All my life I have been training. I was a bio engineered slave with one purpose, to fight. This was a rogue world system owned and ruled by the Devaints. They were a race of aliens that lived for centuries. The world had many alien people but humans were not one of the majority. The Devaints had one passion, the old roman gladiator games where people fought to the death.

I moved through the maze slowly as I searched for my enemies. This time it was full tech and I carried a short assault riffle. I paused at the hint of sound and knelt to watch the next corner. The huge armored suit flowed around the corner and a large rifle came up. I fired three times and it fell straight back.

It had two scarred marks on the chest plate and a shattered face shield where the plasma round had penetrated. I was up and moving as the suit twitched and went around the corner it had come from. I glanced both ways before tossing a magazine to the right. Turning left I crossed the hall and stepping into a dead end.

I turned to face the way I had come and knelt to watch the feet of the suit. It was several minutes before I heard the other as it moved down the hall and stopped just out of sight. A minute later the armored suit moved past and headed towards where I had thrown the magazine. I fired as it spun and stood to move forward while I shot it in the head twice more.

As it fell I moved down the hall and retrieved the magazine and continued moving. It was awhile before I stepped into the center room and emptied the magazine into the head of a last suit. I dropped the spent magazine and reloaded as it fell and then moved across to the pillar. I had killed all my opponents but had learned the hard way.

I slapped the pillar and knelt at the ready, searching for anyone or anything. The walls glowed and then began dropping into the floor to reveal the arena I was in. I ignored the bodies of those I had killed and stood.

“Well done Sampson!”

I turned and watched as the tall alien appeared in a holograph, “master.”

It smiled and waved a snake like arm, “the year end games are coming and I have chosen you as my champion.”

I shifted because no slave ever returned from the year end games, “my prize?”

It frowned, “pride at beating the others.”

I glanced around, “no slave has ever returned from the games.”

It growled as the holograph moved closer, “I could kill you now.”

I straightened and looked at my master, “it would save time but then who would stand in my place?”

It stopped moving and hesitated before grinning, “if you win I will free you.”

I smiled, “and the match prizes?”

It laughed, “female slaves.”

The holograph vanished and I turned to start walking toward a door that had opened in the arena wall. I walked in as the morgue drones went out to collect the suits and bodies. I stripped in the anti chamber and turned the lethal weapons in. After the last one entered the armorer slot the other door opened.

I carried a few personal items out like the rainbow hued battle knife I had won when I was fourteen. I headed up the empty ramp and stood waiting to enter my room. When the door opened I walked in and crossed to set everything I held down on a low table before walking into the corner shower.

After I was done I dried off and collected everything I had managed to save. I made a bundle into a pack before ordering a meal. I started eating and began to feel strange. I stumbled to the pack and put it on before falling. I woke in a large bare room with one corner sunken into a large bath.

I slowly sat up and smiled when I realized I still had my pack. I took it off before standing and moving to a wall fountain to drink. After that I began the careful examination of each wall. The one on the other side of the bath was where I found the way out. I looked at it before moving to the pack and removing the spare plasma magazines for a pistol.

I used water from the fountain and sprinkled the vid cameras. I opened the hidden vent and set the magazines inside before closing it. I went to the door and waited and after several minutes it slid open. I found a drone waiting as I looked around, “exercise area.”

It turned and gestured and I followed the gesture before leaving. The large area had several dozen men training and exercising. I went to a sim and punched in my normal workout and started stretching as it counted down. I was watching the others just as I knew they would be watching me.

First it was swimming and climbing followed by running and then mirrored katas. It was three days before the first match. There were a dozen of us standing in the arena. The match was unarmed so there was a chance more than one would survive. The stands filled and the owners boxes lit up and then the horn went off.

I started towards the center and the winner’s pillar, that would draw others after me. The first ran at me and leaped. I shifted and turned to kick out and into his chest. I was knocked back but rolled to my feet as the other man tried to stand. I shook my head as I glanced around at the others fighting.

The other man finally stood and took a step but I saw the way he moved. I slid in smoothly and brushed his front kick away before stepping forward and striking into his throat. As he went back and down I turned to start walking again. Five other men were moving towards the center, I moved towards one and he lunged and punched.

