My neighbor has always been strange. Kelly was a beautiful fourteen year old girl. She talked about having lots of babies, I guess I never thought she wouldn’t wait. Her father was a drunken asshole that never returned what he borrowed. I built and sold weapons in a workroom attached to my garage so I was home a lot.

It was the start of summer, just before school got out and normally a slow time for me. It was later afternoon when I heard Kelly sobbing and walked out of the garage to see her clutching a bag beside the garage, “what’s wrong?”

She sniffed, “dad threw me out.”

I looked at her house, “now why would he do that?”

She looked down, “I’m pregnant.”

I didn’t know what to say but gestured, “you can stay with me.”

I don’t know where that came from. She looked at me as she stood slowly, “really?”

I nodded, “you can use one of the spare rooms.”

I put her in the room across from my bedroom and let her settle while I returned to the workroom. A few minutes later she walked in as I was setting up a milling machine for a pistol frame. She wanted to help but that wasn’t a real good idea. Instead I sat her at my desk in the corner and showed her the computer and the next thing I knew she was busy.

I finished for the day and stretched before glancing at the time. I headed towards the door and remembered Kelly. I found her in the kitchen wearing just an apron and nothing else. I sat and watched her until she turned and saw me. She grinned and glanced at what was cooking before crossing to sit on my lap.

I was surprised and embarrassed because her bare butt had my cock hard. She smiled, “you know I wanted a baby. I have a friend with a sister that was using fertility drugs to get pregnant. It worked but she had extra pills so my friend Tayra give them to me.”

Kelly looked down, “I... I went to a party a guy I knew was having. There were ten guys and I let them have sex.”

I looked at her thinking of the lucky ten guys and she smiled, “I really liked fucking.”

I grinned as she wiggled and slipped my hands around and under the apron to cup her firm breasts, “so you are tempting me to get me to fuck you?”

She grinned, “well, the baby isn’t yours so they can’t say you got me pregnant.”

I felt and kneaded her breasts before moving one hand down to her fuzzy pussy, “they will want you to name the boy.”

She spread her legs, “and I will.”

I fingered her warm pussy before tugging on her nipple, “finish dinner and then we can fuck.”

She jumped off my lap and went back to what she was doing. I watched for a minute before going back to the workroom and the desk computer. I blinked at everything she had gotten done and then grinned. I went back in and washed before undressing. I walked into the kitchen and sat at the table.

Kelly turned and saw me and grinned before starting to set dinner on the table. She hung the apron up and walked to me before straddling me and slowly impaling her pussy. She was very tight and wiggled to get my cock all the way into her. Her pussy was warm and tight and began grasping and squeezing as she settled.

I shivered and held her before turning slightly and started feeding her, “the baby will need this.”

She grinned as I fed her and myself. I had to wait a few times as she shuddered and her pussy clenched and squeezed. I was very close when we finished and groaned before standing and slowly walking through the house to my room. I sat and then rolled before fucking her hard and deep and shoved into her at the last moment.

I kissed her as she spasmed and thrashed and began gushing huge spurts of warm sperm. Kelly lifted and spread her legs as she jerked with each jet of cum, “YES!”

I pushed into her as I continued to spurt and then shuddered and pulled back before I began to fuck her now slimy pussy. Kelly spasmed harder and clutched me as her pussy tightened. She thrashed around and bucked as I kept fucking her with long strokes. She writhed around and squirmed while wailing and I shoved into her and humped.

Her slimy, tight pussy was hot and the best thing I had ever felt. I kissed her and rolled until she was on top, “having fun?”

Kelly shuddered and sat up, “yeah.”

I cupped her breasts as she started rocking and twisting her hips. I didn’t stop fucking her until she was exhausted and lay against me and fell asleep. I kept caressing her body before finally closing my eyes. I was up early the next morning and showered before dressing. Kelly was still sleeping as I walked out and waited in front of my garage.

Her dad walked out looking like shit and half drunk. I moved across to catch his car door when he opened it, “you are an asshole.”

He stared at me and glared, “careful...”

I shoved the car door into him and grabbed his throat, “Your daughter is pregnant and you throw her out? You are a sorry piece of shit.”

I leaned close, “she will get her things today and you will never speak to her again.”

I let him go and stepped back, “you do anything else to hurt her and I will make sure you hurt for a long time.”

I turned to walk away and he blurted, “because you got her pregnant?”

I stopped and turned, “no, the baby isn’t mine. Unlike you I’m not a self centered drunk. She is just a girl that needs a man to help her.”

I walked away and returned to the house to make pancakes. I went back and sat on the bed before bending to suck on an exposed nipple. Kelly shuddered and rolled onto her back as she opened her eyes. She smiled, “hey.”

I gently bit her nipple before sitting up, “I made pancakes.”

She jerked and then giggled, “careful or I will fuck you again.”

I reached out to caress and rub her pelvis, “maybe for lunch.”

I pulled her out of bed and patted her butt, “go wash and come eat.”

I was working in the shop when she came in and put her ear protection on. She sat at the desk and several minutes later pressed against me. I glanced back from the mill and she went to her toes to kiss me softly, “you have an order for guns but I wasn’t sure I should accept.”

