Memories in the life of a boy.
The Bastard Bitch Part Five

For those readers who haven’t already figured it out, this is only a part of a long and complex story. If you are the type of reader who is looking for a short sex story, move on to some of the others. I do have a few others that qualify. “Mrs. McBride” and “The Scout Trip” are good for starters.

This story was written so that if one reads the entire story, then they will have no problem keeping up with the storyline. If you try to read Part Four or any other part before reading Part One you will find that it doesn’t make any sense.

The story was also written as a fantasy. The reader is encouraged to remember so and enjoy it as such. Each part can be found under the Fantasy genre. I hope you enjoy the story.

The Bastard Bitch Part Five

It was a no brainer. After the episode on the beach with Paul, Kenny realized Marcy’s biggest weakness. She is physically a nine year old girl. An amazing individual in a small and delicate child’s body. Now Kenny knows why the incantation chose him to be with Marcy. He is here to protect her. Kenny would be sure nothing like that ever happened again. He would not be able to live without her.

Julia and Jamie have become close friends. Julia loves Jamie's new tits. She can't seem to get enough of them. Of course Julia already knows what her fate is and she can hardly wait for it to happen. Marcy is in Jamie's room doing God knows what.

Kenny is slurping on Julia's hot little box as she lay on her back on the couch. Julia looked down between her legs and into Kenny‘s eyes. "Daddy. I am really looking forward to having you fuck my brains out. I like the sound of that better than the term shitting my brains out. It's going to be really exciting having your thing probing deeply into my head. I can almost feel your luscious juice squirting into my soul. I wish you could do it now."

Kenny came up for air long enough to murmur, "I am glad you are looking forward to it. Just let the anticipation build, Honey. It will all happen soon enough. As for liking the term 'fucking your brains out', I can't blame you. I guess I would too. Technically I will be fucking your brains out. Don't worry, I'll do it soon enough. As I said, just let the anticipation build. I really want to do it for you too." Kenny settled his mouth back into Julia's moist snatch.

"Oh wow, Daddy. You make me feel so good the way you run your tongue across my clit. I am getting ready to come. Suck my clit hard. It will drive me nuts." Kenny moved his mouth to her clit and sucked really hard. Julia went into convulsions. As soon as she regained her composure she went straight to Kenny's dick. Julia was in need of a little nourishment. Kenny gently caressed the back of her head as she slowly slid her lips up and down his warm shaft.

She moaned softly as Kenny’s finger found itself to her tiny asshole. He twirled it around her little pit without going inside. Teasing her gently. Driving her out of her mind. He wet his finger, sliding it ever so sweetly up inside of her. Julia bucked her butt back and forth on Kenny’s finger. She couldn’t get enough. Suddenly she started panting and she went into spasms as she entered a ravaging orgasm. Kenny started shooting off. He shot off and shot off. Julia slurped it up like she may never get anymore. Kenny was amazed. He had just had a forty minute orgasm and this sweet little bitch still had his dick hard.

Kenny couldn’t help himself. He gently laid her on her back and caressed her young snatch with his hard shaft. Julia giggled as Kenny toyed with her feelings. She was getting wetter and wetter by the second. Julia squealed, “Oh God. Daddy. Don’t tease me any more. I can’t stand it. Put it in me. Please. Fuck me hard.” Kenny smiled at her. He kept up his slow steady teasing rhythm.

Julia was clawing at his back. Trying with everything she could muster to get him to go ahead and put it in. An hour passed. Kenny suddenly got up putting his pants on. Julia had a shocked look on her face. She was crying. “Oh, no you don’t. You’re not going to get me all worked up like that and just leave me.” Kenny turned and walked out of the room.

Julia lay in the bed with her legs spread apart. Her juices were running down into the crack of her ass. She couldn’t believe this was happening. She was ready to explode and the bastard just walked off. “Daddy. Come back here right now and fuck me. I need it now. Please. Please. I can’t stand it. Daddy?”

Kenny walked into Jamie’s room just as Marcy had finished fucking Jamie into a coma. Marcy looked up. “What was that all about?” Kenny smiled. “Oh. Just priming the pump a little. I fed her, then worked her into a frenzy. I brought her close to the brim twenty or thirty times. When she was ready to explode, I left.” Marcy laughed. “Daddy. That’s mean.” Kenny shrugged his shoulders. “Yeah. I know. It’ll be mean the next couple of times I do it too. When I finally give it to her, she’ll appreciate it. I thought it would be good for her to get a little different treatment.”

Marcy and Kenny made sure Jamie understood the situation before they allowed Julia and him to become close. Jamie knows he will get a new sister every year and she will only be around for 6 or seven months. Kenny and Marcy gave him permission to watch the end. Jamie asked if it would be okay if he threw her head into the water when the time came. Kenny understood that Jamie looked on it as a sort of burial, so he agreed to let him be the one to do it, since it meant so much to him. Julia thought it was really sweet when Kenny explained to her how he felt about it. She would be honored to have Jamie do that for her.

Jamie already asked why they couldn't bury her instead of throwing her into the ocean. Kenny didn't want to upset him, but he thought the truth would be better than a lie and explained the crabs would quickly remove the flesh from her head. This would keep the authorities from trying to figure out how her head got that way. That would cause a lot of unnecessary attention around them. Kenny also suggested he not mention the reason to Julia as they do not wish to upset her.

Jamie enjoys doing stuff with Julia. Jamie also really likes being a girl. Julia is very fond of Jamie as well, but she is still after Kenny all the time, as Marcy said she would be. Marcy figured that under the circumstances, given what Jamie was here for, she saw no reason to keep any secrets from him. Jamie is allowed to come into their room any time he wants to. Even when Marcy and Kenny are making love.

Sometimes they let him do the things he is allowed to do while Marcy and Kenny are making love. Jamie even shoots off in one or the other of their tails during these times. Sometimes Marcy gives him his blow jobs and other preparations for his treatments while Kenny is making love with her. This sounds strange, but the whole thing is strange and yet it is perfectly normal for Marcy's place. Marcy and Kenny always tell him to go in the other room whenever they really want a little privacy.

Julia has been pregnant for about three months now and she is starting to show pretty good. Kenny couldn’t believe how exciting it is to do stuff to her with her belly poking out like that, knowing she was with child. He can't wait to see her when she really gets big. He sucks her nipples extremely hard now. They are already blue. Jamie sucks them hard too. It seems like when Kenny’s not sucking her tits, Jamie is.

The best part of it is Marcy says he doesn't do Julia because he is horny. She read his mind and knows he does it because he truly loves Julia. Marcy hopes he feels that way about all of them. Jamie also understands that after Marcy bites Julia's pussy, Julia will be off limits to him sexually from then on. He can still talk to her and play games with her, as long as she is able.

Jamie does his job well. He brings Kenny quite a lot of young boys from school. Kenny thought, “It’s going to take a little getting used to. There is a young boy sitting around the house almost all the time with no clothes on looking so, so sweet. Jamie can really tell what turns me on.” Kenny sucks the little fellas off quite a bit during their stay. They all love sucking him as well. Julia gets off on looking at them a lot too. Marcy lets Julia lick them all over, if she wants to. She can beat them off, kiss them, and suck their nipples.

Julia can take their loads up her ass if she so desires, and the boys are allowed to eat Julia when she wants it, but she isn't allowed to get any of the boys' ejaculate in her pussy or her mouth as it will mess up the contraceptive. Kenny can tell Julia wants to do it all with some of the little darlings, but she isn't about to do anything Marcy has told her not to. Marcy doesn't seem to take much notice of any of the boys other than as a meal. None of them do anything for her. Jamie must be really good at picking them out. Marcy has eaten five of them already and you know how picky she is about what she eats. Jamie wishes Marcy would eat them all.

Jamie doesn't mind her eating them, because they all suck anyway and he likes the idea that they will be his friends for the next couple of thousand years. Of course he misses their penises, but says it is somewhat exciting sucking on their limp nubs anyway. At least they will be his friends for a lot longer. Kenny didn't want to pop his bubble so he didn't mention that it was highly unlikely they would stay here for a couple of thousand years.

Kenny and Marcy were laying in their bed. Marcy was feeling around in Kenny’s shorts for something tasty. “Daddy. I came up with an idea I think you will like. I like it here. I devised a way to reset the minds of all the neighbors so they will think everything is normal here. That way we don’t have to move unless we decide we want to. How does that sound to you?“ Marcy’s tiny fingers slowly pulled Kenny’s thing out of the front of his shorts. She lowered her head.

Her tongue shot out of her mouth as her lips gently touched his shaft. Kenny laid back in bliss as Marcy swirled her tongue around his boner. “Marcy. That’s fine by me. I was talking with Jamie last week. He confided in me that he has been having intercourse with all of the young girls at school as well as with a few of the teachers. Jamie also informed me that he didn't really enjoy doing it with the fat ones or the really ugly ones. If he shut his eyes, their pussies were all right too, but he preferred them pretty. That way he doesn't have to close his eyes.”

Marcy came up off of it. She was laughing her ass off. “Daddy, that’s hilarious. Tell me more.” Her mouth went back to work. Kenny moaned in pleasure as he continued. “At the start of school, he picked out his favorite girl and boy. What he did was find the prettiest one of each that turned him on a whole lot. He makes them both strip naked as soon as they arrive at school. Usually as soon as they step off the bus.”

