Battle mounds
I chanted and gestured and the clouds pouring ice daggers suddenly had high winds throwing the daggers towards the four advancing companies we faced. I murmured another spell and lightning exploded down into their ranks and then branches ripped sideways to toss dozens of men like rag dolls.

I spoke a word of command and the earth shook and sharp spears of rock suddenly lanced out of the ground to impale men. I glanced as the dust storm heading towards the company as they continued to fire arrows. I shook my head, “their mage must be a journeyman. He can’t control the weather he has summoned.”

I could see the lines of magic pushing another storm and started chanting. The storm swirled into a huge funnel and turned to the side and began moving around us. I glanced at the enemy as they began withdrawing and shook my head. The tornado swept around us and roared into them. Men screamed as they were lifted into the air.

Those that were lucky were thrown free and away to crash to the ground. Jason rode back to me, “we are pulling back. The nobles have reached safety.”

I nodded and glanced at Ash, “take the horses and go to the supply train.”

She nodded and turned to pull the horses after her. I watched as the company pulled back and whispered a spell. I looked at Jason, “how many were injured?”

He smiled, “a dozen with minor wounds.”

I turned to ride beside him, “they have been using either less trained mages or journeymen.”

Jason grinned, “maybe they are using them to tire you before the main body of their army reaches us?”

I shook my head, “perhaps but to allow these out on their own was a great risk.”

We rode through great mounds of earth and I glanced back and frowned, “That was a door.”

Jason turned, “these are the battle mounds. A couple of thousand years ago a great war was fought here. Thousands fell, so many they were heaped together and buried in these mounds.”

I turned my horse, “this is why they tried to tire me.”

He looked at me and I gestured, “go quickly. Get past the mounds and set up your lines.”

I could feel the spells now and glanced up at the clouds still above me before smiling as I slid off my horse. I touched its neck, “seek Ash.”

It neighed and turned to trot after Jason. I carefully created a ward before sitting and beginning to chant. Skeletons burst free of the mounds and began gathering as they moved after the company. A few stumbled close but the ward turned them away. The dead had long since stopped emerging when I looked at the three necromancers that rode up.

I stood and smiled before gesturing and it began to rain holy water. They looked up and one screamed as he grabbed his face. The great army of dead stopped moving as the other two gasped and started to chant. I murmured a spell and jagged lightning struck and thunder exploded as their bodies were tossed aside smoking and ripped apart.

I turned to look at the army of dead as they fell to the ground and sunk under the earth. I looked around before whispering a charm and moved to the nearest mound. I walked in and down the earthen floor as treasure slowly came together. I pulled a shining sword from the rest and walked out with the treasure following.

I looked at the other mounds as the treasure they had concealed emerged. I started walking towards where the company would be and the horses the necromancers were riding followed. I looked at the sword as I walked, it was ancient but strangely light. The white metal had wavy lines with glyphs and symbols down both sides of the blade.

I glanced up when I reached the company to see them staring. I glanced back at the treasure following and smiled before looking at them, “it is following me home.”

They grinned and then laughed as I headed towards Jason. I turned the sword and extended it, “a battle sword.”

He accepted it before glancing at the mounds, “the dead?”

I looked back, “resting. Three necromancers were going to use them to defeat you.”

I smiled peacefully, “I asked the gods to bless the rain.”

I started for the supply train and Ash, “wake me if you need me.”

It was a couple of hours before Ash nudged me while I slept in the saddle. I looked around to see the company putting up tents. Mine was up and I swung down, “thank you Ash.”

She grinned, “lazy mage.”

I turned to unsaddle the horses as she walked into the tent. I sent them towards the back as I whispered a spell. I headed towards the tent door as green grass surged taller and more appeared and floated to make a huge pile by my horses. Ash was on the bed when I walked in and gestured to one corner.

The treasure following me headed to the corner to stack itself neatly. I striped before crawling onto the bed. I caressed Ash but she pulled on me and I sighed before moving over her, “horny girl.”

She grinned as I lifted and pushed into her. I kissed her as I began to fuck her with long deep thrusts. Her tight pussy gripped my cock as she humped up and shuddered, “mmmm!”

I smiled but continued to fuck her and plant my cock. A few minutes and she was struggling and bucking as she wailed, “aaaahhhh!”

I glanced at Jason as he sat in a chair and kissed Ash before fucking her hard. I planted my cock before it gushed and pumped cum. She jerked and clutched me, “master!”

