’d done it a couple times with Sheila, my boss, but knowing that Angelica had actually been a slave, takes on a whole different connotation.

“No,” I state firmly, my own voice sounding weird in the water. “This is how I want my dear friend.” The corners of her mouth turn down for a second as I call her a dear friend, and I realize she took it the wrong way, but I don’t know what else to say.

Seeing how easy it is for her to move around the water with her tail, I concentrate, and try to form my own legs into one, but it doesn’t work. What the heck? I can breathe underwater thanks to my time with Brooke, but I can’t make a fish’s tail? Hmm, would a dragon’s tail work? A couple seconds and a bit of a drain on my system later, my tailbone feels heavy. I give it a shake, and feel myself propelled through the water.

All three women are laughing at me, and I realize that I tore my pants in making the tail. “Dang it!” I swear, as I try to pull the rags back up to cover my genitals. After a few seconds of enduring their rising laughter at my attempts, I finally just give up, and let them sink to the sea’s floor.

AnnaBelle ceases laughing as I turn to face them, and starts glaring instead, but I notice her taking a few glances at my manhood anyway.

It takes me a couple minutes to get the hang of using my tail to propel myself in the direction I want to go, and realize that swimming is a lot easier than trying to fly.

Grabbing Lisa, Angela grabs AnnaBelle, and this way we move quickly through the water, diving deeper.

* * *

“Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?” AnnaBelle asks, as we look down on a scene of wonder. Buildings of every shape and size rise up from the sea floor. Tall thin structures that seem to be made of glass and are entirely see-thru, tower over squat perfectly round buildings made of some sort of shimmering blue or purple stone. Coral homes abut fields of seaweed, and schools of fish and other creatures swim around the metropolitan place. The entire city is massive, stretching in all directions as far as the eye can see. It would be entirely dark, if not for all the lights shining at the top of every building and at every corner.

I’m sure if I had perfect color vision, I would enjoy the scenery more, but right now all I can think about is Brooke being held captive in there somewhere.

“Is that where she’s being held?” I ask Angela, pointing to what can only be described as an underwater castle. Its minarets stand taller than any other structure, piercing the water with their pointed tops. I can’t help but wonder if the artists behind Disney’s The Little Mermaid had been here, and received inspiration from this castle, though the one they drew did this one little justice on its sheer size.

“How will we ever find her in that?” Lisa asks surprisingly. She’s normally so upbeat and optimistic, but looking at that castle, I have to wonder the same thing.

“As long as she hasn’t been moved,” mermaid Angela begins, “I can take us right to her.” She swims over to me, and looks me seriously in the eyes. “You might not like what you see down there, Lyden. She was being tortured when I left.”

“All the more reason to get her out of there, then,” I state firmly, cursing myself for all the delays and detours we’d taken. Had I known she was being mistreated, I would have been quicker. I don’t even wait as I charge for the castle, dragging Lisa behind me.

“Lyden, wait!” Angela yells behind me, but I don’t slow down, until she swims in front of me, blocking my path. “We can’t just go charging in there. We have to be more discreet.”

Looking around at our group, I realize she’s right. AnnaBelle and Lisa are still dressed in clothing from Earth, and while they can breathe underwater, they still look very human. It’s not likely that any human-looking non-humans will be down there. With my tail, and Angela looking like a mermaid, we’ll likely blend in well enough, but the other two women won’t.

“What. . . .” I begin, not sure exactly what to ask.

“Relax,” the succubus says soothingly. “I wouldn’t have let them come if I didn’t have a plan to get us in there. Just wait here for a moment.” She turns and looks down, waiting for something, and I start to get antsy. Why is she just waiting?

A few minutes later, I see a group of four creatures swimming towards us.

“Calm down,” Angela says when she sees me tense up. “Just follow my lead.”

As the creatures come closer, I see that they’re three mermen and a mermaid, all topless. The men’s muscles are thick, and ripple as they swim. Even the woman looks tough. Two of the men and the woman each have a sword in hand. The third man carries a trident, and seems to be in charge.

“State your business for coming to Atlantis,” the trident toting merman states officiously.


Angela swims forward, stopping a respectful distance away, and bows to their leader. The bow actually looks odd in the water, but she pulls it off. “Captain,” she starts, “I come bearing gifts from Marchosias. These two women have been breed to look human, yet are able to breathe in your lord’s realm. I have been told that Lord Varun is expecting this year’s tribute from the demon Marchosias.”

The captain approaches the two women, and only gives my tail a cursory glance, and my bare groin an unhappy frown. “They look human, alright,” he states. “Where did you get the clothing? It looks authentic as well.”

Angela gives an easy laugh before replying. “I’m actually a succubus, only in this form to assist in delivering my master’s rent. I can travel freely between realms, as long as I’m cautious.”

“I know what you are, demon. I could smell your stink a mile off.” It takes some effort not to whip the merman with my tail at his insulting comment. The man is arrogant, and condescending, but I see a warning glance from Angela, and hold still. He notices anyway. “Seems your lackey doesn’t know his place.”

“Please ignore him, captain. He was a failed breeding experiment. A mute. I only brought him to assist in delivering these other women,” she easily lies. I knew that succubae had to be masters of deceit, but if I didn’t know any better, she’d have me believing her.