“Jamie just looks at them in the nude for about half the year so the anticipation builds into a frenzy before he enjoys doing them. He hasn't done anything with either of them yet, but gets a charge out of watching them do it with one another. It is driving him crazy. He wants them something awful. Jamie also said he intended to do it every year.”

Kenny placed his hands on the back of Marcy’s head. He pinned her little shoulders to the mattress with his knees and started fucking the shit out of her mouth. He could feel himself sliding in and out of her lips. Marcy grabbed him by his ass, pulling him as far up into her mouth as possible. Kenny started unloading into her warm wet mouth. It was sheer pleasure. Marcy swallowed all that he had. Kenny had been a little disappointed. Not in Marcy’s performance, but in the fact he only had a thirty minute orgasm this time.

Marcy sat up next to Kenny. “Thanks, Daddy. I needed that. I am proud of Jamie. He is pretty good at picking out boys. I end up eating quite a few of the boys Jamie brings home after he has his fill of the little fellows.” Kenny hugged Marcy’s petite body close to him as they dozed off.

Later that day, Kenny sat on the edge of Jamie’s bed. Kenny needed one really bad and Jamie was obviously ready for it. Jamie’s little penis was hopping up in the air as if to tell Kenny, “Come get me.“ Kenny reached out gently touching Jamie’s erection. “Jamie. Tell me about how you are doing at school.“ Jamie grinned. “All of it?“ Kenny started licking all around Jamie’s pelvic region. “Sure. I want to hear all about it.“

Jamie laid back as Kenny slipped that delectable penis into his mouth. “Well, I don’t find many of the women teachers to be my cup of tea. There are a few that are really luscious. I fuck some of them because I can, but I like the guys better.” Kenny is gently pulling his lips up to the tip of Jamie’s rod and lightly twirling his tongue in the hole before sliding back down on it until he can put those luscious balls into his mouth too. Then he slides it slowly back out as Jamie’s balls gently slide out of his lips. Then he repeats the process. Jamie is so excited he can barely talk.

“It’s really a blast when I fuck a teacher in front of my friends when I don’t have them hypnotized. Sometimes, I even hypnotize some of the teachers and let my buddies fuck them. All of the boys in the school know I am a little girl with a dick, but few of them know any of the others know. All of them keep it quiet because they love me so much. All of the boys in my class have given each other blow jobs although only a few of them are aware that they have. Oh, God. I‘m coming. Yesssss. Yesssss. It feels so good. Don‘t stop, Daddy. Not now.”

Kenny was busy slurping down Jamie’s first load. Jamie continued, “It won’t be much longer before all the boys in the school had a turn with one another‘s butts. I only allow a select few to be aware of what is going on as it is a lot more fun when it is a surprise. This boy named Eddie thinks he is better than everybody else and acts snooty all the time. Oh, Daddy. I love it when you suck each of my balls like that. It feels like they might actually come off in your mouth. Cool.“

“Anyway, I get him to suck one of the black fourteen year olds. The boy's name is Joey. Eddie sucks Joey in front of Eddie's gym class everyday. Joey was the right one for it, because he had a pretty big dick for a boy and shoots off a whole lot. Also the boy's juice is real sour. Quite nasty tasting. I would never eat it. It was hard enough taste testing him. Eddie doesn't know I make him do it. All he knows is that as soon as Joey takes his pants off to get ready for a shower after sweating a lot playing outside, he has to have him.”

“I usually walk around playing with Joey’s penis to get him to shoot off in his pants so he really stinks by the time Eddie does his thing. None of the other boys see me doing it. By the time gym class is over, Joey has squirted quite a bit of semen into his underpants and smells strongly of rancid sex. This makes sure Eddie has plenty of reason to throw up when Joey shoots off in his mouth. The other boys stand there and laugh at him.”

“It brought Eddie down to earth and he is a little less snooty now. He doesn't suck all that well anyway, so the practice will do him good. The girls all find me to be quite the rage when I undress in the girl's locker room. They stand in line when I let them to get a chance to suck my meat.”

“Slide your finger up my butt while you’re doing that, Daddy. It’ll make it feel so much more exciting. Get ready, I’m getting close to coming again. A lot of the high school kids have to pass by the middle school on their way in and some of the young boys have to pass by the high school on their way to their school. Some of my friends were being bullied by one of the older boys. I came up with a way to fix the problem. One day at school, I went to the high school and brought the bully down to suck my dick. I didn’t have to use hypnosis as everyone that sees me in the buff wants it. All I had to do was show it to him.”

“When we arrived at the middle school, I wouldn't let the guy do it for me. Instead, I hypnotized the bully and made him suck the boy he had been bullying. Oh, shit. Ohhhh. Ohhhhhhh. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh. Oh. Fuck. I feel like I’m shooting my fucking brains out.“ Jamie brought his little hands up placing them on each of Kenny’s ears as he guided Kenny to where he wanted him. “I took pictures of him in action and taped one of them to the inside of the bully's locker with a note to quit picking on the younger boys before he found the pictures taped all over the school. End of problem.”

Jamie is really something else. Kenny gives him advice and corrects him when he is doing something that might get him hurt, but Kenny makes it a point never to chastise Jamie when he pours his heart out to him. The idea is Kenny wants to be sure Jamie continues to talk to him about everything. Kenny sucked sweetly on Jamie’s dick. He figures one more twenty minute blast ought to hold him for awhile. If it doesn’t, Jamie is sure to have plenty more. Kenny still despises sucking dicks, but as Marcy said, it’s just a part of life for him now.

“Daddy. I have to make a confession. I’ve been sneaking over to the high school and doing all of the older girls. I hope it doesn’t make you mad, because I didn't tell you before I went, but I only stayed long enough to get the girl and bring her back to my school.” Kenny figured, “How could I get mad, the high school is right down the street anyway.” Kenny started slurping again. Jamie was filling his mouth again. “Daddy, I love it when you do me like that.” Kenny pulled back from Jamie and held him close.

“I did them all out of curiosity, but they aren’t as much fun as the young girls. Their holes are so big, I slip out of them a lot.“ Kenny looked down at Jamie and smiled. “I can definitely understand that. I don’t have any problem with slipping out, but I much prefer the young girls. Their pussies are just so much tighter.“ Jamie giggled at that comment. He always enjoys talking dirty with Kenny. “Can I go down the street sometimes to the elementary school to do some of the really young kids?” That of course was a no brainer. “Sure, Jamie. Just make sure you leave a message with the principal to let me know which school you are at so I can find you if I need you.”

The next day, Kenny was having a pleasant conversation with Marcy. They had been discussing Jamie’s progress. Kenny admired the little rolling valley between Marcy‘s legs as he said, “Jamie thinks it is pretty wild because all of the male teachers are always trying to find a way to get alone with him. He's let a few of them have their way with him, but he only does it with the ones that excite him. Of course Jamie's idea of what excites him is different from my view of what it should be because he thinks like a girl now. Whatever it is girls find sexy, that is what Jamie feels.”

“Jamie and I had a good laugh when Jamie told me he enjoyed the look of shock all the male teachers got on their face when they found out Jamie had a dick, but they did it with him anyway. The sight of it made them want him all the more. Jamie finds it's pretty cool doing it with one of the guy teachers when it is their idea to do him. Jamie doesn't have to hypnotize them. All he has to do is act young and dumb and the teacher slowly seduces him. He finds it to be quite a blast. The guy does everything else. Jamie has a couple of them that he lets have him everyday at school.”

“That is nothing unusual, Daddy. Jamie is a girl, so he naturally feels the same emotions a young girl feels.” Kenny shrugged his shoulders. “I guess you are right, but I don’t understand it fully. Jamie asked me if I minded too much if he went to the high school to do it with some of the older boys. Jamie really loves dicks. He enjoys going to the beach and taking his pick of whatever he wants on the beach.”

“I have a pretty hard time staying out of it whenever Jamie found a man on the beach that got him excited. When the guy was doing it to Jamie, I wanted to rip his head off, but then I would remember it was something Jamie wanted to happen. It always helped when I kept in mind the guy had no choice. It was Jamie making him do it. I would just watch and ask him if he enjoyed it when it was over. He always said, yes. I must admit, Jamie is quite a sight on the beach in a revealing bikini. I've had to fuck him a few times on the beach myself.”

“I would have told him to use a condom to keep from making every girl at school pregnant, let alone the ones on the beach, but he can't catch venereal diseases and besides, as you said he doesn't have any sperm in his ejaculate anyway. Of course I didn’t feel it was necessary to mention this to Jamie. Jamie blew me away the other day. He told me he really loves it when he shoots off in your pussy. I couldn't figure that one out, but I figured I would eventually. I just smiled and told him I am glad he does.”

Marcy didn’t comment on that. She just sat there staring into Kenny’s eyes getting hornier by the minute. At this moment she was devouring the outline of Kenny’s dick in his under pants. She sometimes found that looking at it this way for a while could excite her more than looking at it out right. Kenny continued telling about his conversation with Jamie. Marcy was listening attentively, but she was getting her eyes full at the same time.

