Ino takes control

Naruto makes a tight fist as he looks at Sasuke. He shows a stern face, while inside he thinks of all his friends and Sasuke of the past. He points a finger at Sasuke "Your coming with me even if I have to drag you all the way home!!!" Making the hand signals he makes two clones. He alone goes into sage mode as his clones move away for safety.

"Hah is that the best you can do?" Sasuke asks making his own signals. He releases the cursed seal to make him grey with no wings. Storm clouds pound above them with rain drops falling steady.

"Shikamaru get your team ready" Kakashi tells Shikamaru for the plan.

"Already ahead of you Kakashi!" Shikamaru replies as his shadow hold moves forward to Sasuke "got him."

"You think this will hold onto me" Sasuke replies with a dark smirk.

"Shikamaru!" Naruto screams not looking at him.

Choji grows larger and begins to run at Sasuke grabbing him with both hands "Ino!"

"mind weight jutsu!" Ino screams moving her mind straight at Sasuke as her body falls into Sakura who catches her.

"Did it work?" Kakashi asks looking at the scene unfold.

"Aahhh!!!" Ino screams returning to her body scared of what she saw.

"What did you see?" Sakura asks helping her up.

"Evil" she stutters shell shocked.

Kakashi turns his head from Ino to Naruto "plan b!"

Naruto nods in agreement as he makes swift hand signals and blows oil out of his mouth.Kakashi does the same with fire creating a combination massive fireball. Heading straight to Sasuke.

"Stand back Karin" Sasuke commands her. His eyes change as black fire comes out ready to counter.

"Now!" someone from the leaf side shouted. Kakashi opened his eye in hopes of sending Sasuke's flames into another dimension.

Kakashi holds on until half is gone. He shuts his eye, and shouts to Naruto "move now!"

Naruto hears and obeys ending sage mode with one motion.

Sasuke ends his counter attack noticing he didn't move. He ends the curse seal, and pulls out a scroll out. summoning a giant snake.

Naruto seeing the snake does the same summoning the boss. Shinobi on both sides move away from the battle, except for Kakashi and Guy.

"Naruto!" Kakashi shouts below. Naruto waves from the top. Guy feels light headed seeing such massive monster's.

"Time to see who is stronger?" Sasuke asks Naruto "attack!"

"Go boss!" Naruto yells.

"You expect me to beat a low life garden snake, Naruto. My pleasure" Boss toad says pulling out his sword and hitting straight at the snakes head. The snake uses it's tail to wrap it around boss toad's arms. "Naruto can you bring out the fox?"

"Huh, with Sasuke out here?" Naruto asks boss toad.

"To late!" Sasuke moves right in front of Naruto and shows him his eyes.

"Guy, get Ino to..." Kakashi says before being cut off.

"Mind switch I know!" Guy replies leaving to find Ino.


water drops fall creating waves in a dark place. Heavy breathing from a large creature in the distance. He raises his head and runs forward. A light shines from above as he sees an outline of a person and a animal.

"Stop!" The creature screams viciously at the person. The person stops then takes three steps forward.

Naruto reveals his face confused and full of fight.

"Naruto it would take a second to kill you and release the nine tails" Sasuke says lifting a hand.

"I'll rip those eyes out and devour you scum!" Nine tails angered by Sasuke's presence.

"I'll handle this" Naruto calmly replies to the nine tails.

Sasuke smirks and moves straight for Naruto's neck. As he is about to kill him he senses a third person and turns his head to the left to see a blonde shinobi fool with a kunai in their hand. "Long time Ino" he says coldly.

"Get out of here!" Naruto yells at her.

"I love you too much Naruto" she replies.

Sasuke moves swiftly to her ready to kill at a second "Naruto your choice her life or yours?" He feels a pain to his back in the upper right shoulder returning back to the real world.


Ino returns to her body with knowledge she tells her comrades.

Naruto returns confused why he left until he sees Karin behind Sasuke "what?"

"I love you Naruto, I want to marry you, and I want kids..." she is cut off by someone who steps in to the battlefield.


Tenten tool set 2

After Sasuke and Naruto began their duo the rest of the shinobi moved and divided into groups. Team Kurenai is dealing with Jugo. Neji, Lee, and Tenten are forced to fight Suigetsu without Guy.

"Kiba!" Hinata yells as she blocks a swarm of birds attacking by order of Jugo.

Kurenai defends Shino as he has his bugs searching for a way to beat their opponent. "How much longer?" She asks him quickly creating a natural illusion of a tree taking a blow by a kunai.

"I'm on him it should take a few minutes" Shino replies in his typical monotone voice focusing his attention to the chakra bugs.

"Akamaru!" Kiba shouts as they move together. As he does so smoke surrounds them as they go from dog and master to two Kiba's in attack mode. Both separate moving around Jugo in a fast pace.

