We lived out in the country but our parents worked in the city a lot. Our old baby sitter had been a dragon with a rule for everything. I think it was to torment us as much as possible. School got out and Saturday and Sunday we got to run around since mom and dad were still looking for a new sitter not that we thought we needed one.

I’m Tyler and my twin is Josh who is nothing like me. Our younger brother Blake is a tag a long and follows us everywhere. I woke to mom sitting on the bed and kissing my cheek, “I have to go. Your father will be gone for a week and I won’t be home until late. You are oldest so listen to the new sitter and behave.”

I was the oldest by a whole five minutes but she always made it sound like years. I went back to sleep but woke to a girl singing. I moved off the bed and glanced at Josh before grabbing my robe. I slept in the nude like dad but my brother worn pajamas. I walked out and went to see the girl who looked like she was in her teens.

She had pretty pink nipples and a bald pussy, I know because she was naked. I cleared my throat and she smiled at me, “good morning.”

I nodded as I continued to stare and she walked to me, “which are you? Tyler or Josh?”

I looked up from her pussy, “Tyler.”

She caressed my chest as she parted the robe and looked down at my hard cock, “you have a morning woody.”

I blushed as she turned me and pulled me through the house and into the guest bedroom, “I’m Rachel.”

She pulled my robe off and climbed onto the bed, “We are going to have a lot of fun. Come here.”

I climbed onto the bed and she pulled me over her and reached between us to stroke my cock. I groaned and shuddered as I humped and she giggled before pulling my cock to her pussy. I looked at her as she wrapped her legs around me and pulled. My cock pushed into her and my eyes opened wide as her hot pussy squeezed.

She shuddered and humped up, “just hump and push in and out.”

I pushed into her deeper and groaned at the amazing feel. I started to fuck her hard and fast and she tightened her legs to hold me, “Slow down and enjoy it.”

I nodded and began again and she was right, long, slow deep thrusts felt really good. She put her feet flat on the bed as she kept humping up each time I pushed into her. A few minutes and she shuddered and jerked while her wonderful pussy grasped and kept squeezing. I began to shake and shudder as I fucked her harder before suddenly thrusting all the way into her.

I grunted as for the first time in my life I spurted cum into a girl. Rachel clutched me and wailed as her body spasmed and her pussy clenched, “yyyyeeeeessssss!”

When I stopped cumming Josh cleared his throat from beside the bed, “what are you doing?”

I shook my head and gave a panting Rachel a kiss before pulling out, “fucking moron.”

He grinned as he pushed his pajamas down, “can I fuck her too?”

I glanced at her with her legs still spread and cum leaking out, “yeah.”

“Can I fuck her too?”

I turned to Blake in the door, “you’re to young.”

He frowned but I sighed, “sure.”

He grinned as he walked to the bed where Josh was already between Rachel’s legs and fucking her. I grinned, “slow down jack rabbit Jim.”

Josh paused as Rachel groaned and hugged him and then he started to fuck her slowly. I nodded, “her name is Rachel and I think she is our new sitter.”

She was wailing as Josh continued to fuck her for several minutes before he jerked and she yelled as he pumped cum into her. I grinned and touched Blake’s shoulder, “just enjoy her pussy and go slow.”

Josh pulled out of her as she panted and moved off the bed. Blake climbed on and moved between her legs before pushing his dick into her. We watched as she hugged him while he shivered and humped and moaned. She was humping up and began to shudder and moan with him. I grinned at my brother, “the stud is getting her off.”

He laughed and we went back to watching. Rachel was humping and shuddering as she moaned. Blake held her while he fucked her firmly and she started to wail and spasm. It wasn’t long before Blake shoved into her, “I...”

He jerked and jabbed and twisted, “ooohhh!”

Rachel clung to him as she shook and jerked and finally Blake sighed and laid on her panting as she hugged him and rubbed his back. I shook my head and bent to pull him off her, “time for breakfast.”

He grinned at me as I let him go and helped Rachel as she wiped her leaking slit. I rubbed a nipple, “can we keep fucking you?”

She grinned, “sure.”

She led us out like a bitch in heat with three dogs following her. She made each of us cereal and sat to eat with us before she took us outside to look around. She had us looking around to see if anyone was watching. A couple of hours later she spread out a blanket in the backyard. I nudged Josh when she went to her hands and knees.

He knelt behind her and shoved his cock into her cummy pussy. During the day we each fucked her at least eight times. When she asked us to do something we did it without complaining. We helped her make lunch and dinner and clean up after and watched her shows with her.

I was the last to fuck her before she went to bed and her pussy was really slimy. I woke when mom sat on my bed and shifted to make room. She sniffed and caressed my face, “you boys masturbating?”

I blushed and hesitated, “Rachel... we... she let us have sex.”

She blinked and then grinned, “all of you and how many times?”

