I was adopted into a family with two small girls. I have to smile when I think of those first days. Momma was Angela Harris and dad was David Simon Harris. The two girls were Mira and Dalphe only now she is just Dash. My name is Alexander Kyle Harris now. Anyway I am two years older than the girls.

When I first got there mom would call the girls her little cum catchers. That got a little embarrassing when they repeated it at the age of six. I still called them momma’s little cum catchers when we were home and alone. It was when they began their periods that things changed, I used to give them baths and help them.

They were fourteen when dad was killed and mom hurt. I was sixteen and the only good thing was it was summer. I brought mom home from the hospital and helped her to her bed. The girls were helping and mom smiled, “my little cum catchers will need help Alex.”

The girls blushed as I looked at them, “help?”

Mom tried to get comfortable, “They need their cum catchers shaved so they can wear bikinis.”

I nodded and she took my hand, “and you need to start giving them a douche every night too.”

She looked at the blushing girls, “your cum catchers are for men and Alex is a man. You weren’t shy about letting him see and feel it when you were younger.”

Mira grinned, “so can we let him sperm inside us?”

Dash giggled and mom smiled, “as much as he wants.”

I gestured for the girls to leave and pulled the sheet up, “are you sure?”

She caressed my face, “life is short.”

I nodded and stood, “call if you need anything.”

She smiled, “just a little rest.”

I left but didn’t close the door as I went to the kitchen. I had a few arrangements to finish making about dad’s funeral. I made tea and set it beside the bed while mom slept. When I came out Mira was waiting in her robe, “come shave our pussies.”

I grinned and followed her into the bathroom where Dash was waiting naked. I turned to pull Mira’s robe off before I stripped, “start the bath.”

Dash grinned, “shave not bath Alex.”

I shook my head as I crossed to turn the water on and put the plug the tub, “you need to learn a few things.”

I finished undressing and pulled Dash up and to me as I looked at her sister, “hot water will relax you and it makes shaving easier.”

I gestured, “in and sit facing each other.”

They grinned and Mira pushed me, “we remember.”

I walked out and went to my room for the small trimmer I had bought online. It was one that kept the hair from growing back quickly and thinned the root. The girls were in the tub when I returned and knelt beside them. I felt their bare bodies and rubbed breasts and nipples as they grinned. It was awhile before I pulled them out and dried them and then led them to my room.

I laid them on the bed and lifted Dash’s legs up to her chest and looked at her sister, “hold these.”

Mira grinned, “sure.”

I used my trimmer to shave down each side of her pussy and around her ass. I let her put her legs down before I started on the fuzzy triangle above her pussy. I shaved her bald before turning to Mira. I lifted her legs and Dash held them so I could shave around her pussy. When I finally finished I looked at her laying there and lifted her legs again.

This time I spread them as I looked at her pussy and Dash bent to suck on Mira’s nipples. I looked up into her face, “Mira?”

She shuddered and pushed her sister away, “it’s a cum catcher Alex.”

I smiled before moving closer and slowly forcing my cock into her extremely tight pussy. She grunted as my cock stretched her pussy and pushed all the way into her. I caressed her hips as I waited with her hot pussy around my cock almost pulsing. She groaned and looked at Dash, “his cock is really stretching me.”

I rubbed her clit, “want me to pull out?”

She grabbed my hands, “NO!”

Dash giggled as I pulled back and began to fuck her with long strokes. I kept it up as she grunted each time I pushed in. A few minutes later she shuddered and humped and her pussy squeezed as she squirted, “oooohhhh!”

I started to fuck her firmly and plant my cock all the way in her and she thrust up and writhed around as she began to wail, “Alex!”

I kept fucking her as I went faster and harder. She shuddered hard before starting to buck and jerk as she twisted and thrashed. Her pussy was constantly squeezing my cock as I kept fucking into her all the way, every time. She clutched Dash a little later as she howled and spasmed, “aaaahhhh!”

It didn’t take me much longer before I fucked her hard and deep and then buried my cock. I held her with my cock all the way in her as it throbbed against her cervix and then erupted. She screamed when warm sperm suddenly gushed and spewed through and into her belly. She tilted her hips as her pussy grasped and milked my cock until I was done.

