The first full morning on vacation and the pleasure doesn't end.
Waiver Note: The following story is a completely fictitious narrative and is pure fantasy. The novella consists of adult men having sex with multiple women, including underage teenage girls. If the topic is not of interest or is offensive to you, please cease reading immediately and just move on. Your opinions are your own.

I should also mention that in my writing I strive to incorporate a strong (sometimes longwinded) storyline, complete with several developed characters and a detailed background. In addition, I sometimes make use of an extensive and broad vocabulary. If all you’re looking for is a quick, simple sex story, my ideas probably won’t interest you.

To those who proceed, I love getting feedback. So, enjoy and feel free to vote and comment!

- seltra

- - -

Rick awoke slowly Tuesday morning. His head was slow to respond to the light slowly filtering into the room, brightening the world beyond his eyelids. Still groggy, he brought a hand to his face and attempted to wipe the sleep from his vision. He inhaled deeply and long. The rush of air into the forgotten corners of his lungs helped to clear his thoughts. Mixed into it was a familiar scent – slight but still present – that continued to settle in the room around him. Instantly, it reminded him of the excellent evening he’d had the night before. It was the scent of sex.

Aw, hell yeah... Rick smiled amid his fleeting stupor, still rubbing his face with his eyes closed. Gradually, a series of images entered his mind: images of teenage girls crying out in ultimate physical pleasure that he was more than anxious to give to them. Though the actual physical feeling had diminished, the thoughts reinforced what remained of the pleasurable feeling that still flowed through his veins and confirmed the scent lingering in the air. What a night, he reminisced in delight.

On his skin he could feel a bed sheet draped softly over him. It ran over the length of his entire body, naked underneath. It had been a warm night – made warmer by their enjoyable physical activities – and they had all opted to sleep without heavier covers. He yawned and reached out to stretch his other arm, but his hand immediately found a warm body beside him. Opening his eyes, he found the source of the barricade.

The sensual curves of a young woman’s bare back met his gaze. Her teenage figure, so appealing for him to look on, slowly moved to her rhythmic breathing. The tender nubile’s soft, delicate features were a welcome sight for Rick to drink in first thing in the morning, and he smiled to himself in appreciation. At first, he thought the resting beauty was his own teenage love, Adelle. Once he registered the light-brown hair flowing over the pillow near her head, however, he realized differently.

Nicole, he admired with a long, silent sigh, still feasting his eyes on the maiden’s precious, naked figure. What a beautiful sweetheart of a girl. What a wild, sexy thing in bed, too – just like her sister!

Brining his hand up, he gently stroked the silky-smooth skin on her back and neck. Nicole moaned lightly in her sleep, a delayed reaction to his unexpected touch. At Adelle’s encouragement, he had made love to this gorgeous teenage woman only hours ago – and to her twin sister, Nancy, a short time before that. Between the three of them, Rick’s entire evening had been a constant round of pleasure, orgasm and the girls getting him ready again. They’d hardly allowed him time to breathe between their intimate episodes.

Finally, when the evening was drawing to a close, it had ended up that he, Adelle and Nicole were to share a bed together. The two adolescents had revived his stamina for one more session of lovemaking late the night previous before the three collapsed from sheer exhaustion and had fallen asleep immediately.

Rick craned his head to peer around the sleeping young woman. On her far side, he saw something that caused his heart to flutter unexpectedly in response. Her beautiful face and golden hair he knew intrinsically. Adelle, his fourteen-year-old love, also slept peacefully. She faced Nicole, as though the two girls were sharing secrets with each other even while they slumbered.

A warm, pacified smile crossed Adelle’s face. Rick wondered what she was dreaming about. Was it him? Was it more specifically about them making love? He hoped he was there with her, even in her dreams.

After spending another moment admiring the two teenage feminine beauties he had shared the night with, Rick carefully climbed off the side of the bed and snuck across the bedroom floor. I need a shower, he chuckled to himself. I stink. Besides, I always perform best when I’m feeling fresh – and that goes for everything!

Quietly, Rick opened the door that led from the bedroom to the bathroom. With just as much precision, he closed the door again behind him before crossing to the shower stall and starting the water. Setting the temperature, he allowed the hot water to flow over his body, taking with it the fatigue that had set in. He felt new life awakening in him. He welcomed it, knowing he would need it. If he was going to survive the coming day – let alone the next several – enjoying sex with all six girls that were at the cabin, he would need all the strength he could get.

Closing his eyes and feeling the heat from the water penetrate his flesh, Rick thought of what had happened over the past week. He had been so reluctant to get close to Adelle. Now, here she was his girlfriend. Rick laughed in his throat over the thought. Why had he been so apprehensive? What was the reasoning behind it?

Never before Adelle had begun to flaunt herself in front of him had he even entertained the thought of dating a teenage girl at his age. The thought of any such relationship was beyond his consideration. Was he old? Not at all; he was only twenty-seven. However, in the world’s eyes, he was far too old for her. Society had convinced him to redirect every thought towards someone that was decidedly ‘eligible’. He had sexual desires just like any man, but wanted to fulfill them with a girl that he was close to. It’s what he had always yearned for.

Rick had dated around, always searching for that connection with a girl that wouldn’t fade. It was trying enough for him to make the bond. It was far more difficult to keep it. No girl had ever measured up to his ideal image. Strange as it was for a man, he often looked for someone who could fulfill his emotional needs as well as physical. Jiz had often teased him about being overly sensitive, but that hadn’t deterred Rick in the least.

Besides, it was Jiz’s job to be the horny one. His friend was the one who slept with any girl within arm’s reach. Rick had never subscribed to that. Sure, he wanted pleasure, but to have sex just for the sake of having sex all the time wasn’t his model of an ideal relationship. He was sure that Jiz had searched everywhere for satisfaction. Rick had been very surprised to learn that his friend had never enjoyed an illicit sexual experience with a teenager every now and again.

When Adelle had first arrived at his home and provoked the thoughts, Rick had resisted the urge to become physically involved with her on any level. What complicated the matter was that he’d always been so close emotionally and mentally to her. They had such a bond between them as she grew up that Rick adored her as a niece – but to be intimate with her while she was only fourteen!? The idea seemed absurd.

Regardless, Rick had an affinity for the young woman he couldn’t deny. As she continued to press the issue – day by day insisting on giving him oral sex, massages and hand jobs – his resistance finally crumbled. When he caved, he couldn’t have found greater joy. Adelle had been the one he’d been waiting for all this time; he had just failed to realize it. Once their relationship became intimate and Rick had rid himself of any hesitation, then is when the two truly found the companionship and deep, physical love that they’d both been searching for.

Now, here he was, accepting the most remarkable gift from his precious, beautiful young girlfriend he could possibly imagine. She had given him an almost week-long vacation with virtually unlimited sexual gratification. The level of trust such an offer implied couldn’t be denied. She loved him, willing to see his every need fulfilled. He loved her, too, that was certain. He knew he’d always put her first in his life as she had exemplified that she would him.

Adelle... Rick thought with loving thoughts of his adolescent girlfriend invading his mind. Instinct filled him. With Adelle in the forefront of his mental imagery, Rick’s fingers found their way to his groin where his manhood was swelling just at the thought of his beautiful and sexy fourteen-year-old girlfriend. With smooth motions, he began to stroke, imagining her tender, young lips in place of his hand. Oh, Addy... Addy...!

Just as Rick was approaching a full erection, a soft, womanly hand touched his side. Gliding on the hot water rinsing his skin, it reached around him, burrowing its way underneath his own hand. Rick gasped as the slender fingers gripped the animal between his legs tightly, beginning to stroke the sensitive skin with meaningful, deliberate effort.

Rick stood there, staring dumbfounded at this new arrival. Could this be his imagination running away with him?

“Hello, Chef Rick,” a familiar voice said in a sultry overtone behind him. “Mind if I take care of this for you instead?”

In an instant, he was certain just who the voice belonged to and knew for a fact it wasn’t a hallucination. Turning his head around, Rick’s vision met a pair of stunning, light-blue eyes. The fiery, candy apple-red hair that crowned the young woman’s head above was unmistakeable. The youthful beauty – completely naked – took another step forward into the shower with him. Her delectable, curvy body rubbed up against his, her firm 30C breasts pressing into his back. She shut the shower door behind her.