I wonder though, if the laws state that there can be no interbreeding, how would Marchosias get away with it?

The captain grunts, and dismisses me like a piece of trash. “See that he behaves.” He swims around us once more, before adding, “You can leave them in my care, and be gone.” He waves his three subordinates towards us, but Angela clears her throat.

“Respectfully, Captain, my orders were to deliver them directly into the dungeons. My master doesn’t want another incident.” Angela’s tone is respectful, but at the same time insistent.

The captain glares at the succubus, while the other three surround us. If this goes badly, we’re in trouble. Looking at the mer-people, I notice the mermaid sneaking glances at my package. I try to give her a winning smile, but she huffs and looks away. Her attitude doesn’t hide her slight blush though.

“That situation was rectified, and the one responsible punished. Do not impugn upon my honor, succubus.” There is no mistaking the anger in the merman’s voice.

What incident is this? I wonder, but things are moving too fast for me to think long on it.

“I understand, captain, but my orders were clear. My punishment will be severe if I fail my master.” My heart almost breaks to hear the pleading in her voice, even though I know the story is false.

“What do I care about the punishment of a succubus?” the captain glares at the dark-skinned succubus. The mermaid swims up to the captain and whispers something to him. He backhands her, sending her sprawling through the water. “Don’t presume to tell me my job, Ondine.” Despite being struck, Ondine rights herself, and takes up her post again, her cheek turning red where the captain had struck her. The captain turns back to Angela with a sour look on his face. “Fine, we will take you to the dungeons, succubus, and then you will depart, or face Lord Varun’s wrath.” He smiles wickedly as he adds, “And lately, his wrath has been vicious, indeed. Especially to women.”

He begins to swim away, and the other three around us indicate we should follow. I take Lisa again, as we’re escorted to the massive castle. I don’t miss the fact that Ondine swims next to me, with one merman behind us, and the other one on the other side of Angela and AnnaBelle.

Looking at Ondine, I begin to wonder if all mermaids have smaller breasts, as her brown hair streams behind her in the water.

As we enter the city, I marvel at the architecture around us. Doors open up to the water on every level; there is no need to only have entryways at the base, as anyone can swim.

“You swim worse than a newborn,” Ondine snidely says next to me, and I have to keep my mouth shut, as I’m supposed to be mute. Instead I try to smile dumbly at her, nodding my head. She doesn’t seem impressed.

Our escort leads us down to the seafloor, and over to a door in the side of one of the castle’s minarets. He pounds on the door and a moment later a panel moves aside. The unmistakable eyes of a Grindylow peep out.

“Tribute to Varun from the demon Marchosias,” the captain announces, disgust in his tone and the door opens a moment later. “Take them in, and come right back out.” He glances at the little Grindylow, and it’s obvious he thinks very little of the creature. “This thing will show you where they belong,” he states, referring to the Grindylow as an object.

“Might I ask one last boon?” Angela asks, and I see anger flare up in the captain’s eyes, but she continues. “The streets can be dangerous for my kind here, and I fear for our safety as we attempt to leave your city. Would you mind escorting us out?”

My eyes nearly bulge at her request. Is she crazy? This self-centered merman would never let us leave all together, especially not if we have Brooke with us. What is she thinking?

The captain glares at the four of us, before responding. “I couldn’t care less about your safety, succubus, but for some reason Lord Varun allows that demon master of yours to reside on our borders. It won’t due to anger him any further.” Is that a smug look I see on Ondine’s face? Is that what she’d said to the captain to get him to escort us down here? Unfortunately, I’m not the only one to see it. “Ondine here can escort you back.” He turns to the mermaid, a malicious gleam in his eyes. “Escort them all the way in and back out; then when you have taken them outside the city, return and report directly to my chambers.” His tone indicates that she won’t like reporting back to him.

Great! Way to go, Angela, I think. Now we have a babysitter. Really, what is she thinking?

Before anything else can be said, the captain gathers up his other two mermen and they swim off.

Despite myself, I feel bad for the mermaid. We had gotten her into trouble, and while she might be the enemy, she hadn’t done anything to us personally to deserve her treatment.

I open my mouth to apologize to her, but remember I’m supposed to be a mute, and close it again, glaring at Angela.

“Come on,” Ondine says dejectedly. “Let’s get this over with.”

She swims through the opening, and we follow, but not before I shoot Angela another dark glance. For some reason she just smiles at me. I wonder what’s going through the two human women’s minds, as we enter the dim corridor. They’ve remained silent the whole time.

I’m soon lost, as we make turn after turn, until we enter an area full of cells. Most of them are full, and their occupants look at us dejectedly, but none of them speak.

“Why are the cells so full?” Angela asks the mermaid.

Ondine glares at her for a second, before sighing resignedly and answering, “Lord Varun is wise, and sees traitors better than his own guards.” Her words say one thing, her tone another. Lord Varun has grown paranoid. Is this because of TanaVesta’s treatment?

Ondine leads us ever deeper, and I notice that Grindylows are the jail keepers. Are they on our side? Not very likely, I realize. They wouldn’t have had time to hear about what happened on the beach.