I sighed as she continued to shiver and pulled out before reaching for Dash. She grinned as she rolled onto her back and spread her legs while she lifted them. I grinned as I moved between her legs and rubbed her bald pussy and fingered her clit. She shuddered and I slowly forced my cock into her, she grunted like her sister had as I sank my cock into her.

I held her as my cock throbbed and rubbed her pelvis as she panted and her pussy squeezed. She finally groaned and shuddered and I pulled back to start fucking her with long thrusts. Her very tight pussy grasped and squeezed as I kept fucking her. My cock slipped through her warm pussy as it became slicker.

She was humping and thrusting up long before she began to thrash and buck. I fucked her long, hard and deep and she started to howl while clinging to me. I slowed and buried my cock to hump and grind against her. Dash twisted and spasmed as her pussy gripped and kept squeezing, “fffuuuccckkk!”

Mira giggled as I pulled back to begin fucking her sister again. I used deep firm strokes and she yelled and continued to thrust up while her pussy worked on milking my cock. She twisted and squirmed while spasming and clinging to me. I fucked her long and deep as I tried to cum and she began to convulse and howl.

A few minutes and I shoved all the way into her and grunted as I gushed and spewed thick spurts of cum. She shuddered as her pussy constantly squeezed and milked my cock, “mmmm!”

When I stopped cumming I pulled out and rubbed her pelvis, “okay go try your bikinis on.”

They grinned as I went to get dressed and check on mom. She was smiling when I walked into her room, “did you use their cum catchers?”

I blushed as I went to help her sit up, “yeah.”

She grinned and then gasped as I bent to suck on one of her nipples. She held my head against her chest until I pulled back and sat beside her, “the home will have dad’s showing the day after tomorrow and the funeral the next day.”

She sighed and nodded, “anything else?”

I moved the sheet to feel and caress her hip, “you have an offer to settle the lawsuit.”

She looked up from my hand before grinning, “and what did they offer?”

She blinked when I told her and nodded, “I... we can accept that.”

I was tempted and cupped a breast, “I’ll bring lunch back when it is ready.”

She shivered, “get one of the girls to cum in.”

I smiled as I stood, “after lunch.”

I made a light lunch with small tuna finger sandwiches. I watched the girls in the backyard with one of their friends before taking mom her lunch. I sat with her and watched her and helped her when she needed it. She smiled as I kept feeling her breasts, “my little cum catchers can take care of you.”

I moved the sheet a little to look at her trimmed pussy, “you have a nice cum catcher too.”

She laughed and reached out to caress my face, “maybe in a couple of days.”

I grinned and bent to give a nipple a suck before standing to take the remains of her lunch away. I smiled, “is that when you will be fertile?”

She blinked and then grinned, “yeah.”

I left the door open as I went back to the kitchen and started to clean up. The girls came in and helped with the house chores, laundry and vacuuming. I went to find a couple of empty boxes before going to mom’s bedroom. She was sitting up but asleep and I shifted her down and covered her before going to my father’s dresser.

I began packing his things away and then I started in the closet. His fancy dress shirts I left alone but everything else went into the boxes. I carried the boxes out to the garage and used a ladder to put them in the rafters. When I came back into the house the girls were in their room. I smiled as I closed the door after walking in.

They looked at me as I began to undress and Dash grinned before undoing the ties on her bottoms. Mira stripped as fast when I walked to the bed and bent to give them each a kiss. I moved onto the bed and over Dash while she spread her legs and slowly pushed into her tight pussy. She was still a little cummy so my cock slid into her okay.

I pulled back and kissed her as I began to fuck her with long strokes. I fucked them both and after dinner I did it again. I went to bed with them and took turns until we fell asleep. I helped mom into the chapel and the girls sat with her for several hours until I took us home. I helped her dress the next morning and then went to check the girls.

The funeral was not pleasant and the minister did not do a good job. There were a lot of people and family there and I spent almost all my time helping mom. When we got home she sighed as I started to undress her while she sat on the bed. I looked at her and she smiled, “we need to get away for awhile to forget.”

Mira and Dash were helping and grinned as they looked at each other, “a nude beach.”

Mom laughed and reached out to rub my cock through my shorts, “your brother would never go soft.”

