Back to the beach to prepare to rescue Brooke.
With the needed vials in hand, will Lyden and company be able to escape the angry demon’s lair? What lies in store for the generator out on the rain soaked beach? Jealousy sparks, and if Lyden thinks the demon was tough, he will learn what angry women can be like.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Chapter 13
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

“What were you thinking?” Angela angrily demands of me, as we walk back through the cave after leaving Marchosias’s lair. Arethusa is standing on my right shoulder, her fist balled up in my hair, holding on tight. “Do you have any idea how dangerous that was? He could have killed all of us in an eye blink if he’d wanted to.”

“I’m sorry,” I say defensively. “I couldn’t stand to leave her there captured like that!”

“She’s just a pixie!” Angela continues as if I hadn’t spoken. “A little fairy that means very little in the greater scheme of things.”

I can’t believe I just heard that. “I don’t care how big or small they are, if they’re sentient, then I have a responsibility to help when I can.”

“You don’t know how they think,” she counters. “She wouldn’t have done the same for you. They’re fickle and have no loyalties.” She shakes her head as she examines the little creature on my shoulder. “Whenever a fairy helps you out, be very careful. There is always an ulterior motive, and usually it’s nothing more than for their own entertainment.”

Arethusa hasn’t said a word since returning to her original size of only about four inches, and I hope that the events in the demon’s home weren’t too traumatizing for her. I feel guilty for my part in it, but I really had no choice. It had taken all of my effort to mitigate the punishment.

“I said I was sorry,” I can’t keep the tone of defensiveness from my voice.

“Sorry?” Angela continues to berate me. “Didn’t you catch when he’d said he knows everything that happens in his cavern? That’s how he knew we were coming. He knew what you were doing the entire time you were in the other room. Do you know how hard it was for me to sit there immobile, and watch you take that fairy’s virginity? Do you even realize what doing that to her means?”

The demon had been aware of me masturbating on the fairy? “I didn’t have a choice,” I remind the succubus. “He was controlling both of us, and no I don’t know what it means.” She doesn’t yet know that I didn’t really take Arethusa’s maidenhead, and I don’t dare let her know until we’re out of this cavern.

“You need to remember that things are very different here,” she says after giving a big sigh. Some of her anger is gone, but there’s still an edge to her tone. “Remember how I told you that when succubae mate, portions of their souls get swapped?” I nod that I remember. How could I forget something like that? “Well, it’s a lot more powerful for fairies or sprites. When they lose their virginity, they don’t just transfer a portion of their soul. Their entire soul gets transferred via the blood of their broken hymen.”

“But doesn’t that kill them?” I ask, mortified at the thought, until I realize that Arethusa is still alive, and if it was supposed to kill them, Marchosias would have known about the ruse.

The look Angela sends at the sprite on my shoulder also gives me my answer as well. “It’s different for them. They don’t need their soul to be within their body. When their soul transfers to someone else, it links the two. Fairies literally mate for life. Now you two are permanently connected. If she ever gets too far away from you, she will die, and die very painfully.”

The thought crosses my mind that hymens can be broken by other means than just intercourse, and wonder what that must be like. The picture of a fairy being eternally tied to a bicycle would almost be comical, if it wasn’t so serious.

The sound of the working Cyclopes reach us, and we grow silent as we enter their area.

My mind wonders over what Angela just revealed to me. If I hadn’t been able to divert my cock to Arethusa’s secondary hole, she would be permanently linked to me now. I understand why the tiny woman had been so adamant about not giving that up to me. Staying an unsoiled maiden must be a top priority for her kind.

Turning a corner, I can see the Cyclopes working through the ovoid hole in the cavern wall. Looking at the powerful creatures, I make sure every step I take is as silent as can be. I still don’t understand how they can hear anything over the racket they’re making, but I don’t care to risk it either.

Unfortunately, that’s the point Arethusa decides to become vocal.

“No! I-I can’t. No more!” Without warning she leaps from my shoulder, flying down the lengthy cave. I watch in horror as in unison, every single-eyed Cyclopes looks up from their hammering to stare at us. They look from Angela, to me, and back again. I don’t like the way they begin to grin and lick their lips.

“Lyden,” Angela yells in the sudden silence, “RUN!!”

My legs are already in motion, as I take off in the direction the fairy had flown. With my additional speed, I’m easily able to keep up with the succubus, and in only a couple seconds I see Arethusa ahead of me. Reaching out, I grab the thin creature in my hand, and haul her along. Despite our speed, I can hear the Cyclopes behind us, and gaining ground. I don’t remember how much further we have to go for the exit, and even that won’t mean freedom from the coming horde. With their speed, there’s no chance of making it to the Orange Bubble.

Even if I can get there in time, I can’t countenance bringing the one-eyed monsters anywhere near Lisa and AnnaBelle.

The succubus is slightly ahead of me, and I put on a bit more speed, throwing everything I have into my legs to catch her, and hand the terrified fairy over to the succubus.

“Take her,” I yell. “I’ll try to buy you as much time as I can.”

