Special 2 kakashi sakura files/ team 7

Breathing heavily Sakura laid on the bed of Naruto's as Naruto got up to take a shower. She laid there hearing him walk away. Her body is full of Naruto's cum oozing out of her. She badly wanted to join him, but her body refused to move. Her eyes got heavier as water came on in the distance before she fell asleep.

She wakes up hearing a bird chirping near the window. She looks at the apartment knowing Naruto left for training. She gets up and puts her shirt on. Walking to the kitchen ingredients for her medicine laid out on the countertop she begins to work. Sakura looks at an old ramen box of Naruto's reminiscing on her past with team 7...

A trip to a small village on the border of the southern border of the fire country and sea. Sasuke and Naruto Were told to help the fishermen with barrels. Kakashi watched over them. As for Sakura this mission had to deal with her regular training that Kakashi assigned her. Basically walking on water, trees, and improving leg strength. At this time of the day though Sakura sat in her room reading a book. Enjoying the breeze and birds chirp as she read. A knock at the door broke the peace. Sakura got up to open the door to see Kakashi standing there.

"Sense!" Sakura surprised by his appearance. 

"Both of the boys are still working thought I'd visit" Kakashi replies.

"Oh, okay I'm just reading" Sakura says blushing sightly.

"That's fine, I'm going to take a shower. Our shower downstairs is clogged be the last user" Kakashi nonchalantly says walking into her bathroom. Sakura fell silent as she watched him go in. The shower soon started as mist flows out of the bathroom and into the bedroom. Kakashi had left the door ajar. 

Sakura snuck up to the door to see the shadow of Kakashi in the shower. To her surprise she would never of thought to hear Kakashi say "ah Sakura I love your tender young body...I want to make love with you..." Sakura held her breath as a strange tingling feeling embraced her making her all hot. She rubbed her body as she continued to hear Kakashi. She moved her hands into her pussy lifting her skirt doing so. 

A few weeks ago she had her first period followed by the dildo ritual all girls go through in order to break it in case an enemy raped them their cherries wouldn't be broken during missions. 

Kakashi didn't know Sakura was watching him clean himself. He failed getting off thinking of his student. He turned the water off grabbed a towel, and began drying off.

For Sakura she retreated to the bed to read hoping for Kakashi to come out and make love to her. The opposite happened though Kakashi entered fully clothed walking to the door with a quick goodbye. Sakura frustrated put her book down and began furiously rubbing down below. 


"One more time!" Naruto yells at Yamato as he sits ready to contain the nine tail at a moments notice. 

Sakura stands in the shadows of the forest holding a basket of flavored medicine balls. Watching over the training became over time one of her most favorite times to think of the past.

Kakashi sat under a tree watching Naruto got at it once more before turning back to his book. He stared at a picture of team 7 staring directly at Sakura remembering the first time the two did it...

Two months before Naruto was to arrive from his training with Jiraya; Kakashi stood in front of a memorial remembering his comrades. Memory of them only depressed him, but it gave him faith in the future generations to do better.

Kakashi turned opening a book, but was stopped in his tracks by Sakura holding a basket of medicine balls. Kakashi had been her guinea pig since she learned it. 

"Guess what I got sensei" Sakura smiles innocently holding the basket in front of him.

Kakashi grabbed one mechanically before putting in his mouth to taste the new flavor.

"It has an aphrodisiac in it. At least that is what Shizune says" Sakura replies gleefully. 

Kakashi felt nothing and in fact the ball had no taste whatsoever. "I'm sorry, but they are tasteless... " Kakashi felt his groins stir and the back of his throat fill up with a strong taste of berries. 

Sakura stood there unmoved by his comment knowing the effects were working. Shizune told her the aphrodisiac would make any guy go crazy. She didn't tell her know what would occur.

Kakashi couldn't handle it he felt as if he could blow a large load of juicy sticky white cum on Sakura right now. His cock rose in his pants ready to burst as he stared at how beautiful Sakura has grown over the years. He grabbed Sakura's breasts caressing them with ease. Sakura shocked, yet relieved that after all these years Kakashi is going to finally make love to her. She released her breasts allowing him a better view and maximum pleasure. 

Standing in front of a memorial of his former teammates Kakashi felt a fire in him that none before could be compared to. He released his cock still unaware by Sakura. He pulled away taking his clothing off.

Sakura undressed herself down to her underwear in front of her sensei and says "take me sensei!"

