ok i dont know how good the grammer is but i use microsoft word so may be it's better. tell me what u think
I am cleaning the kitchen thinking of what I am going to do this weekend. Since we only had pizza it took maybe five minutes. When I am done I start to go upstairs but Joe stops me. “Hey Eric what the hell was up with you and Court today. Damn it I was hoping he didn’t notice. “What do you mean Joe? “All the sideways glances and you guys sharing a blanket. “Joe if you must know I am going to try and date your sister. “You’re what!! I could see him starting to get pissed. i don’t want to know what he would do if he knew weren’t dating and she is my sex slave for the weekend.

“Joe calm down think about it. “THINK ABOUT WHAT THAT BITCH HAS MADE MY LIFE HELL ALL MY LIFE AND YOUR GOING TO DATE HER!!! “Joe if u would let me tell u what I am thinking you might just start to like my plan. That pause him for a second. I see the red leave his face as he calms down. “Ok big shot what your plan? “Joe if we start dating then I can stop her from such a t total bitch all the time. “How are you going to do that Eric it is like 90% of her personality. “You just leave that to me ok. Joe looks at me like I just grow a third arm. “Ok but if she is still a bitch to me and you guys are dating I’m going to be pissed.” ok Joe I’m going to Court room.

” I’m glad that I got through to him that would of blow if I had to keep this a secret” I think to myself as I’m walking up the stairs. When I get to her door I hear the softest moan I have ever heard. I check the door and see if it is lock witch to my luck it is. I creep in. what I see stop me in my tracks cause it’s so hot. She has her hand in her PJ’S I can only guess what she’s doing down there. Her other hand has her tits out is twisting her nipple hard then I thought she would like but she is loving it. I stand there and watch her for 10-15 seconds watching her before I slid next to the bed and I say “don’t stop on my account. Her eyes snap open she goes for the cover to hide her shame but I grab It “Hey come on now you are mine for the weekend and I want to see your beautiful body. “I am not going to be your sex slave you freak!! That last part hurt a bit .She need to know her place and I’m going to show her it.

“Now listen here you little bitch you gave yourself to me like a five dollar whore now apologize to your master. That pissed her off I can tell by her whole body going blood red and the look in her eyes if a look could kill I would be red mist right now. You listen here little boy you are not my master nobody is my master. I only said I would be your sex slave cause I needed a out if you think else you’re wrong! “Is that right Court. Fuck up big time cause for the rest of the weekend I own your ass. I say in a clam cold voice. She start to say something but I don’t let her I press my lips in to hers. Cause she was about to say something her mouth is open I use this window to thrust my tongue in to her mouth. The shock of what I didn’t stop her cold but she soon start to fight my tongue trying to push it out with hers. I grab the back of her neck and kiss her chin then her jaw then I get to her ear I nip at in then whisper “I know you were fingering you’re self to what I did to you in the living room. I bet that was the most horny you been in a long time. I lick her ear then move down kissing her neck till I get to her collarbone I pull her shirt the rest of the way off. And grab her nipple and twist not as hard as she was but it was a good twist. As I am twisting her nipple I suck the other one in my mouth and swirl my tongue around it. I feel her push her chest in to my mouth. I pull back I hear a slight moan of disappointment. I ask “do you want your master to stop. She says” You’re not my master Eric… I twist her nipple hard as she says that I push her on the bed so I am on top of her I strip her PJ’s off her there are no panties “no panties you slut. I whisper in a low husky voice. I slid down her body leaving a trail of lick and kisses behind. When I get the her pubic mound I kiss it then go pull back so my head is between her thighs I kiss her thighs getting closer and closer to her pussy but right when I am about to get there I pull back and look at her “Ok you don’t have to be my slave but if you want me to continue then you must be my girlfriend. (I know I’m lien to her I will be her master) “OK Eric just please eat me!