Finally the disgruntled mermaid stops before an empty cell, and orders a Grindylow to open it. As the little green creature unlocks the cell, the real mermaid turns to us, and for some reason I see hope in her eyes.

“Would your master be willing to take me in?” The words surprise me, but Angela only smiles. She must have known this was coming, but how?

“He would be willing I think, but you know that you would be ostracized. No longer allowed back here,” the succubus mermaid says evenly. “You would be an outcast.”

The mermaid seems to think this over for a bit, before replying. “Every day it becomes more dangerous here. Varun has grown more and more paranoid. I will never advance as a guard, and there is no place for me here.” She looks around nervously, and I’m surprised she ignores the Grindylow. I don’t miss her leaving out the ‘Lord’ before saying the Pillar of Water’s name. “Females are in the most danger. Any slight mistake and we’re thrown in one of these cells. Even after Brooke rescued our Lord from the Pillar of Fire, he refuses to trust any mermaids.”

Thinking back, I realize that most of the creatures down here that I could recognize the gender of, have been female. With Ondine ordered to come back and face her captain, I don’t blame her for wanting to get away when she has the chance. Hearing Brooke’s name, though, sends a bolt of electricity through my system, and it takes all of my effort not to demand to know where my childhood friend is being kept.

Before I have the chance to act, however, the Grindylow does, striking the mermaid in the back of the skull, and knocking her out. He then drags her into the cell, and locks it.

I stare in shock at the little creature, wondering what’s going on. “Come Generator,” the little green creature says. “Your friend is this way.”

“What’s going on?” Lisa asks, speaking for the first time in awhile. Angela and I exchange glances, but apparently even she hadn’t been expecting this.

“We can’t just leave this poor creature,” AnnaBelle says, but the Grindylow is already taking off. I can worry about Ondine later. Right now, Brooke needs me.

Grabbing Lisa once more, I use my dragon’s tail to propel me through the water after our little helper. We don’t go far, before he stops and unlocks another cell.

“Don’t look,” Angela warns, but it’s too late.

Brooke is inside. Or what’s left of her. Fingers are missing from her right hand, and the fins on her tail are completely missing. Her face is mottled with bruises and cuts, as is the rest of her bare torso. Her normally small breasts are swollen with bruises, and I can’t imagine the torture she’s been through.

Tears come to my eyes, but they blend in immediately with the surrounding water. I’m too late, I realize. She’s already dead. Once again, I curse myself for not rushing right down here to rescue her. I know I never would have made it without doing everything else, but I still can’t stop the self-recriminating thoughts accusing me of not doing enough.

“No!” I cry out as I enter the cell, not wanting to believe it. Picking her up in my arms, I cradle her damaged face to my chest, sobbing at the frustration of it all. Why couldn’t I have been quicker?

Then I remember that she had left to warn others of TanaVesta’s treachery, when she’d been captured. If I hadn’t told her about the Pillar of Fire’s plans, she never would have left, and she’d be alive now.

“Lyden,” AnnaBelle says to me softly, “we need to go.”

Looking up, I glare at the woman, ready to unleash my wrath. I know she doesn’t deserve it, but damn it, doesn’t she understand? The woman that had been there for me ever since I was a child is dead, and it’s my fault.

A groan pulls my attention away from AnnaBelle, and I find myself looking down into open sea-green eyes.

“Lyden?” Brooke asks, confusion thick in her raw voice. She pushes me away from her, shaking her head. “No! You can’t be. Lyden can’t come down here. He’s too afraid of the water.” She tries to scuttle away from me, but she’s weak and her tail isn’t working properly.

“Brooke, it’s me,” I tell her excitedly. She’s ALIVE! “I got over my fear to rescue you!”

“Not so loud,” Angela hisses at me, but I don’t care. Brooke is alive, and that’s all that matters. I wasn’t too late.

“But . . . but how?” the damaged mermaid asks.

“That doesn’t matter right now,” I say, swimming over to her. “We need to get you out of here.”

“I-I can’t,” she stutters, looking at her ruined tail and hand.

I ignore her as I pull her into a tight embrace, forgetting about her injuries until I hear her grunt in pain. I loosen my grip, but she pulls me back to her, hugging me as tightly as her weakened arms are able to.

“Generator,” I hear the Grindylow say respectfully, recalling to me that the little creature was still there, “you need to go, before someone else arrives.”

Looking to the little green guy I nod, before looking back into Brooke’s swollen eyes. “I’m not leaving you behind,” I tell her, and cut off her protests with a soft kiss.

Glittering multi-colored light suddenly shines brightly in the cell, and something tickles my mind. Almost, I feel as though I should be hearing something, but my ears feel stopped up.

“What’s going on?” someone asks, and I can hear them just fine, but my concentration is absorbed by the glowing multi-faceted light hanging right outside the cell. An orb about two feet in diameter floats there, and from time to time throws off a myriad of colors.

“Lyden,” Angela says, fear thick in her voice, “I think it wants an answer.”

I stare at the succubus, confused. An answer? An answer to what?

The colors flash again, and I have to shield my eyes, but I still don’t know what it wants.

“What’s it saying?” I ask. “I don’t understand.”

“Oh, dear Lord,” AnnaBelle beseeches the light, her tone awed and pious, “forgive this man his sins. We didn’t know you were watching over her.”