“Lyden, NO!” she yells, but I ignore her.

Even as I begin to slow down, I know it’s hopeless. Weaponless, and without even the skills at martial arts that Lisa possesses, I won’t stand a chance against these monsters. But if I’m lucky, they’ll slow down to chew on my carcass long enough for Angela and Arethusa to escape.

My feet come to a complete stop, and I turn to see the front runners come into view. They spot me at the same instant. The sound of their glee at spying their prey giving up is horrible to my ears.

My heart pounds painfully in my chest, as I plant my feet the way Lisa showed me, hands raised and loose, ready to defend myself. Faces of friends flash before my eyes; Jennifer Lansbury, Sheila Lance, Angela, Becky and Lisa, and even Thomas from work. Friends from my past and even a few not so friendly faces flit through my consciousness as certain death bears down on me.

A golden bullet zips past my head, and I have just enough time to make out Arethusa floating five feet in front of me, hands outstretched, screaming something in a language I don’t understand. Her entire body takes on a glow that brightens, as the Cyclopes get closer, until her screaming reaches a crescendo, and her glow expands to fill the cave from wall to wall.

The lead monster smacks into the glow, and it sounds like a massive bass drum sounds off as he’s flung back and into his oncoming comrades.

Arethusa collapses to the floor of the cavern and doesn’t move, mere inches from the bright obstacle. Rushing to my fallen savior, I scoop her up and start running again. My strength is tapped, and I can only gain normal human running speed, but I use that for all I’m worth. There’s no telling how long that shield will hold up.

The blue-haired succubus is waiting for us, just around the first corner, and I see the relief in her eyes as she sees us.

“Idiot!” She screams as she falls into step beside us. “The fairy would have died without you anyway. What were you thinking?”

Joy at the fact that I’m still alive and breathing bubbles up in my chest, and I can’t stop the burst of laughter that boils forth. “Ha! Like the fairy was your only concern,” I respond between gulps of air, and a few quick steps later I find myself back out in the torrential rain.

It takes me a few moments to realize that Angela stopped, and I turn to look at her. “What are you doing? I don’t know how long Arethusa’s shield will hold them back. Let’s go!”

“Please, call me Areth,” the fairy says. I watch as she spreads her wings, smiling up at the rain. I’m half-worried that the falling water will hurt her, but she seems to be regaining strength from it, instead. “Those beasts won’t come out into the rain, and it never stops raining here.”

Realizing that I’m finally safe—or as safe as I’ll ever be in this realm—I collapse to the soft loam of the forest floor, breathing hard.

“What happened back there?” I ask the little woman still in my hand.

“You were in danger, and I figured since you’d saved me, I might as well return the favor.” She shakes her body, sending tiny droplets of water out that immediately get absorbed into the falling rain. The gesture is useless, however, as she’s just as wet afterwards, her golden hair plastered to her lithe body, as she had been before. “Don’t expect it again, though. We’re even.”

“I meant, about freaking out with the Cyclopes,” I say.

“Let’s just say that they didn’t enjoy something that I thought was very entertaining.” Without a further word, she hops out of my hand, spreads her wings and flies away. The rain doesn’t even slow her down.

“Where’s she going,” Angela comes to stand beside me, holding her hand out to help me back to my feet. “She’ll die if she gets too far away.”

I look back at the cave entrance to make sure we’re far enough away from Marchosias’s lair before answering. “No she won’t,” I say, a giddy mood overcoming me again, and I start laughing at the confused look on the other woman’s face. “Come on. I’ll explain as we get back to my car.”

“You’re playing a dangerous game, Lyden,” Angela says, trying to sound serious, but ruining it with a small grin. “I don’t think anyone’s pulled a fast one on Marchosias in centuries. He must have been enjoying the show too much, to catch that slight change.”

“I think you’re just jealous,” I respond, laughing at the scandalized look on her face.

“I’m a succubus,” she informs me, as if that’s answer enough.

“But you were human first,” I remind her.

The edge of the forest comes into view, revealing a site that takes my breath away.

Small, green, scaly skinned creatures are swarming my car, shaking it back and forth, waving tridents, and trying to get at the two women inside. I can see Lisa in the driver’s seat, but the tires only spin in the sand as she tries to drive away.

“What the heck!” I exclaim upon seeing the tableau on the beach. “Can’t we catch a break?”

“Grindylows,” I hear Angela mutter. I note something odd in her tone, and look over to see her holding her head. With her link to the Orange Bubble, I wonder what that must feel like to her. “I hate those things.” She turns to me, a grimace on her face. “Think you have enough strength to turn into a dragon? It’ll be easier to scare them off, than fight them. They’re natural cowards.”

Looking to the creatures again, about eight or nine of them, I shudder at the thought of taking on the small creatures. Those pitchforks look deadly.

“I’m exhausted,” I tell her honestly, but something else occurs to me. Closing my eyes, I concentrate on Angela, picturing her as the Amazon again, with a thick bow staff in her hands, a blade poking out of each end, and a sword on her back. A tiger-skin toga wraps around her firm body. Opening my eyes, I see my imagination standing before me.