I used my right hand to brush it to my left and stepped in. He was spinning to use a spinning back fist when I struck him in the back of the neck. He dropped and I knew he wouldn’t get up. I glanced at the others, one was down and his opponent was walking towards me. The other two were circling each other but one was limping.

I faced the man moving towards me and moved to the side to circle him but he shifted to block me. He slid in and punched but I caught his hand as I turned and yanked. I brought my other fist down to break the elbow as he tried to turn away. I spun away and around and my fist snapped out to strike him in the head.

He dropped and I glanced at the other two men. One was walking towards me confidently and the other one was the ground. I moved to the side and shifted as he approached and flat kicked straight out and into his groin. He tried to twist and pull back but was to close. I spun and snapped a kick out to strike his head.

He went flying sideways as I moved after him and brought a foot down to break the knee. I backed off before watching him and finally turned and started walking towards the pillar, “Finish him!”

I stopped and looked at my master’s holograph and turned back. I walked to the man and moved around as he tried to stand. I turned and snapped a kick into the back of his neck to break it. He dropped and I looked at him before glancing at the holograph and walking to the pillar and to strike it and kneel.

The sound of people in the stands hit me as the sonic screen vanished. I stood and started walking toward the single door that opened as morgue drones appeared. I climbed and walked to my room and as soon as the door closed a holograph of my master appeared, “what are you doing Spark?”

I looked at him calmly, “he was done and unable to fight. There is no sport in killing the helpless.”

He looked at me for a minute before nodding, “you are correct.”

He turned and the holograph vanished. I headed towards the bath, “you owe me a match prize.”

I heard his laugh as I stripped and walked into the bath. I sat and relaxed as I thought about what was to come. I looked at the door when it opened and a girl in her early teens walked in hesitantly. She looked across the room and walked towards me and held out a document, “my owner’s certificate.”

I gestured to the table, “put it there and undress.”

She did as I told her and I looked at her pale beauty before gesturing, “come here.”

She bit her lip as she walked into the bath, “I have never had sex master.”

I took her hand and pulled her onto my lap and felt her amazing body before looking into her face, “I am a slave like you and I have not had sex.”

She smiled, “but you own me.”

I cupped and felt one of her firm breasts, “until I die in the arena.”

She wiggled and I looked at her before slipping a hand down between her legs. She spread them and leaned against me as I started feeling and fingering her pussy, “what will happen to me?”

I sighed, “you will probable return to where you were before.”

She shuddered and turned her head as one of my fingers pushed into her. I stood and pulled her out and reached to the side for a towel. After she was dry I pulled her to the large bed and pushed her onto it. I stalked after her and leaned down to smell her pussy before pushing her legs wider.

I licked and pushed my tongue into her and she moaned and shuddered. I gently nibbled on the hard nub at the top of her slit. I sucked on it and wiggled my tongue as she spasmed and humped up. I grinned as I realized she enjoyed what I was doing and went after the nub some more. It was several minutes before she wailed and twisted again.

I looked up her body as she panted and moved up before pushing into her. Her pussy was very tight but warm and slippery. I worked my cock deeper until it was all the way in her. I pulled back and began to fuck her with long, slow, deep thrusts. She shuddered and moaned and I looked at her and smiled before kissing her, “I’m Spark.”

She put her arms around me as her hip lifted and she humped up, “Kyra.”

I wanted this to last as long as possible. After a few minutes I felt like I was getting close and buried my cock and held her. I tried not to move as my cock throbbed and her tight pussy squeezed. I finally groaned and humped into her hard before I began to gush, spew and pump huge spurts of cum.

Kyra jerked and lifted her hips when she felt the warm cum, “mmmm!”

I shuddered and humped and kept pumping cum into her as she clung to me while her pussy grasped and squeezed. When I stopped cumming I sighed and looked at her as she panted and slowly relaxed. I pulled back and started to fuck her slimy pussy and she grinned and lifted her hips. It was an hour before we finished and I lay holding her.

I got her up later and we ate before I pulled her back to bed. I just held her and softly felt and caressed her body before falling asleep. I was up early and looked at Kyra before turning and rolling her onto her back. I moved over her and spread her legs with my knees before slowly pushing into her.

