William James loves his games. Now that a stranger online is giving him a chance to get exclusive items, what is William willing to do for the stranger in return?
Poster's notes

This is a series originally posted on Nifty by a friend of mine. On his behalf (because for some reason, he couldn't get an account here), I'm posting it here. He reckons people who read here might like it too. The tags for this story aren't specific to any one chapter, but are general for the entire series. It's a work in progress, with currently 8 chapters and counting. Chapter 1 serves as a prologue. Chapter 2 is the actual start of the story, with Chapter 3-8 containing the real meat of the story. I will be posting each chapter exactly as it is found on nifty sans my friend's author's notes. He highly appreciates feedback and if you wish to email him he's at horn1269 I hope you enjoy his story.


Chapter 2: Transactions of the Mind

William played with much more enthusiasm for the next few days. His newly acquired exclusive item, the “elite aggro meth tonic” gave him an edge against even high level enemies and most other same level players. While it did make his character significantly more susceptible to hypnosis, sleep and madness, he didn’t care. He loved having an elite item so much that he knew he had to have more.

Three days from the time the mysterious PBear1213 sent him his ticket to exclusivity, he added his generous benefactor as his first ever non-family contact on Skype.

“Hey, it’s been a while. Thought you weren’t gonna add me,” typed the apparently online PBear1213.

“Uhm, sorry bout that. Loved the creds though, thanks very much. I was wondering if you could gimme sum more!” William replied.

“Yes, I can. But like I said, you have to give me something in return…”

“Like what? You said it wasn’t money... so, uhm, do you want to go quest together or something?” typed William, whose curiosity and desire for more credits had already over ridden all his other instincts.

“No, get on cam then I’ll tell you.”

William didn’t wait to be told twice. He had a webcam in his cabinet, but his parents only authorized him to use it when he called his uncle, aunt and cousin Geronimo, who were living in the Philippines. William knew that he would be breaking his parents’ orders by using it for a total stranger, but he reasoned to himself that what they didn't know won’t hurt them, and that they were asleep anyway.

A while later he could see his own face on Skype as it reflected what his webcam saw. William’s blond hair was getting slightly longer, looking generally unkempt but making him look better nonetheless. His eager hazel eyes were glued to the screen and his lean cheeks were scrunched up in anticipation; the monitor’s backlight accentuated his rosy complexion.

William stared at the call screen expecting to see the face of his anonymous benefactor. But instead, he just saw a picture of a farm pig, the same kind that killed him in the game. William’s left eye twitched in annoyance as PBear1213 began typing a message.

“Nice. Nice. You look good.” typed the stranger mysteriously. William didn’t know how to react to this and decided that the guy was just weird that way.

“Uh, thanks, I guess” he typed sheepishly.

“I like what I see. As a token of my appreciation for your trust, I’ll give you credits again.”

“omg! Thnks very muuuuuuuuhc!” William was so beside himself with excitement that he couldn’t even be bothered to check his spelling.

“Open your account now and you’ll see the transfer’s been done. But hey, you want more, right?”

“Yes yes yes thank you so much! What do I have to do?”

“For now, nothing,“ typed PBear. “Consider this another freebie. If you want more, and I promise you that I will give you more, then Skype with me again tomorrow night. I’ll ask you to do something else on cam. Just remember that it’s a secret between us…and well, I hope you’re ready to earn it. But anyway I’m giving you credits for free, right? “

It was only now that William had any inkling of suspicion. What did PBear mean ‘earn’? Did he want William to sing or dance or something like that? He reasoned that it couldn’t be anything too bad. He wouldn’t mind singing for the guy even though he knew he had as much musical talent as a frog. He could dance those silly girl dances in Youtube if PBear wanted. Heck, he could even do a strip dance like the one he almost saw his dad watching (he got caught only after ten seconds of the woman dancing, still fully clothed). Those might all sound like weird and potentially embarrassing things, but at this point William could have done anything for more credits.

“You’re on” was William’s only reply. His excited smile was caught on webcam, as well as every other facial gesture of his that conveyed his absolute submission to PBear.