Mira smirked, “we know.”

Dash laid mom back and turned to kneel between her legs. I looked at her as she pushed her legs open and leaned in to start licking through her pussy. Mira turned me and began undressing me, “time for you to start exercising mom.”

She shuddered and humped, “oh?”

I grinned, “you girls want me to use mom’s cum catcher?”

They giggled and mom grinned and held her legs up and spread, “nice and deep.”

Dash sucked on her clit and stood, “she is wet.”

I moved between her legs and bent over her to give her a kiss, “are you fertile?”

She guided my hard cock to her pussy, “yes.”

The two girls sat on each side of us as I pushed into her. She groaned as my cock sank into her and I kept kissing her. Her pussy was hot and grasped my cock before I pulled back and began to fuck her. I kept it slow but used long deep thrusts and it wasn’t long before she shuddered while her pussy tightened and gripped my cock, “ooohhh!”

I buried my cock and humped and pressed while rubbing her clit with one hand. She jerked and gasped as she wet me and her pussy squeezed. Mira and Dash giggled as they bent to suck on their mother’s nipples. I fucked her hard and deep for a couple of minutes and she spasmed while wailing.

I kept fucking her firmly with long strokes and Dash moved up to kiss her. It was several minutes before I pushed into her and held her as I gushed into her cervix. She jerked and held up her hips when she felt the warm sperm, “yyyyeeeeessssss!”

I spewed and spurted until I was done and mom sighed as she panted. She relaxed as her pussy continued to squeeze my cock. I helped her move further onto the bed and off my cock before reaching for Mira, “your turn.”

Mom laughed with Dash as Mira rolled onto her stomach before going to her spread knees on the edge of the bed. I grinned as I moved behind her and fingered her slit. I pushed into her and forced my cock deeper as she pushed back. When my cock was buried I continued to finger and rub her clit while enjoying her tight warm pussy squeezing my cock.

She shuddered and began pulling forward and shoving back, “mmmm!”

I smiled as I continued to rub her clit and a minute later she spasmed and pushed back harder. I held her hips and began to fuck her with long thrusts, burying my cock each time I pushed into her. She grabbed the covers and began to wail and howl as her pussy constantly clenched and tightened around my cock.

Her tight pussy became a lot slipperier as I kept fucking her. I started doing it hard and deep as she yelled and jerked back and forth. She wiggled and squirmed as I held her and shoved all the way into her. I humped and pushed and pressed against her cervix and she spasmed while trying to push back to get me deeper.

I started fucking her firmly again and she slipped lower as her knees went wider. It was awhile before I shoved into her and pushed as I gushed and spewed cum. She screamed as her pussy gripped my cock while I continued to flood her with warm sperm. When I stopped cumming I pushed her forward and onto the bed where she lay breathing hard.

Mom smiled, “do my other cum catcher.”

Dash turned on the edge of the bed and laid back with her legs spread. I grinned as I moved around mom and between Dash’s legs. I rubbed the head of my cock through her slit before I slowly forced it into her. She groaned as her pussy was stretched and my cock sank into her. I bent over to give her a kiss as I humped and then pulled back.

I started to fuck her with long thrusts and her tight pussy grasped at my cock. I kept it slow at first as she wiggled and squirmed. She moaned and humped while her pussy rippled around my cock. I grinned and began to fuck her firmly with deep strokes and she shuddered. Her pussy was wetter and slicker as I continued to fuck her.

She started thrashing around and wailing as I kept planting my cock. Several minutes later she was spasming and bucking as I fucked her hard and deep. She twisted and wiggled while her pussy constantly tightened around my cock. She wailed and screamed and howled until I bent over her as I buried my throbbing cock.

She clutched me and shuddered hard as I began spurting cum against her cervix, “yyyeeeeessssss!”

I pumped a half dozen times before I was done. I gave her a soft kiss and stood and pulled out. She relaxed and then turned to crawl up next to mom. We spent a whole month on a tropical beach before returning home. Mom was pregnant and we started packing because we had decided to move south.

Mom had another set of twins and two years later a set of triplets. That was the year both Mira and Dash got pregnant together and both had twins. Our house is large but with all the children it doesn’t seem that way. I still use momma’s cum catchers and they love it every time.
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