I glanced at Josh still sleeping before looking at mom, “all of us and eight times each.”

Mom giggled and bent to kiss me like Rachel had a few times and I pushed my tongue into her mouth. She shuddered and groaned as she pulled back and I reached out to feel her breasts, “can she stay and be our sitter all the time?”

I was kneading her breast and rubbing the nipple and mom smiled as she stood and began to undress, “if my three studs want the little slut I think we should keep her.”

I shifted over as mom lifted the covers and laid beside me, “now you can feel me better.”

I grinned as I cupped one of her breasts and rubbed her nipple as it hardened. I moved over her and gave her a kiss before moving down. I kissed and licked her breasts before sucking on her nipples. Mom moaned and shuddered as I kept it up before kissing lower. She spread her legs as I kissed my way over her mound and to her trimmed slit.

I had wanted to do this with Rachel but her pussy was cummy. I licked through mom’s pussy and nibbled on her inner lips as she humped and wiggled before capturing her clit. I wiggled my tongue like the boys at school had bragged about doing. I also sucked and squeezed her clit with my lips.

She jerked and thrust up and spasmed before finally covering her pussy. I moved up and smiled before she pulled my face down and I kissed her. I shifted as I humped and suddenly my cock was pushing into her. Mom froze and then sighed and pulled on me to get my cock deeper. I began to fuck her slowly with long thrusts like we had learned to do.

She lifted her hips as her pussy tightened and squeezed and she whispered, “I love you baby.”

I kissed her as I continued to fuck her, “I love you mom.”

It wasn’t long before she began to shudder and hump. Her pussy grasped and kept squeezing my cock each time I pushed into her. Soon she was breathing hard and shaking as her humping turned to thrusts. I covered her mouth and kept kissing her as she moaned and cried out. She spasmed and jerked around as her pussy clenched and tightened, “mmmm!”

She did that three times before I finally buried my cock and kissed her as I spurted and pumped cum into her. Mom gasped and convulsed while her pussy squeezed and milked my cock. When I was done she slowly relaxed and I pulled out and lay half on her as she panted. I caressed her and she giggled softly, “you sure learned to fuck good honey.”

I rubbed a nipple, “you felt really great.”

Mom caressed my face before moving out of bed and turning to bend over and kiss me, “thank you for the fuck baby.”

She collected her clothes and walked out and I glanced at Josh who was still asleep. Mom woke me in the morning with a kiss as she rubbed my growing cock, “morning honey.”

I smiled and glanced at Josh before reaching up to knead her breast, “morning mom.”

She grinned, “I have to go. I’ll be late coming home again. Go fuck the sitter awake but save a little cum for me tonight.”

I grinned as she stood and walked out. I looked at Josh before getting out of bed. I walked into the guest bedroom and saw Rachel asleep. I lifted the covers to see her naked and crawled in and over her. I used my knees to spread her legs before pushing my cock into her as I settled. She groaned and put her arms around me as I began to hump and grind into and against her.

She opened her eyes and I buried my cock and kissed her, “morning.”

She glanced at the door, “your mom?”

I humped before pulling back to fuck her, “went to work. She smelled us and said to come fuck you.”

Rachel grinned as she lifted her hips and thrust up, “Yeah?”

I used long deep thrusts and began pressing and grinding, “yeah. After I fuck you I’ll go start breakfast so you can fuck Josh and Blake.”

She groaned and shuddered as her pussy squeezed, “okay.”

I continued to fuck her with deep strokes and it wasn’t long before she was clinging to me and jerking. Her pussy was constantly grasping my cock and I began to hump and jab. She wailed and started to spasm as I fucked her firmly and then she was thrashing around. I fucked her hard and deep before shoving all the way into her and spewing and spurting cum.

She gasped and thrust up when she felt the warm sperm pumping into her, “YES!”

She jerked with each spurt until I was done and then I held her until she stopped shuddering. I gave her a kiss and pulled out, “see you after you fuck Josh and Blake.”

I moved out of bed and headed towards the kitchen. It was awhile before Josh and Blake followed Rachel into the kitchen. After breakfast she pulled all of us into the bathroom where she taught us about giving a girl a douche and then she grinned and showed us how to do an enema. After that we showered and got to wash her.

Like the day before we followed her around inside and outside. We did what she asked and fucked her again and again. She made sure Blake went to bed before fucking Josh and I one last time. I tucked her covers in as my brother headed to bed and gave her a last kiss, “fuck you in the morning.”

She smiled and caressed my cheek, “okay.”

I wanted to stay up for mom but fell asleep until I heard the door. It was a few minutes before she slipped in wearing her robe. She let the robe drop as she slipped into bed and I moved over. I kissed her and bent to suck on a nipple before moving down. She ran her fingers through my hair as I licked through her pussy and began wiggling my tongue on her clit.