The light flares, and I swear it’s angry, but I still can’t understand the thing. I can easily sense its power, and can see the other women quaking where they float in the water.

“But . . . my Lord,” AnnaBelle says in confusion, “I don’t understand. Why would you want him dead?” The light speaks again in its colorful way, and I watch as AnnaBelle debases herself before the thing. “Forgive me Lord, for questioning your wisdom. It will be as you command.”

AnnaBelle turns to me, a deep sorrow in her clear brown eyes. “I’m sorry Lyden, but God has spoken. His will be done.” She pushes off the floor, coming for me, her hands outstretched, but the Grindylow intercepts her, entangling her arms within its tentacles.

“Go!” the Grindylow commands, but I won’t leave AnnaBelle behind, even if she is trying to kill me.

What is that light? What has it done to AnnaBelle, to make her think that this is her God? Hadn’t Angela told her that God was the Pillar of Light? Or is this the Pillar of Light?

The question is knocked from my mind, as Lisa’s foot connects with my skull. Dazedly, I look at the blonde woman, as she comes at me, and I see the colored lights reflecting from her blue eyes. That thing is controlling them!

I try to fend off Lisa’s attacks, but the water slows my movements, while seeming to aid her. She is too skilled, and I feel her hands tighten around my throat. Desperately I look around, and see Angela trying to use her arms to swim to me, her eyes clear, but her tail refuses to work. Fear and worry are in the succubus’s eyes, but not the multi-hued light. At least she is mostly free of the thing’s influence.

A quick glance at Brooke shows that she is free of the thing’s mind control also, but equally unable to reach me with her injuries.

Why is it only Lisa and AnnaBelle that are affected by the thing?

My vision starts to go black, as I’m struggling to breathe through Lisa’s choking grasp, and I focus my mind on the glowing orb. Is this the timeless foe the prophecy warns about? Is this the same one that’d been in TanaVesta’s chambers? If so, a generator is supposed to come forth, and save or fail. How can I fight something like this?

I remember something Angela recently told me about my ability; that I absorb ambient energy. Well, this thing is throwing off energy like it was going out of style. Concentrating the last of my consciousness on it, I try to absorb its energy. Perhaps if I get enough, I can block its control over my friends.

The area sudden grows dark, and I feel Lisa’s hands loosen their grip just before I pass out.

“Oh my god,” Lisa exclaims, covering her mouth. “I’m so sorry. I couldn’t stop myself. Lyden, are you okay?” Suddenly I’m surrounded by three women, all looking at me worriedly, even Brooke. “I knew what I was doing, but I wasn’t in control.”

“Get off me!” I hear AnnaBelle cry out. “My Lord, where did you go?”

“It’s okay,” I tell the Grindylow who’s still holding the older woman. “The thing’s gone now.”

The green little guy warily releases AnnaBelle from its tentacles, and swims a short distance, never taking his eyes off of her.

For her part, the older woman sinks to the floor, and weeps. I can’t imagine what she must be going through.

“We need to get going, before that thing sends reinforcements,” I say, rubbing at my sore throat. My voice is raw, and Lisa is still telling me how sorry she is, but I cut her off with a hug. “It’s not your fault,” I tell her. “I know that, but we really need to get out of here.”

The others agree, though Brooke tries to protest. “Leave me here. I’ll just slow you down.”

“To hell with that!” I exclaim, pulling the too thin mermaid up under my right arm, and grabbing Lisa’s hand, I use my tail to propel us out of the cell, following the Grindylow.

“What about Ondine?” AnnaBelle demands as Angela hauls her along. I can still hear sadness in her voice, but she seems to be recovering. “We can’t just leave her here!”

Damn her and her bleeding heart, I think viciously. I know her attacking me hadn’t been her fault, but I’m still angry at the situation, and my head still hurts from where Lisa had kicked it.

“Lyden,” she continues to plead, “what happened to not leaving someone behind?”

And there she goes, using my own words and principles against me.

“Ondine?” Brooke asks. “She’s down here?”

“Yes,” I reply, trying not to sound too angry. “She asked us to take her with us, but she didn’t know we were really here to rescue you.”

“Lyden,” Brooke’s face is right next to mine, and I can hear some measure of strength return to her voice. “Ondine was always kind to me. If she needs our help, you can’t leave her.”

“Damn it!” I swear, not even trying to hide my anger.

“I don’t think I’ve ever heard you swear,” Brooke says, shocked at my language, and just like that, my anger flees.

What is wrong with me? They’re right, of course. I can’t leave the other mermaid down here, where I know she’ll be punished for letting us escape. Is this the mistake the prophecy warns me of?

Shaking my head, I realize I need to stop second guessing every decision I make. That way will lead to madness and nothing ever getting accomplished. I wish I’d never heard that danged prophecy.

“Grindylow,” I call after the creature leading us, “we need to get back to Ondine.”

If he hears me or ignores me, I’m not sure, but a couple seconds later, he stops outside of the mermaid’s cell.

Ondine is awake, and she glares at us, until she sees Brooke under my arm. “You were really here to rescue her,” she says, and I can’t tell if she’s happy about that, or some other emotion. Why can’t I get Angela’s ability to read someone’s motives? “Please, take me with you!”