“One of these days, I’m going to take you in this form, and see how much of a fantasy this really is for you.” She grins down at me from her new taller height, and I just grin back up at her.

“Hand me that sword on your back,” I tell her, “and let’s see what this fantasy can do.”

She hands me the blade, and a wicked gleam enters her eyes. “Don’t fall too far behind, puny man, or that sword will fade away. Whoever scares the most wins. If I win, I get to fuck you like this. You win, and maybe I’ll tell you what Marchosias and I talked about while you were playing with your fairy girlfriend.” The way she adds that last part, lets me know that she’s forgiven me for helping Areth.

She doesn’t even wait for me to respond—of course I wasn’t going to take that bet, not against a seven-foot tall Amazon—before charging out of the forest, screaming and waving her bladed staff around.

“Sonnuva,” I curse as the sword begins to fade already. Apparently I have to stay close to her to keep it solid. I chase after her, sword in hand and grin when it solidifies as I catch up to the succubus. Screaming and waving the blade over my head as if I actually know what to do with it, I have to work hard to keep my feet under me in the wet sand.

The Grindylows turn to see what the ruckus is, and sees two people, obviously not afraid, charging directly for them, and despite their superior numbers, they scatter, diving back into the lapping water of the sea.

Lisa is the first to speak as we get into the dry car, and she regards us warily. “Where’d you get the shirt?” She asks me, suspicion thick in her voice.

“I gave it to him,” Angela replies, and the blond woman looks to the taller one. The succubus has to hunch uncomfortably to fit into my car.

“And who are you?” the martial artist shoots back.

Oops. “Lisa, It’s Angela. She’s a succubus, and can change forms,” I try to explain.

“Yes, I can become anyone’s fantasy, and Lyden was kind enough to fantasize about me like this.” Did she have to act so smug?

Lisa glares from Angela, to me, and back again.

“We’re going to have a very long talk when we get back, Lyden,” she says firmly. “Did you at least get what you went for?”

I curse myself for a fool, as I reach into my pocket to retrieve the two blue vials. I’d completely forgotten about them when I’d stopped to face the Cyclopes. If they’d eaten me, no one would have been able to try and save Brooke. I had been flirting with her death, as well as my own.

“Yeah, these will help you breathe underwater,” I say, pulling out the two vials.

“We should get this over with, before anything else happens,” AnnaBelle finally speaks up, reaching for one of the vials. I draw them back, though, shaking my head.

“We’ll have to do it tomorrow,” I tell them, not really liking what I have to say. “It’s already been a long day, and these come with a warning.” AnnaBelle yanks her hand back, looking at the vials warily. “The potion stays active as long as you stay conscious. Sleep and it wears off. There’s no telling how long this will take, and we should be as rested as possible before going to rescue Brooke.”

“The Lord speaks wisdom through you,” AnnaBelle states, and I have to clamp my mouth shut on a quick retort.

Let her have her beliefs, I tell myself. It doesn’t hurt anyone. I can’t help but wonder how she can hold to her faith so strongly, in the face of everything she’s seen already.

“So . . . we’re just going to sleep here in your car?” Lisa asks. “How much longer ‘til night?”

“It’ll be best to set a watch, while the others sleep,” Angela says. “I don’t need sleep, so you three get some rest. As far as night, I’m not sure. It’s hard to tell with the thick cloud cover. I’m not even sure this area has a night.”

Silence descends in the car, as the seven-foot tall Amazon gets out of the Orange Bubble.

Closing my eyes, I rest my head back, and prepare to attempt sleep in my small car, despite how wet I still am from the rain. A steady staccato beats against the Orange Bubble, lulling my senses to sleep.

“Lyden?” Lisa’s voice breaks my reverie. “Can I talk to you?”

“I could use some fresh air,” AnnaBelle says, and gets out into the rain to join Angela. Part of me wishes she would have remained. I really don’t feel up to having an argument right now.

I’m not sure which topic she’s going to broach first, but I brace myself for an uncomfortable conversation.

“What are we to you?” Her words don’t make sense. I’d expected her to berate me for lying to her, or demand answers about what’s going on, but this question seems a lot more personal.

“You’re my girlfriend,” I say, knowing that doesn’t quite answer her question, but not sure what she’s driving after.

“No, I mean,” she takes a deep breath, as if gathering her thoughts, “you’re not even human. That’s obvious now. You’re something else. What are we, compared to you?”

I think I understand her question. “You’re my girlfriend,” I tell her again, and then continue before she can interrupt. “I grew up thinking I was a normal human. I didn’t have a clue I was any different until about a month and a half ago. Despite everything, I still consider myself to be human.”

She clambers into the passenger seat, and shakes her head at me. “But you’re not human, Lyden. You’re something else. How can Becky or I even compare to someone like Angela that can change her shape, or your friend that we’re going to rescue? We’re not even in your league.”