Kakashi laid down on the grass holding his cock "take it."

Sakura unsure of blowjobs at this time. She took her underwear off, and got on him knowing about fucking from past experiences. Inserting his cock in her pussy she replies "this is by far the biggest one I've had!"

"Enjoy it Sakura!" Kakashi yells as she bounces on top of him. 

"Oh yes! I love your cock! I love you Kakashi!" Sakura yells enjoying the fuck.

Kakashi grabs her breasts as she holds his hands on her breasts. "Don't stop! I'm going to burst!"

"No! Don't come in me!" Sakura says freaking out. She remembered Tsunade saying something about a guy coming. Don't let them until your ready or prepared. Don't let them at all cost come in you until you are ready.

"No? Then get off I'm going come!" Kakashi swiftly says as he rips her off his cock.

Sakura falls down on the grass with a thump. "What was that for!?"

Kakashi shoved his cock in her face "open up I'm going to shoot!" Sakura obeyed and not a second late as he shoots wad after wad of cum in her mouth. 

She gulped it down before he shoved his cock in her mouth. Making this her first blowjob... 

Kakashi hears Naruto walking up to him for yet another prep talk. 

Sakura sees Kakashi talking with Naruto as she too remembers that scene by the memorial... 

After they finished they got dressed and quickly headed to Kakashi's place for another session. Until Naruto showed up they were inseparable acting as rabbits for a couple months. Naruto appears and the sessions end. 


After supper at Yamato's favorite place Naruto and Kakashi walk with him enjoying the night life of the village. 

"What are we going to do tonight?" Naruto asks cheerfully.

"I need the two of you for a mission" Kakashi emotionless says as they talk and walk.

Yamato taking it in wonders as they huddle up. Kakashi says his plan in secrecy. They nod after and disperse in to the night in opposite directions.

Kakashi landed on top of Sakura's roof silently as he hears her scream. He knows that she is fingerings herself thinking of him, but he dare not show himself. It would be disastrous for both of them.


Next day Sai walks to Sakura's with information about the spy. 

She opens the door in her bathrobe making Sai feels somewhat embarrassed. "Come on in Sai I've been waiting for you" Sakura says turning around shaking her ass at him. He gulps as he enters.

Once in her bedroom he speaks "I have your information that you seek about the spy."

Sakura disrobes in front of him revealing her naked body. She walks up to him and grabs the scroll "I'll read it later, but now is your next lesson."

His mouth dried up and he began to sweat. His heart raced with each second passing. 

"Relax" Sakura says taking his clothes off. He stops her when she reaches for the pants, and looks in her eyes. He leans forward to kiss her on the lips. "You ready I see" Sakura says falling back on the bed ready to get fucked. 
He takes his pants off revealing his semi-erect cock "I'm ready...I'm ready...I'm... " Door opens with Karin appearing. Sai turns his naked body to her. Karin walks forward ready to speak, instead licks her lips hungry for what she sees in front of her. She undresses as she walks up to him.

Sakura notices Karin and makes her own move by grabbing Sai's cock. She starts to suck on it. Sai looks down helpless as she gives him a blowjob. He looks back up to see Karin fully nude. 

Karin kisses him hard on the lips. She moves her tongue into his mouth forcing him to do the same. He cusps her firm breasts as he does so. Karin wraps her arms around him slapping his ass. 

Sakura holds his balls as she sucks his cock. Swiring her tongue around his cock. His loins ached as she sucked. As she gave him a blowjob she also fingered herself.

Karin pulled out and tells him seductively "Time to fuck big boy." She grabs Sakura by the head pulling her away. They give each other a quick peck on the lips. Sakura goes back on the bed opening her legs wide apart for Sai. Karin whispers in his ear "fuck her." Sai dives right in and fucks Sakura slowly at first. Karin spanks his ass "faster!" He fucks her getting into a rhythm. Karin moves around getting on the bed with her pussy on top of Sakura's face. Sakura needed no order she is off to the races a she eats her pussy. Karin grabs Sai by the head and kisses him. They are locked in a threesome. 

His balls tighten up forcing him to fuck harder and faster. Karin kissing him only added to the fire burning in him. He felt truly horny for the first time in his life. 

Sakura loves sex with Naruto and her girlfriends, and to have Sai her teammate it felt invigorating. Her pussy ready to give an orgasm above any other. 

