Gaby visits the new house

Gaby (Chap 5) Gaby gets a new home (Part II)

Sunday morning I woke early and when I started out of my bed my sister, Birgitte stretched her arms next to me and smiled. Her long blond hair was a mess from our all-night bunny fuck and a few more things she had me do to her body. She sure managed to catch up on fucking, which she said she had been without ‘like forever’. She slapped my butt and told me to go freshen up and come right back. ‘Freshen up’ is code for ‘I hate men’s stubble on my sensitive pussy skin’. So I shaved, showered, brushed my teeth and got a big bottle of juice out of the fridge.

While I puttered around in the kitchen, I could hear water running in the bathroom. So I put a bagel in the toaster and set up breakfast. Birgitte came into the kitchen naked, drying her hair and running her long fingers through it. “Smells good, but I need your help in the bedroom before we eat,” she said with a sexy grin. By the time I followed her back into the bedroom she was laying on the bed on her back. Her head was at the edge of the bed and her long blond tresses fell to the floor. It was the classic ‘fuck my throat’ position and my cock twitched as soon as he saw it.

“Sis, you are going to wear me out before the day starts,” I moaned as if I had a problem. She laughed and her blue eyes looked up at me, “Yea right. Gimme that big cock.” So I did and learned something else about my sister. She does not cough or gag. She kissed my cock and held my cock head with her lips and let her tongue do its job of getting me hard by rubbing the sensitive underside. She never used her hands at all; amazing.

It only took her a few minutes to get me rock hard sliding into her mouth. As I pushed I waited for her to gag but she just had me slide deeper. She put one hand on my ass and pulled me into her relentlessly. I watched her throat expand and thought about some of the porn I had seen. Sister was better than any of it.

Birgitte had my balls hard against her face and she gave my ass another little tug before turning lose and letting me pull back so I could get a fucking movement going and she could breathe. Then she pulled me again and set up a nice steady pace of getting throat fucked. When she moaned it made my cock tingle and I stroked into her tight throat faster. I visualized doing this every morning; it certainly was a great idea. About five minutes later she had me near cuming and I warned Birgitte. She wrapped both arms around my ass and pulled as I shot Jizz down her throat. Holy shit, she is going to die with cum down her throat.

Birgitte held me tight as I spasm into her until she swallowed every drop. She let me go and I collapsed on the bed next to her. She giggled, “Oh I wanted to do that to you when I was in junior high and heard about it the first time.” “I wish you had,” I answered and added, “But I’m willing to let you catch up if you want.” She laughed again and climbed off the bed and told me she had to go brush her teeth. When I said I was amazed she does not gag she told me learned it by accident. She did not explain how.

Our morning went quickly. Our plan was to go see the new house around noon. So we ate and dressed in that order. I think my sister and I are enjoying seeing each other nude; at least we are playing out her childhood fantasy.

We both got on our phones, me to talk to Susan, the realtor, to make sure she would leave a key for Birgitte to see the house. When I asked if it was Ok for the kids to jump into the pool she told me it was Ok; but to make sure the house stayed clean. Susan told me she was able to get the bank to approve my loan; but it cost a couple of extra hundreds to get it expedited. I told her of my plan to offer to buy all the furnishings also. Before she hung up she said, “See you at 5:00 p.m.” Birgitte had Gaby on the phone telling her about seeing the new house and for Gaby to make sure the apartment was neat.

As a bachelor I did not realize how much stuff has to be hauled with you for just a simple pool-side picnic. We drove two cars to the big blue superstore to load up. Miko did not have a swimsuit, so Gaby wanted one too. I told the girls to go get them while I bought the other stuff for our little picnic. I whispered into Birgitte’s ear, “Don’t buy swimsuits; buy them the smallest set of see-through panties and bras.” Birgitte laughed and slapped my arm, “Bad Uncle.” At the checkout I saw Gaby pushing a new bicycle, “I need one if there is no bus,” she told me. Yea baby, any excuse works on Uncle; so my wallet took a beating.

We finally got my truck loaded with the bike and some coolers full of food and drinks. The new clothing and other stuff went into Birgitte’s car. Our two car convoy headed toward the new house with Gaby in my truck and Miko riding in the car. As we got into the suburbs I noticed Gaby getting a bit excited and looking wide eyed at the nice houses. She grabbed my hand and pulled it to her chest and held on to it for dear life, “Is our house going to look like these,” she asked. So I told her, “Just wait, you will be surprised.” As I pulled into the driveway she squealed, “Oh, look, look.” She was about to jump out and I was glad she held my hand so I could restrain her until I parked.

