I was fourteen with a constant hard cock. My mom and dad were barely speaking and sleeping in separate rooms. Dad was mostly gone, he was fucking his assistant. I was doing all the chores at home, including fixing things. It started with me walking into mom’s bathroom to fix the toilet.

She was just getting out of the shower and had a towel around her head as she reached for another towel to dry off. I froze and stared at her stunning body. She had firm breasts with pretty nipples and tiny bit of hair on her pussy. I finally looked into her face and she smiled as she took the towel and wrapped it around her, “need something?”

I grinned before holding up the toolbox, “I was going to fix the float in your toilet.”

She gestured and I walked to the toilet and removed the tank lid. I tried to ignored mom as she removed the towel and began drying off. She walked out as I worked and finally fixed the problem. The rest of the day all I could think about was her body. I was getting ready for bed when she walked into my room.

She was wearing her robe as she closed the door, “want a massage honey?”

I looked at the top of her robe before nodding and she walked to me as I backed to my bed. She slipped my robe off and turned me to the bed and I climbed on and laid down on my stomach. She sat beside me and started to rub my back and shoulders. I had my head turned towards her and saw her robe slipping until one breast was exposed.

She rubbed my back and then she was massaging my butt. She finally rolled me over as I blushed and looked at her bare breast. She smiled and let her robe slip off before rubbing my chest and finally one hand wrapped around my drooling cock. I groaned and shuddered as she began to stroke it.

She used her other hand to massage my balls as I started to hump into her hand. It didn’t take me long to start to cum but mom squeezed my cock as I groaned. It was a couple of minutes before she began to stroke my drooling cock again. I humped and thrust up and she smiled as her hand fucked my cock until I was ready to cum once more.

She tightened her hold and squeezed as she stopped. I groaned in frustration and she grinned and a minute later started over again. Six times she took me to the edge before stopping to squeeze my cock and keep me from cumming. The seventh time she slid her hand up and down my shaft and used the pre cum as lube.

I thrust up as she stroked my cock and finally as my balls churned I screamed. She bent and put the head of my cock in her mouth. I jerked and shuddered hard as I peed cum. Mom swallowed it as her tongue kept licking the head of my cock. I gushed and spewed and spurted and pumped more cum than ever before.

When I stopped mom lifted her head and swallowed while licking her lips. She rubbed my tummy as I panted and then stood, “sleep tight baby.”

I watched her pick up her robe and leave. I couldn’t believe she had just jacked my cock and then swallowed my cum. We had a week before school got out and each night mom would come into my room and repeat what she had done before. I had set up the lap pool to let it heat up for the summer.

Friday after school finally got out I did chores before swimming in the nude. When I stopped and stood up I froze. The neighbor Victoria was standing beside the pool and I blushed, “I... uh... didn’t know...”

She grinned as she looked at my growing cock, “nice cock.”

I looked down and then at her and she finally looked into my face, “I was going to ask if I could use the pool over the summer.”

She smiled, “I’ll swim in the nude.”

I stammered as I answered, “okay.”

I moved to get out, Victoria was thirteen and I would fuck her in a heartbeat. She stripped as I watched and blushed when she climbed in. I showed her how to set the current and watched her swim. When she stopped I climbed in and sat in the water with her and we talked. Her mom and dad were swingers and didn’t hide it.

She told me a lot about herself and I hesitated before talking about dad and my mother. I kept looking at her when I told her about the hand jobs. She grinned, “its called edging.”

I blinked, “what is?”

She moved closer and wrapped a hand around my cock to give it a stroke, “stopping just before you cum and then doing it several times. When you cum it is harder and stronger.”

I nodded as she rubbed the head of my cock, “the thing is, you have to finish and cum or a guy could end up with blue balls.”

I groaned and she let my cock go. I sighed in regret, “so can girls do that? Edging I mean?”

She grinned, “yeah and we cum harder too.”

She stood to climb out, “maybe tomorrow I’ll show you.”

I watched her leave before I got out and dried off. I went into the house to shower and then put on shorts. Dad came home but only to pack a bag and leave. I took out the garbage and did some laundry before mom came home. I had started the grill and marinaded steaks already and she slipped up and put her arms around me, “only two steaks?”

I shrugged, “dad already packed a bag and left.”

She sighed, “than it is just us.”

I glanced at her before turning to hold her, “I was swimming today and Victoria came over. Her parents swing and she told me what we were doing is called edging.”

Mom blushed, “you can’t tell anyone honey.”

