I was sixteen and constantly horny. I got to see mom and my fourteen year old sister Ginger in almost nothing many times. School had just stared up again and I was cleaning out the attic. Our dad had been a collector, sometimes mom called him a hoarder. He had died when I was young and my sister was a baby.

Anyway I was cleaning the attic when I found an old photo album. I opened it to see pictures in some type of club. A few pictures later I knew it was a strip club and thought the album had been my father’s. The next page changed my mind as I saw mom, before I finished I was plotting to fuck her.

I set the album aside and finished the job before going to clean up and wash. I carried the album into the kitchen and set it on the table. Mom and Ginger were making lunch and mom turned to look at me. She saw the album and then laughed as she came to open it and began looking at pictures.

Ginger blushed when she saw but kept looking. After lunch I grinned at mom, “you going to teach Ginger to strip and pole dance?”

She laughed and reached out to caress my sister’s blushing face, “sure. Of course a stripper has to learn to lap dance and sometimes fuck a customer.”

I looked at her as she grinned, “I liked that part.”

I shook my head, “you shouldn’t tease me.”

I left with fantasies dancing in my head and went to clean out the huge workshop my father had built. The main floor was sixty feet long and forty wide with a large office just inside the hallway and seven smaller storage rooms that I had emptied long ago. I kind of got the idea when I was working but it didn’t hit me until the next day in school.

It was a Monday and boring so I took a few moments to write everything down. Mom was just getting home when I got there and my sister was walking up the street. I walked into mom’s bedroom and she turned as she took her bra off, “yes?”

I looked up from her beautiful breasts and blushed, “I wanted to talk to you.”

She smiled and pushed her skirt down and off, “I think you want to do more than talk.”

I grinned, “that too.”

She turned and pulled on her loose sweat pants and then the sweat shirt she wears when working out, “okay talk.”

I shook myself, “I was thinking of using dad’s workshop and starting a club.”

She walked towards me, “what kind of club?”

I blocked her and she smiled as she pressed against me, something she hadn’t done before, “well?”

I shivered and put my arms around her, “If I get some girls from school would you teach them to strip and dance?”

She laughed and kissed me, “you want to make a high school strip club?”

I grinned, “yeah. A five dollar entrance fee and the girls get to keep all the tips.”

She looked at me for a minute, “that’s all?”

I blushed, “they can use the old office as a changing room...”

Mom humped against me, “and use the storage rooms as fuck rooms?”

I groaned and Ginger laughed as she stopped behind me, “teasing him again?”

Mom smiled as she looked at my sister and then at me, “Okay I’ll teach the girls but Ginger will be one of them.”

I opened my mouth before closing it, “okay.”

Ginger shifted, “what am I doing?”

Mom turned and pulled me to her bed, “being a woman.”

She started stripping me, “you need to build a stage with three sides and poles so men can sit around it.”

I was a little shocked as she pulled her clothes off and started to push me onto the bed. I caught her and turned as I pulled. We ended up on the bed together and I rolled until I was on top. I grinned and kissed her before moving down her body. She laughed and spread her legs as Ginger sat on the bed, “what are you doing?”

Mom shuddered as I licked through her pussy, “you know very well what we are doing. After he finishes we need to go shopping.”

I nibbled on her clit and sucked and she shuddered hard as her hips lifted, “ooohhh!”

I pushed my tongue into her before licking again. I teased her clit and sucked or nibbled until several minutes later when she pushed my face away. I looked up and moved up her body when she held out her arms. I needed her so bad and she knew it. I settled between her legs and she wrapped them around me and pulled.

I pushed into her warm pussy and knew I would always want more. Mom groaned as my cock stretched her and I pushed until I was all the way in and pressed against her cervix. I kissed her and began to hump and press and jab and grind. She humped up and her pussy began to grasp and grip my cock.

I finally pulled back and fucked her slowly with deep thrusts. She shuddered before suddenly howling as she bucked and thrashed around, “fffuuuccckkk... mmmeee!”

I kept fucking her as her pussy worked at milking my cock and she writhed around under me. Every other minute she screamed or wailed as she became wetter and struggled. It was only ten or fifteen minutes but it was a ride I will never forget. I buried my throbbing cock and kissed my mother as I began gushing a huge load of cum.

She clutched me and hung on as I continued to spurt into her. When I stopped I was out of breath and mom was panting. She dropped her legs to the bed and smiled as she looked up, “that was a great fuck.”

I grinned and pulled out before I rolled onto my side. I caressed her naked body and smiled, “I was thinking a couple of small stages with a pole in the center too.”

She grinned as she looked at me, “build it and they will cum.”

Ginger giggled and I laughed as mom moved away and climbed out of bed, “go to work. Your sister and I have things to do.”