Birgitte and the kids stood in front of the house totally amazed. I found the house keys and opened the side door into the kitchen and let them explore. Girly screams echoed through the house as they discovered a pink bedroom with a bunch of Taylor’s posters on the walls. I will never admit I had put them there just for Miko and Gaby. While I unloaded the truck and car, Birgitte went from room to room and came back with one statement, “We really, really can’t afford this.” I told her to wait until Susan got there at 5:00 pm and we would go over everything again. “Meanwhile, its picnic time at the pool.” Actually, I spread a new pink sheet over the kitchen table and set out all the food and drinks.

Birgitte had taken the girls to a bedroom to change and when they walked into the kitchen I just had to give them a wolf whistle. Gaby led the way dressed in her new bra and thong set. The little half-bra was sheer trimmed with pink around the edges. Her baby nipples peeked over the edge and gave the illusion of a bit of cleavage. Gaby grinned when she saw my eyes travel down her body to the matching little thong which was the size of a Band-Aid. It too was sheer and trimmed in pink and her slit was clearly visible. A thin pink lace strip went around her hips holding it up. I thought, “Holy crap, mothers’ buy those and then wonder why their little girls have teachers want to fuck them.” Of course I realized it was my idea to buy these, but Birgitte obviously agreed.

Gaby had her hair brushed out and the blond curls spread out over her shoulders making a blond halo as the sun streamed through the window. Miko had on a similar sheer half-bra and thong set, except hers was trimmed with bright yellow. Of course the half-bra was amply filled with her nice boobs and the bra pushed them upward in a very enticing way. Miko smiled shyly as I inspected her and let my eyes wander down to the tiny thong. Her pouty lips pushed the thong out a bit and it had a nice camel toe. Miko is a puzzle, sometimes she seems to exhibit the shyness we see in the Japanese culture; but in bed she is very progressive. Having grown up with other teens in her school she should have seen it all.

As Gaby and Miko stood side by side it was interesting to again see how tall the seven year old was and how short Miko was. With Miko’s slender build and almost elfin size I could easily pretend she was a preteen instead of a sixteen year old soon to be graduating from high school.

My sister Birgitte came in last and she actually did shock be by wearing the same outfit, but trimmed in fire engine red. Of course her tight fitting half-bra barely contained her c-cups. The tops of her breasts overflowed the cups and her nipples were hidden behind the red piping on the bra. On her tall body the tiny thong seemed even smaller just barely covering her slit. Mr. Cock liked the view from down low because he jumped and squirmed in my shorts.

Now I had an easy decision, not knowing which girl I wanted to fuck on the kitchen table, I decided to fix sandwiches and drinks. The girls fixed their plates and headed out to the pool. Birgitte sprayed the kids with sun screen and Miko sprayed her in turn. I decided to take a better look at the basement and see how I would set up my apartment and man cave.

“Birgh, Birgh,” a voice whispered into my ear and a small hand tugged my arm. As I woke up I realized I had laid down on the bed in the basement bedroom and fallen asleep. After blinking a couple of times, I saw Gaby standing next to me holding a big cup. “Refreshments,” she said and handed me the cup. When I started to take a sip the strong odor of rum hit my nose. My eyebrow went up and Gaby said, “He has about ten bottles of rum and will never miss a few drinks.” I sipped the rum and cola and admonished her that we really can’t touch the owner’s stuff, but since she already mixed it with cola it was too late to fix it.

Miko stood behind her watching and when I sipped she brought her own cup out from behind her back and sipped also. Miko said, “Birgitte got one too.” When Gaby lifted a cup from behind her back she said, “Mine is only cola.” As we sipped I realized the two girls were naked and their hair was damp. Miko answered my questioning look by saying, “We didn’t want to get the new underwear wet.” Gaby reached for my shorts and tried to pull them off and giggled, “You have to be naked too to get into the pool.” No way was I going to jump into the pool naked, but, just to keep the girls giggling I stripped off and sat back on the bed. Big mistake.