I nod to the Grindylow, and he unlocks the cell door.

“We’d better get moving!” Angela states, her tone filled with worry and fear. “I can hear them coming.”

I can’t hear anything, but I’m not willing to chance it either. We get moving, and Ondine swims next to me. “Let me take Brooke,” she states. “I can swim faster, and you can too if you only have to carry one.”

Can I trust her? And if so, do I hand over Brooke, or Lisa?

I hear a shout behind us, and realize I don’t have time to decide. I’ll be able to swim better with Lisa, and since Ondine can swim faster than I can, she has a better chance of saving Brooke. Lisa at least has some skill to fight, as my ringing head can attest. I hand over the broken and passed out mermaid, and redouble my efforts, doing my best to keep up with the agile Grindylow darting down the winding corridors. Looking behind us, I can’t see our pursuers, and guess that they found Brooke’s cell empty.

Looking at my companions, I groan to realize the only one of us that’s armed is Ondine, and her loyalties are still uncertain.

The Grindylow holds the door open for us, as we all zip through the exit. We all angle upwards, pushing hard for the surface. Angela and Ondine easily outpace me, but I catch up to them when they stop under my car.

My car. . . . The Orange Bubble. There are six of us now. Even if someone gets into the space under the hood, it’s going to get very cramped in there.

I look at Brooke, unconscious in Ondine’s arms, and know she can’t be cramped up right now, without further complicating her injuries.

“Angela, Lisa, AnnaBelle, and Brooke will have to get in the car,” I tell the other women. “The rest of us can hold onto the outside, while we move to the beach. Angela, you drive.”

No one moves.

“Lyden, there’s another problem,” AnnaBelle says, and I glare at her. I still haven’t completely forgiven her for being the first to attack me. She’s undaunted though, and continues, “Lisa and I still can’t breathe up there.”

It takes me a couple seconds to understand her words. What does she mean she can’t breathe. Of course she . . . oh, right. She has to fall asleep first, before the potion will wear off, but if they do that under the water, they’ll drown. Not only that, but do we have the time for them to take a nap? It won’t take long for Varun’s guards to put two and two together, and realize where we went.

But if they get into the air, they’ll choke and. . . .

“Lisa, AnnaBelle, get in the car!” I yell to them.

“But—“ AnnaBelle starts, but I interrupt.

“Trust me!” I state and shove Lisa for my vehicle.

“I trust you,” Lisa says, and finishes the swim. I watch as she sucks in a deep breath, and hauls herself out of the water.

“It’s in the Lor—“ AnnaBelle stops and shakes her head. “I don’t know what to believe anymore.” I almost feel sorry for her as she swims to my car, and gets out of the water. The woman had thought she was talking to her God, and been disabused of the notion very rudely. I can still see her eyes though, as she tried to attack me. They had been clear of the light’s influence. She truly had believed that her God was commanding her to kill me.

I follow after the women, trying to push all the water out of my lungs, before I break the surface. I still end up hacking and coughing, and by the time my lungs are clear, and I can wipe clean my eyes, I’m shocked to find a little four inch golden fairy laughing at me.

Three more heads bob out of the water, rain pouring down around us, and Angela is the first to speak. “Arethusa! What are you doing here?”

The golden fairy titters for a few more seconds, before merrily stating, “The generator seems like he might be fun to hang around, as long as he can keep his hands to himself this time.” Her attitude is very different from when she was being held captive in Marchosias’s chamber.

I ignore the pixie, as I concentrate to remove my tail, and crawl into my vehicle. The two human women are gasping, still trying to breathe. AnnaBelle looks at me accusingly, but my heart warms to see Lisa’s trust still in her blue eyes as she chokes.

“As soon as you pass out, you’ll be able to breathe,” I tell them. Understanding lights their eyes and both women stop fighting. Lisa actually tries to hold what little breath she has left and ends up passing out first. As soon as she does, water streams from her mouth, and it actually looks bluer than normal water. The blonde sucks in a deep lungful of air, but stays unconscious.

AnnaBelle passes out right afterwards, and again I watch the unnaturally blue water pour from her mouth, before she starts breathing normally again.

As if the potion has a mind of its own, I watch as the two streams come together, and then as it heads out my car door.

“Lyden, they’re coming,” Angela shouts from the water, and I curse as I remember our original predicament.

“There’s no way you’re all going to fit inside that little thing,” Arethusa says happily. The rain pours down around the little fairy, as she takes flight and examines my car. “I was right,” she states a moment later. “You are a lot more entertaining.” The tiny pixie begins to chant, and I notice her body glowing brightly as she gathers energy for whatever spell she’s about to cast. It still surprises me that the drenching rain doesn’t affect her.

My orange car begins to glow a golden yellow color, and everything seem to stretch out. My doors get farther away, and the back seat grows wider. AnnaBelle and Lisa both tip over, still sleeping, but breathing peacefully. A second seat pops up behind them, and the interior continues expanding, but a sudden scream from outside pulls my attention away.

“Stop it!” Angela cries in anguish, as she holds her hands against her head. “Please, stop it!” The succubus begins to sink back under the water and I dive in after her, barely noting as Arethusa stops her chanting.