“He asked me not to tell you. I just smiled at him and told him that if he thinks something, you already know. He had forgotten you can read his mind.” Granted, Marcy does keep up with what Jamie is thinking, but she tries to use it to keep him out of trouble and harms way. After all he is still only 11 years old and with the power he has, it can spell trouble if he is not monitored. “Heck, Marcy could you imagine the commotion that a whole school full of 11, 12, and 13 year olds all being pregnant at damn near the same time would cause? Fortunately that won't be one of the worries we will have with Jamie.”

Marcy and Kenny never spank Jamie. Whenever he gets unreasonable where they can't reason with him by talking, Marcy sort of grounds him. What she does is keep him home from school and she doesn't let him suck a dick until it would have been time for him to arrive home. That is far worse than any spanking would ever be. Jamie really suffers whenever he goes more than three hours without sucking one. The eight hours he is grounded is shear torture to him. Obviously, Marcy doesn't have to ground Jamie very often. It takes him quite some time to forget the last time. When ever they have grounded Jamie and Kenny needs to suck one, Kenny goes out on the beach to the main drag to do one of the young boys there. He usually takes Jamie with him to emphasize his punishment. This seems to keep Jamie in line quite well.

Marcy does make it a point not to embarrass Jamie by bringing out his really private thoughts. Especially stuff like how much he wants to fuck her. If he is thinking something that is pretty dumb to do, Marcy doesn't say anything to him until he gets to that point where he starts to do it. Then she stops him by saying none of that. She doesn't mention what that is, but Jamie has learned to forget about doing it when she does.

Jamie is allowed to back talk her in his thoughts as long as it doesn't come out of his mouth. Basically she allows him freedom in his thinking as long as he is careful what he does. Marcy tries to be Jamie's sister as much as she can, but she ends up playing the part of his Mother a lot too. Kenny has come into the room many times to find Marcy cuddling Jamie close, just like his Mom used to. Marcy knows he needs that sometimes. When she does it, she makes sure she doesn't mix any sexual feelings with it. Marcy needs to hold Jamie like he is her child as much as Jamie needs to be held. Marcy makes a wonderful Mother.

Marcy may look like a nine year old girl, but she is by no means a child. She can act and talk like a young child when the need arises, but most of the time she talks like a scholar. Marcy can talk over any expert's head on any subject. She is just that smart. Marcy has been teaching Kenny as well as Jamie. She says they will be together forever. Marcy sees no reason Kenny shouldn't be smart too. He has already learned to read 300 pages a minute. The only thing holding him back is he can't seem to flip the pages any faster. Marcy has also been giving Kenny treatments with her pussy so he will remember everything he sees, hears, or reads the same as she does. Kenny thinks it’s pretty cool. It's like everything is right at his fingertip.

Jamie is crazy about kissing Marcy and tries to do it often, not all the time, but quite a lot. At least as often as Marcy will let him. Kenny thought it was strange. Jamie gets so excited when he kisses Marcy that he shoots off every time he does it. Even when she just gives him a quick peck on the lips. Marcy tells him when she doesn't want to be kissed by him, but she usually goes ahead and kisses him. There is never any worry about him making a mess. Between Julia, Marcy, and Kenny, Jamie's ejaculate gets lapped up way before it has time to get on anything else.

Kenny thought it was really crazy sounding, but Jamie would rather kiss Marcy than shoot off in her mouth. When Marcy finally told him why, it made perfect sense. Of course he would rather fuck her pussy than kiss her, but that goes without saying as well as without doing. Jamie also loves sucking Marcy's tits. He really enjoys the taste of her milk.

Marcy told Kenny later, "One of the reasons I kiss Jamie so much is I had to program his mind so when he kisses me, he actually thinks he is fucking me in my pussy. That's why he shoots off when he kisses me. It is also why he told you he enjoys shooting off in my pussy. I let him think he is getting it every time he kisses me. It is the same thing to him as fucking my pussy. That way Jamie gets relief from his constant desire for my pussy, without really getting any. It was also the only way I could be naked in front of him without him diving on my pussy short of keeping him under hypnosis all the time.”

“He really feels like he is fucking me when I kiss him and he actually believes he has had it. Jamie can feel his thing sliding in and out of my pussy as I wrap my legs around his waist while I cuddle him close in my arms. All I have to do is touch my lips on his and he experiences as real a fuck as if I was actually doing it with him. After giving it a little thought, I realized it was cruel leaving Jamie burning with desire and having no way to quench it. Now he can be relaxed around the house and not feel like he is going to climb the wall."

Kenny has grown more attached to Jamie as time goes on and he loves him dearly. It is not a sexual love, but a fatherly love. Of course Kenny still has sex with him. Jamie not only looks like a beautiful young girl, but he acts like one as well. Sometimes he brings some of his little girlfriends from school home for a sleepover. They play with dolls and such just like normal little girls except they stay naked the whole time so Jamie doesn't feel out of place.

Then of course when Jamie and Kenny get horny they have sex with them. They don't fuck the poor little things the whole time they are there, but do it quite a bit. Marcy kisses them before they go home so they don't remember anything other than the normal stuff that goes on and what ever Jamie and them normally do with each other anyway, like they do at school. She doesn't take away their thrill they had with Jamie, but Marcy doesn't want the girls blabbing about the situation here. All the stuff that happens everyday that is pretty much normal for them and would seem crazy to everyone else. Like the stuff Marcy has to do at certain times.

Marcy says it wouldn't be fair to Jamie to restrict him having friends over or making them go outside while they did the stuff. Kenny and Marcy basically do it all in front of Jamie's friends like they weren't even there. They all get this cute look of wonder and shock on their face like what the fuck is going on here. This is really weird. Yet they all love Jamie and they already know Jamie is different from anyone they have ever met, so they kind of halfway expected everything to be different at Jamie's house than it would be anywhere else.

They actually adjust to it pretty quickly. They aren't likely to say anything to anyone about it anyway, but Marcy figures it isn't something a young kid should have to deal with. Kenny cannot fight the urge to suck, so he does Jamie frequently, after all, that's what he's here for. He also has one very soft feminine feeling butt. Kenny does it frequently too.

Jamie has a strong urge to suck as well. Sometimes when Kenny and Jamie are out and about, Jamie will see a guy he thinks is sexy. When he does, Jamie goes over to the guy and gets his dick out to suck it where ever they are. Sometimes Jamie gets the guy to return the favor. Kenny ends up standing there wondering why Jamie wants to suck a man. It is not unusual as Jamie knows Marcy and Kenny both think he should do it when he wants to.

He has been going with them to watch Marcy eat and asked if he could save one of the boys that had a bad reaction. He liked the way it made him feel when he kept the boy from dying. Now he saves every other one when it happens. Jamie is adjusting quite well to his new life. He loves Kenny so much that he talks to him about all of his feelings.

Kenny remembers one time he just finished blowing Jamie. As Kenny was swallowing Jamie’s load, Jamie cuddled up close to Kenny in his arms and looked up into his eyes saying, "Dad, I really love you a whole lot. You know I love Marcy too. She is like a sister to me and like a Mom at the same time. I love Julia too, but I know she will only be here a little while. Can I ask you some questions?"

Kenny leaned over giving Jamie a little kiss on his lips. "Sure you can. I'll answer any questions I can." Jamie proceeded, "I like the idea of living forever and I know that because of you, I will. I like being able to have sex with just about anybody I want almost anytime I want to. The thing is, and I realize I am no longer a little boy, but sometimes I wonder what it would be like if I had been able to grow into a man. My dick is so little compared to yours. Tell me. What does it feel like having a big dick like that?"

Kenny wanted to make Jamie feel good about himself as he is, so he chose his words carefully. "Actually, Jamie, the size of your penis doesn't matter. You consider mine to be big. The truth is mine is only average for a man. There are a lot of guys out there with a lot bigger dick than mine. If you had a really big thick dick, it would cause a different set of problems for you. If I fuck a girl much younger than eight, it hurts her if I go too fast or stick it in too deep and mine is only average size."

That might sound a little messed up. A grown man fucking girls under eight. Especially with as much as Kenny loves Marcy. Fact is just a few weeks earlier, Marcy made the statement, “Daddy, as a present for doing all of the things you need to do for me, and for not getting jealous of all the things I must do, I want you to feel free to do it all with anyone you feel the urge to. You will already be doing it with a girl I pick out for you half the year anyway. I think you should be able to do a little of your own selecting.”

“The only stipulation I ask is I want to watch you do it with them some of the time. By the way, you’ll probably be pretty partial to 9 year olds.” Marcy was right. Kenny likes going out to the elementary school at times and popping a couple of cute little 9 year olds. Especially if they remind him of Marcy. He’s tried a few of the really young ones, but doesn’t really enjoy messing with anything under five, although he has done a few as young as three.

Marcy has taken Kenny out to fuck a couple of one year olds in the butt as part of his training. He has to hold the little thing down between his legs while she sucks his dick. Marcy says he needs to get used to it before their daughter is born. Kenny finds it a weird feeling to hold their little head while they slobber all over his dick. All of them seem to take to it like a duck does to water. When Kenny finishes shooting off, he has to stick his finger in their mouths to break the suction so he can pull his dick back all in one piece.