She moaned and shuddered as she opened her eyes and smiled while putting her arms around me. I fucked her slowly with deep thrusts but didn’t push to hard. It was a couple of minutes before she shuddered and humped up as her pussy squeezed, “mmmm!”

I started fucking her harder and she continued to meet my thrusts. She clung to me as I planted my cock in her each time and then began to hump and grind. It was a minute before she lifted her legs and spasmed while wailing. A little later I pushed all the way into her and kissed her as I began to pump spurts of cum.

She jerked as her pussy tightened, “yes!”

I shuddered as I kept spurting and spewing until I was done and just held her as my cock throbbed. She sighed and slowly relaxed on the bed and grinned. I pulled out and moved off her before helping her out. We used the fresher and washed before I went to exercise. I was thinking as I moved through each exercise and finally stopped.

The list for the next arena fight was up and it was the next day. I walked into my quarters and absently flicked water from the gym. A small holograph vid camera flashed as Kyra walked across the room. I hugged her and kissed her as I moved to one side and one hand flicked a few more drops. Another camera flashed as I kept kissing Kyra.

When I finally stopped the cameras were all dead. I stripped and walked into the bath, “listen at the door.”

Kyra frowned but went to do as I told her. I opened the hidden vent and carefully crawled in. I moved through the empty space until I reached a junction. I saw the service comp and began to hack into it. I had learned a lot over the years and managed to finish in just a few minutes. I had basically stolen credits from my master and bet them on me for the last two fights.

I had also planted a siphon worm to steal from any account it bet with. I quickly moved back to the room and crawled out into the bath. I closed the hidden panel and grinned as I held my hand out to Kyra, “come here my lovely girl.”

She grinned as she walked towards me, “you going to tease me again?”

I pulled her onto my lap and caressed her bare hips as she wiggled. I kissed her and looked at the door when it opened and the repair drone came in. It was hovering as it moved along the wall and began replacing the holograph vid cameras. I turned back to Kyra and lifted her enough for her to position my cock.

She pushed and I slid into her as she sighed and began to rock. She rolled her hips and started thrusting back and forth as she purred. I grinned and caressed her sides as her tight pussy grasped and squeezed my cock. She bounced a couple of times before spasming, “ooohhh!”

I laughed as I stood with her impaled on my cock and she wrapped her legs around my waist. I was walking out and towards the bed when the drone finished and my master appeared. I stopped and looked at him as Kyra’s pussy rippled and milked my cock, “yes?”

He grinned, “I see you are breeding her already.”

I waited and he finally looking at me, “the next contest is in the morning. It involves primitive weapons. Your favorite short swords will be waiting. Do not fail me.”

I nodded as Kyra shuddered and he grinned, “if you win, another female will be yours.”

I nodded again as his holograph vanished and turned to walk to the bed. I sat and then turned and rolled before starting to fuck Kyra with deep thrusts. She lifted her legs and spread them as my cock constantly pushed all the way into her. It was a minute before she was shaking and her pussy was squeezing my cock repeatedly.

She hugged me as I fucked her hard and deep and she began to hump up. I kept it up for several minutes before slowing to just long slow thrusts. She wailed and started bucking as she wet me and her pussy clamped down, “aaaahhhh!”

I buried my cock to grind and Kyra clutched me while her pussy milked my cock, “YES!”

I kissed her as she writhed around under me and went back to fucking her nice and deep. It was a few minutes before I shoved into her and held her struggling body and began gushing and pumping cum. When I was done I sighed and pulled out before rolling her onto her stomach. I pushed her legs open and moved back between her legs.

She tilted her hips as I pushed back into her now cummy pussy. I buried my cock and humped as I enjoyed her warm pussy pulsating around my cock. I fucked her a half dozen times before I stopped and helped her wash. We walked in the slave exercise compound and had a nice dinner before I went to bed holding her.

I woke early and caressed Kyra before slipping out of bed. I stretched and went through a few exercises to warm up before leaving. My short swords were unlocked in the arena armory and waiting. I added the leather and chain bracers I had made and slipped the sheathes over my shoulders.

I checked and adjusted everything several times until I was comfortable and sat to meditate. Actually I was going over how the others had moved while exercising. I stood at the warning light and started for the door. There were two dozen of us this time and the weapons ranged from spear to battle axe to swords.

