Living caged up with emotions firing on all cylinders. I became immune of the toxins within a couple days. The body adjusted to it's environment with speed. My mind suspended my movement as it sorted through millions of ideas and thoughts. I couldn't bare it I screamed inside until it listened...

I could feel every part of my body, my heart, my mind. My mind is clear and focused. Toes wiggled, hands clutch, heart raced. I slowly open my eyes for the first time...

Bright lights engulf my vision. It settled down until I saw metal walls all around. Looking up I hear a conversation. I see a male and female talking not by heat, but see them above as if they were in the same room. But how? All there is metal surrounding the entire room. No windows or doors around at all. I scream for help, but they walk away...

I reach my hand out to them weakly, but to no avail. My body moves up on it's own accord desiring attention. I feel as light as a feather looking down to see that I'm not on the ground, but floating upward. Reaching for the two with all the strength that I have. Arriving at same height that the two are I notice both are scientists with white lab coats...

Touch the metal with my bare hand it shakes. I move backwards with a large piece of metal pulling away. Move down the piece drops as if I told it so. Looking at my hands I see nothing different, and yet here I am in the air with the ability to move inanimate objects with my mind and body...

I look up to the lab and I see freedom!


Fiery Skipper (Hylephila phyleus)
Antennae very short
Female: dark brown with irregular orange band on upperside. Underside hiding is pale brown.
Male: black stigma is wide. Small black spots on underside.
Wingspan is 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 inches.
Spread out across the Americans seeks warmer weather


Day after day living in his friends house life flew by slowly. Deep in his own mind reliving the day his sister blew up the house. Government asking question after question for what felt like eternity was only few short hours. Numb from the day that passed a week ago only moving for food Seth felt useless.

Mindy exhausted day after day being yelled by her boss with no sight of this getting out of this hole. Unaware of what is going on with her daughter in the lab. Disconnected to those who are working on her daughter she was lost. Plant after plant that was placed or experimented into the drug gave no or little direction of what cause or effect that made her daughter have sex with her own brother. Mrs. Jones refused to let her move onto animals until there were answers.

Frank and Delia kept under the radar as much as possible with police outside at all hours with the media begging for answers. The headlines were off track on what is going on. At work doors were locked with complete secrecy and hush hush gossip around every corner. Even their own children acted out of character.

Joe and Zoe unbeknownst to all in the house this past week have been flirting in the most sexual way two can without contact. Anytime they were alone they would show each other their bodies, masturbate in front of each other, or flirt. Neither kissed or touched each other, but it didn't mean they didn't want to. With guests around the house was hardly empty.

Today both parents are gone, Mindy left for work, and Seth is in the basement finding it to be the quietest area in the house. Joe did a double check around the house before meeting his sister in the shower. Arriving at the upstairs bathroom he discovers the door is ajar. Looking he sees her masturbating in the shower. Takes clothes off hearing her moan and beg for his cock.

Zoe aware of her brother's presence the moment she saw the door open puts on a show for him. Sticking the shampoo bottle up her pussy she moans for him. At the corner of her eye she sees his limp big black cock as it walks over to her. This is the moment that will forever change their lives. No longer brother and sister, but lovers too.

He enters blocking the shower head. Eyes full of joy arouse her to her very bones. Grabs her head and kisses her on the lips. Tongues touch if only for a moment before he moves to her neck. She shudders excited by his touch, so tender of an older brother. Clutching a breasts he sucks on the other as she tosses her hair desiring more.

She lifts his head up to kiss him on the lips this time. Tongues intertwined with the running water cascading onto them. Grabbing his cock Zoe pushes it into her warm pussy. Forbidden fruit line is crossed with the warmth of an iron hard black cock pushes into her womb. Joe pushes her to the back of the shower ready to fuck her.

Rhythm is matched with their intensity as their bodies meet as one. Slowly he fucks her at first. Kissing her lips, face, and neck he waited long enough for this. No more interruptions could disturb or break their focus now. Raising his hands above her shoulders as she wraps her arms around his body they pick up the speed.

"Huh...uh! Yes brother fuck mmmmeeeee!!!" Zoe moans loudly feeling the speed and passion her brother was feeding her.

