She agrees to everything to get her life back
Mary lay there quietly, she must have felt very pleased with herself, less than forty eight hours after losing her sexual harassment tribunal hearing she was in my bed full of my spunk and she still had my words "I love you!" ringing in her ears.

Her back hurt from the weals where Mrs Wilberforce had thrashed her, she had lost all he possessions, but I had offered her a lifeline in that I would let her pay off my quarter of a million legal fees at a rate of fifty pounds a fuck and a pound a swat for the whipping instead of making her bankrupt which would mean her law degree would be worthless.

"I really should get on," I suggested, "Harry James made me an offer for the GTB, my Ferrari," I explained, "So lets get you back to the Gym shall we."

She actually trembled with fear, "No, You love me, you can't!" she exclaimed.

"Tough love," I reassured her, "You're costing me my Ferrari and the Porsche Cayenne," I scolded her, "Poor old Perkins will have to drive the old Range Rover on shoots and his Chauffeur friends will have a field day, but I'm sure you will make it up to him, but wear a Condom, you don't know where he's been."

"No, please you love me, I'm yours," she pleaded.

"Perkins needs his perks," I chuckled as I said it, Perkins Perks, get it, "Now find something to wear, my denims and a shirt perhaps and get yourself down to the Gym." I suggested.

"My dress," she suggested.

"No, that's yours, wear something of mine," I said kindly.

She looked rather fetching in my freshly laundered Levis and a crisp white shirt, I even lent her some rubber boots and we walked towards the gym arm in arm, she barely protested as I had her undress again, collared her and leashed her to the handrail again.

"Mrs Wilberforce will give you fifty lashes later and Perkins can fuck you later if he has time." I said quietly, "So you should be fine."

"It's not fair letting, making me fuck strangers." she said.

"Oh but you know Perkins," I insisted, "but you don't know Mark Gierson or Rupert Falck but wear a Condom and you'll be fine."

It really pissed me off having to sell the Ferarri, not that I liked it, more the status it provided and likewise the Porsche Cayenne really said something about me, and that was "more money than sense!"

I took Harry for a brief test in the GTB and he professed himself well impressed and took delivery then and there and had his man drive me home, the Porsche was going to a dealership on Monday so that just left the Chrysler 300, the Range Rover, the classic Mini Cooper, the four point six litre Rover SD1 and my TVR cluttering up the garages, oh and the Lotus Eclat, and the sooner I parted with that pile of scrap metal and fibreglass the better.

I was still depressed when I went to check on Mary, she was crying, someone had spunked in her hair and her back was bleeding and she had very obviously pissed herself all over the floor.

"I hate you!" she squealed.

"Did Perkins fuck you?" I asked.

"No," she said "I wouldn't let him so he spunked in my hair." she sobbed.

"What a mess," I agreed, "I was going to fuck you myself but yuck, I'll find someone else."

Actually seeing her like that had given me a hard on so I decided on a cold shower, and a swim.

Did I mention the pool had a powerful pump so you could swim really fast against a current without actually moving, so I showered and then as I climbed naked into the pool I needed the bathroom.

It was the spunk in her hair that inspired me, I needed to go, her hair needed a wash so I killed two birds with one brick and sent a golden shaft of warm piss arcing across the Gym to splash her face and hair, she screamed obscenities and then I was in the water and swimming to the happy sound of her swearing.

I swum for maybe half an hour, Perkins came with a mop and mopped up Mary's piss, so I stopped to chat.

"She's wild that one, needs taming," Perkins confided, "Fought me off she did, so I taught her a lesson."

"Wash her hair with the car hose would you Perkins," I requested.

"Yes, Mr Williams, but why not under the shower." he said.

"No, it might piss itself again." I said illogically.

"Very good sir," he agreed.

I returned to swimming against that unrelenting tide, and then I saw a very cold and bedraggled and above all angry Mary being frog-marched towards me.

"She tried to leg it Mister Stephen," Perkins confided, as I made for the side once more "But her heart weren't in it."

"I think she better join me," I suggested, "Make sure it does a piss first though."

She thought hard about what to say next but she was shivering with cold and she just gave in and squatted down and produced a stream of golden piss onto the tiled floor, "Hop in it's lovely and warm!" I insisted and Perkins dragged her by her leash until she jumped down beside me.

"Come here," I insisted and crushed her to me, crushed my lips against hers and said, "I missed you did you miss me."

"Yes dammit," she agreed, "Of course I missed you,"

"You can leave that Perkins, she'll have to learn to mop up after herself sometime."I suggested.

"Very good sir." he agreed, "Will that be all this evening sir?" he asked.
"Yes, oh and tell Mrs Wilberforce she can leave the dinner," I ordered, "I'll have Mary make me something."

"Oh great!" she exclaimed, "That's all I needed slaving over a hot stove."

"Very good sir," Perkins exclaimed, "Did the Ferrari behave sir?" he asked curiously.

"Yes perfectly thank you," I thanked him for his efforts, "sod of a job changing all those spark plugs!" I chuckled, "I bet you're glad to see the back of it."

"Absolutely sir," he agreed, "Goodnight Sir, Goodnight Madam." he said as he slipped away.

"He's calling you Madam now!" I exclaimed.

"Am I supposed to be pleased?" she asked.

"Freudian slip," I suggested, "You do look rather fetching now, but what's you cooking like?"

"Baked beans on Toast?" she offered.

"And I'll have the Roast Beef," I insisted.

"You'll regret it!," she said, "Can I have a swim," I reset the controls and motioned her towards the centre of the pool and she began to swim, a neat economical crawl with the marks across her back and buttocks emphasising the neatness of her action.

I watched for a while and when she began to tire I switched off the machine, "You "Madam" have work to do." I insisted.

"Stephen," she said quietly as she climbed out, "Can I have a swim tomorrow please." she asked.

"What, instead of being fucked by Perkins?" I exclaimed in horror.

"Instead of being whipped." she asked hopefully.

"Poor old Perkins." I sympathised, "But you've a long way to go towards paying me off at fifty pounds a fuck."

She seemed surprised when I took her to the shower, I even washed her back, "Shall I bend over?" she asked.

"No, don't anticipate, I decide when I fuck you." I admonished her, "I think my bed in half an hours time," I raised her chin and kissed her mouth, "It looks as if we'll dine on Pizza this evening!"

She looked rather fetching in my shirt and trousers and rubber boots so I walked her back to the house via part of the perimeter track.

She was impressed, I could tell, her little mind was working overtime, "How much for a baby?" she asked.

"You could get used to all this could you?" I asked.

"Yes, how much?" she asked.

"We'll come to an arrangement," I declared, "When it happens."

"When?" she queried.

"Well neither of us is impotent, are we?" I asked.

"No, probably not, but if I get pregnant?" she asked.

"No whipping, less sex, longer to pay what you owe," I reminded her.

"I'll sign a pre nup," she said.

"Will you indeed?" I asked.

"Yes," she agreed, "Stephen, I want your baby."

"I know," I told her, "The sooner the better, and its a hundred grand for a boy and fifty for a girl, pounds that is."

"Bastard!" she whined, "But we are good together Stephen, you know it, I know it."

"So?" I asked.

"Why not?" she said.

"Because you would take me for every penny," I pointed out.

"I'll sign a pre nup," she repeated, "I want my life back."

"Tough," I said and I led her upstairs once again.

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