Naruto mission 2

Yamato sitting around with the other adults that would be attending this mission. Kakashi, Guy, Kurani, Anko, and Shizune all sit packing and eating breakfast. He already went through the list of equipment and planning. He now is opening the list to the teams that would be going. "I'll be leading team 7, Kakashi you'll be working with the ino-shi-cho trio on traps, Kurani your team will scout, Guy your team will be force behind mine, and Karin will be watched under Anko and Shizune. I know the connection behind her and Sasuke that is why Anko will have her controlled."

"When you mean controlled?" Kurani asks being an expert in control. 

"She has a hidden seal undetected by the normal eye on her back, where with a scroll on me will be able to keep her still. Sasuke has no chance of taking her except by using the seal by Orchimaru" Anko talks coldly speaking her former sensei's name. 

"Right than anything else Tsunade have?" Kakashi breaks the silence that lingered after Anko. 

"That is all" Yamato replies.

"Lets go!" Guy yells excitable running out with the power of the youth running through him. Kakashi leaves catching up to him with the rest following a tad slower. 


Twirling a kunai in his hand Naruto waits at the entrance of the village bored. His peers that are all assigned for this match await for the leaders. He complains acting impatient "how much longer?" 

"Naruto you asked that five times already!" Sakura yells at him. Impatience is growing within in her also it has been over an hour. 

"Here they come" Hinata says pointing in the distance. Everyone looks not seeing anyone coming for a few moments. 

"I see them!" Ino shouts sitting on top of the gates staring out in the direction. 

"Now I see them" Sakura says also seeing the sensei's moving.

"I don't see them" Naruto dumbfounded.

"Right there you sexy knucklehead!" Sakura screams at him. 

"Now I see them" Naruto says as everyone around him begins packing up for the trip.

"Hey guys you ready" Kakashi stops just beating Guy to the gate.

"Damn you Kakashi you won again" Guy says standing proudly showing his green suit. 

"Your late sensei" Neji replies to Guy. 

"Then we will have to make up that time" Guy fires back with a sense of youth in him.

"Right than I expect all know what the plan is?" Yamato leading the front of the other sensei's. All nod than vanish out of the village to begin the mission.


Yamato freezes on a tree limb scouting the area sensing the trees in the forest. Looks down "Shizune we stop here." 

"Right" Shizune agrees with him than gives the signal for others to appear. "We stay here for the night, so get some sleep the watch order everyone knows."

"Time for some sleep" Naruto stretches sleepily. 

"Hey! Tonight is my night with you!" Tenten says walking over to him.

"What, Naruto is mine tonight!" Sakura says behind him rubbing his shoulders.

Naruto feeling a cat fight coming thinks quick "I can handle both of you." Both nod smiling at each other before takeing on Naruto. 

Kakashi and Shizune discuss tomorrow as they are the first to stay up. Guy, Yamato, and Anko sleeping near Kakashi and Shizune. Kurenai pleasing self in her own dream world. 

Ino satisfying Choji and Shikamaru as quietly as possible. Karin with Sai away from the others. Hinata sleeping with her teammates non-sexually.

The night watch shifts were every few hours amongst the adults allowing their students to sleep all night long.


Next day every one is continuing to travel. Seeking Sasuke's camp seems harder with each passing hour. Kurani's team with the help of Kakashi's dogs, Naruto's clones, and Neji search mass amounts of land in the hope of finding him. Rest travel weaving the dense forest lands looking for any clues.

As the day went on some of the Naruto clones would keep a safe distance viewing the female shinobi. He grew restless by midday and decided to have some fun. Heading first to Shizune.

Shizune stopped as the rest of the group continued on wanting to send a message to Tsunade. Resting on a tree limb before she could send out paper she sensed someone is watching her. "Come out!" She says pulling a kunai out.

Naruto leaps onto the same limb a foot away from her "relax it is just me."

"Oh, Naruto we can't. Remember your marriage vows!" Shizune states boldly at him before he kisses her on the lips. "Please! Give it to me Naruto!" He rips her clothes off freeing her of all order. 


Naruto continues his quest to seduce all of the female shinobi on this mission. He seduces Kurani, Ino, Hinata, Tenten, and Karin leaving Anko and Sakura. Sakura is busy flirting with Kakashi. Anko working with Yamato and Guy. Naruto moved with caution behind them waiting for them to stop. 


"We have to lay low on our secret" Kakashi says in a low tone as he speaks to Sakura. 