I can tell that this is really bothering her, and while I know how I feel, I don’t know how to answer her question. Then something occurs to me.

“Let’s go for a walk,” I say, reaching out and placing my hand on her shoulder. “I want to show you something.”

She glances at the pouring rain, sheeting off the car’s windows, and shrugs. “Might as well, I’m the only one of us still dry.”

Angela nods to us as we step out, but doesn’t say anything. From the look she gives Lisa, I have a feeling she may know what the martial artist is going through. I wonder if that’s a trick of the succubus, or some connection women just seem to have.

“Don’t forget,” the succubus calls out to us after AnnaBelle gets back in the car, “I won the bet.”

“It was a tie,” I call back, but take Lisa’s hand and walk a bit down the beach. I make sure we are in site of the Orange Bubble when I stop us. No sense in trying to put is in further danger.

Letting go of her hand, I take a couple steps away, then turn and face her. Her dirty blonde hair is plastered to her face, as the rain continues its torrent around us. Giving her a bow like she’d taught me at her dojo, I get into the proper position to face off against her.

“What are you doing, Lyden? I’m not going to fight you out here.” I stay silent, holding my pose, waiting for her to bow back. “This is crazy. I’m not mad at you. Why are you doing this?” Still I refuse to talk, and finally she heaves a sigh, and gives me the proper bow.

I barely wait for her eyes to lock on mine, before I spring my attack. Almost all of my extra energy was burned up in escaping the Cyclopes, and then scaring off the Grindylows after that. I use what little energy is left, however, to speed up my punch, but my open fist hits nothing but air as she dodges. Her hand grips my arms, and the next thing I know, I’m lying face first in the sand.

I waste no time in getting back to my feet, and see determination in her eyes, and her body relaxed yet ready to move. This time, when I attack, my motion is calculated, and I’m just able to avoid her counter throw. Over the next few minutes, I try to land blows on her, and try to avoid attacks from her. Despite my superior speed and strength, I still wind up in the sand more often than not, without laying a finger on her.

“Enough!” She shouts, as she places my arm in a lock, and keeps me in the sand. “What does this prove?”

Despite the pain in my shoulder, I start laughing. She releases her grip, and I use the falling water to wash off the sand as I get back to my feet. I give her another bow, and it actually takes her a moment to return it.

Applause greets us, and I realize that we have an audience. Both Angela and AnnaBelle are standing side-by-side, smiling and clapping under a tree. To my surprise, there are even a couple Grindylows, and a few other creatures watching us from a little further away.

“Despite my speed and strength,” I tell my sparring partner, “I couldn’t land a single blow on you. You want to talk about being in the same league? No, we’re not in the same league, but that doesn’t mean a thing. So I have abilities you don’t. You have skills I don’t.”

“But you can learn to do that. In fact, the skill you just displayed is above what you should be able to do, after less than a week of practice. I will never be able to learn what you’re capable of,” she states defiantly.

“So?” I ask back. “I’ll never know what it’s like to be a woman.” Taking in a deep breath, I add, “If it really bothers you that much, then I’ll take you home when this is done, and not bother you anymore, but I want you to understand that it doesn’t matter to me.”

Her blue eyes examine me for a few moments before she replies. “Maybe it doesn’t bother you today, but when you can have a woman like her around,” she flings her arm out to point at Angela, “why would you want a silly mortal like me?”

I have to fight hard not to laugh. I don’t want her to think I’m laughing at her, or belittling her argument, but she really doesn’t understand.

“He can’t keep me,” Angela says, stepping up to us. There is a sadness in her tone that wipes away my mirth.

“What do you mean?” Lisa asks, warily.

“Different species can’t mix. It’s against our strongest laws. He is a generator, while I’m a succubus. If we were to have any offspring, they could be very dangerous.” Somehow, despite the rain pouring down her face, I get the impression that she’s crying. Odd to see an Amazon crying. “I left him, because I was afraid of my own emotions. I only came back because I owe Brooke a favor.” She looks at me for a second, before dropping her gaze. “I had hoped to die, and let him be free of me.” I remember how she had pushed for me to let her die, so that I could save Brooke. That whole scene takes on a whole new personality now. “He cares too much, though, and I couldn’t stand to see him in so much pain.”

“That still doesn’t resolve why he would choose to be with Becky or me. I’ve seen Brooke. What’s to stop him from going after her when he gets bored with us?” I’m surprised to hear so much pain in her voice. We haven’t been together long, but obviously she cares deeply for me.

“For the same reason,” I tell her. “Brooke is a mermaid.”

She spins on me, and I can see anger in her eyes now. “So what’s to stop you from finding another . . . whatever you are?”