Karin the moment she saw Sai she knew she and him were going to have sex. Her body needed something new and he was it. Feeling as if she was about to come she pulled away from Sai and got off of Sakura. She made the hand signals in a flash she has a fully erect cock pointing at Sai.

Sai the moment he saw it felt as if he is going to faint. 

Sakura sees the cock inches from her knowing this got a whole lot more interesting. She did the same as Karin and also has a cock. Sakura sees Sai shocked and tries to calm him down "Use your sexy no jutsu, and keep the cock." Sakura rubs her cock in front of him.

"Yeah, Sai sex is far better this way" Karin says to him as she rubs her cock.

Sai had no choice he had to do it. Making the hand signals he turns into a female with large breasts, and fine long black hair. He keeps his cock in the process. It remaineds in Sakura's pussy through the process. "Is this right?" He asks to them with replies of lust.

Sakura moves away from Sai as Karin hungrily moves to him "your going to get fucked, but I want to be fucked." She inserts his cock in her pussy as she hugs him tightly forcing him to fall on the bed with her.

"I'm going to fuck you!" Sakura pushes her cock into Sai's pussy "mmm...your a virgin up there." She pushes it in "don't worry you won't get pregnant." 

Sai feels her in him for the first time he has ever had something of the magnitude in him. It felt excruciating painful and wonderful all at the same time. His emotions are going crazy. He desired this fantastic fucking sex session. 

Karin screamed with each thrust Sai fucked her. Her cock rubbed between her and his stomachs. Both of their breasts pressed firmly together as they kissed hard once more.

Sakura continues to thrust her cock in him feeling tightness below "Oh... yes...I'm going to come!" 

"Ah...Sai... fuck me harder...harder!" Karin screamed feeling herself go in to an orgasm. 

"I'm doing the best I can!" Sai grunts as he squeezes his pussy lips on Sakura's cock, and fucks Karin as well. 

"I'm coming!" Sakura screamed as loads of thick white cum flowed into Sai. She laid on him feeling the vibrations of the other two fuck.

"Little more... come on...yes..." Karin screamed before she felt her orgasm hit her. Sai kissed her as her fun juices flowed onto the bed and his cock. Her own cock burst as well hitting their stomachs and breasts.

Sai feels a tightness below in his groins as he begins to come Karin kissed him as he came in her. He pulls out with Sakura doing the same. Sai lays beside Karin as Sakura lays on the other side of him. They rest for a moment before Sai speaks up "Up for another round?" The girls replied by sucking on his breasts. This was going to be a long session after all.


Naruto finishes a bowl of ramen "Next one please" as he puts the bowl with the others.

"We have a mission Naruto!" Yamato yells at him hoping to find reason with Naruto. 

"I have several clones on it, and in the meantime I'm starving!" He replies to Yamato going for another bowl.

Yamato leaves vanishing into the village wondering what Kakashi is doing at this moment. 


Kakashi sits above a building opposite of Sakura's waiting for movement.

Sai leaves cautiously looking both ways. Turns around and kisses Sakura before leaving into the streets. 

Five minutes pass before Karin too leaves in the same cautious movement. More time passes before he sees Sakura leave. He felt he needed to leave, but was unable to when he feels a person behind him.

"Kakashi sensei" Sakura says bluntly standing behind him.

"Just checking up."

"Hmm... remember the first time. We can do it again if you want." 

Kakashi turns to see it as only a clone vanishing. Kakashi knew he smirked leaving with a major hard on in need of relief. 


After a tireless night of working on the mission and communicating with Kakashi and Naruto he needed rest badly. Today though Naruto training has to continue, for Yamato it would be another chakra drainage. Walking around the village in search for Naruto. With him not being at his usual places this became an impossible search mission. That is until he found him in a secluded alley way with Sakura. 

Yamato hid in the wood fence undetected watching them make out. Yamato figured that the two would have a relationship like this, but thought it would be a few years later. As he continued to watch he discovered they weren't making out they were having full blown sex with Naruto fucking her. Yamato left hoping to forget what he just saw.


Over at Sakura's Karin leaves the bathroom with a robe covering her body. She heads to the kitchen for some fluids. After drinking some fluids she heads for the bed ready to fantasize about Sai and Naruto, but not before a knock at the door. She heads over to open the door.

"Karin! Is Sakura here?" Sai asks lost by the surprise of Karin at the door.

Karin's plans changed instead of masturbation she is going to fuck. "I'm so glad your here I'm having a problem with some creaks in the floor. Maybe you can help?" 

