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All Boys Camp

Part 8: One Hot Night

As soon as Tristan and I were ready, we gathered our towels and went to to the shower room to clean up from the orgy. As soon as we left the cabin seeing all the naked boys aged 6 – 15 still participating in the orgy I said: Have fun boys, lights out when I come back

As soon as we entered the shower building, Tristan and I went in the private shower room and locked the door behind us and dropped our towels on the floor. As soon as I turned on the hot water Tristan held me up against the wall and kissed me hard forcing his tongue in my mouth, running his hands though my hair, seducing me like a guilty pleasure. Our naked bodies hugging each other as hot water drizzles down them. Tristan wraps his arms around my neck and I squeeze his tight firm butt lifting him off the tile floor letting him wrap his legs around my waist. His skinny body hanging off my muscular body as if I were wearing him like an apron.

Tristan started kissing me passionately as I began to squeeze his ass and lining up his butt hole with my hard cock.

Tristan: Fuck me, fuck me hard.

As my hands spread his young butt cheeks open exposing his pink asshole and Tristan humping me like a horny dog, I laid him down on the changing bench and plunged my cock balls deep into him.

Tristan: YES, YES, OH FUCK YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tristan: Treat me like your boy toy, fuck me hard!

With my balls slapping his ass repeatedly and his chest pressed against mine I looked in to his
eyes and saw the young innocence of this cute boy. Tristan grabbed my head and pressed his lips
against mine. His tongue forcefully entering my mouth while he ran his hands through my hair and all over my back down to my ass.

Tristan was driven by so much lust it was taking control of him. With every thrust Tristan's moans got louder. As I pulled out of him he grabbed my ass and crammed my dick in his mouth and we went into 69ing. Sucking his increasingly stiffening dick and fondling his balls I took my other hand and griped the base of his boy cock. Gently squeezing at the base and with a pulling motion I get him to full erection. His eyes rolling back in his head showing signs of pure lust and enjoyment. I take my tongue to the pee hole and start licking off precum Tristan threw his head back and thrust's his hips towards my head. As I crammed his cock in my mouth, I placed my hands on his tight butt and squeezed his butt cheek's and played with his asshole.

Tristan: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Fuuuuuuuuuccccckkkkkk, that feels sooooooo goooooooooooodddddd

As I deep throated his cock and fingered his asshole with his body squirming and shaking in plesure, I hear nothing but moans comming from this young boy. With my tongue swirling over his cock head while I rolled his foreskin over it making Tristan my guilty pleasure.

Me: Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

As we blew our hot loads all over each others faces giving each other facials. Tristan covered my face pretty good, his hot boy cum dripping all over my cheeks and mouth looking like I just came from a all you can eat cum buffet. As I layed on the floor breathless Tristan cuddles under my arm with my cum all over his cute face, from between his blue ocean eyes to his blonde hair.

Me: That was fucking hot
Tristan: Not as hot as this

Tristan licked the cum off my cheeks and kisses me hard slipping his cum covered tongue in my mouth. This just turned from hot shower sex to a cum-fest. As I break the kiss and see my cum connected to us by our tongues, I kiss and lick ass the cum off Tristan's cute face and force my tongue in his young mouth. The feeling of our cum swapping in each other's mouth's and sharing a French kiss drove me crazy.

With our lust for each other growing in a wild passion there is nothing that make this a better moment. Cum Swapping a French kiss with a cute 11 year old blonde boy with ocean blue eyes naked in a shower, life can't be any better than this.

As we broke the kiss we started to clean up, washing and fondling each other's cum covered bodies and playing with each others nipple's and cock's.

Tristan: I'm glad I came to camp, I've had more fun here with you than I do back home.
As I cuddled Tristan from behind and whispered in his ear: Who says it has to only be here at camp.
His eyes lit up and Tristan gave me a bear hug and it felt like he didn't want to let go.

That night as we came back to the cabin to find all the boys asleep in their bunks naked some cuddled with each other as Tristan and I made our way to my bed and climbed in. Tristan crawled in on top of me with his head on my chest and cuddled me like a teddy bear.

That was one hot night

Happy Jacking

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