Gaby scampered up on the bed and straddled my chest and gave me a deep French kiss. This little girl is really hooked on kissing. She worked my mouth hard and I had to remind her again not to bruise our lips. Her baby soft lips felt sweet and had the flavor of strawberry from her lip gloss. My hands ran over her back and then my thumbs moved to her front and rubbed her nipples gently. Gaby moaned into my mouth and it made Mr. Cock twitch. Miko watched closely from next to the bed and sipped her rum drink.

I let one hand slide down Gaby’s front to her belly and her tight abs while the other hand kept playing with her nipples. Gaby Oohh’d and buried her head in my neck. “More Daddy, more,” she whispered into my ear as her body quivered on top of me. She had a plan as she slid down on my reclined body until her pussy covered my cock. She spread her legs further apart as she straddled my hips and my cock nestled between her pussy lips. When she pulled her knees up a bit it looked like she was riding a horse. My cock was nestled between her lips and Gaby Oohh’d some more. She wobbled a bit and I grabbed her hands to stabilize her. Our fingers were entwined and she pulled on my hands as she rocked back. It made her pussy push against my cock and when I looked down between us all I could see was my red cock head peeking out. My cock was flat against my belly and she was straddling it. Then she rocked back and forth slowly for a few minutes.

Gaby looked down at Birgh and smiled as she surveyed his broad chest with its light coating of hair on it. It tickled her when she rubbed herself against him. As she rode his hard cock she thought back to when it had all started several months ago. Birgh was giving her a bath and after he washed her butt she turned around to let him wash the front. She saw his shorts tent and knew what it was. The older girls in school always watched porn in the library and she had seen cocks and cum shooting from them. One of the girls explained it was where men produced juicy good milk and girls loved to swallow it. Gaby smiled as she remembered finding out it was not milk at all.

She had let him was her front and she put a food up on the edge of the tub to allow his fingers entry into her young pussy. He let his fingers slide through her pussy and when she sighed and called him Daddy, he was hooked. Later that night she crawled naked into his bed and cuddled against him. Gaby grinned at the memory and rocked her pelvic over his hard rod and squeezed her thighs against his legs.

“Miko baby, there is some lube in my shaving kit,” I told her and then watched Miko put lube on us in a very sexy way. Without having Gaby get off my cock, Miko put a heavy gob of lube on her middle finger and then slid it between us and into Gaby’s pussy. I could tell she pushed her finger into Gaby as deep as it would go as Gaby’s eyes got wide and her mouth opened in a big ‘O’. Miko giggled as she played with Gaby and worked her finger deep into her pussy.

Gaby was still holding my hands and instead of rocking her pelvic she started sliding forward and backward about two inches. Miko dribbled some lube on my cock and watched us rubbing each other. So who was masturbating who? Gaby was sliding up and down on my cock and I was sliding between her pussy lips. Miko watched Gaby inhaling harder and harder and I saw Miko’s hand slide between her own legs every now and then. “Miko,” I called and when she came back next to the bed I made a kissing sound. She leaned over and kissed me hard and then leaned her boobs over my face. I suckled them gently and kissed all around her dark nipples.

Miko whispered in a Japanese accent, “Dear husband, I am watching carefully. Do not fuck her.” It made me chuckle as I answered, “No worries, I have promised.” Miko leaned over closely and whispered into my ear, “What you promised may not matter. She has your cock between her pussy lips and it will only take a little inch for her to push it right up her tight cunt.” Oh, seems little Miko has a set of claws also; but she was right. Gaby could easily slip my cockhead into her pussy now that she had me rock hard. Before I could react she could burst her seven year old cherry.

So I paid attention as we masturbated each other harder and harder. Who was going to cum first? I could feel mine coming on soon. Gaby was bouncing up and down faster and faster and her face scrunched up and with a quiet scream she let her climax roll over her. Her body shook as she rolled off me and curled up in a ball letting her orgasm slowly dissipate. My cock, now free, immediately bounced straight up and released the hard pressure holding it down. I sighed in relief and felt a warm mouth on my cock head.

Miko’s clamped down on my cock head with her teeth and lips. When she grabbed my balls I shot streams of wet goo into her mouth. Her almond eyes were wide open and she looked at me and let me watch as she sucked my dry. She mimicked Gaby and stretched out on top of me with her face in front of mine. She opened her mouth and I could see white cum covering her tongue. Then she swallowed my whole load and asked, “Is that what a good wife does?” I hugged her to me and told her absolute correct. Miko knew she could suck him off and swallow even better than little Gaby.