"I understand...I just wish I didn't have to pick between you and Naruto" Sakura frustrated by the deadlock decision on her mind.

"He has been following us for the past few minutes" Kakashi says "don't turn your head though."


Kakashi nods.

"I'll create a clone for him, and then we can sneak ahead for a fuck of our own" Sakura makes the hand signals. Her clone is made as she and Kakashi move on seeking a hideout for their own action.


Naruto sees smoke dissipate as he grows closer. Noticing a figure standing he had no choice, but to meet the person head on. As he got closer the figure got clearer until he saw that it is Sakura fully nude. With her perky full breasts, her well toned stomach, the pink hair below showing the letter R that was done for her lover (Naruto in female form has an N, Hinata with A, Ino U, Tenten T, and Karin O), and following down her smooth sexy legs that made any shinobi do a double take.

"Naruto is that you?" Sakura asks seductively feeling her body.

"I'm so glad to stop you...I mean see you" Naruto losing his mind at how she looked right here with the sunlight penatrating her in the right way. 

"I am very hungry for some meat do you have some?" She seductively asks. 

Naruto takes his clothes off in a flash revealing his fully erect hard as a rock cock pulsating in front of her. "All the meat you ever wanted right here" he says stroking his cock and the other hand stroking her hair.

"Oh, Naruto" she kisses him on the lips desiring him even more. 

Naruto shoves his cock in her pussy feeling it squeeze in her moist vagina. He grunts softly shoving it in her. He wraps his arms around her having skin on skin contact. 

Sakura presses her breasts on his chest, her lips on his, their tongues dancing together, and her pussy aching. Caressing his back with her soft hands she moves down until she reaches his ass. Squeezing it for more cock in her pussy. Naruto forces his cock deeper into her pussy.


Hidden below Naruto and Sakura in the dark side of a tree Kakashi and Sakura make out. Stripping each others clothes until neither has any left. Sakura on the ground with Kakashi on top of her with their tongues meeting each other. Kakashi fucking her pussy slowly wanting this to never end. He feels her body with both his hands. She has her fingers scratching his back enjoying the moment.


"Oh! Naruto! Harder! Harder! Fuck me!" Sakura screams as she arcs her back backward with Naruto's support. Her pussy juices are flowing with orgasms that flow through her body.

Naruto continues to pump his cock in her pussy. Holding her sides to keep her from falling down for support he tries his hardest to please her. All the sex he has had lately he can go awhile before coming.


"Fuck Kakashi!" Sakura yells as another orgasm hits her. She wishes she didn't have to hide her love for her sensei like with Naruto. Kakashi grunts and moans as he makes love to her leaving Sakura at this moment to say anything.


Naruto plowed his cock as deeply as he could, while his face turns beet red "I love you Sakura! I love fucking you! I love you to marry me!"

Sakura kissed him harder than ever before entwining each others tongues after hearing his statement of love to her. She rode his cock with her pussy lock jawwing his cock in her body.


Kakashi felt tightness in his groins. He lifted his head up to the sky yelling "Sakura I'm coming!!!" White hot steamy juices flowed out of his cock and into her pussy. Sakura laid motionless for a moment before vanishing. "A clone, huh?" Kakashi shrugged and got dressed to continue the mission.


Naruto continues pounding his cock in Sakura, and with each passing moment his groins begin to grow tighter until...

"Oh! Yes Naruto fuck me harder! Come in me Naruto!!!" Sakura screams as she feels his cum shoot deep into her stomach.

Throughout the forest other Naruto clones began to shoot their seeds into the female shinobi.

"Naruto I love you!" Hinata screams enjoying the pleasure of being fucked doggy-style on the shadows of the earth. 

"Shit! Naruto! Fuck me harder!" Kurani replies "yes Naruto!"

Shizune sucks his cock off finishing off a good hard fuck "Mmm...tasty meal too bad Tsunade couldn't be here to share." She licked her lips of the last of his sex juice. 

"My ass may hurt, but I needed it Naruto" Ino says before she passes out.

"Naruto! Naruto! Naruto! Best fuck ever" Tenten screams as he comes in her. 

Naruto took a bite of Karin's arm before she passes out from the sexual satisfaction she received. Naruto gets both of them dressed. After heads out to catch up with the rest. Knowing today was a well spent day. 


Later everyone is at camp relatively quiet and sore. 

