“Sakura Blooms”

"I'm too damn horny! Pick up the pace or I'll be fucking you Kakashi!" Tsunade screams bouncing on his cock as he sits in the Hokages seat. Kakashi obeys going at a pace that Guy and Lee normally run. "Uh...huh...that hits the spot!" Tsunade vibrating wildly on his cock.

"Now how long can I handle this speed" Kakashi says in a low voice.

After ten minutes already in this position she tells him to speed it up. "Faster...faster...going to...uh...yeah...yeah!"

Shizune stuck in doggy style grasping Tsunade's desk with her knuckles turning red as Guy fucked her at top speeds that made her breasts slap nearly every second. She hardly could keep her breath with the pounding he was doing to her raw pussy. Every day they were fucking and had a steady relationship when not acting as gerbils. Guy knew Shizune enough that if she wanted faster he would slap her ass and picked up his pace. He fucked her in every position, but doggy style she absolutely loved.

ANBU watch above heavily masturbating desiring to fuck Tsunade one time. For now masturbation and a great orgy after hours.

Sakura is far from innocent. She has seen and done every move out there since ready the book Sai gave her, so entering should be no surprise to her. When she saw Kakashi fucking Tsunade her jaw dropped.

Tsunade looks at her catching her breath. She grasps the desk as Kakashi continues to fuck her. "Speak Sakura!" She yells. Kakashi sees her and makes the hand signals for a clone.

"I know Hinata is going to marry Naruto, and so do I!" Sakura speaks loudly with the sounds of sex in the room in front and above her.

"Polygamy in the leaf is allowed as long as it is agreed amongst the lovers, and it isn't within a clan. Not even Hyuga are allowed multiple partners within own clan" Tsunade says as clearly as she could while Kakashi fucked her.

Kakashi clone completely nude except for the face walked to Sakura with a massive hard on. Sakura drops her pants. He sticks it in slowly adjusting it in her as he releases her breasts to fondle them. She rolls her head knowing she wasn't going anywhere until she's been satisfied. "What about the other girls who want to too?" Sakura asks Tsunade as Kakashi picks her up as he picks up the pace.

"Oh fuck I'm going to come!" Tsunade moans having an orgasm from Kakashi.

"What did you say!" Sakura unable to hear what Tsunade is saying before getting an orgasm "ah...Kakashi I'm coming!"

"Guy! Do my ass now!" Shizune screams with a raw moist pussy fulfilled. Guy obeys inserting in her ass and continuing to fuck her at high speeds.

Tsunade stands up removing Kakashi from her pussy. Turns around and sucks on it surprising Kakashi who accepted it with an openly hard cock in her mouth. Tsunade gave a blowjob to Kakashi, Shizune is getting it up in the ass, and Sakura in the pussy in a group sex scene in the Hokages office under the watchful eye of the horny ANBU.

"Ka... Kakashi we need to do...this more often" Sakura moans.

"How would Naruto take it?" Kakashi asks her. Sakura breathed heavily enjoying the vibration of his cock. She replies to his answer "he wouldn't mind at all. He would want to join."

"Out!" Shizune screamed "out!!!"

Guy stopped confused until he sees her turn around and gets on her knees to suck on his cock.

Kakashi moves his hips in the Hokages seat feeling that tightness in his loins. Tsunade swirls her tongue prepping his cock to come at any second. "Here it... ah comes" he shot his load in her throat.

"Ah...oh... yes...fuck...Kakashi... coming!" Sakura screams with him holding her legs spread out pounding her pussy on the floor now. Kakashi clone disappears from her as she lays in content.

Shizune sucks and sucks hoping to get Guy's cum in her mouth. She loved the taste of cum male or female having it in her mouth always felt so good. Guy shoots his load she of course is unable to hear she is in the moment.

Shizune, Tsunade, and Sakura bask in the glory of a good hard fuck by two men Kakashi and Guy they just had. Sakura knew her next step and polygamy is written all over it.