“I’m a generator, and I’m not even supposed to exist.” I have to swallow the lump that tries to form in my throat as I speak, not wanting to say the words, but also knowing that I can’t hide from the truth anymore. “I don’t know what my parents were, but I know they were killed for being together. For having me. Who knows, one of them may have been human, but I don’t even know that. Brooke saved my life for some reason, and I think that’s why she’s imprisoned now. None of that matters, though. You want to know why I won’t abandon you? Because that’s not who I am. Brooke may very well have been the one to kill my parents, but tomorrow I’m still going to face my deepest fears, enter that water, and save her. Not just because she’s a friend, but because I don’t abandon anyone.” I shoot a dark glance at Angela, accusing her of doing just that to me, then turn and walk into the forest.

My emotions are broiling inside, and I don’t know what to think or feel. I can’t ignore the thoughts that have been in the back of my mind any longer. Brooke had been there when my parents were killed. Yes, she’d saved my life, and her being a mermaid gives me an idea as to how I’d been able to survive for two days, until Brooke pretended to find me and take me to the local police station.

Marchosias’s comment about me not needing a potion to survive under the water becomes clear to me as well. Despite myself, I start laughing. Not the happy giddy laugh I’ve been having, but a dark angry laugh. All those years of being afraid of any water deeper than my knees, and I can likely breathe under water just fine. Likely something I picked up from Brooke when I was still a little child. That doesn’t quite seem right, though, as I know our souls couldn’t have mixed back then.

Everything keeps coming back to the assassin mermaid. Why had she stuck with me all those years? Was it to watch me, and maybe kill me if I became too dangerous? Why save me in the first place, then? Too many questions and the only one that can answer them is wallowing in a prison, deep below the waves. Tomorrow, one way or another, I’m going to have some answers!

“Lyden?” a soft voice says, and I spin around, ready to defend myself. To my surprise, it’s AnnaBelle. Her usually soft brown eyes are hard, as she sees me in a defensive crouch.

“Sorry,” I mumble, as I stand up straight again.

“Don’t apologize to me, young man,” she says in a tone that makes me want to apologize again. “You’ve hurt those two ladies out there, and while I don’t condone the way you’re living, I can see that they both care deeply for you.”

“I’ve hurt. . . .” I trail off, not understanding. Lisa had made demands of me, and all I’d done was defend myself. How had I hurt them? Angela had stepped in, and basically declared that she’d rather be dead, than with me. Okay, maybe that’s an oversimplification of things, but still!

AnnaBelle’s brown eyes never leave me, and I start to fidget, as I try to come up with something to say back. Is there anything to say? Anything that won’t get me into hotter water?

“Well, I’m not going to stand out here in the rain, while you try and figure out where you went wrong,” she states, and walks back down to the beach, muttering about the impertinence of youth until she’s out of earshot.

When did I get an ornery grandmother? Sheesh!

Sighing, I try to gather what bits of my pride I might have left, and walk out of the forest. I find the younger two women standing on the shore, looking out over the choppy waves. There is a small distance between them, as though they want to be close for comfort, but can’t overcome their differences.

Where did that insight come from?

“Lisa, Angela, I’m sorry for my outburst back there,” I say, and don’t expect their reaction.

Both women turn and tackle me in a fierce hug. Sputtering, I try to catch myself, but the rain soaked sand gives way beneath me, and I go down. With Lisa alone, it wouldn’t have been so bad, but with Angela as an Amazon, the wind gets knocked from my lungs.

“No, Lyden, we’re sorry,” Lisa pouts into my left shoulder. “I had no idea about what you had going on, and I guess I didn’t really understand you either. Just. . . . Just promise me, no more secrets?”

Still unable to breathe, I just nod, and she hugs me tighter. Air is overrated anyway.

Angela pulls away from us, and I can see tears in her eyes, even though the rain has us all soaked. “We’re not good for each other, Lyden,” she starts to say, but I cut her off.

“What does it matter?” I demand of her. “You’re already an outlaw in this world, and doubly now for helping me bring Lisa and AnnaBelle here. You make me happy, Angelica,” I don’t know why, but for some reason I feel it important to use the name Marchosias had used, “and I’m not willing to give you up.”

“No one has called me that in centuries, except for Marchosias,” she cries, a smile in her eyes. She looks to Lisa, and the smile fades. “You have a girlfriend,” she says sadly. “A succubus isn’t a good thing to have in a relationship. Especially not one over four hundred years old.” She starts to walk away, but Lisa disengages herself from me and stops her.

“I haven’t known you for long,” the blonde says, “but I’ve noticed you seem to worry more about what should or shouldn’t be, than what those around you think or feel. I can’t speak for Becky, but you came to rescue AnnaBelle and me from those little green creatures. I can see the level of your character in your actions, and I’d like to get to know you better.”

“But, you know what I am,” Angela attempts to back up, but Lisa matches her steps. “I absorb a portion of a person’s soul when I copulate with them. It’s not that I’m trying to protect myself. I could hurt you.”

Standing up, I approach the succubus, and stop her with a hand on her arm. “But you won’t,” I tell her. “And as long as I’m around, you won’t be able to hurt her, because I’ll just generate enough to keep us all safe.”

“If that were the only problem, I would relent, but Lyden; you know what happened last time we were together. The temptation was too strong. I almost made a terrible mistake.” I can see desperation in her eyes. She wants this as much as I do, but she’s also afraid of the consequences.