Kenny prefers not doing any under eight, not that they weren't sweet, but he felt bad doing them. It pretty much seems he has to do some of the 5 to 7 year olds that he finds to be cute, anyway.

“Daddy. Sometimes you might end up getting some of the little things pregnant, even a 5 year old from time to time, but don’t let that worry you. When the girls have their babies, all of them will be sons. You will never have any female children by mortals. Your ejaculate only makes male children unless you get me pregnant. I will always go out and make sure their parents raise the child for them until they have an opportunity to learn enough to take care of the child themselves. I will also make the parents believe they had the baby instead of the little girl.”

“No one will remember she was pregnant except the little girl. She will always remember it was yours and hers and will always cherish the memory. I will arrange things where the baby and the girl would never have any financial difficulties. In fact they will be quite wealthy. The young girl will never have to work. This will allow her to spend a lot of time with her child. The baby will always know the little girl was his real Mother and that you are his Daddy. The baby will never get any kind of disease nor will he ever get sick. Eventually he will die of old age, although he would definitely be a lot older than the average person.”

“Due to the fact you have the Vexuarian gene, your sons will never look older than thirty and due to the effects of the incantation, they will live for twenty five years for everyone else’s year. That basically means that by the time your son looks 18, he will actually be 450. He will mature mentally at an accelerated rate. The baby should start talking within a week of birth, although he won't be capable of walking for 25 to 40 years due to his legs not having developed until then. I know that sounds crazy, but it is a fact. The little girl will have an insatiable urge to suck the baby’s dick.”

“He will actually secrete a juice into her mouth along with his ejaculate that will allow his Momma to age at the same rate as long as she continues to suck him everyday. The mother will stop changing physically at thirty also. Your son will also be capable of orgasming and ejaculating at birth and for about ten minutes at the time when he does. He will look forward to his Mamma sucking him and will think it is perfectly normal. Pretty much the same as breast feeding.”

“He will thoroughly enjoy orgasming in his Mamma's mouth. It won't take long for the girl's parents to notice their little girl and grandson are not normal. They will not tell anyone as I will program their minds to accept it all as a given. The girl will breast feed your son. She can suck him right in front of her parents and they won't see it as any more weird than her breast feeding him. Of course due to his slow physical development, the little girl will have to breast feed him for 50 years or more. Even so your son will suck his Mamma's breasts everyday until the day she dies.”

“The girl will let him have them as often as he wants to suck. None of your sons will ever marry. Their marital family will consist of the children they have by their mothers. I know it sounds fucked up, but your son's penis is the only penis the girl will ever want other than yours. No other penis will be as sweet to her. She will have sex with her son several times a day. Your son will thrill on eating his Momma's pussy. It will all be normal. No different than a child hugging his Mamma and giving her a kiss on the cheek.”

“Of course they will have a strong mother son bond because of the close physical contact. They may live for as long as 3000 years or more. All of his other children will be from the girl he meets on any given day. They will be your children after all, so half of their genes would be from you. Your sons' children, however will be pretty much as normal as anybody else with only a few exceptions. They will all have IQ's in the 300 to 400 range and they will be eager to have sex with you, their Mother, or any of their brothers and sisters.“

“You are welcome to visit your mortal children anytime you want to, but at sometime or another there will simply be too many to visit.” It didn’t take Kenny long to realize Marcy was right. Kenny has three of them on the way already. One of the mother's is only three. The other two are nine and fourteen. Kenny can hardly wait to cuddle the kids in his arms when they are born. He already thoroughly enjoys doing it with the girls again whenever he visits them.

“Marcy. Is it likely one of our daughters will eat some of my mortal children?“ Marcy looked into Kenny’s eyes as if in deep thought. She sat in silence for several minutes. “Daddy. I wasn’t sure if you were ready for this yet, but I guess it would be just as well to tell you now. Our daughters and all of their descendants as well would be able to taste you in the boy's juice and thus would not eat him. All your kid would suffer would be a ball massage followed by a hand job. However your daughter will put her mouth over the end of his penis to catch the rest of his load in her mouth and will eat that.”

“She will not suck it for him, but she will hold the end of it in her mouth until he finishes. It will simply taste too much like you for her to resist. It will be no big deal. She will derive no pleasure from it other than enjoying the taste of your semen on the boy. Not all of your grand children will be boys. It will probably be about fifty-fifty, but not necessarily in the same family. One of your sons might have all girls while another might have all boys or any combination of the two. One thing is for sure, all of them will fuck like rabbits. They will all have ten to fifteen children apiece as a regular family.”

“Land telling how many they may have other than with their mothers. They will all stay horny all the time. Basically they will all be fucking machines. As you can see, you will have a lot of grand children in a very short time. All of your mortal sons will be irresistible to any female. Even little girls as young as eight. Any of them will be eager to have sex with your sons. Your sons will have this attraction until the day they die. Trust me, they will fuck a lot. They will even fuck quite a few of the young girls. I have cast a spell so they can fuck any mortal girl at any time and no one will remember other than your sons.”

“Of course if they are doing it properly with an age appropriate girl while they are dating her, she will remember. That way when they have sex with a really young girl, there will be no consequences if they are caught by the girls parents or the little thing gets pregnant. Your grand children will have the same protection. Unfortunately, your great grand children will not only be fair game, but they will be a prized meal as they will all taste spectacular. Your daughters will not go out specifically hunting for your great grand children, but when they run up on the family, they may eat them all before moving on. That is if they are old enough to be eaten. They may even come back for the others as they reach age.”

“There is a reason for that. You will be surprised at the percentage of the world population you will have fathered over the next million years or so. That in itself makes it a necessity that your daughters be able to enjoy your great grandchildren as meals. Once your sons start having daughters, we will visit some of them for you to use as practice. I know it sounds gross, but it is necessary and they will all thoroughly enjoy what you do to them. You will be surprised at the number of your granddaughters and grandsons that you and Jamie will do it with over the years.”

“You won't have any problem telling when you have one of them as the taste will be obvious. Trust me, it is okay to do it with them. If you don't, eventually it will be difficult for you and Jamie to find a boy or a girl for that matter that doesn't have some type of blood relation to you. Of course that will be quite a ways down the road, but it will be necessary for you to go out with me sometime very soon to practice with them so you will be ready to raise our daughter. You may as well get used to the idea as this is absolutely necessary. The incantation has told me that it must be done.”

“Daddy, you have a little unfinished business to tend to. I know you don’t really want to do this, but you fuck young kids all the time out of necessity. I want you to visit Cynthia. Give her what she fantasizes about everyday. It is time for the boy to get to know his Dad. We’ll go out there in a day or two.“ Kenny was shocked, but he also knew this was the way it had to be.

At first, Kenny thought Marcy was crazy saying he would fuck a 5 year old, but he has already fucked several of them and he finds them to be very sweet and sexy. Kenny found he actually had to. Sometimes Jamie and Kenny go out together and take turns doing the same one. It feels really weird to Kenny going out with Jamie like that.

Sometimes Jamie likes to have sex with a big hairy looking dude. Kenny used to have a problem understanding it, until Marcy reminded him that Jamie is a little girl and all little girls are fond of big hairy guys at times. She pointed out that Kenny is a big hairy guy and Jamie can't get enough of him. She also reminded Kenny that she finds all his hair sexy as hell and she can't get enough of him either. Kenny still feels weird watching Jamie do them, but he never stops him. Kenny and Marcy want Jamie to enjoy being with them. Fucking whoever he wants besides Marcy is just a part of that.

Back to the conversation with Jamie. "When I beat off, having a big dick makes me feel like I have a bigger handful than when I do yours, But since you have a smaller hand, it won't matter to you when you beat off. The bottom line is it felt just as good when it was little. I want you to know that there is nothing wrong with the size of yours. The very reason I picked you to be with me is because of the size of your penis.”

“I like them little and I like them with no hair around them. I especially like yours." With this said, Kenny leaned forward, taking Jamie into his mouth. Jamie looked relieved. “Thanks Dad, I feel a lot better about staying like I am, knowing you really want me to. It means a lot to me." Jamie leaned back against the couch and enjoyed himself as he wadded off in Kenny’s mouth. It turns out Kenny doesn’t have to have Marcy strip down in front of Jamie every time to get satisfied. Just on those days when he finds himself needing a whole lot.

Kenny cuddled Jamie close in his arms. He gave Jamie a playful squeeze as he spoke. “I find myself needing you a lot. I like those times when we share some of the boys. It was a weird feeling at first shooting off in a sexy eleven year old's butt while I hungrily groped at your dick. Especially when we left the rest of the kids in the class un-hypnotized. I must admit it was a lot of fun when we took turns doing your favorite teacher.“

The guy had been 25. They did it all with him. Jamie really got super horny watching the teacher shoot off in Kenny’s butt. It may have felt weird, but it was still one hell of a turn on and it was a special bonding experience for Jamie and Kenny. Kenny only did it that once, but it was a special deal for Jamie. He feels even closer to Kenny knowing he would share that kind of experience with him. Kenny will eventually do it again for Jamie's sake, if he runs up on another guy he doesn't find too repulsive.