"I really need to talk to Sakura it is important" Sai says repeating himself.

"She is not here" 

"I guess I can help you then in the meantime" Sai says walking in with Karin right behind him. 

Walking behind him she got wicked horny ideas with what she is going to do with him. She summons her fully erect cock, which sticks out from her robe. 

Once in the bedroom Sai turns around saying "where is the..." he stops seeing her with a cock sticking out of her robe. "Creak?" 

Karin releases the robe showing her fully nude body to him. She walks to him kissing him on the lips then says "turn to your female self and leave the cock. Please." 

"Sexy no jutsu!" Sai obeys transforming into his female version. 

"Excellent!" Karin says before sucking on his plump breasts to get him in the mood.

Sai moans softly from the pleasure. He lifts her head up and kisses her on the lips. "Is it time to fuck?" 

A wicked smile comes upon her face. She moves to the bed holding her cock in front of him "make three clones and I am so yours." 

Sai creates three clones all looking alike. He moves to her mouth to get a blowjob, a clone behind her fucking her ass, another fucking her pussy, and finally one getting fucked by her cock. All four Sai's get into position with Karin as they get into rhythm with each other. 

Karin feels full and is loving the feeling of be satisfied. Having Sai engulf her she feels him pounding his cock being shoved in her pussy and ass. Her cock is burning with passion as his pussy clutches. The taste of his cock in her mouth as she swirls her tongue and deep throats it taste so delicious. Moaning, balls bouncing, breasts slapping is heard throughout the home of Sakura's.

"Oh... Karin...fuck!" Sai screams as he holds her head "don't feels so goood!!!" 

Karin could reply with grunts as her body is being filled. 

Clone Sai getting fucked by her cock rubs his own as he rolls his head back. 

Clone Sai fucking her pussy holds on to the Sai that is getting his pussy fucked. He squeezes his breasts as his tits got harder with each thrusts.

As for the Sai clone doing her ass he lays behind her with his breasts pressed into her back. He wraps an arm around holding her chest feeling her sweat and breathe. 

They all fuck in this position for a few minutes as Karin embraces multiple orgasms with an inability to scream due to Sai having his cock in her mouth. Her pussy juices flow, and her cock shooting a load any second. Her loins were killing her how much it ached. 

"I'm going to come!!!" All Sai's say in unison as sweat trickles from their faces and their loins burn with a need to shoot their loads of hot sticky juicy white cum. Karin feels it go down her throat. Hungry with lust she swallows his cum. His cum from the clone shooting in her ass oozes out slowly. The clone fucking her pussy shoots his load with a mix of cum from him and Karin flow out and make his cock sliming and white. The clone getting fucked feels his pussy juices flow on the sheets and on her cock; as for his cock it shoots into the air, and onto the legs of the real Sai. All Sai's release and move away with clones disappearing. Sai falls on the bed as both him and Karin recover. Both return to normal.

After a few minutes Sai feels Karin below him licking his legs of the cum stains and tells her "that was unreal!"

Karin replies looking up holding his limp cock "why don't we get a shower and begin another round"

Sai jumped running to the bathroom with Karin chasing him ready for more. 


Noon Karin eats at a small local eatery recovery only a few minutes ago from a long enjoyable session with Sai. Sai headed to Sakura for a question leaving her alone in peace. 

Yamato still getting the early memory of Naruto and Sakura fucking he walks through the streets spotting Karin eating a meal in front of him. "Karin?"

Karin looks up seeing someone unexpected a member of team 7 who she has little contact with. She smiles "Yamato is it?"

"How are you doing within Konoha?" Yamato says sitting opposite of her.

"It has it's pleasures" she replies with a sly smirk.

Yamato unable to decipher her meaning continues to talk "know anything about Naruto and Sakura's relationship in recently?"

"No more than usual" Karin carefully speaks her words.

"Right, well let me know if you do" he gets up and walks on. Karin shrugs it off and continues to eat. 


In the early afternoon Sakura gets off early from work hoping to find Karin as hungry as she is for sex. 

Kakashi waits in the shadows across the street from Sakura's home waiting for her to show up. He told Shizune a couple hours ago she was needed for some training. 

Sakura enters inspecting the house noticing Karin was fucking this morning with the powerful smell of sex engulfing her place. Just thinking of sex is making her aroused and horny herself. She puts a hand in her pants rubbing her clit, and she cups one of her breasts feeling herself getting aroused. A knock at the door jumps her out of her skin. 

