Cuckolded I take her forcibly and she relishes it
It was a beautiful afternoon when I returned to Manderley, I rode over the cliff path from Polperro looking out over the channel at the ships plying to and forth on billowing sails instead of the direct way, my hireling steed more suited to ambling than the rush of business and I savoured the sea air as I returned dutifully to my ailing bride as she rested beside the sea.

She was a beauty, but not robust, an she continually fell ill in the confines of the metropolis so I had taken a lease on Manderley that she might profit from the sea air and regain her health.

Dutifully I travelled each fort night to see her and her physician, from Paddington to Bristol to Exeter and Plymouth by the lines of Mr Brunel and then the ramshackle lines of the lesser railways to Liskeard and there I hired a steed for the last few miles along the East Looe valley to the sea and along along the cliff tops to Manderley.

I came a day early, I know not why, to get the sad reunion over I supposed, for mother was concerned that a year and more had passed from out marriage and still no heir, whilst I for my part could barely remember making a union with her at all.

She was beautiful, her smile lit the room, but the smile was not for me, no, she married for position, in great haste when her father's fortune was lost in a flurry of poor investments and as her father was my father's friend it fell to me to make her an offer, which her father accepted with alacrity to my consternation, and thus with great ceremony were we wed at St Giles.

"I had hoped for so much more," she confided when we were wed.

"Fear not," I reassured her, "I shall not trouble you frequently, just an heir and spare will suffice and in the mean time I shall engage suitable servants to sate my needs."

She looked at me as if I crawled from a stone, "No, indeed you shall not, I find the entire question of the utmost distaste," she insisted.

And there it rested, though we did conjoin, with compete discretion below the bed sheets where we somehow fumbled unseen parts until we were conjoined and the seed both expelled and aborbed .

My steed stood before the water trough as I dismounted, I threw off the saddle bags and went to the kitchen.

No servants attended me, they idled in dark corners unaware of my approach so I sneaked into the kitchen and hearing giggling I kicked off my boots and sought to surprise the idlers as I went up the back stairs in my stockinged feet.

The giggling grew louder, servants in my bed chamber, consorting in my bed, I threw the door wide and there froze in shock, "Rigsby?" I queried, as I saw the most beautiful and charming of impecunious rogues displayed before me, his manhood rampant and his cheeks flushed from exertion..

His jaw dropped, "John, I," he said uncertainly for he was acutely aware he was in flagrante and devoid of breeches and beneath him and miraculously restored to health was my wife.

She for her part was attired in her wedding dress and little else it seemed, and from her squeals of delight was entirely restored to rude health.

"John, thank god!" she stuttered, "Captain Rigsby has ravished me!"
I stared at her, her dress was up and her inner thighs displayed all glistening, and her downy mound and a teat hung from her gown undone or was it torn to allow its protrusion.

"Oh, ravished indeed, and I am Pope Eric of Darjeeling," I countered, "I am not blind you whore!"

"He forced me John," she insisted.

Rigsby stared, "I meant no harm," he pleaded, "It is my one failing, I cannot resist a beautiful woman!"

"I should have guessed you of all people would pursue her," I sighed, "Lord preserve us from your whore chasing, will you dine with me?"

"What?" he asked.

"You have clearly done me a great service, I am so glad to have grounds to cast her aside Anthony, and I own I know no better fellow to cast her aside to," I expounded with an affability which concealed complete hatred and contempt.

"Surely a duel," he suggested, "I have wronged you, it is the way, the honourable way."

I shook my head, "You speak of honour with your member so recently imbedded in my wife?" I smiled, "Lord no Rigsby, you have her and welcome."

"And you, I had expected so much more," I said to Clarissa, though I scarce meant a word of it,"I thought you a fine lady, when you are in truth no more than a common whore!"

I felt a great weight lifted from me, I had not chosen her, I would be glad to be rid of her, and Rigsby with no means of support would be the perfect mate for her, why she could entertain gentlemen for sport and trade as well in a little brothel somewhere and pay his gambling debts with her body.

"Carry on," I said and unbelievably he looked as if he meant to re enter her as he gently bent his head yo her bared teat and eased her legs apart

"You don't insist on the decorum from him that you demand from me do you?" I demanded.

"Rigsby loves me, and I conjoin with him in love," she explained, "With you conjoining is naught but my duty, and an onerous duty, dull and lifeless and artless like every other single thing about you!"

I could not reply but merely ,slammed the door behind me as I had stepped through, "Mary," I bellowed, "Fetch the Mistress's trunk!"

Mary the housemaid came at a rush, "Oh sir, weed not expected you till dawn and gone!" she said.

"I came by the Dutchman," I said referring to the Flying Dutchman train if the Great Western Railway, though such was meaningless to her, "Fetch the mistress's trunks we have a bonfire to prepare."

"Sir?" she asked.