Jugo leans down touching the earth. The earth around him rumbles as creatures of the forest come rushing into the battlefield. Running past the shinobi. Jugo stands dumbfounded for a second. His eyes close for a second taking in the air. He reopens his eyes to see Hinata forcing her palm onto his heart. Silence falls around the area.
"Take this!" Hinata yells showing her anger to her enemy as he feels the impact blow him deep in the forest shadows. Hinata takes a moment "Naruto I'm coming!"


"Water is his element, so we need electricity." Neji talks to his teammates thinking what to do next. None of them are lightning element shinobi. Speed creates fiction though, with that they maybe able to handle their opponent.

"Come on already are we going to fight or not!?" Suigetsu asks looking at the three.

"Lee we need speed, I'll distract him as Tenten goes for the kill" Neji tells his teammates the plan. Lee is off running circles around Suigetsu.

"So it has begun" Suigetsu replies to himself turning to liquid and moving out of Lee's circle. Lee tightens the circle preventing escape.

Neji jumps in hitting the puddle dead center returning Suigetsu to normal form in a daze. Neji moves out as Tenten descends from above in the treetops. Lee moves in the last minute as Tenten sends a shower of explosive weapons specifically fitted for attacking water shinobi. Tenten moves away waiting for the results.

As the smoke clears Suigetsu is laying there motionless and heavily banged up.

A note is attached to a kunai flies to a tree near them. The three read it and know they must separate. Neji and Lee nod to Tenten as they depart to meet with team Kurenai. Tenten is ordered to meet Naruto.


Everyone on the battlefield looks to see who appears. Sasuke's snake vanishes as does the boss the Naruto summoned. Karin moved away from Sasuke shocked to see her appear ready to defend Naruto.

"Another surprise visitor? Scrolls are your main weapon isn't that correct Tenten?" Sasuke asks reading her. When he was a leaf he barely knew her. He did know she was one of the few girls who weren't after him, so seeing her now is indeed a surprise. "You are at the wrong fight! State your reason?"

"Naruto" Tenten replies ready to fight at any twitch of movement by Sasuke.

"This isn't your battle Tenten stand back!" Naruto screams at her with no reply coming back.

"Careful don't lose yourself to his eyes" Kakashi tells her.

"Let's dance Sasuke!" Tenten throws a scroll out with dozens of weapons thrown at him.

"This is how your going to do it fine with me. "Massive fireball" he makes the symbols and blows hoping to escape the mirage of weapons.

Tenten counters opening another scroll that sucks in the fireball and sends it elsewhere.

Sasuke moves at speeds similar to Lee hoping to have her make the first mistake.

Tenten takes a moment knowing how to beat speed requires patience and a few light scrolls before hitting the sweet spot. She takes a few scrolls out of her bag, and sets them on the ground laying one out. Bites her finger and by begins the attack. A steady stream of shinobi weapons comes out targeting Sasuke.

Sasuke deflects them all weaving through them and countering others with a kunai. He doesn't even blink as he is now only a foot away from Tenten with no a drop of sweat.

Tenten spreads out her second scroll that has explosions attached. She takes a step back gets down on the ground once more releasing the final of the three scrolls. "This should end this!" Tenten yells placing her hand in the center as a smoke screen comes out. She covers her mouth knowing that it is a poison.

Sasuke falls back moving at random avoiding the explosives. He notices her releasing poison in the air. Best way to move poison is speed, but with explosions tracking him it is near impossible. Summoning natural lightning would hurt his chances even if the rain removed the poison he would be low on chakra. With Karin's betrayal as well he has no back up resource. His best chance is small shots of fire may heat up the poison and dissipate it. Sasuke stopped and shot in all directions darts of fire around the air. Some shots countered the explosives others dissipated the gas.

Tenten stood up and moved back as Sasuke was busy countering her scrolls. She looked down to see her two see her scrolls on fire. She knew it was a matter of seconds before she would have to face him once more. No scroll she has left is meant to counter an opponent of his level. She saw his eyes and suddenly froze.

Naruto screamed but she didn't hear it as she entered his world of evil. Punishment hit her everywhere in his world. She closed her eyes.

Return to the real world her eyes opened but it was all so surreal. She fainted with Sasuke moving away from her body. Ino ran to her.

Naruto stared in disbelief that a comrade died for him again.

Kakashi moved to him covering his eyes. He looked at the battlefield it was baron and dead. He sensed someone running out of the forest only to see Hinata freeze at the sight.

Guy ran to her telling her to help Ino as Kakashi stands with Naruto watching the scene unfold.

Sasuke looks at Karin with disgust. He stops walking to her midway, and turns back sensing another group of shinobi traveling directly at them.


Next episode: Konoha team and Konoha team 2

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