Kakashi stands there with Sakura opening the door. In his view she already looked horny, and the scent from within Kakashi knew he would be getting some action today.

"Kakashi sensei!" Sakura surprised and aroused by his appearance "what brings you here?"

"Sex" Kakashi says before he feels her breasts. Sakura leaped on him. They walk in Kakashi shuts the door as they head to her bedroom making out. Sakura has his mask pulled down. Sakura gets off and both undress desiring this need they have after being separate for so long. 

They embraced again laying on the her bed feeling each other and making out. Sakura wraps her arms around him feeling his smooth muscular back. She slides a hand to his ass feeling the smooth skin of his and the warmth of him. 

For Kakashi feeling the warm embrace only made him harder below. With her breasts pressed to his chest, and her touch, and tongue entwining with his they were one body. He used one hand to rub her clit and the other stroking her finely unique pink hair. It reminds him of cherry blossoms in the spring. 

"Ah...I'm ready... Kakashi... fuck me!" Sakura says as she feels his cock enter her. She loses her breath in the moment. The warm strong cock penetrating her pussy made her move her head backwards only to feel Kakashi catch her breath by kissing her on the lips once more. 

Kakashi rolls Sakura on top of him. Fucking her pussy his balls slap as loudly as her ass hitting his legs. He pushes her up, so he could feel her breasts in his hands. She bounces on top of him arching her back as she holds his legs for support. 

"Fuck...I've missed you Sakura so much!" Kakashi says humping her with his pelvic moving up and down.

"I've missed you too Kakashi sensei!" Sakura screams as the thrust get harder and her loins get tighter.

He rolled her on to the bed and pulled out. He got up as she got into doggy style position. Quickly thrusting his cock back in her pussy. They got back into rhythm as he smacked her ass until it turned the color of a cherry.

"Oh...yes fuck me!!! Smack me Kakashi!" Sakura screams as a banshee would. Her pussy is raw as her ass cheeks. She knew it would be a few days before she would be one hundred percent able to walk properly. 

His balls slapped her skin as his cock pounds her pussy. He could feel his loins tighten for the climax "here it comes get ready." His cum shot deep in her pussy. He stops for a moment to take it all in. 

Sakura took it all in and collapsed with his cock popping out. She went to bed exhausted. 

As for Kakashi he placed a blanket over her, got dressed, and left for his place to get a shower. 


For a short practice this morning with Naruto and Kakashi, then meeting with Karin around noon, and at last Yamato has only one thing to do now that is to check on Naruto to see if he has Kakashi's mission dealt with. Yamato finished his part earlier and turned it in to Kakashi. Walking up to Naruto's he hopes to find him here. Knocking on the door he hears footsteps until it opens...

Naruto finishes his shower recovering from todays activities. He enters the main area to see Karin opening the door. He is only wearing a towel covering his privates as the door opens to reveal Yamato... 

Karin is in the kitchen cleaning dishes of Naruto's. She wore an apron and under it she is stark naked. She had finished a short session with Naruto, and decided to remain nude for awhile. Someone knocks at the door. She thinks it is one of the girls wanting a session with Naruto, so she walks over opening it not to see a girl, but Yamato.

"Yamato!" Naruto screamed shocked "what are you doing here!"

Yamato stayed mellow "Naruto, I want to invite you to dinner tonight my place. Kakashi, Sai, and Sakura have received invites."

"Hey, what about me!?" Karin barges in.

"You can come too, however this is a team 7 event" Yamato states looking at her.

"Yeah will be there! Thanks Yamato!" Naruto replies to the invite. Yamato leaves with Karin closing the door. Naruto looks her "time to get time to fuck." Karin removes the apron and heads past Naruto for a shower. The two prepared for tonight. 


Yamato's day was a long day. He sent letter to Shizune to give to Sakura for tonights supper, let Kakashi know about supper after Naruto's training (couldn't get Naruto since he ran off before he could say anything), meet Karin at lunch, get food for tonight, invite Naruto and grudgingly invite Karin, and cook the meal. By the time the door knocks with the first guest Yamato is dead tired.

He takes a homemade medicine ball from Sakura and hopes this night goes well. Opening the door Kakashi stands there ready for supper.

"You ready?" Kakashi asks.

Yamato let's him in "I finished the final touches a few moments ago."