Luckily there was a large stack of wood beside the workshop. I measured and started building supports for a stage that went from the corner with the office door out into the middle of the room. I built them at an angle so it had three sides like mom said. I built two more that were smaller and round with steps.

I had to stop when I finished because I didn’t have the plywood or boards to finish. I went into the house to see mom and Ginger cooking. They acted as if nothing had happened as I went through and took a shower. I sat at my computer to use some of my savings to order what I needed as well as paint.

I also bought linoleum and a soda dispensing machine and a popcorn machine. I shut the computer off and pulled a pair of sleeping pants on before heading back into the kitchen. Mom grinned and gestured, “we made flyers for you to pass out.”

I sat at the table and picked one up. It was an advertisement to teach any girl the art of erotic dancing. I grinned and helped them with dinner, after it was over I cleaned up while they vanished. I was sitting in the living room when Ginger sat beside me in her robe and reached out to take the remote.

She shut the TV off and turned the stereo on. I looked at her and she grinned, “time for a show.”

A minute later mom walked in and began a dance that had my cock hard before she even took anything off. My sister was watching me as much as mom and finally grinned and turned to just watch mom. She seemed to take a lot more layers off than I thought she had on. She slid onto my lap when she finished and caressed my chest, “did you like?”

I groaned as I cupped a breast, “can I fuck you to death?”

Ginger laughed and hit my shoulder, “no. You have to break my pussy in and stretch it.”

I looked at her and mom laughed as she stood and pulled me up before Ginger. She shut everything off and pushed us down the hall and into her bedroom, “bedtime.”

My sister pulled my sleeping pants down and off before dropping her robe to show she was naked. She moved onto the bed as mom pressed against my back and whispered, “go slow and lick her.”

I nodded and moved onto the bed and laid beside Ginger to feel her body. Mom went around and climbed into bed on the other side and caressed my sister too. I bent to suck on a nipple and she shuddered while mom laughed, “get used to that, guys love titties and nipples.”

I grinned and turned to move onto Ginger. I kissed her as she spread her legs and I settled between them and started kissing down her body. I stopped to kiss and suck on both nipples which made her shudder and giggle. When I reached her pussy mom was kissing her and holding her. I leaned close to open her pussy and lick through it.

Her hips lifted and she spread her legs more as a moan escaped. I pushed my tongue into her and licked her again before starting to nibble on her inner pussy lips and then her clit. Ginger humped up and jerked and when I captured her clit and sucked she spasmed and writhed around. I kept licking her and teasing her clit and she continued to moan louder and shake.

It was several minutes before she twisted and covered her pussy, “enough!”

Mom laughed and I grinned as I moved up and slowly forced my thick cock into her. She grunted as my cock spread and stretched her pussy. I kissed her and pulled back to start fucking her and sink my cock deeper. It took me a minute to bury my cock and by then Ginger had her legs in the air and spread.

Her pussy was constantly grasping my cock and she kept humping up. I fucked her slowly with deep thrusts at first and five minutes later she was wailing as she clung to me. She wet me and began thrashing around while I fucked her a little harder. A few more minutes and she was bucking and struggling.

I kept fucking her firmly while she howled, “oooohhhh!”

It was a few minutes after that when I thrust all the way into her and kissed her while pumping huge gushing spurts. She jerked and screamed into my mouth as she held her hips up and her pussy squeezed and milked my cock. When I stopped cumming she shuddered and relaxed.

Mom rubbed my back, “turn her over and fuck her from behind.”

I fucked my sister four times before I pushed mom down to fuck her long, hard and deep. After I came in her she was still clinging to me and Ginger giggled before pulling me off and out and snuggled against me. I woke to mom moving over me, “time to get up.”

I reached for her but she escaped with a laugh. I was a little nervous when I walked through school passing out the flyers. They were innocent enough until the girls called and talked to mom. The stuff I ordered was waiting when I got home and I started working. I put the plywood on the stage and the two round platforms.

After that I carefully fitting the wooden floorboards. I sanded them, cleaned them, stained them and put a thick coat of polyurethane on them. I moved the other supplies in and went into the house to see about dinner. I stopped when I saw the half naked girls who shrieked. Mom laughed, “Dan is the club owner girls. Who is next?”

I shook my head and went to wash as the music came on again. An older girl came into the kitchen as I was cooking dinner. I knew her from school, she was a junior and seventeen. I smiled, “Candy.”

She grinned as she pressed against me, “your mom is cool.”

I smiled as I turned and put my arms around her, “you going to dance in the club on Friday?”

She pressed her pelvis into me, “I was thinking of it.”

I was really tempted and she smiled before kissing me, “Friday before I dance you can fuck me.”