Joe catching his breath with each shove into his younger sister " sis!"

"me toooo!!!" Zoe screams full of jubilee and lust.

Thrusting his big black cock with no protection into his little sister he kisses her sticking his tongue into her mouth. His chest presses onto her growing young teen breasts feeling the radiant heat emit between both of them. Water presses onto his back with every move inching closer to his climax.

Pussy lips were moist not from the shower, but by her brother. She lowers her hands down to his ass feeling it squeeze each penetration into her body. With no protection she was glad of being on the pill. No guarantee of getting knocked up, but it made her feel safer anyhow. For a week of teasing this surpassed all of her imaginations in fucking her brother. Her body burned up within feeling extremely horny. Pussy ached with satisfaction, tits hard as his cock, and heart beating a thousand beats a minute for her lover.

Downstairs Seth stirred from the shadows of the basement feeling mighty hungry for food and maybe sneak in a alcohol beverage to relieve some of the memories.

Joe feeling in him a massive load coming picks up the pace. Cock burns within her body as his heart races for the moment. He kisses her once more wrestling tongues together as the moment rises within. The continual beat of the water behind adds to the fuel.

Zoe wrestling her tongue with his feels her orgasm race thru her knowing the end is coming. Her arms move to the back of his head not wanting him to stop making out with her. The moment comes at last as his sperm flows in her then down her legs with her own sexual juices.

Bodies freeze for a moment as they stop making out both catch their breath. No turning back now that they have done the forbidden taboo act between siblings. Brief moment certainly, but it was the first. It would only get better from here.

Ham sandwich in one hand and a wine cooler in the other he decides to see what his friend is up to. He needs to get his head out of the nightmare he has lived through.

Joe turns off the water and walks out of the shower with his sister. They both grab towels wrapping themselves with them ready to head to their respectable rooms. Zoe opens the door leading the way out to see Seth just reaching the top of the stairs seeing them walk out together. The three stare at each other for what felt like five minutes. Joe grabs his sister turning her to her bedroom. Joe followed behind heading to his room and shutting the door.

Seth turns around back downstairs heading to the living room hoping he was dreaming. Did he just see his best friend do his own sister? How twisted can life really be if it is true? What about his own sister? Is everyone in it? Questions renewed his already over filled mind?



She escaped! Impossible really! She moved inanimate objects with ease! Linda and I were spared thankfully.

Mrs. Jones called moments later pissed off. Linda and I were dismissed until the subject returned to the lab. MRDA is on red alert with security watching our every move.

Before the subject left I discovered something inside her. Hard to tell if it is the demise or start of her.

Dr. Fox
Head of the research and development for MRDA

End transmission...

Linda and Mindy meet.
Behind a drug store in an ally with the afternoon sun shining Mindy walks with caution into the shadows. No connection to her daughter, disconnected with her son, however hope is still available. One person she knows could give her a chance to move forward walks out of the shadows.

All she has gone through the sacrifices, the turmoil, and the unexplainable super natural. Under tight scrutiny from the watchful eyes of MRDA she pulled a fast one on them to get to this place. Linda walked out of the shadows to reveal herself to her mentor and friend.

"Do you have the information?" Mindy softly speaks not wanting to be overheard.

Linda nods before speaking discretely "you won't believe me when I tell you this, but your daughter escaped this morning."

Mindy about to take the folder stops frozen at the turn of events she asks with a dry throat "how?"

"I...can't explain it, but she is powerful enough to move inanimate objects" she replies continuing on "Dr. Fox and I are on leave until she is returned."

"If I see her I will let you know" Mindy replies.

"No! You can't MRDA is watching my moves" she continues "I'm missing right now, but it is a matter of time."

Mindy hugs her "you stay safe girlfriend"

"I will" Linda pulls away, and goes back to the shadows.

Mindy looks at the folder knowing she has work to do. Her daughter would find her soon enough as would MRDA. Mrs. Jones is on top on her list.



Author notes: Sex begins to pick up for all you readers out there. This ends part 4 of Mind Over Body.

Questions? Comments? Feedback? or if you have interest in editing and proofreading P.M. me always appreciated! Stay tuned for future stories. Any further ideas readers?

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