Kenny always found it difficult to suck a man. It makes him feel queer, but he can endure it every once in a while to make Jamie feel special when they share the guy. It means so much to Jamie to share those things with him. Kenny simply refuses to let himself do it all with the same man more than once. From what’s happened so far, he’s probably afraid he might get hooked on doing it with the guy.

Jamie already is hooked on several of them and wants them to do him a lot. Jamie does it on the beach with this guy who's about 50. Jamie meets him there every couple of weeks or so. Jamie says he isn't fond of the guy being so old, but his dick feels so good and his juice is so delicious that he just has to have it from time to time.

Marcy and Kenny were making love. Marcy looked at Kenny sweetly saying, "Daddy. Jamie told me he has started feeling weird. He says he feels like he needs to have a guy fuck him." Kenny interrupted. "Shit, that's nothing new. Guys fuck him all the time." "That's true Daddy, but that's not what Jamie is saying. He says he is feeling a burning desire to have your dick between his legs, only in the front, not the rear. He said he often feels like he has a pussy and he needs to use it. I thought he was just fantasizing. Yesterday, I was giving him his treatments and Jamie said he could feel his pussy squirming."

"I started massaging his balls to make him feel better. When I felt his taint, I found he does have a pussy. I could feel it with my hand just under his nut sack. It's on the inside. Under the skin. With your permission, I can give him a special treatment to bring it to the surface. When it comes out, it will be a full fledged pussy. All you have to do is go in under his balls and you can relieve his desires."

Marcy squirmed around in Kenny’s arms. Sometimes he picks her up like this and lets her hungry pussy grab at his shaft. Kenny had been amazed at how far that beautiful snatch of Marcy’s could reach. He had been holding her a foot away and she managed to suck him up inside of her. As she teased at him, Kenny kissed her lips tenderly. “By all means, go ahead and do it. I don't think Jamie should have to suffer." Marcy had that look she gets when she has something to tell him that is going to blow him away. “Daddy. Jamie is not a man. He will never be a man. As a matter of fact, he isn't a boy either. He is just a girl with a pencil dick. This fact is the one thing that will allow me to give Jamie the treatment."

"To bring Jamie's pussy to the surface, I will have to bond with him. If I bond with Jamie, he will be my husband the same as you. I love Jamie with all my heart now, as I know you do too. According to the rules of bonding, after I bond with Jamie, I will love him so much that I would gladly die for him. I will love him equally with you. I will have to fuck him everyday and I mean everyday. Not that I would have a problem with that as I have wanted him inside my pussy for a long time.”

“He actually has been able to fuck me for a long time. The incantation only closes my pussy if a male tries to put a dick in it. Jamie's dick is female and will go in. I only became aware of it when I found his pussy. I haven't let him have any, because I didn't want to do it with anyone but you. I wanted to ask you to let me bond with Jamie, because he is really hurting inside due to the problem he told me about and I can't bear to see him suffer like that."

"The thing you need to understand before you agree to it is that when I bond with Jamie, the fact he is a female and we are bonded means I will desire Jamie just as much as I do you. I will not only crave his dick, but I will have an irresistible desire for his pussy as well and I hate pussy. I won't be able to help myself. It is not just Jamie. I will acquire a similar problem to yours.”

“The difference is I will have an irresistible urge to eat pussy. I will go out with you to get some everyday. I will want to eat Julia's pussy frequently as well as Jamie's. I will not want anything older than thirteen. Actually I will want anything from 4 through 13. There will be nothing I can do about it. The desire will get stronger everyday the same as yours does for you." Kenny sat in silence for a few minutes as he digested what Marcy just told him. It was a no brainer to him.

"Marcy. I love you more than anything in the world. I told you before I would die for you. I would die for Jamie as well. I love him that much. I want you to go ahead and bond with him. It would make me very happy for the two of us to share Jamie. As a matter of fact, if you don't mind me being blunt, I think the two of us could fucking blow his mind. I have always fantasized about what it would be like if Jamie had a pussy to go with that prize piece of meat he has." Kenny knows Marcy would do anything for Jamie. She loves him so much, she is willing to make this sacrifice for him. It is quite a sacrifice. Kenny already knows how disgusting the idea of eating pussy is to Marcy.

"I must tell you Daddy, there is a lot more to it. Jamie is still going to menstruate out of his penis every month. He'll also bleed out of his pussy. You and I will eat a lot of it over a long time. I will have to give you both treatments to keep you from getting Jamie pregnant. We certainly don't want him to have children. Normal men won't have strong enough sperm to knock Jamie up, so he can fuck anybody else he wants to.”

“The treatments will be extremely painful. It will feel like someone is holding a torch to your private parts for about two days. Jamie will be luckier than you. He will scream bloody murder for about two hours before the pain becomes so unbearable that he passes out. He will be unconscious for the whole two days. We will have to get you a boy to suck while Jamie revives.”

“You won't fair as well. Because you are so strong willed, you will have to endure it the whole two days. I will have to do the treatments once a week for ten weeks. You will have to agree to it and then we have to make sure Jamie understands as well. I know Jamie will agree. He will do anything to alleviate the hurt he feels inside." Kenny had one more concern. "Marcy. What are you going to do to protect Jamie from doing something stupid and getting in trouble? After you bond with him, you will no longer be able to read his mind."

Marcy gave him one of her sly smiles. "I guess I didn't explain it to you clearly. When I was blocked from reading your mind after bonding, it had nothing to do with the incantation. It was something I added to the bonding because I chose not to know what you were thinking all the time. That would have been a real drag knowing what you were going to say before you even knew what you were going to say. It would have gotten old pretty quickly. Trust me. I will not choose to do that in Jamie's case."

Marcy shoved her hips forward encasing Kenny’s smooth shaft up to the hilt. She started screaming in ecstasy as Kenny erupted inside of her. They lay together closely cuddling for about an hour. Kenny loves holding Marcy as much as he likes to fuck her. Eventually they dozed off.

Marcy nudged Kenny awake. “Daddy. Come with me to the living room. It’s decision time.“ Jamie and Julia were on the couch. Julia was busy blowing Jamie. Jamie was gently finger fucking Julia. Marcy smiled saying, "I hate to break this up, but we all need to talk. The two of you can continue when we have finished. Julia obediently came up off of Jamie. Marcy explained everything to Jamie. She wanted Julia to hear it all as well, so she would be prepared for the changes.”

Jamie didn't hesitate. "Yes, Marcy. I want to go through with it. I feel like I am dying inside." "Go ahead and finish Jamie off, Julia. When I give him his treatment, you won't be able to do much with him for two weeks. You can slip in once in a while to kiss him and suck him for a while, but only if Jamie agrees to it before hand. He will still get hard and he will still shoot off for you, but he won't know you were doing it as he will be out cold."

Jamie turned to Julia as she was going back down on his precious little peter. "If you want to do that while I am out, I think you should. I would do anything for you Julia. I love you a whole lot." Julia came up off of him for a second blurting out, "Thank you, Jamie. I will come in to see you a lot. I love you a whole bunch too." When Jamie finished doing his thing in Julia's mouth, Marcy took Jamie to the bedroom. Julia and Kenny followed.

"Lay on your back on the bed Jamie. I am going to bond with you. It will take a couple of weeks for your pussy to sprout all the way out. After that time, I will treat you and your Daddy, so you won't have any children. I brought Julia in, because right now she is the only one with a pussy I can reach. Jamie, your bonding with me will be different than Daddy's because you are a female. You will pass out in a very few minutes. Not from pain, but from excitement. It will be so draining on you that you will be unconscious for the whole two weeks. When you wake up, you will have access to your precious pussy."

"Daddy and I will go out to find a temporary replacement for you during your treatments. You won't feel up to doing your job. You will just plain be too damn sore to have anything between your thighs touched. As I have already told you, we will have to fuck each other everyday. You will be unconscious for the first two days after each of your treatments, so you will feel no pain during that time.”

“The other five days, you will hurt a lot. It will be very sore. I promise I will bite you in your balls before we fuck to knock you out so you won't scream in agony while we do it. Fortunately the treatments will all be over in ten weeks. Julia will keep an eye on you while we are gone. We will be gone for the better part of the day as I have to find supper for tonight as well."

Marcy was still nude. Marcy's jet black eyes lit up a beautiful emerald green as her fangs slid into place. She positioned herself on the bed between Jamie's legs. Her tiny hands slowly separated Jamie's little nuts. Marcy slowly sunk her fangs deeply into Jamie's balls as her lips wrapped around them. Jamie started shooting off like crazy. Jamie squealed, "Oh shit I am going to ejaculate my brains out."

After that, all Jamie could do was scream. He felt so good it hurt really bad. He was screaming as if someone had stabbed him. Suddenly he passed out and laid there shooting off all over his belly. Marcy pulled away from him after about fifteen minutes. Jamie finished ejaculating shortly afterward. Marcy leaned up kissing Jamie sweetly on his lips. Jamie started shooting off immediately. He always did when Marcy kissed him.

Marcy gently lapped up all the ejaculate from Jamie's belly. "Rest sweetly, Precious, we'll be back soon." Marcy turned from Jamie, "Julia. Lie on the bed beside Jamie. I need some of your sweet little pussy right now." Julia obeyed and Marcy started wearing Julia's hot little box out with her tongue. She was on Julia for almost three hours. When Marcy finally came up for air, Julia said, "My God. I am so weak I can't get up. That was awesome." Marcy looked at Kenny saying, “That should hold me for a little while."

