Mind Over Body: Connecting the Nuts (Dots)

Synopsis of story so far: Dr. Lenore brings test tube of liquid home. Her daughter Vicki thirsty drinks it out of curiosity. Vicki fucks brother (Seth) in front of Joe. Zoe joes sister watches from the doorway aroused by the action unfolding. Joe and Zoe get curious with the idea of incest. (Did no one read the Bonobo information!)

Vicki who has mind control is learning her powers throughout while also slowly feeling disconnected. She desires her family especially her older brother Seth. The transformation while in the lab is like a butterfly without the cocoon (does no one read the animal and plant info I give! Each one is in the DNA of the drug, and it is themed with each story.)

Mindy struggles to pick up the pieces as she fights to get her daughter back. Boss treats her as a slave.

Seth since Vicki left in an explosive fashion has been feeling depressed.

Frank and Delia parents that work in the porn industry. They are Joe and Zoe's parents. Will play a more active roll in coming stories.

Rest of characters are extra. Possibly could come into the sexual side if this story gets deep enough.

MRDA finds out a few ways that it is Vicki. First is video camera of Mindy stealing test tube. Mindy tells them all confirmed it. Thirdly MRDA is protrayed throughout as big brother they know everything.

In the end it is two families ultimately accepting importance of family and close they are. Learning to take babysteps on the way to accepting their fate in different directions. A sci-fi incest story you can say.



Prisoner in my own home, how low can it get? No connection to the outside world.

Next likely message won't be until the female subject returns.

Do not trust MRDA! I repeat do not trust MRDA!

Dr. Fox
Former head of research and development for MRDA

End transmission...


Walking into the main office building things have changed since the day she lost her daughter. Guards everywhere with assault weapons, dogs on parole, and even the secretary seems to be different. Miss Yvette Stone hair has a more wild side to it being tossed, eyes exhausted, and a few cups of coffee on her desk.

Mindy walks up to her desk to sign in she says to her in a soft voice "having fun?"

Miss Stone handed her a folder clearly saying to her so to keep the guards off her back "best to inspect before entering."

Mindy took the hint as she walks through a metal detector. Once on the elevator she sees the note Miss Stone left with other useless science papers. The note read they are breeding an army. She exits the elevator entering Mrs. Jones office.

"Ah Dr. Lenore just in time" Mrs. Jones replies sitting down with guards on each side of her.

"Where is my daughter!?" Mindy asks with anger in her voice.

"Now... now I believe that question is mine to ask Dr. Lenore" she replies calmly "she has left the building."

Mindy slams her hands down on the desk furious at the lack of respect she has given her life work for this. Now her daughter could be anywhere.

Mrs. Jones slides her chair back looking at Mindy with curiosity "You may work in the animal sector next week, as for your daughter I cannot do anything at this time, and Dr. Lenore best you control your emotions."

Mindy walks away swearing under her breath knowing the worst is yet to come.


Free from the lab the first thing on Vicki's mind is her family. Flying over gave her a different perspective then she was used to, but it did have it's advantages. She was entirely naked making this trip cold and safe from eye's all around. Second helicopters flew around with mind control she kept them at bay. Thirdly it made the trip a lot faster.

She arrives in the location of where her house once was. Now all that remained is a hole with debris all over the place and yellow tape. Neighborhood is the same as it always has been.

Screams and tears fall across her face in her lowest moment. With great powers and here she is powerless to control her abilities. Able to control inanimate objects at the lab, then read minds of the two lab scientists, and now none of it mattered. She wanted her mother and brother more then anything else. The test tube said human safe and yet it made things worse.

A car pulls out of the driveway behind her. Vicki turns around seeing their neighbor Terry pull out. Hand goes up in the direction of him. She seeks answers to her family and he gives them with no fight or knowledge he had even noticed.

Life can begin once more for her the answer lies at the Taylor's.


Hour pasts since Seth caught Joe and Zoe walking out of the shower together. Awkward stage passes for Seth with a booze settling in. He decides to head back up once more to talk with his friend. Opening the door he finds his friend naked with his sister also naked giving him a blowjob in the middle of the room.

"Dude! Ever heard of knocking!" Joe yells holding his sisters head.

"Sorry I need to talk to someone" Seth replies sitting down on the bed "both of us have fucked our sisters."

"And your having a revelation now, bro!" Joe replies letting his sister breathe.

Zoe turns to Seth "would you do your sister again?"

Thinking about the issue for a moment he answers "it was nonconsensual true, but would I do it..." he looks at the window and back to both of them "seeing the two of you I would love nothing more then to have sex with my sister."

Zoe lays on the bed spreading her legs apart next to Seth she tells him "fuck me, brother!"

"Uh...ummm...Seth do you mind?" Joe asks him to leave.

Seth nods walking out as the sounds of fucking begin behind. He turns around as he is at the door seeing them before heading the other direction. He said he would have sex with his sister and he meant it.

Back in the room Zoe squeezes her breasts together thrilled for the love she has for her brother and the same he has for her. "I love you brother!" Zoe screams with euphoria.

His raw cock with no protection fucks her pussy. Standing at the edge of the bed Joe does his sister. Even his friend is cool with fucking his own sister. Best damn day ever for him. He turns to his sister saying to her "I love you too sis!"

"Lift me brother!" Zoe says lifting her arms up to him.

He lifts her up as they hug each other tightly. She gives him a french kiss locking lips together and feeling each other become as one. Supporting her entire body on his own doing so. Both trusted and loved each other and nothing was going to break that from them.

Joe drops down on the bed with Zoe under him. He moves away from her lips down to her neck. His cock continues to fuck her wet pussy.

Moaning for more Zoe moves her hands down to his ass cheeks squeezing them tightly. His body warmth felt so comfortable and trustworthy she didn't want this moment to end.

He begins to tighten up feeling the urge to come. Kissing her on the lips as his movement picks up ready to blow. Feeling down below he blows several loads of cum into her hot raw pussy. He stops kissing her and begins to recover if only for a moment.

"A little more brother please?" Zoe asks feeling hot and horny for more action.

"Anything for my little sister" Joe says picking it up once more. Unaware of the doorbell ringing of a guests appearing for whom could change their lives forever.


Pistachio & Pistache
Pistacia vera
Dioecious plants (male and female)
family: Anacardiaceae
Related to poison ivy, sumac, mango, and cashew
Known areas: Iraq, Iran, Turkey, U.S., and etc...
Preference desert climate (14°F - 118°F)
Male produces pollen while female produces nuts



Author notes: This ends part 5 of Mind Over Body. After reading last stories comments I have added a synopsis and will continue that to help explain the direction as well as confused readers. Also after this story I'll be heading back to a one story with little to no jumping around to not give as much confusion as I have.

As for the story being too complex I used to watch Fridge and a one season show called Rubicon that tended to be complex with more layers then one can count. I will try to make it simpler as it goes the best I possibly can.

Questions? Comments? Feedback? or if you have interest in editing and proofreading P.M. me always appreciated! Stay tuned for future stories. Any further ideas readers? Positive or negative allowed. Trying to pick someone up is not.

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