Angela meets me coming for her, and together we swim back up to the surface.

“Are you okay?” I gasp as soon as my head breaks the water.

Angela nods her dark tresses at me, but I can still see the shadow of her pain behind her almond shaped eyes.

“Yes,” I hear Arethusa titter. “Very interesting.” The golden little woman looks speculatively from the Orange Bubble to Angela and back again.

I turn to berate her for her cavalier attitude, but remember that we’re being chased.

“Everyone in the—“ I cut off as I look at my car. The Orange bubble is the same. When the fairy quit chanting, it must have reverted back to its original form. Growling, I realize that the only way we’re going to get away is to either leave someone behind, or get very cramped in my little car. There is only one real option. “Everyone in!” I yell, and watch as Angela and Ondine help each other get a groaning Brooke into my car. It’s too dangerous to let anyone hang onto the outside, and try to get away.

“It’s bigger on the inside,” I hear Ondine state as she crawls in.

It can’t be, I think, as Arethusa zips in through the door, and I hear her little titter echo inside. Reaching the open door, I look in, and see that it truly is bigger on the inside. Suddenly I understand Angela’s pain. She’s tied to the car, through the portions of her soul. I can’t imagine what that would have felt like. Then I remember the Orange Bubble getting burned up, and the condition the succubus had been in after the picnic at AnnaBelle’s church. I’m going to have to treat my car a lot better.

Angela and Ondine lay Brooke out comfortably in the car, as I get behind the driver’s seat. I experience an odd sensation of vertigo, as the windshield displays a stretched out version of the horizon. Willing the car underwater and back to the beach off in the distance, I stand and marvel at the way my car is laid out now. There is easy standing space, as well as walking room. There are now two rows of back seats and even a massive bed covered in golden yellow blankets behind that. The floor is covered in a lush golden carpet, and golden tapestries hang down over the windows.

“Are you okay?” I ask Angela again.

“It feels weird,” she tells me, “as if I’m too big for my own skin.”

“I thought this would be a lot more comfortable,” Arethusa pipes up. “If you’d have given me more time, I could have added in an area for a fire pit, a place to use the bathroom, a pool, and even a fountain.”

“Please, NO,” Angela moans, holding her stomach.

Brooke moans on the floor, and I look at the redhead. In the brighter light of my car’s interior, she looks even worse. I can see where her old cuts are, the flesh around them red and raw. Scales are missing from her tail, and I realize she isn’t changing back. Even Ondine has changed to two legs. Guiltily, I have to admit that she has a rather nice set of legs, leading up to—NO! I need to worry about Brooke.

With a quick thought, I send Angela the image of her as a nurse. The same nurse that had helped bring me back to health. I’m not sure if this form imparts any extra knowledge, but it couldn’t hurt. Her blonde hair drops down onto a slender body, covered in a white smock. Sharp blue eyes sit above a pert nose, and a set of deep red, very full lips.

Angela doesn’t miss her transformation, and even the fairy claps appreciatively. The succubus looks at me, only saying, “I understand,” before checking over the prostrate mermaid.

“Am I the only one who’s going to be naked?” Ondine asks, and then blushes as she looks at me. She’s not the only naked one, and suddenly I’m embarrassed to be nude in front of so many women.

“There are clothes for all in the back,” Arethusa states, and I glance at her to see her staring at my cock and slightly rubbing her behind.

I don’t waste any time before heading back to where the bed is, and finding a wardrobe full of clothing. None of it looks like any clothes that are worn on Earth, but I find a decent sized robe, and wrap it about me. The thing has a shiny golden hem—I’m beginning to see a trend in almost everything Arethusa does—but at least the rest of it is a deep blue or purple color.

Ondine puts on a pair of golden baggy pants that I think are called pantaloons, and a loose white blouse that almost looks see-thru, but I can’t make out any details.

“How is she?” I ask, as I get back up to Brooke and Angela.

“Not good,” I’m informed as the succubus frowns down at her patient. “She’s going to need your help again, just to live. I don’t know if we can restore her fingers or fins though.”

I open my mouth to say I’ll help in any way I can, when my car starts honking frantically, and Angela groans, holding her stomach again.

“They caught us,” she moans, before tipping over and groaning some more.

Rushing back up to the driver’s seat, I see we’re surrounded by mer-people. They’re slashing at my car with both swords and tridents. Most bounce off harmlessly, but a couple tear gouges in the frame. Angela groans each time something pierces my car, and I even see a few small cuts spread across her cheeks.

“Sonnuva. . . .” I curse, as I crank the wheel to the left—should I call it port since I’m in the water?— and mash down on the gas. A shocked looked merman gets pressed against the driver’s side window, and I crank the wheel the other way, scaring away a merman that had been about to jab my car with his trident. As I swerve and bob, I notice that there are no mermaids amongst them, only males. Part of me wishes to see the arrogant captain we’d dealt with earlier, but if he’s in the mix, I can’t tell.

I see the ground coming up to meet the surface of the water and remember that the portal is actually just above the beach. I’m going to have to get a running jump at it, and hope my aim is right.

Of course, I can’t do it, unless I can drive straight, but I’m afraid the mermen will tear my car, and by connection, Angela, apart, if I stop swerving.