Like before the stands filled as we stood waiting and then the horn sounded. This time I moved to the side and towards a large man with a battle axe. I saw the man to my other side following and ignored him for now. I hesitated just as the large man shifted and swung. Both swords came out as I swayed back and then leaped.

One sword was coming down in an over head strike and the other stabbing out. I knew they would be blocked and the high strike hit the axe head as the handle swept the other sword aside. I was close now and that had been my true goal. I spun to the right as he jabbed out with the axe blade and brought my left sword around the axe that barely missed me.

It sank into the man’s neck and he jerked back as he dropped. I completed the spin and started after the spear carrying man that had stalked after me. He slowed and shifted like he was going into a defensive stance. I watched his whole body though and he turned suddenly and the spear flashed towards me.

I half turned, my left sword snapped up and out to knock the spear away before I continued towards him. He was licking his lips as if afraid but I had seen him practice. When I reached him I fainted a jab and he shifted as two long knives appeared. I smiled as I slid in closer and he tried to make me turn as he circled.

I slid to the side and into his path. He jabbed a faint and I took it, only not like he expected. I blocked and he lunged and my other sword struck as he tried to move back. My sword ripped through his forearm and I twisted as I lifted my sword. He screamed and staggered as he tried to block another jab.

His block didn’t work and my sword went over his shoulder and cut his throat. I yanked both swords back as he fell and shifted to look around before starting to walk towards the winner’s pillar. Half the men that started were already out and the other half were stalking others. Three quarters of the way to the pillar another large man with a great sword charged me.

I shifted my stance and waited, at the last minutes he shifted the sword to one hand and swung to the side. I was waiting and lunged in and my left sword cut down as my right lunged out in a stab. The man tried to pull the swing and twist away but he couldn’t do both and managed neither.

I took the arm while the other sword plunged into the side of his leather armor. I turned to look around before continuing towards the winner’s pillar. Only six of us were left and I turned at the pillar to wait for a man with a long curved sword. His would be a slashing attack and I started moving when he reached me.

I continued to move and circle while he followed and then frowned when I didn’t attack. He finally slashed across but it was just a draw. I kept moving and he stepped in and began a pattern of slashes that made me block. What he didn’t expect was the way I did it. Instead of a solid block I defected his sword like he would and slashed with my other sword.

He jerked back and away but I followed and stayed inside his reach as I swept my sword across. He blocked and lunged with a dagger. I twisted and back stepped as I swung a back hand that caught him by surprise. My sword sliced through his throat as he lunged away to late and staggered before falling while holding his throat.

I watched him as I looked around at the other three fighters still alive. Two were fighting one together and he finally fell and they went after each other. I waited until one died and the last man turned to me and started walking. He was actually strutting as he swung the two long swords. I shook my head and shifted into a fighting stance.

He didn’t pause and lunged when he reached me and I swept the sword away as I slid in and under the other. My other sword stabbed in a lunge before I jerked it up with the blade buried in his gut. He screamed and dropped his weapons to clutch at me and I yanked the weapon out and pushed him away.

I walked to the pillar and struck it before kneeling and the sonic screen vanished and the roar of the crowd filled the stands. I stood and started for the door as it opened. I cleaned my weapons in the armory before leaving and returning to my room. Kyra stood when I entered and flung herself into my arms.

I held her and then pushed her back before stripping and pulling her towards the bath, “We may have another girl joining us.”

She pushed me down and knelt in the water as she began to cleaning me, “should I leave?”

I reached down to lift her face, “she will be your mate too. You will stay and both of you can enjoy each other and I will take turns.”

She stroked my cock, “that sounds fun.”

I looked at the door when it opened and another girl Kyra’s age walked in. She had long black hair and firm breasts with lovely nipples. I smiled, “those nipples are begging to be sucked.”

Kyra giggled, “she doesn’t have any pussy hair.”

I smiled and held out my hand to the nervous girl, “join us.”

She set the slave smock she was carrying down and what I knew would be her owner’s certificate. She walked into the water, “I am Nymph master.”

I pulled her close and bent my head to suck on a nipple which made her shudder, “oh!”