“I think that should be my decision too,” I tell her firmly, locking her eyes with my own. “I’ve been figuring out some things with my ability to absorb other’s abilities. I can breathe underwater, even though I’ve never actually slept with Brooke. It would explain what Marchosias meant about me not needing that potion. I have no doubt that I can choose when to procreate, just like you can. We’re safe there, too.”

You’d think I’d just given her the moon, as she hugs me tightly. In fact, if she hugs me any tighter, my head’s going to pop off, just like that orc’s head a couple weeks back.

“Can’t . . . breathe,” I gasp, and the Amazonian succubus lets me go. She turns and hugs Lisa a bit more gently, while I try and gasp for sweet air. Rain gets sucked up instead, and I end up doubling over, and coughing instead. “Definitely not a fantasy to have you in that form,” I gasp when I can get enough air into my lungs.

Both women laugh, and Angela slaps my back hard enough to send me to sprawling back to the ground.

“Lyden,” she says solicitously, “If you’re that weak right now, you’re going to be in trouble tomorrow.” She turns and winks at Lisa, “I think we need to recharge his batteries.”

“I thought we’d never get to that,” Lisa nearly bounces as she starts stripping off her sodden clothing.

“What about AnnaBelle?” I ask, looking over to the Orange Bubble, only a small distance down the beach. Even with this rain, if she looks our way, she might be able to see us. I really don’t care to deal with the pious woman’s wrath.

“She can watch if she wants,” Angela states, “but right now, you’re ours.” She starts to strip as well, and then pauses.

What now? I wonder, but she pulls something from her animal skin clothing. She looks at it for a few seconds, and I can tell she’s trying to come to a decision. Without warning she turns, and I know she’s about to throw whatever it is into the water. I catch her arm just in time, and pull the thin object from her hand.

“No don’t,” she cries, but I turn around and look at it. Carved into a thin sheet of marble is the image of a young woman. The workmanship is exquisite, showing every nuance and shadow. Even though it’s shaped out of marble, it somehow reflects color. “Please don’t look at it,” she pleads with me again.

“Who is it?” I ask, and an almost completely naked Lisa looks over my shoulder, her left breast pressed into my arm.

“She’s pretty,” she says. “How did they get the stone to give her that chocolaty skin color?”

I look up to Angela, while I wait for an answer. Then I realize, and curse myself for not having realized it earlier. “This is you!” I exclaim in shock, and see the confirmation written across her face. I look back at the carved relief, and examine it closer. Her skin tone has a deep brown color to it, her hair long and curly black. Full red lips shape her mouth in a face that had obviously seen hard times. A small nose sits beneath almond shaped eyes that give away some Asian heritage. She looks to be in early twenties, her cheeks slightly sunken, and the corners of her lips pointed slightly down. Like Lisa had said, she was pretty, but it’s obvious that the marble carving doesn’t do her justice.

“You hate me now,” Angela says sullenly. “I understand. Just please, don’t—“ In the time it’s taken for her to form those words, I send the image of who she used to be, back at her. As I watch her body transform into a slightly shorter, black-Asian mixed heritage woman, I pull her to me and kiss her soft lips, ending words that have no reason to be said.

“Don’t leave me out!” Lisa pouts when it looks like the kiss may continue for a while, and I pull back, laughing.

“What makes you think I would be bothered by the original you?” I ask, curiosity filling me.

“I . . . I was a slave,” she says haltingly. “I was abused, and constantly told how worthless I was. I had forgotten everything until I asked Marchosias to show me again. I remembered that you wanted to know the real me, Lyden,” she stops to swallow before continuing, “and I asked. You can change me to whatever you want now. I know that my original self isn’t that pleasing.”

“The hell?” Lisa states, reflecting my own thoughts. “You’re beautiful! I wish I had hips like those, or even a chest half that size!”

Angela blinks at the other woman, and then turns questioningly to me. “Well, I don’t want those hips and breasts myself,” I tell her, “unless they’re in my mouth, on top of me, or in my hands.”

The dark skinned succubus hugs me tightly again, this time without cracking my ribs, and I can hear her laughing.

“Now if you two keep leaving me out, I’m going to develop a complex!” Lisa says and stomps her foot in the wet sand. Just that quickly, Angela lets me go, and hugs Lisa tightly. “This is more like it!”

Laughing myself, I take the half-step over to them, and wrap both women in my arms. They turn to look at me and their lips come together with mine in a shared kiss.

Lisa is the first to break it. “Am I going to be the only one half naked?” Laughing, I strip my clothes off, reveling in the feeling of the warm rain running down my body.

Turning to Angela, I see that she’s taken a couple steps away, refusing to look at us.

“What’s wrong?” I ask, worried once more for the succubus. This is not like her in the least.

“I know it’s silly, but I’m embarrassed.” What the heck? A succubus embarrassed? Is that even possible?