A few hours later after the group sex at the Hokages Sakura is midway through her daily check up on patients at the hospital she spots Ino resting from a morning of dull uneventful checkup on patients. Sakura walks up to say hi.

"Why are you so happy Sakura? Did Naruto do something today?" Ino suspicious of her friends happiness.

"Close, but no. You know Hinata has sealed the deal with Naruto in marriage?" Sakura speaks with joy in her heart.

"Yeah" Ino slowly says growing more suspecious of Sakura.

Sakura explains to Ino her visit with Tsunade this morning. Once finished she asks Ino "so would you be interested in joining in marriage with Naruto with me. We could be sister wives!"

Ino thought of her teammates and what their reaction would be before answering "that would be exciting will Hinata and Naruto approve though?"

"We can find out. After four we can head on over and ask okay Ino."

"Can't wait" Ino puts up a smile showing her excitement. At four they would be heading to Naruto's for what could seal their futures.


Karin presses her breasts on top of Hinata's as she kisses her on Naruto's bed. With sunlight shining in the middle afternoon two lesbians embrace each other skin on skin contact. Karin moves a hand to cup Hinata's pussy, which only further drove Hinata into the depths of her wild side.

Hinata wrapped her hands around Karin's ass pressing it on to her. Enjoying the warm embrace of another female Hinata drove her tongue into Karin's mouth.

Naruto drove Tenten out of the shower with him into the main room by kissing and groping each others bodies. About fifteen minutes ago Tenten was enjoying a hot steaming shower alone at Naruto's cleaning her body, and the next thing she knows Naruto walks in butt naked with a hard on entering the shower with her.

The two walk from the shower still wet to the bone to his bed making out. Naruto lays her on the bed next to Hinata and Karin. He presses his strong muscular body onto Tenten's as they too make out.


At four Sakura and Ino rushed from the hospital to Naruto's both aching for his cock and a marriage proposal. Few minutes later they open the unlocked door to see a futa orgy on the bed. Naruto has Tenten's legs spread out as he fucks her pussy. Tenten sucking on Hinata's cock. Hinata sitting on her knees doing so. Karin also on her knees is fucking Hinata from behind. At the same time Tenten jacks off her cock.

Sakura and Ino turn to each other with the same thought on their mind. They strip their clothes off, followed by creating cock's themselves. They jump into bed to have some fun.

Ino moves behind Naruto her breasts press against his back as she whispers "sexy no jutsu please."

Naruto transforms to his female form as he continues to fuck Tenten. Ino inserts her cock into his pussy. For Sakura she wanted Tenten's cock and Naruto. Tenten noticed her get on and stopped jacking off.

Sakura got Tenten's cock in her pussy. She bounced on it for a few moments before getting in a groove. As she does this she strokes her cock centimeters from Naruto who is in his female futa form. Sakura and Naruto kiss sharing tongues as Ino feels Naruto's breasts.

All six are in a massive futa orgy feeling each others pussies getting fucked, balls slapping, cock's pounding, breasts flying, and moaning filling the room.

"Ugh...harder me harder!" Hinata moans.

"You like that don't you... uh...huh...ah...fuck your pussy is amazing Hinata" Karin replies fucking her hard with each thrust.

"Naruto... I love your you like me fucking you?" Ino breathes heavily on Naruto's neck as she takes him.

"Sakura... Ino... yes...oh yes!!!" Naruto screams before going back to kissing Sakura.

Tenten wanted to speak, but with a cock in her mouth it made it all, but impossible. Her loins were tightening below ready to blow. She swirled her tongue around Hinata's cock as she breathes through her nose. Hips move as she fucks Sakura and is getting fucked by Naruto. She sucked harder as her cock shoots white sticky cum into Sakura, and her pussy cum flowed onto Naruto's cock and on the bedsheets.

Hinata feeling the sucking increase from Tenten shouts feeling tightness below "Ten... ten...I'm going to come!"

