Divorced, but not a has been...

Our town of about 645 is not a very large community. So, when something like a divorce happens, everyone knows about it. That is the premise for my story. My wife played the whore and I was the last one to know it. She left me for another man and I assumed it was my fault…lack of attention, too small a package, maybe even a stupid attitude, you know the typical man thing. There were lots of stories about what happened to us flying around in this typical small community. People looked at me funny and I don’t think it was my imagination…some of them blamed me and others sympathized with me. At first I was angry, then I was lonely, then I was hurt and so on, etc. This went on for about a year and I was hearing stories how she was out on the town having fun and fucking everything with two legs and a dick. I decided I would get out and meet people and not stay home any more…it was time to get on with my life, and at the end of 16 months the divorce was final, I was free.

This is where life took a sudden turn and for the better I think. I got a new job about 45 miles from our community in a factory of predominately women. When word got around that I was single and available, wow, I’ve never been so popular. The strange thing is it was mostly married women hitting on me for a date or a fling in the sling. This is all new to me, and the funny thing is, I still felt like I was cheating on my now ex-wife…how crazy is that? I was one of the maintenance mechanics and the job kept me pretty busy with the occasional ladies copping a feel to see me blush. One afternoon the electric went off, some transformer shorted or some such thing forcing us to close the factory for the remainder of the day. The three other Mechanics, Mike, Joe, and Ted invited me out for a couple of drinks to unwind and enjoy the early afternoon hours off. I didn’t see any harm, so I said yes. To my surprise, Lisa M. also with several other factory ladies decided to go to the College Inn for a few drinks and unwind. Lisa is married, but not to hear her tell it. Any way, give Lisa a couple of drinks and she can do anything…I have to giggle, because she was getting pretty tight after a couple of drinks, when in walks her husband with another woman…whew!!! I don’t really need to expound on that drama do I?

Marie F. also was getting pretty tight and managed to make her way over to my table and sat down by me. Now Marie is Lisa’s sister, a little more even tempered and easier to talk to if she isn’t smashed. She asked me if I would be so kind as to buy her a drink and I said okay. About half way or so through our drink, the conversation switched to sex and I think the other mechanics enjoyed watching me squirm or at least they didn’t offer to bail me out of the hot seat. Marie is one of those people that is straight forward…right in front of the other men, she asked me if I wanted to fuck her. It set me back a step or two and I told her she was drunk and should go home before she gets into trouble. I didn’t know the dynamite package that was about to be unleashed on me. She was drunk, but, I think some of it was put on for the guys….she had me blushing from the get-go. Marie fired back at me with, “what, your cock to small to please a woman?” Ouch, that hurt and I wanted to defend myself, but what possible reasoning can you use on a drunk that really works? I thought it best not to say any more for fear that she would get really mad at me…after all, I had to work with the lady. Kelly C. saw my dilemma and came to my rescue encouraging Marie to go home with her. The guys ribbed me for weeks over that little drama. To Marie’s credit, she did come a few days later and apologize to me. However, as I said before, I already felt that my divorce was my fault in that I wasn’t man enough to keep my woman satisfied sexually. I had a very low opinion of myself in the sex area of life, but that was about to change.

For the next several months things went well and the ladies continued to tease me and make sexual comments hoping to make me blush. I have to admit, it was fun, like a game we played each day. Then one day, Lisa approached me and handed me a note that read, “if you ever need a friend to talk to or what ever, call me…BR-549.” I thanked her for her concerns and said I would, but that I was okay. Just a week or so later, my boss moved me to the night shift for the sake of production. Lisa, Marie, and Kelly also were transferred to the night shift along with 20 other ladies from the day shift. I had some new faces and some familiar ones too. Working the night shift as the only mechanic is stressful, and at times overwhelming, but I held it together till the weekends. The ladies, to say the least, kept it quite interesting…I blushed a lot on most days. After a couple of months, Lisa invited me over to her house for a BBQ and some beer. At first I wasn’t going to go, but then Marie approached me and asked if what she had said was the reason for not going…I quickly said no, and she slyly insisted that I had no reason not to attend and boasted that we would have fun and she promised me that she would not drink too much and make such a fool of herself again. To which, when pressed, I agreed to do. Boy was I glad to see Friday come and the 12 mid-night whistles indicated the shift was over. As we were leaving, Lisa called out to me, “see you tomorrow at 3 p.m.” and I nodded in agreement. I went home, showered, and slept like a baby.

