My Spanish teacher 2

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My Spanish teacher 2

I could see her perfect tits in plain view and her clean, shaven pussy was pressing against my leg. For the first time in my life that I had an erection, and it was in bed with my Spanish teacher, I have to admit, I was enjoying this study session a lot more now.

She said softly , "this Is the first girls body you've seen naked, isn't it?". I nodded and she laughed. She flicked on the bed side lamp, lighting up the room. She stood up and motioned for me to join her. I heaved myself off the bed and stood opposite her, "go on, look" she said.

I started with her face, there were no wrinkles and her eyes shined brightly. Her lips were moist and she had a pointy ish chin. I moved down and looked at her neck, quite pale and had a few beads of sweat settling Down. Her upper chest was smooth and clear, not a single pimple or mole. Then her long, slender arms, pale and her veins stood out on the other side of her elbows. Then her beautiful tits, they were round and firm, heavenly and warm, her nipples were large and perky, sticking out at a 90 degree indicating she was turned on. Her midriff was flat and and blemish free. Then there are her hips. Their so wide, they stick out and really draw attention to her ass, she has a loose ass, hanging down, not to flabby to be fat but just right. Her pussy was like heaven. Completely shaven and her clit pushing through, her moist slit indicated again that she was turned on, it looked so warm and soft. Then her legs, they were shaven and pale, silky to look at. If you stood back you could definitely see her tan line, her tits and pussy were paler than the rest of her pussy.

I knew the basics of sex but none of the a compliments like blow-jobs and fingering. I was really inexperienced and Melanie must have understood that, "don't worry, I'll be in charge" she whispered in my ear, her tits dangling in front of my eyes. "Go on, don't me shy, feel my body". She then lay on her back. And spread eagled herself over the floor. I squatted over her stomach and then ran my fingers over her face. I stroked her nose then inserted my middle finger into her mouth. She gently sucked my finger and I explored her face. She then gently took my finger out her mouth and pulled my hand down her chest and left it over her cleavage.

I pulled my other hand down and joined them up above her tits. She smiled as I stared awkwardly at my hands and her tits. She slowly grabbed both my wrists and pulled them down. Her silly skin was lovely to touch, she left my hands on her tits and lay back, closing her eyes. I rubbed them up and down with my palm, slowly brushing against her stiff nipples. She groaned at squirmed under my touch. Her perfect tits were so beautiful, a soft, warm fleshy texture.

She quickly grabbed my head and pulled it towards her tits, thrusting them up into my face. They bounced up and down, so inviting. I had no idea what to do, she gently placed the nipple in my mouth and told me to suck, it had an odd texture, soft and sweet, the ends were large and erect, right in my mouth. I sucked lightly until she grabbed my head and shoved half her tit in my mouth, I tried to scream but it was muffled behind her tit. I could feel myself getting dizzy now and my face was going red and blue.

I must have past out because when I woke up it was light and age was gone. I got dressed and went down stairs to find my teacher running frantically round the kitchen trying to make pancakes. There was a catch though, she was naked. Her tight ass jiggled as she flipped them over in the pan. When she had the kitchen under control she served up and we sat opposite each other, her tits were on view and they looked so good. She said, "in my house we have a rule, in Saturdays we do not wear clothes, understood. I tried to protest but I saw the stern look in her eye. I nodded and stood up to strip. "Wait a minute" she said, "keep them on, after breakfast were gonna play a game, I will ask you questions about Spanish tenses and if get them right I will take off an item of clothing, but if you get it wrong, you take off a piece of clothing, when either of us has no clothes left, we have to do a forfeit, are we clear?" , I nodded my reply, "good, then I will go get dressed, use this time for revision"

She walked up the stairs slowly, from her side I could see her ass and bare breasts move and wriggle about as she climbed up, I felt my second hard on coming. When she was out of site I quickly grabbed my textbooks and flipped the pages over till I found the grammar section, I probably had about five minutes to go before she returned, perfect, I thought, 1 minute for one tense.

Five minutes later she returned wearing a tank top with no bra underneath as I could see her nipples poking through the fabric. She wore really short shorts that showed of her pale, slender legs, and a purple thing underneath, which was clearly visible as she bent over to pick up her books from the floor next to me. Her ass was centimetres from my nose, I didn't really think that an ass was very sexy, but probably because of my young age, after all I am 10 years old. She put on her reading glasses and perched them on her nose. She looked really pretty. She sat down opposite me and spread her books across the table, each book with a different tense in it. She motioned for me to pick one. After a couple of seconds of deduction I chose the present tense, she smiled and picked up the other books and discarded the others on the floor.

Then looked up at me and smiled, "okay, let's see............


I hope you enjoyed this second story in this series, if it gets good ratings and comments I will write the next one :p

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