I hugged her, “I asked if women can edge and she said she would show me tomorrow.”

She looked at me and I gave her a kiss, “can I do it with you first?”

She grinned and then laughed, “in my bed and yes a woman can edge.”

I wanted to try it now and feel her pussy but I turned to watch the grill. After dinner mom helped me clean up and then we watched a show. When it ended we got ready for bed and mom led me to her room. I stripped and climbed in as she undressed. She laid back and let me feel her and touch her pussy as she told me how to finger her.

I started rubbing her pussy and fingering her and she turned me so she could stroke my cock. When I almost came she squeezed my cock and stopped me. When she started to cum she twisted away and I waited before we started again. After that first time I would take her to the edge and stop and she took me to the edge.

After the six times mom was panting and rubbed my hip, “get between my legs Evan.”

I looked at her before turning and moving over her and between her legs. My cock was drooling like crazy and her pussy was very slick. I pushed into her and the sensations of her hot tight pussy grasping my cock was something I will never forget. I thrust and she bucked and I shoved and she thrashed and I pushed and she spasmed.

We were both yelling and howling as I peed cum and mom squirted and convulsed. It went on a long time as I kept gushing sperm into her. When I finally stopped cumming I was breathing hard as mom continued to shake and jerk. I felt her slimy pussy still grasping and squeezing my cock and pulled back as I began to fuck her.

She clutched me and wailed as she began spasming again. I kept fucking her with long deep thrusts as her pussy contracted and I banged into her open cervix. She didn’t stop writhing around and thrashing as I fucked her for over ten minutes. I buried my cock and pushed as I began to spew and spurt more cum.

I kissed mom as her pussy clenched and held my cock while it flooded her with warm sperm. When I was done I sighed and looked at her before humping. She shook me and laughed, “lets rest honey.”

I pulled out and laid beside her and held her when she turned and put her head on my shoulder. She sighed, “that was the best fuck ever.”

I grinned and she giggled and a few minutes later I shifted to look into her face to see her asleep. I caressed her bare shoulder before closing my eyes and relaxing. I woke to mom moving off the bed and glanced at the hint of sunlight in the window. I got up and went into her bathroom to see her in the shower.

I peed and then climbed in and took the shampoo away. I washed her as she smiled and caressed me. When I finished I got out and dried her before giving her a kiss. I went to put my robe on and then start her coffee and warmed a bagel. Mom came out and ate and drank a cup of coffee before kissing me, “have fun with Victoria.”

I grinned, “I really had fun with you last night.”

Mom grinned as she headed for the door, “me too honey.”

I did a couple of loads of laundry and made a shopping list before vacuuming. I went out back to the pool before getting in to swim. I finally let the jets push me back and sighed as I leaned against the back. Victoria walked across the yard from the side gate and grinned as she draped a towel over a chair and took her robe off.

She was naked and climbed in and smiled before turning and laying down in the water. She began swimming against the jets and I was looking right between her legs. It was a half hour before she stopped and the current from the jets pushed her back and onto me. I caught her and pulled her down on my lap.

She grinned and wiggled, “want to go in and watch me edge?”

I cupped one of her breasts, “we can do it together and then cum together.”

She bounced and rubbed her bottom on me, “in me?”

I grinned, “yeah.”

She laughed and stood, “I am going to get so much cum.”

I followed her out and we dried off before we went into the house while leaving her robe. I led her to my room and we laid on the bed beside each other. I turned to feel her and started to caress her breasts and then down to her pussy. When I slipped a finger into her slit she moaned and shuddered.

I began to finger fuck her and used my thumb to rub her clit until she yanked my hand away suddenly. She shuddered and looked at me with a grin before turning on her side and reaching for my cock. She started gently and I had to tell her to hold my cock a little firmer. I was almost ready to cum when I twisted away and she giggled.

We went back and forth for almost a dozen times. I finally rolled as she pulled her hand away and pushed into her slimy pussy. Victoria stiffened before howling as she thrashed and bucked while I fucked her hard and deep. I buried my cock and kissed her a minute later as I began peeing cum.

She clutched me while squirting and jerking around with her pussy constantly squeezing my grasping, pumping cock, “aaaaahhhhhh!”

I was jerking and humping and jabbing as I continued to cum and flood her with sperm. When I stopped cumming I was trying to catch my breath as Victoria continued to jerk and spasm. I pulled out and laid beside her and it was a couple of minutes before she looked at me, “oh... my... god!”

I grinned, “yeah.”

She laughed and turned to kiss me, “I want to do that again tomorrow.”

