Yamatos lesson

"Rasengan!" Naruto screams running at Kakashi full force. 

"Chidori!" Kakashi runs straight at Naruto going for a clash between student and teacher. 

Both their chakra forces hit head on. Both pushing to their maxes. Kakashi stares with both eyes appearing straight at Naruto. Naruto sweat came off his face after a long day of training, and this match would be the outcome of the work. Kakashi hits his limit. Nods at Naruto. He vanishes leaving Naruto standing there with the rasengan disappearing. 

"Nearly there!" Kakashi says laying down under a tree with a book in his hand. 

Naruto turns to him "how long until it reaches the black ball stage?"

Kakashi knew what he is talking about. Sasuke chakra levels surpasses his own. It would take two of him possibly three to handle so much chakra as his former student has to get to the stage Naruto is talking about. He turns to his student in front of him and says "I'm taking a rest go tell Yamato we are done."

"No problem Kakashi sensei" Naruto salutes him and heads off. 

Yamato is exhausted laying on the ground as Naruto walks up to him. "What is it this time Naruto?" He asks sitting up with eyes looking as if he hasn't slept in days.

"Say there are multiple enemies you would create clones or go defense. How would you deal with them though if they all wanted a piece of you at the same time?" Naruto asks disguising his question about multiple marriage partners.

"What is this about Naruto?" Yamato asks curiously. 

"Hmm... " Naruto takes his time answering "what would you do?"

"I would have them fight against each other until I had it down to one or two. Saying that you should base it on using your clones to fight them with your techniques Naruto" Yamato answers his question.

"Okay, offensive clones..." Naruto gets cut off.

"This isn't about your marriage proposals?" Yamato catches him off guard with this question.

Naruto shocked that he knew says "how did you know?" 

Yamato takes a deep breath before saying "word carries around." He looks at Kakashi to see him asleep then looks back to Naruto "best we get going Tsunade is expecting me." Both of them nod leaving for Tsunade's.


At the Hokage's office Tsunade lays on her desk nude with her legs spread apart staring out to the village. She moans in joy "more...more... eat me Anko!"

Anko fully nude as well has her legs spread out with her butt staring out to the village. Her upper body bent down to eat her Homage's pussy, and as she does this she also rubs her own pussy.

"Oh... Anko don't stop!" Tsunade screams as another orgasm waves sweeps through her.

Anko's pussy got wetter as she fingered it. She needed relief from Hokage Tsunade soon. She lifted her face from Tsunade's pussy to say "sixty-nine my Hokage."

"Very well" Tsunade agrees hungry for the taste of pussy. She moved so her body covered the desk horizontally. Anko got up spread her wet pussy in front of Tsunade's face. She goes once again to eating Tsunade's pussy, and this time in a sixty-nine. Tsunade buries her face in Anko and dines on pussy juices.

Anko lifted her head up moaning as she releases another orgasm. She follows up by putting her fist in Tsunade's pussy. Tsunade drove deeper in her feeling the fist bury itself in her body. 

"Come on Tsunade!" Anko moans enjoying the sensation. Anko removes her fist, and sits up screaming squeezing her breasts. Tsunade cleaned her pussy like a vacuum sucking up all the pussy juice she could handle. "New position! Hokage! Please!!!" 

"Oh very well" Tsunade says below her "what would you like this time?"

Anko quickly thought about this after all she is exhausted sexually, but knew Tsunade could last another few rounds "may I give you a blowup?" She hasn't done a blowjob in quite some time, and badly needed it. 

"I have no issue, so long as I sit down" Tsunade says with Anko getting off her and the desk. 

Suddenly a naked ANBU with only her face masked falls down facing them "Yamato and Naruto are coming up my Hokage." She bows then heads back up.

"Get under the table I'll deal with those two" Tsunade talking to Anko as she grabs her shirts. Anko gets under the table. Tsunade grows a cock and sits down before Naruto and Yamato open the door. "I've been expecting you both an hour ago to be here" she looks at them sternly as Anko hidden under her desk suck her cock like a lollipop.

"Training took longer today" Yamato says placing a folder on her desk. She inspects it for a second. 

She looks up at the two "seems Kakashi has grown older in his later years after all" she says placing the folder down and looking up to them.

"Our reward?" Naruto asks.

"Your mission is to find Sasuke's hideout. Yamato will receive the directions tomorrow morning. In the meantime I'll be searching for the teams that will be going besides team 7." Tsunade replies informative.

"At long last" Naruto says cautiously and nervously. 

"Right we will be off than Hokage" Yamato says to her than turns to Naruto "let the rest of the team know, and I'll be busy with some paperwork in the meantime." Naruto nods.

"Go!" Tsunade yells pointing to the door. Both leave as she shot a load into Anko's mouth. "Thank you."


next episode: Naruto mission 2

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