They waited a couple of hours for Julia to regain her strength, so she would be capable of looking out for Jamie. Julia was still laying beside Jamie. She wasn't exaggerating one bit. She could not get up. Marcy said Julia would get very weak and damn near pass out every time she did her. Marcy also warned Kenny that even though Jamie is now bonded with her, every time they had sex, Jamie would pass out. Whenever Jamie fucked Marcy's pussy, he would be out for about three hours. She said that being the case, she would try to limit fucking him to when she tucked him in at night.

She giggled. “I guess I really will be tucking him in now, won’t I?“ At least as much as she could anyway. That way he wouldn't sleep most of the day away. When he fucked Marcy in her butt, he would remain awake, because it was less draining on him. She also said that after a year or two of getting her pussy, Jamie would be able to look at it without needing to pounce on it when he hasn't just had some. When that happens, she will remove the spell that makes Jamie think he is fucking her every time she kisses him. She wants to kiss him and have him enjoying just the kiss and she doesn't want Jamie shooting off when he does.

Marcy thought it was time for her to make a confession. "Daddy, I was taken completely by surprise when you and I first had sex together. My Mom told me the guy I bonded with would be a mortal and would likely be so drained by shear excitement when I had sex with him, that he would pass out, unless of course, ( and Mom looked at me with one of her mischievous grins ) she was right about him and I was wrong about what she said. I had resigned myself to having my husband pass out a lot, as I just knew Mom had no way of telling who you would end up being let alone how you would be.”

“I was ecstatic when I found you were able to do me without passing out. That was really a neat thing, because it meant we didn't have to wait for you to come to, to do something else. You are one hell of a find, Daddy. From what my Mom told me about my situation, you must be one tough bastard." Then Marcy broke into a big grin as she dove into his arms. The two of them made sweet love right there on the floor until Julia was herself again.

Kenny went ahead and fed Julia. She wasn't due for another treatment until they got back. Marcy smiled as Julia swallowed the last drops of Kenny’s orgasm. Marcy started gyrating her hips as she squeezed her hand all around her pussy. It looked weird, but Kenny already knew what she was doing. Marcy was filling her underpants with her pussy juice to leave for Julia. When she finished, she pulled them off and handed them to Julia. "Here you go sweetie. Enjoy yourself."

Marcy had finally decided to let Julia know she was welcome to smell her underpants when ever she wanted to. Sometimes Julia would ask her for the pair she had on. Then Julia would eagerly slip them over her head right there in front of us. It was always cute when she did. Marcy put on fresh underpants before she got dressed. "Are you ready to go Daddy?"

Marcy and Kenny were headed for the beach. They were going to the Arcade on the boardwalk. It was a hangout for teeny boppers and preteens, which is what they were both looking for. Marcy grinned, "Daddy, we will solve three problems at the same time when we get there. I need to find dinner. You need to find a young boy you like, and I also need to find me a sweet little lady to take care of my urges.”

“Dinner will be eaten tonight. Your boy will only stay with us for about twelve weeks. If he's right, I may eat him before we take him home. We'll have to wait and see. Either way, his parents will be overwhelmed to have him back. My young lady will be permanent. We will fix her the same as Jamie, except I can't bond with her. The simple fact is she won't have a penis. I can't bond with anyone that doesn't have a penis. Besides, the bonding is limited to one of each. A male dick and a female dick, so I wouldn't be able to bond with her anyway. I will sterilize her with her first treatment."

"If you would like, we can share her just like we are going to do Jamie. I need to get her, because I don't want to have to find one every day. I will still run into an occasional sweet thing that I will not be able to resist. When I do, I will probably eat her where I find her. The whole thing is absolutely disgusting to me and there isn't one damned thing I can do about it other than eat their revoltingly lovely pussies. Even though Jamie's pussy will taste sweet to me and give me some relief, he cannot satisfy me like a girl that does not possess a penis.”

“We will look for her last, because I have to be picky about what I want as I will be eating her pussy for ever." "Sounds like a plan to me, Marcy. I would enjoy sharing her with you. I have no doubt you will pick someone really sweet and cute." Kenny could hardly wait to see who Marcy ended up picking as her permanent pussy supply. He was banking she would be either eight or nine years old and of course her name would be similar to Aunah. He would lay odds it would be Anna. Kenny thought, “The cool part is I will be gaining another daughter.”

Marcy and Kenny arrived at the Arcade. They walked around checking out all of the kids. Marcy looked at Kenny saying, "The kids come and go so frequently here, I am casting a spell that will make them all stay until we have finished. That way we get to browse them all." Kenny followed Marcy around while she was shopping for supper. He noticed her eyeing some of the young girls too. She was making a mental note to come back and check them out. Kenny was eyeing a few of the sweet young boys as well. Marcy looked for quite awhile. There was a young girl standing in one of the lines waiting to get some food. She was very pretty. Marcy and Kenny noticed her at the same time.

She couldn't have been more than ten. Marcy's eyes sparkled as she walked up to the young girl. "Hi, Sugar Britches. What's your name?" The girl smiled sweetly as she focused on Marcy's beauty. "Hi. My name is Anna. What's yours?" Kenny sighed to himself, "I should have guessed. How did I know her name would be Anna. Marcy's Mom was right again.” Marcy was eagerly staring at Anna. "My name is Marcy. Why don't you slip that little skirt of yours off for me darling, so I can see what you look like."

The girl obediently removed her skirt. She looked inquisitively at Marcy as she said, "Do you want me to take off my panties too?" Marcy grinned. “No sweetie, I'll take care of them for you." Marcy slipped the girl’s panties off and had her lie on one of the tables. Marcy slowly separated those slender thighs. Anna cooed as Marcy’s tongue started up the ridge of her clit. Anna brought her legs up slowly draping them over Marcy’s shoulders.

The two girls gradually slid into a rhythm. When Marcy’s tongue moved forward, Anna rocked her hips forward meshing her pussy into Marcy’s mouth. Marcy would then sink her lips into Anna’s luscious mound and suck sweetly getting all Anna’s juice into her mouth. Anna started squealing in delight. The sweet darling could barely catch her breath. About every fifteen minutes, Anna had a wonderful orgasm in Marcy’s mouth. Three hours later, Marcy finally came up for air. The young girl lay on the table gasping for air. The poor little thing couldn't move. Marcy looked at Kenny. "I am sorry. I just had to have her. It's so weird. I would rather eat shit than suck a pussy, but I found I had to do her anyway. Daddy, Why don't you taste her for me while she is still on the table?"

Kenny didn’t really feel right having sex with little girls, even though he has done it a lot. Still, it was a sure bet this one was going to taste really sweet. He always likes to make Marcy happy and besides, the cute little thing is absolutely gorgeous. Her pussy tasted every bit as good as he thought it would. Kenny couldn't resist fucking the sweet little thing. He put her under pants back on and slid his dick in from the side of her panties, so that when he shoots off into her hot box, his juice would run out soaking them down pretty good.

A pint of it should wet her down quite well. Marcy and Kenny continued on their search leaving the young girl on the table. Marcy smiled, "Don't worry, no one will notice her until she has had a chance to regain her composure and get dressed again. She will probably wander around the rest of the day trying to figure out how she got so lucky to have all of that happen to her. I am going to let her remember what happened to her as it was such a thrill to her, she will always cherish the memory. Walking around with your jism seeping out of her underpants, running down the insides of her thighs will drive her nuts.”

“We'll have to go by her house pretty soon to make some special arrangements for her. I'll probably taste her again when we do. Anna is laden with an egg right now. There is no way you missed getting her pregnant. She'll be having your child soon." Kenny couldn't help blurting out, "Marcy, that little girl is really sweet. Aren't you thinking about selecting her? After all, your Mom said her name would be Anna."

"Oh, no, Daddy. She is sweet, but she has a mole on the inside of her thigh. The girl I select will have to be perfect. She can have no blemishes of any kind. As far as Mom is concerned, She will be right. I already know that, but what she said has nothing to do with the selection process." Finally Marcy saw this cute little boy playing some Star Wars video game. "Hi there Darling." The boy stopped playing the game immediately and gave his full attention to Marcy. His eyes roamed lustfully over Marcy's body as a little bulge formed at the front of his pants. "Hi. I've never seen you here before. You sure are pretty."

Marcy smiled one of her sneaky grins. "Well, thank you. I am glad you think so. Take your pants off for me Sweetie. Lets see what you have there for me." The boy stripped his pants off laying them on top of the video game. Marcy reached down feeling his little nuts. "You've got some nice smooth ones Precious. What's your name?" The boy reddened with embarrassment. “My name is Bobby. What's your name?"

Kenny always found it to be cute and exciting when any of the boys tried to carry on a conversation with Marcy while she was running them through their tests. Most of them would just go into a daze, doing whatever she told them to. However some of them would talk teeny bopper shit trying to get her to like them. They weren't old enough to make guy type passes at her. She thought it was cute too. Marcy was always careful to talk nice to them to make them feel special. After all, if they checked out all right, she was going to eat all of their stuff.