"Oh yes even now she fornicates with Captain Rigsby," I explained as I dragged on my boots and jacket, "I paid for her extravagances, I shall reap the benefits by way of a lovely bon fire." but I was tricked for even as I spoke Rigsby was already away down the drain pipe and awayon his stallion Black Gold.

I heard the commotion and rushed to the window to see his shadowy figure on horseback rushing and clattering wildly over the cobbles as he shot away as if the very devil was behind him.

I stared after them, and grabbing my bags mounted my own steed and thrashed him into a reluctant half canter and went to follow Rigsby.

It was hopeless, but Rigsby is a rum cove and predictable and cowardly and at the fourth public house I found his steed and him long gone on a hireling. I took a glass of ale, and within ten minutes he came down from where he had been hiding upstairs, he regaled me with horror, "Go away!" he insisted.

"You left her?" I queried, "Ran and left her, does she mean nothing to you?"

"She is perfection in the night," he insisted, "But empty headed but for all that she makes an admirable and inexpensive whore!"

"Indeed," I replied, "And with insults you expect to goad me to a duel where you expect to slay me and win her and my fortune no doubt," I chuckled, "Well in that you shall be thwarted, you may have her and welcome, but in the mean time enjoy your stay," I said and I told him, "Be warned, she has not a penny to her name, how do you suppose you will live?"

"She has her jewels," he said pointedly

I went downstairs and took a dubious meal of inedible gristle for which I paid excessively and then I went home.

Clarissa was rushing hither and thither when I returned, packing her things, "Rigsby is coming for you," I said, "And welcome."

"Then stand aside and let me pack" she insisted.

"Oh no," I stated firmly, "What is yours is mine, he shall have naught but you, no baggage, a smock to hide your modesty perhaps, but no more, indeed come, I shall take you to him forthwith."

"No!" she said, "I shall not allow!" and I grabbed her arm and pulled her across the bed, "No!" she squealed and I had my hand in the neck of her gown and with a satisfying tearing sound it began to part along a seam, wider and wider it split and wider still, "No you shall not!" she wailed and it split as far as a belt around her waist and there it remained until with a further tug it tore clear across the back and fell away entirely to fall around her as a skirt but not for long as I wrenched it down to the floor, "No!" she wailed.

"And these," I insisted as I grabbed at her dainty slippers, and threw them in a corner, "Not a brass farthings worth shall Rigsby have of mine!"

"For pities sake!" she protested as she stood in her underthings, "My jewells are Mama's"

"Then keep them," I offered, "But that shift is mine!"

"Oh no," she countered and she slipped away from me, "Mrs Bridges, the master has gone quite mad!" she wailed at the cook who stared open mouthed as she sped by.

"Come here!" I shouted and I sprinted after her my boots slipping on their hob nails as her feet skidded in her silk stockings, "Come back!"

"Help!" she wailed as she flew headlong to the kitchen seeking some refuge but there was non, no bolt to bolt against me and finding herself cornered in the kitchen she shot into the garden and ran like the wind across the lawns in the moonlight like some mystical fairy in her thin white underthings.

She was no match for me for speed but she dodged and kept me at bay until the far wall of the garden which though but waist high was rough stone and devoid of foot holds, and so I grasped her firmly and there laid out before us in the moonlight was the bay and headlands far below.

"No!" she protested.

"No," I agreed, "The cliff path is too dangerous," I said as held her while catching my breath.

Her bosom heaved from laboured breathing and I took her thin shift at the shoulders and ripped it completely aside to leave her teats unbound but her waist corseted, "No!" she said as my hands instinctively sought her mounds.

"No," she said and I tore at her shift again until it parted baring her buttocks, "No Rigsby, we."
she said and suddenly froze.

"Rigsby?" I countered.

"I mean," she stuttered.

"You think it is Rigsby holding you," I asked, "Why?"

"You are caressing me like Rigsby caresses me, your breath rasps in my ear like Rigsby's breath," she explained, "You excite me like Rigsby excites me," she whispered, "Do I excite you?" she asked.

"You little whore, do you care not who pleasures you?" I asked incredulously, but her hands were at work behind her at my breeches and the buttons flew wide and she had my appendage uncurled and rigid and indeed rampant.

"No" she said, " me!" and despite all my good sense let her guide my appendage within her as she leaned upon the wall looking over the sea, "Ooh," she gasped, "Husband you are so eager!"

I had no reply beyond pistoning loins as I pleasured her and myself also, but the evening was perfection and for pleasure I doubt there was a whore in all Paddington that could compare with her womb as entirely sheathed within her I luxuriated in her as the firm moist grip of her parts stoked the fires burning within me.

"It is so beautiful," she whispered, "The sea, the moonlight and you within me."

She shivered in the cool air sending sublime sensations racing through my appendage and bringing on the onset of release, "Ohhh Captain," she gasped and I exploded within her and the moment was perfection itself.