A merman in front of me suddenly arches his back, and I can see three small tines protruding from his chest. A Grindylow tries to shake the dead man from his trident, before turning and attacking another one. The mermen are thrown into chaos as Grindylows swarm over them, and I have my chance.

I see a shimmer ahead, above the surface of the water, and aim the Orange Bubble for it, willing my car to go as fast as it can.

We break the surface, and go airborne for barely a moment. I have just enough time to see the water churning green, white, and blood red, before we’re surrounded by water again. I see two pillars zoom by, and know we’re back on Earth.

Directing my car to head home as fast as it can, I turn back to face everyone else, and find three sets of angry eyes glaring at me. Lisa and AnnaBelle have woken up, and I can tell that their ride had been a rough one while I’d been dodging the mermen. Only Arethusa seems unruffled, as she grins down at everyone while flitting around.

I ignore them, though as I rush to check on Angela and Brooke. Angela is no longer groaning, and even as I watch, her cuts and scrapes begin to heal.

“Where are we?” Ondine asks, pulling aside a tapestry, and looking out at a school of fish getting out of the Orange Bubble’s way.

“Earth,” I tell her. “Will the mermen follow?”

The mermaid’s eyes grow wide, as she looks back at me in terror. “I thought we were going to the demon, Marchosias. It’s forbidden for me on pain of death to go to Earth.”

“So we’re safe for the time being,” I state, nodding my head. “I’m also guessing that it’s forbidden to abandon your duty, help a prisoner escape, and follow a group of people away from Atlantis?” When she nods, I smile at her, until she understands. She was already a criminal, and she is going to be a lot safer on Earth, than in the demon’s lair.

“Someone help me carry these two back to the bed,” I say, nodding to the two women on the floor.

Lisa rushes over, and picks up the mermaid, while I carry Angela. The martial artist looks questioningly at the woman in her nurse’s uniform, and I just say, “Angela.” She nods, and together we get the women laid down, and under the covers.

“What are you wearing?” Lisa asks me, trying to hide her smile at my outlandish garb.

“Don’t ask,” I reply wryly, before turning to everyone else. “It’s going to take awhile to get home. We might as well get what rest we can, and thanks to Arethusa, we have the room to do so.”

The fairy actually blushes as she says, “Please, call me Areth.” I find a blanket in the wardrobe, and make myself a comfortable place at the foot of the bed. Brooke needs my help the most right now, and I need to sleep to get to give it to her.

Exhausted, I fall asleep almost instantly, but don’t find myself in Brooke’s mind.

“Why am I here?” I ask Angela without any heat as she stands in front of me, still in her nurse persona.

“I figured we could work together to heal her,” the succubus says.

“But you said she isn’t into women,” I remind her.

Angela smiles as she walks up to me, and plants a soft kiss on my lips. Her own ruby red lips are soft as they press against mine, and I can immediately feel my body reacting to her seductive presence. “She doesn’t need to know I’m there. I’m a succubus, remember?”

She takes a step away from me, and I feel a shift in the atmosphere. Everything remains pitch black around me, but things now have a red tinge that is more felt than seen. Instinctively I know we have moved to Brooke’s psyche.

“Lyden?” I hear Brooke’s voice, and turn to see the mermaid fully dressed and standing on two feet. She looks whole and healthy, and I can’t hide my smile at how good she looks. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Angela standing there. The succubus places one finger over her lips, and I know that Brooke can’t see or sense her.

This is going to be interesting. Or entertaining, as Areth would say.

“I can’t believe you came for me!” Brooke rushes forward, and flings herself against me. I catch her easily, using my own willpower to keep myself upright. “How did you get over your fear of deep water?” she cries into my neck.

Looking over at Angela, I make sure she hears my words as well. “You’d be surprised what I’m willing to go through for the people I love.”

Brooke pulls away from me, and her eyes search mine. Behind her, I can see a tear roll down Angela’s cheek and off her chin. I can no longer deny that I love both these women. I don’t care what that says about my own personality, or moral code. Brooke has been with me since I was a child. Yes, I know she may have had a hand in killing my parents, but I’ll deal with that later. We’ve been through too much history together to feel anything else.

Angela had introduced me to a whole new world. If not for her, I might never have known about my heritage, or my abilities. She’s also saved my hide more than once.

I love both women.

“But we can’t be together,” Brooke states, trying to pull away again, but I refuse to let her go. “We talked about this. It can’t happen between us.”

“Would you just be quiet, and enjoy the moment,” I softly chide her, and she stops struggling. “You need to recover, and I can help you. If you don’t want to be together out there in the real world, then fine. But don’t deny yourself what I know your heart feels in here.”

“I want to, Lyden,” she pleads with me, “I really do, but can we keep that line separate?”

“Does it matter?” I ask, raising one eyebrow and challenging her.

“You’ve been taking lessons from the succubus,” she accuses me, lightly hitting my chest with her open palm. “I take it she’s the black girl that helped save me?” I nod, and she smiles ruefully. “She’s a better woman than I gave her credit for,” she murmurs, but then her eyes grow wide as she looks up at me. “But don’t you dare tell her I said that!”

It takes all my effort not to laugh, or look at the succubus, still invisible to the mermaid.