I looked at the mill and turned to hold her, “I’ll be there in a minute but if you bring up the website main page it has a list of the guns I make. Unless it is a custom job or one with a time restrain you can accept.”

She grinned, “it was on the list but they wanted ten made.”

I nodded and let her go back to the desk. When I came over she had a dozen new orders waiting and I shook my head. I looked at each one and smiled as she pulled up the website and looked at me, “I sent out a few web adds yesterday and you have a lot more people visiting the site.”

I grinned as she stood and looked into my eyes, “remember I said my friend Tayra gave me the fertility pills?”

I nodded and she bit her lip, “she took some and gave some to our friend Candy. You have seen her I think, she dyes her hair pink and blue?”

I smiled as I remembered her, “I remember seeing her.”

Kelly looked down, “we took the pills together and let the guys fuck us.”

I waited as my heart seemed to beat faster and she looked up, “I know you didn’t have to help me and...”

She took a breath, “Tayra’s sister was married so it was okay for her to get pregnant but their parents are very strict and Tayra is pregnant and they want her to get an abortion or leave.”

She looked at me and I sighed, “and Candy? You brought her up for a reason.”

Kelly flinched, “her mom and dad told her to leave.”

I shook my head, “go home and bring all your things here. Tell your two friends they can stay here.”

She looked into my eyes, “you sure?”

I rubbed a nipple through her blouse, “yeah.”

She kissed me passionately before running out and I sat to look at what had been ordered. I made up a list and sent out orders for supplies I needed and then went back to work. I finished a gun just before lunch and cleaned it before putting it in the velvet lined wooden box. I made a call and went inside to make lunch.

I found Kelly and her two friends in the kitchen naked. I hesitated before crossing to the sink to wash and Kelly pressed against my back, “this is Harry.”

I smiled as she turned me, “Harry these are my friends Candy and Tayra.”

I nodded to the girl, “you girls can stay as long as you want.”

Kelly kissed my cheek, “we made soup.”

She undid my pants and pushed them down before helping me step out of them. After I sat Kelly was bringing the bowl to the table but Candy came and straddled me. She looked between us at my hard cock and smiled before lifting and then slowly impaling her pussy. She was warm and tight like Kelly and sighed when my cock was buried.

I held her hips as my cock was grasped and squeezed and she began tiny rolling twists. I shuddered as Kelly and Tayra giggled and pulled Candy down tight. I caressed her hips before turning to pick up the spoon. I took a bite and then fed her a bite. I went back and forth as her tight pussy kept squeezing.

As soon as the bowl was empty I put my hands under her ass and stood while she wrapped her legs around my waist. I walked back to the bedroom with Kelly and Tayra giggling as they followed. There were bags on the floor around the bed but I ignored that and turned to sit before rolling and twisting.

I ended up above and between Candy’s legs and began to fuck her with deep thrusts. I did it slowly but with deep thrusts she seemed to enjoy. Her tight pussy was constantly grasping my cock as I kept fucking her. She started thrashing around and wailing as she clutched me and I kissed her.

It was a few minutes before she began to buck and squirm. She kept wailing as I fucked her and enjoyed her tight pussy milking my cock. A little later I pushed into her and buried my cock. I kissed her again as she held her hips up while I gushed huge spurts of cum. She clutched me and kept jerking with each jet of warm sperm as it was pumped into her.

When I stopped she shuddered and slowly relaxed before grinning, “those other guys don’t know how to fuck.”

Kelly and Tayra laughed as I kissed her once more and pulled out, “thanks Candy.”

I rolled out of bed, “can I go back to work or does one of you need me too?”

Kelly grinned and Tayra tugged on a nipple, “you can fuck me later.”

I smiled as I went to the kitchen and got dressed. I went back to work and stopped when Kelly hugged me. Candy and Tayra were straightening up and cleaning and I turned to caress Kelly’s hips, “break time?”

She grinned, “time to start dinner and you have a couple more orders.”

I blinked and looked at the desk, “okay.”

I pulled her with me and hung up the ear and eye protection as Candy and Tayra caught us. They laughed and giggled as they pulled Kelly away and pulled me back to the bathroom. Kelly and Candy stripped me as Tayra undressed and pulled me into the showers. She rubbed my chest, “to bad we have to wear clothes in the shop.”

I grinned and turned her to start washing her, “I could buy smocks and aprons.”

She grinned, “and we would have bare butts.”

Kelly and Candy slipped in as Tayra pushed me back, “we get to wash you.”

They did... with their bare breasts and by the time they stopped I wanted to fuck one of them. They laughed as they dried me and Tayra pulled me to my bed. She crawled onto the edge on her knees with her head down. She spread her knees wide and reached between her legs to finger her pussy.

Kelly pushed me closer to her friend with Candy and I rubbed the head of my cock through her slit before pushing in. I shuddered at her tight pussy and held her hips before I began to fuck her. I pushed all the way into her and she started pushing back while her pussy squeezed my cock. It wasn’t long before Tayra was wailing into the bed as she thrust back erratically.