She stepped back and headed back into the other room. I watched her walk out and glanced at a girl named Dawn watching with a smile. I grinned, “mom teaching you how to temp guys?”

She opened her blouse to show a lacy bra and laughed as she turned and walked into the other room. I shook my head and went back to cooking. I didn’t glance back when I felt the hand caressing down my back, “one of you teasing me again will end up with sperm leaking out.”

She giggled and I looked back to see Nikki, a freshman. She pressed against me, “after dinner you can stuff my pussy and give me an injection.”

I grinned, “go back to mom’s class before I decide not to wait.”

She laughed as she turned and walked away. I made enough for everyone and dinner was an eye opener as girls talked frankly about guys and what they had done. Mom and Ginger kept looking at me and grinning until Nikki pulled me up, “see you tomorrow.”

She was talking to the girls as she pulled me through the house and into my bedroom. I grinned and pulled her back and against me, “first I get to lick you and then I will fuck you.”

Her eyes widened and then she grinned, “okay.”

I pushed her hands away as I began undressing her. When she was naked I sat her on the edge of the bed and stripped before kneeling between her legs. I pushed her back and down and leaned in and looking at her trimmed pussy. I opened it and licked through it a few times before pushing my tongue into her and then starting to nibble on her pussy lips.

I moved to her clit as she humped and she shuddered and then screamed and spasmed when I sucked. She arched her back and jerked as I wiggled my tongue against her clit and held her hips to keep her from escaping. She writhed around and thrust up as I kept licking her and teasing her clit.

When she finally pushed my face away I grinned and stood to help her turn and move into the center of the bed. I ignored all the girls watching as I moved over her and kissed her before pushing into her. I kissed her again as I began to fuck her slowly with long thrusts. Nikki moaned as she put her arms around me and her feet over my thighs.

She was lifting her hips and humping, “mmmm!”

I continued to fuck her slowly while her tight pussy grasped and squeezed my cock and she shuddered. It took a minute to get my cock all the way into her and then I began to hump and grind. She clutched me and jerked as her pussy contracted around my cock, “YES!”

I grinned as I kissed her and pulled back to fuck her with long firm thrusts. Her pussy was slipperier now and she thrust up to meet my cock as it slid into her. A few minutes and she wailed and thrashed around while bucking, “aaaahhhh!”

I fucked her hard and deep as she continued to wiggle and squirm. It seemed like a long time before I needed to cum and thrust into her and tried to push deeper. I was suddenly pumping huge gushing spurts of sperm. Nikki screamed and lifted and spread her legs as her pussy gripped my cock, “yyyeeeeesssssss!”

I spurted again and again until I was finished and kissed her once more before slowly pulling out and laying beside her, “thanks Nikki.”

She was panting and grinned, “it was my pleasure.”

The other girls laughed as they turned to leave. Nikki turned to kiss me before moving off the bed, “damn that was a wonderful injection.”

Mom chuckled from the doorway and I sighed before getting up. The girls left and I helped clean up before mom and my sister pulled me to bed for a couple of fucks apiece. The next day word started getting around about a strip club. I got a lot of questions and guys wanting to come over, I also had a few teachers asking questions.

When I got home I went to work and painted all the walls with three coats of paint. After that I cleaned the floor before laying down the linoleum and cutting it to fit. I put up the poles and made sure they were secured and solid before polishing them. I went into the house and listened to the music in the other room and glanced in to see the girls practicing stripping.

I went to shower and put on a pair of sleeping pants to lounge in before using my computer. I ordered solid chairs and several tables before looking at the little bit I had left in my account. I came into the kitchen to see mom and Ginger but the other girls had left. Thursday I put the soda machine and popcorn machine in.

Mom appeared with beds, clothes stands and a couple of make up desks for the changing room. After that the table and chairs were being delivered and I was setting everything up before finally locking the door. While I was in school I had a lot more guys and girls approach me. After school I went home and changed before going out to open the club.

I grinned at the girls waiting with shoulder bags and let them in for their first real look. They frowned at the darkness until I went into the changing room and flipped the switch for the overhead lights above the stage. I came out and went to the other wall to turn the lights on for the two smaller stages.

They headed for the changing room and Candy stuck her head out a few minutes later, “Dan?”

I looked at her and she wiggled her finger, “my pussy needs lube.”

I heard the other girls laugh and grinned as I started for the hall and caught her hand and pulled her out and after me to the first room with a bed. Candy was naked and grinned as I closed the door and turned to undress. She sat and then wiggled back onto the bed as I followed. I leaned down to smell and then lick through her pussy.

She shivered and humped up as she spread her legs more. I pushed my tongue into her and then nibbled on her labia before capturing her clit to suck and wiggle my tongue. She jerked and humped and moaned louder, “ooohhh!”

