Breaking a siege
We didn’t even reach Ragorich before Jason had a new contract. I did get a chance to bargain with a traveling merchant for several bolts of silk. We were going to a castle that had been under siege for several months. The large castle had high thick walls and from the first moment I saw it I felt black anger.

The walls had been imbued with the spirits of men and women tortured and killed in a sacrifice. We were down river and I swung down before looking at Ash, “put up my tent.”

I looked at Jason and the other commanders before walking to the river. The water was black as it flowed around the western wall of the castle. I knew it was deep there and moved sluggishly as the foulness seeped out of the castle. I looked up the river and then at the black cloaked dark mages on the wall.

I began to chant and murmur spells and the earth shook as it began to change. Earth all the way around the castle shifted away and water was suddenly rushing completely around the walls. I turned and walked out of the water and gestured to the walls as I spoke, “I will take them away and unmake what you have done.”

The words I spoke reached those on the wall and I could feel their contempt. The commanders were arguing with Jason as I moved to face the front of the castle. He walked to me as dark clouds began to appear and I smiled before glancing at him, “they have made a mistake.”

He growled, “you should have asked before moving the water all the way around the castle. It is going to make any attack much harder.”

I turned back, “the water is a foot deep and makes them expend their magic.”

A black mist rose and flowed towards the mercenary companies and I whispered a spell. Fountains rose out of the water and high into the air. The black mist reached the fountains and shattered when it touched the water. There was hundreds of screams as the blackness vanished. Jason moved back, “Just don’t let them expend your magic.”

I smiled, “I am a master Jason, not a journeyman.”

I gestured to the dark clouds and there was a crash as lightning hit the castle wall and others followed and continued striking as it began to rain hard. I whispered and chanted just as they did but mine was with a different purpose. They were trying to make the lightning strike me or the army of mercenaries.

I had already set things in motion and caused the dark clouds to release all the water they held. The castle vanished in the sudden deluge and the screams of rage from the mages could be heard where I stood. The clouds faded and I began murmuring and chanting another spell. There was a huge bell tone and a bright light struck the wall where the black mages stood.

Two suddenly vanished in towering pillars of fire as the rest fled. The front gates were flung open and men charged out. I heard Jason and the others yelling and arrows were fired. The men struggling through the water fell as they were hit and the fast moving water swept them away.

There were more screams of rage from inside the castle as the mages realized they could not touch the men they had sent to die. I had been chanting and the gates suddenly sagged before turning to ash as they fell. The enemy soldiers stopped coming out as the ground where the gates had been sank and water rushed in.

The commanders walked to me and Jason cleared his throat, “we need to attack now.”

I glanced at him and then at the others, “make sure your men move quickly and do not try to face the dark mages.”

He nodded and they turned to bellow commands. I started walking as another black mist arose and murmured. Water rose in a wall around the castle and surged in and slammed into the mist. It shattered like glass as I began walking through the water towards the front gate. I was chanting the whole time.

I had been using water to make the dark mages expend their magic but now I was ready. I wadded through the water and into the castle bailey. When I stepped up and set foot on the ground it caught fire. Everything inside the castle walls exploded in tall flames. Men screamed as they were consumed and the black mages fought to keep it from taking them.

Three lost the battle and towers of white fire bloomed where they had been. The four others turned to run for the castle Keep as I crossed the bailey and the inner doors exploded inwards. The army of mercenaries hesitated to follow but Jason’s men roared and charged ahead. Once through the inner gates they spread out as I kept walking towards the Keep.

I murmured and chanted as the thick doors of the Keep were slammed closed. Few of the soldiers in the castle were still alive as the mercenaries began to sack everything. I finished my spell as I reached the Keep doors and slapped them. They burst in and I shouted a word of command.

A glowing salamander was suddenly in front of me as mage bolts struck. It jerked and then rushed as only a lizard can. The dark mages screamed and turned to flee but only two escaped. The huge fiery salamander grabbed one and bit the other before vanishing in an explosion of flame.

I was chanting again as I walked towards the door the two mages had gone through. I gestured and the door burst open before I reached it. I began climbing the stairs and touched the stone walls as I finished my spell. They were screaming from above when I stepped out onto the tower.

The two mages were twisting and jerking as bolts of lightning clung to them and they were sucked dry of magic. When the lightning stopped their bodies fell and I gestured. They exploded in flame and turned to ash quickly. I waited until the fire was gone before turning to climb down.

I was tired but not drained as I walked through the Keep. I could hear the mercenaries below as I gestured to the wide double doors that had once been a king’s. I walked into the large bedroom beyond and knew I had found the lair of the leader of the dark mages. Treasure lay piled in one corner and in another was a dozen chests full of gold coins.

I carefully checked the room before murmuring and gesturing. The chests lifted with the treasure and began floating after me. I went down and ignored the men looting the Keep as I left. I waded through the water outside the front gate as Jason ran to catch me. I glanced at him as I walked, “the chest are for you and the others.”

He grinned, “and we didn’t even fight.”

I sighed, “I’m sorry I was... abrupt. Dark mages and how they acquire their power tends to anger me.”

He put his hand on my shoulder, “it angers most men Caden.”

I nodded and gestured, “just walk to your tent and the chests will follow.”

