I woke to the girls on me and the hint of dawn in the skylights. I caressed Kim and Dara before slipping out of bed. When I stepped out the door Manty turned, “good morning.”

I smiled as I went to open the bathing wagon. I glanced at the ward where the four wagons had been and the layer of ash over the glass like ground. I moved to the horses to see them looking much better and sleeping. I nodded to one of the leopards as I stretched and stripped and let my robe drop.

I went back to the bathing wagon and climbed in as I warmed the water. I let the wild magic trickle through me as I sent the water up and laid down. I floated as I let the wild magic reach out around us. When it didn’t find anymore vampires I relaxed. I caught Amanda when she straddled me, “cub.”

She lifted and slowly sat on my cock with a sigh and a wiggle. I cupped her breasts and she rubbed her pussy back and forth as she touched the stone on her collar. It came off and she smiled as she put her hands on my chest, “it is time da.”

I rubbed her nipples as her pussy grasped and kept squeezing my cock. I let one hand move down her body to her pelvis as I let the wild magic fill me. It was strangely different, more gentle, almost like it knew what was going to happen. I murmured the spell of keeping as I felt inside her, “it will be twins my lover.”

She sighed and started to rock, each time she lifted her pussy would tighten and squeeze. It wasn’t long before she shuddered and spasmed as she began to wail. I lifted us until I was standing with Amanda fully impaled. I laid her back on the solid seeming air and caressed her firm body and held her hips as I began to fuck her.

I used long deep thrusts and glanced out at the other girls holding each other and watching. It wasn’t long before Amanda was spasming as her pussy grasped and clenched around my cock. She twisted and wailed and wet me several times as I continued to fuck her. I used firm strokes and began to press into her harder as her pussy gripped my cock.

I finally buried my cock and pushed harder as I grunted and peed a thick stream of cum through and into her womb. Amanda stiffened and then began shaking as her pussy milked the sperm out of my cock. She jerked as her pussy continued to grasp and squeeze my cock while I spurted. When I was done she sighed and had a happy smile on her face.

I pulled her off my cock and stood her up as the others came in and crowded around. I gave her a kiss before she was pulled away and into the middle of the others. Brandy turned me and gave me a kiss before starting to wash me, “Cara is going to wait a few months.”

I cupped her breasts and rubbed the nipples, “she is spreading the babies out so I will always have diapers to change.”

Tammy hugged me from behind, “but you are so good at it.”

I grinned back at her before someone began splashing and that started the others until I escaped. I dried myself as I walked out and summoned spider webs to make a silk robe, “Edward?”

He turned and grinned, “I can’t save you from yourself.”

I laughed, “close up the wagon and start harnessing the horses. Put the live ones on long leads behind Kaira and Lynn’s wagon.”

I let the wild magic fill me and sealed the fountain and put the fire out on the platform. I glanced at Abe and the other scouts, “keep your eyes open. The return of chaos will bring many creatures out of hiding and most will not be good.”

Abe nodded and a minute later I removed the ward shields. I watched them ride out before turning as the girls emerged from their morning shower, “time to go and no riding ahead.”

I climbed up onto the wagon seat and waited for Edward and Pam to finish harnessing the teams. I still had wild magic filling me and created a small portal to the library, “creatures of darkness or chaos.”

Several texts and scrolls moved off shelves and began floating towards me. I closed the portal and sent all but one into the wagon. I brought an empty text and looked at Grif when he stopped beside the wagon, “You, George, Abby and William keep your eyes open.”

He nodded and glanced back, “I believe the girls are plotting.”

I smiled as I gestured to Edward and we began to move, “they are always plotting.”

I remembered the gold I had summoned and made into coins and brought the wild magic in before murmuring a couple of spells. I began reading and a few minutes later Tammy climbed up and sat beside me, “How long before we reach Faith?”

I glanced up at her, “three days if I remember right. I just hope nothing happens before we reach her.”

She nodded as she opened my robe and turned to straddle me. She wiggled down my cock as I set the text aside and held her. She leaned against me and gave me a kiss, “may I take Amanda and Cara and go ahead?”

She rolled her hips as she rubbed her pussy on me and I caressed her hips, “to make sure she is safe?”

She sighed and wiggled, “yes.”

Her pussy grasped and squeezed as it became slicker, “take Storm with you. Watch the lake as well as the forest.”

She shuddered and jerked as she wet me and her pussy tightened, “ooohhh!”