"Good to hear you have someone at the door" Kakashi gets comfortable at the table talking to Yamato as the door knocks once more.

Yamato turns from him to open the door once more to see Sakura standing there "Ah good evening Sakura." 

"You too Yamato" Sakura replies walking on in to see Kakashi "good to see you Kakashi sensei."

"And the same Sakura" Kakashi says watching her walk over to him only to sit down opposite of him.

"I need to get drinks" Yamato says running for the kitchen. 

Sakura decides to have some fun by flirting with Kakashi "do you like when I do this?" She places her foot under the table on his crotch area.

Kakashi looks at her for a moment "Sakura he could be listening in. Do you need to do this now?" She rubs harder feeling him become stiffer by the second. "You want to play let's play" Kakashi says using his foot to rub her crotch.

"Mmm... that feels so good" Sakura says feeling aroused. Suddenly someone knocks at the door once more. "Come on in door is open!" She says as both stop flirting.

In comes Sai cautiously walking in to see Kakashi and Sakura sitting at the table. He says "hello, is Yamato here?"

"Yes, Sai just had to get drinks" Yamato says holding a platter with several drinks as he walks out of the kitchen. 

"Sit by me Sai" Sakura gives him a uplifting smile. Sai walks over and sits by her. The moment he does he feels her rubbing his leg sending a jolt through him.

"Where is Naruto?" Yamato ominously asks.

"He should be here in 3...2...1...." Kakashi counts down as the door knocks once more. 

Yamato heads for the door opening it to find Karin and Naruto standing around.

"Good evening Yamato" Naruto says before heading in with Karin following. Everyone says their hello's and begins to eat. Following a long supper of eating, talking, and enjoying each others company Sai leaves with Karin and Naruto first. Soon after Sakura and Kakashi prepare to leave.

Before leaving though Kakashi asks Yamato in private "mission 7?"

"Complete Kakashi it is indeed eye opening to know of the sexual addiction the youth have in this team." Yamato responds. Kakashi leaves closing the door. 


Kakashi and Sakura walk alone in the streets flirting and talking. "Say Kakashi sensei I have an idea?"

"Hmm... what is it Sakura?" Kakashi asks curiously and cautiously. 

"The others and I on the the team except for Yamato have had sex with each other, and..." Sakura is stopped. 

"You want an orgy" Kakashi says catching her off guard. He knew this would happen thanks in part to his secret mission that he assign Yamato and Naruto. 

"Yeah, but would you be interested? and then there is Yamato?" Sakura questions what to do.

"I have no issues whatsoever, and as for Yamato I believe a team meeting is in order before we start" Kakashi says holding her hands and looking into her eyes. 

"Thank you Kakashi sensei thank you so much!" Sakura says before she kisses him on the lips under a lightpost. 

"Meeting will be in a few days. That should give you and everyone else time to recover" Kakashi says brushing her hair lightly. 

"Good see you then lover" Sakura leaves to home leaving him alone to prepare for the event.


Three days past and a meeting is held on the training grasslands outside the village. Those in attendance are Sakura, Sai, Karin, and Naruto. Kakashi and Yamato haven't arrived yet.

"Where are those two I'm horny as hell!" Sakura screams impatiently for them to show. 

"They'll be here soon I'm sure" Sai reassures her.

"Is that them?" Karin says pointing in the distance. Everyone looks to see not two, but one figure as it came closer. 

"Kakashi sensei?" Naruto asks unsure of who is appearing. 

"It is!" Sakura yells in excitement waving her arms "Kakashi sensei over here!" 

Kakashi reaches them "hi guys, sorry I'm late. Yamato will be here shortly."

"Let's get started" Sakura walks up to him and kisses him.

Kakashi moves back "wait for Yamato."

Karin sits down on the ground and says to the group "fine with me."

A few minutes past as they wait. Before long the ground below moves below them. They rise upward followed by a wood style jutsu shaping as a bowl covering the sides, but not the roof. Yamato appears from the wood "this should be enough privacy for this meeting."

"I'm am starving for cock!" Sakura screams heading for Kakashi's pants.

Kakashi coughs interrupting her "Yamato has some words." Sakura and everyone turn to Yamato. 

Noticing he has everyone's attention Yamato begins his speech "Kakashi gave Naruto and I a mission awhile back to investigate this team" no one talks or looks surprised "when the mission was given I was not a believer. As I did the mission though the more I discovered how much sexual activity is going on. Supper a few days ago clarified everything for me." Still no one spoke. He had to start this orgy with a bang "so with no questions, I say we get this orgy started!" He pulled down his pants to show the largest cock any of them have seen. Only semi-erect it is six inches long. 