Anko and Yamato talk about the plan and the hideout they discovered. "Tomorrow we begin our battle" Yamato says.


That night when mostly everyone is asleep except for Guy and Shizune who were busy smooching Karin woke with Sasuke on her mind. She wipes her face of night sweat as she catches her breath. An owl hoots above in a branch high up. She looks up staring into the eyes of the owl she sees Sasuke in the animal. Quickly she goes back to sleep assured tomorrow Sasuke would save her. 


Sasuke stands outside of the cave his subordinates are resting tonight. Tomorrow they depart with their fourth shinobi and info about the leaf.


Morning the group splits into it's normal small groups with Team 7 ahead of everyone ready for attack. Sasuke is near also prepared for today. 

"Jugo! Who is it?" Sasuke asks leaving the cave seeing Jugo talking to a black crow.

"Caw!" Crow screams leaving.

Jugo turns to Sasuke with a wildness in him "Leaf, should we call him?" 

Sasuke looks up to see a hawk fly high above, he looks back seeing Suigetsu wake up, and then turns back to Jugo "he'll come." He nods his head as his two followers know it is time to move. They all vanish into the forest. 

"Caw! Caw! Caw!" The crow calls after they vanish. He soon flies away as well.


Yamato freezes on a tree limb than moves quickly dodging a kunai. "Anko!" He screams finding his balance.

"I'm on it!" Anko yells throwing a kunai.

Guy and Kakashi approach Yamato ready to defend. "My student seems ready, any read on the other guy?" Kakashi asks seeing a massive fireball go through the woods in front of them.

"Where is Naruto?" Kurani jumps in with a genjutsu to defend and attack.

"What the hell is going on? Is it Sasuke?" Sakura questions as she takes out her medical equipment ready for support. 

"I'm ready for you Sasuke!" Naruto runs past the group charging head on with clones moving around him. No one moves around him shell shocked. 

"I'm on it!" Sai unravels a scroll and draws a large bird that comes to life. Quickly he gets on and follows Naruto into battle. Once in the sky hawks fly around him ready to attack. "What is going on?" He pulls out his scroll ready to counter before he falls from the sky.

"Battle has started with Naruto jumping ahead without any patience" Shikamaru talks quick as he thinks how to deal with this battle "Know help Sakura, Choji go ahead with Naruto be ready, also Kakashi and Guy I need you to protect me. Let's see if we can catch them." Shikamaru orders moving out. 

"Right I see the rest of you have caught up. Lee you and Neji will stay behind with me to keep Karin rest of you will follow Kurani" Anko orders creating a seal to protect Karin. 

"We are off I'll give instructions on the go!" Kurani orders moving out. 


"Sasuke!!!" Naruto points at Sasuke who has chidori going in one arm. Jugo and Suigetsu stand spread around ready for attack.

"This is it is it?" Sasuke says acting cool and collective. 

Naruto and his many clones create rasengans and go for the attack. Spreading around as Sasuke makes the hand symbols for a fireball with black flames blowing out. Clones vanish with no Naruto around. Sasuke looks up to see Naruto and a clone coming down with a rasengan.

"I don't think so!" Choji rolling toward Sasuke at incredible speeds.

Suigetsu interfers slowing Choji with a blast of water force. 

Jugo looks up to see Sai going for the attack with his ink animals. 

"No!!!" A female voice shouts running from within the forests. The rest of the leaf shinobi ready for battle arrive at the battlegrounds. 

"Karin?" Suigetsu mystified by the familiar voice.

Sasuke smirks looking at everyone around before he cracks laughing at the moment. 

"What is so funny?" Kakashi asks cautious of his former students emotions.

"Karin reveal yourself now" Sasuke says stunning everyone with those words. Karin obeys leaving the forest and walking past the leaf village shinobi to Sasuke. She sticks her arm out for Sasuke, and he bites her to gain chakra in front of everyone. Following that moment she moves behind Sasuke for protection.

"How?" Shikamaru asks.

Out of the forest Lee comes out out to meet the rest "Karin fooled us with a clone." Neji and Anko soon appear breathing heavily. The three notice the situation and prepare for battle.

"This hardly seems like a fair fight" Suigetsu says.

"I made it last night when no one saw me, and now it paid off. I would like to thank Naruto for the idea" Karin answers replying to Shikamaru. 

"You were to get married to Naruto" Ino stares coldly at her. 

"Love is confusing" Karin says back.



next episode: Ino takes control and Tenten tool set 2

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