True enough, when William turned on his game the next day, he had received 50 more credits, with which he bought the Axe of Agracult, which was actually a sword, which kills most animal type enemies in one blow. He felt the need to test out his new exclusive weapon on a farm pig, with what could only be described as a cathartic sense of satisfaction.

At around 11 P.M. William turned on Skype again. Immediately, PBear messaged him, asking how he spent the credits he was given. William wasted no time in describing in lush detail his new axe, which was really a sword, and the things he’d done with it, oblivious to the fact that PBear’s one-worded replies implied disinterest.

“So, you want more?” typed PBear.

“Hell yes!” replied William.

“Ok, but now you have to do something for me.”


“Promise this is a secret between us, and that you won’t back out.”

“I promise, I promise!”

“Ok, take off your shirt on cam.”

William’s smile faltered when he saw what PBear wanted. Again, a sense of danger filled his senses, as if this was one of those things his father expressly forbade him to do. Then again, his father was also the one who told him never to install games on his computer, and he chucked that rule out the window until his dad just gave in. Still, William was hesitant. But it couldn't be that bad, he reasoned to himself again. He was going to get free credits anyway, so he wondered why he was so apprehensive now.

“What, you chickening out?” typed PBear as the webcam video went on to show two whole minutes of William being lost in thought.

“No” William simply replied. Without any more delay, he pulled off his yellow shirt and exposed his lean chest to the chilly night air. William felt a bit cold and rubbed his arms a little, showing his smooth, boyish hands and shoulders in the process. His nipples inadvertently erected because of the temperature, but William didn’t notice. PBear however, did.

“Very nice, you look very good!” he typed.

“Thanks??” William replied. If he was honest with himself, he’d admit that he was very flustered, anxious and a bit cold. But he ignored all that. His brain was currently focused on doing absolutely one thing: get more credits.

“Ok, now rub your nipples” commanded PBear. William thought that was a weird thing to do, but he did do it anyway. He realized that rubbing his nipples made him feel giggly, with a feeling that was close to being tickled, but different altogether.

“That’s right. Good boy. Now get off the chair and let me see you all over.”

Again, William did as he was told. He didn’t think too much about what PBear was saying and what they implied. He didn’t even think about any reason to hesitate again, until he saw PBear type another message. He went closer to the computer and read:

“Nice. Now take off your pants.”

“Whut” at this, William was dumbfounded as he replied. Alarm bells at the back of his mind sounded again, although a bit dully, as though they were being obstructed by some sound-resistant material.

“You heard me.” typed PBear insistently.

William didn’t know why, perhaps he was still suffering from a bit of shock, but he obeyed PBear’s dubious command. He positioned himself farther from the computer so that his webcam would see his whole body.

Slowly, he undid his pajama buttons and fumbled with his fly for a bit. He wondered if he was supposed to be unwilling to undo his pants for a stranger. And if he was, he wondered why his body didn’t stop him in the slightest.

A few seconds later, his pants fell to the floor, revealing his white briefs. As PBear could have plainly seen, William’s boy bits were outlined rather prominently on the front, forming a noticeable bulge. William seemed to be aware of this and how embarrassing it was that he tried to cover his bulge with his hand, with the only result being a quickly rising boner because of the contact between his hand and his cloth-covered privates.

Partly because of his boner, he went back to his seat so that the webcam only saw his bare chest. He saw PBear typing another message, and William couldn’t help but wonder what much else this stranger wanted him to do.

And just as he finally reached the most likely answer to his question, PBear put his thoughts into words: “Take off your undies. Make your cock hard and wank on cam for me.”

William read with a mingled sense of shock and wonder. He was so taken aback that he instinctively said aloud, “No effin’ way!” There was a tense pause where William just stared at the screen. He vaguely knew that PBear must have been doing the same thing, since he wasn’t typing anything in reply.

Moments later, PBear was typing another message. “Why not?” he asked.

“I just don’t wanna” William replied, his hand on autopilot. He still couldn’t register how he should react to such a request. There was a moral battle raging inside his head right now, which he visualized as his Aggro Knight Pirate fighting against some large rabid bear with robotic limbs.