"You think your going to come you just wait" Karin says to Hinata before fucking faster and harder.

"I'm coming!!!" Hinata screams shooting her load into Tenten's mouth, and onto Karin's cock and bedsheets.

Karin feels Hinata's orgasm before she too has one "I'm coming two!!!"

As for the other three Naruto, Ino, and Sakura they weren't ready to come yet. Sakura continued bouncing on Tenten's cock as she also jacks off. Naruto kisses Sakura and fucks a wet raw pussy of Tenten. Ino fucks his pussy and squeezes his breasts.

Karin pulls out of Hinata as Hinata pulls away from Tenten. They get off the bed heading onto the floor making out.

Tenten has enough she can't deal with Sakura and Naruto any longer so she tells them "enough...Sakura... Naruto...I'm done!" They hear her.

Sakura gets off of her still kissing Naruto. Tenten pulls away from Naruto and still hard cock. She gets off heading to the table removing her cock as she strokes her pussy gently catching her breath.

Ino noticing a change of people on the bed took her cock out of Naruto's pussy then says to him and Sakura "how about a sandwich fuck!" Sakura nods in agreement. Naruto unsure, but he didn't have much of a choice.

Ino inserting her cock in his ass, and Sakura puts her cock in his pussy. His cock is squeezed between his stomach and Sakura's stomach.

"Is this what you meant Ino?" Sakura asks seductively before she leans forward and kisses her next to Naruto. After she muzzles Naruto's neck with Ino.

"I feel more full now then I have ever felt before!" Naruto shouts as he is getting sandwich fucked.

Sakura realizes why she is here she wants to ask Naruto and Hinata if they would be interested in polygamy marriage. "After we are done Naruto we need to talk."

"Fine with me!" Naruto says as Ino shoves her cock deeper into his ass.

"Uh...that felt good!" Ino says.

Naruto feeling as if he won't be walking for a week before telling Ino "sure did."

"More huh..." Ino smirks shoving it in more and faster.

Sakura felt a tightness below "I'm going to come!" As she shoots her load in him, and her pussy juices flow onto the bed sheets.

"Oh...fuck...don't stop...don't..." Naruto says after Sakura comes due to his feeling below.

Ino hearing Sakura orgasm and Naruto ready to picks it up "let's come together Naruto!"

A few more strokes and Naruto's cock shoots up onto his stomach and breasts, and Sakura's too. His pussy juices flowed onto Sakura's cock and below. He screams as the orgasm shoots through him "here it comes!"

Ino secretes cum from her pussy and cock. Sakura pulls away laying on the bed stroking her cock gently. Naruto falls next to her returning to his male form stroking his cock too. Ino gets off walks to Tenten sitting next to her removing her cock.

"What did you want to ask me anyway?" Naruto curious by what Sakura asked earlier.

Sakura nearly forgetting "Hinata and Karin." They lift their heads after making out. "Right, Ino and I want to go into a polygamy marriage with you and Hinata."

"Poly..what?" Naruto confused.

"It is where you Naruto marry multiple wives" Sakura explains.

"Is that legal?" Hinata asks curious.

"Yes, Sakura asked Tsunade this morning and we all can be sister wives to Naruto" Ino says boldly.

"I'm in, and with that I got to meet Lee and Choji for another food contest. You coming Ino?" Tenten searching for her clothes replies.

"I'd do it too if it's okay with Hinata and Naruto that is" Karin responds too.

"I have no issues" Naruto says nonchalantly.

"If Naruto wants it than I do too" Hinata says.

Ino half dressed "that makes it official than we will be sister wives."

Every one nods before moving on to get dressed. Minutes after Ino and Tenten, leave Karin and Hinata take a shower, and Sakura stands in the kitchen realizing something. That something is the rest of the guys including Sai what about them.


Next Episode: Special 2 Kakashi Sakura files/ team

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