"Husband not Captain if you please," I asserted, "Come, we must find you a servants smock aye and clogs and a pastie for the journey."

"But did I not please you as you pleased me?" she asked, "Surely you love me, was that not perfection?"

"No you cried out 'Rigsby," I reminded her, "But come let me carry you." I insisted and I slipped my jacket from my shoulders for her to wear, and continued, "You have wronged me, it cannot go unremarked, perhaps I should send you to a Paddington bordello who would pay a pretty penny for your services or a Plymouth press house but come, we have things to discuss." and I handed her my jacket and when she had slipped it on I lifted her up and carried her away to the house.

"I had no idea you could be so passionate," she insisted, "Why for a fleeting moment I near believed you loved me."

"Love, hardly," I retorted, "Why I was merely a stand in for your lover."

"And a very adequate one, surprisingly so I admit," she insisted, "Though the beauty of the scene was a very pleasant distraction."

"So I am to substitute for Captain Rigsby until I return to London?" I queried, "Is that your plan?"

"He says he loves me," she said plaintively.

"He loves anything with a dowry," I replied, "He flits from widow to debutant to whore like a butterfly in spring," I explained, "All fine words but no substance, just an exceptionally well trained prong!"

"But not so stout and proud as yours husband," she simpered.

"What?" I demanded.

"Your eager prong, why Rigsby's needs endless cajoling before he can perform, kissing, licking." she said, I demurred.

"Enough I say!" I cautioned.

"No 'tis true," she insisted, "Why were you so cold and unfeeling when we conjoined before?"

"What do you mean, you were the cold unfeeling one," I insisted.

"Me!" she exclaimed, "How can you say such a thing!"

"Do not rile me woman, there is still time to cast you out with nothing?" I reminded her.

"Make love to me again it may help you decide," she suggested and she thrust her hand down my breeches,"I know you want to!"

My member stirred anew as she grasped him, "You do want to do you not?" she enquired.

"Yes I do now you have roused me," I agreed.

"Then to bed husband!" she insisted.

I was too aroused to demur and before I knew we were in her bedroom and she was laid on her bed ordering me to disrobe and when I was disrobed she ordered me to divest myself of my wollen stockings and vest that I should be entirely bare, "Now if you are to be my lover you must learn to please me," she insisted.

"My god you are my wife woman," I insisted, " 'tis for you to please me, now lie back I have need of you!"

She spread her legs revealing her parts lewdly, "Take me then," she challenged, "Take me to heaven husband!"

I needed no second bidding and leapt upon the bed with alacrity and plunged my appendage deep within her with no consideration what ever and yet she beamed widly, "Ohhhh so lusty," she exclaimed, "Do you not see all you needed was to be jealous."

"How in gods name did this become my fault," I demanded, "You and that blaggard Rigsby cuckolded me!"

"Only because you did not pay me my due attention," she declared, "Now be quiet and enjoy the moment."

"God damn you woman," I replied, "My god you can turn on the charm."

"So tell me you love me," she demanded.

"I despise you," I insisted, "You are nothing but a base whore who needs a good thrashing and,"

"OOhhhhh," she gasped, "Ohhhh, don''t stop, please, don't."

I could scarcely believe what I was hearing, "Clarissa? Are you well?" I asked.

"Yes, don't stop," she said but I was overcome and my world erupted in an explosion of passion which burst forth to flood her innards entirely.

"Rest my husband," she said softly as I withdrew to lie beside her, "Rest with me," she added and she threw the bed covers over us and cuddled close to me.

"Clarissa," I demanded.

"Sleep," she said and she turned away from me and we slept.

Morning came with a warm glow, a feeling of supreme contentment and a rigid pole, a warm wet rigid pole and as I looked with a single raised eyelid so I saw Clarissa's sweet mouth upon my member and had near devoured him completely.

"Husband," she said, "Captain Rigsby," I saw she had dressed in a crisp white silken nightgown.

"Captain Rigsby made you perform thus?" I asked.

"Yes, may I?" she asked.

"What?" I asked.

"Sink down upon your appendage?" she asked.

"Take your robe off," I said, "And wash your mouth," I added, "A kiss on the lips will suffice and thereafter you shall await instruction."

"Shall I not sink down then?" she asked as she dutifully removed her nightdress.

"Yes sink down, take your pleasure!" I laughed, "Take you pleasure, and then I shall take mine."

She stood and came and straddled me and sank down upon my member whilst facing me so I could see every single thing as my member speared her, "Husband," she said, "Why was it not thus on our wedding night?"

"Because you deport yourself like a whore!" I said, "Not a wife!"

"And what is a whore but a wife hired for a moment or an hour?" she asked, "God had it not been for Rigsby I should never have known ecstasy but if you will I might seek it every might."

"Oh for gods sake woman," I chided and reached for her to pull her to me,"Hush your rattle and wipe your mouth, I wish to possess you entirely!"

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