I looked at Kyra and she grinned as she bent to suck on the other nipple. I caressed her body as we continue to lick and suck on her nipples. She shuddered hard and straddled me before sitting and impaling her pussy. She groaned as my cock stretched her pussy and filled her. I loved the way her pussy began to grasp my cock and pulled Kyra against us.

She looked at me and then grinned as she bent to suck on Nymph’s nipples. She shuddered and moaned as she began to rock and rub her pussy on me. It was a few minutes before her eyes rolled up as she jerked while her pussy spasmed around my cock. She began to keen as she swayed and jerked and Kyra giggled.

I stood and laid her back on the side of the bath before I began to fuck her with deep thrusts. She grunted as her pussy continued to work on my cock and milk it. It was awhile before I buried my cock and held her as I spewed and pumped strong spurts of cum. She shook and tilted her hips as her pussy gripped my cock, “master!”

When I stopped I pulled out and looked at Kyra before helping Nymph up and leading them both out to dry off and then to the bed. I let them move onto the bed and laid beside Kyra to caress her and look at Nymph, “your turn to feel and caress your new sister.”

She grinned and bent to suck on Kyra’s nipple. I grinned as she moaned and bent to the other nipple while reaching down to feel and gently finger her slit. She moaned louder and shivered as she humped and started breathing harder. It was several minutes before I turned and moved over her to slowly sinking my cock into her.

I gave her a kiss and started to fuck her with long thrusts. She wrapped her legs around me and clutched me as her pussy kept squeezing my cock, “mmmm!”

Nymph giggled as she pressed against us and Kyra reached out to caress her face. I continued to fuck her and it wasn’t long before she was jerking and shaking. She wet me as she began to buck and writhe around, “yyyeeessss!”

I fucked her deep with firm thrusts until I buried my cock and grunted as I began to pump spurts of cum into her. She lifted and spread her legs as she tilted her hips, “YES!”

I kissed her and she clung to me until I was finished. I pulled out and moved and turned Nymph so she as straddling Kyra’s head. I grinned as they began to lick each other and moved around to push into Nymph. I held her as I began to fuck her while she licked Kyra. I took turns with them for several hours.

I was on the outside when we fell asleep and held Kyra as she held Nymph. The next two days were full of exercises and fun with the girls. The next fight was the last and the most dangerous. It was semi high tech and once more I selected an assault rifle and a pistol. I knew the arena would be a maze this time and waited for the door to open before stepping into the arena.

I had found the two bits of sabotage my master had arranged and fixed them without the vids seeing. Instead of body armorer I went with a camouflage suit. I left it off as the door opened and walked out to stand waiting until the horn sounded. I moved into the maze quickly and started using each and every left turn.

I stopped after a couple of minutes and switched on the suit. I used the audio amplifier to listen as I knelt and then laid down. I could hear steps a couple of minutes later. I watched the turn and a armored combat suit was suddenly moving around it. I was waiting and fired into the tiny spot on the upper left of the chest before rolling and coming to my feet.

The suit stumbled and the large bore rifle fired into where I had been. I moved forward silently as the head kept turning as if to find me. The tiny panel I had shot was the suit sensor relay so it was blind and deaf. I dropped the rifle on its sling as I pulled my knife. Once I was behind the suit I stabbed into the small vent in the middle of the back.

The suit froze and then slowly fell to the ground. I looked at it and knew I would have to kill the helpless man inside. I knelt and pulled his pistol out as I put my knife away. The more I looked the more I knew I wouldn’t do it. I stood, “he can’t fight or defend himself.”

I turned and started walking and my master appeared, “Spark.”

I sighed, “he is out of the fight and helpless master.”

He nodded, “are you sure?”

I growled and spun before kneeling and removing two fasteners and yanking out the power supply. I shifted him and removed the fasteners and yanked out the secondary power supply. I stood and turned to start walking, “I am now.”

I turned the audio amplifier back on as I walked and almost cringed at the slight sound I made. A few minutes later a jammer caused the amplifier to squeal. I shut it down and brought up my rifle as I slid half behind a corner and waited. The camo suit was very good but they aren’t designed for moving. I fired and the man’s head snapped back as he fell.