I kept licking and teasing her clit and sucking and she became wilder before shuddering and pushing my face away. I moved up and glanced at a box of condoms mom must have brought in, “want me to use a condom?”

She pulled on me, “no.”

I lifted and pushed into her and started to fuck her with deep thrusts. She shuddered and humped as her pussy grasped and squeezed, “hard and deep so you can cum.”

I looked at her and she grunted and shook. I began to do as she asked and fucked her hard and deep while grinding. It wasn’t long before she began to wail and thrash. I lasted fifteen minutes and she was bucking and writhing around by then. I buried my cock and pushed against her cervix as I began to gush strong spurts of cum.

Her pussy tightened and held my cock as I finished filling her. I kissed her while she panted and slowly pulled out, “that enough?”

She grinned, “for now.”

I moved off the bed and got dressed as she slipped out. I checked the time before going to the outer door and waiting. The music was already on and mom walked in with a smile, “want help?”

I grinned because she was topless with french panties on, “you can serve the soda and popcorn. One dollar for each drink or popcorn and you can keep the tips.”

It wasn’t long before guys began showing up and soon the girls were dancing and up on the stages. The club was packed with guys and it stayed that way until midnight when I began sending everyone home. The girls were tired and many had used the back rooms to fuck guys. Ginger had used the rooms a few times to and even mom had taken a couple of guys back.

They helped change the sheets and kissed me before heading back to the beds to sleep. Mom pulled me after her with Dawn. After hours of watching the girls I really needed to get off. Mom pulled us into her room where Ginger was climbing into bed. Dawn turned to strip me before backing towards the bed as she stripped.

I followed her as she grinned and sat with her legs spread. I knelt and she laid back as I opened her pussy and licked. She groaned and shuddered as I began to nibble and lick and covered her clit to suck. She humped and jerked a couple of minutes later before spasming, “mmmm!”

Mom was on the bed holding my sister as Dawn writhed around and started shaking. I stood and lifted her legs as I spread them. I pushed into her tight pussy and began to fuck into her nice and deep. She shuddered as her pussy tightened and grasped my cock. I used one hand to start rubbing her pussy and clit.

She jerked and bucked while yelling, “YES!”

I kept it up while fucking her with long deep thrusts. She wiggled and humped while her pussy tightened and grasped at my cock. It wasn’t long before she was bucking and wailing as her pussy rippled and clenched, “fuck!”

I fucked her hard and deep suddenly and she howled and thrashed around. I slowed and then buried my cock while fingering and rubbing her clit. She twisted and jerked and thrust up as her wet and slippery pussy constantly tightened. It was awhile before I pushed all the way into her and held her as I gushed and pumped strong spurts of cum.

Her pussy gripped my cock as she gasped, “mmmm!”

She shuddered and jerked with each spurt until I was done and pulled out. She sighed as I turned her on the bed and bent to kiss her before climbing over her and onto my sister. She hugged me a she spread her legs and tilted her hips. I pushed into her pussy and began to fuck her with long thrusts.

She kissed me, “thanks Dan. I had fun and the guys were nice.”

Dawn giggled, “and generous.”

Mom chuckled, “yeah.”

I buried my cock in my sister and began humping and grinding and jabbing. She hugged me while her tight pussy kept squeezing my cock. A couple of minutes and I pulled back to fuck her with long deep thrusts. She lifted and spread her legs as her pussy clenched, “fffuuuccccckkkkkk!”

I continued to fuck her with long strokes as she began to writhe and then thrash around. She humped and thrust up as I slowly began to fuck her firmly. Every few minutes she stiffened and shuddered hard as her pussy became slick and tightened while she clung to me. I finally shoved into her and kissed her before I started spurting cum.

Ginger jerked and spasmed while her pussy rippled and squeezed. I pumped a half dozen times before I was done and she sighed and slowly relaxed as my cock continued to throb. I gave her a kiss and pulled out and moved towards mom. She rolled onto her stomach and lifted her hips as she spread her knees.

I held her hips and pushed into her hot pussy before beginning to fuck her. She pushed back as her pussy kept clenching and I used deep strokes to bury my cock each time. It wasn’t long before she was shaking and jerking as her pussy constantly tightened. She wailed and howled as she shook and wiggled while I fucked her long, hard and deep.

She was kicking the bed and spasming much later when I finally shoved all the way into her and pumped spurts of cum. It was another hour before we slept and I held Dawn while mom and Ginger snuggled together. The club was a huge success and lasted all year. By the time I graduated I had enough for college and went to the local one.

Mom ended up pregnant but I think she did it on purpose because she is talking about doing it again. I married Dawn but Nikki has moved in with us for her daily injections as she calls it. My sister and the other girls that took classes and danced have a large collection of guys following them and money for college.
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