I flooded her pussy with warm sperm before I was done and relaxed. She was panting as I pulled out and moved off the bed, “trouble?”

Jason was looking at Ash, “the damn nobles are in their stronghold now and refusing to pay the other half of their contract fee.”

I looked towards the door, “they think the main body of the barons army will crush us or drive us off.”

He nodded but kept looking at Ash. I smiled as I glanced at her, “would you like to use her?”

He looked at me and I gestured to my robes, “I think I will pay a visit to the nobles.”

He grinned as he stood and started undressing, “I will keep her company.”

I looked at Ash who was smiling as she rubbed her pussy. I dressed as he moved onto the bed and left. I walked toward the high thick walls of the fortified stronghold. An arrow hit the ground in front of me and a guard leaned out of a crenel, “leave scum. We no longer need you.”

I looked at the wall and knelt to touch the ground. I murmured and chanted and the dozen arrows fired at me stopped and hung in the air. When I finished the earth began to shake and the wall slowly started to crumble. I stood and watched as the soldiers on the wall panicked and fled. When all that was left was a line of sand where the wall had been I strode forward.

I hissed as soldiers started for me and whispered a spell. The sand from the collapsed wall whirled up and through them as they screamed and when it passed only sand statues remained. I continued to walk as the rest of their army moved aside and let me pass. I walked into the keep and the main hall. I had met the arrogant nobles a few times and didn’t like them.

I looked at the dozen major nobles at the other end, “you owe a doubt and now you owe me. Pay or I will hang your bodies for the barons to pick over.”

They looked at each other as I waited and absently gestured to the six men sneaking up. They screamed as fire consumed them and the nobles started yelling for the pay chest. I looked at the chest when it was brought and then at the nobles, “now you will pay me for the insult of having to act like a bill collector.”

I pointed to a pale girl with long black hair, “her.”

One of the nobles hissed, “you dare!”

I smiled, “since you are nothing more than greedy mongrels? Your walls are gone and soon the barons army will be here.”

Another caught the girl and pushed her towards me, “we wish to negotiate a new contract.”

The one noble glared at him and I gestured, the girl walked to me as the chest lifted. I looked at them, “I will inform the commander but I doubt if he will wish to contract with you.”

I turned and started back as the girl walked stiffly beside me. I glanced at her, “I am Caden.”

She looked down, “lady... Sara.”

I smiled, “let me guess, sixteen and not promised.”

She blushed, “I was but he broke the agreement.”

I nodded, “you did not love him though.”

She shook her head and then took a deep breath as we walked over the fallen gate of the stronghold. The company was out watching and grinned as I gestured and sent the chest towards Jason’s tent. I walked into my tent to see Jason sitting on the edge of the bed. He looked at Sara and blinked, “our pay?”

I smiled as I headed towards a chair, “sent to your tent. I had to make a point and removed their wall and a few men. They wish a new contract.”

He snorted as he began dressing, “I don’t think so.”

I gestured to Ash, “are we staying or leaving?”

He glanced at me and then smiled, “leaving I think. There is a wide river a league to the north. We can set up camp there.”

I nodded and gestured to Sara, “Ash can show you what to do.”

Jason walked out as I went to saddle the horses. Less than an hour and I was helping Ash and then Sara up onto a horse before climbing onto my own. I had made a new pack and the treasure had seemed to pour into it and fill it. I rode out with the girls following and then the pack horses and the two spares.

I found the company scouts marking the area beside the river and swung down before helping the girls. I walked towards the river as Ash moved to set up the tent. I knelt and felt the cool water and whispered a spell. I smiled at the answer and stood before returning to help the two girls, “the river is shallow and safe if you wish to bathe.”

Ash grinned and caught Sara’s hand, “thank you master.”

She pulled the startled girl after her and they stripped beside the river before wading in. I finished setting the tent up and unsaddling the horses as the rest of the company arrived and set up down river from us. I stripped when I was done and walked to the river and waded in. Ash walked to me and pressed against me, “the water feels very nice.”

I held her and gave her a kiss before letting her go. I reached for Sara who trembled as I pulled her naked body against mine, “you are to wash whenever you can. You are to enjoy any pleasure you receive. That is the way of a mage’s slave.”

Ash pressed against her, “I love fucking.”

I smiled, “horny girl.”

She grinned, “yeah.”

Sara was looking at her and smiled, “okay.”