“Lexi,” he gasped in delight, just loud enough to hear over the rushing water. He turned his body to meet hers. Not for a second did she lose her grip on the large solidifying member protruding from off his groin. His eyes wandered hungrily over her appealing, young body, his hands instinctively reaching up, cupping her round breasts. “Lexi...oh, damn, girl! You’re sexier than I ever imagined.”

Lexi tilted her head, looking at him coyly out of the corner of her eye. “Imagined, huh?” she asked, still gliding her hand lightly over his thickening sex. “Imagine things about me often, did you?” She winked seductively.

“Mm...” Rick groaned, leaning against the tile wall, “Not as much as...others... – but, maybe sometimes.” His penis was quickly reaching the aching point, begging for something more than just the soothing, gingerly touch she was teasing him with.

“That’s good to know,” she condoned, drawing herself close to him again.

Warmly encircling her in his muscular arms, Rick began running his hands along the length of her back. He gave a gentle squeeze as they found the smooth curves of her butt and she giggled to his flirting touch.

Lexi rested her free hand on his chest. “It’s so good to know,” she grinned, skimming it over his chiselled muscles as though committing to tactile memory every ridge that comprised his stout body. “Because you have no idea how many times I’ve imagined me and you making each other feel good like this,” she confessed. A seductive glint flashed in her eye.

Rick smiled at her, with a grin that showed just how comfortable he was to have her in his arms. Only days ago, he would have mentally fought tooth and nail to prevent himself from any sort of union between them other than the professional cook/server coworker one they shared. Now, however, he had come to grips fully with sharing a private moment with her.

Lexi stood up on her tip-toes and kissed Rick’s lips gently. “I’ve dreamed about you – and Jiz, too, of course; I’ve dreamed about you guys so many times,” she added. Her lips began to kiss his torso gently. “I’ve wanted this for I don’t know how long, Rick.” Both of Lexi’s hands wandered over Rick’s body, triggering a yearning that only this sexy fifteen-year-old could fulfill.

Placing seductive kisses on his torso, each one slightly lower than the one before, Lexi descended down his toned chest and abdomen. Rick watched her with lustful attention. The redheaded beauty he knew so well was actually in the shower with him, initiating such an intimate moment for them to share together. It seemed impossible after how long he’d known her. Never had he seen Lexi act so immodestly. Her parents were so well-reserved. It had only seemed logical that they had passed their conservative nature on to her.

Now, though, that theory was effectively disproved. She was showing her true colours, shamelessly proving just how sexual and lustful a young woman she truly was.

After a moment of letting her lips dance on his body, Lexi was kneeling on the shower floor in front of him. She smiled as only a temptress would, her face only inches from his long, full erection. Lexi opened her mouth and let her tongue close the distance. Sensually, she dragged the very tip of it along the length of Rick’s manly shaft, stopping to let the oral muscle play with the round head that capped his rigid organ.

Rick breathed in sharply at the sensation teasing his manhood. “Oooh...” he groaned in anticipation. Lust and desire ran through him for this beautiful crimson-crowned teenage vixen. Reaching down, Rick wiped the wet, red hair the shower and steam had glued to the young woman’s angelic face. Cradling her head in his hand, he stroked her cheek delicately with his thumb. He smiled in controlled, but anxious desire. Lexi’s expression showed she felt the same way.

“I’ve watched you guys at work, wanting you both so bad.” She trailed her fingernails over his firm manhood. “But, I’ve been, like, totally embarrassed to ask for it,” Lexi explained, her fingers again surrounding Rick’s rigid digit firmly. Her hand ran the length of the shaft, fueling the sexual fire in Rick’s mind, before she kissed the bulb on the end gently, her lips barely grazing the sensitive flesh. “I didn’t think you’d go for me because I was so much younger.”

Her tongue flitted around his sensitive skin again, causing Rick to gasp in response. He braced himself on the shower walls. “Ohhh...Lexi...” he moaned. “Maybe I was hesitant at one point; but I’ve learned that age is just a number, young lady.”

Giggling one last time, she posed, “Well, maybe I was wrong, then.”

At that, Lexi opened her mouth widely, welcoming Rick’s solid penis between her soft, luscious lips.

The pleasure Rick felt as her oral interior made contact was exquisite. Lexi’s head moved slowly and deliberately back and forth, her lips rubbing the digit between them. With each pass she made, Rick felt her tongue press and wrap around the head of his reproductive column. The unbelievable sensations were augmented by the fluctuating suction that she introduced with each shift of her head.

“Mmmm...LEXI!” Rick cried out as unbelievable pleasure raged through his senses. He heaved and gasped for air as her dexterous mouth sexually agitated his glans. He could hear his tantalized body part screaming out in his mind for more and more and more. He relayed that message to the young woman kneeling in front of him. Lexi’s every movement offered a quick relief before rekindling the desire to be satisfied.

Rick’s arms scrambled across the shower wall, desperately searching for anything that could anchor him more firmly to the spot. Amid his enraptured moaning, he braced himself with one hand on the set of shelves present. His hand knocked over bottles of soap and shampoo in the process and they clattered to the floor, ignored by both of them.

“Oh, baby... Ohhh...yeah...!” grunted Rick, revelling in every satisfying move Lexi’s mouth made on him. “Hmmm... Uhhh...! Oh, that good! Oh, yes...!”

His other hand found and held onto his current adolescent lover’s head once again. He didn’t hold onto her harshly, or force her to take him deeply into her mouth and throat. Instead, he clenched her round head and blazing red hair with a caring, but firm, grip; just enough to let her know how well she was fellating him and encourage her to keep going.

Looking down, Rick watched in amazement as Lexi’s mouth took his manhood deeper and deeper. He groaned again, watching as inches disappeared into the teenager’s face before she finally gave up.

Lexi released him, suppressing a gag. “Oh, damn that’s a huge cock!” she complained, her jaw dropping in wonder. “Addy said she got this whole thing!? I’d like to know how that girl managed! I’m the one who taught her how to deepthroat a guy if she really wants to give an awesome blowjob and I can barely do it!”

Rick laughed at her predicament and assured, “Don’t worry about getting the whole thing. That’s what your hand’s for.”

She cocked an eyebrow at him. “Really?” she asked, almost regretfully. “You don’t mind?”

“Not at all,” he reassured. “Besides, personally, I prefer when a girl really goes after the head. Honestly, to me, that’s what really feels best.”

An excited smile crossed her mouth. “I think I can do that,” she promised. Placing her lips around his thickened organ once more, she fueled his sexual drive to the point of no return.

“Oh...yeah... Mmmm...holy crap!” he heaved. “You’re so good at this, Lexi...! Oh, you’ good...!” Lexi didn’t let up with her rapid treatment to his body. “Ohhh...oh! I’m gonna cum... Lexi...!” he warned. “I’m...! Gonna...gonna...! Oh...OHHH! OH-!”

Spasms involuntarily triggered in Rick’s groin, sending what little ammunition he had left into Lexi’s encouraging mouth. She milked his relaxing member for several more seconds, wiping the residue away with her lips. Each pass she made sent a jolt of sensations through Rick’s body.

“Oh,” pouted Lexi, a scornful expression filling her face. “I was hoping on more. Honestly, I like the taste of cum in general – sweet and salty – but yours was awesome, Rick.”

“More?” Rick repeated her word incredulously. “I’ve been having almost constant sex since I got here yesterday and you’re asking for more? You girls have taken all I’ve got and then some! I think I’m going into debt!”

Lexi’s expression changed from sour to gleefully mischievous. She jumped up suddenly and embraced him, kissing him passionately on the lips. “Well...I was hoping,” she repeated.

As their lips met again, Rick lifted her off the shower floor. Their warm bodies seemed to meld together in the hot water flowing over them, filling each other with long-denied emotions. Holding the naked, fifteen-year-old redhead in his arms, Rick reflected honestly on how often he had admired her from a distance at the hotel restaurant where they worked, always confessing to himself that she would grow up to be an extravagantly beautiful woman. Despite it, he had never entertained thoughts of having such an erotic encounter with her as Jiz had jokingly suggested many times.

