This is a story about how my bitch of a Spanish teacher used me for her pleasure. It is a work of fiction so it is in no ways true and all the characters are not real. I hope you enjoy this new series.

My Spanish teacher

"How dare you sleep in my class, go out side and wait for me!!!" Yelled Melanie, the whore of the language department, I'm pretty sure that no one actually likes her and her lessons. My name by the way is Calum, I am 10 years old and quite small for my age. I get picked on a bit because of my British accent and my size. Also I have admittedly, a small cock, no hairs yet, just an pale elephant trunk looking thing. I get embarrassed in the changing rooms because in the showers everyone laughs at me, I try to turn away from them but the always manage to see it. Anyways, back to the story.

I slumped over to the door while everyone smirked at me. I closed the door behind me and leant against the lockers outside of the class. I waited for what seemed an eternity until she turned up. Melanie had long hair and a wrinkle free face, blue eyes that match her blonde hair and huge hips, I mean when she walks she waddles because of their size. She also had smallish tits and slender legs, "look, I know it's hot but please try and stay awake in my lessons, it's not very respectable, i will let you off this time seeing it is a hot day and its almost the weekend but if you do it again its a detention, are we clear?" "Yes" I replied sheepishly.

Finally the bell rang to signify the end of the day, I ran down the corridor and leapt down the stairs and out the main gate, only to see my bus pull away from the stop and trundle down the road, "fuck, fuck fuck fuckedy,
Fuck", unfortunately Melanie had seen the drama and offered a lift home, I was torn, walk home or get a lift home with a crazy bitch. My mistake was choosing the second one.

On the way home there were long, awkward silence, interrupted by the odd rant from Melanie. For a while we talked about how I was falling behind in Spanish and how I should try harder and condescending shit like that. When we finally arrived home she waited for my mum to answer the door, unfortunately for me Melanie and my mum were good friends, I walked in and they chatted for years, in the end my mum invited her in for coffee, sadly she agreed and walked in.

I walked into the dining room where they were talking and grabbed a biscuit. Melanie saw me and motioned to the seat next to her, against my will I say down and waited for what they had to say, "Calum, we have decided that you will be spending the weekend with Melanie, your father and I are going away and it would also be a perfect opportunity for you to improve your Spanish, so go upstairs and pack your bags". It was then I thought of suicide, there was no way I was doing this but the look my mum gave me indicated that I had no choice. I slowly walked up the stairs.

When I got upstairs I picked up the first thing I saw and through it against the wall, the toy broke In to and I collapsed to the floor. I slowly packed a bag for two nights of hell and almost fell down the stairs. When I reached the ground floor my mum hugged me then pushed me out the front door and led me to Melanie's car. "Now you be good okay", I nodded and climbed into the back seat. My mother said goodbye to Melanie and my fate was sealed.

When I arrived at Melanie's house she parked the car and we got out. She unlocked the front the door and led me inside, "this is the hall way, on your right are the stairs, on your left is the dining/living area and straight on is the kitchen" she explained as we took off our shoes. She took my arm and pulled me up stairs. She showed the all the rooms then showed me my room, there was a double bed and a closet, I couldn't help but notice the room was very pink, " this is my daughters room but she's on a school trip for the week so you can sleep in here" she said.

The afternoon dragged on, all the tenses flowing into one and getting muddled up. We eventually stopped for the day and we ate dinner. After that I went upstairs and slept, it may have been early but I wanted to get my distance from her.

I was woken up at around 11 because my door opened. It was then that I realised how hot it was, "I know this is really weird but when it gets hot and I can't sleep I stay in the bed with my daughter, but seeing she's not here can I stay with you?" I wanted to scream, "Fuck off bitch, hells no!" But I can't do that say I meekly replied, "okay". She walked in wearing a light pink robe and slipped in next to me. I pushed off the duvet because of the sheer heat and lay there in my boxers.

Half an hour later the heat was almost unbearable, I was sweating like a pig. "Melanie rolled over and said,"can't sleep? Neither can I, it's so hot I might take of my robe, is that okay?" God I wanted to scream and shout at her but I meekly surrendered again, "fine". She stood up and slid of her robe, what I didn't realise when she walked in was that she was naked under it, my Spanish teacher now stood in front of me, butt naked. I couldn't help but stair. She had perfect tits, round and firm with small, perky nipples, a flat, sexy stomach, a really nice, round, squishy ass and least of all a warm, soft, shaven pussy. She stood there middling herself for a minute or so before she slid back into bed.

What I didn't mention earlier was the fact it was a single bed, so there wasn't much room for us. Her naked body pressing against mine. She had her front to me so I could see her tits in plain view and her pussy was pressing against my leg, I could feel her slit on my thigh, I felt for the first time ever, a stirring in my pants. "You must be baking!" She said, "take off your clothes before you melt". So I stood up and slid off my boxers, revealing my 3 inch erect cock, my little balls were sweating and I became really embarrassed. I turned away to hide my little childhood. She chuckled and said, "don't worry, everyone's is a different size, yours will start to grow when you soon hit puberty. I lay back in bed, completely naked with my Spanish teacher.

..;……,................................if you like where this story is going please give it a positive rating and a good comment, if I get enough I will write a sequel with some fun with the Spanish teacher :)

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This kinda sucked , no way that a 10 year would talk like.that or notice anything about the teachers body , he would think it was gross , if you make it more realistic then this story willbe amazing .

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Great Story please write more please

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