The next morning I rose early, did some menial chores, paid some bills and prepared for the BBQ. I went to town and got a couple of six-packs of Bud and made my way to Lisa’s house. I was made to feel welcome, However, I felt uncomfortable knowing about some of the affairs that were going on in some of the women’s lives. It’s like sitting on a powder keg not quite sure when it was going to explode. Things went smoothly though and after about three beers I was feeling no pain or any worries. I relaxed and began to enjoy the party until the beer ran out and Lisa got me by the arm and insisted that I go with her to get some more…boy, little did I know that I was being set up for one of the hottest nights of sex ever.

I wanted to take my car, but Lisa wanted to go in her car, and so we did. It was a Cadillac and a really nice one too. As we pulled away from the house, Lisa put her hand on my leg and I enjoy a nice reaction from the groin area, which she noticed right away. “Did I cause that?” she grinned. I mentioned that she probably shouldn’t do that because that would cause some problems that we might not be able to fix. She fired back, “I can fix anything Wally!” Now, I have to be honest with you, Lisa is not an ugly woman, nor is she in the least out of shape. Well, as a matter of fact, she has a body to die for and then some. I always felt she was a tease and nothing more. Tonight would prove me wrong. We passed the liquor store and I commented, “You missed the store Lisa.” She just laughed and kept driving and she also moved her hand onto my cock. Noticing that it was considerably harder she gripped it and I tried to get her to stop. If she was anything, she was determined…so I just stopped talking and hoping we would get to the store soon. The next thing I know, she has my pants unzipped and my cock was out in her hand. I felt somewhat embarrassed until Lisa’s comment, “Whew, now that is one nice piece of meat Wally!” as she played with it. Then she pulled into the park and drove to a secluded area and parked. She undid her seatbelt, I knew right then that I had already lost the battle…she leaned over and started sucking on my cock, pulling the foreskin back to expose the now very swollen head and began taking it deep into her wanting mouth. Fuck that felt good, wow-wee damn it was great. I’m here to tell you that my “ex” never gave me head half as good as Lisa was doing….Whew!! Lisa then raised up and said, “what stupid bitch would be dumb enough to through away such a well endowed man.”

Then Lisa took her shorts off, and started pulling my jeans down, then she climbed on top of me, lining up my cock with her puss and slowly sliding down the full length of my shaft until she had all 7 ¼” inside her now very wet box. Then with a smirk and a moan, she said, “now that is one fucking nice steak” as she began to ride my cock. Under my breath, all I could say was, “fucking damn, her puss felt really great and tight.” Then she slowly begins to raise and fall on my cock, working the whole shaft with one steady and consistent motion. Then she started kissing me on the mouth, the feeling then intensified, I then began to lift up to meet her thrusts, wow, what a feeling, not like anything I had ever experienced before. She opened her blouse and released those huge beautiful 42DD tits and I lost any reservations or inhibitions that I had, damn I went for the kill. We were fucking like two rabbits in heat, the car rocking, Lisa screaming and moaning as my cock pounded her puss long and hard. She had multiple orgasms before I had one. Then it happened, it welled up and I couldn’t hold it…I start telling Lisa I was going to cum, thinking that she would let me pull out or something…but no, she cried out, “give it to me, cum in my puss” and with that she planted a really big kiss on me while I was cumming and boy was it a long hard climax. Then we collapsed into the seat…she laughed and then she said, “damn Wally, you are an amazing fuck and that cock of yours is to die for baby. Your “ex” was an idiot for dumping you.” Then we began to put ourselves back together and go to the liquor store and then to the party. Just before getting out of the car, Lisa kissed me and said, “we have to do this again baby.” I felt a little guilty, but more than anything, I felt like a million bucks, wow. No one even seemed to miss us.