Now, here they were, sharing a shower together that was hot and steamy in every definition. Wordlessly, they soaped one another’s bodies, cleaning off the sweat and grime that had accumulated the day before from their more physically pleasurable activities. They smiled at one another, playfully flirting as their cleansing hands caressed each other.

Thinking about how this moment had started between them, Rick asked Lexi just how she had managed to enter the shower without him noticing immediately. “I really don’t know,” she confessed with a giggle as she washed herself. She tapped lightly on the glass entryway of the shower. “The magnetic door here makes some noise, but I guess it was a combination of things: me trying to be quiet, you occupied with jerking off...”

He mocked a laugh at her. Still, it was true, the thoughts of Adelle he had been entertaining had certainly been capable of distracting him if Lexi was trying to be so stealthy.

As Lexi finished rinsing the soap from Rick’s skin, one of her hands descended to his groin. Feeling his still-limp appendage, she fondled him gently. Taking a deep breath, Lexi sighed, “I was kinda hoping to find out how this monster feels in my pussy this morning.” She giggled, imaging the pleasure it would bring. “I saw him last night and was really jealous of any of the girls who have already had the chance. I was really looking forward to it.”

A sudden squeeze around the dangling, pliable mass made Rick jump and inhale sharply. Lexi had gripped his penis without warning. He released the breath in a suppressed moan. She giggled at his reaction. It was obvious to both of them that he was still very sensitive.

Ruing the loss, Lexi exhaled, “Guess I’ll just have to wait until later.” Her hand retreated to her own body to wash away the soap on her skin.

Chuckling, Rick joined his hands with hers, guiding the spray of the shower. She sighed lightly as Rick’s hands traversed her body, enjoying every inch of the silky smoothness beneath them. “Yeah,” he agreed with her and joked, “you kinda ‘sucked’ the life out of him a minute ago.” Then he added sarcastically, “I tried to warn you, but would you listen? No.”

“Hm,” she chuckled, looking up at him and beaming a heavenly smile. “Well, I suppose we could do something to pass the time until he’s ready again.” Looking into Lexi’s eyes, Rick saw that they were full of intent and meaning – a meaning that he picked up on instantly. “Adelle tells me you’re pretty good with your tongue. I’m not sure if I should believe her or if she’s just making crap up.” She shrugged with pretended indifference, turning away from the man she shared the shower with.

Rick stepped close to her, pressing his stripling body against her back. Bowing his head down, he laid several kisses on her neck and shoulder. He wove his arms underneath hers, gaining full access to her sexually-appealing young body. Once a dreadfully terrifying idea, Rick knew now that he would never tire of holding the womanly figure of a teenage girl in his arms. He brought his hands to Lexi’s thighs, softly massaging her legs. Lexi brought up her own arms, covering Rick’s hands with hers.

Slowly and carefully, he began caressing his way towards her perfect, womanly vessel, igniting a lustful passion with his fingers on every inch of smooth, hairless skin he met. With his ear next to her face, he could hear the gorgeous redhead’s breathing get heavier and more laboured. Her hands gripped his arms and back more tightly as his fingers touched her outer labia, tracing gently along the outside of each perfectly-folded lip. There was no hair to speak of, only the smooth, delicate skin of a teenage girl.

“Oh, Rick...” Lexi whispered with intense desire. The hot water cascading over her body from the shower only added to the heat of the moment. He felt her body lean into his as she begged, “Keep touching me... I love your hands on me... Don’t stop...” Rick smiled, savouring the moment. Stopping was currently one thing he had no intention of – at least not until he had satisfied this sexy, fifteen-year-old woman’s every sexual craving. To fan the flames of her lust, he started by trailing his lips and tongue back up her shoulder and neck, intent on reaching her jaw.

Hoping to add to the pleasure and tease his young companion right up until the final moment, Rick brought one of his hands up her toned, lithe body and joined it into the action on her chest. He brought the hand to one of Lexi’s teenage, C-sized breasts, coddling it with temperate care. He moved his fingers over its dark, round areola, tweaking the nipple ever so tenderly between them. She gasped and cooed her response to Rick’s every light touch.

Rick’s other hand went to work below, his fingers rubbing the entrance to Lexi’s sexual depths sensually and tenderly. Gradually, he parted the folds of teenage flesh to allow his fingers access. He circled his thumb over the youthful woman’s swelling clit, intent on drawing out the deepest sexual fervour in her young body. Rick wanted Lexi to enjoy every second of this intimate time together.

Lexi gasped sharply as the all the new sensations culminated and reawakened a longing desire to mate with her benign, loving captor. “Mmmm...Rick...!” she moaned between gasps.

“Maybe you should find out for yourself what my tongue can do...” Rick suggested softly in her ear, his kisses reaching her face. He laid a lingering kiss on the corner of her jawbone, “...instead of jumping to conclusions.” He began kissing her neck gently again.

Struggling to find breath, Lexi barely found a voice to respond. “Well...if it’s...anything like...what you’re...doing with...your hands,” she complimented, breaking free of his arms and turning around, “I’m sure it’ll be...awesome!”

With one eye, Rick winked at her with a smug expression. “Better!” he promised, kneeling on the shower stall floor. Lexi adjusted her pose, spreading her feet apart to widen the space between her legs and allow Rick access to her budding womanhood. Rick leaned in close. Although it was diluted by the steamy air, Rick could smell the definite waft of her lust. “Let’s see just how good this pussy of yours tastes.” With that, Rick began pressing his mouth against Lexi’s private chalice.

Immediately, Lexi gasped from the aggressive touch on such a sensitive area. “Ah! Oh, Rick...!” she breathed heavily, struggling for air. “Ohhh...! Oh...hell, yes...! Oh, yeah...yeah! Eat pussy good, Rick...! Ohhh...!”

Rick worked his tongue’s magic on her smooth and tender teenage skin harder and harder, probing as deeply as he could into her warm interior. He could taste her feminine juices as they slowly trickled from the young female’s depths. The adolescent nectar was sweet and savoury on his tongue as he lapped to draw out every drop he could.

Without warning, Lexi climbed onto his shoulders, crossing her legs behind his back. He could feel her heels attempting to hook onto his body with little success. Another bottle of shampoo fell to the floor as Lexi grasped desperately with one hand at any handhold she could find. Her other clawed Rick’s scalp as though holding onto his hair for dear life. To compensate for her lack of balance, Rick held onto her body at the waist, pinning her between the shower’s glass wall and his face.

“Rick!” she hollered in a sexual frenzy. “Damn it...OH! That! Ohhh...hmmm! MMMM!”

Moving his tongue along the sacred crevice of her body, he started sucking gently on the small, womanly bulb protruding slightly higher on her pubic region. Rick began kissing the region fervently, imitating a passionate French kiss with Lexi’s pulsating clit. The new sensation drove Lexi to new heights of lustful euphoria. Her legs began to shake, clenching harder around Rick’s head and back.

“Oh, yeah...yes...! Rick...!’re making me...cum...!” she screamed, her voice becoming more high-pitched with every breath as her orgasm took hold. “Oh...! OH! AH! AH...! AHHH...!” she squealed as her body reached a sexual apex. With all haste, Rick moved his hands to her breasts and fondled Lexi’s stiffened nipples. He combined this effort with sucking gently on her engorged clitoris, rubbing his tongue back and forth on the small bud, prolonging the ecstasy in her body.

Suddenly, Lexi collapsed. Her breath rushed out of her lungs in a forceful exhale. Rick backed his face away from Lexi’s womanhood as she slumped over his head and shoulders. “Ohhh...Rick...” she sighed heavily.

“Yes?” grinned Rick, still between her legs. “Did that feel good or something?” He kissed her throbbing labia with a quick peck. The sudden touch caused her to twitch.

“Mm...” Lexi breathed again. Removing her legs from his shoulders, she confessed dreamily, “Maybe just a lot.”

Standing on his feet, Rick took Lexi’s face in his palms and planted a lingering kiss on her lips. She kissed him back with a burst of passion and desire. Enfolding her in his arms, he drew the young woman in close, guiding his lips over her cheek and up her jaw to her ear again. She wandered her hands over his strong body, finally coming to rest on his muscular back.