“What do you have to be embarrassed about?” I ask her. “It’s not like we haven’t been together before.”

Lisa’s backhand into my chest throws me off balance.

“Idiot,” she accuses. “This is the real her. You’ve never been with her.”

It makes sense, kinda. Every time we’d been together, she’d had on a different persona. This is the first time anyone has seen the real Angelica in centuries. She’d already been a bit nervous about showing me her true self, and the prospect of showing me even more must terrify her.

Carefully I walk through the wet sand over to the short black woman, and rest my hand on her shoulder. “Angela,” I say, keeping my voice soft and gentle, “It doesn’t matter to me what you look like. I care for you as a person, not because of what you can do or how you look, but because of who you are inside.” Applying a bit of pressure, I’m able to convince her to turn and face me. I place my fingers under her chin, and lift her face until her brown eyes meet mine. “When we first got together, you told me that you always try to help people with your ability. I can’t tell you how much of a help you’ve been to me, even if it did throw me into a whole new chaotic world.” She tries to look away at that statement, but I don’t let her. “Don’t ever be ashamed of who you are. Be ashamed of others for not accepting the real you.”

The succubus’s dark eyes search mine, and seeing only perfect honesty there, she pulls me tight to her, burying her head on my chest.

“You don’t know who I was, though,” she cries to me. “You don’t know what I’ve done.”

“But I know who you are now, and I know what you’ve done for all of us here,” I counter.

Lisa comes up to us and pulls Angela away from me. “The past is a place that’s nice to visit,” she says, “but the present is where we live. Don’t sell yourself short. You’re a beautiful woman, and you have some amazing abilities. Don’t be ashamed of that.”

The two women hug again, and I can’t hold back the warmth that infuses me as I watch Angela accept what we’re saying.

“Now then,” Lisa says, a grin splitting her pretty face, “now that that’s over, I’m dripping wet from more than just the rain, and I think our generator over there could use some fuel, before we get some rest tonight.”

Both women veritably tackle me to the ground, smothering me is kisses. In less time than I thought possible, they have me completely stripped, hard, and moaning in rapid succession.

Lisa is the first to get my cock between her lips, and Angela shoves her healthy dark breasts into my mouth.

“I hope you meant everything you said,” Angela whispers to me quietly enough, that I doubt Lisa can hear me over the sound of her delightfully swallowing my cock. “Because I think you’re going to be stuck with me for a long while.”

I’m not sure if it’s her words, or the feeling of my stiff rod slipping down the back of Lisa’s throat, but I moan loudly into the tasty teats filling my mouth. Angela’s arms wrap around my head, and pull me tighter to her chest. Using my left hand, I find her crotch, and am only slightly surprised by the amount of curly hair I find there. When she’d originally been in this form, trimming the nethers likely would have been unheard of. Even so, I’m able to find her already sopping slit, and slip two fingers inside her.

I wonder about this woman, who had once been human, and without warning, her past opens up to me as she begins to orgasm.

She had been a slave back in the 1600’s. Her mother had been a Chinese whore, offered to her father for saving their master’s life. Being of mixed blood had only made her life harder. Their master’s son had taken great pleasure in tormenting the slaves, especially the women, and even more so Angelica. For some reason he loved to focus on her. One day he would treat her with flowers, making sure everyone saw. The other slaves would regard her with jealousy, as if she were trying to curry special favors, only for him to turn around the next day and have her beaten for no reason.

Every day brought something different from the wealthy son. Every day, he came up with some new way to torment her. The worst was the day he killed her parents. Their crime? Giving birth to a monstrosity of mixed blood, Angelica.

A wizened old woman, who many claimed was cursed and possessed, took pity on her, and offered to take her to a man of great power that could help. Angelica had been desperate to find a better way of life, and agreed to the man’s terms.

They would swap a portion of each other’s souls. He would gain power and insight from her portion, and she would gain the ability to exact her revenge from his piece of ambiance.

She had noticed the type of girls he took to his room every night, and every night it was a different one. Combining the aspects of what she felt were his favorite fetishes, she was able to change her form.

Originally, she had meant only to be invited in, and then strangle him in his sleep.

Once in his room, however, he was so kind and sweet, that she thought that maybe he could be different. The thought of actually killing him became harder and harder as the night went on, and she found she was beginning to care for him, despite his crimes against her.

Of course, he didn’t know she was the poor slave of mixed blood that he always tormented, and she couldn’t know that this was how he treated every woman he’d brought up here. He was very good at using them and leaving them. She had no experience with this or any real kindness, and as one thing led to another, he took her virginity.

It was only after he was done with his climax, and she was in the afterglow of her own, that he began to brag about the torments he treated upon one lowly excuse for a slave, Angelica.

Internally, she was torn. The bliss she had just experienced in his bed was unlike anything she’d ever had or thought could exist, but his attitude recalled all the things his sweet words had obscured minutes before.

