Carl starts his training
They walked into a dungeon, there was no other word for it. Every appliance that Carl had ever heard of being used in domination, and some that he didn’t know anything about, were spread around the room along with chains and cupboards all along the walls. Some of the cupboards were glass fronted and he could see whips and canes and other instruments of pain inside them. He was lead to the centre of the room by Emily and he saw that there were already three people there. The first was a slave with a blue collar and she was on an a-frame, but she wasn’t sitting on it, her entire weight was resting on her cunt, which seemed to be spread on either side of it, whilst her arms were held loosely to the sides by chains. From what Carl had read it was probable that there was in fact a dildo on the top the a-frame and she must be feeling like she was being split in half. The second person was Mistress Teresa who had changed into a leather cat suit and was currently expertly landing whip strokes on the naked girl, hitting anything she wanted to, from her back to her nipples. The third person was Lauren who was still dressed in her dominatrix outfit and was smiling and licking her lips as she watched her mother whip the little pain slut on the a-frame.
Suddenly Mistress Teresa landed a stroke on the girl’s large erect clit making her scream in pain. Then she turned to Carl smiling, and Carl realised that Lauren was grinning like a Cheshire cat, before turning to her daughter.
‘So, Lauren, I have a surprise for you. I have acquired this new slave for a reason, and that is that you have turned thirteen and need to have your own slave. So, I give him to you. You are both virgins and expect that you’ll soon change that, wont you my darling,’ said Mistress Teresa. Lauren grinned wider and nodded, ‘Now then, you need to be careful so Emily is going to sit in on your training sessions today to make sure that you don’t get carried away. So go and enjoy yourself my dear, but remember we’re here to bring pleasure to our slaves as well as to ourselves, ok.’
‘Thanks, mom,’ said Emily and then she turned to Carl. She ran her eyes up and down his body smiling when she saw the boner that had grown in the women’s underwear he was wearing as he watched the earlier whipping and admired the four women. She then strode towards him, reached up and grabbed his collar and led him deeper into the room by it, making him bend over. As she led him away he could hear Emily’s heels as they clicked on the floor and also the sounds of Mistress Teresa resuming the whipping of the girl on the a-frame.
Once they reached the wall next to a large glass fronted cabinet Lauren stopped and let go of his collar allowing him to stand up. Then she turned and jumped on him making him catch her and he found his hands on her firm, young arse. Before he could even think she was kissing him hard and had wrapped her legs around him so hard that it was hurting. She ended the kiss by biting his bottom lip and taking a mouthful of his blood, which she savoured with an evil grin while staring him in the eye. She then dropped to the floor and suddenly slapped him and laughed.
‘Now then, seeming as you think that you can grab my arse without repercussions I guess that I’ll have to teach you differently wont I. Bend over and pull down your knickers, slut,’ she commanded as she opened the cupboard and took out a large paddle. She walked round behind him and looked at his arse, then she reached out and ran her hand over it feeling the warmth that was still emanating from it after his earlier spanking.
‘Well it certainly seems like you’ve been being a bad boy today, bitch. Now, seeming as you’ve already been spanked I guess that we’ll have to do a little extra wont we. Emily if you would tie him up to that low horse over there, please,’ she requested. Emily did as she was asked securing Carl by his wrists and ankles over a small horse so that he was on his hands and knees on the floor with the horse keeping his body up and his lacy, pink knickers around his knees. Then he heard Lauren walking alongside him and turned his head to watch her. What he saw both excited and scared him. She had removed her skirt and thong and was instead wearing a strap on that must have been at least ten inches long and two inches thick whilst in her hand she still had the paddle.
‘Now, slut, this strap on is going to go up your arse but I’m going to be nice and give you a chance to lube it up first. So suck it, you little bitch,’ this little thirteen year old commanded and, knowing how much worse it would be if he didn’t do so, Carl started to suck and lick the fake cock that she thrust into his mouth. She thrust it in further causing him to gag but she just laughed and kept pushing, forcing the ten-inch strap on down his throat. Carl just kept on licking and sucking trying to get as much saliva and spit on to the little girl’s strap on as possible. Then Lauren pulled the rubber cock out of his mouth and walked around behind him. Whilst he waited for her next move Carl glanced up and saw that Emily was standing only meters away and was watching with a small smile on her face. She was standing with her arms crossed and carl could just make out that she was tweaking her left nipple. Then he had no more time for observation as pain erupted across his buttocks, from Lauren’s first paddle stroke, making him gasp. Lauren then landed another stroke and another. She landed stroke after stroke until he was seeing through a fog of pain that was making his dick harder than it had ever been.
All of a sudden she stopped paddling him and he slumped against the horse in his fog of pain and pleasure until he felt the head of her strap on at his arsehole. This wouldn’t be the first time that he had been anally penetrated of course as he had used his fingers and also a small vibrator on himself after reading about such on the internet. However, this little girl’s rubber dick was at least twice as long and probably four times as wide as his vibrator. Then she grabbed his hips and thrust into him and pain erupted through his arsehole but it was accompanied by the pleasure of being filled. He felt her adjust her position and then she thrust in again, once again causing the dual wave of pleasure and pain to flow through Carl’s body.
Again and again Lauren adjusted and thrust until she had buried all ten inches of rubber in Carl's arsehole, and then she started to pump it in and out violently, causing Carl to moan as the pleasure rose up in a flood. Lauren reached round and grabbed his balls, digging her fingernails into the tender flesh between his dick and arsehole, before squeezing hard, making another wave of pain/pleasure to roll through Carl’s body. This was too much for Carl and he erupted, squirting string after string of cum onto the floor under the horse as Lauren continued to pound and squeeze. Once he’d finished she pulled out of his arse and walked round to face him.
‘Clean me off, you little bastard,’ she said. When he hesitated she thrust the strap on forward and then grabbed his nose forcing him to open his mouth to breathe, and as soon as he did she buried the fake cock in his throat. He felt slightly sick as he licked his own shit off of this thirteen year olds strap on, but as he did he realised that he would now do anything for this little dominatrix, and that he would enjoy every bit of it, receiving pleasure from the pain that she gave him.
Once he had finished she took the strap on out of his mouth and then undid and stepped out of it before handing it to Emily. Carl just stared at this little girls perfect bald pussy. She leaned forward and released his wrists from there restraints.
‘Stand up,’ she commanded. He did so and she laid herself down on the horse, face-up. ‘Now pleasure me, slave.’ Carl went back down on his knees and took hold of this little girl’s hips and buried his head into her perfect little cunt. First of all he licked slowly all around her snatch before licking from the bottom of her slit to the top. He then attacked her slit licking, kissing, and sucking on her lips until her clit emerged from between her lips. He then moved his mouth to concentrate on teasing the little nub and moved one hand to bury first one and then two fingers all the way into her tight teenage cunt. As he continued his oral assault on her clit he curved his fingers and searched for the mysterious g spot that he had read about. After a while she suddenly spasmed under him so he stroked the place he had just past over with his fingers and continued until he had her spasming and screaming from the pleasure. Then suddenly her back arched and she came violently, bathing Carl's hand and chin with her fluids as he pressed down on her clit and g spot to prolong her orgasm. Once she came down she stood up and stepped to the side looking down on him with a fierce joy in her eyes.
‘Lick up all of my cum and then all of that cum that you got on the floor earlier and then I think that we’ll introduce you to the whip, my pet.’

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Loving it. Looking forward to part 3. Hope Miss Lauren makes Carl worship her boots and heels in future chapters. Her use of the strap on is amazing already and now she's gonna whip him.....Oh man!

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