I fucked her long, hard and deep for several minutes as she spasmed. Her wails turned to howls and screams as her pussy became a lot slipperier. I slowed and then buried my cock to hump into her. She jerked and twisted as I stayed inside her nice and deep. It was several minutes before I shuddered and fucked her hard for a minute.

I buried my cock again before pumping a strong spurt of cum. She yelled as I pumped another and another until slimy cum was leaking around my throbbing cock. When I was done she moved forward and slumped onto the bed, “mmmm!”

Kelly and Candy giggled and crawled onto the bed with her. I shook my head and went to get dressed in loose shorts. I headed into the kitchen and a minute later the girls walked in. They grinned as they pulled me away and started dinner. I sat and watched them and couldn’t look away from their bodies.

When dinner was done I caught Kelly and pulled her onto my lap, “you girls helped a lot today.”

She wiggled away and stood before straddling me and slowly impaling her tight pussy. She grinned, “it was fun.”

Tayra laughed, “and I liked the after work benefits.”

Kelly thrust back and forth before kissing me, “me too.”

I laughed and held her hips as my hard cock throbbed deep inside her. She bounced and twisted and rolled her hips as she rubbed her pussy on me. Her pussy was grasping my cock constantly and she started to moan and then wail. She was struggling and thrashing around a minute later as I started humping and thrusting up.

It was awhile before she spread her legs and settled as my cock jerked and erupted in a torrent of cum. She shuddered and jerked while kissing me passionately. When I was done she sighed and lifted off my cock before turning to sit on my lap. Candy and Tayra were grinning as we ate dinner and then I pushed them out of the kitchen as I cleaned up.

I sat watching a movie they wanted to see with Kelly on my lap and the other two girls cuddling against me. They had me fucking them for almost two hours when we went to bed. I woke to the alarm and Tayra spooning back against me. I shut the alarm off but caressed her hip before shifting her onto her back.

I sucked on a nipple and she shuddered as she held my head, “go ahead and fuck me.”

I rubbed her cummy slit, “you sure?”

She humped and grinned, “yeah.”

I grinned as I moved over her and slowly pushed into her. She was slick with cum so my cock slid into her easily. I kissed her as I began to fuck her with long thrusts. She humped up and shuddered as her pussy grasp my cock. She began to moan and hugged me before wrapping her legs around my waist.

I continued to fuck her as I enjoyed her warm pussy. It was awhile before she thrashed and bucked and wailed as she clung to me, “aaaaahhhhh!”

The other two girls laughed as they moved off the bed and walked out. Tayra jerked as her pussy constantly tightened and squeezed. I kept fucking her with long thrusts and she twisted and spasmed. It was several minutes before I buried my cock and kissed her while I pumped and spewed thick spurts of cum.

She howled when she felt the warm cum flooding her. When I was done I pulled out and moved off the bed before turning to help her. She grinned as she wiped her leaking pussy, “that was the best night ever and the best morning.”

I grinned as I held her hand and walked her into the bathroom. We slipped into the shower with Kelly and Candy and I got to wash the three. When we were done I went to get dressed and grinned as I had an idea. The girls left for school and I went shopping. I put the food away when I got home and hung the three smocks by the door into the shop.

I was working when they got home and heard Kelly yell. I turned and grinned when I saw them wearing just the smocks. I crossed the room and kissed Tayra and Candy and then Kelly as she giggled and turned so I could see her bare butt, “want to fuck?”

I grinned and felt her butt, “horny?”

She nodded and I moved her to the desk and bent her over before using my feet to spread her legs. I opened my pants with one hand as I felt and fingered her slit. I pushed my pants down and moved and slowly pushed into her. I sank my cock into her nice and deep before I began to fuck her with long strokes.

She shuddered and her pussy tightened, “mmmm!”

The other girls laughed as they sat on the one chair together to watch me fuck Kelly. She kept pushing back each time I thrust into her. It wasn’t long before she was breathing hard and shuddering while her tight pussy constantly squeezed. I was enjoying the feel of her warm pussy as I fucked her and she began to moan and jerk.

It was several minutes before she wailed and shuddered hard as she shoved back, “fffuuuccckkk!”

I held her waist as I fucked her with firm strokes and reached under my cock to finger her clit. She spasmed and convulsed while wetting me and howling, “yyyeeeessssss!”

It was another five minutes or so before I pushed into her and buried my cock. I pressed to get deeper as I grunted and spewed and gushed cum. Kelly jerked while her pussy clenched, “mmmm!”

I humped and jabbed as I continued to pump spurts of cum. When I stopped I pulled out and helped her stand. She turned and went to her toes to kiss me, “thanks.”

I caressed her hips before letting her go, “homework first.”

The girls grinned as I turned to go back to work. The girls ended up having to answer a lot of questions about the boys but enough admitted what happened that no one even looked at me. They had six cute little girls and five little boys. When they turned sixteen they added to the baby factory as they call home.

I gave them another six babies in four years before we moved to a larger home. Now they space out getting pregnant so one of them is always there to help me and the others to watch the babies.
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