“Good,” responded Rick in a hushed voice. “I hope you enjoyed it.” Sighing with content, Lexi hugged him tightly. Rick felt her kiss his chest tenderly as the supple mounds on her chest pressed against his torso. He held her for a moment before announcing, “And I think someone else is ready for you, too.”

Lexi looked up at him and Rick returned her gaze with a meaningful stare. She smiled greedily, biting her bottom lip as she backed up half a step. Moving one of her hands between them, she let her fingers find Rick’s loins. A solid mass of penile flesh was waiting for her.

“Oh...yes...” she gasped, closing her eyes and dropping her jaw as she imagined what Rick’s counterpart would feel like inside the warm interior of her body. She stroked the man’s sexual organ gently before pointing the stiff digit downwards, putting it between her legs and rubbing the outside of her precious womanhood over its length.

Having his manhood bent at such an angle caused some discomfort for Rick as she was several inches shorter than him. Still, he went with it, knowing the anticipation was having an erotic effect on her mind. The payout would be worth the pain, he knew. Reaching towards her, he caressed Lexi’s body with his hands both to stimulate her emotions and, of course, to keep his mind off the awkward direction his penis was turned at.

“Rick, I want you inside me,” she finally begged, releasing his sexual companion. It flipped back to its nearly upright position, an audible smack resounding in the shower as it slapped against his wet, shower-soaked skin. She giggled at the sound before turning around and leaning against the shower wall. Raising herself up on her tiptoes and lifting her butt into the air, she exposed the soft and tender flesh of her outer labia. “Hurry up and get your cock in me!” she pled.

Running his hands over her sexy figure, Rick closed the distance between them. The showering pair laughed as it took a couple tries to get the angle correct because of their height difference, but they managed. Once they achieved the right orientation, Rick placed his hands firmly on Lexi’s hips to steady the red-headed adolescent’s curvy figure. Then, he easily slid into Lexi’s burning depths that so eagerly awaited his intrusion.

Lexi moaned her lustful response as she felt Rick’s manliness fill the cavity between her legs. The bulging head of his nine-inch rod forged ahead into her vagina, paving the way for the rest of the animal behind it. The young, tight muscles in her body gripped the visitor, flooding Rick’s mind with sexual fulfillment. Lexi began breathing slower, deeper and more desperately the more Rick entered her teenage body. Her fingers attempted to dig into the glass panel of the shower as more and more of his warm, stiff member deliberately and pleasurably made its way further inside her.

“Mm...Rick...” she moaned, licking her lips at the delicious feeling of his thick digit retreating slightly, preparing for another slow thrust from her current lover up into her lustful body. The young teenager braced herself for a second pleasurable invasion. Suddenly her womanly cavern was stretched and filled once more. As she basked in the pleasure flooding her senses again, she heaved, “Ohhh...Adelle wasn’t kidding...”

Stopping abruptly mid-thrust, Rick asked in confusion, “About what?”

“About just how awesome your super-thick cock feels in her pussy – and now it’s in mine!” she reveled as she pushed back slightly against him, seeking desperately for his manhood to fill her again. “It feels so good, Rick,” she moaned in ecstasy, licking her lips again as though she could taste the pleasure. Rick smiled, enjoying her young, teenage voice beg for more. Little by little, he pushed himself upwards, back into her lovely body. “Oh, I’ve wanted your cock in me for so long! Make me cum, Rick...make me cum with your cock!”

Wordlessly, Rick agreed to fulfill her desires and fantasies. He thrust upwards again and again, pushing his new sexual interest up against the shower wall. Gradually picking up speed and momentum, Rick’s powerful legs shoved his manhood up into Lexi’s body with renewed vigour. Her exquisite, velvety interior gripped his manly spear within her with equal ferocity. All the while, the hot water scaled their skin slightly, the heat driving them into a frenzy.

“Yes...! Yeah...oh, Rick...! Mmmm...!” Lexi moaned, her eyes squeezed shut and her face muscles contorting in ultimate pleasure. Rick ran his hands over the length of her body, cupping the pair of 30D breasts hanging from her chest. As he caressed her nipples with his fingers, she instinctively twitched and writhed in his hands. “Damn it...Rick...! Feels...awesome...!”

He wandered his hands elsewhere over the teenage woman’s shapely figure, his palms and fingers leaving virtually no region of her skin unexplored. Lexi gasped as Rick’s every thrust into her tight, womanly vessel was augmented by the feeling of her body being touched in every erogenous zone. Rick could feel her youthful and strong teenage muscles were taught and clenched, wilfully accepting the intimate and gratifying treatment he made to her body.

Finally, Rick led his hands to the shapely vessel below her waist. His fingers gently began playing with whatever they discovered there. As they touched and slid tenderly over her sensitive clitoris, she gasped sharply, releasing the spontaneous breath with an impromptu squeal of delight. Unable to speak, Lexi whipped her hands around behind her. She began clawing desperately at his muscular legs and butt in a desperate attempt to insist for more pleasure.

“Oh, Lexi...!’re so sexy...! Mmmm...Sexy Lexi...!” Rick muttered equally incentivised, increasing the pressure on her clitoris. Angling himself, Rick renewed the force of his thrusting, though he kept his efforts controlled and deliberate for the greatest effect for both of them. This time, however, his powerful shoves were aimed directly at the most tender part of Lexi’s fiery, yearning interior: her G-spot. “Let’s make you...make you little waitress...” taunted Rick between gasps, Lexi breathing and shuddering erratically in response. “Let’s see...just how hot...and really are...! Ohhh...Lexi...!”

“AHHH!” Lexi cried out, her eyes squeezing tighter than ever before. Her mouth gaped open, searching frantically for a breath that was all but impossible to gain. “OHHH!” she moaned again, her mind reeling with euphoria. “RICK...!”

In his hands, Rick felt the teenage girl’s entire body go rigid as involuntary spasms shook her. Lexi’s grip on his strong, muscled glutes increased, pulling him desperately towards him, begging him to maintain the pleasure wracking her body so delightfully. She dug her nails into his skin as the orgasm bubbled in her senses to the breaking point. She whimpered and seethed uncontrollably, basking in the immense ecstasy as it overflowed violently within her.

Rick enjoyed the slight pain she caused from her fingernails’ clasp, as it spurred him onwards. Holding her tightly, Rick kept caressing her womanly bud with a tender but adamant effort. He drove his thick, manly club into the young, teenage female again and again, feeling her quivering internal muscles stretch and squeeze in unison with his every move. The grip her feminine sheath had on him drove him mad with lustful urge.

“Lexi...! Damn it...! Oh, Lexi...!” groaned Rick in satisfaction, closing his eyes tightly. He threw his head back and let his mouth hang open. Inside him, a climax loomed on the point of explosion. In his arms, Lexi began to relax slightly, recovering from the extreme pleasure she had just felt. There were no words he could find to explain what he was feeling. Doubtless, he couldn’t have found the breath if there were.

Instead, Rick grasped the top of the shower wall with one hand while he wrapped his other arm around the slender maiden’s shapely waist, attempting to show his intentions without words. In response, Lexi put her hands on the shower wall, pushing back to meet his thrusts. Rick knew she understood his meaning.

“Cum for me, Chef Rick,” she urged with a sultry voice. She rocked her body back and forth to stimulate him. “I want to feel you cum inside me.”

That was all it took; Rick’s every muscle and sinew clenched. His voice stopped short in his throat as he tried to groan in satisfaction. He held the redhead’s body tightly against him, his arm muscles bulging with the strain. Orgasmic stress crushed his overwhelmed mind. His body convulsed and he enjoyed every second of it. Finally, his pelvic muscles clenched. The small volume of viscous, white fluid he still had was launched into Lexi’s anxiously waiting loins.

As the feeling subsided, Rick exhaled slowly and heavily. He had quickly lost count of the number of orgasms since this erotic vacation started. Never in his life had he felt so alive and so sexually fulfilled. He opened his eyes to look at the sexy, redheaded teenager in his arms. His gaze met with Lexi’s mischievous glare. He was suddenly aware of just how tightly he was holding her.

“Sorry,” he apologized, releasing her arm. “Hope I didn’t hurt you.”

“You didn’t,” she reassured, “but that’s not what you should be sorry for.”