I smiled, “and Max and Leo.”

She wailed as she began to spasm and I glanced at Leo beside us when he chuckled, “and Simon, Manty and Brandon.”

I looked at him before nodding and kissing Tammy. She was twisting and rolling her hips while her pussy milked my cock. I held her hips and began moving her back and forth, dragging and rubbing her pussy on me. She howled and began to convulse as I humped and started thrusting up.

It was a couple of minutes before she shoved down just as I started pumping a fountain of cum up inside her. Her pussy tightened and she clutched me, “yyyeeessss!”

When I stopped cumming the girls were walking beside the wagon and laughing. Tammy sighed and kissed me before standing and climbing down. Kim ended up going with Tammy and I missed them as soon as they were gone. Brandy and Dara climbed up to ride with me as I went back to reading.

Brandy was singing and the tiny dragon kept bringing tiny pieces of wood to her. I finished the text just after noon and sat back to think. Dara cleared her throat and I looked at her, “yes?”

She was looking into the forest on the right, “something isn’t right.”

I opened my mouth and one of the scouts rode out and crossed to the wagon, “spider webs Amerlyn, huge spider webs.”

I looked around before letting the wild magic flow into me. I whispered and a moment later jerked up and murmured, “return.”

I looked at the scout, “stay close to the wagons.”

I looked ahead, “EDWARD!”

The wild magic wasn’t just filling me it was roaring into me like a storm. I stood and gestured and a huge ward shield flared as it appeared. I felt Kaira and Lynn as they came out and gestured to the archers, “watch for large spiders.”

Edward and Pam trotted to me as scouts rushed out of the forest. Lynn and Kaira walked up as I twisted and looked around, “we have chaos spiders around us and moving in.”

They frowned and Lynn spoke, “magic doesn’t...”

I gestured, “indirect means like with the giants.”

I summoned the spider webs as I reached out. I knew that would bring all the spiders in, “enspell the real horses so they don’t panic.”

Kaira nodded as Lynn climbed up to stand beside me. Brandy pulled Dara onto her lap and shifted over to give us room. I sent the spider webs up as they began arriving and started a ball of webs spinning. Loud clacking and screams from the forest came to us. Kaira climbed up and moved around to stand in front of Brandy and Dara.

I gestured and the huge sword separated from the wagon and floated around before stopping beside us. The attack was sudden but like the giants they hit the ward shield and couldn’t pass. Arrows from the archers began striking them and then arrows from Edward and Pam.

I murmured and held up my fist as Kaira and Lynn began creating stone knives and throwing them. The sword streaked out to stab and slice but there were hundreds of spiders that were six or eight feet tall. I finished my spell as the wild magic roared through me and a hugely thick lightning bolt exploded into the sky.

It returned in dozens of bolts that struck the ward shield and the spiders around it. It left smoking husks on the ground, those touching the shield burst into flames. More lightning began striking around the now glowing ward shield as many of the spiders finally turned to flee. A barrier had appeared blocking their way back into the forest.

They screamed as they continued to die. When it was finally over Lynn and Kaira slumped down on the seat with Brandy and Dara while I climbed down. I let the wild magic continue to fill me as I murmured and towers of white flame burned each spider to ash. I removed the barrier I had put up.

Once the last spider was ash I brought water up and turned it to mist. I watched as the ash settled and went to check the horses before returning. I nodded to Edward and he turned to start us moving as I climbed up. Lynn and Kaira were leaning against each other and Dara moved off Brandy and around to sit on my lap, “I have never seen spiders like those.”

I cupped a breast and played with the nipple, “chaos spiders normally only live in the deep forest.”

I glanced up at the huge ball of spider webs and pulled in the wild magic before I began to spin it into silk. I let Dara pick the first color and then Lynn and then Kaira followed by Brandy before I started all over again. When I finished I had several dozen colorful bolts of silk and grinned at Kaira when she sent it to her wagon.

The scouts went ahead and spread out as both Grif and George landed to walk beside the wagon. Kaira and Lynn slipped away a little later to make gowns they said. We stopped in a clearing at a road intersection with a fire platform already in place. I let Edward and Pam set up the wagons as I climbed down with Brandy and Dara.

I held Brandy’s hand as I ignited the platform and then made a small water basin and reached down to bring up water. I made chairs and a platform for the leopards and let Brandy go. She headed for the wagon and pulled Dara after her. I sighed as I let the wild magic in and summoned ore from deep in the earth.