I could see mine on a rise above the river and climbed up and murmured a spell to grow grass tall around it for the horses. I walked into the tent and found Ash and Sara naked on the bed. They sat up as I sent the treasure to one side and began undressing, “horny again Ash?”

Sara laughed, “she is always horny master.”

I smiled as I moved to the bed and reached out to caress Sara’s face before reaching for Ash, “hard and deep Ash.”

She laid back as I pulled her to the edge and lifted and spread her legs, “oh goody.”

I rubbed her pussy and felt how wet she was before slowly pushing all the way into her. I sighed when my cock was buried before pulling back and starting to fuck her firmly with long deep thrusts. She lifted her hips to meet each one as Sara bent to kiss her and then moved to suck on her nipples.

I continued to fuck Ash as she writhed around and began to wail. Each time I buried my cock I pressed and rubbed against her and she started shaking. A few minutes and she was thrashing around while wetting me and howling, “Master!”

I kept fucking her hard and deep and used one hand to rub her clit. She screamed and bucked as she spasmed and started convulsing, “yyyeeeeesssssss!”

I finally pushed all the way into her and pressed before my cock erupted and a gushing stream of warm cum began pouring into her. She jerked as her pussy clenched and then began milking my cock. I shivered as I pumped each spurt into her before I was finished and slowly pulled out.

I rubbed her tummy as she panted and Sara held her, “thank you Ash.”

She grinned as Sara giggled, “any time master.”

I glanced at the treasure as I walked to a chair to sit. I murmured and one of the bolts of silk floated to me. I pulled a piece off before cutting it and then began to murmur a spell to change it and shape it into a pack. I finished and enchanted it before gesturing to the treasure. It flowed into the new pack as I turned and smiled at the whispering girls, “Sara?”

She slipped off the bed and walked to me with a sway to her walk, “my turn?”

I let her straddle me and helped her wiggle down my cock. I glanced at the doorway as Jason and Samuel walked in with the other commanders. Sara hesitated and I pulled her hips back and forth while her pussy clenched. She shuddered and grinned as she ignored the other men and went back to fucking me.

I looked at Jason, “yes?”

He watched Sara for a moment before grinning and gesturing to the other commanders. One laughed, “you are very... abrupt and at first we thought you reckless. Your methods and spells seemed inadequate but more than proved us wrong. Jason explained about how you felt about dark mages. We have been here for several months and have never been able to even get close to the walls.”

Sara was twisting and spasming while her pussy became slick and kept squeezing while she moaned into my shoulder. One of the other commanders grinned as he looked back from Ash who was fingering her pussy, “the chests of gold more than paid for the troubles we have endured and each of us wish to give you a bonus for breaking the siege.”

I kept caressing Sara and looked at Jason, “any bonus is appreciated.”

He grinned, “they have acquired several packs loaded with bright cloth bolts that were headed into the castle.”

I grinned and hugged an incoherent Sara as she began wailing and spasming erratically, “that is a perfect gift, thank you.”

The commanders chuckled as they turned to leave. I looked at Samuel who was staring at Ash shuddering on the bed, “would you like to fuck her?”

He looked at me and his face reddened before he nodded. I gestured and he started stripping quickly as I turned my attention to Sara and thrust up into her before pumping thick spurts of cum. She screamed and jerked and twisted, “YES!”

Jason laughed, “she is almost as horny as Ash.”

Sara shuddered while I spewed my cum deep inside her and she slumped against me. I ignored Ash riding Samuel hard and gave Sara a squeeze, “go lay on the bed and let Jason fuck you.”

She giggled and kissed me before standing and stepping back. She rubbed her pussy and reached for his hand, “come fuck me commander.”

He grinned as he followed her to the bed and began undressing. I closed my eyes and relaxed before standing and gesturing to my clothes. Ash and Sara were both wailing as I left and walked to the river. The dark magic remaining in the castle was still being pulled out by the fast moving water. I stripped and walked out into the shallow water until I was in the middle.

I murmured and chanted and a face appeared, “Caden?”

I bowed, “master Kerie. I had to confront dark mages. The castle they were using is still tainted.”

He frowned, “How many dark mages?”

I shrugged, “at least nine.”

He hissed, “how long?”

I looked at the castle, “ perhaps a decade.”

He looked away before looking at me, “I will be there in the morning.”

I bowed again, “thank you.”

He snorted before his face vanished. I undressed and sat and washed before walking out and letting the warm wind dry me. Jason and Samuel were gone when I returned to the tent. Ash and Sara were sitting on a rug looking at bolts of cloth pulled from several packs, “get dressed so we can see if someone has been cooking.”

Ash grinned as she stood and walked to me and kissed me while pressing against me, “they were nice master.”

I laughed, “they were horny.”

I turned her and gave her cute butt a pat, “dress.”

I woke to Sara on me and caressed her smooth skin before turning my head to see master Kerie sitting in my chair. I grinned and moved Sara before I climbed out of bed, “you came early.”

He nodded, “you were right to call me. I have looked over the castle and it is going to take awhile to cleanse. I have already sent messages to the mage council.”

I dressed as he stood and moved towards the door. He looked at the castle, “you know there is a hidden treasure in the dungeon.”

I shrugged, “the dungeon is underwater.”

He smiled but I ignored it, “besides I have felt it and it is tainted.”

He nodded, “very well Caden. We will take care of this without payment.”

I bowed and watched him leave.
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