This was written for a friend... it's extreme, but it's meant to just be fantasy...
Tina was riding in a cage in the back of the pickup. David, John and Tiffany had planned a little camping trip with the thing in the cage. They purposely took the pickup down bumpy roads and made sharp turns so that the cage would get thrown from one side of the truck bed to the other. They also liked to slam on the brakes and then hit the gas, just to enjoy the screams of Tina as she kept unsuccessfully trying to keep herself from being flung around with the other pieces of camping equipment.

When they stopped, Tiffany opened the cage door and motioned for Tina to crawl out. While the guys carried the equipment over to the campsite, Tiffany brushed Tina's long brown hair, separating it into two sections. She braided each side and then secured the ends together, wrapping a large ribbon around the junction of the two braids so that she had created "reins" to lead Tina. She put moccasins on Tina's hands as well as feet. She also put knee pads on her. Tina was otherwise naked. Tiffany pulled on the chain and guided the girl to her knees. Tiffany led her by the hair leash down the trail to the camp.

The guys were setting up the tent, and David turned to Tina, "Why are you standing there like a stupid whore? Go and gather wood for the fire, and after you do that, you will need to find three thin branches of even length. Each of us will need a switch to beat your sorry ass with, so it's only fitting that you gather them. Make sure they are even and remove any leaves. I will give you a small knife to whittle each of the tips to a point. I hope you are not so clumsy that you cut yourself." With that, the three of them all laughed as the naked girl went to follow her master's orders.

Tina started gathering some logs. As she carried them back to camp, the wood scraped against her nipples. It hurt, but she continued to follow orders. Master John told her when she had collected enough logs for the fire they were getting ready to build. She went about the task of finding the tools that would be used to whip her. She didn't know if it would be better if she found a slim stick that might not strike her skin as hard, but she also looked at a little thicker branch, wondering if it might be better. She was confused as she debated between the two. She finally picked the slimmer of the two and gather two more branches like it and took them back to camp.

She knelt before Master David and held her hands out in front of her, the three switches in her hands. He inspected them and dropped them to the side. You may worship my cock now, then crawl over and suck Master John's cock and then you may pleasure Mistress Tiffany by eating her pussy. Thai didn't say anything immediately and didn't move immediately. David responded by bringing his had hard across her right cheek, "Did I stutter, you stupid cow?" She clumsily fell to her knees, the hand coverings making it impossible to use her hands. He wrapped his hands around her neck, and squeezing it, he pulled her face to his crotch. He put one foot on the stump next to him, and pulled her so she was almost beneath him. He pushed his cock down her throat, enjoying the sounds of her gagging as he fucked her face. He would show this stupid slut no mercy and he began to viciously fuck her throat, as fast and as hard as if he were fucking her sloppy cunt. She was making gagging sounds, and there were a couple of times that he thought she might vomit. It didn't slow him down, if she displeased him by throwing up. he'd teach her a lesson that she'd never forget, He didn't slow down, if anything he went a little harder, listening to the sounds his saliva coated balls made when they slapped against her chin.

Tiffany came over to give a hand. She grabbed Tina's tits with both her hands, and dug her fingernails in, scratching the girl's tits, leaving deep, scarlet marks from her nails. She felt Tina's cunt and laughed, "Guys, your little fuck toy has a very wet cunt!!" She turned her comments to the girl who's mouth was full of David's cock. "You make me sick. You are such a pathetic little piece of trash. Normal women don't get wet when they're treated lower than the cheapest and dirtiest whore in the world. You are clearly not normal, because you get off on it." She had plenty more to say, but her tirade was interrupted by David pulling out of Tina's mouth and cumming all over her face. Tiffany laughed and took a picture of it, immediately posting it online. She then when to the task of scooping the cum up and making Tina lick her fingers clean.

John spoke up, "Hey! As you crawl over here, I want you to piss the entire time so that you leave a pissy slut trail. When you get to me, you'll know what to do."
David laughed, and said, "She might not, friend. She's a stupid cunt to begin with, and given all of the cocks she's taken, she certainly can't think straight."
Tiffany put her two cents in, "Guys, I think she remembers, I think she just wants us to slap her around, and so she forgets on purpose so she can get off on the pain." The men thought that idea had merit.

Tina obeyed, Master John's instructions crawling with her knees as far as she could so that the urine didn't run down her legs, and instead fell into the dirt as she crawled over to Master John. When she knelt before him, she remembered what he wanted her to do. She undid his pants and pulled out his cock, which hadn't gotten erect yet. She stuck her tongue out and licked it from top to bottom and then back to the top. She gently sucked on each of his balls, and then gave his dick more of a tongue bath. Tina took his cock into her mouth, sucking it down her throat so that her nose was crushed against his pelvic bone, and then she clasped her arms behind her back. She braced herself as Master John started to piss down her throat. She gulped repeatedly as he did, to make sure she got every drop down. She had learned from experience that anytime some fell out of her mouth, she would have to lick up every drop, regardless of where it landed. Once he had drained his bladder. he allowed the slut's mouth to arouse him to hardness. She made gagging sounds as she struggled to keep his cock that far back in her throat.