When we looked at Gaby she was sound asleep. Miko cuddled for a few minutes and suggested we needed a shower. She helped wash my body and it gave her another opportunity to play with my cock and slide it between her lips. She had her claws out again when she asked, “Am I doing it better than before?” I put a hand on the back of her head and told her to relax her throat and pushed my cock into her with authority. She gagged and tried to sputter and I kept the pressure on her until I could feel her throat open and my cock slide in to the balls. I held it for a five count and pulled out to let her breathe. “Yes baby,” I moaned, “you are my great cock sucker.” She squeezed my balls hard in a “Don’t forget it” way. It made me laugh.

As it neared 5:00 pm, I told Birgitte to get the girls dressed before Susan, the realtor, came to talk to us. No need to have us look like a bunch of child molesters. I encouraged Birgitte to just put on a thin summer cover over her bra and thong set. “Susan will enjoy it probably,” I thought. When Susan came through the kitchen door I saw her catch her breath as she got a look at my tall sister in her nearly nude outfit. She put her laptop on the kitchen table and gave me a little hug and after I introduced her she gave Birgitte a hug also. I watched carefully and I could see their tits rubbing each other for just a few moments. It was no accident.

Miko and Gaby were in the basement watching television.

Susan went through all the paperwork and we compared spreadsheets from her computer to mine. It still looked like we could afford the price if the payments were stretched out. Birgitte asked a lot of questions and impressed Susan with her financial knowledge. Susan looked at us for a commitment and I asked about the furniture. Birgitte said, “I like the master bedroom but have some questions. Let’s go look.” Birgitte grabbed Susan’s hand and they disappeared down the hall. I stayed in the kitchen, mixed three large drinks and waited. I laughed because Susan had been mesmerized with Birgitte’s nice tits and long blond hair during the hour long discussions.

After fifteen minutes I put the drinks on a tray and headed for the master bedroom. Opening the door silently I stepped inside and locked the door behind me. Susan and Birgitte were on the bed naked and Susan had her back toward me. She was on her knees between Birgitte’s legs and munching her pussy. Birgitte was leaning against the headboard and watching Susan’s tongue in her pussy. She reached down and ran her hands through Susan’s hair and gently pulled her deeper into her hot sex.

After I put the tray down and stripped I got on the bed behind Susan. She looked over her shoulder with a wet grin, “Hi, big boy. Like what you see?” I spanked her ass lightly and lined Mr. Cock up with her red pussy. “Mr. Cock loves your pussy, Susan,” I murmured as I thrust deep into her. Good grief, I hoped I could get hard and cum a third time this afternoon, because I surely would not explain that Miko got the first two loads earlier.

Susan’s experienced pussy grabbed my cock and had me hard in just a few minutes. “Thank you, Susan,” I thought as her pussy muscles surrounded my cock and worked me like a fist. It did not take long for me to shoot a load of Jizz deep into Susan. She moaned and went to work on Birgitte’s pussy even harder. I stood back and watched and sipped a drink. When Birgitte came she held Susan’s head to her pussy and soaked her mouth and face with girl juice. Ah, what a lovely sight as they both screamed their release.

Later, we all pitched in to make the house look spotless and loaded the picnic stuff back into my truck and Birgitte’s car. On the way back to the apartment Miko rode with me and told me she liked our new house. I love it when she talks in the unnecessary Japanese accent playing the wife role. “It will be a very nice house for me to be your wife, Birgh-san.”


We moved into the house about three weeks later. Birgitte and I share the master bedroom. For the first week she would have me deep throat her every morning.

Gaby has the pink bedroom and kept it decorated with posters. We agreed to limit our sex play to the weekends when Birgitte was working, except no more riding my cock. It was just too dangerous because either one of us could be tempted to just stick it into her pussy up to the hilt.

Miko graduated high school at age seventeen with honors and a full college ride. We got married ten days later.

On our wedding night, Miko was initiated into the master bedroom. She learned Birgitte could teach her a few new tricks. Miko’s eyes almost popped out of her head when I introduced her to anal while Birgitte ate her pussy. In the morning both got throat fucked. As they shared my load of cum Miko asked, “Dear husband, will we do this every morning?”

Well no, because Birgitte works on weekends. Then it is just Miko and Gaby. Her eight birthday is around the corner and Birgitte knows what she had promised.


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