"My name is Marcy. Hold still for me Bobby. Lets see how sweet you are." Bobby stood real still as Marcy proceeded to beat his meat. When Bobby started shooting off, Marcy reached down getting a little of his juice on her fingers. Marcy licked her fingers thoughtfully. Suddenly, she giggled, "Bobby, you've got a date. I like this. You'll be just right. How old are you, Bobby?" Bobby managed to mumble, "I am thirteen."

Marcy replied, "That's sweet. I want you to finish yourself. Then put your pants back on and wait here for me. I'll be back to take you home in a little while." Bobby started working on his already ejaculating peter. Kenny was surprised he didn't feel an overwhelming need to suck Bobby. He wouldn't have minded doing him, but if he could avoid doing one of them he preferred not to. "Well, Daddy. It's your turn. Find your guy."

"Marcy, I saw a pretty one in the other arcade room I thought might be just right. He looks to be about 11." They went in to find him. The boy was sitting at a table eating some French fries with a couple of young girls. Kenny walked over to the table and sat down in the empty chair beside the boy. Kenny grinned at Marcy. "Marcy, do we have time to have a little fun?"

Marcy nodded, "Go for it. I don't have any idea what you're planning to do, but I'm willing to bet I'll think it's cute." Kenny glanced at the boy again. "I see you've got your eye on one of the young ladies. I don't think you are going to get anywhere with her here on your own. If you do as I say, you can do it with both of them. How would you like to stand up and take your pants off in front of them?"

Kenny turned to the two girls and lifted the hypnosis off of them so they would know what was going on. The boy obediently stood and removed his pants. The two girls freaked out squealing, “Holy shit, Harold hasn't got on any pants. I can see his thing." Kenny gently massaged Harold's balls right there in front of the two young girls. They both shrieked, "Oh wow. That guy's playing with Harold's nuts."

Kenny left the two little girls un-hypnotized to give them both a thrill and to see how they reacted to what he was going to do. They were both shocked at what Kenny was doing, but not enough to get up and leave. If they did that, they couldn't continue to look at Harold with his pants off. Obviously they were both enjoying the view.

Kenny started jerking Harold off much to the thrill of the two young girls. They had been a little upset at first, but were starting to get into it now that they realized that even with all of their squealing and screaming, no one in the place paid any attention to what Kenny was doing to Harold. They both figured out this was not only weird, but it was some kind of magic. They decided this was cool.

When Harold shot off, Kenny reached out and tasted him. The girls thought it was neat. Kenny turned to Marcy, " He'll do just fine Sweetie." He turned back to the girls and said, "I'm sorry. I forgot my manners. My name is Kenny. This is my daughter, Marcy. Why don't you introduce yourselves?" One of the girls spoke up. "My name is Mary. This is my friend Sarah." Kenny smiled at them again. "Those are very pretty names. Well, Mary and Sarah, would you young ladies like to do that to Harold too while he won't remember you did it?"

They sat in shock for a few minutes when Mary said, "Are you sure he won't remember any of this?" Mary seemed to do all of the talking. Apparently Sarah was a little shy. Kenny assured her no one would ever know. With that both of them agreed to try it. Kenny told them to get naked and take turns eating one another on the table. They took turns doing one another. Neither one of them had any breasts.

They couldn't have been more than nine. Kenny had Harold strip off the rest of his clothes while the girls were busy with each other. Then he let them take turns sucking Harold's dick. After they both finished, Kenny asked, "Did you girls enjoy that?" They both nodded yes. "Did Harold taste good when he shot off?" Again they nodded yes. "If you could suck one that would shoot off for thirty minutes, do you think you could swallow it all?"

Mary laughed. "No one can do it for 30 minutes. I suppose you are going to try to tell me you can." "No. I am not going to try to tell you I can. If you both agree to 15 minutes apiece, I'll show you I can." Marcy sat quietly trying very hard not to burst out laughing. She thought this was very cute.

The little girls both nodded assent. Kenny dropped his pants and told them to take turns on his peter. Mary and Sarah squealed in delight as they took turns slurping on the nice smooth penis that was poking out at them. Kenny stole a glance at Marcy. She thought it was cute. He could also tell Marcy was desperately fighting off the urge to eat the girls. Mary was delightfully swallowing the last of her share of Kenny’s load, as Sarah took her turn.

When Sarah backed away from it, Kenny pulled his pants up saying, "I have some errands to run. Why don't the two of you lay back on the table and let Harold fuck and eat your pussies until we get back. I promise no one else will notice or remember, Harold won't remember a thing, so you can do whatever you want to him. Hell, you can finger him in his ass if you want. Just don't do anything to hurt him or make him sore."

Sarah finally seemed to remember she had a tongue as she blurted out, "I promise we won't hurt him. I could never hurt Harold. I love him too much to ever do that." The two girls laid side by side on the table as Harold climbed in between Sarah's legs. Marcy and Kenny couldn't help giggling a little as Mary's finger slid into Harold's butt. They were getting off on this. Kenny could have read their minds, but it is generally more fun to ask, so he did.

"Sarah? Why do you love Harold so much? Do you want him as your boyfriend?" Sarah squealed in delight as Harold thrust himself inside of her. She looked up at me as she wrapped her legs around Harold's waist, pulling his body as close to hers as she could. "Oh, no sir. I don't want Harold as a boyfriend. I wouldn't mind having him do this with me a whole lot, but he can't be my boyfriend. Harold is my brother." Kenny looked at Marcy. "Well, what do you think. Shall we bring her brother back to her with his penis intact?"

Marcy grinned. "I guess it wouldn't be the right thing to do if I ate him. His little sister is so looking forward to having sex with him on a permanent basis. I'll set it up where Mary can move in with Sarah. She will share Sarah's room as well as her affections. They can both be Harold's lover should they desire to. I believe they will all have a great time together. When they are older and Harold has married Mary, Sarah will move in with them. They should be very happy."

"Marcy, it's your turn again. Time for you to find your little princess." Marcy giggled at his calling the girl her princess. They walked around for a long time as Marcy had several young girls strip down for her. Kenny was beginning to think they would never find the right one. They all seemed to have either a blemish or some other kind of problem that kept them from being the one. Marcy finally found one that she thought would be perfect.

This little girl was a living doll. Marcy walked up to the sweet young thing. "Hi, Sweetie. My name is Marcy. This is my Daddy. What's your name, Sweetie?" The girl looked like she had instantly gone into heat when she saw Marcy. Hell, everybody does. "My name is Rose." Kenny glanced at Marcy as he threw his hands up saying, "Oh well. So much for that one. Her name isn't Anna."

Marcy couldn't help giggling. "Daddy! You have to trust me. The incantation is talking to me right now. It is telling me to ignore the prediction and follow the process. When it comes to the incantation, I follow its advice on blind faith." Marcy turned to Rose. "Take your clothes off for me Rose. I need to look you over."

Rose slowly undressed. She has tits about the size of Marcy's and beautiful shoulder length black hair. Her skin looked incredibly smooth. She had no tan and no blemishes that could be seen. Marcy could certainly pick them. She was only a little smaller than Marcy. Maybe a half inch shorter and 5 pounds lighter. Marcy looked Rose over carefully.

She had Rose raise her arms, checking under her armpits. She looked into the girl's pussy, separating her lips to examine her clit. "Bend over the table for me sweetie." Rose complied as she wanted to please Marcy. Marcy ran a finger in Rose's snatch. She reamed it all around inside of her. Suddenly Marcy put her finger in her own mouth. Marcy sucked her finger thoughtfully.

Kenny was in semi shock as Marcy leaned over separating the cheeks of Rose's ass. She looked into her hole, before inserting her finger into Rose's ass reaming it all around in Rose's backsides. Marcy noticed the shocked look on Kenny’s face. She smiled as she told him, "I had to do that to make sure she didn't have any medical problems." Marcy turned her attention back to Rose.

"Okay, Rose you can stand up now. I have only one more test to run on you and then you can get dressed.” Rose stood up. Marcy wrapped her arms around Rose gently kissing her on the lips. She kissed the girl for several minutes and sucked her little nipples for a spell before turning to Kenny. Rose started dressing.

“Daddy. Rose is perfect. Her Dad started feeling her up today and he informed her he is going to fuck her tomorrow before her Mom comes home. We need to take her with us so that doesn't happen. I wish I could eat her now, but if I did, you would have to carry her to the car." Marcy turned to Rose. "What the hell. Rose, take your panties back off for me Sweetie. Lay across that table when you get them off."

"I am sorry, Daddy. I have to have her right now. I guess you'll have to carry her to the car for me when I finish with her." Marcy was on Rose for close to three hours before turning back to Kenny. "Daddy. Why don't you fill Rose's snatch up with your juice for me so I can see how she tastes with you in her?" Kenny dropped his pants and climbed between Rose's legs. Kenny thought, “My God. Her little twat fits like a tight glove. Rose is awesome. She has the best pussy I've ever had besides Marcy's.” Kenny was taking long slow strides in this sweet young child. Rose was bucking and snorting as she came all over herself.