She humped and wiggled as I kept working on her clit. I pushed my tongue into her and nibbled on her inner pussy lips before going back to her clit. It was several minutes before mom spasmed and jerked as she tried to close her legs. I looked up before moving up and slowly pushing into her as I laid on her.

She put her arms around me and humped as her pussy tightened. I humped and pressed before fucking her with a few long thrusts. She shuddered as her pussy clenched and kissed me while moaning. I went back to humping and grinding and jabbing before pulling back for a few more long strokes.

Her warm pussy kept grasping and squeezing as I kept kissing her. I continued to go from humping and jabbing to long deep thrusts. Mom spasmed and thrashed as she cried out into my mouth while I kissed her. It was awhile before I just fucked her firmly and kept it up. She started bucking and spasming as she clung to me and I finally pushed all the way into her.

She kissed me hard as I began to pump spurts of cum deep inside her. She jerked and her pussy squeezed with each spurt until I was done. I held her as she slowly relaxed while her pussy kept squeezing. She smiled and whispered, “that was so good honey.”

I reluctantly pulled out of her and she shivered before turning on her side. She kissed me, “maybe Friday night you can sleep with me.”

I smiled as I felt her hips and she sighed before slipping out of bed. She put her robe on and bent over to kiss me, “night baby.”

I watched her leave before looking at Josh and relaxing. Mom woke me with a kiss and I pulled her back for another before she grinned and whispered, “see you tonight honey.”

I heard her leave before sighing and getting out of bed. I went across to Blake’s room and shook him. He sat up and looked at me and I smiled, “It is your turn to fuck Rachel awake.”

He grinned and nodded as he climbed out of bed, “thanks Tyler.”

I smiled and went to watch from the doorway as he slipped in with her and moved over her before shoving into her. She put her arms around him and humped up before opening her eyes, “Blake?”

She turned to look at the open door and I smiled, “mom left and said to have a nice day fucking you.”

She grinned and thrust up as Blake tried to kiss her. I turned and went to wake Josh before going back and waiting for my turn. She was still shuddering when Blake was done and Josh pushed into her to fuck her. When he came she was spasming and jerking erratically. I moved over her as my brother climbed out of bed and pushed into her slimy pussy.

I kissed her as I began to fuck her with deep grinding thrusts and she began to wail and howl. She lifted and spread her legs as I fucked her with long deep strokes. Her pussy was constantly tightening and grasping my cock each time I buried it. A few minutes and she was spasming while clutching me.

Her whole body continued to jerk as I kept fucking her and grinding against her. I buried my cock when I was ready and she was convulsing. I grunted as I held her and gushed cum deep inside her. She twisted and thrashed around, “fffuuuucccckkk... mmmeeee!”

I kissed her while pumping spurts of cum until I was finished. I waited as she kept shuddering and kissed her when she sighed and relaxed. I pulled out and moved off the bed before helping her out. I followed her into the bathroom and got to help her with the douche before we showered which was fun.

The day was like the last two, we stayed with Rachel and did chores and fucked her all day. Josh was the last to fuck her before I turned out the light and we went to bed. My brother was snoring in just a few minutes but I stayed awake until mom came home. I slipped out of bed and followed her to her room before closing the door as she undressed.

She smiled, “didn’t want to wait for Friday?”

I shook my head as I climbed into her bed and she laid beside me. I felt her firm breasts and sucked on each nipple before kissing down her body as she sighed and shuddered. She spread her legs when I reached her pussy and I began licking through it. I teased her clit and sucked and then gently nibbled.

Mom humped and moaned as I kept licking her and finally she pulled me up her body. We kissed as I pushed into her and began to fuck her slowly with long thrusts. She hugged me while her pussy tightened and then she spasmed and jerked while thrusting up hard. I kissed her and she wailed into my mouth as I fucked her hard and deep.

She bucked and thrashed around while clinging to me. She went from one orgasm to another as I continued to fuck her with long deep strokes. After I buried my cock and pumped spurts of cum I pulled out and turned her onto her side before laying behind her and slipping my cock back into her.

I fucked her for over an hour and fell asleep with my head on her shoulder. I woke up when she moved to shut her alarm off and smiled as I climbed out of bed. I pulled her into the bathroom and gave her a douche before washing her in the shower. While she got dressed I watched and she came to kiss me before leaving, “so you tonight honey.”

After she left I went to wake Josh. He was grumpy and growled until I shook my head, “fine. I’ll tell Blake he can fuck Rachel first again.”

Josh sat up, “oh... I’ll do it.”

I grinned as I headed for the door, “just climb into her bed and fuck her while I wake Blake.”

That was the best summer but not the last. Rachel stayed five and sometimes six days a week for the whole summer and moved in before school started. I still fuck mom almost every night, even when dad is home. By the time I graduated from the local college Rachel was working on her second baby.

She is like a big sister, lover and wife all rolled into one.
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