Rick stared at her expectantly, not knowing what she was referring to.

Lexi’s expression changed to a playful disappointment on her face. “That didn’t feel like very much cum, Chef Rick,” she complained.

Laughing, Rick defended, “Well, what do you expect? You girls have been making me cum relentlessly since the moment I got here. There’s, like, nothing left!”

“Ah, well,” sighed Lexi, pulling away from him. Rick felt his softening digit slide out of the teenager. She turned around to look at him squarely. “Too bad. Guess we’ll just have to try harder next time.” She winked at him, dragging her fingers lightly over Rick’s dangling appendage.

A sudden twitch caused Rick to shudder. “Maybe we will,” he agreed. “Now that I know how good your service is, I’ll have to order from you more often.” Bracing himself on the shower wall, Rick leaned forward and kissed the beautiful young woman tenderly and deeply. He trailed his lips across the adolescent woman’s collarbone towards her ear. “I should ask for your service whenever I get the chance, my sexy little redheaded waitress,” he whispered. He straightened up and looked at her, his eyes full of purpose.

She winked at him and replied, “I’ll have to order your meals more often – certainly now that I know just how much meat is on the menu.” She smiled seductively. Rick caught the underlying meaning and grinned back.

Opening the shower door, Lexi stepped out and dried herself with an available towel. Rick watched her as patches of her skin appeared and were again hidden as she led the fabric around her young, lithe body.

Catching his eye, Lexi giggled, “Still checking me out?”

“Can’t seem to help myself,” he confessed.

Tossing the towel over her shoulder, Lexi raised her chin in the air and jokingly dismissed his comment with an uppity, “Hm!” before walking to the bedroom door on the opposite side of the bathroom he had entered. She paused there, looked at him and gave him a teasing wink once more before opening the door and leaving the room.

Standing there, letting the water scour his skin, Rick took a few deep, unbelieving breaths. Had he really just had sex with the daughter of the owners of the hotel he worked at? She truly and honestly was a sexy young thing – he was willing to admit that. He had just never considered it in the cards to make a move. Now, here he was; he had shifted from not even considering relationships with teenager girls to his most recent orgasm from the little red-haired vixen herself.

Damn...I’d be in SO much crap if they ever found out – if ANYONE ever found out, he chuckled to himself. Hope this little secret really does remain a secret.

It wasn’t just his time with Lexi he was worried about either – it was all of them, primarily Adelle. To complicate emotional matters with her, he was so in love with the blonde-haired fourteen-year-old. It was honestly painful to think about being separated from her in any way. If it were ever discovered that he was getting such sexual fulfillment from all these underage girls, he knew he would be in complete agony not having her to call his own.

Soon finishing up his shower, Rick shut off the water and dried himself off with another towel from the shelf in the room. He wrapped it around his waist and crossed the room to the door of the bedroom he had spent the night in. Shutting off the bathroom light, he opened the entrance and walked through.

Instantly, he was frozen in place.

On the bed, Adelle laid naked, sprawled out on her back and breathing sharply in sexual pleasure. Her eyes shut firmly and her head swayed back and forth as though unable to cope with the sensations. Between his teenage girlfriend’s widely-spread legs was Nicole, also naked, and kneeling over the younger woman with her head bent down and face planted firmly on Adelle’s feminine sex character.

“Mmmm...” Adelle moaned deeply, using her hands to hold the brunette’s head in place. “ eat pussy so good, Nikki... Ohhh...yeah...!”

Just looking at the two young females, in all their nude glory, was enough to send an undiluted signal to his loins. Almost instantly he was erect again. Rick took a deep breath and opened his eyes wider to make sure he was seeing the erotic scene correctly.

“Oh, my hell!” he exclaimed, shaking his head with astonishment. His sudden words gained the attention of both young teenaged beauties immediately. “Nicole,” he commanded, “don’t move!”

Smiling seductively, Nicole pulsed her eyebrows before returning her attention to Adelle’s sensitive flesh. Adelle instantly shut her eyes and laid back on the pillow again, licking her lips and moaning with the return of pleasure. Rick crossed the room quickly, dropping his towel as he reached the foot of the bed.

Nicole’s entire rear end was thrust up in the air. Her legs were spread apart slightly. Between them, Rick could see the sixteen-year-old’s own womanly flower. It glistened slightly in the morning light filtering through the lightly-curtained window. Adelle must have been there recently, he figured.

Climbing up behind Nicole, Rick encouraged her legs into a position for his maximum access. She complied and Rick oriented himself, aiming his renewed manhood at Nicole’s petite, teenage womanhood. He pushed slowly, finding the crevice slick, warm – and fully prepared for his thick penis.

“Mmmm!” Nicole moaned, simultaneously trying to keep her concentration on pleasuring Adelle. She pushed herself backwards, meeting Rick’s initial push into her pubescent body.

“Just let me do the work, baby,” encouraged Rick, sliding his hands along her curvy teenaged body. He pulled back, keeping just the head of his masculine digit inside her. “Just let me do it.”

With another thrust, Rick’s thick digit was back inside the brown-haired teenager kneeling on the bed in front of him. The tight walls of her vagina were slick and welcoming, gripping and clenching around this newcomer inside of them. The sensation of her velvety interior flooded Rick’s senses with another deep wash of pleasure. He almost couldn’t handle the enjoyment they had treated him with.

Ohhh...her body is amazing, he reveled. Every bit as amazing as Lexi...! They’re ALL just so sexy! Inch by sensational inch, Rick slowly shoved himself inside of the teenager again. “Mmmm...!” Rick moaned aloud. “Oooh...yeah...”

All across her smooth, muscular body, Rick’s hands explored the sixteen-year-old’s flawless skin. Finally, he brought his hands around her pubescent body and cupped her 36C breasts, flicking his thumbs across the stiffened nipples he found.

Nicole’s movement became filled with passion in response. Every thrust Rick made deeply inside her was met with her own push back against him. In slow, perfectly-timed efforts, his nine-inch masculine rod was driven deeply inside of her, filling and stretching the young maiden’s sexual hole.

“Hmmm...! Uhhh...!” grunted Nicole softly. Her voice was trying desperately to find a place between Rick’s impulses into her body and her own concentration on Adelle’s young womanliness beneath her. “Oh...damn, Rick...! pussy...!!”

The pleasure wracking her body drove Nicole into a frenzy, which she focused and unleashed unexpectedly on Adelle underneath her. The older adolescent drove her tongue and lips into a renewed assault on the blonde-haired fourteen-year-old. Feeling Nicole’s increased effort, Adelle panted wildly, gripping the covers of the bed frantically for an anchor as she began thrashing.

“Mmmm! Ohhh...NICOLE...!” Adelle groaned in unsurpassed satisfaction. Throwing her head back, Rick watched as his young girlfriend scrunched her eyelids shut, her mouth ajar, searching for air. “Keep...going...! Oooh...Rick...! Keep...making...her do this...! Feels so...damn good...! Yeah...mmmm...!”

Watching Adelle in so much pleasure fueled the sexual rage in Rick’s mind. He was overcome with the erotic scene in front of him – one he was personally involved with and making happen. Resting his hands on Nicole’s round, womanly hips, he plunged the solid obelisk he owned forcefully into Nicole’s adolescent chalice with renewed vigour. Her every muscle trembled in response.

“Oh, Nikki! Oh, Nikki...!” he seethed as his jaw clenched involuntarily. “Oh, yeah... Your pussy...! Your body...mmmm...!”

Towards the headboard, Adelle reached the breaking point. “Nikki...!” she cried in euphoric desire. Rick watched her, adoring the way Adelle’s face contorted as the pleasure built. “Nikki...I’m cumming...! Ohhh...Nikki... Oh, Nik...yes! Yes! YES! Ah...AH!!!”

Adelle grasped wildly at Nicole’s brown hair as the fourteen-year-old was driven into a powerful orgasm. Her body seized and trembled, nearly convulsing as the epic surge of pleasure electrified every nerve in her youthful, slender body.

The sudden swelling of ecstasy ebbed in Adelle’s tender, pubescent frame just as the same rush took hold in Nicole. The brown-haired maiden backed her face away from Adelle’s womanhood just in time to gasp, “Rick... Oh, Rick... My G-spot... That’ G-spot...! Ohhh! Gonna...cum...! Mm...mmmm...! Ohhh...YES!!!”