I moved forward and checked him before finding the jammer and shutting it off. I moved out again and listened as I moved deeper into the maze. The slight scrape made me freeze before I went around the corner. I slowly knelt and pulled out a small disk. I pulled and it popped open before I pushed a button and sat it on the ground.

It rolled out and around the corner and there were several shots. I spun around the corner with the rifle up and fired point blank into the open face shield of an armored suit. I checked around me before checking the dead man and retrieving my holo projector. I had heard other shots as I moved and thought there were at least three of us left, maybe four.

The maze was standard so I knew there would be three rings and only three ways through each ring. I started into the third section slowly, stalking and moving one step at a time. I heard another shot from close by and hesitated before continuing. When I turned the last corner I did it slowly and froze as I saw a man kneeling.

I almost lifted my rifle until I realized he or it wasn’t moving. The second I took to look at him I realized it was a holo. My eyes shifted around the central area with the pillar beside the holo. It was when the man spun and fired into a heavy armored suit that I saw him. Of course the armored man killed him when he missed and crossed to his body.

I moved quickly and fired into the armored back where the power supply was. I continued moving as the suit froze and started to fall. I reached it as it started to move again and knelt to fire into the back vents. The suit sparked and froze again and I bent to remove the power supply completely and carefully turn the suit onto his side.

I reached to its waist and undid the fasteners to remove the secondary power supply. I ignored the kneeling holo and went to the pillar and knelt after I slapped it. It was a moment before the walls glowed and then dropped into the ground and the roar of the crowd could be heard. I stood and headed towards my door as it opened and shut the camouflage suit off.

I striped rounds from my pistol magazine and when I walked into the anti chamber I turned my rifle and pistol in. Once the pistol entered the slot the other door opened and I turned to leave. I didn’t say anything about the pistol I had taken and hidden inside my suit. My master appeared just outside the door.

He didn’t look happy but he wasn’t angry, “two men Spark?”

I smiled, “do you know how long it would take to get into a heavy armored suit to kill them? My way was faster and more sporting. Besides their masters were humiliated because their gladiators weren’t even killed.”

A film scroll floated towards me, “you are free.”

I took the scroll, “and the match prize?”

He vanished but his voice answered, “waiting in your quarters.”

I knew how cruel Devaints could be as I started walking. Either he would wait for me to breed the third girl before gassing us and killing me or do it as soon as I entered the room. I walked in as the door moved aside and saw Kyra and Nymph with an oriental girl. They were smiling as I went straight to my pack.

I grabbed it and the owner’s certificate for the girl, “put your smocks on and come with me.”

I pulled my knife and walked to each holograph vid camera and broke them. I went into the bath and across to the vent before opening it and looking at the frowning girls, “get in and go left.”

I could hear the faint hiss as Kyra went past and climbed in and then Nymph and finally the new girl. I followed and closed the vent before collecting the pistol magazines. I moved around and over the three girls and to the service comp. I grinned at what I saw and began a quick search.

I finally began crawling with the girls following. It was an hour before I kicked out a vent and climbing out. I stood in a wide passageway just outside the arena. I turned to help the girls before I led them towards the city and a guard bot appeared, “you are listed as a runaway.”

I held up the film, “scan.”

A laser scan flickered over the sheet before the tiny red light on the guard bot went out, “freed slave Spark you may pass.”

I pulled the three owner’s certificates for the girls and had it scan each. A minute later I was leading the girls into the city. I was looking for a certain shop and walked in when I found it. I crossed to a counter and looked at all the models of comps and glanced at the shop owner when she walked up, “the basic one.”

She took it out as she glanced at the girls, “we don’t need escaped slaves in here.”

I smiled at the alien and showed her the film freeing me. She turned, “do you have credits to pay for this?”

I followed her to the store comp and gave her a list of numbers for my account. A minute later I was programing my new comp and leading the girls to a clothing shop. While they were fitting for several new dresses I checked on ships leaving the planet and bought passage. The bet I had made and won made a lot of credits and the siphon had stolen even more.

I wanted off the planet before my former master found out and hired mercenaries to kill me. I bought a large carrier and three sets of clothes for each of us. When we were done we headed for the port using a public transport. Once in the port we had a day to wait before the shuttles lifted for the liner.