I went upstairs to the bathroom, as I was going I noticed Kelly with Ted…he was pounding the hell out of her puss. He didn’t see me, but Kelly did, and I tried to pretend that I didn’t see anything and went straight to the bathroom. When I came out, Kelly was waiting and said, “I hope this can be our little secret.” “No problem” I said as I moved past her to the staircase and rejoined the party. I saw Marie and Lisa talking with another woman when I caught Marie’s attention…oh great I thought, she saw me staring at Lisa…she called out my name and I reluctantly answered, “how’s it going Marie?” She replied, “great party huh?” “yes it is” I said. “I think I need another beer” I said, as I started to move away and Marie latched onto my arm saying she wanted one too. So, we made our way to the kitchen and the frig…as we passed some of the women, Marie would update me on their status…you know, whose fucking who and for how long. I got the beers and thought she would go her way and I could go mine, yeah right! She invited me to go out onto the front porch and to my surprise, no one was out there, so we sat on the porch swing. At first it was small talk about many different things…then, she got quiet, then she started crying, then I said, “what, have I said something wrong?” As she tried to dry the tears, she said “no, just a lot on my mind.” To which I replied, “you shouldn’t let trivial things trouble that beautiful face” as I wiped the tears with my hanky. It was then she leaned forward and kissed me on the mouth, long and hard. “Thanks Wally, that was sweet of you to say” as she wiped the remaining tears from her face.

Marie is a firm build, not skinny, not fat, but she is small in the boob’s area. She makes up for it in the ass…hers is perfect, she wears it well. We were quiet for a time, then she began to apologize for the crying out-burst…I stopped her, saying, “It’s okay Marie, there is no need for explanation, we all have those moments.” With that she leaned forward and started kissing me again…that frightened me because her husband was just around the corner in the backyard. I pulled away, and Marie said, “what, I’m not a good kisser?” “It’s not that Marie, someone might see us and tell your old man.” I replied. Then she laughed and said, “Wally, Wally, Wally, David and I are swingers, I thought you knew.” Boy was I shocked. She took me by the hand and led me to her car. We got into the back seat and she started undressing and encouraged me to do the same…knowing what I know, I’m still nervous, but I complied with her request and pretty soon we were naked. We kissed for a little while and fondled each other. Pretty soon she was jerking my cock pretty hard and I was finger fucking her puss and rubbing the hell out of her very large clit. She started moaning and that spurred me on, until she began to squirt cum on my leg and cock. It surprised me but didn’t stop me…I’ve never been with a woman that squirts her cum before…it was exciting and stimulating…then she giggled, “your first time with a squirter?” and I replied “yes” as she began to position herself over my now very hard cock.

She, like her sister, lowered herself slowly onto my cock until all of it was deep inside her puss, buried to the hilt. “Fuck your cock is big” she said as she began to ride it up and down. She moaned with pleasure as she rode my dick with long steady strokes. We kissed and I played with her tits…they were probably 36C size and most enjoyable and I finally started sucking on them and Marie went crazy with orgasm after orgasm. A few times she would slide completely off of my cock and let her cum shoot onto my cock and my belly and laugh saying “fucking damn, your cock is perfect, candy to my puss” as she pushed me back into her tight wet puss for more long deep strokes. She amazed me with her multiple orgasms. She must have cum at least 12 or 13 times as we fucked our brains out in the back of her car. She stopped and was motionless for a moment, then asked me, “do you like oral sex?” I responded quickly, “hell yes!” and with that she positioned herself for a “69”. She went down on my cock like a starving hound on a bone and fuck it felt great…quite the distraction. I made myself focus on her puss; it was a salty, sweet taste and rather enjoyable…I hadn’t been Cunt-Munching more than three or four minutes when she shot her cum in my face…Wow-Wee fucking damn, I’ve never seen so much cum, let alone splashing in my face. But, I covered her love canal with my mouth and drank up what was left, man did it taste good…she raised up slightly to speak as I buried my face again in her very wet puss, “Fuck Wally, that feels so damn good, ummm, ooooo yesssss, go for it, eat my puss” she then swallowed my cock deep into her throat…damn that felt so good…I’ve never had a woman deep-throat my cock until tonight…both Lisa and Marie were experts at tongue fucking a man’s cock.