“She won’t hear it from my lips,” I promise her.

“I know it won’t last, but I see no reason we can’t be together only in our minds.” She seals her words with a kiss, and I feel her clothing vanish a moment before my own disappear. She breaks the kiss again, and I can tell that she’s trying to come to a decision. “You’d better not make me regret this Lyden Snow, but yes, I do love you too.”

Smiling, I lift her up, and mentally tilt the world around us, until she’s lying on top of me. Her hips slowly begin to move on top of me, and I’m still rock hard from Angela’s kiss. A part of me feels guilty about that, so I pull her body up mine, until I can plant my lips against her sex.

Using my tongue, I split her labia, and taste her juices, enjoying the tangy taste. Some irreverent part of my mind wonders why a mermaid doesn’t taste fishy, but I push that thought aside. She doesn’t, and I like that!

Her fingers dig into my hair, as she grinds her pussy against my mouth. “Oh, Lyden, yes, right there.” Reaching around her body with my right hand, I find her small left breast, and tweak her nipple, sending her body into convulsions.

I immediately throw up a mental shield; blocking any energy that might come my way, but feel nothing. As she comes down from her climax, she stands, and I catch a glimpse of Angela, only a few feet away from us, her large left breast in her left hand, nipple rolling between her fingers, and her right hand busily rubbing her clit. The view ends as Brooke turns around, and sits back on my face, bends over and I feel my cock slip between her soft lips.

My moan is muffled by her wet slit, as I feel her tongue moving around the rim of my rod. My hands move around her body, grabbing each globe of her rear and pulling her down tighter against my hungry mouth.

Running my tongue around her clit, I nuzzle my nose into her hole, then suck hard, pulling her clitoris between my teeth, and nibbling lightly. She starts to go wild, but I don’t loosen my grip, until she’s done flooding my mouth with her delectable juices.

I can feel her saliva sliding down my shaft and dripping from my scrotum as her head bobs up and down. My cock conforms to her throat, as she begins to swallow it deeper, occasionally coming up for air, before dropping back down again. Her red curly hair tickles my thighs, and I try to concentrate on that sensation, to last longer.

Finally I can take it no longer, and have to pull her off me. A few more seconds, and she would have had me blowing down her throat. While I know the ultimate reason for me being here in her mind is to heal her with my own orgasm, I want to prolong the experience as long as possible.

“You’re too good at what you do,” I tell her smiling, and then smile even more as she blushes, moving her hair behind her left ear with one hand, and looking demurely away.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see Angela sitting with her legs spread, three fingers buried deep in her coochy, and bringing herself off. Even when she orgasms, I don’t feel any transfer or mixing of souls. Why is it different here? Obviously it worked last time, while in the Sahara Desert. Brooke had gotten better then. But why the difference in sensations between here and reality?

My attention returns to Brooke when she crawls over me and presses her lips against mine. Her hand snakes down between us, and she grabs me at my base, rubbing my head against the entrance to her promised land. Thankfully, there was a break between her amazing blowjob and the moment I enter her, or the pure delight of feeling her pussy stretch around my penis would have set me off.

It only takes her a few seconds to get me fully inside her, and we moan into each others’ mouths at our completion. Her hands are on my cheeks, as her tongue dives into my mouth in time with our hips humping against each other.

My cock stirs around her insides, and I can feel another orgasm coming close for her, as she gasps, and hugs me tightly to her slim body.

“Oh, Lyden, I love you so much. Thank you for rescuing me. You have no idea how much you mean to me!” she moans into my ear.

“I love you,” I state simply, and feel her vaginal walls clamp down hard on me. I have to stop moving all together, as her fluids gush out around my penetrating member.

This time around in her mind is different, and not just because Angela is here. It’s more emotional, and I feel closer to both women than ever before. I guess this is the difference between making love, and having sex.

Using my mental strength, I lift the mermaid off me, and turn her around. Placing her on her hands and knees, I plant my feet on either side of her, grip her slim hips, and slide back into her pussy. It feels like I go even deeper into her in this position. Pulling all the way out except for the tip, I slam back forward, pulling her hips back to meet me. My balls slap against her clit, and she shudders and moans as I repeat the motion again and again.

I watch in shock as the succubus gets up from her position on our right, and plants herself in front of Brooke, only a few inches away. Thankfully the mermaid can’t see her, as the hot nurse slips the middle two fingers on her right hand into her slit, and reaches around with her other hand to slip one finger into her anus. She grins wickedly at me, as she uses both arms, her large breasts jiggling deliciously, to bring herself off again right in front of the mermaid.

Between Angela’s visual treat, and the blissful warmth of Brooke’s vagina around my cock, I can’t hold back any more. Pulling out, I fire my first load across the redhead’s back, then aim higher, and the next volley splatters across the slutty nurse.

I don’t even try to block any energy, as I just enjoy my own climax, the lustful look painted across the succubus’s beautiful face, and Brooke’s own moans of pleasure.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Big thanks to Garbonzo607 for the awesome edits, ideas, and advice. Without his help, this story would have been a LOT more lackluster and confusing.

Can’t wait until chapter 15? Go read it on my blog now! You can get the address by PM’ing me or visiting my forum.

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