At this point, William turned off his webcam and just stared blankly at the screen. A stranger wanted to see him naked. Not only that, he was being asked to masturbate. The nerve of that guy! It sounded gross, obscene and forbidden...well, at least that's what he thought he should feel. William had never been asked something like that before. He'd never even seen any other boy's dick before let alone him showing his to someone else while masturbating.

Though the webcam was turned off, William's Skype was still open. The bottom of William’s chat screen indicated that PBear was currently typing a message, but after a few seconds a tiny eraser graphic signified PBear cancelled typing it. This went on for a couple of minutes, with PBear deciding to abandon messages halfway through. William just started at it blankly, still subconsciously nervous and wondering if PBear was getting nervous as well.

"Maybe playing a bit will make me feel better..." William thought out loud. He booted up Dragon Sorcerer Kingdom Wars and decided to explore a new area that was recently released in the latest patch.

The new dungeon was called Gardner Labs and had the rather morbid backstory of having been used as a mad scientist's lair where he experimented on humans to create evil, super-intelligent human robots. For the next three minutes, William's Aggro knight Pirate fought through robotic zombies and metal undead, all the while feeling dismayed that his Axe of Agracult, which was actually a sword, proved rather ineffective against these new enemies. William was having a hard time concentrating partly because of his sword's inefficiency and partly because of the conflicting thoughts in his head.

In William's mental battlefield of right versus wrong versus embarrassment, a new figure emerged: reckless pride. This man, PBear, wanted to see him naked, wanted to see his cock. That could only mean that he would like it, right? Otherwise, he wouldn’t have insisted so much. William masturbated on occasion just like other boys. He did it to relieve his morning boners and to help him get to sleep at night. For as long as he knew, jacking off was his thing, a personal thing. But now someone else wanted to see him do it... as if he were a star and he had an audience, as if he was worth watching like those highly paid action stars on TV.

After barely surviving the metal zombie horde, William's Aggro Knight Pirate accessed the big metal door signifying a boss battle. William knew that he'd likely die after seeing how the normal monsters overwhelmed him, so he was almost unsurprised when a huge cybernetic bear lunged at his character and promptly smacked the living daylights out of him. Almost. The respawn loading screen so helpfully advertised that cyber bears were weak to Pavlov's Bell, an item that cost 150 credits.

William stifled a curse and quit the game. He didn't have anymore credits, and had lost his drive to play. He was still very much confused what to do with PBear. The man was a perv, he concluded. But PBear had been a great help to him at the same time, and seemed like a nice guy all around. There was something else too...

In William's mental battlefield, reckless pride was transforming into vanity and wiping out all else. It subdued embarrassment, doubt and any moral uncertainties. This man wanted to see him naked. This man thinks that he, William, was good-looking. Though PBear could be a perv, the compliment nevertheless flattered William. And PBear didn't say "you're hot" or "you're sexy" like what a perv would say to women. He said "you look good". It sounded more like a sincere compliment than a perverted comment. Wanking for PBear seemed infinitely naughty, but somehow that only increased its allure. William had no more words to describe this feeling of reckless abandon that was now coursing through his veins, and through his dick, which had risen to its full three and a half inches inside his briefs, twitching as it went.

And anyway, he was getting credits.

William checked his Skype again and was amazed that PBear was still online and was still trying to write something despite William having left to play 20 minutes ago. He thought that PBear might have left, but as it turns out, this guy must be really patient. Or really eager to see him naked. Or maybe PBear thought that William was still undecided since he left his Skype open even after turning off the webcam. Maybe it was that last part.

"Dude, still there?" typed William.

"Yeah. Sorry if I scared you..." PBear quickly replied.

"So, there's this new thing in the game that costs 150 credits..." William turned on the webcam again and leaned back so his whole front could be seen.

Pbear was still about to reply when he noticed William’s willingness to cooperate, in the form of his twitching boydick, on the screen.

“Go for it, little dude =)” PBear typed ecstatically. The smiley almost seemed like a sign denoting his victory over the young boy.

William, this time without any hesitation, pulled down his underwear and let his boyhood bask in the cool night air.

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