Quickly reaching an arm around the athletic teenage girl kneeling on the bed in front of him, Rick planted his fingers directly on the small nub next to the entrance he filled with his thick, swollen manhood. He spun his fingertips in circles around Nicole’s clitoris, overpowering her body with an unexpected burst of pleasure.

Nicole stopped pushing back, her body shaking uncontrollably as Rick plunged his bulbous erection deeply into her tight, clenching teenage canal. The girl let her head drop onto the bed between Adelle’s legs, her mouth searching for breath as the orgasm she experienced overcame her senses. “YES...!” she hissed labouriously through clenched teeth.

As her womanly insides clenched around Rick’s invading penis, the rubbing sensation became the focus of Rick’s thoughts. Thrust after thrust, he buried himself inside the willing sixteen-year-old woman, feeling her body react to his every move. As the most lustful emotions quelled themselves inside the brown-haired beauty’s mind, they took hold of Rick, filling his consciousness with nothing but sexual euphoria.

“Ohhh...” he groaned deeply, filling Nicole’s petite femininity one last time before being sent over the edge. “Mmmm...Nikki...! Here we Uhhh...gonna...cum...! Oh...oh...OOOH...! YEAH...!”

His timed thrusts became erratic spasms as he lost control of his muscles. All he wanted was to drive his male organ into the adolescent woman over and over again and feel the tightness of her sporty, teenage body. Rick worked to maintain his lustful, passionate pushes into her young frame. He could feel her pushing back against him again while a new sensation tantalized his scrotum. In the moment, he couldn’t be bothered to look.

All at once, he felt the appendage he held in the young woman’s body jerk and twitch, attempting to fire his reproducing juices into her. What little supply he still had of the white cream was launched into Nicole’s accepting womb.

Exhaling with a burst of air, Rick’s muscular body finally relaxed. Nicole fell forward onto the pillows, her body spent. She panted as her body cooled, revelling in the afterglow. As she moved away, Rick saw Adelle appear underneath her. She stared up at him with love in her eyes and an adoring smile on her face. Rick now understood that, in the midst of his climax, she had crawled beneath the other young teenager and fondled the sack beneath his male sex character. He chuckled lightly, falling onto the comfortable bed and waiting pillows behind Nicole. Adelle spun herself around, meeting the other two at the headboard as she lay down in front of the other young woman.

“Oh, you girls...” Rick breathed softly, gently placing a hand on Nicole’s soft, youthful body. He stroked her luscious teenage skin tenderly and she sighed complacently as he touched her. “You girls amazing...!” he complimented, unable to search for better wording.

Sighing, Nicole returned, “It’s not just us, Rick.” He laughed softly and kissed the back of her neck. She squirmed playfully at the touch of his lips, cooing lightly as she settled back down, closing her eyes. “Remember that we’d be nothing without you and Jiz here making us cum all week.”

“That’s right,” agreed Adelle, catching Rick’s eye and winking at him.

He returned the flirtatious gesture and commented, “Oh, I think you girls could entertain yourselves well enough without us.” A broad smile crossed Adelle’s face. From where he was laying, Rick could see Nicole’s cheek muscles move and knew she was grinning, too.

“We can keep each other excited enough, it’s true,” Nicole confessed. “But, honestly – and I think every girl here will agree – nothing beats a nice, big, hard cock in your pussy.” She took a deep breath. “Mmmm...I get wet just thinking about it. It always feels so awesome!”

Adelle giggled before replying, “Exactly. And, yes, every girl here will agree – except Sierra, maybe.” Nicole began giggling right along with her.

Rick looked around Nicole to catch Adelle’s attention. He raised an eyebrow at her. “What do you mean? Is she a teenage lesbian or something?”

“She’s a virgin.” Adelle pursed her lips, suppressing a mischievous smile.

The revelation caught Rick off guard. He raised his eyebrows in surprise. “A...she’s what?”

“You heard me,” giggled Adelle again. Rick tried to formulate a sentence, but no words came out. “And one of you gets to pop her little cherry tonight. That’s why we’ve been kinda keeping her away from you two.”

“Uh...huh...” Rick muttered in disbelief. He began to see more clearly what this little excursion was all about. “So that’s what this initiation is,” he condensed, putting the pieces together. “This is why you come up to the cabin; to get a guy to take your newest member’s virginity and welcome – or, I guess I should say initiate – her into this ‘Sisterhood’ thing you have going on.”

“Well, where’s our stickers?” chuckled Nicole. “The man gets a gold star!”

Adelle laughed. “Yeah; that’s pretty much the reason.” She stared into Rick’s eyes. He could see

What have I got myself into? Rick asked himself. Holy crap, what a scandal! Either Jiz or I will be taking a thirteen-year-old’s virginity tonight. That’s unreal!

“That’s not the only reason we come up, though,” added Nicole, turning herself around to look at Rick directly. Several wisps of brown hair trailed over her face, complimenting the undeniably beauty the sixteen-year-old already had. “We also come up for the great sex we can have with any guy who’ll join us.” He felt Nicole’s fingers wrap around the limp organ between his legs. The sudden touch caught Rick off guard and he jumped in response.

Nicole leaned in and kissed Rick’s mouth deeply. Slowly, she crawled down the bed, planting kisses and dragging her tongue down the length of Rick’s body. Filling the vacancy beside him that Nicole left, Adelle moved in towards Rick. The blonde-haired goddess Rick had secretly begun to date brought her face close to his. They began to kiss passionately and lustfully.

Meanwhile, Nicole reached his groin. Lifting the flaccid digit, she brought it to her mouth and wrapped her lips around the head, sucking gently. Rick gasped, inhaling the air from Adelle’s mouth as Nicole’s tongue began batting his pliable manhood around inside her mouth. The reaction broke the chain of fervent kisses he and Adelle were enjoying.

Watching him reel in pleasure, Adelle giggled. “Nikki’s got ya covered! Liking that?” she asked needlessly, fixing his eyes on his. He groaned back his response with a solid, affirmative nod.

Leaning back on the pillow, he released another breath in a soft groan. Through his heavy breathing, he asked, “So, you girls like to spend time up here with any guy who’ll join you – like who, might I ask?”

Nicole released his soft digit with a loud pop, but her hand continued to rub him. “A guy like you, Rick,” she answered, “and Jiz, of course. Ones that can make us cum over and over again! It just makes it all the better that you’re both, like, what, twice as old as us?” The twenty-seven-year-old shrugged in response. Giggling, Nicole complimented, “Just means you have lots of experience for us to enjoy.”

“Well, I try,” gasped Rick as his spongy appendage disappeared deeply into Nicole’s mouth once again.

“We don’t like anything too weird or kinky,” Adelle admitted, lying on his chest, the back of her head towards him. Although his view was blocked by her blonde hair, Rick felt her hand begin rubbing his chest affectionately. He reveled in her touch as her fingers trailed over and tickled his nipples. That was honestly one of the more sensitive areas he had. “We just like to have sex and cum as much as possible – over and over and over again!” She chuckled, her beautiful voice a wonderful sensation on his auditory senses.

Rick placed his hand on the side of her exquisite body, running his fingers over Adelle’s smooth, bare teenage skin. He still couldn’t believe she was his, that this fourteen-year-old had given herself so willingly to someone so much older. He couldn’t deny that he had the purest love for the young girl, quite unexpectedly. Their affection – and even just the opportunity for it – was a miracle in and of itself.

After a couple more seconds, Nicole released the manly rod, now beginning to harden again. “Mm!” she admired. Rick looked around Adelle’s head just in time to see Nicole run her tongue over the length of his growing staff. “That’s what we taste like together. Can’t get enough of it! What a delicious con-cock-tion!” she teased with a solid wink at him. “And do I detect a hint of Lexi on this thing?”

A confused gasp escaped Rick’s lips. “Wha...? How could you...?”

Adelle began to giggle uncontrollably. “We saw you, Rick,” she laughed heartily. “When we woke up we heard the shower running and soap bottles falling over – and since you weren’t here, we checked.” Rising from his chest, she turned her body so she could admire his face. “We saw you guys having quite a hot, sexy shower together. Did you enjoy having your little waitress as a sex slave?”