I smile think I can get more out of her but that will be later. I lean down and take one long lick up her slit and she lets out a moan if pure lust. Pull her outter lips apart and lick inside her pushing my tongue as far as it will go while simultaneously toying with her clit with my nose. She taste sweet with a hint of bitter I love it I want more so I moving my tongue like a snake and humming to make it vibrate. This is almost too much for her and she is right on the edge of a climaxes. I pull my tongue out and suck her clit In my mouth and start lashing out on it with my tongue while nibbling on it. this push her over the edge and she grabs a pillow and shove it over her face and screams” HOLY SHIT IM CUMMMMMMING!!!!

I let up letting her calm down when she start to come around I pull my pants down and let my 8.inch cock out its as hard as a diamond in a ice storm. I pull her legs onto to my shoulders and rest my dick on her pussy she moans and look at me with a pleading look and moans “OH god Eric please put that monster in me I want it no I need it! I chuckle to myself and say “only my sex slave get to feel my cock in there pussy’s. She looks at me in a mad/pleading way “you said I didn’t have to be your slave? “That was for me to eat you out now say ‘please master’ and I will fuck you. I thrust my hip so it rubs up and down her pussy making her moan and making it hard for her to say no.” mas..Eric please fuck me and I’m begging you. “Only one way that’s going to happen baby. I say as I poke my head at her entrance she try’s to push up at me but I pull back every time.

I can see the mental war going on in her eyes she is trying her hardest to say no and but the lust and pleasure is taking affect and she’s losing the battle to her submissive side. “Tell me what you want SLAVE!! I kind of yell the last part. “ I want you to fuck me Eric!! “that not my name slave address me properly or I leave u here. I take my cock off her pussy and start to move away from her. “m..m..master please! She whispers. “What was that slave I dint here you. “m..master please. She says a little louder but not loud enough.” I don’t think you want it slave maybe I should leave and go give it to some who want It and deserves it. “noooooo” she says “then tell me what you want this your last chance. There is a pause about five seconds we have are eyes lock onto one another. Then it finally happens.” MASTER PLEASE GIVE MY YOUR COCK FUCK MY PUSSY TILL YOUR HEART CONTENT USE MY AS A HUMAND SEX DOLL PLEASE LET ME BE YOUR SEX SLAVE MASTER!!!!! I smile then chuckle that more like it. Then I ram my cock straight down in to her pussy sinking to the hilt. She grabs my neck pulls herself up and bites my shoulder to muffle the moan. Now that I know she is mine I start to pull out till only my head is left inside then I slam back in to her I do this over and over till I get tired I can feel blood going down my chest from her biting me. I pull out and move back I pick her up and turn her around on all fours and take her from behind I slid in nice in slow not because I want to be nice because I’m looking for her g-spot I move my dick around looking for it. Then I find that squishy spot and make sure that when I start to go hard I hit it every time. I slowly pull out to we’re the tip is just breaking apart her lips. Then I hold there making her try and push back but I won’t let it go in. “master what wrong are u m.. I slam in I was just waiting for her to talk I like it when u cut then off midsentence like. Now that I am hitting her g-spot every time she is going wild flailing her arm around I don’t like that. So I grab then so I am holding her from falling on her face. About two minutes into the new position I feel her starting to cum. “NO SLAVE U MAY NOT CUM TILL I TELL U TO. I give in my most deep controlling voice. “m..master p..please let me cum. The last part said as fast as she could. Trying to hold off her orgasm but is slipping fast. I wait for 7 seconds cause it my favorite number “cum .only word I say but I all she need cause as soon as the word leaves my lips she is shaking and her pussy is convulsing around my cock trying to hold me still but I keep my pace up. Then I get familiar feeling in my ball so I pull out and say “salve drink my cum and don’t miss a drop or u will be punished. “Yes master. She barely got out as I drive my dick in to her mouth “here it comes. I start to shoot load after load in to her mouth and throat. She gags at first but then gets in down but there too much for her to swallow and so leaks out the side of her mouth. When I’m done cumming I see her try and get the little bit that leak out when she’s done I tell her she did a good job. A flash of pride wash over her face. “I will tell you what your punishment will be tomorrow. The look of pride vanishes and replaced with worry. “good night slave I want bacon and egg win I wake up. Don’t make your punishment worst by not having my breakfast ready. “Yes master. Master? “Yes court. “Thank you this was the best night of my life!

to be continued...

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