I let her go and laid down in the water and relaxed. The girls splashed and played before I finally stood and started for the shore, “come get dressed.”

They followed as I went to the tent and found a clean robe. I looked at the two girls, “remind me to buy silk for new dresses.”

They grinned and Ash nodded as I pulled them out and walked through the company as it relaxed and cleaned up after our fighting. I looked at three men on a distant ridge as Samuel stopped beside me, “scouts for the barons army.”

I nodded, “perhaps I should invite them to dinner?”

He looked at me before grinning, “sure.”

He walked away as I whispered a spell and turned to head for the large open command tent and Jason. He was washing his chain mail and glanced at me when I stopped, “have a nice bath?”

I grinned, “actually we did. The cooks are making dinner?”

He nodded and glanced past me and I turned, “just in time.”

The three men were stiff as they rode up and I gestured, “gentlemen. I must apologize but staring is rude. I wished to invite you to share our dinner.”

They looked at each other and one swung down, “we do not break bread with the enemy.”

I shrugged, “we are but a company of mercenaries that has finished our contract. We are returning to Ragorich to seek another.”

The one on the ground snorted, “you fought against our advanced force.”

I nodded, “our contract was to protect those nobles that wished to seek the safety of their stronghold. I believe their army is even now arriving to defend them. Of course the stronghold no long has walls so they are a bit upset.”

He blinked, “no walls?”

I sighed, “they were difficult about paying the other half of the contract fee and I was forced to make them see the error of their thinking.”

He grinned, “I see.”

I nodded and glanced at the other two as several of the company walked up, “On another note I was very displeased with your army’s alliance with necromancers. Dealing with those already dead and disturbing their peace is not wise.”

They looked at each other and the one on the ground cleared his throat, “what necromancers?”

I looked at him and he reddened, “the ones that disturbed the battle mounds and forced those dead to rise. Tell your masters that if they do this again I will not like it and they will not like what I send.”

I brushed my hands as if washing them, “enough bluster. Would you care to share our dinner?”

The man sighed and smiled, “I think not mage. Perhaps another time.”

I nodded as he climbed into the saddle and they rode off. I turned and looked at a grinning Jason, “dinner?”

He snorted and then laughed as he turned to bellow, “COOK!”

After an excellent dinner we returned to the tent. Ash and Sara were giggling the whole way. I walked in and undressed them before sending them to the bed. I undressed and followed as the light dimmed and laid beside Sara. I caress her bare hip and pelvis before bending to lick a breast and then suck on the nipple.

Ash laughed as she attacked the other one and began sucking on the nipple. Sara shuddered and moaned as she started wiggling. I caressed down her body to her pussy and rubbed her slit. She lifted her hips and opened her legs, “ooohhh!”

I kissed Ash, “would you like to kiss her pussy?”

She grinned and nodded before sliding down. It was moments before Sara was humping up and wiggling as she spread her legs more and moaned louder. I continued to kiss her while kneading one breasts, “does she have her maidenhead Ash?”

She lifted her wet face and nodded before going back to licking Sara’s pussy. I kissed Sara and touched her temple as I whispered a simple spell to block pain. I reached down to touch Ash before moving over Sara and between her legs. I slowly pushed to force my cock into her as she stiffened. Suddenly my cock sank all the way into her and I stopped moving.

She was clutching me and then frowned as she looked at me. I gave her a kiss, “see nothing to fear.”

She smiled and hugged me before I pulled back and began to fuck her with long deep thrusts. She sighed and tilted her hips as Ash pressed against us and started whispering to her. Sara shuddered while her pussy tightened and a minute later she began wailing and bucking, “sssoooo... gggoooooodddd!”

Ash giggled as I continued to fuck Sara and started to rub and grind against her. She lifted and held her legs spread as she howled and thrashed around, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I fucked her firmly with long deep thrusts and she began to spasm and jerk while her tight pussy squeezed and tried to milk my cock. She was incoherent several minutes later when I buried my cock and began gushing thick spurts of cum. Her pussy clenched and she screamed and clutched me when she felt warm sperm, “oooohhhhh!”

She shuddered and humped and wiggled as she kept pulling on me to keep my cock buried in her. When I was finished I pulled out and moved aside and Ash moved over between her leg, “you like it?”

Sara hugged her as she panted, “yeah.”

I laughed and rubbed Ash’s butt, “come here you.”

She grinned and kissed Sara before moving to straddle me.
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