“Well, ‘sex slave’ may be a bit of an overstatement,” refuted Rick with a chuckle. “But, yeah, it was really good. She’s a hot, feisty little one.”

Adelle bit her bottom lip as she smiled widely and nodded. “You have no idea,” she alluded, leaving Rick wondering what she meant exactly. “It’s funny ‘cause her parents don’t even know. Anyways, watching you guys got us both so turned on and hot that we came back here and ate each other out to pass the time and wait for you.”

Nodding slowly, Rick indicated the idea seemed somewhat crazy, but still made sense to him.

“Now, come on, Mr. Boyfriend,” ordered Nicole from beyond Adelle’s lovely face, the brunette’s fingers tightening around his reviving erection, “you need to cooperate here.” She began rubbing furiously, although it was complicated with how limp he still was. “We need to get this cock of yours good and hard if Adelle’s gonna get to ride on it and cum before breakfast.”

“Seriously!?” Rick scoffed in bewilderment. “You have got to be kidding! Damn; you girls are gonna be the death of me!” He was astonished. After all he’d done for them, these anxious, teenage vixens only wanted more! Could nothing satisfy their sexual appetite for more than five minutes!?

Looking seductively into his eyes, Nicole countered, “Yeah, but think about it: what a hell of a way to go!” Rick couldn’t help but laugh. “Now, come on!” she chided him. “Start thinking of your sexy little girlfriend here and her tight little pussy and let’s get this thing hard again.” With that, Nicole popped his still-soft penis back into her mouth.

Even though he had no erection to speak of, the skin all across Rick’s phallus was extremely sensitive. He jumped, twitched and tensed as Nicole’s mouth squeezed in around his tender digit. The sixteen-year-old was highly experienced and knew precisely what she was doing. He could feel her tongue sliding vigourously, trying with every effort to reawaken his sexual arousal.

Much more like that and it’s not gonna take long, enjoyed Rick. The brunette’s technique was perfect, and he told her so as eloquently as possible given the situation. “Mm...oh, Nikki,” he marvelled in wonder at the teenager. He reached around his blonde girlfriend and stroked Nicole’s wavy brown hair, gently urging her to keep up her efforts. Inside her mouth, Rick could feel life gradually returning to his masculinity.

Adelle moved down his body, joining her delicate, womanly technique in with Nicole’s. “Let me in on some of this,” she pled, her fingers moving between the other two to cup Rick’s tender scrotum subtly for a moment.

“By all means,” agreed Nicole, her lips letting go of Rick’s manhood with another audible pop. “He is your boyfriend, after all.”

The girls giggled and exchanged roles. Rick felt a new mouth envelop the head and shaft of his reproductive organ. He watched the back of Adelle’s head begin to move, her silky, blond hair shaking as she moved her head back and forth. He kept caressing her naked fourteen-year-old body gently. He sighed contentedly as a second mouth and tongue began fondling the bag beneath his penis. As the pleasure mounted, Rick couldn’t help but groan in delight. Though neither girl could see, he smiled and lay back on his pillow.

“ Mm!” Adelle remarked before voiding her mouth. “Wow! You, Rick and Lexi do taste good together!”

Nicole’s voice answered, “Let’s hurry and get you on there, too, girl. That’ll be a sweet combination when you’re done.”

Giggling once again, the adolescent girls returned to their posts, working with all diligence to restore the twenty-seven-year-old’s desire to mate. It took several minutes – he wasn’t a teenager himself anymore – but their combined endeavours finally succeeded. Neither girl was willing to give up knowing he’d be ready eventually.

“There we go,” Adelle decreed after a few moments, seeing Rick’s manhood reach its full nine inches. She stroked him gently with her fingers. “I think that will do nicely!”

“Damn, that thing is HUGE!” commented Nicole in complete awe. “I still can’t believe that’s been inside me a few times already this week!”

“Believe it,” Adelle insisted, starting to crawl over Rick’s body, her shapely figure turned away from her adult boyfriend’s face. “That’s why your pussy feels so good, didn’t ya know?”

Before Adelle could straddle Rick completely, Nicole quickly leaned back towards Rick’s groin and gave one more gentle suck on the precipice of his now-rigid mating column. He groaned instinctively at the sudden sensation out of more surprise than anything since he couldn’t see what was happening further down his body. “And, hopefully, I get more of it later on!”

“Hopefully, girl. It’s my turn, though – girlfriend coming through!” Adelle shimmied forward, fitting her spread legs around Rick’s waistline. “Now, to get it inside me,” she narrated. Reaching between them, she angled Rick’s turgid phallus towards her anxious, wet channel. They both moaned softly as the organ met with her warm, clenching interior once more. “Oh...I just can’t get enough of my boyfriend’s cock.”

Rick laughed at the two teenagers’ conversation. “You girls are talking like I’m unconscious or not even here at all or something,” he observed.

“Oh! Hi, Rick!” Nicole exclaimed in phony surprise, looking around Adelle. “Didn’t see ya there! There was this thick cock blocking my view – but it’s gone now.”

“Ha, ha. Very funny,” he joked sarcastically.

On top of him, Adelle began rocking back and forth. “Mmmm...” she moaned, her eyes shut in enjoyment. “Oh...yeah...”

Reaching forward, Rick ran his hands over the young blonde’s back and legs as far as he could, feeling her every pubescent muscle tighten and flex as she ground her loins against his. The depths of her squeezing, clenching vaginal muscles gripped his rigid pole ardently, as though refusing to release its grasp until she had exacted every pleasure she could from him. He ran his fingers through her shoulder-length golden hair cascading over the back of her head and neck. His gentle, loving touch sent the nonverbal message that he was here to fulfill her most passionate desires.

“Oooh...oh, reverse cowgirl feels so good...” Adelle groaned in a low, pleasured voice, “...if you do it right...”

“Totally agree,” concurred Nicole with a smug expression. After taking a moment to watch Adelle’s pleasure grow, Nicole joined her. She positioned herself over Rick’s legs, closely in front of the fourteen-year-old. The two teenage girls’ hands reached up instinctively, running over one another’s supple, young breasts. They drew their mouths close together and their lips began to rub kiss one another with fervid passion.

The sight of his teenage girlfriend kissing her friend so passionately while making love with him filled his senses with erotic delight. With every thrust she made against him, his love for Adelle grew and grew. She was incredibly sexually liberal, which only added to the excitement of their relationship. Though only fourteen, Adelle was proving herself to be highly resourceful and inventive with the most intimate parts of their love.

She wasn’t done yet, either.

Adelle abruptly stopped melding their sexual organs together. She leaned back from Nicole. “I have an idea,” she proposed and looked over her shoulder at Rick seductively. “I want to try something.”

Looking up at her with a puzzled expression, Rick carefully consented, “Ok...?” He had no idea what she was up to, but was willing to find out. The devilish look his angelic mate had was very intriguing.

With a quick movement, Adelle climbed off of her mature boyfriend and lay down beside him. Nicole followed suit, though clearly in the dark at to Adelle’s intentions as much as Rick was. “Ok, I want you here, Rick,” she ordered, gesturing between her shapely legs as she spread them widely and raised her knees. “And, Nikki, I want you to sit where Rick’s head is now.”

“His cock head or his actual head?” Nicole shot with a furtive look. “ ‘Cause I’ll sit on his cock head whenever you let me.”

“Very funny.” Adelle rolled her eyes. She pointed at the pillow. “Just get up here.”

Exchanging inquisitive, but compliant, glances with one another, Rick and Nicole positioned themselves according to Adelle’s instructions. Once in place, Rick was square in front of the blonde teen while Nicole sat beside Adelle’s head.

“Ok, now. Rick, I want you to make love to me. Nicole, put your leg across me so that Rick can get to your pussy and eat you out.” The other two started smiling, seeing what she had in mind. “I want you to make both of us cum, Rick,” Adelle insisted from beneath Nicole’s knee.

Chuckling, Rick agreed. With precise effort, Rick pushed his strong manhood into Adelle’s nubile flower once again. She gasped as always, feeling the thick trunk of his love fill her feminine chalice. She reached out and gripped his muscular glutes with her hands. Digging her nails into his skin, she urged him onwards, enjoying the sensation as Rick’s powerful erection slid back and forth inside her body.