I nodded and cupped a breast before rubbing and playing with the nipple, “me too.”

I moved off the bed and helped her out and she look down at the cum running down one leg. She looked at me and blushed before grinning, “when your mom gets home can I ask her if I can sleep over and share you?”

I blushed but nodded and she grinned and wiped some of the leaking cum up before tasting it. She grinned as she walked towards the door. The rest of the day I tried to think of how to tell mom while finishing the house chores. Victoria beat me to it by catching mom beside her car when she got home.

They walked into the house together and mom smiled at me, “Victoria is spending the night baby.”

I looked back and forth as mom pulled her towards her bedroom. I hesitated before starting dinner and it was awhile before mom and Victoria walked out. They were in robes and I had no doubts that was all. Mom hugged me and gave me a kiss before looking at what I was making. She pushed me towards the table as she took my place with Victoria helping her.

After dinner I cleaned up and they pulled me out to the pool. The water was warm as they dropped their robes and slipped into the water. I stripped and joined them as they sat together and a minute later Victoria groaned. I looked at her as she shivered and her legs were spread and mom was fingering her.

I grinned and hugged mom as I watched until she stopped as Victoria stiffened and then groaned. She turned and kissed mom before reaching between her legs, “your turn.”

I cupped one of her breasts and tugged on the nipple as Victoria began fingering her pussy. Mom shivered and wiggled as she was fingered and I kept playing with her nipples. She shuddered and moaned and spread her legs wider. I kissed her as she spasmed and Victoria stopped and mom groaned, “so close.”

She looked at me and then grinned, “we better take this inside.”

Virginia laughed, “yeah in a bed.”

I climbed out and helped them and dried them off before they did me and then pulled me after them. We went in and back to mom’s bed before I was laid back. They sat on each side of me and mom started to stroke my cock. I reached out and started to feel Virginia and she leaned back as she spread her legs.

I stiffen as my balls churned and mom pinched the head of my cock as she stopped. I groaned and she smiled, “take her to the edge honey.”

I turned to Victoria and started to finger her, her pussy was almost hot and very slick. She shuddered and started to arch her back and I stopped. She groaned and I turned to mom, “your turn.”

She laughed as she lay back and I slipped a finger into her warm pussy. I took them to the edge a half dozen times and they took me to the edge the same number. I was more than ready as I was fingering mom again and Virginia was stroking my drooling cock. Mom was almost there and I could feel myself getting close.

Virginia moved and kissed me, “fuck her and cum.”

I groaned as I rolled and shoved into my mother’s very wet and slippery pussy. It grasped and clenched as I drove my cock all the way in and pressed against her cervix. Mom screamed as she began spasming violently and I stiffened and arched my back while peeing cum. I humped and jabbed while I continued to gush and spew and spurt.

Mom twisted and bucked wildly as her now slimy pussy kept grasping and milking the cum out of my cock, “bbbaaaabbbbbyyyyyy!”

I rode her as she thrashed around and finished flooding her with cum before just shoving into her and hanging on. It was a few minutes before she shuddered as she began to relax. I kissed her and she hugged me and I pulled out and moved towards Virginia. She was fingering her pussy while shivering and spread her legs wider to accept me.

I pushed into her and settled and gave her a kiss and then beginning to fuck her long hard and deep. It wasn’t long before she was howling and spasming as I continued to fuck her. She twisted and bucked and thrashed as I rode her and kept shoving my cock into her and grinding. It was a long time before I buried my cock to spurt cum in her.

I went back and forth fucking them for over a hour before they just held me as we went to sleep. It was so nice to hold two naked women. I woke when mom got up and headed into the bathroom. I shifted away from Victoria and climbed out of bed to follow my mother. I glanced back and saw Victoria getting out of bed.

Showering with mom and Victoria was fun but mom had to go and kissed us both before she got out. I was tempted to fuck Victoria during the day as she helped me with chores. We did spend an hour in the pool swimming before putting robes on. We were making dinner when mom came home.

She smiled as she went to change and returned in just her robe. She kissed me and then Victoria, “did you two have fun?”

Victoria grinned, “I fended him off so we could do him together.”

They have for several years so far, of course mom ended up pregnant that summer. Victoria and I were married when she turned eighteen. She had been living with us since she was sixteen. Her parents expected it I think since that first time she didn’t come home until summer was over.

Dad moved out before the summer was over and moved in with his assistant. We are having an edging party tonight and both mom and Victoria told me it was to get them pregnant.
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