Again, I tried to focus on Marie’s puss, hoping that she would cum again into my mouth and this time I was going to be ready to drink up her milky sweet love juices…I didn’t have to wait long, she began to shake and tense up and like clock work, she started cumming, shooting a minimum of 6 or 7 large spurts of cum into my mouth and this time I didn’t miss a drop…at the same time I started cumming and Marie sucked my cock dry…she sucked my cock to the very back of her throat and then licked my balls with her tongue….“Fucking Damn, what an experience and what a feeling” as I came down from my orgasm. She then asked me if I had done multiple orgasms before and I said, “no, never.” “Good, then what’s about to happen will be a real treat for you” as she began to jerk my cock which did not get soft as it usually does…“do you ass fuck your women Wally?” “No, I didn’t think women liked that action” was my response, to which she replied, “well, this is one bitch that does, with a passion. If you think I cum hard with fucking me with your cock and your tongue, just wait till you see me cum to an ass fucking.”

Whew, I must admit, talking about ass fucking did stimulate me to want more action. After jerking my cock for several minutes and bantering about ass fucking, Marie pulled some KY jelly from her purse and handed it to me saying, “Okay handsome, oil up my ass and give me your fat steak as deep as you can bury it.” Believe me, I wanted to do this, so I oiled up her ass, she sucked some more on my cock, then she backed on to my cock, forcing it against her closed ass-hole… “Okay big guy, here’s your chance, ram that big fat cock of yours all the way in, hard and deep” and believe me, she didn’t have to tell me twice. I grabbed her hips and pulled her ass onto my cock, shoving it as deep as I could, with as much force as I could muster…she screamed and moaned, “fffucckkkk, yeesssss!!” I paused, thinking I had hurt her, but she replied, “Shut the fuck up Wally and fuck my ass hard.” And with that, I fucked her ass long and hard for about twenty minutes or so. She moaned and groaned the whole time, mumbling, “fuck…ooo, fuckkkk, that’s it, yessss” and then she let out a low moan and scream at the same time, exclaiming, “Fuckkk, I’m cummmming, I’m fuckkkkingggg cumming, fuck me, fuck me hard Wally!!” Boy, she wasn’t kidding about cumming a boat load of love nectar. I’ve never seen so much semen come from a woman; I didn’t even know a woman could do that, fuck what a turn on. Then suddenly, I felt my orgasm welling-up inside me…stronger than I have ever felt before, fuck it was strong and I cried out, “fuck Marie, I’m cumming,” “Go for it baby” as she pushed back onto my pulsating cock. I must have cum a cup full of semen inside her tight gorgeous ass before we collapsed. We cuddled for a few minutes and she asked me if my first multiple would be one to remember and I kissed her long and hard before replying, “Are you fucking kidding me, I didn’t think something like that could ever happen to me. It’s imprinted on my brain forever.” We laughed and we kissed and I asked her if she enjoyed her fucking to which she replied, “Honey, you can put your shoes under my bed any day!” We then got dressed and I went immediately to the bathroom, I was drenched in Marie’s cum. I’m sure it was my imagination, but Marie walked a little bowlegged for the remainder of the night.

Once I had washed myself and especially my face, I went to the frig and got another beer. I felt this hand around my back and turned to see Kelly motioning for me to get her one also. I asked where Ted was and she said, “he went home, one of his kids was sick and needed some medicine from the drug store.” “So you are all alone now huh?” To which she retorted, “just me and my extremely HORNY puss.” I tried to ignore her remark but that’s kind of hard when you are with a woman who is built like a brick out-house. She was well built, well proportioned and her tight top and her poured into skin-tight jeans accentuated her ass-sets if you know what I mean. She could have any man she wanted, any time she wanted and she knew it. Kelly had dark brown, redish hair, complimentary to her gorgeous face and sexy body. I have to admit, I was taken with Kelly and her innocent demeanor. Believe me, Kelly was anything but innocent. She was sweet and most of all nice to me and at this point in my life that was important to me. She also teased me as much or more than most of the other women. As we talked, several people excused themselves and left the party; it was now about 11 p.m. Most everyone had paired up or coupled up for conversation or whatever if you catch my drift.