I paid for a lounging room and pulled the girls in and locked the door. I finally began to relax and stripped and the girls quickly undressed, “finally.”

Kyra came to press against me, “what are we doing?”

I smiled as I held her hips, “well my lover, we are going away. I was thinking of a colony world with open spaces.”

She smiled and turned to the new girl, “her name is Breeze.”

I looked at her and Kyra kissed me, “fuck her.”

I smiled as Breeze moved towards me and pressed against me, “hi.”

I let Kyra go and backed Breeze to the bed, “hi.”

I sat her down and pushed her back before kneeling. I spread her legs as she lifted her head to see what I was doing. I leaned in and licked through her pussy before capturing her clit and sucking. She gasped and shuddered as her hips lifted. I kept licking her and began to wiggle my tongue and tease her clit.

Kyra and Nymph sat on each side of her and bent to kiss her and then suck on her nipples. She bucked and spasmed a few minutes later as she tried to close her legs, “oooohhhh!”

I grinned as I straightened and moved forward. I positioned my cock in her slit and slowly pushed into her tight pussy. She groaned and lifted her legs as she tilted her hips to get my cock deeper. Kyra and Nymph were still kissing her and sucking on her nipples as I pulled back and began to fuck her.

I used long thrusts and pushed deeper until I was finally sinking my cock into her completely. I fucked her slowly at first and she began to jerk and wail and buck. She howled and clutched both of the girls as they kissed her. I kept fucking her firmly for several minutes before I slowed and buried my cock.

I pressed into her and humped and jabbed as she spasmed. Her slick pussy tightened and she started thrashing around, “aaaahhhh!”

I smiled and began to rub her clit as I pulled back and started to fuck her again. She yelled and struggled while wetting me and her pussy was constantly squeezing. I fucked her firmly as I tried to cum and she lifted to meet each stroke. It was a little while before I pushed all the way into her and gushed and spewed and pumped cum.

Breeze screamed as her pussy clenched around my cock and warm sperm flooded her cervix. When I was finished I sighed and pulled out before standing and bending to turn her on the bed. I moved onto the bed and over Kyra as they laid together. I kissed her and slowly sank my cock into her.

I began to fuck her nice and slow with deep strokes as she sighed and hugged me. It wasn’t long before she was breathing hard and shaking while her pussy kept tightening. She moaned and humped and clutched me each time she spasmed and jerked while yelling. I started to fuck her firmly with deep grinding thrusts.

She began to thrash and shudder hard, “aaaahhhh!”

I continued to fuck her and tried to cum while she struggled and squirmed. Finally I shoved into her before I started pumping sperm. Her pussy gripped my cock as I spurted and spewed and she clung to me, “mmmm!”

When I was done I relaxed and kissed her before pulling out and moving to lay on my back. Nymph straddled me and rubbed my chest, “my turn?”

I smiled and reached for her breasts and began kneading them, “sure.”

She lifted and positioned her pussy before slowly sitting. She shivered and smiled as she put her hands on my chest and began to rock. Her pussy started grasping my cock each time she lifted up and she began to twist and roll her hips. She moaned and squirmed as her pussy became slick and her breathing changed to panting.

It wasn’t long before she was incoherent as I held her up. I pulled her down and shifted until she was under me and fucked her long, hard and deep. She wrapped her legs around my waist as she shook. Her pussy kept clenching as she clutched me and began to wail, “aaaahhhh!”

I continued to fuck her firmly and after awhile she lifted her legs and began jerking, “yyyeeessss!”

I kissed her while I kept fucking her with firm thrusts. Each time I buried my cock I rubbed and pressed into her to get deeper. She began to buck and thrash around while her very wet and slippery pussy constantly squeezed. She cried out as she bucked and spasmed and I buried my cock to pump a gushing geyser of cum into her.

She shook and jerked while her pussy milked the sperm into her. When I was finished she took a deep breath and smiled as she relaxed. I pulled out and glanced at the time before setting the alarm. We were the first passengers on the shuttle up. The planet we went to was mostly human and I had more than enough to start our new life.

I was right about breeding the girls, all three knew before the liner arrived at the planet that they were pregnant. I gave them a choice to leave but they are still with me.
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