Sakura and Karin rush to it sharing his cock and balls. Yamato stood there letting it all happen. Sakura used a hand to pump it and lick the shaft of his long cock. Karin sucks on his ball sacs that hung from his body. 

Naruto jaw dropped in astonishment "what about us!?" 

Sakura and Karin heard and each made a clone. Sakura headed for Kakashi and Karin went to Sai. Both pulled their male partners pants down, and began giving them blowjobs. 

Naruto pissed decides to have some devious fun. Turning to his sexy no jutsu (no cock) and creating three clones. They all move under each Sakura and Karin and begin licking their pussies. 

"Yes, girls that's it play with my cock!" Yamato rolls his head feeling fantastic with the two girls sucking on his cock. Karin adjust for Naruto and to get some cock herself. Sharing it with Sakura with both their mouths sucking on the massive cock he has. 

"Karin! Oh Karin!" Sai moans holding her head with his hands getting her to deepthroat his cock "don't stop."

"Suck Sakura suck!" Kakashi says enjoying the pleasure he is receiving from his favorite student.

The girls sucked as Naruto pleasured their pussies with his tongue. This made the girls twice as horny as before. Real Sakura and Karin stopped sucking on Yamato and got up. Sakura kisses him on the lips with tongues meeting each other. Karin continued to rub his cock as Naruto clone kisses her neck. Naruto clone making out with her inserts his cock in her pussy from behind forcing her to let go of Yamato and let Naruto fuck her. Yamato notices the lack of attention below grabs Sakura and lifts her. He is going to fuck her in the stand and carry position. Naruto under real Sakura stands up after her to kiss her neck. 

"I'm going to fuck you doggy style" Naruto says to Karin before sending her downward. Karin looks to everyone else going at it. 

The clone Sakura with Kakashi and Naruto stands up kisses both of them before they sandwich fuck her. With Kakashi doing her pussy, and Naruto her ass.

Clone Karin who is with Sai and Naruto stands up kisses both boys before Naruto turns her body to him. Sai drops her forward until she is in doggy style with Naruto's cock staring deliciously back at her. She grabs it and sucks on it like a lollipop. Sai sticks his cock in her ass as he rubs her pussy. 

"Yamato! fuck Yamato! Yeah! Yeah!" Sakura screams as her pussy gets pounded. Clutching his back with her arms, and her legs wrapped around his legs. Naruto continues kissing her neck as he rubs his cock waiting for Yamato to be over.

"Naruto!" Karin pounds her fist in the ground as he fucks her from behind.

"Time to switch!" Yamato says bringing Sakura down with Naruto grabbing her and inserting his cock in her ass. Sakura turns her head to kiss him. Yamato walks over to Karin as clone Naruto stops. Karin sits up with Yamato's help "let's fuck!" Karin spreads her legs as Yamato grabs them lifting her upward to fuck her. Clone Naruto that was fucking her moves over to Sakura and other self. 

"Sandwich fuck!?" Sakura noticing clone Naruto walking over. 

"No, Naruto knucklehead sandwich fuck!" Clone Naruto inserts his cock in her pussy. He makes out with her as he fondels her breast. 

On other side Kakashi drew to an end with clone Sakura. He pulls out with Naruto doing the same. Sakura turns gets on her knees and starts sucking on Naruto's cock that was moments ago in her ass. Kakashi moves to the other group near him "mind if we switch Sai?"

Karin pops Naruto's cock out of her mouth to turn to Kakashi "threesome?" The four get in position where Sai got on the ground with his cock still in her ass. Kakashi goes for her pussy. Naruto stands next to her ready to continue his blowjob. 

Few minutes pass in this position before all the Naruto's where ready to come. "Release" the Naruto clones vanish leaving the real one getting a blowjob from Sakura. He pulls out and tells her "I'm going to come!" Sakura clone nodded and vanished. 

"Karin release!" Sakura yells and the clone between Sai and Kakashi leave "let's let the boys give us a cum bath!" Real Karin moves from Yamato and heads over with Yamato following. 

Karin and Sakura stand on their knees as the four guys jerk off in front of them. Kakashi and Sai focusing on Sakura, as Yamato and Naruto to Karin. 