Kelly and I sat by the pool for a spell, but it was extra cool so we moved to the enclosed side-porch which is adjacent to the front porch. We continued to chat, mostly small talk until Kelly noticed Marie and David snuggling next to the grill under the tree…it was shadowy, but you could still see them, quite clearly from our viewing vantage and not so much with the others. Marie was rubbing David’s cock and it was obvious that he was enjoying it…they were engaged in small talk, about what I’m not sure, probably telling him about our backseat rumble. Anyway, the point of bringing that up was that Kelly got fixated on what Marie was doing and naturally our conversation turned to sex. It has now been about two and one half or three hours since Marie and I had frolicked in the car. It was then that Kelly put her hand first on my arm and then on my leg, and yes, then on my definitely hard cock. She then commented on how hard it was and that she should give me some relief. I must admit, of all the women at the factory, Kelly was the last one that I ever dreamed would give me a romp in the hay. Before I could say anything, yeah or nay, she had my cock in her mouth and moaning with delight. She, like Lisa and Marie, was very skilled at sucking cock, I mean, I believe she could suck a golf ball through a garden hose with no apparent effort on her part. Man, my cock gets hard just recalling this incident. I continued to watch Marie and her husband as they fondled each other. It definitely stirred the hormones and before long, Kelly pulled down her jeans and underwear and my jeans and sat down on my cock…fuck, she was tight. I moaned as my cock impaled her puss, then I whispered, “Someone might see us.” To which she replied, “Don’t spoil this by worrying about others, they’re too occupied with their things to be watching us.” You know, as I began to watch them, she was right; they were so preoccupied with drinks, conversation, and sexes that they didn’t even know we were there.

Some of the men were flirting with other men’s wives and the women were flirting with other women’s husbands…quite the scene. I noticed that Kelly was riding my cock harder and deeper now, moaning as she fucked my very hard cock. She was sitting on my lap with her back toward me and let me tell you, she has one fine looking ass, maybe because she was sitting on my cock, fucking my balls and working me toward a really hard climax. Nevertheless, I was enjoying the view, her ass pounding my groin as she fucked me hard…then she suddenly stopped, stood up, removed her jeans and crawled on top of my cock facing me, and slowly lowered herself onto my cock again, whispering, “How’s that sport?” “yeah like I’m going to complain at this point.” And we both laughed and she began to rock and ride my cock. I opened her blouse and unhooked her bra and let those beautifully huge tits loose for my pleasure. I sucked one into my mouth and the other I rubbed and pinched the nipples until they were very erect and then I would switch back and forth…as I did that, she rode my cock with longer strokes, deeper strokes, moaning and groaning with deep strokes, one after another…she leaned over and started sucking on my neck, fuck that drove me crazy (she actually left a hicky, for which I was teased for days). She wasn’t going fast enough, so I kneeled down toward the floor, while she was still fucking me, and gently lay her on the porch floor… “ummmm,” she moaned as I began to bang her box with my very hard cock. We fucked each other for nearly 30 minutes, give or take a minute or two.