She didn’t know what made her perform her next actions, but she took him in her mouth, licking the blood from her broken hymen from his cock. He’d thought he was in heaven, as a woman that looked like the most beautiful goddess in the world to him, debased herself before his manhood. He even enjoyed their little game as she tied him up with his own sheets, before straddling his hips, slipping his meager cock back into her swollen pussy, and rocking her hips forcefully against him. He was hard and very turned on by her actions.

Only, when he came in her grasping cunt, she didn’t stop. She continued to ride him, keeping him hard. Time after time he came, but she never stopped, and never lessened her pace. With each ejaculation, Angelica could feel herself getting stronger and stronger. Each time he pumped his seed into her womb, a new wave of pleasure swept over her, and she never wanted it to stop. She lost all track of time, as eventually, her bliss became one extended orgasm.

She couldn’t even hear his screams and pleas for her to stop, that she was killing him. It wasn’t until his final orgasm, when she felt the last of his soul meld with hers that she understood what she had done.

She had killed him through sex, and in so doing, become a creature of sex, herself. Addicted to the pleasure of the act, she nevertheless remembered that night to this day. Even though she had originally intended to kill her master’s son, the very act of the crime still weighs heavily on her conscience.

I come out of her mind and past as I feel the succubus’s body shift atop mine, and Lisa aims my tool for Angela’s slit. Her tiny coochy begins to slide down my rod, and for once her pussy doesn’t try to conform to my rod, but instead gets stretched wide.

“Now you know,” Angela’s almond shaped brown eyes look deep into mine, and she pauses, my prick’s head barely inside her. There is fear and worry deep in her gaze, but I know it’s unfounded.

“And I don’t care about that, my sweet Angelica.” The grin that splits her face nearly brings out the sun in this rain soaked place, and her face drops down to mine, as she kisses me with more passion than I’ve ever experienced before.

“Don’t keep his mouth busy too long,” Lisa says, oblivious to the events that have just taken place.

“Just keep licking my asshole,” Angela says over her shoulder. Rain drips from the dark woman’s hair, into my face, and I latch onto one of her brown nipples, using her body as a shield. Angela is only about halfway down my pole, when I feel my head bump against her deepest parts. I also feel some other movement, and realize that Lisa must be fingering the succubus’s bung hole.

When her orgasm strikes, it washes over me with so much strength, that I’m reminded of the power of TanaVesta. I have to fight hard to retain a sense of my own identity, as unadulterated bliss blasts through my soul.

When I’m finally able to grasp a sense of my surroundings again, I decide I’m sick of feeling sand against my back, and roll us over. Slowly, gently, I set an easy pace, wanting this time to last as long as possible.

Lisa comes around, and plants her pussy on Angela’s soft lips, and placing her own against mine. Her tongue dives into my mouth, as she moans at the paradise the succubus’s tongue is taking her to. I can feel the martial artists fingers begin to rub against Angela’s clit, causing the four-hundred year old woman’s cunt to tighten on my own rod, as she spasms in delight.

Breaking the kiss, I lean forward a bit, and take Lisa’s smaller tits in my hands, guiding one taught nipple to my lips. Dropping my right hand down, I find the blonde’s clit, and rub it vigorously as she rides Angela’s tongue to her own orgasm.

While I still feel the power of her climax washing over me, I stand up, pulling out of the dark skinned beauty, picking Lisa up, spin her around, and slam my cock deep into her vagina. Within seconds my balls are slapping against her clit as I pound into her.

Angela scoots back on the sand, and Lisa is flexible enough to bend in half, and starts to suck the other woman’s juices right from the source.

Watching the light skinned athlete eat out the ebony bombshell is really turning me on, and I know I’m getting close. As good as Lisa’s inner folds feel wrapped around my penis, I decide to dump my load into Angela. She’d wanted it before, and as long as I choose not to get her pregnant, we should be good.

I wait until I can sense Angela getting close by the sound of her moans, before pulling out of Lisa, dropping to my knees, and sliding back into the prostrate woman. Lisa has to plant her hands above Angela’s shoulders as I plant my mouth forcefully against her labia. The two women begin to kiss madly as I feel both of their orgasms wash over me. The sensations are too strong, and I lose all sense of who or what I am, as I fire my seed deep into the one-time slave’s womb.

Our souls mix and mingle, our minds becoming one, and for a bit my strongest desire is to be with these two forever. Or is it their desire to be with me? I can no longer tell, nor do I even care anymore, as I continue to pump my cock into Angela, making squelching noises, as I churn what seems like a never-ending stream of cum inside her.

I don’t notice when I fall back into the sand breathless, but I do become slightly aware of who I am again, when Lisa slips my softening member into her twat. She leans forward, and tries to suck my cum from the succubus’s sweet cunt.

It’s going to be a long night, I realize, but I don’t think I’m going to mind. At least the rain has lightened to barely a drizzle.

I just hope AnnaBelle is able to get some rest before we storm the home of Varun, the Pillar of Water, tomorrow.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Big thanks to Garbonzo607 for the awesome edits, ideas, and advice. Without his help, this story would have been a LOT more lackluster and confusing.

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