“Mmmm...” moaned Adelle in ecstasy, “Oh...Rick...!” Between gasps, she reminded her adult lover, “Now, eat her...Rick... Eat Nicole’s...pussy...”

He smiled at her creativity. Rick braced himself with one arm in the small space between the two luscious teenagers, while intertwining the other around Nicole, as though to hold her in place. Leaning down, Rick closed his mouth around Nicole’s smooth, hairless womanhood. The juices that flowed from her – a combination of hers and his own – tasted sweet as nectar as he delved into her glorious, young body.

“Ohhh...Rick...” Nicole seethed as pleasure filled her body again. He felt her hands grab the hair on the back of his head, refusing to let go until he had brought her to the utmost sexual experience. “Yes...oh, yes...!”

His concentration was divided, but Rick managed. With slow, careful timing, he pushed his manly club into the beautiful blonde while driving his tongue and lips over, around and in the brunette beside her. Both young women grunted and groaned as the heated, sexual pleasure in their bodies surged and overflowed in their susceptible minds.

Being so sexually prepared already, Adelle suddenly began to gasp wildly. “Rick...! I’m gonna cum...I’m gonna cum...!” she panted desperately while her young, teenage body began to tighten and convulse. “Yes...keep going... RICK...! AH...AHHH...! OHHH...! UHHH!!!” Adelle’s orgasm burst within her, leaving her clawing madly at Rick’s brawny adult body. Slowly, the sexual high drained and her breathing became steady.

No sooner had the fourteen-year-old’s climax settled than Nicole began to thrash under the treatment of Rick’s carefully-guided cunnilingus. “Rick...!” she shouted in wanton pleasure. “Oh, Rick...!! MMMM...! OH...OH...! OOOH!” Nicole’s cries of pleasure were drowned out as the orgasm took hold of her and arrested her breathing. After several seconds, the sixteen-year-old gasped for a much-needed breath.

“Make yourself cum, Rick,” urged Adelle beneath him as he continued to push himself into her. She leaned to the side and whispered lovingly into his ear, “I want you to cum inside me, my love.”

That encouragement was all that was needed. With the next thrust into his pubescent girlfriend, Rick felt the orgasm break free of its constraints. A flood of euphoria engulfed him. Every inch of his body could feel one thing: the rush of a sexual climax. His muscles trembled as he worked to keep himself from passing out with the immense pleasure. He gasped for air several more times before his voice was lost in the explosion of ecstasy inside of him.

As the scale of pleasure was tipped, a tidal wave of thoughts rushed through his mind. Here he was, making love to Adelle and enjoying one of her friends at the same time. He could feel Adelle’s love flowing freely between them. All his hopes were that she felt the same from him. His apprehension against loving her was so completely gone in this moment that he knew he could never be attached to anyone else. The privileges she afforded him were unlike anything any other woman he had dated had given him. In this moment of pure elation, he vowed within to return that love to her always.

The air from his lungs suddenly escaped in a violent exhale. Panting rapidly, he collapsed on the bed between the two satisfied teenagers and rolled to face upwards. Adelle and Nicole made themselves cozy next to him, snuggling their petite, lithe bodies against his stripling body. They both cooed softly, each laying their head on one of his shoulders.

With Adelle on his right and Nicole on his left, he wrapped a muscular arm around each of them, bringing their sexy, adolescent figures all the more close against him. As their skin touched and brushed against him, he marvelled at the sensation of their young, firm breasts pressing against his chiseled torso. The pair of full, round globes on either side was an intoxicating feeling and he reveled in what this vacation yet had in store.

Rick planted a kiss on each of his young lovers’ foreheads. Turning back to Adelle, he caught her bright, sapphire eyes staring back at him. They were filled with deep love. Leaning in, the twenty-seven-year-old man kissed his teenage girlfriend fully on the mouth, his gesture full of passion and ardour. She returned the affection, kissing him with every tender emotion that filled her.

“I love you, Adelle,” he whispered compassionately. “Thank you so much for this week, Sweetie.”

Nuzzling further into his warm, loving embrace, Adelle responded, “I love you, too, Rick.” She sighed in contentment and kissed his bare shoulder. “I wanted you to have an awesome time up here with us girls,” she explained. “I wanted you to have kind of a present so you’d know just how much I love you. You’re very welcome.” She rested her free hand and arm on Rick’s strong chest, taking in the feel of his skin.

Laying a kiss on her forehead again, Rick thanked, “It’s a wonderful present, Sweetie.” Their lips met in a slow, loving kiss once more.

On the opposite side, Nicole giggled softly. “You guys are too cute together.” Rick and Adelle looked over at her as she copied Adelle and rested her free hand on the man’s chest. “I’d like to thank you for this awesome time, too, Addy – and for sharing your ‘talents’ with us, Mr. Boyfriend.”

Reaching over with his face, Rick gave Nicole a quick peck on the lips. “You’re perfectly welcome...Miss Girlfriend’s Friend,” he replied with stunted creativity.

The girls giggled again, resting with placated and soothed emotions on their masculine benefactor. After a moment, Adelle grasped Nicole’s hand lightly and dragged it down over Rick’s brawny chest and rippling abs. Instantly, both young women’s hands found his soft, limp manhood. Their slender fingers caressed the appendage sensitively. Rick jumped slightly at the sudden touch.

“Guess we should give this guy a rest for a while,” suggested Adelle with a hint of sorrow in her voice. “After all, he needs to last the next few days. Can’t wear him out his first full day here, right?”

“Oh...” Nicole pouted in exaggerated disappointment, “if you say so.”

As if on cue, there was a respectful but fervid knock on the door. “C’mon, you guys!” The insistent voice of Nicole’s twin sister, Nancy, was unmistakable. “Sierra and I are getting breakfast set up. Better hurry if you want some. Like always, it’s first come, first serve.”

“Guess we’ll have to figure out which one of us ‘cummed’ first then, right?” Nicole called back looking back at Rick and Adelle with a wide, wry smile.

Nancy’s response from beyond the door was thick with sarcasm. “Very funny, sis.” Rick could only imagine the expression on her face. The twin girl on the other side further urged, “Seriously, though, guys, It’s almost 10:00am. The food’s pretty much ready. See you down there.” Her footsteps faded before Rick heard a similar conversation take place at the door to the other bedroom where Jiz, Lindsey and Lexi had shared the night together.

Looking expectantly at each of the beautiful women in his arms, Rick asked, “Shall we?” The giggled and nodded, each getting up from their shared bed. Within seconds, the two teenage vixens had replaced their panties and tank tops. “What are you getting dressed for?” inquired Rick in confusion. “I thought clothing was optional.”

“Oh, it is,” Adelle agreed. “It’s just for comfort’s sake, really. Those chairs and stuff can be chilly if you sit on it with your bare butt.”

Rick nodded in acknowledgement.

“Yeah, that and it makes it more exciting later when you get to take something off us, right?” added Nicole, standing beside the bed. It was a fact that Rick couldn’t deny. “Consider it a sort of tease for some foreplay later on.”

“Tease,” Rick huffed amusedly, grabbing at the sixteen-year-old’s slightly-clothed bum. “I’ll show you tease!” She dodged his advance easily and laughed.

Adelle giggled, watching their playful activity. Just as Rick turned to admire her, Adelle tossed his forest-green boxers in his face. “C’mon,” she chuckled. “Get those on and let’s get downstairs.”

Relenting, Rick moved to the edge of the bed, took the underwear and pulled it up over his legs. The two adolescent women he had spent the night with were leaving the bedroom just as he stood up, chatting about how fantastic their bodies felt from the night of unbridled passion and intimacy. Each was brushing her hair to quell the ragged look they thought they sported.

In reality, Rick thought each of them looked splendid. Sure enough, each of their hair was wild and untamed from the night of both peaceful sleeping and unrestricted sex, but he always found the look very cute on a woman. It was almost complimentary to him. It meant he had done well and the woman (or women) he was with had enjoyed herself.

He walked out of the bedroom with a grand smile, knowing there was much more of this day left to enjoy.


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