When Kenny finished doing his thing with Rose, Marcy slurped it all gently out of Rose's precious pussy. Three more hours passed. When Marcy finished, she grinned happily as she said, "That was fantastic. Daddy, would you like to dress Rose? When you finish, pick her up and we'll go get Harold and Bobby." Kenny had a great time dressing Rose. Who would have ever thought it would be more fun putting a girl's clothes on than taking them off. He liked carrying her too. She felt so warm and soft in his arms. They went back to get Harold.

Harold was still banging away happily on one of the girls. Kenny waited patiently for him to finish ejaculating and told him to get dressed and come with them. Kenny looked at the young girls, "You two had better get dressed. You only have an hour after we leave before everyone starts seeing you again." Mary looked at her watch. She giggled, "A whole hour?" Kenny nodded, "Yes. A whole hour." The girl smiled. "Wow, Kenny, is there any way you could make it two?"

Kenny noticed the desperate look of hope on both the girl's faces. He shrugged at Marcy, "Sweetie, how about giving the little darlings a little more time?" Marcy grinned at Mary. "You two have been very amusing. I think both of you are so sweet. Look at your watch. Start dressing four hours from now. Make sure you have your clothes on within ten minutes or everyone will see your nudity." Mary squealed in delight and immediately leaned over putting her head between her friends legs again.

They left the two of them to their business. Harold shrugged his shoulders, "Durn, I couldn't even get Mary to kiss me. Now look at her." Marcy broke out laughing. Harold didn't have a clue. Kenny wasn't going to tell him because he had promised Mary and Sarah that Harold wouldn't remember a thing. Marcy was still laughing.

Kenny was curious about some things that just weren't adding up. "Marcy, I don't want to be a spoil sport, but with all the things we've done so far today and with the time we took to do them, wouldn't it be about 5 AM by the time the girls get dressed? I mean, you have to eat in less than two hours." Marcy giggled.

"Oh, no. Daddy. Yes we have been through about three quarters of a day already, but you must remember I am a sorceress. We are on a different time line than the rest of the world. We automatically slip into it whenever we have more to do than the day allows. It might seem a little complicated to you for awhile, but I promise you will learn to deal with it eventually. How do you think I always manage to eat on time and how do you think Jamie finds the time to do all the things he tells you about at school? Look at your watch."

Kenny glanced down at his watch. It was only noon. Kenny had the thought, “Damn, Marcy surprised me again. Now I know how I always seem to have time to do all of the things I need to do to satisfy Marcy, Jamie, and Julia. I had never given it any thought before, but it all adds up to about 28 hours each day and we still get about 8 hours of sleep on top of that, before Marcy has to eat. That is so weird.”

They collected Bobby and took them all home. Kenny had a hard on all the way home just thinking about how sweet Rose is. They dropped Bobby off at his house and Marcy told him to go to bed early so he would get plenty of rest. Bobby hollered, "Thanks for the ride, Marcy. It was nice meeting you." Marcy yelled back, "It was nice seeing you too, Bobby. I promise I'll come to visit you soon." Marcy looked Kenny’s way as Bobby disappeared into the house. "I'll line Bobby up with his 14 year old cousin. He lives with Bobby, so the timing will work out fine."

When they walked in the door, Julia was sitting on the couch watching TV. Marcy grinned coyly as she and Kenny both noticed the underpants Marcy had taken off just before they left were sitting comfortably on an arm of the couch. Julia's hair was ruffled again as usual. Marcy had told him Julia really couldn't get enough of her pussy. This proves it.

Julia knew they would be bringing home guests, so she had pulled them off quickly to keep the other two kids from knowing. Marcy apparently wasn’t going to embarrass Julia by bringing it up in front of Rose and Harold. Marcy already told her it was ok for her to do it anytime she wanted to. Marcy added that to Julia's treatments as well. Marcy wanted Julia to feel extra special all the time due to the great sacrifice she was about to make.

Marcy changes her underpants just before leaving Julia alone and she made sure she squirted a good amount of her pussy juice into her underwear before she took them off so Julia would get plenty of her smell. Julia would put the snatch part of them over her nose and use the leg holes to look out of. Julia not only enjoyed Marcy's smell, but she thrilled on looking out of the spots where she knew Marcy's sweet legs had just been.

Marcy felt kind of special knowing Julia wanted her bad enough to fish around in the dirty clothes to get a little whiff of her. Jamie asked if he could have a pair to smell at times too. Marcy fills a pair for him too when ever he wants them. It is so cute seeing both of them sitting around on the couch together at times with Marcy's panties on as they hungrily stared at one another. It is really kind of weird. Either one of them can ask Marcy to let them eat her to enjoy her juice, yet they still love to get a pair of her panties from time to time anyway.

Kenny thought Harold's eyes would pop out of his head when he saw Julia. Rose just laid there in bliss in his arms, still unable to stand. She had that what the heck is going on kind of look on her face. Marcy started getting everything arranged. "Harold. Take your clothes off and sit down on the couch. Kenny will be talking to you for awhile. Rose, I want you in here with me and Julia. Don't worry, Daddy will take you to the bed." Marcy went into the bedroom to give Julia her next treatment. Kenny laid Rose gently on the bed.

Kenny figured Marcy was going to give Rose her first treatment as well. He went back to the living room. Harold was sitting on the couch in all his splendor. He looked very embarrassed. Kenny sat down beside Harold. He leaned over taking Harold's little prick into his mouth. Kenny sucked him gently and longingly.

There was no rush. Kenny knew he would still be sucking when Marcy returned. Marcy would have to stand naked in front of Harold so he could shoot off enough to satisfy Kenny’s urge. Marcy came back in about four hours later. Kenny was still sucking on Harold's meat. “Daddy. I gave Julia and Rose their treatments. Then I ate them both. They are laying in the bed on either side of Jamie. Rose's pussy is awesome. I can't wait to watch you taste it."

Marcy was still nude, so Harold started shooting off like there was no tomorrow. Kenny finished with him in less than an hour. He prompted Harold to suck him and then kissed him sweetly when he was finished. They carried the two girls to one of the spare bedrooms and put Harold in the other. Marcy kissed Harold firmly on his lips as she tucked him in. "Sleep tight Harold. The bathroom is down the hall on the left. Do not go in the girls' room."

Kenny couldn't help asking, "What gives with the kiss. The scoutmaster wasn't fucking Harold." Marcy said, "I kissed him to take away all of his previous memory. That way he won't run off as he doesn't remember he doesn't belong here and has no idea where he would need to go. I will kiss him again before we take him home to give him his memory back." Kenny wanted to rub it in. He was gloating. "Well Sweetie. Your Mommy was finally wrong about something. Your new daughter's name is Rose."

Marcy giggled. "No, Daddy. She wasn't. Mother was never wrong. Not ever. Rose confided in me while I was eating her, that her real name is Anna. Her Dad nicknamed her Rose because she turned so red every time he undressed the poor thing. Rose likes her real name much better. Look at the facts. It all makes sense now. Mom talked of my special daughters. The ones you would have before you had them. One be he Jahmi and the other Aunah, the younger by two and yet only by four.”

“You will not have them, but have them you will. Jamie and Anna are the direct translations for the dialect my Mother used when she gave me their names. Jamie is as sweet and about as special as any daughter will ever be. You know Anna will be just as darling as Jamie. We already established that Jamie is a she. Jamie is eleven. Anna is nine. They are two years apart in age and yet they arrived only four months apart. We got Anna four months after Jamie. I didn't give birth to them and we have them both any way. We also are having them sexually. The first line refers to that because we did them both before we made them our daughters. Are you ready to turn in Daddy?"

Kenny started kissing Marcy as soon as they got in the bed. Her beautiful titties felt so wonderful in his mouth and her milk was always so sweet. When his lips finally reached Marcy's delight, he felt his head slide in all the way to his shoulders. Kenny laid there eating Marcy and breathing in her sweet pussy smell for over an hour. When he finished, Marcy rolled over taking Jamie's little penis into her mouth.

"Marcy. What are you doing? Jamie is out cold. He won't even know you are doing him." Marcy came up off of Jamie momentarily. Kenny could see his little shaft sticking straight up in the air. "I told you Daddy. After I bonded with Jamie, I would have to fuck him every day. He would pass out before he finishes shooting off any way. He may be out for the count, but his thingy will still work. Besides, since he will pass out every time, I have fixed it where he will remember his full orgasm, even when he is out. I haven't fucked him yet today."

Marcy climbed on top of Jamie. Kenny watched in ecstasy as Marcy's pussy hungrily groped at Jamie's dick. She worked on him for about twenty minutes before going into a frenzied orgasm. Kenny could tell Jamie was coming as well. Marcy climbed off of Jamie and snuggled up close in Kenny’s arms. "Daddy. I love you so much. I am so glad I found you. I can't imagine what life would be like without you." Kenny kissed his beautiful daughter sweetly and they drifted off to sleep in one another's arms with Jamie still dead to the world laying next to them.

Kenny felt himself being nudged awake. "Daddy, I'm hungry. Let's head over to Bobby's.” Marcy and Kenny got dressed. When they arrived at Bobby's house, Bobby was sleeping in the same bed with his cousin Walt. Marcy giggled. "I can't believe it. The two of them have been queering off with one another for over a year now. This is going to work out fine."

To be continued………………………………................................

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