"Give it to us!" Karin urges them on. 

"Yeah come on us!" Sakura also effing on for the boys to shoot their cum.

"I'm going to shoot!" Naruto yells jerking off. 

"I need relief!" Sai yells jacking off.

"It is coming!" Kakashi yells pumping his cock in front of Sakura. 

"Coming!" Yamato moans as he and the others shoot their spunk on the girls faces and hair. Gobs and gobs of white cum shoots out of the four cock's onto the girls. Afterwards both girls kissed sharing the mix of cum with each other. The boys rest up as the girls make out preparing for the second round.

For nearly a half hour the girls were at it cleaning themselves and pleasing each other. Sakura stands up after kissing Karin "I need to pee." Every one agreed too that each of them had to release body fluids.

"Why not pee on me?" Karin laying on ground suggests. Everyone moved over to her.

Sakura positioned herself above her friends face so she could drink it. The boys surrounded the girls preparing to pee on them. Naruto peed on her stomach, Yamato on her right breasts, Sai on her left, and Kakashi on Sakura's body. Both girls were drenched with urine.

"Now what?" Sai asks with them all finished. 

Naruto grinned putting his hands up "sexy no jutsu" he turns into his female form still retaining his cock. Sakura and Karin notice and are next to grow cock's. 

"Wait a minute!" Yamato says "I don't do this."

"That is alright we still have pussies" Sakura tells him.

Sai looks to Kakashi as both of them do the same turning into sexy female versions with cock's.

"Am I the only one that is normal here!" Yamato she'll shocked how every turns into. 

"Sorry, Yamato you might have to sit this one out" Kakashi tells him.

"Oh no, I want in! I want to fuck!" Yamato says before grabbing Sakura's head and getting her to deep throat him. 

Karin still laying below Sakura grabs her friends cock and begans sucking on it. Sai moves behind Sakura and inserts his cock in her pussy with his breasts pressed to her back. Naruto positions himself to be fucked by Karin's cock. Kakashi moves behind Naruto lifting Karen's legs up so he could fuck her. By doing so forced Naruto to lean forward to hold on to Sai's shoulders. Naruto bobbed on Karen's cock he also jacks off. All five of them together in one pile of sex starved fiends. 

"Suck it Sakura!" Yamato moans as she sucks on his cock.

"Yes do me! Do me Karin!" Naruto bounces on her cock. Slapping, slurping, pounding, groans abound the five of them. 

"Oh my I'm going to come!" Sai screams forcing his cock further in Sakura's pussy as he shoots his load in her.

Kakashi continued to force his cock in Karin as his breasts bounced he screams shooting his cum "come on, come on here I come!" 

"Yes! I'm coming too!" Naruto moans as his pussy juices flow and his cock shoots cum on Sai's back. Immediately he feels Karin also coming "ah...give it to me! It feels so good in me Karin!" 

Sakura came as she continued to suck on Sai's cock and in Karen's mouth. Karin sucked even harder when Sakura shot cum in her mouth. 

"Sakura my cock is going mad!" Yamato screams. Sakura pulls out and pumps it until his cum sprays all over her face. 

"That was incredible Yamato" Sakura says removing her cock from Karen's mouth "Sai can you pull out?" Sai does so for her to get up. She kisses Yamato on the lips as she pushes him away from the others. 

Sai moves on to the ground so his face and Karin meet. They kiss romantically enjoying each other using their tongues. 

Naruto pulls out as well as Kakashi to rest as the others finish up.

"Just a moment Kakashi I'm finishing over here" Sakura says to him before giving one last kiss to Yamato and a tug to his cock. She walked over to Kakashi. 

"Right than I need to visit Tsunade about some private matters" Yamato announces though no one seemed to notice. He had heard of reports of her sexual prowess. 

Sakura meets Kakashi she presses her breasts to his. She fingers his pussy as he rubs her pussy. Both remove their cock's. She asks him "lesbian sex?" 

"I'm for it" Kakashi says kissing her deeply. The two slowly head for the ground making out. 

"Mmm... I love you Sai" Karin stares at him. She sees Kakashi and Sakura making out then turns back to Sai and kisses him some more. 

Naruto sat down and masturbated to the two couples. This to him was one incredible orgy he is grateful to of been apart of.

"Hey Naruto will you get over here!" Sakura screams. Naruto rushes over knowing the fun is only beginning. 

The end of special 2.

Next Episode: Yamato's Lessons

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