I removed the few impurities as more merged with the growing sphere. I glanced at Kaira and Lynn as they slipped into the wagon and absently heated and refined the ore into metal. I pulled off a bit and spun it into a tiny glyphs of life and regrowth. When I had it the way I wanted I gestured and the sphere bulged before seeming to explode in a thousand glyphs.

I pulled them together so they touched each other and began another long and very complex spell of regeneration. When I finished I sighed as the wild magic flooded me. I reached down into the earth again and brought up stone that shimmered and became glassy. It merged together and then thin chain spun off it and began threading through each glyph.

I brought wood and created a small chest and let the new glyph pendents drop into it. Brandy came out and pulled on my hand to bring me into the wagon. I smiled as I followed her into the kitchen and sat across from Kaira and Lynn at the table. Dara sat on my lap as Brandy moved to the stove and dinner began heading to the table.

Dara wiggled, “Lynn and Kaira want you to get them pregnant.”

I glanced at the two mages, “have you thought this through?”

They smiled and Kaira caught and pulled Brandy onto her lap, “we have. We are lovers and want children. Kim and Tammy as well as your daughters have told us you would make a good father.”

They looked at each other as Kaira absently started caressing Brandy. Lynn cleared her throat, “we would like to continue traveling with you but... but together.”

I smiled, “you just need me to get pregnant.”

They nodded and I hugged Dara and rubbed a nipple as I thought. I looked at them, “with the return of chaos I would want conditions.”

They waited and I sighed, “if something were to happen to you, the child or children would stay with me.”

They nodded and I smiled, “then tonight we will see what we can do.”

I looked at Dara, “my nymph I have need of a surrogate tonight. Would you like to accept my seed for Kaira and Lynn?”

She grinned and wiggled, “okay.”

Brandy laughed and kissed Kaira on the mouth, “can we warm them up before you fuck them?”

I smiled as I began to feed Dara, “you and Dara may enjoy them but that is why I need a surrogate.”

Lynn grinned as she turned to suck on one of Brandy’s nipples, “we didn’t think of that.”

Brandy shuddered as Kaira giggled, “you are getting extra sperm tonight Dara.”

She laughed and wiggled on my lap, “oh goody.”

I smiled and kept feeding both of us until we were done. After the kitchen was clean I pulled Dara after me and back to the bed. Kaira and Lynn followed with Brandy who was panting. I let Dara go and slipped my robe off before stopping Lynn and Kaira. I undressed them as Brandy crawled into bed and onto Dara.

I caressed Kaira and let the wild magic in before whispering a spell. She shuddered as she let me and Lynn hugged her. When I was done I turned and pulled Lynn close to feel her and then place the spell into her. When I finished I pushed them towards the bed, “on the far side.”

Brandy reached for Lynn and rolled before kissing her and sliding down. Kaira laughed as she stalked onto the bed and turned around to straddle Lynn’s head. I moved over Dara and gave her a kiss before sliding down to open her pussy and lick. She shuddered and lifted her hips as she moaned.

I started by wiggling my tongue on her clit before sucking and gently nibbling. She shuddered as her hips lifted and she moaned. I continued to tease her clit and occasionally licked through her pussy. It wasn’t long before she was shaking and humping as she twisted and tried to close her legs.

I smiled as I moved up and over her before giving her a kiss. I pushed into her suddenly and buried my cock. She arched her back and howled as her pussy gripped my cock, “aaaahhhh!”

I kissed her again before I began to fuck her with long deep strokes. Each time I buried my cock I pressed and rubbed against her. She shuddered and started jerking while her tight pussy began to contract and tighten. She clutched me as I kept fucking her firmly and she wailed while bucking and struggling.

I continued to fuck her with deep thrusts and she twisted and shook almost violently. I fucked her hard and she howled as her pussy clenched, “fffuuuccckkk!”

It was awhile before I shoved all the way into her and kissed her and murmured the completion of the spell. I pressed against her cervix before my cock erupted and began gushing and spewing. She hugged me tight as her pussy milked the cum out of my cock. I looked at Lynn and Kaira as they spasmed and jerked while clinging to each other.

When I stopped cumming I relaxed and gave Dara a kiss before pulling back and fucking her again. She spasmed and clutched me tight, “Amerlyn!”

Dara was exhausted when she fell asleep and both Kaira and Lynn had cum leaking out of their pussy as they held each other. I held and caressed Brandy as she snuggled against me and closed my eyes.
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