John enjoyed the sounds of her struggling to keep his cock down her throat. He pinched her nose and when her mouth opened to suck air in, he would slam his cock as hard as he could down her throat. He pulled out and wiped his saliva covered cock on her face, slapping her with it several times before ramming it back in Tina's mouth. When she would try to relax her throat, he would roughly slap the back of her head, forcing her face against him again. He'd probably hit the back of her head a dozen times, when he began to grow bored with the whore's mouth. He decided that he may as well just cum. He emptied his balls down her throat, he had her lick him clean, every inch of his cock, every inch of his balls, and his asshole, for good measure.

Tiffany barked a sound that had Tina crawling over to her. Tiffany sat in a camp chair, her naked pussy on the edge of the seat so their little pet could come over to eat her out.. She pulled the hair leash that she'd made, and used it to guide the girl's face to her lap. She watched as the girl stuck her tongue out, lapping at the pussy in front of her. Tiffany murmured to her, like she was a pet. "Good bitch... good girl, you know how to please your Mistress." She continued to coo at her while the girl nuzzled at her pussy. Tina took the encouragement and pushed her tongue deeper inside, slurping as she gave her all to make Tiffany cum. Tiffany did admire the little slut's exuberance. She was giving her all, eating pussy better than most of the other people that Tiffany had experienced. It wasn't very long before she was pulling the girl's hair leash so tightly, pulling her face against her crotch so she could grind into her face as she came powerfully. The slut looked up at Tiffany, as eager as a puppy wanting to know that she'd done good. Tiffany wasn't going to give her the compliment she was seeking. She left the girl there as she went to get some things for the next activity.

The guys built a fire and they all sat around it. There was a large stump near the fire, and Tiffany had expertly bent Tina over it, tying her up and staking the ropes to the ground. Tina's ass faced the fire and the heat from it was intense. Before long, her backside became pink, and then red. The three friends ate and chatted as Tina kept as silent as she was supposed to. After their meal was finished, the each took their empty plates over for Tina to clean with her tongue. As the girl lapped up the dirty plates, they decided it was time to try out the switches on her backside. The three friends spent the next twenty minutes or so whipping Tina. The took turns raining down blows on her ass and thighs. One by one the three friends lost interest in the activity and returned to their chairs.

Tiffany left for a moment and returned with a grocery bag. "I have a treat for you guys." Tiffany said, with a wicked grin. "We're going to make slut s'mores!" She straddled Tina's back and sat on her. Tiffany had a chocolate bar in her hands. She broke it into a few pieces and shoved them inside the girl's pussy. She picked up the switch that she'd just used to whip Tina and stuck a marshmallow on the end. She held it over the fire until it bubbled and turned toasty brown. She pulled the marshmallow from the stick and blew on it to cool it off a little. With one hand, she spread Tina's pussy open and with the other hand, she pushed the marshmallow in, pulling the stick out as the slut wriggled and squirmed under her. She picked up a package of graham crackers and grabbed several. She crushed them in her hand and pulling her arm back, she brought her arm down hard against Tina's cunt, smashing them inside of her. She did this a few times, laughing and reminding the little bitch that she wanted this and that she loved it. "I hope that tastes better than it looks," David commented as he watched the sticky mess oozing out of Tina's cunt. It didn't look like much of a treat, but Tiffany took a spoon and a plate and scraped out the confection out. She was not gentle as she kept shoving the spoon into the girl's pussy, continuing to push the spoon inside of her even when all of the s'more goo was gone.

"That does look disgusting, Tiffany, " John said, laughing, "And given how much cum that whore's cunt has seen, I don't think I want a taste of it!" David had to agree, "Tiff, that is a ugly mess, you should just feed it to Thai,we all know the slut will eat anything!" The three of them laughed and Tiffany pulled Thai's head back by the hair leash. She straddled the fuck toy, facing the other direction, and held onto her hair, bouncing up and down on her, "riding" her like a horse, so that the girl's tits scraped against the log, causing an intense pain to shoot through Tina's nipples. Tiffany cooed to Thai in a baby voice, "Does the little horsie want some food? It's not horsie cum like you want, but all animals should have some food. Wag your tail if you want some food... come on you little cocksucking bitch, shake that ass so we know you want to eat," Tina's ass shook obediently.

David took a spoonful of the mess and nodded to Tina, "You know what to say," Tina did, she opened her mouth and said, "Oh, please Master David, I beg you to give me whatever you have. I am grateful for the privilege of eating, because I know I only eat when you choose to give my body food. As with all things, I gladly take it in my body." He pushed the spoon inside of her mouth, and it must not have tasted too bad because the slave was humming in pleasure, the way she did when she was rewarded with cum. He continued to feed her as Tiffany rode her, grinding on her back until with a moan and a little scream, she came all over Thai's back.

John stretched and announced he was tired and going to bed. Tiffany agreed. David decided he was going to retire as well. He left Tina tied to the stump. His voice dripped with sadistic delight as he said to her, "We're going to leave you tied out here like that. Maybe you'll get lucky and a wolf will come by and fuck you, so you can cum. Hopefully, it won't be a bear that comes!" He laughed and retired to the tent for the night.

Tina felt the bugs crawling on her, occasionally stinging and biting her. She heard the sounds of animals in the woods and thought that it would be a very long night. She started to count the minutes until morning arrived.

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