Then, I didn’t ask, I pulled out and rolled her onto her stomach, spit into my hand and rubbed it onto her very sexy tight ass. She moaned and again whispered, “you’re not going to fuck my ass are you?” to which I replied, “yes I fucking am, so shut-up and take it or else everyone will know what you and I are doing.” Then she whimpered and begged me to go slow so she could get used to it. Fuck, her ass looked so good, I couldn’t believe I was behaving this way…well, after all, it had been months since I had any sex and tonight, this was the third woman that I was fucking…damn my nuts were hurting to discharge my HORNY hot cum. I spread her ass cheeks and spit again on her tight ass-hole and pressed my hard fat cock against the entrance. Again Kelly whimpered, “it’s going to hurt me to much to enjoy Wally!” I told her again “shut the fuck up, I’m not the one who started this remember,” as she sobbed a little and with that I began to press my swollen cock into her tight ass…fuck, it felt great as it sunk into her depths, inch by inch, hearing Kelly’s moans, as my cock continued sinking inch by inch; she groaned, mumbling and almost crying, “Fuckkkk Wally, it hurts, stop, don’t go any deeper, please,” but I continued penetrating her ass inch by inch until I got close to 4” inside her, then I stopped. It was then I realized that she was role playing. She said, “You son of bitch, you better not stop there, fuck my ass-hole till it puckers like my puss with orgasm.” With that I rammed the last 3 or so inches as hard and deep as I could…she let out a low muffled scream as my cock reached maximum depth and then she muttered, “oooo fuckkk, your cock feels so damn good inside my ass.” With that said, I slowly pulled out until I reached the head of my cock and then inch by inch I penetrated her sexy gorgeous tight ass again and again and again. She began to cry and moan saying how good my cock felt fucking her ass, encouraging me to go faster and faster until she cried with orgasm and I couldn’t hold my orgasm any longer…my cock exploded with one hard shot after another until my balls were completely emptied. I collapsed on top of her sexy body, my cock still firmly planted deep inside her tight ass. Damn, what an experience, I’m here to tell you that was the best ass fucking I have ever enjoyed up to that point.

After a few minutes Kelly asked me to pull out so she could turn over and face me…I complied, and to this day, I don’t know where she got the tissue to wipe my cock so I could reenter her puss. Ted once said that Kelly was a Nymph and now I believe him. But the greater surprise was on my part. I never got soft, but remained hard and enjoyed another orgasm to boot. I loved hearing Kelly moan in my ear as I fucked the hell out of her puss until she screamed that she was cumming again…that sent me also over the top and my nuts yielded another healthy load of cum into her puss. We were exhausted, we lay there cuddling and talking for close to an hour when Marie opened the screen and sent us scrabbling for our clothes. Marie laughed and said, “so this is where you two disappeared too, are you having fun?” and with a giggle went into the house. As we were getting dressed, Kelly whispered to me, “remember your promise, this is our little secret.” To which I agreed. She gave me a soft firm kiss and thanked me for a great time and said, “we have to do this again, soon, okay?” again, I agreed and she left to say goodbye to the party host and some friends. It’s now close to 2 a.m. in the morning.

Lisa snuck up behind me and gave me a hug asking if I enjoyed her party. I responded, “much more than you can possibly know.” She laughed and gestured me toward the kitchen. She kissed me on the lips and said, “I must ask you a question and you have to promise me you won’t get mad.” To which I quickly agreed with great puzzlement. “Marie, Kelly, and I made a bet earlier this week, with a triple dare, that one of us would fuck you tonight, did I win?” Then it all made sense, these girls were just having a good time at my expense. I giggled and replied, “sure, you won, it has been the best night of my life and I thank you for it.” Lisa kissed me again and said, “I meant what I said, we have to do this again baby.” That was special and believe me, we did do it many times again and with outstanding results each time. There is one thing that Lisa, Marie, and Kelly can do very well and that is fuck your ever loving ass off and turn your balls fucking blue!!! As far as I know, to this day, the others don’t know that they all three had me that night. The three ladies and I got together on several other occasions and I never went away unhappy. I kept my little secrets until this story was written, so ladies, if you’re reading this story and it sounds familiar, thank you from the bottom of my heart for initiating me into my manhood with the great result of much needed confidence.

I hope you, the readers, have enjoyed this story. I hope this story didn’t waste your time or send you away disappointed. Nothing you can say will take away the great confidence that I (as a rejected man—divorced) acquired that evening and yes, I’m 63 years old now and thanks to these ladies I still get multiple orgasms. However, I do not put myself in a position to be with three women in the same night anymore…but it was fun while it lasted.

If my reviews say the story was good and worth the time spent reading, I will write of some of my other liaisons. Thanks for reading my story.
P.S. I would especially like to hear from the female readers.
P.S.S. The formatting on this site was unforeseen…I apologize…I corrected…please enjoy the reading now!


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